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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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wait. what to expect tomorrow morning. next on kpix5 news. ,,,,,,
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a flash flood watch for parts of the bay area right now. and get ready. even more rain is on the way. we have your complete storm coverage. >> but first, breaking news after six months without a chief of police. oakland has just hired this woman to head that city's troubled department. >> kpix5 broke the news first. and joe vasquez is outside opd right now with what we know about oakland's first female top cop. joe? >> reporter: all right liz, we started getting word out of chicago this evening and we were able to come firm with sources here in oakland that this city is about to get its new top cop. ann kirkpatrick from the chicago police department is the new police chief according to sources in the bay area.
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mayor libby schaaf plans to make the announcement tomorrow morning following a series of meetings. kirkpatrick was the head of development in the chicago police department june of last year, before that, 2012 to 2014. she was the chief deputy at the king county sheriff's department in seattle. before that, she was the chief in spokane. in her most recent post in chicago, she was selected to oversee reforms laid out bythe former mayor after a white officer shot a black teenager 16 times. in spokane, she led the department through reforms as well holding police officers accountable. two police officers ended up suing her because they believe she unjustly fired them. >> i am here to run a police department. not a frat house. >> reporter: last june, the mayor replaced her police chief
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following a series of scandaled involving one with a teenager who claimed to have sex with dozens of bay area officers. then the mayor replaced two interim chiefs. oakland had three chiefs in the course of nine days. >> to root out what is clearly a toxic macho culture. >> reporter: city administrator sabrina has been in charge of the department ever since. tomorrow morning, the mayor will announce anne kirkpatrick will be oakland's first female police chief. >> she hasn't made the announcement officially. right joe? >> reporter: right, no confirmation from the mayor's office. we understand some of the staffers here at city hall are a little upset because the news starts coming out of chicago this evening. they had to send a missive that this is the case. >> all right.
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thanks joe. as we mentioned kirkpatrick is coming to oakland from chicago with 2016 was the windy city's deadliest year in several decades. there was a surge in gun violence. 762 murders up 57% from the year before. the largest increase in 60 years. again, we are expecting to hear much more about the new chief tomorrow morning. we will have complete coverage on air and on our website, well, now to our wet weather. we are not done with it yet. more rain is on its way. we have you covered conight with live storm team coverage. >> we begin with kpix5's chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> a lot of rain still in the bay area. also, a lot of wind, we are see wind gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour in mount diablo. spring valley. and los gatos hills. in the north bay, you have seen the most rain. it is raining in vallejo, napa,
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santa rosa, petaluma, mill valley. dry in oakland and san francisco. but, you head further south, it is raining steadily in san jose. in the past ten hours it has been pouring in the santa cruz mountains and will likely continue to do so. wind advisory expires in two hours. we will still see wind gusts 40 to 45 miles an hour over the next few hours. in the santa cruz mountains you have been the bulls eye. already, just over the past 24 hours, more than four inches of rain in boulder creek. in marin county, two inches of rainfall in woodacre. this is the beginning of a wet wintery pattern there. the highest peak ins the syria, four to five feet of snow from this one storm by thursday morning with wind gusts there 70 to 80 miles an hour. this is the weaker of the two storms. we will talk storm number two coming up. it has been snowing like crazy in the sierra.
