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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 3, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 3, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." house republicans vote behind closed doors overnight to strip its ethics watch dog of its power. we'll look at what is on the agenda when the 115th congress is sworn in today. a deadly storm tears through the south with severe flooding and tornadoes. at least five people with dead and more dangerous weather could be on the way. oprah returns today. she is talking about her new cook book that is out today and why she has finally made peace with food. we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.
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>> we got a lot going on. got a lot of trees down, roads washed out. >> i am definitely not going out in this one. >> deadly storms slam the south. >> violent storm system sweeping across southern u.s. more severe weather is possible this morning in alabama, georgia and the florida panhandle. >> just hours before the new congress is sworn in house republican voting to gut the independent office of congressional ethics. >> paul ryan and kevin mccarthy opposed closing this office. >> footage released of the suspect in istanbul attack. >> it was a nightmare. i have never seen it so crowded. >> customs computer outage. ac wasn't working. it was bad. >> children died at their home
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in amarillo, texas. baggage handler is okay after being locked in a small airliner. he was freed after a 90 minute flight. the bedding dresser falls on the toddler but his twin brother is there to save him. >> $6 million worth of jewelry swiped. >> a member of the audience tried to make off with the trophy. >> and all that matters. >> everybody is talking about what was up with mariah carey on new year's eve. she says she was sabotaged. >> some people think she might be positioning herself to run for president of the united states. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a lot of time. flies over the middle, touchdown. >> a game that will go down in rose bowl history. a thriller that went down to the final seconds. >> usc wins it. >> rose bowl game that we will
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never forget. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." happy new year. great for us to be back. good vacation. great to be back. >> fired up and ready to go. >> fired up. >> alert and ready. >> 2017 going to be a great challenge but an exciting time. >> as you wake up in the west 115th congress will soon be sworn in at the u.s. capital. republican control the house and senate when president-elect trump takes office it will be the first time in a decade the gop is in charge of congress and white house. >> house republicans made ethics oversight their first piece of business. they voted to put the independent watch dog under the control of a republican-led committee.
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nancy has details of last night's controversial vote. >> republicans say they were simply responding to complaints from some lawmakers who say they were unfairly targeted. democrats called the surprise move crippling and said it will make it more difficult for congress to police itself. the measure was proposed by chairman bob good lat. it reins in a watch dog put in place in 2008 after an investigation of republican lobbiests led to his conviction and exposed a ring of corruption. democratic leader nancy pelosi released a statement saying republicans claim they want to drain the swamp but the amendment republicans approve tonight would destroy his office. even house speaker paul ryan spoke out against the measure which would rename the office of congressional ethics the office of congressional complaint review barring it from investigating anonymous tips and
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giving a separate ethics committee the power to end any investigation of the colleagues. republicans are moving ahead with plans to dismantle obama care holding votes this week on a bill to make it easier to repeal the entire health care law within the next month or so. georgia congressman -- >> what we have seen so much with obama care is what has happened is what sounded good turned out to be a disaster. >> democrats say the disaster will be if millions of americans lose their insurance. >> it's never been reasonable to repeal it without a plan to replace it. >> republicans are looking to quickly roll back other obama initiatives like the dodd-frank wall street reform package put in place after the financial crisis and various energy, environmental and labor regulations. act today, a bill making it easier to sweep away a bundle of
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new regulations all at once. >> we're just simply saying you're not going to be able to do this in the under cover of agencies with people not having the input and knowing what happened. >> 34 senators and the entire house of representatives will be sworn in today. democrats made slight gains in both changes in november's election. but they are still outnumbered, charlie, by a few seats in the senate. and by nearly 50 seats in the house. >> thanks, nancy. republican strategist and cbs news contributor frank luntz is also on capitol hill. frank, good to have you. >> thank you. >> so, tell me what you think republicans are about in terms of reining in the ethics committee? >> what i don't understand is why the first thing they would do would in any way undermine the perception of accountability which is the number one value that american people want to see in congress. they should be talking about health care. they should be talking about taxes. having a discussion that we are right now on ethics is not good
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for anybody. the reason why they're doing it is the poison that exists here. the feeling that members of congress can be accused of anything and they don't have due process. what is to say about the pow power -- and not get side tracked. >> you have spoken with members of both parties. what is the mood on both sides? serious questioning. no one knows what to do. on the republican side are they going to come together and complete the agenda that they ran on? they made an awful lot of promises that they have to deliver. on the democratic side the question is whether to fight recollect compromise or do some of both? >> turning to democrats what are they going to do in terms of trying to approve or stop nominees of the president-elect? >> on the senate side they have
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had a number of conversations in the last 24 hours. you have about ten democrats that are willing to work with president trump not just on the nominees but on other issues. they are nervous that they are going to be attacked by the base, that they are going to be attacked by bernie sanders and his supporters. so if i were advising them i would tell them to pick one or two of the trump nominees to focus on and don't just simply pose because the american people won't appreciate it when you are elected president you get to have your cabinet but if there are one or two people who aren't qualified or capable we have conflicts of interest hold them accountable and not the entire cabinet nominee. >> is that likely to be rex tillerson. >> unions want to take on the secretary of labor nominee. different people want to take on
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different individuals. in the end i predict that all of them will pass. but i think you will see three or four that will have a very rough time over the next four to six weeks. >> talk about obama care. the president-elect has promised to repeal obama care yet data from the wall street journal indicates that a lot of people supported donald trump also depend on obama care. doesn't that create problems for him? >> the challenge here and this is the number one issue where the republicans voted for donald trump to repeal it and independents want parts of it to remain and the two parts that matter most are able to stay on their parent's plan until they are 26. the question is if you repeal it have you done what conservative republicans want you to do by changing the health care law? >> new year, new beard.
