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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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certificate for a passport. >> so it's a bummer. came about two hours from out of town. >> reporter: counties officials say a transformer blew overnight that feeds into the main administration building and the district attorney's office. the buildings at 70 west hedding street in san jose stayed dark all day. employees already at work were evacuated and more than 1,000 employees were notified by email to stay home. sheriff's deputies encircled the building to turn people away. >> we'll be doing security. we are looking at getting the building locked down and there are no county services today in any of the facilities. >> reporter: power was also cut to the santa clara county sheriff's office and emergency generators immediately kicked in and it's business as usual here. the main jail and the hall of justice were not affected. >> we have a pretty robust generator because obviously we're a critical facility. >> reporter: but that doesn't help the hundreds of people who could not get their birth certificates, marriage licenses or building permits like ed
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landing of los gatos. >> stuff happens all the time so it's unfortunate but we'll make it through. >> reporter: employees were asked to work out of other facilities on their laptops or at home. but late this afternoon, the county reported repairs are taking longer than expected and the facility will be closed until monday. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. clear skies and a beautiful sunset tonight. the bay area got a chance to dry out just a bit before the next big storm slams ashore this weekend. the break between storms also got traffic moving through the sierra again. interstate 80 back open tonight. however, chains are still required in certain spots. the sierra has picked up nearly 7 feet of new snow this week and plenty of skiers out today taking advantage of the fresh powder. might not stick around long at the lower elevations. the warmer storm on the way is going to dump more rain than the sierra has seen in years and there will be runoff of snow on the ground. big sur in santa cruz will be in the bull's eye of that incoming storm and they could
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get up to a foot of rain. new at 6:00 our devin fehely along the banks of the san lorenzo river where flooding is a big concern tonight. devin. >> reporter: yeah. that's exactly right. now, it's probably pretty difficult to make out in the dark but a lot of attention and eyes are going to be on the san lorenzo river for the next couple of days. that's because in a matter of hours it can go a lazy to raging river and cause widespread flooding. it's the calm before the storm. the san lorenzo river flowing sleepily to the sea still well below flood stage. but emergency managers say that could change and quickly and that the greatest threat of flooding in santa cruz is along its banks. >> those areas tend to flood when we get the big large amounts of rain in short periods of time so we met with those business owners and agencies just to put them on alert. >> reporter: a series of powerful storms over the weekend is expected to dump as much as a foot of rain in parts of santa cruz. the city is giving away free sandbags for residents who want to protect their homes or
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businesses. and they are also racing against the clock themselves to do what they can to minimize the potential for flooding. >> we have had our public works crews out clearing drains so that when we get the heavy rain it will drain properly. >> reporter: but even as the city prepares for the next storm, they are still busy cleaning up from the wet weather earlier this week. a caltrans group partially shut down the southbound lanes of highway 17 this afternoon to clear mudslides while a low- lying area on brookwood drive was closed even though the floodwaters there had long since receded. >> the lower part could get back down in the water and the water runs very swiftly through there so i, um, for a pedestrian, or for a bike rider it, could be trouble. >> reporter: the lingering storm damage tonight a reminder of rain to come. firefighters and emergency managers have already met with business and homeowners along the banks of the san lorenzo. their message, move equipment or cars from low-lying areas now because if there's going to
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be flooding, this will be the epicenter of it. in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. meanwhile, the uvas reservoir is already overflowing. this is gilroy yesterday as water flooded the road while the same creek runs right past the thousand trails rv resort in morgan hill. people staying there are being asked to leave by 5 p.m. tomorrow before the next round of rain moves in. >> there are also serious flooding concerns for the yosemite valley as torrential runoff makes its way down from the sierra. the merced river could surge even higher than its record crest 20 years ago. see this 1997 flood caused so much damage to park property, roads and utilities, it was closed for two months. a lot of cities in the bay area have set up sandbag stations to help property owners for the weekend washout . firefighters say now is the time to do it before you actually need them. we spoke with one homeowner who
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learned the lesson the hard way. >> last rain we had flood in our whole backyard so we had to dig a trench out and i just can't do another trench again. i'm done. >> sandbags should only be filled about two-thirds of the way. you need some slack so they will settle together. there's also an art to stacking them. to divert serious flooding an offset wall works best. if you just need to stave off a little standing water a single row is usually enough. and paul, plenty of folks will need the sandbags over the weekend, right? >> especially in the santa cruz mountains where the flooding concern is the greatest, yes, around the bay area, we will see some localized flooding as a lot of rainfall does head towards us a month's worth of rain for some of you coming up just saturday and sunday. radar right now we are clear on kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. so when does all of this begin? the rain will arrive in the bay area by 11 p.m. tomorrow around midnight and the heaviest rain is likely to be in after a day of light to moderate rain. 10:00 saturday night. that's when the heavy stuff will really begin to pour into the bay area but specifically it's the santa cruz mountains.