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in fact, the first snow survey of the season was today. surveyors trekked through knee deep snow and found the depth of about 34 inches. that is only 53% of normal, but a lot more snow is on the way. and emily turner reports with all the new snow comes an avalanche warning for the back country. >> reporter: while the snow is great for those who want to hit the slopes and enjoy it an also for california's drought, when there is this much snow in such a short amount of time, it comes with some safety concerns. 20 inches of powder overnight. this winter's storm has made the sierra a skier's paradise. >> it has been a really good holiday. >> it is so much fun. the snow is so deep and so light. it feels like you are floating. >> reporter: but unfortunately, all that light airy snow makes for dangerous conditions. an avalanche warning is in full effect until thursday morning. while skiers and boarders are out enjoying the slopes, the staff is keeping a close eye on
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their conditions. >> we have a ski patrol safety team going out every day to check the safety conditions of the mountain. every trail we open, we make sure it is suitable for guests and employees. >> reporter: this storm is expected to dump five feet of snow through thursday morning and almost two feet fell overnight making hazardous conditions on the road as well. so while the powder may be the prize, the authorities want you to be careful getting there to enjoy it. >> any closures are closed for a reason. we ask people not to go past closure signs. so definitely one of those things where you need to respect the trail safety crew. and, stay where the trails are open. >> reporter: for those of you looking to get up here to the sierra, you have to have chains or four-wheel drives and snow tires. and just to give you an idea, the very early hours of today, it took us almost four hours to get to sierra at tahoe from san francisco. in sierra in tahoe, emily turner, kpix5. meanwhile, the santa cruz
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mountains are seeing heavy rainfall. >> there is a flash flood watch through the night and tomorrow morning. kpix5's kiet do joins us live at the summit. 60 miles an hour gusts and the rain, you are getting hammered. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. this is just unreal. it has been coming down like this since the earliest afternoon. we are talking nine or ten straight hours of pounding rain coming down like cats and dogs. as a result, santa cruz county is now under an urban and small stream flood advisory. that expires just before midnight tonight. we just got off the home with the sheriff deputy dispatchers. they are not working any flooding incidents right now. at least not yet. surprisingly. pineapple express storm number one for the week arrived in time for the south bay evening commute making it more miserable than it already is. about a half inch of rain and numerous accidents combined with the first day back for many tech workers meant some commute routes took us twice as long. as we head into the santa cruz mountains, signs that the ground is getting saturated are
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everywhere. small rock and mud slides around blind corners forced slide cars to swerve out of the way. several hours of heavy rainfall were too much for this section of blue ridge drive near boulder creek. crews installed bags of sand and concrete to limit further damage. jennifer bloom has lived up here 35 years. >> so we are used to it. we all have backup fire. we get by. gas. so we are good. >> reporter: here in downtown boulder creek, they got some of the heaviest rain today in the bay area. by nightfall, the town had gotten about four inches. >> you have to love the rain. >> i have lived here a long time. 30 years. >> this rain is no joke. >> i know. i have been around when we had close to 80 inches. >> reporter: on our way back out of the boulder creek area, the hillside started giving way after a full day of rain. there were at least a half don
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mini slides on this seven mile stretch of bear creek road. no major incidents today, but if the rains keep up. get ready. this storm is just a taste of what is to come. coming up later in the forecast, paul will tell us about more pineapple express storms coming this weekend. that could drop more than half a foot of rain here in the santa cruz mountains. some time between friday and sunday. we are live in the santa cruz mountains. kiet do, kpix5. >> that is really something. two weeks from tonight, the warriors plan to start construction on their home court in san francisco. the chase center has been in the works for years. it was delayed by numerous regulatory hurdles and lawsuits that january 17 ground breaking includes 18,000 seat arena plus officers, all purchased next to the waterfront. the warriors are paying for it all. good news for the city, but pretty hefty ticket prices for fans. it has been one month since 36 people were killed in the
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warehouse fire in oakland. so, what has changed? well, one thing, is a new focus on making sure bay area artists are safe wherever they live. kpix5's christin ayers shows us. >> reporter: rain fell at the ghost ship warehouse tonight on a memorial of flowers, candles, and art work that has grown in the month since the place burned. a sign for oakland to make more safe housing for artists. there were a few visitors. >> i don't mourn, i organize. i organized this event. >> reporter: artist spike khan runs an art studio space. one of the only ones she says is up to code. tonight, she brought together artist and firefighters. >> we need to get as many resources out to artists doing work on their kitchen table and working where they are living and in the warehouses. >> reporter: the event is not
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just an opportunity to engage with the arts community, but to give them resources. tonight, they are handing out free fire alarms and exit signs for people who live in art spaces. patricia ferrell walked away with a lot of resources. smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> all of these things are needed. all buildings should have fire extinguishers now. >> reporter: fire flightiers and building inspectors demonstrated how to use them. khan may continue this campaign to educate artists about fire safety. she says it is her way of paying tribute to the victims. christin ayers, kpix5. coming up, an amazing rescue caught on camera. on a california freeway. >> mass murder charles manson is out of prison tonight. we will explain. >> plus talk that ivanka trump and the obamas are about to be neighbors. >> and why an iceberg may not have been the only reason the titanic sank. ,,,,,,,,
