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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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effects of the trump administration. today these men announce thed that they have signed a contract withholder and his law firm. the mission to protect california from trump. california democrats have a message for donald trump. >> we're not subservient to the federal government. >> reporter: he is the head of of the state senate. he says he has an obligation to protect the citizens of california from a trump administration! >> the cabinet selection in washington, dc, to me, pose a very clear and present danger to the economic prosperity and to the values of the great state of california. >> reporter: to help the legislature deal with the changes in washington, deleon and his counterpart in the assembly announced a new weapon in their arsenal today former attorney general eric holder and his law firm. >> unique ties washington, dc and to that community. >> reporter: according to the contract with the firm it will develop legal strategies regarding the potential actions
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of the federal government. issues specifically mentioned in the contract are immigration, healthcare and the environment. so he says he doesn't really know what issues will have to be addressed because he can't predict what president trump will do. >> what's the rush, what's thish oo you, what's the problem? >> reporter: according to the leader of the republicans in the senate we shouldn't pay for lawyers before trump is sworn in. california already has more than 1,000 attorneys in the state attorneys generals office costing more than $800 million a year. she says it's their job to defend the state. >> and if you are going to go beyond that, then there better be some big crisis that you can tell exactly what it is and the people know what they are paying for. >> reporter: deleon says holder and his team will work with the state attorney general's office. the more lawyers, the better. >> the more legal power, the bigger the team, the better the california. we are a state of 40 million people so we need, you know, all the best legal minds possible. >> reporter: the contract is
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for a minimum of $75,000 over 3 months. why so short? well, we're hearing that if the trump administration comes in and things are quiet and everyone is getting along that at the end of the three months the contract is termnated. live in sacramento, melissa caen, kpix 5. deleon has reached out to the president-elect and asked for a meeting between the incoming president and california leaders. he says mr. trump so far has not responded. a history making hire in oakland. today the mayor introduced the city's first female police chief to lead the embattled police department. anne kirkpatrick will take over the police department that struggled with a sex scandal and has had a revolving door of chiefs in the last year. she comes from the chicago police department and has a track record of bringing reform. before that she was in seattle and as the police chief in spokane, washington. oakland's mayor says she is
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confident chief kirkpatrick can turn things around here. >> we wanted a leader with integrity able to change culture someone who would deliver on fair and just policing, prevent violence and increase accountability. >> i don't consider it a mess. it's an opportunity. it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to great. that's a different mindset being the number one. >> she has had her eye on oakland for a while. she admits she is an outsider born and raised in the south. but is confident she will earn the trust of the department and the community. >> i'm committed to you. so let's see. but i plan to make it such that you don't want me leaving. although i don't hear the accent i know y'all do. i think y'all are the ones with
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the accent. >> until today the oklahoma police department had no chief for seven months. new at 6:00, our phil matier spoke with mayor libby schaaf about her new hire and what's been a rough couple of months since the deadly warehouse fire. >> reporter: that's right. deadly warehouse fire plus the problems at the police department that we saw three chiefs in nine days. this is a make it or break it decision with libby schaaf. >> permanent chief of the oakland police chief. hiring a police chief in oakland is the most important hire that i will make as mayor. i want this to be the last chief that i recruit from the outside. i wanted a seasoned leader to come in and develop the talent from within this department. >> at least two things in that statement. one at this point you didn't see that talent within the department. and the second one is that this
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is the -- could be a make it or break it move for you in your administration. >> i see tremendous talent within the oakland police department. but not talent that's ready at this moment in time to lead this department right now. >> age of trump is going to make oakland the center of probably some of the biggest demonstrations on the west coast. are you ready for that? >> i appreciate that this chief knows she is coming into a city that is an activist community. that has progressive values. i expect us to continue to maintain free speech while absolutely not tolerating vandalism or violence. >> how would you characterize the last six months of you being mayor? >> the last six months of me being mayor have no doubt, um, been full of some pretty big crises. but it is an incredibly resilient city. >> the ghost ship. at the time you said you weren't looking for any
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scapegoats and you weren't going on any witch hunts. can you update us? >> it would be a tragedy if we don't learn from this horrible fire and improve our system. but we have to do better. >> what about accountability? >> we will hold people accountable. we have to be calm and reasoned in moving forward. there's this moment of crisis of tragedy and we are all still mourning this catastrophic loss of life. many people from throughout this country reached out to me to offer their support to offer their condolences. the most meaningful one was i did receive a phone call from the president of the united states. if there's anyone who understands the burdens of leadership, it is him. and that was very meaningful to me at a very difficult moment. >> reporter: i hope meaningful is something that she is working on now. but here and now, she has to
