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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 5, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news from the east bay, firefighters battle a raging apartment complex fire. the flames so intense, kids had to jump out the wane doe to escape. >> kpix5's joe vasquez live in the news room for us. joe? >> reporter: the flames were high and so was the drama. apartment number 13 caught fire just after 6:00 and quickly spread to three other units. the fire did significant damage to those four apartments and the rest of the entire wing had to be evacuated. firefighters say they ended up having to rescue two kids. >> we have two females who have been transported to the local
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hospital for minor injuries because they went out the rear window. >> reporter: they are safe now. 30 people are out of their homes. 20 adults and ten children. they cut off the utilities. they will not be back on until tomorrow. red cross is on the scene to help folks find the place to stay the night. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. i'm joe vasquez. now to the wet weather. live to the south bay where the rain is really coming down now. a lot more is on the way. the creek in gilroy was over its banks. you can see water going over the road as the little girl got to play in the food waters. >> let's get to kpix5 chief meteorologist paul deanno with what we should expect now. >> round one is winding down, but it does not want to leave the south play. kpix5's high-def doppler, all
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the way to south san jose. it is still the santa cruz mountains geting the worst of the rainfall where it rained up to eight inches yesterday with more rain coming up tonight. and early tomorrow. snow continues. the winter storm warning continue ins the sierra for several more hours. another five to ten inches of snow equaling up to six feet of snow in the higher sierra. heavy rain likely to begin this weekend. we may see a january's worth of rain by sunday night. over a two day period with more mud slides and widespread flooding likely especially in the highest elevations of the santa cruz mountains and also, the sierra. speaking of the santa cruz mountains, kpix5's kiet do is live there tonight. and kiet, you just love being in these live shots with tremendous amounts of rainfall. >> reporter: when you say love, you have to make sure you qualify that there. but every got a break from the rain except for us here in the
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santa cruz mountains. it has been relentless. this rain has been unreal. so, the county says they have about 11 roads impacted from the storm we just got the past couple of 24 to 48 hours here. so, we went out to see the kind of damage four to eight inches of rain could do. this is what drying out looked like. foggy, wet, and slippery conditions on highway 17. again. as much as seven inches of people fell in the santa cruz mountains. much of the rainfall started to drain and pool overnight causing minor flooding like here at plateau and valley drives in felton. leanne thought she could cross it but it was deeper than it looked. about half a foot in some spots. >> are you used to this kind of weather here? >> well, it has been missing for about five years.
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nice to have it back. >> yeah. >> reporter: in the word of one public works employee, they were busting today. this was the scene when multiple mud slides cut off access overnight and much of the day. the same happened on rodeo gulch road. with mud and debris blocking half the roadway. a 45-foot tall douglas fir came crashing down on high voltage power lines. pg&e crews will be working well into the night. and we spoke with the head of the department of public works here in santa cruz county. he tells us that typically, they need like a week and some sunshine to dry out from storms but they will only get two days so if we get that half foot of rain this weekend, he says to expect more mud slides, wash out roads. kiet do, kpix5. there is so much snow in
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the sierra, a portion of roads closed because of avalanche dangerment four feet of snow has fallen in donnor sum et. they are trying to clear theway. a few chp officers had difficulty moving through the thick snow. they are hoping to reopen i-80 early tomorrow morning. a risky rescue in a san francisco bart station. a man crushed between the platform and a train. it appear to be an accident. the station was shut down for about 90 minutes beginning at 6:00 while rescuers got the man out. kpix5's andria borba was there. >> reporter: behind the 24th and mission bart station, one of the most unusual rescues in san francisco fire history happened. it was around 6:30 when a man slipped off the platform as a train was approaching. >> you ever ridden bart, there is a small little gap about