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is this a new you? >> and for norra i wore a very plain boring jacket. i'm trying. >> i don't want boring. i just want matching. >> i love it. thanks. >> great to see you. >> got it. travelers returning from overseas vacations face long lines and frustrations that major airports across the country last night. a computer failure forced arriving passengers to wait hours. the line at miami international airport backed up through the terminal. the outage effected at least seven u.s. airports including jfk international. an update, good morning to you. >> good morning. things are back to normal here at international arrivals at jfk. officials trying to figure out what went wrong. this we do know. for passengers traveling home from holiday trips overseas this
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was not a good start to the new year. this was the scene at hard hit miami international airport. passengers who had just spent hours in the air stood for hours more in crowded lines all because of a computer shutdown which delayed their processing by customs. >> it was insane like a line of a thousand people or more. it was absolutely despicable. >> reporter: passenger john phillips posted videos of the chaos to twitter prompting a response by the miami international airport. thanks for your patience. customs and border protection is aware of the situation and handling. phillips responded hardly. no information, no regulation, no water. shameful. around 10:00 p.m. eastern time miami international tweeted this, system up and running will take time for passengers to be processed. many airports aeffected tonight. among those others experiencing
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similar delays were airports in atlanta, boston, los angeles and here in new york city where passengers say they were stuck in the airport for hours. >> it was a nightmare. officers continue to process international travelers using alternative procedures it issued a statement there is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature. >> in miami one passenger said she had no idea what was waiting for her when she landed. >> they told us that we would have been prepared. >> there is no indication that this was the result of attack. customs and border protection insists it had access to all of its national security databases and that all passengers were screened according to procedures. >> thanks. expect more severe weather after a deadly storm system.
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violent weather left a trail of damage and flooding and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. at least five people were killed in alabama and florida. the national weather service has reports of about a dozen tornadoes. fast moving systems swept across gulf coast states. four people died in alabama and the damage is widespread. >> reporter: good morning. this storm packed quite a punch and proved deadly to the family behind me. there is a lot of tall trees in the area. as the storm was blowing through two trees fell on a mobile home. this one sliced right through it. four people inside were killed according to a family member. there are large ruts in the ground because of mud emergency vehicles had a hard time pulling up here and rendering aid. it was a very fast moving storm and as it continued to rake across this area it claimed more lives. a fast-moving storm drenched the
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gulf coast bringing heavy rain, floods and possible tornadoes. four people were killed in alabama last night when a reported tornado caused a tree to fall on a home. about 150 miles west of there flash flooding stranded cars in jackson, alabama. >> as to why not? >> volunteers helped clean up broken glass and boarded up windows at this subway sandwich shop. >> like something like that. >> reporter: in another part of the city strong winds ripped a pair of trees from the ground. >> hit the second tree. and the whole house shook. >> the alabama gulf coast zoo had to evacuate its animals after the force of the storm tore the enclosures apart. >> about 30 feet of that is
7:15 am
protected down and it disappeared and gone away. >> in mount olive mississippi semi trucks were toppled. >> i am definitely not going out in this one. >> pounding rain in the florida panhandle was dangerous lighting knocking out trees and -- one person drowned. schools in the area are closed today and many people are going to spend the day cleaning up. we are talking buildings, trees and stringing up new power lines. there is a threat today of possible flooding in the area. >> thanks omar. the man hunt is ongoing for the suspect who killed 39 people inside an istanbul night club. new video shows a clear picture of the accused gunman.
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in istanbul this morning. >> the alleged night club attacker comes from this video. it is unclear when it was taken or how it was found. turkish media say it was leaked by investigators. last night they raided an apartment. they were linked to the area by a taxi driver. this reportedly shows the shooter getting out of the cab after the attack early sunday morning. the gunman seen here exchanging money is still at large. isis who claimed responsibility for the attack say he was revenging the role in the civil war. isis statement to the club was targeted because it was where they celebrate their pagan holiday. --
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>> some with blood stains on their clothes. >> delaware was among the nearly 70 injured. he was shot in the leg though well enough to return to the u.s. on monday. police say the gunman acted alone. at least 14 people have been detained for questioning. for cbs this morning. >> an investigation underway for the leak of highly poisonous gas in a home. investigators believe fumes from a pesticide seeped into the home early yesterday. mourners gathered last night outside the home in amarillo. they held candles and left messages of support. at the scene of how officials say this happened. >> reporter: good morning. we are still being kept about 100 feet from the home for our
7:18 am
own safety as crews work throughout the day to decontam nate this area. the youngest victim was 7 years old. the oldest, 17. >> there were eight people in the house and one is not waking up. >> reporter: emergency responderse rushed to this house early monday morning unaware of what they would be walking into. >> they found a lot of sick people. they found one child already unconscious and unresponsive. they started doing cpr on that child. rescue efforts were unsuccessful. 17 year old along with 11 year old and 9-year-old were pronounced dead at the hospital. six other family members including the children's murthd and father were taken to the hospital. according to the fire department
7:19 am
the family -- aluminum phosphide is used to kill insects and rodents. when combined with water it produces a highly poisonous gas that can cause respiratory failure. fire lieutenant said the pesticide was used sunday afternoon and unleashed into the home sunday night. >> it is sold to people who have a license. if you are going to apply chemicals in your house have somebody who is certified to put the chemicals down. >> reporter: the amarillo police department is investigating but there is nothing right now that could suggest that this is anything more than a tragic accident. >> terrible story. startling video drawing new attention to furniture that can be dangerous. how good morning. let's get to it. it is radar,
7:20 am
we are on the backside of a system that has been bringing us rain since sunday. the east bay continues to get hammered this morning with light to moderate rainfall. right now temperatures are mild , we are in the 40s from santa rosa all the way to san jose. later today numbers top off in the mid-50s, the rain becomes heavier, the winds are gusty or through wednesday. -- the winds are gusty or through wednesday.