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get the police department under control and moving forward because that is one of the key things that she is going to be judged on and by the way the chief doesn't come on until next month. probably around the 27th. we have time where it's iffy. >> and phil, there is a question of whether the mayor was specifically looking for a woman to change the culture on the police force. today the new chief i understand addressed this head on. what does she have to say about this? >> reporter: well, it was interesting. it wasn't the first time that she has been a culture shifter. it wasn't the first time she became police chief. possibly the first woman of the city. as far as oakland, here's what she had to say. >> the number one question i'm always asked is what is it like to be a woman? and being a woman police chief. what i will tell you is that i am a leader. so i am a leader who is cloaked
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as a woman. and i'm grateful for being a woman. but i will be your leader, as well. >> reporter: i have to be honest with you. there was a poll taken and it turned out that picking a woman really played pretty well with significant oakland voters and that's always nice to have when you're making the decision of your career. back to you, veronica. >> thank you, kpix 5's phil matier in oakland. apple's ceo tim cook said that apple employees would start moving into the massive new spaceship campus in cupertino sometime in 2017. well, of course, it's january. we wanted to find out just what's going on. kpix 5 reporter betty yu has answers. >> reporter: allen, i learned from city officials today that this apple spaceship campus behind me will be ready for its first employees to move in, in the spring of this year. locals have been driving by this massive project for about three years now with a lot of curiosity and in the latest
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drone video, you can check out this monstrous complex and all of the progress it's made. it is soon to be finished without a doubt. today the cupertino vice mayor tells me that this move will happen in phases in a ramped up fashion to eventually house more than 10,000 apple employees. now, we reached out to apple, and it wouldn't comment on the specifics of the move and also wouldn't commit to a specific move-in month or season but did say it expects this spaceship to be ready for workers in, quote, early 2017. i also learned from city officials today that apple at this point has not been issued occupancy permits for this building, which it will need before anyone moves in. live in cupertino, betty yu, kpix 5. the road leading to the mount rose ski resort, the road was closed due to a slide.
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no injuries. authorities are forced to close the highway because of the danger. no word when it will re-open. new at 6:00 avalanche dangers along with the windy white-out conditions forced several tahoe ski resorts to shut down for the day. kpix 5's emily turner is in south lake tahoe at heavenly with the concerns. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. yesterday, the weather was perfect for folks who wanted to get up on the slopes and enjoy them. today, not so much. in fact, they are even potentially dangerous. they are not waging war. just fighting a battle against unsafe snow conditions. the avalanche center upgraded the sierra avalanche warning to high and the resorts are working to make sure one doesn't happen there. >> what they are actually doing is they're trying to trigger off areas that might be loose, right? they're trying to knock that sheer layer down so a skier doesn't actually knock it off. >> reporter: that's what the cannon is for. safety crews at kirkwood, heavenly and north star use that, various charges and ski
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well known avalanche trigger areas to knock the snow loose. here, are pictures from sierra at tahoe. groomers follow behind them overnight packing all the loose snow down. while they do all this they have to close the slopes. >> this is kind of our week to have our ski vacation with her and if we don't get up there today then we only have two days left. so got to get all our skiing in that we can. >> reporter: part of heavenly is closed, squaw valley, "sierra at tahoe," kirkwood also. avalanche closed the road to mount rose. it's closed. >> i would not be going to the backcountry now. i would let this settle for a few days before i ventured out. >> reporter: this storm is expected to continue through thursday morning and then there's another storm right behind it headed this way this weekend. the resorts hope that these storms stay more snowy than wet and that they will make for a great base for the rest of
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winter weather. in the sierra, emily turner, kpix 5. the chp posted these pictures of dangerous driving conditions on interstate 80. visibility near donner passed to be about 30 to 50 feet because of blowing snow. big rigs being told to find a different way around if they can. all driver's have to have chains. and there are major problems with flooding this evening in the sierra foothills. some areas have picked up several inches of rain. that means creeks and rivers are flowing fast and they are very dangerous. going to get worse, too. crews in nevada city have been working 24 hours shifts clearing storm drains dealing with downed trees. meteorologist paul deanno tracking more big storms on the way. >> this is the weaker of the two storms and yes, we have a lot more coming. it continues to just come down in buckets in the sierra foothills and look at that transition from heavy rain to heavy snow as soon as you hit bear valley snowing at tahoe through the central valley.