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that big. so your foot doesn't fall through. he was trapped in that little gap. between the platform and the car. >> reporter: that space is only four inches wide. battalion chief charles crane says the man was small statured likely only weighing 130 pounds. firefighters unhooked train cars and deployed two air bags capable of moving 20,000 pounds apiece to push the car off the victim. >> any other situation going in any other direction and he probably would not have survived this. >> reporter: surprisingly, the victim was alert and talking during the rescue. he was taken to san francisco general hospital with crush injuries. now, this rescue was filmed so other firefighters can learn what to do in the future if this ever happens again. andria borba, kpix5 in the mission. the search is on for this pregnant woman missing from gilroy. amanda daly is 24 and she is eight months pregnant. she left home monday night and they have not heard from her since. we checked with gilroy police and at this point, they don't
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have much to go on. but they want to get her photo out there. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. tonight, oakland's new top cop is talking a lot about reforming the department and earning trust. but, there is one thing she has not mentioned so far. and that is a crime fighting strategy. kpix5's christin ayers reports. >> i want this to be the last chief that i recruit from the outside. >> reporter: for oakland mayor libby schaaf, it's a gamble. >> i am so excited to be here in oakland and to be your chief of police. >> reporter: with today's announcement. schaaf is taking her legacy and reputation on anne kirkpatrick. the newly minted police chief of a department that has been roiled by scandal. >> what we need is leadership. i will promise you leadership. knowing where we are going, and what is mission is. >> reporter: kirkpatrick cuts a no-nonsense figure. she says while reform is great ... >> i'm more interested in
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transformation. that's the change of thinking. that's the cultural change. >> reporter: kirkpatrick most recently served as the high- ranking officer at chicago pd for six short months. before that, she was the top cop in spoke, washington and suburban seattle. civil rights attorney john buress acknowledged she has never helmed a large police department. >> when asked whether or not she has the kind of experience you need in oakland, that remains to be seen. >> reporter: what also remain to be soon is kirkpatrick's plan to address violent crime. she didn't mention it once today. less than an hour after she was announced chief, the city's first homicide of the year happened here less than a mile from city hall. oakland police officers association president barry donlyn says crime will be her biggest challenge. but for now, oakland leaders are in agreement. she could be the answer to a problem that plagued oakland during the jean quan years and through schaaf's administration. a revolving door of police chiefs. >> it provides us certainty.
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>> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. president obama has a big moving job ahead of him. the first family will move out of the white house on inauguration day. but a cnn reporter snapped this photo of a moving truck inside the gates this afternoon. earlier today, the president made a rare appearance on capitol hill. as veronica de la cruz reports, president obama is fighting for his signature legislative accomplishment. the affordable care act. >> the ayes have 51. >> reporter: with that, the vote to roll back obama care. >> we plan for a smooth transition from a failed plan to one that will work. >> look out for the american people. >> reporter: president obama held a strategy session with democrats on capitol hill. >> the republican plan to cut healthcare wouldn't make america great again. it would make america sick again. >> reporter: about 20 million people rely on the affordable care act for their healthcare. democrats say republicans will need to offer a viable
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alternatives. >> there is absolutely nothing to help advance the cause of healthcare insurance premiums in the country. when they had the opportunity to do it. now they have all the power. let's see what they do with it now. >> reporter: mike pence was also on capitol hill assuring republicans president-elect donald trump's first priority is replacing obama care. >> obama care has failed. all the promises of obama care have been shown to be false. and broken promises. >> president-elect trump tweeted "the dems own the failed obama care disaster with its poor coverage and massive premium increases." a lengthsy transition period is likely until a new insurance replacement plan is created. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. in all the movies, safes are hidden behind large pictures in a wall.
