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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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clara has grown increasingly strained in recent weeks and months. the two sides may now be on the verge of being dragged in the legal battle. >> santa clara is proud to be one of america's most livable cities. >> home to technology leaders and world class colleges. a city that treasures its past. >> reporter: the city manager manages to talk about everything that's good without once mentioning the 49ers by name. hinting at potential problems with the storied franchise far off the field. >> the trust level we have with the 49ers is very, very low at this point. >> reporter: the stadium authority which respects the city's $1.3 billion investment at levi's stadium will meet behind closed doors to decide whether they will go to war. to force the 49ers to turn over
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key financial documents. >> the city of santa clara is the owner of the stadium and the stadium authority board as i often say has the fiduciary responsibility to make sure that we are properly managing a very valuable asset. >> reporter: the 49ers say they're in compliance with both the spirit and letter of their agreement with the city having twice opened their books to auditors who visited team headquarters. much of the antagonism the 49ers currently takes. the move mobilized the community and so the seeds of deep rooted distrust that has never really completely gone away. >> sometimes you have a choice whether you want to pick a fight or not. the fight came to us. this is not something we wanted to do. the 49ers will not negotiation in good faith and will not open their books up. >> reporter: the oe phaeugs of the 49ers name in that tv ad she doesn't believe that was an
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intentional slight -- the omission of the 49ers name in that tv ad she doesn't believe that was an intentional slight. 49ers owner jed york now looking for his third coach in three years as well as a manager to oversee a storied franchise. >> it was a bleak season making for an even bleaker black monday. for the second year in a row, the 49ers are out a head coach and this year they're out a general manager. >> this feels like a really bad hang over from last year. just the big mess we have. the players and devastating injuries they suffered. it's a combination of all. >> reporter: like all hang over, the year didn't start out that way. before their 2-14 season, juggling quarterbacks and
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scandals there was hope for what chip kelly could do for the team. >> it was very clear to trentinize that chip kelly was going to be able to take us to where we need to go. >> reporter: that sound bite was from a year ago. the man he's talking about is fired. the team's general manager is too. to say fans are frustrated would be an understatement. the team struggles to fill the stands and is embroiled in a -- >> players accountable to each other. i think the best way to do that is a clean sphraeut.
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slate. >> in santa clara. coming up in sports, vern glenn will take a look at some of the contenders. fast burning fires in a home. we're told a frayed cord may have spread the flames. >> but it was hot very fast and it blew out windows and also caught the eve -lgs. so we have crews right now working on making sure none of the wood shingles on top there's no fire there. >> reporter: thankfully no one was home, no injuries were reported. live look outside at the san francisco skyline looking to the east bay. scattered showers today into the night. heavier storms on the way though. the rain was coming down steady this morning in santa clara and windchill wipers kind of busy for folks crossing the bay bridge. good day to sleep in if you had the day off. tomorrow the back to work
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commute could get messy. meteorologists paul diano is back and working through the rain and snow. >> today mount diablo, mount st. helena the chance for snow. one just moved through vallejo, there are more headed toward vacaville. more showers heading toward you in richmond and el cerrito. look at the snowfall totals this week in the sierra. another miss for donner summit. more than 6 feet over the next 72 hours. even tahoe in the 50s when it comes to snowfall totals as for when our precipitation begins to pick up here. our futurecast says overnight tonight you see the green beginning to fill in with lunchtime tomorrow. there it is. the steady rainfall heading here toward the bay area with tons of snow in the sierra.
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we talk more about that coming up. >> sounds good, paul thank you. tonight's storm brought unusual snow. kids taking add -- advantage of the snow day to go sledding, maybe making some snowballs. here's the view from lake level. this is a time lapse from the sunny side restaurant on the north western shore of lake tahoe. while the snow is great for skiers and snow boarders, it is a long -- for the commute home. >> reporter: clear right now but snow was coming down. families heading home from the sierra were surprised to see the snow so they took a little detour. this family from stockton were heading to truckee but turned around when they saw the traffic. realized they could still play in the snow without having to make the trek up the mountain.