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that's where the heavy rain is now. we have light rain around the area as we told you the rain tapering off to showers. it did that today but, man, those showers were persist stent throughout the day. we have seen rainfall through san francisco, berkeley, soggy to the south bay. how much rain over the past 4 hours? the santa cruz mountains -- over the past 24 hours? the santa cruz mountains got 6" of rain from this storm. san rafael 2.5" over the past day. 2" for orinda. 1" fremont. more than half inch for san francisco. look at the rain shadow effect. in the santa cruz mountains, six inches of rain on the other side, the leeward side. santa cruz mountains, only one .25" of rain in san jose. all of that storm number one. storm number two this weekend may drop 18 inches of rain in a few spots of northern california. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> thank you. it is a new spin on the breathalyzer that uses skin to tell if you have had too much
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to drink. we put a bay area startup's wearable monitor to the test. >> a surge in sewage. imagine trying to do your job with this leaking on to your desk every few weeks. what we found out about a plan to fix this problem city building. >> relief for renters in most bay area cities but you might be surprised to hear where apartment prices are soaring!
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justice. yesterday, smelly sewage dripped down onto employee desks a raw sewage leak forced an evacuation of san francisco hall of justice. sewage dripped on employee desk and case files and we learned that this was not an isolated incident. it's almost a daily occurrence. what's being done? kpix 5 reporter don ford found out. >> flooding, lead paint, seismically unsafe, rodents. working in this building is difficult and hazardous. >> reporter: raw sewage flowed into the halls and offices of the san francisco district attorney's office. urine and human fecal matter flowed in from broken and clogged sewer lines. some people had to walk through it. [ screaming ] >> reporter: city crews cleaned it up but maxwell says the hall of justice is simply falling apart. >> the building really needs to
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be retired and there's really no plan to get folks out of the building at this point. >> reporter: to see if there was a plan i went to city hall. the mayor's office sent me to the communications office. the folks in the communications office sent me to the city administrator who referred me to the department of real estate, where the director of property said, hold on! >> there is a plan for the exit from the hall of justice. >> reporter: there is a plan. there is a plan. it is in the approved capital plans at the board of supervisors have adopted. >> reporter: he says the building will be demolished. so you have the money? >> we have the money. now we just need to execute on the program. >> reporter: how soon before that happens? >> we'll see some of these units move into -- >> reporter: that's when the whole process gets complicated. classic san francisco tradition, it's going to take time to coordinate all the different departments. meanwhile -- >> apparently water is dripping on the files. >> reporter: there is a plan to
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get rid of the hall of justice but it will be at least five years but no more than 10 years they tell me. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. president obama is moving full speed ahead with the delta tunnels. the obama administration issued an order today for agency officials to complete an environmental review of the project by the end of the month. the plan would divert part of the sacramento river's water supply towards tracy to two underground tunnels. opponents say it would pump water to areas south of the delta increasing the cost of water. californians are slipping back into old habits when it comes to water use. the latest numbers show we used an average of 77 gallons of water a day in november. that's one gallon more than in november of last year! at the time, we were under a mandatory conservation order because of the drought. state water officials will meet
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on january 18 to consider reinstituting water saving requirements. today some bay area boaters were surprised to discover their boats drifted away during the storm, broke free from anchors. four boats ran aground in sausalito damaged on the rocks. the storm dumped lots of rain in the santa cruz mountains. crews were busy clearing debris from roads after mudslides brought down several trees. you can see a small waterfall dumping more water on the rows. >> ain't seen nothing yet, though, huh paul? >> more of that coming. too much water in too short a time this weekend. a lot of water coming to the bay area. january's worth of rain saturday and sunday. just this weekend. >> wow. storm number one is not finished. a few pockets of moderate showers around concord, highway 4 where it merges with 680 out towards pittsburg.
