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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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for the former spokane police chief, who is now also oakland's first female chief. >> i'm grateful for being a woman. but i will be your leader, as well. >> reporter: she is a reformer. as libby schaaf made clear seven months ago when scandal rocked the department. >> i'm here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> reporter: but officer misconduct is just one of many challenges facing the new chief. >> crime. absolutely crime. and versus everyone else, we're still west of the mississippi number one. >> reporter: there are the allegations of racial profiling. >> the kind of experience that you need in oakland that remains to be seen. >> reporter: and as former oakland chief and kpix 5 law enforcement analyst howard jordan tells us, there's also the challenges that spring up in an instant like protests that often end with vandalism around allegations that either the police did too little or
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overreacted. ultimately, in oakland, which is the biggest challenge? the politics or the policing? >> politics. by far. >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity. [ applause ] >> okay? >> and it's all about going forward. >> reporter: part of that moving forward is probably going to include getting more cops on the streets. oakland, you might recall, had budget cuts a few years back and considerably slashed the department. they are making rebounds but they still got a ways to go. allen? >> all right. phil, besides all the stuff you pointed out legitimate concerns, the additional challenges the department is going to be facing this coming year, what are those? >> reporter: well, we have to reiterate, crime. it's still -- although it has gone down recently it's still one of the highest crime rates in the nation and also here's something else's to think about. in the coming year this chief is going to be facing something she may have never seen before and that's giant demonstrations because donald trump is
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president of the united states. we know that a trump administration is going to trigger protests that oakland is famous for. coming up at 6:00 we do a one- on-one with oakland mayor libby schaaf and talk about what went into likely the make it or break it appointment of her administration. we update on the ghost fire and talk to her about a surprise call she got from president obama. coming up at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. nobody said it's going to be an easy job. thank you, phil. if you would like to see the entire press conference from this afternoon, head to our website, drivers in the santa cr mountains had to dodge falling trees today. saturated soil caused mudslides in the area. it was so bad in some spots, crews had to shut down roads. this giant puddle at silva's crossing in gilroy turned into a pond after hours of relentless rain. and no surprise, officials are warning drivers to stay away until the water recedes. strong winds caused at least four boats to run aground near sausalito. we are told the plan is to move
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the boats once high tide hits again. let's get right over to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> there is a bigger wetter storm heading in this weekend. storm number 2. but storm number 1 says, i'm not done yet! take a look at the radar. there's still rain on it and heavy rain for the central valley. pockets of steady to heavy rain right now in redwood city, across the bay to fremont and union city. up highway 680 toward livermore and the tri-valley. light to moderate rainfall for concord, martinez, vallejo and fairfield, also light to moderate rainfall for santa rosa, petaluma, and look at the snow in the sierra as a winter storm warning continues until sunrise tomorrow. rainfall over the past 24 hours, about two-thirds inch in san francisco, one inch in castro valley, double that for orinda, san rafael 2.5" of rain but it's the santa cruz mountains half a foot of rain and that's the first storm. let's talk about storm number 2. heavy rain for the entire bay area likely to move in
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starting saturday morning. couple days away. a january's worth of rainfall will likely hit us by sunday night in just two days with mudslides and flooding likely in both the sierra and the santa cruz mountains. speaking of the santa cruz mountains, devin fehely is reporting there live tonight as folks are finishing up dealing with this storm but already beginning to prepare for the next storm. devin. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. now, the rain today is significantly lighter than it was just yesterday and crews are trying to take advantage of that to get as much work done as possible before a worse storm heads our way. >> a big storm coming in, it's going to be something else this weekend. >> reporter: across the santa cruz mountains, work crews today were battling the clock as much as mother nature racing to repair the damage of one storm while bracing for more rain this weekend. >> we'll see damage on the roads and closures, downed trees and mudslides and then hopefully no slipouts on our roads. >> reporter: drenching rain overnight caused widespread puddles in the santa cruz
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mountains toppling trees and causing rain soaked hillsides to comcast keading down. >> there's -- come cascading down. >> there's a lot of soft edges along these roads and you do see mudslides. it's prevalent and normally the rain here is pretty heavy. >> reporter: the county's public works department has been working nonstop to re-open roads like san jose road which is a major backup to highway 17. in other areas crews could only patch the road to prevent further damage knowing that there is simply more work to be done and there's time to do it. >> we need a solid week of drying time. we need sunshine. with this storm, we only have a couple of days to real -- it really doesn't dry. >> reporter: there was a lot of concern about this upcoming storm at the public works department. they say they are concerned about flooding and mudslides if it is as bad as promised and they are trying to do some work ahead of that storm clearing storm drains and culverts but that may not be enough. in the santa cruz mountains,