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so the storm update is this. it's going to be a soaking rainfall and windy all weekend from saturday morning through sunday night. now, for the immediate bay area, two to four inches of rain. that's a lot before just heavy rain. widespread river flooding in the bay area is not expected. that said, some of the most significant flooding we have seen in two decades is possible in the santa cruz mountains, sierra and central valley. we will be dry throughout the day tomorrow. watch the clouds increase and then that rain arrives after midnight. when you wake up saturday morning, that's what you're going to have, 48 hours of rainfall begins when you get up to start your weekend. we'll talk more about when the rain moves out and specific storm totals coming up. see you then, paul. thank you. this had nothing to do with the weather but look at the water. this water main break in san leandro earlier today had water shooting way up into the sky near foothill boulevard and caroline street. it's been capped. new at 6:00 deadly confrontations like this have sparked a national debate and
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cost police chiefs their jobs. now california's top cops are coming together to tackle big questions over the use of force. today san francisco hosted 200 of the state's top law enforcement. it comes as the city is battling its police union over changes to the "use of force" policy. kpix 5's da lin is live with a push for solutions at the university of san francisco tonight. da? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. they say they need to change the culture of police departments across the country. they say here in san francisco, the change is already taking place. [ screaming and sirens ] [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: the actions -- >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: the reaction. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and now the changes in how police use force. >> creating that time and that distance, the longer these situations last, the more successful the outcomes. >> reporter: san francisco interim police chief toney chaplin says the more distance they create between the officers and the suspect, the
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more time they have. and that time allows them to get more resources to deescalate the situation. law enforcement experts say many of the officer-involved shooting cases happened within the first few minutes of police contact. >> we are teaching the officers if you can expand outward and get as many officers to the scene as possible, not particularly to deal with the subject, but to create that zone. >> reporter: the chief says it's very different than the traditional training of rushing in and removing the threat. >> center ring. >> reporter: police departments from across the state are trading notes at this usf simple podium sharing what works and what doesn't. right in front of the conference center a "black lives matter" sign. >> when there's a use of force incident it moves us farther away from our communities. >> reporter: the high level police leaders are also talking about ways to handle mentally ill suspects. >> an autistic person, for instance, can demonstrate some very unusual behaviors. but if you are educated in -- in what to look for, these
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officers will very quickly recognize, this is an autistic response. here's how i can behave and lower the risk of a bad outcome. >> reporter: aside from training, they also want to shift attitudes asking officers to go from the macho warrior mentality to a more caring, guardian mentality. the san francisco interim police chief says the previous "use of force" policy was in place for about 25 years. he reminds the public it will take not just weeks but probably years to retrain all of the officers. live at usf, i'm da lin, kpix 5. officers will be back at usf tomorrow for the last day of this two-day discussion. new at 6:00 california drivers have been warned to put down the phones! now officers are starting to enforce the state's tough new hands-free driving law. kpix 5's susie steimle rode along with chp to see if people have gotten the message. >> reporter: california highway patrol officers have been given the green light.