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we are seeing heavier showers, antioch, as well. south to pleasant hill almost down to the treat boulevard exit in walnut creek. heavy rain over the central valley and the sierra foothills, lots of rain in sacramento and el dorado county. snowing heavily at the ski resorts. problems getting there because of so much snow in a short amount of time. sugar bowl 61 inches of snow in the past two days. highs today upper 50s. most of these happen just after midnight. san francisco 58. concord and half moon bay 57. let's set up what's coming next. this next storm why is it going to be so juicy? because we have an active jet stream that can trace its or generals down to hawaii. tropical moisture will rain more over the bay area than the storm coming from the gulf of alaska. this certainly qualifies as tropical. now we have to get the rain here. the catalyst, the gun, if you also is this area of low pressure. now we need some rainfall involved and the storm to move around it. there's the rain right there still northwest of hawaii. once it hops on the jet stream gets fired at us by this area
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of low pressure, boom, we are going to have a significant weather system arriving saturday through the weekend. tonight we are dealing with showers and lows in the 40s. but as we clear things out, upper 30s in the north bay. we get a dry break tomorrow and friday. this storm is not going to get here until saturday. tomorrow sunshine and chilly seasonably. fremont 52. san francisco 51 degrees. that bigger storm arrives this weekend. heavy rain rain saturday and sunday. mudslides and flooding likely in the santa cruz mountains and the sierra. river flooding moderate risk not a huge deal. urban flooding yes. mountain flooding yes. we are going to see significant flooding in the higher elevations of california. this weekend will be soggy but warm. look at the highs around 60. we dry out monday before more rain moves in tuesday and wednesday. very stormy weekend begins early saturday morning. >> we have a little bit of a break so -- >> we need it to get the
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rivers down a bit before they go back up. >> it's coming. >> thank you. there are all kinds of fitness trackersout there but what about a wristband that monitors how much alcohol you drink? we put the new wearable breathalyzer to the test. ♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. just a swipe to realign your spine. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer.
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week... for this year's consumer electronics show. the event showcases the st in gadgets and tech industry insiders are descending on las vegas this week for the consumer electronics show show. the event showcases the latest in gadgets and innovation. crews were hard at work setting up for it today. 200,000 people are expected to attend this year's show. it starts tomorrow and runs through sunday. we have an exclusive look at a device to be unveiled in las vegas tonight. now, you probably have seen one of these personal breathalyzers? what if it was even easier? what if it was as simple as wearing this? kpix 5's wilson walker took one
6:26 pm
of these out for a little test drive. >> reporter: it is league night at finnigan's wake. as things head south for his team, peter here is going to have a few drinks. he is also going to wear the backtrack skin wearable alcohol monitors. it immediately sends data to the ipod. how it works and how it doesn't quite yet work in a second but what peter is wearing is the result of a call to arms by the federal government. >> the national institutes of health had a wearable alcohol biosensor challenge. they wanted a continuous monitoring alcohol tester. this is testify. this would be the competition. >> reporter: the watch? this is entirely different technology based on different biology. >> transdermal alcohol content. >> reporter: forget blood alcohol content. we are talking transdermal
6:27 pm
alcohol content because you really do sweat out your booze. >> if you smell someone after a wedding say wow, they actually still smell like alcohol. smell like a brewery. alcohol content coming through your skin. >> reporter: exactly. after three whiskeys over two hours, it's making a steady climb. we are testing his bac with a breathalyzer. here's the problem. translating bac into it. ac is tricky. >> we are getting there. we are still months away from having a reliable consistent bac estimate. that's the holy grail to say i'm a .06 now without having to do anything. >> reporter: again this thing gets unveiled in the next couple of hours in las vegas of all places but it's still a ways off. they have to solve the math and the biology linking what's coming out of your pores and
6:28 pm
what's actually in your blood. >> it registers. it's not trying to prevent a dui. >> reporter: everyone is fixated on the .08. think of it as fitbit in understanding about what you're actually putting in your body. >> something that tells you when to say when. >> how much is this? >> i don't know. >> interesting. all right. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour the rental market is finally cooling in most bay area cities. but it's not good news for everyone. the new hot spots where prices were affordable. >> and obamacare on the chopping block. the president fights to protect the law and republicans looking to repeal it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our top story at 6:30, some promising signs that rents are starting to soften across the bay area. in san francisco, median prices are down about 2.5% since last year. san jose, palo alto and santa clara are also seeing rent prices drop. that's not the case everywhere in the bay area. kpix 5's jessica flores went to