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the long lasting scent of gain flings
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good morning. i am michelle, later today city leaders will decide whether or not to sue the 40 niners. they want the team to hand over financial documents regarding the stadium. the san francisco 49ers say no other team has to make the information public. the city of san francisco making six street a poor artist. this comes after the massive warehouse fire last month, tonight event is at the brava theater at 6:30. next, taking a look at the growing trend of marijuana legalization across the country. put it the influence more teenagers to light up? david -- david has traffic and
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weather in just a moment. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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good morning, the traffic throughout the bay area is back to the lights. here is a look at the past coming out of tracy. you are moving at just 27 miles per hour. some of the slow traffic is due to an earlier crash that has been removed. the boulevard will take you 35 minutes and 36 minutes across the san mateo bridge. those a wet roadways will slow you down. a storm bring us rain showers, the hardest hit happens to be the east bay. showers and areas of fog, it is in the 40s, later today temperatures into the 50s, the rain will intensify, the winds will increase out of the south and southeast with gustss up to 40 miles per hour. lingering showers all the way until wednesday. a lingering, wet evening
7:29 am
commute. another storm friday night into saturday and another on sunday.
7:30 am
♪ it is an expensive new year for a jeweler right here in manhattan. three thieves broke in and reportedly stole about $6 million worth of gem. when -- new year's eve. they waited until the stroke of midnight to pull off this heist. hundreds of thousands of police were a few blocks away celebrating. look on the floor there. you can see the lights, camera action from times square dancing around. police say the suspects are still on the loose. they believe this robbery was an inside job. you think? >> i know. you get a pretty good look at the guy's face. he looks richt into the camera. >> somebody knows these guys. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
morning." coming up this hour. a toddler's show of strength as a dresser topples on a 2-year-old. i know that's hard to watch. and how they escaped injury and the new warning for parents. and how a state legalizing marijuana, some teenagers downplay the risk. how you could get hooked on pot. time to show you the headlines from around the globe. the "times" of london said a refugee was arrested after an alleged plot. prosecutors say the man contacted a member of isis and asked for $100 million for a bombing attack. the suspect allegedly planned to make vehicles look like police cars and pack them with explosives. he was detained saturday near the german-french border. and the pope is telling liv
7:32 am
children, so that such crimes may never be repeated. letted you adhere clearly and faithfulfully to zero tolerance. cleveland's the plains dealer says 150 pieces of debris have been recovered from lake erie. the debris may be from the missing cessna that took off. officials confirm that a bag washed ashore belonged to a missing passenger. "the new york times" says space skchlx is ready to launch rockets again. a $200 million satellite was on board. the company now says a breach on the helium container caused the
7:33 am
september explosion. spacex is revamping its fuel procedures. the company could have its next rocket launch as soon as sunday. our charlotte affiliate wbtv said united airlines is investigating how a baggage 457b8er got locked in a cargo hold before the plane took off. it was operated by mesa airlines. united states said the handler was not hurt. the flight reached an altitude of 27,000 feet. now, it's not clear if the cargo hold was pressurized for temperature control. you can imagine -- >> how cold it could get. >> i know, i'd be banging on the door. >> what happened -- oops. and the hollywood reporter says that famous hollywood sign will get new security after a prankster changed the sign to read hollyweed over the weekend. a group that made the landmark says it will use visual
7:34 am
technology to try surveillance and keep trespassers away. they took duct tape and x'd out the es. two toddlers in utah were not hurt when the dresser they were climbing tipped over on them. one of the little boys was trapped until his brother, look at this. managed to push the dresser off of him. anna werner is here with reaction from the twins' mother. good morning. >> it's hard to watch. the video captured on the family's security system is startling. they say they released it to warn parents this th the entire industry
7:35 am
7:36 am
to create a strong safety standard that will make furniture more inherently stainless. >> now, the dresser that tipped over on the toddlers which kaley schultz told us was an eight-drawer henley. in the book that comes with the dresser, they do tell consumers that the dresser product needs to be secured to the wall with anchor which is a lot of people do not do. we reached out to ikea for comment. we have not heard back yet. >> but that can happen with any dresser if they pull out the
7:37 am
drawers if it's not bolted. >> and this wasn't one of the tallest dressers ever sold. it's interesting about that video, you watch the toddler, as he's clearly distressed, trying to process what to do. >> yeah. you know his brother is in pain. >> the mother, it was very early in the morning. it was the time of day the kids had been waking up and they hadn't heard any noise out of them yet. >> she might have thought it was a bad moment for her, but she saves a lot of lives with that. >> smart kid. more states are making marijuana legal. and research finds that teenagers tonight feel it's bad for you. is there a connection? ahead, we hear both sides of the debate. and we invite you -- guess what. new year, we still got the invitation going to subscribe to our podcast. you'll get the news of the day and more favorites, podcast originals. originals, we like that word around here.