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devin fehely, kpix 5. traveling anywhere in the sierra is treacherous right now. interstate 80 over donner pass is open. but it will be slow going and chains are required. big rigs are being asked to use a different route. kpix 5's emily turner shows us the snowy conditions at the south lake tahoe and the huge concerns over safety. >> reporter: it was snowing when we went to bed last night. it was snowing this morning when we woke up and pretty much snowing all day here at lake level in south lake tahoe. it's a wet rain, which is not good for skiing conditions. in fact, it's terrible! that's why the avalanche warning has been upgraded to a high level. what that means, basically, is a lot of mountains have closures. we know that alpine valley is closed. mount rose is closed because they did have an avalanche on the road to get to the resort. only portions are open at squaw and several other resorts here in the tahoe area. this storm is not expected to stop soon. in fact through the end of the
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day into tomorrow morning. that also makes conditions on the roads dicey. there have been closures all over all day including portions of 89 and the road to mount rose. so for those looking to come up here, you need to be very careful. south lake tahoe, emily turner, kpix 5. the affordable care act is the center of the new fight in the new congress. president obama made an appearance on capitol hill hoping to save the law. let's get right to weijia jang live from capitol hill tonight. weijia. >> reporter: allen, just to give you an idea of how rare president obama's visit was this morning, it was only his 15th trip to capitol hill over the past eight years. probably the most substantial of all the meetings with lawmakers with his legacy on the line. president obama said little as he left a meeting with congressional democrats wednesday morning trying to save his legislation the affordable care act.
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>> look out for the american people. >> reporter: the president advised lawmakers to share success stories and to keep up the fight against republicans determined to repeal and replace obamacare. the new senate minority leaders says consequences could be grim. >> we're here to today to warn the american people that the republican plan to cut medicare, medicaid, repeal the aca, will make america sick again. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence led his own strategy session with republicans on capitol hill. >> obamacare is flawed. all the promises of obamacare have been shown to be false and broken promises. >> reporter: senators quickly passed a measure to put the repeal of obamacare on the fast track. coming up with replacement legislation will take time. republicans say the 20 million americans already enrolled will have help during the process. >> we have plenty of ideas to
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replace it and you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we're talking about replacing it. >> reporter: as cbs news poll shows just 10% approve of obamacare and only 8% of democrats say it should be unchanged. the gop has the votes and the support of president-elect donald trump for a complete overhaul. when the repeal goes through, there's talk about postponing when it goes into effect by at least 18 months to give republicans enough time to come up with a viable alternative. live on capitol hill, back to you. >> thank you. former attorney general eric holder will battle the trump administration at the state capital. holder has been hired by the california legislature. he will represent state democrats who are planning for legal battles against the president-elect's administration. holder is expected to try to block any possible changes to issues such as climate change, healthcare and immigration.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, we are live in sacramento with more on how republican lawmakers are reacting to the move to hire the former obama administration attorney general. with just a few weeks left in office, the president is trying to speed up california's delta tunnels project. today his administration issued an order for officials to wrap up an environmental review of that project before the end of the month. now, that plan would divert part of the sacramento river's water supply towards tracy through a pair of underground tunnels. the pumping stations in tracy deliver water to southern california and the san joaquin valley. irrigation officials who oppose the plan say less water would be pumped to areas some of the delta and would increase the cost of water. new at 5:00 new fire safety requirements are set to take effect later on this month for landlords in san francisco. building owners will be required to install better louder fire alarm systems and provide tenants with up-to-date
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information on fire safety and smoke alarms. it's in response to two deadly fires in the mission district in 2015. they go into effect on january 31. investigations into those fires found problems including no smoke detectors. the bay area headlines, 11 san francisco firefighters on the way to nicaragua for a training mission. the volunteer group called sfbomberos will spend a week training nicaraguan firefighters. funded by donations. in an hour pacifica city council will discuss the fate of the apartment building that's teetering on the edge of the crumbling cliffside looking at demolition costs for the complex. it was red-tagged on the esplanade last year. they say it was not safe for residents. a key vote is expected tomorrow on a plan to bring express bus lanes on geary boulevard in san francisco. the project would also include