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is struck from behind.. then bursts int >> incredible video tonight out of southern california. an suv on the side of the road is struck from behind and burst into flames trapping a man inside. a fast thinking camera man jumped into action and smashed a window to reach him. another videographer captured the unconscious driver being pulled to safety away from the burning car. the driver was taken to a los angeles hospital in critical condition. but is expected to be okay. the 115th congress opens for business with an abrupt about face. republicans are once again in control of both houses and veronica de la cruz reports a california woman is making history. >> ordainer the senate. >> reporter: it was the
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procedure of pomp. kamala harris was sworn in as the first indian american senator and california's first black senator. in tandem with the incoming pence administration. gop leaders have an ambitious agenda. democrats are charting ways to stall the plans. >> we would be derelict in our responsibility to the american people if we just let ... let's do all of this in a week and not ask any tough questions. >> if there is an attempt to destroy medicare, social security, or the affordable care act, democrats will stand our ground. [ cheers and applause ] if there is an assault on clean air and clean water, on civil rights, women's rights, or lgbt rights, if dreamers and their
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immigrant families face a nightmare of deportation, democrats will stand our ground. >> trump and republicans are on the same page when it comes to their top priority. >> the obama care repeal resolution will be the first item up in the new year. >> now, the first controversy of the new congress came even before members were sworn in. house republicans voted to gut the office of congressional ethics only to reverse themselves 19 hours later. democrats who slammed the move, president-elect donald trump scolded republicans on social media with this tweet. "do they really have to make the weakens of the ethics watchdog their number one act and priority? focus on tax reforms and healthcare. and that prompted an emergency meeting and an about face. allen? the first family is moving out of the white house soon and they may already know who their neighbors are. washington fine properties confirms that ivanka trump and
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her husband will move into dc's toemy colorama neighborhood. it is only months away from the obamas' new home. it is unclear if it is a rental or a permanent residence. a rescue of the power of brotherly love. after trying to climb a dresser in their bedroom, twin toddlers in utah pull it over trapping one of the boys. it is horrifying at first, but what happens next is incredible. one of the two-year-olds manages to push the fallen dresser off of the other, freeing him. the parents say they immediately secured it to the wall. they say they posted this video to hopefully provide a valuable lesson to others. ikea says "we want to emphasize the best way to prevent the tip over of chest of drawer is to anchor products to the wall. ikea has included restraints with our chest of draws for decades and wall attachments are an integral part of the
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assembly instructions." the dress nor question was not part of a recall. but the manual states the product must be secured to the wall using the provided anchors. the country's most infamous cult lead leader is out of prison and in the hospital. charles manson was reportedly taken to a bakersfield hospital earlier today. the los angeles times is reporting that the 82-year-old is seriously ill. manson serving nine life sentencing for the 1969 manson family murders in los angeles. he has been denied parole 12 times. we all know the titanic sank after hitting an iceberg right? well, that may not be the whole story. a new theory comes from recently discovered photos. you can see a dark patch on the left side of the ship's frame. some say it shows a coal fire that had been smoldering for days as the titanic set sale.
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research suggests an intense fire in one of the coal bunkers was three stories high and reached temperatures of around 1,000 degrees which heated the steel and made it brittle. all right paul, solve the weather mystery for us tonight. we will have a lot of questions the next couple of days. atmospheric river, pineapple express. when you have that, it is the mountain locations that are hammered the most. we are seeing that right now. you saw in kiet do's live shot a couple of minutes ago, very heavy rainfall south of the city of los gatos. this is a four hour time lapse of what has been going on in the santa cruz mountains with four to seven inches of rain likely on the ground there by tomorrow morning and a stronger storm coming up over the next couple of day. so here we go with the rain. we are looking at heavy rainfall continuing in the santa cruz mountains for the foreseeable future. a little further to the north, where you are not in the mountains, it is far less
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rainfall. not even raining in san francisco or castro valley. this continues in the north bay for sonoma county. san rafael, stretching to vallejo and martinez. so we are wet outside. and wetter than we have been at any other point in the day. mid to up ears outside. that is a tropical air mass. the temperature going up as we approach midnight. we will drop to around 50 degrees by tomorrow morning. mountain view 62. we are talking about a tropical air mass. certainly a change from the past several days when our source of air was coming down from canada. that is gone. two storms are headed our way. one is here now. the next one, the wetter one, the stronger one, will get here by saturday morning. let's talk about tonight. heavy rainfall in the santa cruz mountains. light to moderate rain elsewhere. it will be very soggy in the morning commute tomorrow. rain tapers to showers after sunrise. just the light shade of green on futurecast. but still showers throughout the day. we will be dry on thursday and
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friday before that next round of rain moving through. let's add the two together. rain from this storm and rain from the weekend storm. three to five inches of lain for the ohs bay. that's a lot. up to eight inches for the north bay. but, the santa cruz mountains, up to 11 inches of rain. but that is not the wettest spot in the sierra. some computer models say there could be 20 inches of rain by this time next week. if that happens, it is not a guarantee, but if it does happen, that would be significant flooding. mid 50s for highs tomorrow. rain tapers to showers. less rain tomorrow compared to today. vallejo 54 degrees. dry thursday and friday. we are getting soggy. rain heavy at times. over the sierra, that is just too much rain, too quickly. we know we are in a drought. we need some rain. that is a lot of rain in a couple of days. >> right. >> we need to spread it out. >> we do. >> okay. >> thanks paul. vern is in for dennis.