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teenagers' attitudes about marijuana, they are changing at the same time more states are making the drug legal. a new study in the journal of medical association finds some teens find the drug has lower risks than in the past. recreational use is now allowed in eight states and washington, d.c. medical use is legal in 28 states and d.c. one study predicts the legal market generates $22 billion, with a "b," a year by 2020. john blackstone is in san francisco, where voters legalized recreational pot last year. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're here at spark, a medical marijuana expense saer. despite legalization in california this is the only place where you can legally buy marijuana in the state. the state develops rules for the
7:43 am
retail stale of recreational marijuana for anyone over the age of 21. but a new instead says for adult may be impacting the way some teenagers view the risks. delay and his mother now agree that teenage use can be dangerous but when clay was 14, he didn't see the risk. >> my son is an addict and he -- >> formerly an addict. >> he is in recovery for over five years. >> you were a young teenager when you started using marijuana? >> uh-huh. >> what attracted you? >> the taboo idea, your parents are not going to support you as a 14-year-old smoking marijuana. it's kind of the danger. >> he started using just very casually. and then it started being more of a daily habit. and that was quite alarming. he was really spaced out and zoned out all the time. >> reporter: clay started using
7:44 am
ecstasy, prescription drugs and alcohol. >> you put your family through some tough times. >> absolutely. absolutely. fortunately for me, i was one of the lucky ones. for a lot of my friends it didn't end up that way. i had a few die. a few overdose. >> reporter: today, he helps educate young people about the dangers of drugs. >> we know that early initiation of marijuana use, initiation in adolescence is an initiation for a greater against of marijuana later in life. >> reporter: co-author of a new study of marijuana used by teenagers in washington and colorado, two states that legalized recreational use for adults in 2012. >> we found that very different things in colorado and washingtoning. >> reporter: in washington state, she found that since 2012, marijuana use among eighth graders has increased by 2%. and among 10th graders by 4.1%. and the perceived harmfulness of
7:45 am
pot has declined by 18% by eighth and tenth graders. but in colorado, participation found in impact on young people. ethan nato promotes legalization. >> for many year, people promotes it's a good bad to legalize marijuana. the latest proof is that is simply not the case. >> reporter: conflicts results in washington and colorado pointed the need for the study of the impact on teenagers. >> we do know that long term use is associated with more problems bike mental health problems, economic problems, financial difficulties, job loss. so, that's what we really want to prevent. >> reporter: sylvia hurst worries that legalization in california will lead more teenagers down the road clay once followed. >> effects of it are not always
7:46 am
understood by youth. >> reporter: it could be at least another year before sellers here in california receive permits for the retail sale of marijuana. in massachusetts, another state that voted in november to legal ice recreational use, lawmakers have decided to delay retail sales for another six months until mid-2018. while they develop rules to safely and effectively oversee those sales. some tourist at hawaii's volcano park had an excitement too close. and good morning. we had one storm exit and
7:47 am
another is arriving by made morning. today, the rain will intensify. the wind will increase out of the southeast a good 15-25 miles per hour. temperatures into the 40s, meanwhile, rain will linger into your wednesday. taper off early on thursday and another storm friday night. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by publishers clearinghouse. when cold and flu hold you back
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♪ a hawaii volcano putting on quite a show right now. you can see huge plumes of smoke and rocks spewing into the air. very dramatic. a 20-foot section of coal lava into the park. the national park service has moved visitors back from the area. on new year's eve rangers chased five people away from an unstable trip just minutes before it came crashing down. wow. nobody got hurt here. spectators may be allowed back in the area today. >> wow. one of the most fascinating islands in the world. >> and people are always trying to get the best shot. >> and you should listen to people. >> right. danger. all right. republicans in the new congress are already making changes. ahead, they change, they approve
7:52 am
against their leaders' wishes. and what they may do when president trump is in the white house. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
7:53 am
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this is a kpix five morning update. >> the rain is here, this is what it looked like last night. we also have video from the richmond camera overnight. it is expected to rain throughout the day and into tomorrow. crab fisherman say they will not let up on their strike over purchase prices. it started after pacific choice seafood made an offer of $2.75 a pound even though fisherman had negotiated three dollars a pound. coming up, oprah winfrey is at the studio to talk about her new cookbook and her interview with michelle obama. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning, let's take a look, after the roads got wet,
7:58 am
if you are headed to san francisco that will take you about 17 minutes from 580. we see a lot of cards on the southbound side because it is minus one lane due to mechanical problems with the movable barriers. so only three lanes are open in each direction. otherwise it is looking pretty good. looking at the bay bridge headed downtown san francisco that will take you about 25 minutes. expect slow traffic throughout the area. radar picking up rain showers again today. it has rain for three straight days. heaviest rain right now in the north bay, 20 minute delay on some arriving flights at the airport. look how mild it is, 50, in san jose, going to be a high of 57. heavy rainfall develops by midmorning.
7:59 am
wind with gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. ,,,,,,
8:00 am
good morning! happy new year to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 3rd, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including oprah. oprah winfrey is in studio 57. her first cookbook is out today. we'll talk about that and ask her about her big interview with michelle obama. first, here's today's eye opener, 8:00. very fast-moving storm. and as it continued to rake across this area, it claimed more lives. republicans say they were simply responding to complaints from some who said they were unfairly targeted by this ethics committee. i don't understand is why the first thing they would do would, in any way, undermine the perception of accountability.
