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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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their head coach i think it's very important we reestablish a championship culture. we need to move forward. at noon, on the defensive, cleaning house -- how the ceo is remaining
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stead fast in his reasoning. it's monday, january 2nd. i'm kenny. >> i'm -- he's facing tough questions about the team's past and future and its role in controlling it. wpix jackie ward is live where he met with the medium. jackie. >>reporter: hi, there. he starf the whole press conference by apologize to go the fans for a terrible season. he was frank in his delivery and said that once again, the team has to start new. 49ers ceo jed york has haters. >> i own this football team. >> i recognized that this isn't unfamiliar territory to 49ers fans. >> i apologize for a 2-14 season. i apologize for being back here again making a change. but i think it's very important that we reestablish a
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championship culture. >> former gm bulky was with the team for 12 years and built a team that went to superbowl in 2012 while kelly was a head coach for a single season and fans are speaking out saying the wrong guy got fired. >> i think he's a great coach. it's not like anything that has happened this season of remotely kelly's fault. i think the problem is with york. >> looks like time for a new general manager and a new head coach and the throw back to the old years of the championship 49ers. >> york agreed with the latter part of that statentnd said he wants to start rebuilding his organization in a smart way that may take time, and that will make the 49thers a super caliber team. we caught up -- he told us what he would change about the team. >> oh, the culture. get some guys in here, you know, bring it here everyday, a professional approach, and a winning
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attitude. >> the 49er the only team in nfl history to fire its coaches in back-to-back season and this isn't the first time they've done it. they've done it in 1976 and 77. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> did jed layout a time table as to when the wants the positions filled by? >> no, he didn't get into those details. he says he wants to focus on the right fit for team. he's not worrying about deadlines for him self and he doesn't know whether he'll hire the gm or coach first. back to you. >> jackie, thank you. more bay area headlines. a transient is facing arson charges for setting a fire to a medical clinic in south san francisco. flames were spotted new year's day at the mills pavilion. witnesses pointed out 61-year-old john morgan to police and he was arrested at the scene. the building was empty and no one was hurt. this weekend, it got
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heated inside of a laundromat. a fight ended with one man being shot in the chest with a flare begun. this happened before 3:00 near bridge way. 50-year-old bryan hagan was arrested for assault. his bail set at $50,000. the victim told police the two got into a fight because of an earlier disagreement. he is expected to be okay. redwood city crews dealing with a water main break. it occurred at roosevelt not far from downtown. the call came in at 4:00 a.m. crews cut service in the area to patch the underground pipe. no damage reported. service should be fully restored very soon. right now, we're on storm watch. this is a live look outside and also at the high depth doppler as the bay area is getting ready for a cold start. >> i haven't seen an active weather pattern like this in the bay area in over a year. let me spell it out simile for you.
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we had a front pass through the bay area today. behind it is scattered showers, but tuesday, heavy rain for the morning commute through the evening commute. the rain will continue through wednesday as it begin to taper off while the little bit of a dry day under mostly cloudy skies thursday, but another storm system barrels into the bay area friday night through our saturday. let's back it up and put the on brakes and take a look at our radar. what is occurring right now, right here, we have a ban of heavy precipitation that have been stream lining its way towards the dealt that, and rio vista. it's in canyon. downstream we go in towards thea cruz mountains where i have picked up snow fall throughout skyline boulevard there earlier this morning. we have had plenty of snow and the foothills above san jose right around mount -- we'll continue to monitor the incoming storm and tell you just how much rain to expect. that's coming up later in the newscast.