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other families heading up to the sierra also turned around. they were tired of waiting in the gridlock. >> there was traffic on the freeway. so we stopped by to have some fun in the snow. most of the traffic was caused by chain control restrictions. snow is expected to continue falling overnight. starting tomorrow, the main control is coming up. whether the main tunnel should be replaced. the shut down will last for about two months and during that time water will come from several local reservoirs that have been storing water from hetch hetchy. the taste and purity of the
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water will not change. it will give each water agency a budget for how much water people are allowed to use. state officials would set the amount based on local factors such as population. outdoor temperatures, and there would be penalties for going over budget. state lawmakers will have to hatch out the details over the next few years but both water agencies and environmentists are ready to -- environmentalists are ready to support the change. for the jihon family, life is all about stepping up. >> we had the full ray of sunshine since june of 2015. >> and this ray of sunshine is actually their third foster child. >> teaches your other children how to look out for other
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people. yeah these two. >> reporter: california is simply going to need more parents to open their doors as the state makes more changes. >> group homes are phasing out as we know them now. >> reporter: what we've long called group homes will now become short term residential treatment facilities which you might call temporary housing for children with very specific needs. that means children who don't need that kind of specialized care will need some place else to go. >> we need more families. i mean that's what it comes down to. >> susan fetti recruits for the group that has joined sonoma county to look for group homes as they're being phased out. >> we're out doing billboards, we're in movie theaters. >> reporter: and it's a challenge faced by every single county in the state. >> for the last year we've
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really been working toward recruitment. ramping up our efforts to increase the providers in contra costa county. >> reporter: it's not just a challenge, this is a strategy a lot of people have been begging for. >> i think at this point we're all on board. there's not one person who's not behind this. >> that's because evidence shows getting children in a home of their own just works better so the hunt is on for the parents. >> we know that children do much better in a home. >> kids are kids. >> kids are kids. they all need love. >> reporter: the need for homes will vary county to county. but to put scale on this. as many as 2,000 additional foster families will be needed across california and again this will happen over the next two years. wow. well. having been a foster parent and i know all along that
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they're needing more and more families. but they're really going to have to expand. >> group homes don't house a tremendous number of children. you can works out to about 10% in the average county but it does create a new need. they're going to need more families. i think the push would be to inform parents across california. adults throughout california that more people are eligible to be foster parents than they might think. you do not have to be married. you do not have to own your home. you don't have to be wealthy. >> i think there's a misconception that it's really difficult to adopt a child and there's a huge waiting list. but now that you put it this way. >> here comes the push over the next few years. you're probably eligible to help a child. >> they're also trying to increase the amount of inhome support for families. >> because they do it for love. they don't do it for the money. thanks. it's 100 years old, can take five minutes to cross the major facelift for a major bay
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area tunnel and the traffic headaches it could bring to a tourist hot spot. >> and package thieves take a bait. wait until you see where they got busted. >> how a homeowner teamed up with police to protect her porch. >> and a drunk pilot caught attempting to fly three times the legal limit. how the crew prevented a potential disaster. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the "baker- barry" tunnel ia half mile long... and nearla hundred years old. kpix fi's john ramos looks at the tra the baker berry tunnel is a half mile long nearly 100 years old. john ramos looks at the traffic squeeze just ahead. >> the barricades are standing by for the moment the tunnel closes. the park service is refurbishing the half mile cavern and the gloomy light. those who made it through today got a treat even though it was just by accident. >> i'm grateful for it because i had never been through that tunnel before. >> and i was like oh my god how long is this tunnel. because it was so long. i was so amazed. >> really dark isn't it. >> reporter: the sign outside might say 1954 but the tunnel was actually carved out in 1918. a way for horse and buggy to