8:01 am
officials still trying to figure out what went wrong. this, we do know. passengers traveling home from holiday trips overseas, this was not a good start to the new year. crews will work throughout the day to decontaminate this area. the police department is investigating, but there is nothing that could suggest that this is anything more than a tragic accident. new year for jeweler in manhattan, three hooded thieves broke in and reportedly stole about $6 million worth of jewels. video captured by the family's security system is starting but released it to warn parents this could happen to them. new year, new beard. is this a new you? >> and -- and for norah, i even wore a very plain, boring jacket. i'm trying, guy. >> i don't want boring. i just want matching. ♪ i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
the south is bracing for new severe weather this morning after deadly and destructive systems swept across the region. the storm yesterday damaged homes and triggered flooding. tens of thousands of people lost power. the national weather service says about a dozen tornadoes were reported. >> one apparent tornado slammed into a tree -- slam aid tree, rather, into a home in alabama, killing four people inside there. the wind toppled semi trucks in mississippi. the storm shredded homes and snapped power lines, pounding rain in florida was coupled with dangerous lightning there. one person in the florida panhandle drowned right outside his home. president-elect trump is criticizing a surprise role change the new congress is set to put in place. house republicans voted to move the office of congressional ethics under the house ethic committee. mr. trump tweeted with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as it
8:03 am
may be their number one act and priority? focus on tax reform, health care and things of far greater importance. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning. help us understand this. they are curtailing the power of this independent ethics committee. what does that mean? >> reporter: what it means, norah, is that they felt that essentially this watchdog had too much power and that some lawmakers were being targeted unfairly. they also said that there was some duplication going on, where you had this independent office set up to police members, but then you had the office of ethics that had been created decades ago, a committee comprised of lawmakers and they felt there was some confusion there. democrats, however, said, hey, whatever happened to draining the swamp? we created this independent watchdog a decade ago for a reason, because there was some corruption scandals and we felt that lawmakers couldn't always
8:04 am
investigate themselves. even the house speaker, paul ryan, and the majority leader, kevin mccarthy, felt there were better ways to reform this independent office than putting it under the jurisdiction of the very lawmakers that it's designed to police. but bob goodlatte, the chair of the house judiciary committee who made this proposal, said that it is a good idea. he stood by the proposal and said that it is going to make things clearer for everyone. the amendment, he said, builds upon and strengthens the existing office of congressional ethics by maintain iing. >> the high priority for president-elect trump and congress is obamacare repeal. where does that stand in terms of likelihood? >> it's a very high likelihood. first of all, because it's a very high priority for republicans who have tried to do this literally dozens of times before. obviously, there was a democrat in the white house at that time
8:05 am
so he always vetoed those moves. this time there will be a republican in the white house. you'll see both the house and senate move to pass a bill that essentially speeds up the repeal process so they can go ahead and fully repeal obamacare within the next 30 to 45 days. there will be some kind of grace period that they'll try to put in there, charlie, for people who do get their health insurance through obamacare, but democrats warn as soon as they try to repeal this bill that the insurance company will start running for the hills and that the whole thing will fall apart, leaving people without insurance and republicans having no plan to replace it. >> nancy, thank you very much. president-elect donald trump is using twitter again to shape his foreign policy message. north korea suggested sunday it would conduct a test launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the near future. mr. trump tweeted yesterday, north korea just stated it's in
8:06 am
its final stages of a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen! he did not explain his foreign policy. >> later he tweeted china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. in totally one-sided trade but won't happen with north korea. nice! this morning, china said it's hard work on the denuclearization on the korean peninsula is obvious. sleep, diet, can affect the aging of ourselves. ahead a book with ways to turn,,
8:07 am
oprah winfrey is trying to help make your life better through food. in our green room to share her new cookbook and her personal journey with food. that's ahead here on "cbs this morning." it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too.
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8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ oprah's career has taken her from talk show host to author to cable network owner and founder. thank you very much. on-point recipes for great meals and a better life. oprah is with us on "cbs this morning" first. charlie's opening line, what do
8:12 am
we need, another cookbook? >> yes, we do. i'll tell you why. >> it's more than a cookbook. >> it's more than a cookbook. >> it's about health and happiness. i can read. >> and everyone coming to my house would say i thought you were on weight watcher. you're eating this? why are you serving tacos? >> i never said that because i know you're on weight watcher. >> i'm not saying you said it but other people have said it. >> people come to the house like you come to the house. >> thank you, charlie. >> okay, got it. >> i need a translator. >> you say this, it's not about dieting, deprivation and shaming yourself? >> well, yes, because everybody knows, i think, particularly those who watched the show with me all those years, have seen my struggle. i've had some struggles. >> yo-yo. >> more than yo-yo. just struggles with food. at one point i had a thyroid issue, fixed that. i was at my lowest point with
8:13 am
food because i hurt my ankle in maui and used that as an excuse not to work out. actually, i couldn't work out. and weight watchers called me, which i always think is a funny point. they see me and -- >> does it bother you that they called you? >> you need help, girl. >> you weren't offended by that call? >> before the accident or after the accident? >> before. they called me -- >> what was your reaction when they called? >> i must be worse than i think. >> yeah. >> weight watchers is calling me. >> it must be really bad. >> let us help you. and so i only invested because i believe if you're going to do anything, go all the way. so, since, you know, the owning of my show, learned that lesson. >> i'm with you on that. that's my philosophy. >> if you're going to be in it, be in it all the way. >> own it. >> own it. >> what have you learned? what have you learned in the past couple of years that you didn't know before? >> what i learned was my
8:14 am
struggle, norah, has been trying to find the balance. i've done every diet. the no carbs thing to the point you want to -- >> the cabbage soup diet. >> i've done them all. people say give this girl a piece of bread, please. >> absolutely. we're on the car one day to red carpet and everybody in the car had been on a no carb diet and finally said somebody, you need to pull over and get a cracker. >> immediately. >> and we did. so what i've learned is that this program actually helped me to become more conscious. weight watchers isn't a diet. it is a support system. it's a community. so you join. and i know i will be doing this for the rest of my life because it's about sustaining the weight loss and being able to live a life that is full and vibrant. i feel healthier, more alive, more connected than i've ever been. >> than you've ever been? >> than i've ever been. because it's always -- charlie, it's always been -- gayle can tell you. i'm on a diet. then i'm off a diet.