6:32 pm
find out why some cities are bucking the trend. >> reporter: betty just got a dollar raise. still she says living in concord is getting tough. >> if my rent goes up i have to move. >> reporter: last year her landlord tried to raise her rent by $350 to $1,675. tenants fought it. the landlord backed off. but in concord there is no rent control. rent for a two-bedroom unit in concord is up 6.8%. in pleasanton, it's up 8% as renters from other communities drive up the prices. >> displacement from san francisco, oakland, is -- is -- is a terrible burden on those people, but at the same time, it's a terrible burden on all of us. >> reporter: concord city council member eddie said in some pockets of concord, rents are going up 50 to 100%. he tried to stop rent hikes in november and it failed. >> this will not go away.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: according to city data, about 40% of residents in concord are renters spending about half their income on rent. realtors say the rents often far higher than the monthly mortgage would be. >> the prospect of buying a home and mailing your monthly payment down for the -- nailing your monthly payment down for thers in 30 years instead of surfing through the inflation wave of rental values is more appealing to families. >> reporter: but buying is not an option for betty. she is just hoping she can stay in the community she calls home. >> we are still in limbo. we still don't know if my rent is going up this year. >> reporter: in concord, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> in oakland the median cost of a two-bedroom apartment is $2,500. the battle over reappealing obamacare is ming up. president-elect donald trump is not in the oval office yet. elizabeth cook joins us with president obama's final efforts to save it. >> reporter: the affordable care act is at the center of
6:34 pm
the first fight in a new congress. today vice president-elect mike pence told house republicans that donald trump plans to issue executive orders related to the law as soon as he takes office. president obama said little as he left a meeting with congressional democrats this morning. they are scrambling to try to save his legislation. the affordable care act. the president advised lawmakers to share success stories and keep up the fight against republicans determined to replace and repeal the healthcare law. the new senate minority leader says the consequences could be grim! >> we are here today to warn the american people that the republican plan to cut medicare, medicaid, repeal the aca, will make america sick again! >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence led his own strategy session with republicans on capitol hill. >> obamacare has failed.
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all the promises of obamacare have been shown to be false and broken promises. >> reporter: senators quickly passed the measure to put the repeal of obamacare on the fast track. but coming up with replacement legislation will take time. republicans say the 20 million americans already enrolled will have help during the process. >> we have plenty of ideas to replace it and you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we are talking about replacing it. >> reporter: a poll shows only 10% of americans think obamacare is working well. and only 8% of democrats believe it should remain as is. the gop has the votes and the support of president-elect donald trump for a complete overhaul. on friday the intelligence communities will brief president-elect trump about possible russian interference in the u.s. he election.
6:36 pm
trump doesn't believe it happened. he also pointed out that wikileaks founder julian assange says it wasn't russia that gave him the hacked emails. president obama will be briefed on the report tomorrow. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. a meet and greet before you eat. the bay area farm that wants to change the way you think about your food. >> a little bunny business. how a california congressman's pet rabbit is at the center of an ethics investigation. ,,,,,,,,,,
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. the food we eat. "sweet farm" in half there is a new push in the bay area to raise awareness about the food we eat. sweet farm in half moon bay wants to get you up close and personal with animals that often end up your plate. livestock are on the property. the couple believes if you observe these animals close up, you won't want to eat them. >> the main message is there's no reason, um, that people
6:39 pm
really need to be let's say jerks to animals. i mean, even -- even if you are consuming them. >> none of the animals at the farm will end up as food. sweet farms says they want to start hosting visitors in april. we are learning more about a very odd expense for a california congressman who flies around with a rabbit. san diego representative duncan hunter reportedly spent $600 in campaign funds for, quote, cabin rabbit transport fees. the money used to fly the family pet rabbit in an airplane. he was under investigation last year because of $62,000 in personal campaign expenses that were not clearly documented. macy's is closing nearly 70 stores which means more than 10,000 people will be out of work. tonight we're asking if you think retail stores are going away. will they disappear completely? yes or no, why or why not? you can send me a tweet right now at #veronicadlcruz is where
6:40 pm