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get to the backside of the marin head lands. today it brings tourists to the end of the road. the center says it will stay open tunnel or no tunnel. >> we're just simply recommending for people that are coming for a tour, give yourself around five, 10 minutes just in case there's a little bit of extra traffic. that's the official line and what everyone here is hoping for. but soon all traffic to the marin head lands will be tunneled. the trip to his home could take up to two hours says one man. the problem is not so much the drivers as the parkers. tourist come from all over the world and when they can't find a space, they often park at the middle of the road. they've never shut down the tunnel for five months so many
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don't know what to expect. but some say no matter what, the drive will still be worth the view. kpix5. the tunnel was supposed to close today but it's been pushed back a week to next monday. there's new hope for ice skaters and hockey players in buehrleing game. a push to build a new skating rink has been gaining momentum. there's only bun one rink. whether the new rink is approved, it's now up to buehrleing game city council. one potential hitch, the project may need to secure several million dollars from neighboring san mateo. a transient has been arrested on suspicion of starting a fire. witnesses spotted john morgan from starting a fire on el camin orbing early new year's day. the building was empty when the
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fire started. no one was hurt. oakland street corner looked more like a geyser this morning. this was at west grand at poplar. oakland fire eventually managed to turn the water off. it opened at 8:30 a.m. but closes two hours earlier at 2:30 p.m. monday through friday. traffic park hours also changed to 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and to save more money the court was closed for a week after the holidays. vacant positions were also evacuated. led to the arrest of two people. as kelly ryan shows us, police are not easing up on that program either. yesterday police followed a transmitter that was placed in a package. it led them here where the suspects were getting a bite to
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eat before police cornered them and made two arrests. police say the suspects were leaving a driver through at this mcdonald's drive through. they found narcotics and arrested 48-year-old ronny bartolemeu. they're working with neighbors to have bait packages delivered just like any other package. and thieves aren't stopping their activities just because the busy holiday season is over. police say they will be focusing bait programs on neighborhood that is have had multiple package thefts. >> happy new year. >> gifts of rainfall. >> but snow. snow is good. >> we had lots of snow. add -lg -- adding to the rainfall total. here comes the pattern change. the cold and rain is gone. high temperatures today. looking pretty chilly. tiburon you hit 50.
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oakland 54. and napa 55. windsor you only hit 88 degrees. at the top of mount diablo did not get above freezing. so the snow that fell this morning was not there. mount diablo certainly qualifies for that. kpix5 high def doppler we're tracking some snow right now. that orange and pink and then white that you see, is some snowfall falling at mount diablo right now. we have snowfall on 101. snow showers begin, steady rainfall moving in by tomorrow afternoon. and snow, snow and more snow for the sierra. winter storm warning begins tomorrow. it will last all the way through thursday morning. at lake level we're talking 18 to 30-inches of snowfall by thursday morning. that's a lot. you can double that above 7,000 feet in elevation. from 30 to 60-inches of
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widespread snow in the highest elevations of the sierra by thursday. so it obviously is getting stormier. the ridge of high pressure is bringing down the cold but also dry. it's been sunny a lot. that's now been cut off. under that ridge we call it under cutting is a tropical air mass. that's going to be with us for the next week. the ridge has moved so far away from us. how much rainfall, well we'll talk about the first storm which is tomorrow and wednesday. there's another one coming for the weekend. by this time tomorrow not bad. about a half of an inch to an inching of -- to an inch of rainfall. these are impressive rainfall totals. two inches predicted for san jose. almost two inches of rainfall for san francisco. it begins late tomorrow. won't be gone until thursday morning. at times it is going to pour. so hello rainfall as we begin
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2017. freemont tomorrow wet in the afternoon. 56degrees. napa 54. san francisco 56 and those low snow levels gone with this pattern shift. it's now going to be warming. speaking of warm. we'll hit 60 over the weekend. but you're not going to be outside to enjoy it because it's going to pour. that one is going to last three days. we're wet tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. this is the time of year we typically get the rain. >> the rain will really get steady after lunchtime tomorrow. so most of tomorrow will be soggy. >> bring your umbrellas. a flight headed to sfo diverted over a man'sseat. highlights from this year's rose parade and how a bay area hero was rewarded for his brave act. ,,,,