8:15 am
i'm on a diet, then i'm off a diet. this i'm on forever. i lost 42.5 pounds. >> wow! >> but i wanted to be able to say here today i was trying to get to 50 just so i could say 50 pounds. >> because you like round numbers. >> i like round numbers. but it didn't happen and i'm really okay with that. if i lose 10 more, 20 more, fine. if i don't, i'm okay with it, because i finally have gotten control. >> you know that you can do it. but this is what i learned in the book, and i thought i knew everything about your life. >> you kind of do. >> we want to talk to you. >> you said oprah you stood in the mirror naked. i didn't know you've done this. you stood in the mirror naked and looked at your body. it's in the book. >> i was by myself. i wasn't doing it for display. >> no, no, no, but i'm saying -- >> but we do have video. >> you know gayle with that camera. taking pictures of everything. >> i never liked to do that. you said you looked at it -- >> i was passing by the mirror.
8:16 am
it wasn't like i'll stand in front of the mirror. >> i'm just talking about that you wrote about it in the book and i liked it. i liked it. >> what i saw was -- >> you were done looking at flaws, is the point i was trying to make. >> i started thanking my body, my parts that have done this for now will soon to be 63 years, looking at myself head to toe and appreciating what my knees have done, as shaky as they are sometimes. i can't run as fast as i used to, but appreciating my body for what it is. operating from a place of being thankful and grateful for what you have, then moving out into the world, becoming more conscious of what you're eating. balancing that. food, which i love. we love food. >> yeah. >> balancing that with health has made me a happier person. >> you look great, too. i love the way your hair looks, the way the glasses frame your face. >> oh, thank you. >> they really do. >> oh, thank you. >> as opposed to someone like me, i would like to lose about 15, 20 pounds.
8:17 am
>> really? why? >> no, i would. i would like to be leaner. >> i have a sign-up card for you. >> the question is -- that's my question. >> we can load the app right on your phone. >> what i'm doing essentially is working out more and simply reducing the amount, not changing any particular kind of diet, just reducing what i eat. >> that's right. you're not sacrificing what you love, right? >> right. >> the reason to come to weight watchers is because you love the community. i think on the connect app, being able to connect with people and being able to share your stories, hear their stories. you feel like you are supported by an entire community. i encourage you to join today. >> but now that you feel -- oprah -- >> will you sponsor me? >> i'll be your sponsor. >> do you feel pressure? i only ask this because when i was on vacation recently in st. bart's i was eating something -- >> st. bart's? >> charlie was in st. bart's, too. >> partying together. >> we rendezvoused. >> i was in bed by 9:27.
8:18 am
>> reporter: >> on new year's eve? >> yeah. >> it was midnight somewhere. >> i am trying to say -- >> i know. >> somebody said to me, oprah would not approve. oprah would not approve. >> what were you eating? what were you eating? >> it was very good. >> what was it? come on. tell us. >> i had a couple of things. >> yeah. >> i had a couple of things. >> was it a cronut? >> a lot of cheese. big truffle pizza. >> the truffle pizza. did you enjoy it? >> i did, with extra cheese. >> so if you -- >> oprah would not approve i said actually she would. >> i actually would. >> count the points. you get to decide -- >> i have not deprived myself of one single thing in this past year and that's really why i did this. >> i have not deprived myself of one single thing. >> i have not deprived myself of one single thing.
8:19 am
you can sigh that, t-- say that charlie rose. if you go over, the next day you eat more vegetable. >> can i ask you, high protein, low calorie. >> we're moving on. i can feel the transition. i know tv. come on. here we are. >> so, your interview with mrs. obama, it was her final interview. >> final interview. >> as first lady. you interviewed her over the years. how was this one different? how did you find her? >> i felt that -- first of all, i felt that there was a sense of -- i won't say relief, but i felt there was a sense of we are now moving on, sense of transitioning. the fact that she really was packing up to leave, or at least telling other people what to pack up, to do. there's a sort of resolve that comes with that. i felt that that special we did
8:20 am
here on cbs was a force in letting people see the work that she has done in the past eight years and her work with girls and her work with girls. and her work with changing the way you think about food for young obese children. and i was very impressed with her. >> did she seem different to you? you've known her a long time. the first interview in oprah magazine. >> i think she felt more willing to speak her mind. >> so, what is she going to do now? >> i think she can do whatever she wants. >> that's true, too. what are her preferences? >> you know what i think, especially when i saw that speech in new hampshire. i told her actually, i go, your speaking fees just went up. it just quad room roof quadrupled. she'll be speaking around the world and would be a powerful force for that. i think. >> is there one passion -- >> i think her passion --
8:21 am
>> same way that he has a passion for -- >> she has a passion for girls, passion for girls and learning that she's not going to release that. >> when i talked to her at the white house, she said we will continue that work with girls. >> in the book you say contentment is the word to describe you. >> yes. >> we'll be right back. >> ultimately, i am content. ♪ to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. and the golden retriever tare very they eat, digest, and process energy differently. at royal canin, we developed over 200 precise formulas to transform every cat and dog into a magnificient animal. royal canin. tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine
