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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the sierra. and this is the weaker of the two storms that will impact us over the next week. we will talk about who may see up to 20-inches of rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. and in the sierra. the first powder survey of 2017. >> reporter: under a flurry of snowfall. the department of water resources took the first measurement of the snow pack. it's 53% of historical average. don't let those low numbers get you down. >> that seems perhaps a little gloomy, keep in mind that we had pretty much bare ground here about a week ago. there was a few patches of
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snow. >> most of it snow fell over the last six hours. and the snow totals are going to continue to rise. could put california back in the black where water is concerned. >> and probably the most encouraging thing is, unlike many years where we stood up here in january it looks like we have a series of cold storms stretching it for the next week. that's going to really bolster the snow pack. >> reporter: by thursday morning, those storms could dump up to 5 feet of snow in the sierra. with three months of viable snowfall to follow, that's excellent news. not only for those measuring the snow, but for those who enjoy it as well. >> people are out there having a great time getting ready.
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>> reporter: but while they're having fun it could also be dangerous with avalanche warnings. the wind and rain is really picking up. >> reporter: we are getting a bit of that downpour and that strong wind that's coming through that you can see right now or actually just see through my hair if you can actually see that. the good news for the lexington reservoir. they're expected to get four to 7-inches of rain. as wet weather is encroaching into the south bathe concern now is low hanging trees and power lines like we saw in los gatos. one member was taking a proactive approach. taking down branches that could come down on his home or yard. in years past, the neighborhood
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electric pumps have failed. which they now say could work in their favor during this round of rain. but the storms may put a halt to projects like this sewer work for days. >> now something to note as paul mentioned earlier there's a flash flood watch that's been issued for the mountains that is expected to last through tomorrow. and taking a live look at the east bay, where the evening soaker is rolling right over berkeley. windchill wipers working over time. a little farther to the north. a winter storm pounding marin making creeks and water ways looking like white water rapids. creeks and waterfalls are flowing but there's a downside. taking a live look now at sfo. there's been 70 flight cancellations.
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on mount hamilton sheets of rain pelting the observatory. yesterday several inches of snow. drivers warn to be extra cautious coming down the slick roads. our storm coverage continues online. our website you can track the rain using our live interactive doppler radar. charles manson is out of prison and in a hospital. kpix5 veronica de la cruz has been following this story and join us with the very latest. >> reporter: the l.a. times has announced manson has been temporarily removed from the prison where he's serving nine consecutive life sentences. he's getting treatment about an hour away from the prison but he is seriously ill.
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he's now 82 years old. allen. >> all right veronica thank you. new details in the ongoing legal battle between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. a closed door meeting wrapped up just a short time ago in what appears to be a last ditch effort at diplomacy. devin has late breaking info for us. >> reporter: that closed door meeting is ongoing. it's been going on for two hours. the question before the stadium authority is will the increasingly nasty feud with the 49ers now turn into a legal battle or will last minute diplomacy avoid a lawsuit. they had been demanding that the 49ers turn over information but they are simply not going to turn over the actual paper work because it would then become a public document and make it harder for them to
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negotiation with performers and promoters in the future. it really boils down to a high stakes of diplomacy. >> i often think back to the day of july of 2014 and how we had the ribbon cutting and how everybody was happy that day. and how it was kind of like a wedding. and three years later you're in divorce court. i don't want to see us in divorce court, i want to see us work this through. >> reporter: they want to avoid a lawsuit. they have offered to meet face to face privately with the city council and mayor to avoid that lawsuit. it is unclear if they will take them up on that offer or if it's too little too late to avoid a show down. we will bring you the latest on this story coming up at 6:00.