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the 128th annual rose parade stepped off under grey skie but reporter kara finnstroms no one seemed to mind. they were striking up the brands by the dozens. reporter cara finstrom says no one seemed to mind. >> can you say happy new year, welcome to the rose parade, buddy. >> rose parade newby's came to hear the bands and spot the pedal cars. >> it's amazing, i've seen this parade every single year and now i'm here. >> reporter: they came not just for the iconic parade but cheer on the high school band and their son. >> it's been all yearlong practicing for this. >> i'm very proud about my son. >> reporter: the rose parade brought out these sisters decades. they grew up with big princess dreams. her mom was in the court in 1931. >> they had to sit on hot water bottles that was their only source of heat. >> reporter: this year the
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crowd of about 700,000 started their day with heavy clouds instead of trademark blue skies. they also had to deal with the threat of terrorism that for the first time brought out the barricades at every intersection. there was also bomb sniffing dogs and patrols. the parade sailed forward. did what it has for 138 years. bringing together friends and family. >> that's my granddaughter and this is my daughter behind you. >> reporter: leaving us all wide eyed. a bay area family was well represented in that parade. 15-year-old louis griffin and son -- and father steve were
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on the float. startling the new year with a paycheck boost. a reality check on what that raise will mean for both workers and customers. >> and after getting shot in an istanbul massacre. the strategy he says kept them alive. ,,
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three bay area cities. the new ur in san jose... the minimum wage just went up in three bay area cities. $12.30 in richmond. the minimum wage is also going up statewide from $10 an hour to $10.50 an hour. jessica florez reports from oakland where there's still disagreement on whether or not the wage hike is a good idea. >> reporter: one way wages are going up may be found in your
6:31 pm
cup of joe. >> profit margin now is so thin. >> reporter: minimum wage increases this year by 31-cents an hour in the city are passed ton the consumer. >> i figured out what it's going to take to stay in business. that's what the prices are going to be. >> reporter: barrista jennifer weaver says it's all a small price to pay to help low income workers. you notice it in your check. you don't know that $20 or $40 is a big difference until you're collecting it. >> reporter: which would get you about a third of this cup of coffee. >> terms of housing, income equality differential. it's not going to make a big difference. the valuable thing about the minimum wage increase is it's a direct way as opposed to other
6:32 pm
training and education measures. >> reporter: jennifer says she would live in oakland if she could afford it but the minimum wage still isn't enough. >> 31-cents is what in an eight hour shift you're talking about $2. uncle am probably gets like a therd of it. -- third of it. it's a b.a.r.t. ticket a day which helps. in san francisco it will hit $14 in july, in berkeley it will rise to $13.75 in october. starting today parking illegally is going to cost you more. five for people parking in spots unpermitted. and soon you can expect improvements to the munni app. there's been a lot of glitches
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in that app and bus stop signs. buses vanish when you're trying to check the location. the improvement should correct that. family members outside of prison gates were frantic to find out the fate of their loved ones. this is near rio de janeiro. the riot started as a fight between two prison gangs. two were reportedly beheaded. this is the worse bloodshed at a brazilian prison since 1992. -z police are looking for a gunman who killed 35 people in a nightclub in isal bun. surveillance video shows in graphic detail the gunman's rampage. and is providing much needed clues in the international man hunt. this is the most wanted man in turkey. officials say the gunman behind
6:34 pm
the newier's gun attack left behind fingerprints. we hope we will find not only the terrorists he said, but also his connections and those who gave him support inside and outside the club. the killer was seen on surveillance video exchanging gunfire with police outside the club. about an hour after midnight. bullets are ricocheting off a car. he then shot his way into a club killing a police officer and civilian. when it was over. 39 people were dead. authorities believe the gunman may have changed clothes before disappearing into the night. turkey state run news industry suggests 13 people are being questioned about the attack. >> i've been shot in the leg. these crazy people came in shooting everything. >> reporter: rick was in istanbul celebrating his birthday. he calls himself probably the
6:35 pm
luckiest person in the world. he says the shooter walked within inches of the bench he was hiding under. he was shot in the hip but made no sound so as not to alert the gunman he was still alive . >> all i can say it's a massive tragedy. for me i wake up in the united states i have breakfast. you guys have to wake up and have to think of this. it's so sad. i really wish everybody here the best. >> reporter: a makeshift memorial outside the club is growing. this woman says we must not be afraid because we will die as long as we are afraid and as long as we are kept silent. >> the american victim jake rick was celebrating at the club with nine friends. all but two were shot. no word yet on their conditions. allen. >> thank you so much, liz. president-elect trump is casting more doubt on u.s.