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8:24 am
♪ there is new finger
8:25 am
pointing -- charlie and oprah are still bonding. >> there's new finger pointin this is a kpix five morning update. good morning. this morning traffic on the golden gate bridge could be heavier than usual since eight removable median is broken. that means only three lanes are open. repairs are expected to last until afternoon. san francisco holding a meeting for local artists to help them make a living space is a safer in case of a fire. the workshop features fire officials and tenant right groups. in the next half-hour cbs this morning can 60 be did new 40? a new book reveals how sleep, exercise, diet and stress can
8:26 am
help us to age. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning, let's take a look at the bay area roads starting with mass transit, we have a delay from the party system due to the wet weather. muni and caltrans are on time. to the roads, if you are heading to the peninsula look- alike the traffic is along the san mateo bridge. if you are traveling on the freeway we have slow traffic on the northbound side, it will
8:28 am
take you 30 minutes now, but if you are headed south you are looking pretty good. here is a look at the bay bridge back to the maze, that will now take the 17 minutes. low pressure ejecting but in its wake we still have pretty heavy rainfall around the north bay. a cell phone just packed through the beach, when it passes another storm will roll in. it is so foggy right now we have delays at the airport, temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. it is a much more mild day temperature wise due to the wind that will be increasing 15- 25 miles per hour. we are expecting 2 inches of rain between now and friday morning. a bit of a break on thursday and friday, new storms friday night. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ can't get any better than that. paul mccartney jumping up on stage during a new year eve's party in st. bart. they were the host of the amazing party. mccartney joined the band to sing the beatles "helter-skelter" then he went right back to the party. that was a moment. >> so how was it? >> i was there in the fourth row, i have to say. number one, nobody knew she was going to do it. i'm sure paul knew he was going to do it. it's great, anytime paul mccartney jumps up on stage, it
8:31 am
always adds to the party, wouldn't you agree? >> i agree. >> it was a nice new year's eve. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> way you guys hang, it's unbelievable. >> lifestyles. coming up in this half hour -- then you come back here. i still like coming back here. no matter where you go, norah. you feel this, too. >> she was down in florida. >> you had a great vacation. no matter where you go it's always nice to come home. >> she likes to party, too. >> yes, she does. taking care of your dna could help you live a healthier life. author elizabeth blackwell and elissa epel are in the toyota green room. plus, mascots are more than a laughing matter in japan. how the characters are roughly a billion yar industry. time for headlines. "the wall street journal" looks for so-called start roads that communicate with self-driving
8:32 am
cars. a handful of states have driven technology into highways. the roads can tell self-driving cars to slow down ahead, bad weather and to reduce accidents. transit officials say smart roads can save money because trips will be faster saving fuel. estimates are it will cost billions of dollars to wire the nation's roads. >> variety says actress billie lourd is acknowledges the outpouring she received. she wrote this, your love and support means the world to me. the two movie legends died last week a day a part. >> the "washington post" says gyms across the country are preparing for an influx of newbies. a new year brings new people to the gym resolving to get in shape. the largest percentage of gym memberships are purchased in january. some gyms have extra classes to accommodate the surge in attendance.
8:33 am
duke basketball coach mike sh krzyzewski is taking a leave of absence. coach k. will have back surgery to relieve a herniated disk. duke is 12-2 this season. he turns 70 next month. and all of us here wish him a speedy recovery. >> we certainly do. the new york post said the back and forth between my ria carrie and dick clark productions is escalating after her botched performance. >> happy new year. we can't hear but -- >> sources say that production staffers wondered why yeah carey couldn't just wing it if the earpiece wasn't working. there was no apology and they feel the performance sabotaged the ratings. >> i felt it was hard to watch because you could tell she was
8:34 am
trying to get her earpiece in. it's hard to wing it because she can't hear. she chronic disease and improve well-being all the way down to ourselves and all the way to our lives. nobel prize winning neurologist elizabeth black well and elissa epel. let's start with you, you got the nobel prize in 2009 for your work on telomeres. first, what are they?
8:35 am
>> well, they have little caps on the end and they protect it from fraying away. then you've got your body and all of your cells yourself genetic material, your dna. telomeres are like tips of shoe laces. and your cells care that your telomeres are long enough to protect it. >> it makes sense. the commands issued by your genetic code, your telomeres get the instructions from you. that's the point of this book. you can change your life, prolong your life by what message you send to your telomeres. >> what do we tell them and how do we do it? >> well, we tell them what your mother has told you. you know, eat well. sleep well. exercise. have a good frame of mind. and that's a really important part of it. it's in our control. that's what's so exciting.