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>> good morning. >> reporter: to start handing out tickets. >> chp. so, you know, you're using your cell phone. >> reporter: most drivers are aware of the law but also say the habit is hard to break. are you aware of the new cell phone law? >> i saw it, yeah. i just forgot. >> reporter: the hands-free driving law went into effect at the start of the year. the initial ticket cost is $20. but this officer says with court fees, it can add up to $250 in some cases. >> definitely worthwhile not to be using your cell phone because it can hit your pocketbook pretty hard. >> reporter: another part of the law many drivers are unaware of is where you can legally mount your phone for hans free use. this driver got off with a warning today for having his phone in a place where it on instructed his view even though the phone wasn't in use. >> you can mount the phone on your dash somewhere, where it doesn't obstruct your vision. or you can mount it in the lower left corner or lower right corner of the windshield. >> reporter: officer williams
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says education is just as important as enforcements. but bear in mind, if they see a phone in your hands, you will be stopped. >> we'll also be looking for someone just holding a cell phone in their hands and looking down taking their eyes off the road looking -- manipulating their phone in some way. >> reporter: as you just saw in the video, the part of the law least talked about is where you can mounted your phone in your car. today we saw dozens of drivers who had their phone in a hands- free position that they didn't know was illegal. any device attaching your phone to the windshield is no longer allowed. susie steimle, kpix 5. a bay area toddler caught in the crossfire. now the search is on for the shooter who left a little girl fighting for her life. her family's emotional plea. >> bay area dog owners blowing the whistle. the last ditch attempt to stop new leash laws in bay area parks. >> the fast spreading disease that may be behind a rare die- off of foxes. crutch.
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coming up. ,,
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22-month old girl was hit by a bullet while in the car with her mom. right now - police are at the sc a toddler shot in east oakland. we're told the 22-month-old girl was hit by a bullet while in the car with her mother. right now police are at the scene gathering evidence. it happened just hours ago near 66th avenue. this is the second shooting in the city in two days. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores
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live at children's hospital in oakland with the latest. jessica? >> reporter: the baby's family is here at the hospital. they came out a while ago and told us that the baby is in stable condition. meanwhile, police are looking for the shooter and trying to figure out a motive. oakland police say the shooter fired several rounds at 66th avenue and outlook. investigators say a stray round struck a 22-month-old girl who was in the car with her mother. >> maybe four gunshots? four gunshots and then a pause and then another three or four gunshots. >> reporter: neighbors in the residential community heard the commotion happening just around noon. >> yeah, i heard a car speed away afterwards, yeah. i heard shots and then i heard a car, you know, squealing away. >> we're trying to determine if the car was parked at the time of the shooting, um, we're trying to determine that right now. or if it was moving. >> reporter: the shooter took off and police say the mother drove her baby to highland hospital. detectives were there collecting evidence from the
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car. the baby was then transferred to oakland's children's hospital. this shooting coming after a deadly shooting yesterday all just one week into the new year. >> is this retaliation or is this connected? we can't confirm that right now. but our investigators are certainly looking and following up to see what led up to the shooting. we certainly would like to have those answers. >> reporter: the family of the little girl gathering, hoping the baby recovers from the violence. >> that's all we axe for is prayer, nothing but prayer. >> reporter: detectives have briefed the newly hired police chief here in oakland and they are also asking anybody who has any information on this shooting to give police a call right away. in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. two men suspected of being part of a botched drug deal that left another man shot are behind bars tonight. police arrested a 23-year-old man and 23-year-old man soon after the drug deal went down in livermore tuesday.