6:36 pm
intelligence. today diplomats that were kicked out of the u.s. were back on russian soil. but president-elect trump said that he is still not convinced that russia was behind the hack. president obama will give a farewell address in chicago. that's the city where he launched his political career. mr.obama says he will talk about how the country has changed for the better in the past eight years. and he will offer as he put it some thoughts on where we all go from here. an unruly passenger caused
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a flight to divert to new zealand. this was on a united flight from sidney to san francisco yesterday. this man was angry because he was seated between passengers of indian or pakistani extent. -- pakistani dissent. a passenger was recording while the passenger was being unruly. the flight landed safely in san francisco this morning shortly before 7:00. in canada, a pilot allegedly found passed out in the cockpit was arrested on suspicion of being drunk. gate crew noticed the sun wing airlines pilot acting strangely before his flight out of calgary over the weekend. he was then discovered asleep in the pilot seat. police say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. the blame game over mariah
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estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia.
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dick clark productions. butt a couple of clips this was the cringe-worthy a new year's mishap is now a full blown feud between singer mariah and dick clark productions. >> we're missing some of the vocals. >> reporter: mariah carrey's manager told the production company that they think that the mishap was intentional. this is what happened back
6:41 pm
in september. the falcon rockets and satellite cargo exploded into that massive fire ball. now after an exhaustive investigation founder elam musk says they're ready to go again. lift offset for this monday morning in california. >> earlier we told you about owner york firing the team coach and general manager. tonight we were asking you was he right to do so or did he make a mistack. - - mistake. let us know what you think. join us for night beat it happens on our sister station. another year means a whole lot of christmas trees end up on the corner. >> a lot of colors on the radar right now. i want to direct your attention to that right there. that is the top of mount diablo where our radar said it is currently snowing. the snow level 2,500 feet.
6:42 pm
a live look outside we're cloudy in san francisco. find out which day could see 2- inches of rainfall. coming up. straight ahead, 49ers. what now? >> we're cleaning the slate. >> we'll see how the week goes. >> i know of the rapper two chains. how about no chains. >> if you rip that chain off i'm going to go off. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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holidays are over... it's time to get everything cleaned up.. and this year.. re so now that the holidays are over. it's time to get everything cleaned up. >> all that stuff has to go some where. this year recology is giving your holiday trash a little special treat. christmas trees piled 30 feet high. those are going to be sent to the woodchipper to make mulch. and the boxes and christmas
6:46 pm
paper goes to the sorter. >> where does all this stuff go? >> all the bottles stay here in the bay area. they go to a glass plant. they make new glass bottles and are back on the shelves in six weeks. >> they designed it in the netherlands. it's the largest of its kind in north america. we make a lot of trash. nice to see that it will go to be reused by valentine's looks like. straggling that 50-degree mark in concord, oakland and san francisco 46. the radar getting more active to our north. snow showers in the sierra that will become a white out in the sierra above # thousand feet in elevation tomorrow. more showers getting more numerous. three hour time lapse now. showers in solano county,
6:47 pm
vacaville and fairfield. a few around concord. we're looking at a few areas of purple and pink which would be light snow in the north bay mountains above 2,500 feet and light snow continues mount diablo. we're still 1% above average in san francisco. 31% above average for the north bay and 13% above average inland. so we have some rain in december. that dry week, week and a half didn't set us below average. oakland tonight mild 46. santa rosa you'll lose 3 degrees down to 47. 43degrees tonight. pattern change in that the ridge of high pressure over alaska. yeah we're talking about alaska. it's moving and then has a huge impact on us. because when it was closer it was really impacting our weather. cold but it was sunny. there was no rainfall there for a while once we hit christmas through new year's. now that ridge is moving far
6:48 pm
enough away. we're beginning to tap into that tonight. we'll tap it into more tomorrow and wednesday and really get involved in it by next week. a lot of you heading back to work for the first time in nine to 10 days. there you go. it's going to be wet on the roads. the north bay you're getting pounded 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. steady rain as far south as morgan hill. steady soaking rainfall tuesday evening. steady soaking rainfall tuesday night. we're talking an inch to two inches of rainfall by wednesday evening. that's storm number one. storm number two will hop aboard these train tracks. big ridge to the south. this is perfect. to tap into some tropical moisture and then a tropical pipeline will be without saturday, sunday and monday. and all three days right now looks like they will all be wet with an additional two to 3- inch e s of rainfall coming up this weekend. a half to a foot of rain late
6:49 pm
next week. santa fe 57. we're soggy through wednesday. we do catch a break if you want dry days get down to those christmas decorations do it on tuesday and wednesday. because the weekends looking soggy with highs in the 50s. vern glenn in sports. our mission at clover is to create the best tasting, highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing. pg&e's been a great partner.