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>> if you are following a local team, you are like yeah. but what will this cost us? hey, football coming up. are you ready? and there is is a new cook in the kitchen. going into saturday's playoff game against the texans. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what you gone do? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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playoff football team going.... ....the raiders... but coach de >> all right, nfl up top. one bay area of football going. the raiders. seems like everybody but coach jack del rio are going for connor cooke. he sized it up this way. >> obviously, you know, the weight of oh my gosh, this is your first start. it will be the playoff game. that is a big one to bite off. >> the media did not get a chance to watch number 8 practice. the team moves practice to an indoor facility because of the weather. the texans game is indoors in case you were wondering. nothing would help cook more than a running game. last sunday in denver, they did not run well. held to 57 yards. murray held to 33 yards. he cannot be a forgotten man:
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kickoff, 1:35 our time. >> we didn't run it the way we needed to run it. we didn't run it enough. five carries. how does that happen? >> i never complained. how many carries before. i'm not going to do it now. benign to find ways to win. especially now more than ever. we are in the playoffs. >> the texans have issues of their own. they are going back to brock osweiler. he was benched in week 15. we will keep it going. but not before i tell you the as resigned a familiar face. and, the sharks started fast. but was it enough against this nemesis from los angeles? but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bullseye on your back... >> nhl time. the sharks still the one in their division. but when you are the hunted there's a bulls eye on your back. sharks, logan couture in for a big night. they hosted the la kings.
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logan couture struck. opened the scoring. his 12th goal. but san jose couldn't hold the lead. the kings tied it. forced overtime. jeff carter said goodnight now. game winning goal, sharks lost 2-1. sharks couldn't beat him in la and they could not close in san jose. say hello to rage davis, a fans. they resigned him to a one year $6 million deal. davis played three seasons with the as in a previous tour of duty. 2008 to 2010. believe it or not, pitchers and catchers report for spring training in mid february! >> really? >> already? >> seems like it just ended! >> their break was two weeks ago. >> but if you are in the sports department, you are a kid in a candy store. you love the overlaps. >> all right. thank you. >> be right back.
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>> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there's a new bed out there that claims... it >> listen up. if you are headed to sleep. snore no more. a new bed out there claims it has a cure. sleep number says its new 360 smart bed, that is paul making the snoring. who may need the bed. it can sense when a person is snoring. >> maybe by hearing them. [ laughter ] >> and if they are, the adjustable bed is designed to raise just the snorer's head to reduce the sound. the bed is being unveiled at the consumer electronic show in vegas. >> i don't know why you were
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look at all of us. [ laughter ] >> sign them up. >> girls snore too. >> not true! impossible. [ laughter ] >> oh please. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, everyone. stephen colbert here. before we kick off the show in the neyeari just wanted to come out here and say a few things from the heart. 2016 was rough, but i'm staying positive about 2017. the year is starting off great, for everyone but mariah carey. you may not have seen, but mariah was performing in times square for new year's and had a new technical problems. nobody knows exactly what happened. i blame russian hackers. here's the thing, i am on team mariah here. this was not her fault. mariah, you're welcome to come on my show any time. i'm sorry, there's nothing in my prompter here. jim, can you fix


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