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devin fehely. the golden state warriors announced they are set to break ground for the chase center this month. the arena will be the team's new home starting in the 2019- 2020 nba season. president-elect donald trump is back at work in new york planning his transition to the white house. he's also putting general motors on blast. today he tweeted general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruze to u.s., car dealers tax free across border. make in usa or pay big border tax. the tweet follows a president- elect campaign promise to keep manufacturing in america. in a statement, gm said it's cruze sedans sold in the u.s. are built at a plant in ohio except for a small number of hatch back versions which are built in mexico. today ford sited trump's progrowth promises for its decision to invest $700 million
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in michigan and not mexico. all of these factors have prompted us obviously to invest in flat roth expansion and to cancel building a new plant in mexico. >> battle with gm comes as the president-elect announced he will nominate robert lightheiser. camela harris takes the oath of office. today harris became both the nation's first indian american and california's first black senator. weija jang is in washington. >> reporter: the gavel fell but not before the republicans made
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an about face. an independent body that oversees lawmakers. that move followed a disappointing tweet from president-elect donald trump who urge them to focus on more important issues. some want to eliminate the office. >> the oce is unjust, and has been given unjust power. >> i do. >> reporter: wisconsin republican paul ryan received enough votes to keep his job as speaker of the house. the senate is already divided on how to approach a trump presidency with republicans urging corporation and democrats rejecting any rubber stamping. and criticized the president- elect's most frequent form of communication. >> with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency.
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>> reporter: republicans are focused on an immediate repeal of the affordable care act. >> if we can't do better than obama care, we might as well look for another line of work. >> reporter: president obama heads to capitol hill wednesday in an effort to save his signature achievement. >> reporter: and that meeting between president obama and lawmakers is set for tomorrow morning here in washington at 9:00. today president-elect trump also weighed in on the affordable care act calling it lousy health care and saying it's not affordable which of course is what he has been saying since he started his campaign. live on capitol hill. back to you. >> weijia jiang, thank you very much. how a toddler was freed by his twin brother after a dresser collapsed on top of him and what his parents say led to the problem. >> plus the bottle rock music festival line up is up. >> widespread rainfall
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throughout the bay area drops on our camera lens from the pyramid looking south over the financial district. this is the weaker of two storm systems. when the next one arrives and how much rain we'll get from that one. that's coming up next. ,, weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. congress puts the brakes on their plans to gut the offense. plus responding to pressure to keep jobs here. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley.
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golden gate bridge, after an emergency barrier repair today. a live look at kpix5. the heaviest rain coming down in the bay area is right over san leandro. that is on interstate 580 also 238. very soggy from san leandro south to hayward. we'll take a look at the radar, that's coming up. >> we'll check with you again. an emergency barrier repair today. yesterday the crews discovered a section of that movable barrier had been damaged by a passing car. as a result, the barrier got stuck in the middle of the
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span, couldn't be adjusted for the morning commute. the movable barrier was installed two years ago to separate the north and southbound traffic. we're following developing news, workers at san francisco's hall of justice were evacuated due to a raw sewage leak in the building. kpix5's joe vasquez is live with the very latest, joe. >> reporter: it's not weather related but, inside the hall of justice on the second floor of the san francisco da found himself, like a sudden rainstorm and this is what it looked like. check this out. this is video, raw sewage dripping right down through the ceiling. it got all over people's desk, all over the case file and even on some of the people who work here. the problem outdated pipes which have been separaticly leaking for aboutsix or seven years. >> unfortunately it's a new year with the same old problems. this is disgusting. unfortunately i yet again got
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sewage on me about 30 of our employees here at the district attorney's office have had to relocate their offices. no one should work in these kinds of conditions. unfortunately i'm going to have to call this interview short because i have to go wash up and i'm going to call it a day. >> yeah he's got to go clean up. i feel i have to do the same thing. it still smells up there. they have it some what cleaned up. it's going to take a lot longer to get over the attack of the sewer system yet again. joe vasquez kpix5. two toddlers in utah were climbing an ikea dresser when it suddenly the tipped over on them. >> the family released a video to warn parents about.