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street, sewage and lighting repairs between market and 34th. if approved, the first phase of the $300 million project would start this year. federal investigators in new york still don't know what caused a commuter train to slam into a station in brooklyn this morning. more than 100 people were hurt during the busy morning commute the most serious injury a broken leg. investigators say the long island train went through a barrier in the station and finally stopped in a small room at the end of the track. it could take weeks to figure out exactly what happened. ♪[ music ] a south bay farm with a humane message. >> coming up, a meet and greet with the animals before you decide to eat. >> plus, the golden arches now in vatican city but some aren't happy with its value meal. >> and wearable technology. the preview of tomorrow's opening of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. ,,,,
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and whether or not the animals were rai do you ever wonder where your food comes from and whether or not the animals are raised humanely? kpix 5's john ramos reports on a farmer who allows to you meet your meat. >> reporter: along highway 1 eight miles south of half moon bay is a place called sweet farm that's short on crops and long on commitment. >> there's something we had in the back of our mind. >> reporter: they bought the place about a year ago. he is a nuclear engineer. she works for facebook. they are both devoted vegans so it may seem strange to see the livestock but these animals are not for eating. they are for meeting.
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>> educating people someone who eats meat and doesn't know where it comes from. >> reporter: people say they may be less likely to want to eat them if they meet them. for example, there's gizmo. a miniature hereford who has taken a shine to a stallion. the two often chase each other around like a couple of puppies. the sheep trying to eat my tripod is ragnar and then there are the chickens. 47 of them get to live in a pasture with rolling cooperation and a play area. the idea is to show what life can be like for animals when they are not treated like animals. >> the main message is there's no reason that people really need to be let's say jerks to animals. i mean, even if you are consuming them. >> reporter: none of these will be consumed. they are all rescue animals at this no kill sanctuary. but the couple wants to teach classes here and they hope by
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presenting animals in a different light, they can change some minds about putting them on a dinner plate. >> it is a tall order. and without doing anything, we'll never get anywhere. so we have to start somewhere. [ rooster crows ] >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. >> the farm wants to begin hosting open houses sometime in april. for more information, visit our website, a new mcdonald's location near the vatican is sparking some supersized controversy. the mcdonald's opened friday just outside the vatican walls. some catholic officials call it a disgrace. at least one lawsuit has been filed to try to shut it down. but the vatican owns the building where the golden arches are located. vatican officials are said to be receiving more than $31,000 a month in rent from mcdonald's. a former contestant on the cbs show "survivor" has died unexpectedly. dan kay died new year's eve. he was 40.
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few details being released about the death but police have ruled out foul play. kay appeared or "survivor" gabon in 2008. he had been working as an attorney in new hampshire. he is survived by his two children and his girlfriend. officials have not released his cause of death. new at 5:00 some hot cars are rolling into san jose for this year's silicon valley auto show. today organizers were busy packing cars into the san jose convention center. the event will feature a range of different cars including alternative fuel, luxury and classic models. drivers will also get the chance to test drive the latest cars. >> fuel efficiency is going to be a big deal at the auto show this year. we have hydrogen fuel cell
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vehicles, solar-powered vehicles, hybrids, plug-in electric hybrids, um, you name it here on the show floor. >> the show starts tomorrow and runs through sunday. admission runs between 8 and $11. tomorrow new electronic devices are going to be unveiled at the annual ces show in las vegas. wearable technology is the craze. >> reporter: last year the craze over fitbit and similar devices had americans counting steps by the millions. this year, you can count your heart rate and every breath you take. >> so it's not all about steps anymore. >> it's so far beyond that. >> reporter: robin the president digital times says fitness trackers are built into everything from clothing to earbuds. these jabra headphones count your vitals and reps. this sensor on a tennis racquet can track your swing. >> it's counting how many times but what velocity, top spin. >> reporter: results can be seen on a smartphone app. for swimmers a new waterproof wearable from speedo counts your laps and tracks your speed. >> it fits on your ear not in. >> reporter: then there are earphones that don't go in your
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ear. >> with bone conduction technology mini vibrations travel through your cheek bones to the inner ear. >> reporter: similar technology is also built into this smart bike helmet. >> your ears are open to your environment for a safer ride. >> reporter: and these socks talk to you telling you to adjust your pace. one of several trackers that double as a personal coach. >> so you're getting a lot of feedback not just on how far you've run but what was your pace? what was your gait? >> reporter: so whatever exercise you choose, you can track just about every move you make. courtney keely for cbs news, new york. among all those tech toys a smart hairbrush is made by l'oreal. it includes a microphone and sensors that can tell you when your hair is wet or dry. it can also warn users if they are brushing too aggressively and damaging their hair. the smart hairbrush costs $200. i'm going to save you $200. this weekend, i will guarantee
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that if you are outside, your hair is going to be wet. significant rainfall coming to the bay area. we'll talk about how much, when it's finally going to move out next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a new spin on the breathalyzer uses your skin to tell you if you have had too much to drink. we put a bay area startup's wearable monitor to the test. >> but first, the markets closed up again.