8:36 am
>> how does this work? if you have that kind of emotional connection, it sends a signal to your brain and the brain sends a signal? >> basically, throughout your body. it goes coursing through your body. conversely, when things are going well, sentence the signals are sent. >> a lot of this is what we already know. i've had a lot of moments. eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. this is all stuff we already know. but you want to take it one step farther. tell us why. >> well, we didn't know why this is true. this gives us a lot of really fundamental research about why it's true. we didn't know why exercise and diet mattered. now we know. >> what specific choices can we make? >> so, it turns out when -- there are events that we all react differently. we know about stress. why could people have big stress reactions and they don't recover for a long time. it turns out that spirals of
8:37 am
thinking are actually making us more vulnerable tour big stress reactions. >> 65,000 thoughts a day? >> right. >> 65,000 thoughts a day we process. >> right. we look inside. we actually see that some of these spots are things like not wanting -- your mind is wandering. not being where you are. so you're not engaged. you're not connecting. we might be having catastrophic thoughts about things might happen. if we actually become aware of our thoughts, we can laugh at them and take away our power to stress at ourselves. pessimism, vulnerability to these spots. >> so the short are related to these styles. >> how does that come about? i'm doing everything you say, i'm sending good thoughts exercising, taking care of myself. is there anything else i can do? >> well, we can always look at things and say, let's look at
8:38 am
the world around us. but the world around us is incorrectly important on its influence on our telomeres. that was one of the shocking things in research. >> there are drugs you can take or anything like that? >> no, nothing. >> being worked on but -- >> well, what we talk about in the book are things you can do right away which you don't have to rely on anybody else to do. they cost nothing. they're very cheap. >> you can find how long your telomeres are. >> one of you chose and one of you chose not to. >> i chose to just because it was in the research study. it doesn't matter. i would do exactly the same thing long or short. >> elissa, you chose not to, why? >> i'd rather not know because i'm already trying to would the best i can do every day. every day we put wear and tear on our telomeres. something every day that is mind/body. it turns out different types of
8:39 am
medications, these appear to strength our telomeres. so, we're got to think about what are we doing for ourselves. it can be limits a day. it's not just about our own self and health behaviors. it's actually about our social environment. on the face, it's really a de. >> eric condyle did a series of shows saying one of the most exciting bookings to emerge in health. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> great to be here. >> that nobel prize is working for you. congratulations. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. ahead, adriana diaz checks out japan's character culture. >> if you think mascots are just for sports or kids, think again. they're an obsession here in
8:40 am
japan. it's not just because they're so cute. they also generate big business, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ that is a houston astros
8:44 am
mascot orbit dancing to beyonce's "single ladies." sports events they were on full display during yesterday's bowl game. they will do just about anything to rile up a crowd. even joke around with the players. but in japan, mascots have taken on a life of their own. by one estimate, character business generates nearly $16 billion a year. adriana diaz takes a look at the japanese mascot craze. ♪ >> reporter: they're kookey, cuddly and for some a little creepy. in japan, mascots aren't warmup acts, they're the main event. it's been dubbed the capital of cute. at the world character center outside of tokyo, you can see why. you can love mascots just like people, one woman told us.
8:45 am
everything about them is cute. cuteness or -- in japanese dominates pop culture. that's why from young to old, the japanese are smitten. but don't be fooled mascots are master salesman. danny choo, son of shoe maker jimmy choo makes a lot off the mascot. mascots are an essentially marketing tool here. >> whether it's a brand name or customers, folks who like a particular character, they will go and buy those goods. >> reporter: the government alone has thousands of them. tokyo police, the ball-shaped with waste management. and promotes a prison, of all things, not wanting to be left out, this is tom, the u.s.
8:46 am
embassy mascot. but for ever e-lister, some hit it big and cash in. the feisty pair earns millions a year through merchandising. it even has a single. and this has appeared in u.s. tv ads for 7-eleven and target. but when it comes to celebrity, kumamon is king. has over 500,000 twitter followers and generates billions through tourism and bear-related products. so how does one become a mascot? you guessed it, there's a school for that. the owner is a mascot veteran. it's common knowledge that when you want to draw crowds, use a mascot, she said. so lots of companies are creates their own to boost their
8:47 am
profile. she teaches exaggerated moves that will work under heavy suits. and the non-negotiable code, never break character and admit there's a human side. that's why we weren't allowed to see them suiting up. but we saw the before and after. 51-year-old shinzi gave up computer programming. i'm just a regular guy he says but in costume, i can be somebody else. if you can make the mascot move like it's alive then there's no deception, but that requires proper technique. hard work that generates billions. but the currency of smiles and hugs may have no match. for "cbs this morning," adriana diaz, hanu, japan. >> see how that works over
8:48 am
there. >> yeah. >> we have a mascot with that big eye over there. just look at you and hope you're looking right back. >> all right, i get it. we've got a great story coming up, a marine veteran is improving after transplant surgery. we first brought you his story last fall. ahead, his huge improvement shared in a new video. you're watching "cbs this morning." ,,
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♪ we have an update this morning 0 on a former marine sergeant whose groundbreaking surgery we first covered in
8:52 am
october. john peck lost all four limbs after searching in afghanistan. after a double arm transplant, peck is in his second month of rehabilitation and working to control his new limbs. now in a new facebook video peck shares an exciting step in his >> can you imagine, look at that. that is the first time he's been able to wiggle his new fingers. peck's recovery has faced some setbacks. he needed to be hospitalized again after a rejection episode. his latest video suggests he may one day realize his dream of becoming a celebrity chef. >> i believe, norah. >> i believe, too. >> i believe. >> determined. for john peck. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the cbs evening news with scott pelley.
8:53 am
we'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning." ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a kpix five morning update. good morning. the rain is here. this is what it looked like last night. we also have video from our richmond bridge camera overnight. it is expected to rain throughout the day and tomorrow. city leaders in santa clara could declare a legal battle with the 49ers. they want the team to can't over financial documents regarding levi stadium. they will decide if they want to son -- if they want to sue the 49ers to get the papers. crab fisherman or not starting to slow down on their strike. now for a check of weather here is murder.
8:56 am
>> we are tracking rain ever since sunday, first three dates of the brand-new year we have had rain. right now we have clouds and we do have delays at the airport of up to 2 hours. there you have the current system exiting to the north and to the east. another area of low pressure will provide heavier rain and gusty winds. today's high temperatures will be warmer than yesterday into the mid-50s but the wind will be picking up to 30 miles per hour. up to 2 inches of rain in many locations expected by friday morning. lingering showers wednesday and may be an early showers thursday. more rain friday night and through the weekend. the traffic report is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. happy tuesday. let's take a look at the bay area roads. before that let's head over to part, we have a ten minute delay on all train systems due to the wet weather. number 525 is the late 18 minutes out of oakland due to an equipment problem.
8:59 am
expect a 15 minute drive to downtown oakland.
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