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police are still looking for a third suspect. robert de la rosa, they say he is considered armed and dangerous. around the bay area, a two- alarm fire and a san francisco condo left a woman badly burned. the fire started about clock this morning on clarendon avenue. firefighters managed to rescue a woman who was inside the three-story condo. she is hospitalized in critical condition. no word on the cause of the blaze. a woman was hit and killed by a charter bus contracted by google. she was on the west valley college campus in saratoga. authorities say it was wet and windy with low visibility when the woman was hit. the bus is owned by store coachways. it's used to take google employees from the campus to company headquarters in mountain view r. san jose police arrested this man on suspicion of purse snatching. authorities believe he targeted at least 14 women at shopping centers followed them home in his suv and then stole their purses. some of the victims say he pulled a gun on them. he is being held in the santa
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clara county jail facing multiple counts of robbery. tonight dog owners are fighting back against proposed rules at the golden gate national recreation area. they just released documents on a website they call woofieleaks. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, dog owners say officials aren't playing fair. [ bark, bark ] >> reporter: the people intent on keeping their right to let dogs run free in the golden gate national recreation area have unleashed woofieleaks, a website alleging biased decision-making by the national park service and other officials in charge making new rules to govern dogs in places like san francisco's crissy field. >> this final rule cannot go forward as long as there's any of these questions about potentially unethical or even unlawful behavior. >> reporter: sally stevens is part of an off-leash advocacy group that demanded emails and other documents through a freedom of information act lawsuit and put it all online. >> you know, calling people
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with dogs rattlesnakes and -- and just the way that they make fun of us and they make fun of our elected officials who were supporting us and things like that i think people were surprised. >> reporter: after 15 years of wrangling, the federal proposal is expected to be finalized january 10. for crissy field, the blue marks areas where dogs would be leashed. the yellow shows the new voice and sight control area. and here's the plan for ocean beach, most of the area dogs can currently run free would be turned into a leash-required zone. same story for parts of fort funston and baker beach and some people who frequent those spots hope it does go through. >> because as much as people their dogs are under control, quite often they are not. and there are people who are afraid of dogs. >> reporter: as for woofieleaks if it doesn't stop next week's ruling, stephens's her group will sue. >> i don't know the answer of whether it will matter. i think we're just doing what
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we can. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the ggnra says it has released more than 260,000 pages of records. if you would like to read those documents, we have a link on our website, a dozen gray foxes in palo alto have recently turned up dead. and now researchers are saying, they know why. wildlife officials say they died because of a disease called canine distemper syndrome. it's a common virus among carnivores that attacks key functions of the body. five other gray foxes that are missing in the area are believed to be dead. the disease cannot be transmitted to humans. but wildlife officials say it is very contagious. all right. one more calm day with a little sun before the storm. >> and we need the break because we have a lot of rain coming this weekend. checking the river level forecast, minor flooding is forecast for the napa river. minor flooding is forecast for the russian river. less than what we had three our four weeks ago in december. so the bay area we are not
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expecting moderate or major flooding here. whole different story in the santa cruz mountains, whole different story coming up in the sierra where moderate to major flooding is expected this weekend. there's a lot of water and in the mountains, a lot of snow melt in the sierra. the snow level is going up to 9,000 feet. everything below that tons and tons of rain melting the snow. take a peek at the radar. last time you'll see it like this for a long time. there is rain in six of the seven days on our forecast. highs today, it was sunny, pleasant day to get outside but chilly. san rafael 51. 52 in san jose. oakland the warm spot at 54. fremont your high today 51 degrees. so pretty uniform temperatures. this is the storm. notice the jet stream. notice these green arrows that i have drawn on here stretching all wait from hawaii to san francisco. if there's ever a definition textbook of a pineapple express, it's the jet stream coming right from hawaii right into northern california at least for us and that's the storm hopping aboard those train tracks in our direction rain arriving 11 p.m.
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tomorrow with rain all weekend, saturday and sunday. before that, the chilly day today clear night tonight. cold. 20s for many spots including the tri-valley. dropping down to about 29 or 30 degrees. concord 29. 25 in santa rosa. even below freezing for you in redwood city. so a cold night tonight. we get one more dry day tomorrow. highs will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. not a banner day for heat. but we're rain-free. mountain view 51 for you. san rafael 49. and san francisco 50 degrees. then we get a series of storms. how much rain are we talking about? let's roll futurecast out. 11:00 tomorrow night the first drop to hit the north bay by saturday morning, already a half inch of rain on the ground in napa. by saturday evening, not that impressive. nobody is even above an inch yet. watch what happens saturday night into sunday morning. when you wake up sunday morning, nearly two inches of rain and still raining in concord. nearly two inches of rain and still raining in napa. two inches of rain in san francisco with another full day of rainfall coming in on sunday. so we're wet both days, windy