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kenny. >> roberta, thank you. turning to the turkey -- 39 people, most of them foreigners were killed in that attack. as john reports the gunman is still at large. >>reporter: cell phone video from inside club rayna showed people bringing in the new year. but one hour into 2017, the gunman struck. surveillance video showing him exchanging fire with police outside on the street. bullets -- a camera catches him shooting his way into the club killing an officer and civilian. he shot anyone in his path. some club goers thought the shot were fireworks until people started dropping to the ground. the club attracts local celebrities and tourist from all over the world. jacob roth, a business owner from delaware was injured in the attack. >> i got shot in the
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[bleep] leg. these crazy people came shooting everything. >> a bullet reportedly bounced off his phone and hit him in the leg. roth spoke about the attack as he was getting ready to fly to the u.s.. >> all i can say is this is a massive tragedy. for me i wake up in the united states. i east breakfast. you wake up and have to think of this. it's sod and i wish everybody here the best. >> 17,000 police were patrolling the streets on new year's eve. a middle wave of attacks in turkey in 2016 from isis and [indiscernible]. rayna increased its own security. the interior minister believes the man acted alone and left in his wake, a shattered nightclub and a bloody start to the new year. a massive manhunt for him continues. the interior minister believes the shooter changed clothes before disappearing amongst
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of the chaos. john, cbs news, turkey. turkey's deputy minister, prime minister says authorities believes they have the alleged shooter's fingerprints and close to identifying the gunman. this week, press elect trump will hold meetings. this comes after trump cast doubt on their conclusion that russian hackers carried out cyber attacks in the run up to the u.s. election. >>reporter: 35 russian diplomats were expelled. president-elect donald trump says he isn't convinced that russia was behind the attacks on u.s. cyber systems. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else. and know things that other people don't know. >> mr. trump said he would share what he knows later this week in a reference to his upcoming meeting with u.s. intelligence agencies.
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>> what he's driving at is there doesn't seem to be evidence within the intelligence community. >> reaps and democrats in congress thinks the evidence is conclusive -- the republicans and democrats in congress thinks evidence is conclusive. >> none of us have questions about this. the only one that has is trump. >> we believe putin [indiscernible] in america, and he's trying to under mine democracy all over the world. >> mr. trump said no computer is safe from hacking and suggested to reporters during his new year's party that if somebody is really important, write it by hand. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> mr. trump's comments comes after president obama ordered newer computers and faster internet. president obama will speak to the nation for the last time from his home city of chicago next tuesday. this morning, the president is back in washington, dc. the first family was just returning
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following a holiday vacation spent in hawaii. the obama's moater cade was met by cheer from a crowd. the rose parade is wrapping up. >> dozens of people were camping out early to get a good spot. >> more than 5 miles of rolling entertainment including 41 float. >> 21 march offing bands enjoy by a crowd of more than 700,000 people and the theme was echoes of success honoring those who have helped other. >> a sign ager and his father rode a float. griffith were a board the american heart association and union bank float. they were selected but luis used cpr to save his dad's life and the best part is his dad got them tickets to the rose ball. avoiding 5. how much you'll have to pay if you're caught illegal
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parking starting today. plus grabbing scientist's attention, the swarm of southern california earthquakes that's raising big concerns. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the pair failed to return from a christmas weekend right now, la police are searching for a missing couple. >> the pair failed to return from a christmas weekend trip to big fur. 20-year-old gonzalez and fernandez was seen on december 23rd. that's when they left for the trip. they were expected to return on christmas day, but their families haven't heard from them. fernandez was driving a tan honda civic license plate. >> she -- we came out here
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to, you know, talk to people in town and see their expressions and see if they've seen anything. >> the sheriff's office is conducting a search and passed out photos of the couple. stretch of highway 1 along the big sur can be treacherous. earthquakes have truck near the california, mexico border raising concerns from scientist. the strongest was a magnitude 3.9. it hit underneath the town of brawly. it's 700 southeast of los angeles. the earthquake stuck in the -- it's a seismically region where plates are moving away from each other and the earth's crust is getting stretched out. that scientist says that area is to watch because they connect the i am
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peeror and san andreas. we're in the weather center tracking our forecast. >> it's a good thing because we're going to measure the snow pack at 11:00 in the morning. can't wait to see this. this was sent by rick luis. one of our viewers in clayton where he was able to capture a dusting of snow in the -- thank you so much, sir for sending that in. we've had a dusting day and we've had a dusting on the santa cruz mountain areas and we've had light snow right there. that's a rock. here's the mount hamilton area. you can see the light snow -- plentiful snow fall. we're picking up heavy precipitation on oakmont to roner park. that's a line of heavy rain and potentially thunderstorm activity. we have to keep a watchful eye on that as it slights out of the delta and moves towards the sacramento valley. the backside of a
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front caused delays at sso up to nearly one hour. we're in the 40s and 50 degrees in san francisco. it's a cool raw day, blue the winds are beginning to pick up out of the west at 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. heaviest rainfall starts to gather in the over night hours tonight through your morning commute tomorrow. throughout the entire day into wednesday. then we'll buy a break on thursday. more rain friday night to your saturday. it's a series of storms stacked over the pacific ocean like planes at sso. throughout the day, we'll rain and then the winds increase up to 20, 30 miles-per-hour, some gust up to 40. here's your tuesday evening commute, lingering showers into our wednesday before they taper off on thursday. this means we'll see two inches of rain by thursday morning throughout much of the bay area. this makes for a winter weather advisory in the high
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sierra. a foot of snow expected with this system. we have the snow on the fly. this is sierra at tahoe. our numbers today stacking up in the 40s and 50s. again when you couple that up with the wind, it feels raw outside. a little brisk for this winter day. the second day of the new year. there's your sun down tonight and again, a scattered shower tonight, heavier rain, gusty winds. i wouldn't be surprised to see a wind adviser in effect by tuesday afternoon. the showers continue on wednesday and taper off and a break on thursday. another storm rolls in on friday and that sets the stage for a raining weekend. we're on storm watch on kpix 5. >> you're talking, rain, snow, and wind. this is what we have been hoping for, so bring it. >> thank you.