you can find me. we're going to have poll results and comments. come join us for bay area nightbeat. it happens at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12. watching a good chunk of our drought go away. look at all the rain in the central valley. snow in the sierra. something we missed for 5 years. this weekend it will be back with a vengeance. coming up how much rain we can expect in the bay area in the mountains and your forecast through the middle of next week coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders throw their cook into the frying pan. >> knowing that i was one play away i was playing like i was the guy. >> the texans plan to have cook for dessert. >> and why a current nba coach thinks a former coach is fried. >> when it comes to my team and my players he needs to stay in his own lane. >> sports in the fast lane coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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person stuck between bart train cars in san francisco. the 24th street mission station is closed. ex breaking news. we are getting reports of a person stuck between bart train cars in san francisco. we are told the 24th street
6:44 pm
mission station is closed right now. don't have any more details except you can expect major systemwide delays. when two friends learned that many oakland public schools had little to no music and arts education they knew they had to do something. sharon chin shows us how they have teamed up to bring the joy of music to thousands of students. sharon. >> reporter: this week's everwinners want to make sure all students in oakland receive the gift of music and the arts. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] >> reporter: students like malia harris can't wait for the weekly percussion lessons at mcclymonds high school in oakland. >> it's fun. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: professional musician teaches this class. and and his sister sheila e. are among the guest instructors at the oakland arts music
6:45 pm
program. started by [ non-english name ] cofounder of 45-year-old yoshi jazz club and entrepreneur jason hoffman. >> just been determined to make a difference. >> it's amazing instrument. >> reporter: they started the nonprofit 51 oakland six years ago. it's named for the city's area code. with yoshi's music connection and jason's music background they reach more than 2,000 students in more than 2 dozen oakland schools a year. using private donation the nonprofit pays for many locally based professional artists to teach and speak on campus. >> you see people that are from the same neighborhood that are doing amazing things and now they think anything is possible. >> reporter: and students also have the opportunity to perform on stage at yoshi's jazz club where some of the world's best musicians have played. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: if anyone understands the power of music, it is yoshi. she said it saved her life. she grew up in an orphanage in
6:46 pm
japan. >> without music i don't think i would have come this far. maybe i was dead long time ago. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and now yoshi and jason want to empower young people. >> the music, they could have a dream, they could express who they are. >> reporter: like 51 oakland student monica vazquez. >> it shows me how to stay confident. >> reporter: mcclymonds high performing arts teacher pat turner cannot thank them enough. >> they are royalty in oakland as far as the arts are concerned. >> why yoshi and i do this work, because we get so much joy by -- by being around the students, by seeing them evolve. >> makes me very happy and also i'm very proud of them. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: so for bringing music to thousands of oakland students each year this week's jefferson award in the bay area
6:47 pm
goes to jason huff mon and yoshi akiva. the next performance is the evening of january 24. during the year they also play at the temezcal student fair. >> nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at paul, it's going to rain to beat the band. >> it's still raining outside. yes, it's going to be coming up again this weekend. lots of water in the bay area and more importantly the santa cruz mountains and sierra, tonight light to moderate rainfall. highway 101 through palo alto and east palo alto soggy. redwood city, woodside, sunnyvale, santa clara, wet. but san jose no in the rain shadow. a lot of rainfall falling in the central valley right now, the san joaquin valley south of sacramento and the heavy snow continues with the winter storm warning in the sierra. 40s outside tonight. it's already down to 48 in san francisco. 48 for oakland. 47 in concord. everybody include although with some clearing overnight tonight
6:48 pm
and dry tomorrow. a chillily start in the north bay. santa rosa 38. san rafael 41. redwood city and san jose mid- to upper 40s tonight. we are talking a lot about a storm coming up and it is still on the way but it's not going to get here tomorrow or friday. chilly day. tomorrow pleasant. and we are getting a break. two-day break between storms which we'll need because the setup we'll see this weekend is something unlike we have seen over the past five to seven years. with an area of low pressure literally steering in a tropical jet stream atmospheric river pineapple express and directing it right into northern and central california. and a lot of rainfall. there is an old tropical system from the other side of the pacific ocean that's getting juicy now in north and west of hawaii. it will hop aboard the jet stream and head directly toward us. add it all up, a lot of rainfall from the bay area. widespread rain totals just this weekend of two to five inches of rainfall but with atmospheric rivers when it slams up against the mountain range, you get a lot more
6:49 pm