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so, what is this one doing in a bay area field? >> plus, it is being called the mid market massacre. and no, we are not talking about crime. this story is about food. >> then, creepy or cuddly? the bay area company that wants you to use this robot as ,,,,,,,
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they want to know who left a a field. >> tonight, petaluma police have a bizarre mystery on their hands. they want to know who left a safe in the middle of a field. it was found near the end of willow brook court off of north mcdowell boulevard. here it is. partially hidden in the weeds. a city worker found the century brand safe this morning and took these photos. it is not clear what is actually inside the safe. but, you can see someone already tried to pry it open. tonight, four meme in chicago are behind bars after police say they tortured a mentally challenged teenager and then streamed it live on facebook. police described the video as
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sickening. the teenagers duct taped in the corner and the group starts attacking him. one uses a knife to tear apart his jacket and cut his hair. the 18-year-old victim was held hostage up to two days. he was found wandering the streets when police found him. tonight, he is in stable condition. new tonight, a perfect storm is forcing the closure of yet another trendy restaurant in san francisco. kpix5's joe vasquez on what is behind these so-called mid market massacre. >> reporter: over the last few years, as tech company haves moved into the mid market area, some popular restaurants have followed by high-profile closings have raised some concerns. mark lieberman says he will be closing his restaurant down for good later in month. >> the last two years have not been what they thought they would be. >> reporter: there is his other
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restaurant. also, citizen's band. peeky's bakery. this is what they are calling the mid market massacre. >> there is the shortage of labor. which has just been a challenge across the country. and then, you know, the rent cost, the insurance cost. all of that goes up every year. an every year our profits dwindle more. >> reporter: there is also the twitter factor. there was hope tech workers would fill mid market restaurants on a nightly basis. one problem ... >> in the twitter building alone, there are three cafeterias. >> reporter: the big companies often serve their own food. >> what is the incentive to go to a restaurant then? once in a while, you will make that choice, but that will not be a daily choice. >> reporter: they are seeing fewer customers. she encourages you to support your favorite restaurants so the massacre doesn't continue. joe vasquez, kpix5.
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tomorrow marks the first day of the consumer electronics show. this year, there are a few new gadgets grabbing a lot of attention like this one from a bay area company. >> why are you watching this stuff? >> because kuri isn't like any other robot. and that is a very, very good thing. >> meet the kuri robot. it is not only designed to keep an eye on your home, but it is also there to keep you company. the adorable robot will listen while you talk. nod its head, blink, and smile. it was designed by mayfield robotics. price tag, $700. and check out this ultra thin tv. it is so skinny, it looks like wallpaper. it is only a tenth of an inch thick. and it hangs from the wall using only magnetic brackets. no word on how expensive it will be. but it could run around 10 grand. the bay area nonprofit is teaming up with a hollywood
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film hitting theaters this week. hidden figures. >> and the goal is to help girls from underrepresented communities reach their full potential. kpix5's andria borba shows us their codes of success. >> reporter: inside impact hub oakland, the women behind the nonprofit black girls code are rolling movie posters for the movie all about the original black girl who coded katherine johnson. >> i have never seen a mind like the one your daughter has. >> reporter: the movie hidden figures tells the story of three women, katherine johnson, mary jackson, and dorothy vaughn who worked at nasa in the 60s and were integral to put john glenn into space. >> the alga rhythm? yes. >> it is good for people to see. like, what the possibilities are for the future. a lot of this work has already
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been done by young women in the past. >> kimberly bryant has also launched this website. future katherine telling the stories of members of black girls code. their hopes and their dreams for a career in stem. >> we really foe wases on what the future is for these young women. but we also want them to be aware of who paveed the way. >> reporter: kimberly and company are also screening hidden figures across the country. as inspiration not admired for their tierras and boyfriends but for their brains. >> these incredible women who are really the two heros our kids need to see. i can't wait for our girls to experience it as well. >> reporter: for kimberly, the stories for women of color in the space race hit close tore home. >> it is air hope the work we are doing will indeed create future katherine johnsons who
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will help the world get to greater heights. >> reporter: in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. rain continues for the second consecutive knife. we show a wider perspective and far less rainfall now than about five hours ago, but the rain is not completely finished yet. overnight lows, mid 40s . fremont, 46. san jose, 48. with some clearing in the north bay, it will be chilly for the first time in a couple of nights. santa rosa, 38. san francisco, 47. we will stay in the 40s most of tomorrow. but the rain we are talking about. the heavy rain, will not arrive tomorrow or friday. futurecast says even some sunshine tomorrow afternoon. it will be brisk and breezy with afternoon temperatures bar barely eclipsing 50 degrees. a lot is coming together here. a low pressure area in the perfect spot to take a very