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know better sleep
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to intv with the team... add coach ch nfl topping out and i will give the 49ers credit. several people ready to interview. owner jed york could pay roughly 69 million in dead money. today the press took it from there. >> why should you be reassigned for the same reasons. >> nothing i'm going the say is going to be -- >> say something. >> nothing i'm going to say is going to be satisfactory. we're going to be judged on what we do and what we accomplish. we haven't accomplished enough. i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. >> that's the sound bite of the
6:53 pm
day. york wants a coach and general manager who are on the same page. hasn't worked yet. once again another year in which he blamed a difference in football philosophy on why it didn't work out between offensive minded chip kelly and trent baalkey. looked good on paper. >> but the marriage didn't work. and i should have probably seen it. it's easy to play revisionist history. but we are where we are. that's why we're cleaning the slate and we're reaccomplishing that culture. >> who should be the 49ers head coach next? my choice josh daniels the patriots offensive coordinator but there's another one that might initiate discussion. >> cable guy. >> yeah, tom cable is reportedly on the list of possible candidates to be the next head coach. the raiders head coach for
6:54 pm
parts of three seasons, got the silver and black to a respective 8-8 before the raiders let him go. he's been the seahawks offensive line coach ever since. then there's the current play off bound raiders. the team is certainly not showing its hand on who starts under center saturday in houston. >> quarterback matt mcglowin wasn't impressive sunday. his first quarterback start in 2017. and he suffered a shoulder injury. rookie conner cook had to come in for his nfl debut to a touchdown and interception. the raiders got crushed in denver. lost the afc west in the process. coach jack del rio pressed for a starting quarterback. we'll see how the week goes. getting in between conner and matt see who we can get the
6:55 pm
reps and feels confident in the game. >> we will get a little confidence going, experience. >> i plan to be 100% healthy and i'll do whraáfr i can in the weight room to try to get myself back to 100% -- i'll do whraáfr i can in the weight room to try to get myself back to 100% -- i'll do whatever i can in the weight room. >> the raiders in houston on saturday at 1:30 p.m. michael crabtree's chain snapped by talib. talib was proud of it too. >> he's just been wearing that chain all year man. it's just been growing on me. so i said if he wears that chain in front of me i'm going to snatch it off. he wore it in front of me so i snatched it off. >> what did he say to you. >> he started crying to the ref. he didn't say nothing to me
6:56 pm
though. >> all right, this is penn state running out scored seven touchdowns and seven possessions against ufc in the rose bowl. but the trojans came back with the late touchdown. to burnett fifth touchdown toss of the game and tied it. pick up, returned to the play off range. bring matt 49 yards and it is over. tra jones outscored penn state in the fourth quarter to win the granddaddy of them all the rose bowl 52-49. should i say there are a smattering of trojans in this building and they're all walking around, fight on, fight on. >> wearing their colors. >> i was a little nervous there for a while. >> good game.
6:57 pm
>> produced throughout the evening, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day, from honolulu, hawaii, it's the champs, it's the schaefer family! [cheering and applause] and from sharpsburg, georgia, wherever that is... [laughter] it's the stegall family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here, trying
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to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the stegall family. what's up? what's up? it's thaddeus. thaddeus: yes, sir. yes, sir. steve: what do you do for a living, thaddeus? thaddeus: so i just finished my master's in student affairs administration for michigan state. steve: all right, that's good, man. you're doin' good, man. all right, introduce everybody. thaddeus: so i'd like to start by saying all of the children are graduates of historically black colleges. my baby brother christian, my pops ray, my sister-in-law jerica, and my big brother jay. [cheering and applause] pop, how you doing? ray: good, steve. they took after their pops. steve: i see that. ray: yeah. steve: well, you've done a heck of a job as a father. you get all your kids through college. ray: yes. yes. [cheering and applause] steve: let me tell you something, brother. that's good parenting, man. ray: my wife and i couldn't have done it alone. it's with the


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