water. santa cruz mountains five to 11 inches of rain this weekend. you got 8" of rain yesterday. in the sierra 12 to 18" of rainfall just this weekend. flooding potential in the mountains is significant and it will arrive saturday but really get going sunday into monday. specifics now for the bay area. futurecast calling for four to seven inches of rain for the north bay another big storm for you. 3 to 6 inches of rainfall san francisco, san mateo county less for the south bay more for the east bay. and once again the santa cruz mountains five to 11 inches of rainfall. not tomorrow. sunshine tomorrow. not friday. sunshine friday. it is saturday morning when the rain begins. once the rain gets here, we are going to have it all weekend. so a very wet weekend coming up. highs tomorrow should be nice to get outside. san jose 53. napa 51. oakland 53. we are dry for the next two days very wet and warm with the snow level of 9,000 feet this weekend. that's why the problems in the sierra are so big. after a one-day break on monday, more showers tuesday
6:50 pm
and wednesday. very wet weekend coming up. we have sports this weekend. raiders. dennis next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
first start in a playoff game when the raiders meet the houston texans on saturday. get ready, raider fans. connor cook will be the first quarterback in nfl history to make his first start in a play- off game when the raiders meet
6:53 pm
the texans on saturday. >> it's really an easy option. he played pretty well when he went in. >> it will be cook's first start since the cotton bowl last year with michigan state. the fourth round draft pick has been in the scout team all year and not only was last sunday his nfl debut, it was also the first time he was even in uniform. >> you know, i was nervous last week just being activated. now, um, being inactive all season long and finally knowing that i was one play away. i was preparing like i was the guy. so, you know, i was nervous going into the denver game just like i am, you know, like i have the nerves going into this game. >> there's a lot of unknown there, right? i think we'll get to watch it play out. let's see him play. we haven't seen him a lot of saw half a game or thereabouts against denver last week and that was pretty good. >> say again, please? >> houston, we have a problem! >> houston's defense may
6:54 pm
present plenty of problems for cook. they have the second ranked pass defense and 0 sympathy for the raiders quarterback situation. [chuckling] >> it's great. that's great. i hope he -- that's up to the coaches. force some turnovers and get offense in a good field positions. >> the texans only were 9-7 under o'brien. he replaced kubiak who went on to win a super bowl in denver but retired on sunday due to health concerns. something the texans may need to help o'brien avoid. >> never say anything to you about it when she sees that? >> no question. yeah. where am i hiding the candy. the m&ms. the road trips kill you on the plane and your seat is loaded with m&ms and snickers. i blame the flight attendants on the road trips.
6:55 pm
they are the reason for my unhealthiness. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. we love the people we travel with. >> my flight small bag of pretzels at best for five bucks. jed york and company will be earning plenty of fresh flyer miles this weekend for the 49ers their first waves of interviews first up anthony. >> come on down! you're the next contestant! >> there's going to be a lot of that right? lynn also interviewed for the head coaching job last year. he has been running backs coach most of the time in the nfl before being promoted to the offensive coordinator in buffalo earlier this season and then he served as the bills' interim head coach for their final game. pac-12 quarterback can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. stanford solomon thomas is entering the nfl draft. the red shirt sophomore led the cardinal with 8.5 sacks last season. hanson also leaving school
6:56 pm
early to enter the nfl draft. warriors take on the blazers tonight at oracle. now, you may want to tune in early because golden state beat portland by 23 and 45 points and their first two meetings this season. >> the blazers will be without star point guard damian little lits. he is sidelined with aing an kill injury, damian lillard. a book is being promoted. that did not set well with head coach. >> i owe a lot to george. i got my start in coaching with george. i wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. he is a successful coach that. being said, if he wants to diminish his chances for the hall of fame if he wants to undermine his chances of being a head coach again in this legal if he wants to settle old scores that's his prerogative but when it comes to my team and my players, he needs to stay in his own lane. >> george call used to coach the warriors. captions by: caption colorado
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheers and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. thank you very much. thank y'all. thank you very much. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 41,795 bucks, from honolulu, hawaii, it's the champs, it's the schaefer family. [cheers and applause] eric: yeah! steve: and from fort lauderdale,
7:00 pm
florida, it's the richardson family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash. but here's the deal. if the schaefer family wins today's game, folks, they're driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's get it on. give me renee, give me shanice. all right, guys, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a woman has that's fake but still expensive. shanice: jewelry. steve: jewelry. renee: hair. steve: hair. pass or play? they gonna play.


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