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>> reporter: this video captured two-year-old twin brothers bodey and brock. the ikea dresser was not secure. >> my heart sank. i didn't know what to do. i felt like the worse mom. >> reporter: brody and bodey's mother says that her children survived the incident and secureed the dresser to the wall. >> it is something you keep putting off and putting off and never gets done. >> reporter: this latest incident comes after the retailer recalled at least 29 million dressers and chests in june 2016. in a statement, ikea tells cbs news we want to emphasize the
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best way to keep the tip-over of chests of drawers is to anchor products to the wall. wall attachment is an integral part. driverless cars could soon lead to an organ shortage. as computers take over the roads, cars will become safer. 40% of organs come from car accident victims. dry for a few minutes in san francisco. there was one part of
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california that may get upwards of two feet of rainfall between now and next tuesday. find out where that is. coming up to be the, crab season comes to a screeching halt. a strike in the bay area forcing fishermen to make a tough decision. >> but first, the markets close up today . here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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definitely a soggy day for those commuters tonight. >> the drive home from work will be a soggy one. roads are going to be wet for a while. then we have the storm over the weekend to talk about. there's a big time rainfall numbers especially once you get up higher in elevation toward the sierra. wait until you see how much rain is currently predicted for just the three day period. right now we have a radar which is showing a lot of
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microclimates if you will in that it's not raining at all in daly city or most of san francisco. but it's powering in hayward and union city. oakland to berkeley you're getting a break but it's raining out in walnut creek. and we're seeing showers in marin county and sonoma county. the rain will remain active within the next several hours. the santa cruz mountains the burn zone from the fires this summer without vegetation you could get flash flooding rather rapidly. we may see that over the next couple of days. that's a view of santa cruz mountains with heavy rain. higher elevations, nearly 2- inches of rainfall. kentfield and ben lomond. three hour arrival delays at sfo airport, and freemont you've been in the rain shadow,
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yes it's been raining but not nearly as much. 49 for concord. 55 for freemont, san rafael 48. and rainy tonight in san francisco. windy as well. there's a wind advisory in effect until 1:00 in the morning. we could see some wind gusts to 40 to 50 miles per hour. why the change? cold and dry for like a week and a half. now we're soggy and warmer that's because our source of air is no longer coming down from canada it's coming down from the tropics. coming direct from hawaii. there's two big time storms headed our way. let me show you futurecast in three different versions. first what's going to happen over the next 24 hours. rainfall totals by the time this thing is finished tomorrow. any where from one to 2-inches of rainfall. that's from top to bottom in the bay area. everyone getting a good amount of rain through tomorrow evening. now let's fast forward to a storm that moves in saturday. will not leave until monday morning. we add up all the rain from now
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until the end of the weekend a will the of rainfall. the east bay three to 5-inches of rain. that's what we average for the whole month of january. you're going to get that by the weekend. santa cruz mountains up to 11- inches of rain by sunday. that's not the highest number. in the sierra, current computer forecasts are saying up to 20- inches of rainfall on top of the snow melt by this time next week. if that verifies there will be significant flooding issues in the sierra. thankfully that's not going to happen here. they will see tremendous amounts of rain other the next week. so rain this evening, tapers off to showers by tomorrow. but still wet at times. highs will be in the mid-50s. san rafael 52. redwood city 62 degrees. we catch a break. it's not going to rain on thursday, it's not going to rain on friday. it's going to pour this weekend both saturday and sunday rain likely with highs in the 60s. so yes it's warm as well. showers will likely continue monday and tuesday. widespread flooding around
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. francisco or l-a. california rivalry north south. this month he and his team expected to decide whether to put his new museum in san francisco or l. a. lucas plans to spend $1 billion in the museum. it includes film related items.
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san francisco offering lucas a spot in treasure island. l.a. offering lucas is site next to usc. the line up for bobble rock announced. some of the artists foo fighters and maroon5. >> when they told us the line up we all screamed out loud. >> it's not just the huge names it's the quality of the live acts. all of the bands that are playing are so great to see live. it's going to be amazing. >> i'm so soƔld. -- i'm sold. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. here now, it's official. we learned today bey --
5:29 pm
beyonce will be the first woman to headline coachella. other top performers include kendrick lamar and radio head. you can find the full bottle rock line up. along with the co, -- coachella line up. >> decreased chance of rainfall. maybe with this kind of rainfall over and over for the next couple of months we might be done talking about the drought. this is the radar very active. a lot of rainfall for you hayward and freemont. steady soaking rainfall there's south of milpitas. mainly light rain now for the north bay. winds from santa rosa south of petaluma. rain throughout the evening, showers not as heavy coming for
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tomorrow. >> perfect. >> that's it for us tonight. cbs evening news with scott pelley is up next. >> veronica and i are back at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the 115th congress opens for business with an abrupt about-face by house republicans. under pressure from the president-elect, they abandon plans to weaken an ethics panel. >> jesus had the right to face his accusers. >> glor: also tonight, preaching to the choir. >> i'm speaking out according to or conscience. >> glor: why a former member and other trump critics say skip the inauguration. frightening moments aboard a southwest airlines flight. as the clock struck midnight, thieves struck a jewelry store and made away with millions. htus researchers say it wasn't just the iceberg. new clues to what sank the "titanic." this is the "cbs evening news"


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