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storm number 2 is likely to be big. it will arrive this weekend. storm number 1 wants to hang out a little bit longer than we first thought. it's still raining out there light to moderate rain in the tri-valley, union city light rain also steadier showers toward martinez and benicia. this is san francisco in the center of your television screen and a lot of rain is moving through on and off over the past couple of hours. same story in sonoma county,
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marin county, south of hayward and san mateo. and the snow continues in the sierra where some ski resorts although it's tough getting there or impossible to get there, they have received four feet of snow over the past two days. and it is still snowing. concord right now 49 degrees with light rain. livermore 48. san jose 51. santa rosa 46. we'll be in the 40s and 50s overnight tonight. fremont your low 46. 41 for san rafael. as we clear out late we maze some upper 30s in the north bay including napa at 39 and santa rosa 48 degrees. so much talk about the storm coming up rightfully so. not going to be here tomorrow. if anything we are going to calm down for about 48 hours and futurecast says some sunshine but chilly. we'll spend most of the afternoon in the upper 40s to low 50s in san francisco. now the setup for the weekend. let's take a little time to talk about this. we have a low pressure area spinning out in the pacific ocean. that's directing the jet stream directly toward northern california. we are calling this an atmospheric river or pineapple express. we'll get some rainfall to enter the equation.
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it is way to the west of hawaii about 1,000 northwest. this rain will get pulled into the jet stream wrapped around this low pressure area and that's why it's going to be pouring saturday and sunday. for the your bar core of the bay area, 2 to 5 inches of rain. that's a january's worth of rain this weekend. santa cruz mountains, 5 to 11 inches of rainfall. in the sierra, up to a foot and a half of rain just this weekend. significant flooding problems in the mountains this weekend. specifically, you know, of the east bay 3 to 6 inches of rain this weekend. saturday and sunday. south bay 2 to 4 inches. the north bay especially the mountains perhaps half a foot of rainfall and the city of san francisco and san mateo county, three to six inches of rainfall. we clear out tonight. tomorrow, the storm is not here. friday, the storm is not here. if anything we're going to get sunshine the next couple of days. it is saturday morning when the steady rain begins, not going to let up until monday morning. highs tomorrow, low 50s.
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we are dry. fremont 52. san rafael 51. san francisco 51. very wet saturday. very wet on sunday. we get a break on monday and more rain, believe it or not, will move in next tuesday and next wednesday, a significant storm arrives just in time for the weekend. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a guy was walking in downtown minneapolis when he spotted these: mpletely frozen talk about freezing your pants off. a guy walking down the street in minneapolis, he spotted these pair of frozen jeans stuck to the ground. the photo went viral. captions by: caption colorado reme
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> >> elliott: pulling the plug. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> if you are repealing, show us what you'll replace it with first. >> elliott: also tonight, the cyber attack on the d.n.c. the president-elect quotes wikileaks on how easy it was. >> podesta gave out that his password was the word "password." >> elliott: the big gulp. shock over a super-sized tax on soft drinks. >> ridiculous. >> i'll give you a second one absolutely free. >> elliott: a wake-up call to nsnsumers about those mypillow ads. and, mickey d in the holy see? some cry blasphemy.


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