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starting today, you'll have to pay more if you're caught illegal parking at bars. those who park in daily spots without paying will be fined $55 instead of $35 and fines for parking illegal will go to $40 to 75. bart says it's a response to a growing number of people purposely parking illegal to save money to paying a bridge toll and parking in san francisco. next, causing controversy, why many people aren't loving the location of one new mcdonald's restaurant. plus, tesla's ride is about to get smoother. new upgrades the car company is rolling out for auto pilot mode. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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emerge on those exploding galaxy s-7 phones. later this month, samsung is will reveal the results of an hat caused new details are expected to emerge on the exploding galaxy s7 phones. samsung will reveal the results of an investigation into what caused the smartphones to catch fire. that's according to a report in a south korean newspaper. it was the most costly -- samsung warned of a $1.(500) 000-0000 hit to its profit following a decision to halt galaxy 7 notes. tesla is rolling out
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auto pilots. the new auto pilot is expected to allow for lane changes and -- and self parking. all vehicles now being produced at tesla's factory. new at noon, a new mcdonald restaurant is stirring up controversy. the problem is low case. the mcdonald is a football field away from the veteran. people have a problem because it's on vet can property. it occupies the bottom floor of a building that's home to several senior cardinals. this photo was tweeted out by rome corespondent and the restaurant which opened friday quickly have bun dubbed macvadican. time to shop and eat. today, fresh grossers -- there's an item to add to your dinner tonight. >>reporter: the holiday's right now and a lot of us
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coming to the market -- let's talk about selection. when you buy them, you want to make sure it's white. there might be a little yellow on the top, but make sure there's no sprouting and you want to make sure there's no crack. if you hear the squeezing, it's fresh. put them in your refrigerator. life span is three to four days. one more thing when you cook with them, take a knife and peel the top like you would a carrot. like shaving because that gets rough is the top of the white asparagus. you don't have to cook it for too long. your fresh grosser, stay healthy. we're missing those [indiscernible]. >> next, dropping the ball, who mariah carey is blaming for her new year's eve singing fail and how they're responding this
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afternoon. a rowdy passenger was caught on camera insulting a flight attendant. we'll have that story and more at 5:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mariah carey's lip-sync fail. but now dick clark productions is hit 's it has become one of the most talked about performances of the new year. we have been talking about it all day long. mariah carey's lip fail. >> dick clark production is
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hitting back claim that they - >> [indiscernible]. >> mariah carey, she talked over a pre-recorded music that is missing her vocals and carey asked the -- she hinted they didn't do that to get the high ratings. >> okay. >> yeah. >> all right. >> we know she can sing. >> epic. >> [indiscernible] epic.
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>> liam: i can't believe your grandfather is interfering in our relationship like this. >> steffy: he doesn't see it that way. and you shouldn't, either. >> liam: steffy, he told you to move out of here. >> steffy: until the divorce is over. he doesn't think it's appropriate, especially now that i'm c.e.o. of forrester. >> liam: you and i both know there's more to it than that. >> steffy: liam. i love you. i want a life with you. >> liam: all right, okay. so s-stay, then. tell me you're not leaving me.


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