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active very juicy jet stream and aim it right toward northern and central california. but we need the storm to hop aboard the tracks. it is still northwest of hawaii but it will hop aboard the jet stream and the subtropical jet will race right into the bay area giving us heavy rainfall. anywhere from two to four inches in the urban core of the bay area. san francisco, oakland, san jose. but the real problem areas are the santa cruz mountains. up to 11 inches of rain just this upcoming weekend. flooding, mud slides. big risk there. bigger risk in the sierra. in addition to the snow melt with the 9,000-foot snow level. 10 to 18 inches of rainfall. that is very significant. we could see some river levels as high as they have been since 2005. in portions of the sierra and the central valley. so specifics here for the bay area, we talked about the santa cruz mountains. the south bay, san jose. two 20 four inches of rain this
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weekend. four to seven inches of rainfall for the north bay. river flooding a concern. urban flooding. small streams. street, highway flooding. that is going to hawaii that's a high risk. and the mountain flooding coming off of the sierra and the santa cruz mountains will be high to the extreme. concord, 51. santa rosa, 50. san jose, 53. and san francisco, 51. so, we are chilly. but we are dry. friday, we are dry. saturday morning, the rain begins and it will not let up until late sunday night and early monday morning. guess what? there is another storm moving in tuesday and wednesday. one note here, 18 inches of rainfall in the sierra is a tremendous amount of rain. get above the snow level. 10, 11, 12,000 feet. that is 18 feet of snow. >> wow. >> the potential there in the highest of high elevations is insane. 200 inches of snow this weekend. >> okay. we will watch it. grannies got a gun! >> next, one burglar learn it is hard way, not to mess with
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this pistol
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one pistol- packing granny is about to show you why. >> they say don't mess with texas. >> there's a reason. one pistol packing granny is about to show you why. 74-year-old reevie robberson says someone broke into her house. and pointed a weapon in her face. she had a gun of her own. >> i reached over and grabbed the gun and pointed it at him. when i did, he ran. >> oh, he ran. >> i would too. >> she chased the would be bad
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guy out of the house shooting and narrowly missing him. she says it is the first and hopefully the last time she needs to use that gun. >> yeah. >> she ain't messing around. [ laughter ] >> yeah. she was serious. i don't think she was playing there. >> texas. >> she reminded me of one of the charlie's angels. kid, rookie quarterback win a playoff game? that is what it has come to for the raiders. the announcement ,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland, the portland trailblazers were back for more, this time without their star point guard... >> getting the 45 point beat down. the portland trailblazers were back for more: this time, without damian lillard. he sat out with an ankle injury. but the blazers first half, c.j. mccollum scorches ten points the last game here. made up for lillard's absence and portland had the lead. third quarter, golden state up
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79-74. steph get it is reverse layup. the warriors get the lead. he finishes with 35 points. now, ten-point game with two minutes to play. kevin durant comes up with the field. draw it is foul. score it is layup. kd had 30. the warriors a lot of points tonight. no defense. on saturday, not only will the raiders play in their first playoff game in 14 years, they will always be making some nfl history. oakland will start rookie quarterback connor cooke against the texans. he will become the first quarterback in the super bowl era to make his starting debut in the post season. he says he expects nerves. just like last week in denver when he appeared in a game for the very first time. >> you know, i was nervous last week just being activated. you know. you know, being inactive all season long. finally knowing i was one play away, i was preparing like i was the guy. i was nervous going into the denver game. just like i have the nerves in
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this game. it's all the same. and the 49ers continued their search for a head coach interviewing the phil's anthony lynn. he was promoted to offensive coordinator for the buffaloes and served as the interim head coach for the final game for the bills. trending up for the raiders at least until we found out they had a rookie quarterback. but he has some moxie. he played big games in college. he has the arm. he has the attitude. it is just he is going up against one of the league's best defenses. >> it is tough. >> in his first nfl start. >> he is being honest. i like that. good to be nervous. >> yeah, put it out there. good guy. >> you never know. until you ,,,,,,
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facebooked this photo in phoenix... >> well, if you are about to head to bed, this one might give you nightmares. richard christiansen facebooked this photo in phoenix and what appear to be a demon.
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>> thanks liz. >> you're welcome. it has been shared over 80,000 time. >> looks like batman. >> sparking a social media holy war of sorts. some say they see a demon. others say it is an angel. >> late show with stephen colbert is next. i will be here until 4:30 because i can't go
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father: here we go. we're gonna go out there in the rain. you're gonna get wet. alright, here we go! baby: [squealing with joy] father: oh, yeah. yes! so much fun! you're so wet.
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