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both days and it will begin to accumulate to the point that we're expecting significant mud slide and flooding concerns in the santa cruz mountains which may get 10 inches of rain this weekend. monday morning we get a break until monday night, when the next storm moves in albeit weaker. rain likely tuesday tapering to showers wednesday and another weather system will move through on thursday. so all of a sudden we have been seattle. [ laughter ] >> ironically, seattle has not had a drop of rain for the past week because they have the cold canadian air. >> we switched. >> so we have switched places with our friends to the north and west. in of we switched football team -- if we switched football team records, it would be good. >> had to go there. [ laughter ] thanks, paul. a guessing game, muni's realtime bus information never seems to match reality. what's it take to get the technology back on track? >> plus shoe smuggling. how bay area lawyers may have been used as drug mules. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ask any daily muni rider and they'll tell you: the system' it's a waiting game nobody ever seems to win. ask any daily muni riding and they will tell you the system's realtime transit information can't be trusted. we sent wilson walker to find out in a tech hub like san francisco why can't muni stay on track? >> today known what the issue is. >> reporter: so when is the next bus coming? five minutes? 10 minutes? 49 minutes? >> 64 minutes and 71 minutes. i'm glad i didn't have anywhere to be if that's the cases. >> reporter: that n-judah train came 2 minutes later. the phone could tell you the 10- townsend is arriving now only now is 26 minutes from now. >> right now, the next bus predictions throughout the system are not accurate. >> reporter: problem gets worst further away from downtown. you get a bad prediction out here in potrero hill, you've lost 30 minutes of your commute before you even step on the
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bus. >> you think would be accurate. >> reporter: those next bus predictions involve a network with at&t and another company. but the ghost is in somewhere in part of muni's machine. >> at&t has upgraded their system from 2g to 3-g and our system could be working to catch up and while they can't say that's exactly the problem at this point, it's one of the things we are looking at and working with them to identify what the problem is and what solutions are. >> reporter: there could be some real improvements to the next bus predictions by summertime as muni rolls out a $120 million upgrade for its dispatch and tracking systems. but for the moment, the city that's synonymous with the growth of technology is rolling decidedly behind the times. >> yeah. we certainly apologize for the inconvenience this caused our customers. and it's something we're working extremely hard to fix as soon as possible. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, the long-awaited geary bus rapid transit project
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is getting closer to becoming a reality. the city's board of representatives is expected to approve its design and environmental impact report at a meeting tonight. the cost, $300 million. work is expected to start this year and be completed by 2020. flying to the east coast is about to get easier for bay area travelers. southwest airlines launching the first nonstop flight from oakland to newark, new jersey. the new service starts in june. the 4 p.m. flight gets travelers into newark just after midnight. coming up in the next half- hour, hate crime charges filed in a racially charged beating shared on social media. a teen allegedly kidnapped and tortured for two days! how police say he may have been lured into the vicious attack by a friend. >> and donald trump takes aim at toyota. the president-elect's latest threat to keep car production in the u.s. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a major issue facing police departments right now: 's top our top stories at 6:30, it's a major issue facing police departments right now. about 200 of california's top cops are in san francisco tackling questions about the use of force. today the topic centered on creating time and distance to
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deescalate confrontations with suspects. the forum at the university of san francisco continues tomorrow. bay area officers are starting to enforce the state's new cell phone law. it bans drivers from holding mobile devices and also restricts where you can legally mount your phone for hands-free use. violations could cost you anywhere from $20 to $250. a mentally challenged chicago teen is kidnapped and beaten live on facebook. tonight, his family is speaking out for the first time about his ordeal. meanwhile, roxana saberi reports, his accused attackers are facing hate crime charges. >> reporter: the family of an 18-year-old mentally challenged man is speaking out about the beating he endured allegedly at the hands of four chicago area suspects now charged with hate crimes. >> he is doing, um, well as well as he could be at this time. >> reporter: the attack was shared live on facebook. it shows the victim bound and gagged crouching in the corner of a room. police say his parents dropped
6:33 pm
him off at a mcdonald's on new year's eve to meet his friend jordan hill. officers say hill and three other suspects held the victim for two days forcing him to drink from a toilet, kicking, choking and cutting him. >> the actions on that video are reprehensible. >> reporter: the suspects shouted racial slurs and mentioned the name donald trump. police believe the victim was targeted because he has special needs not because he is white. >> he is able to escape when a downstairs neighbor calls the police complaining that -- about the noise upstairs. >> just happy he's home. >> reporter: the suspects are 18-year-old jordan hill, tesfaye cooper, brittany covington ard her 24-year-old sister tanisha. all four are charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime aggravated unlawful restraint and battery with a deadly weapon. they are due in court friday. roxana saberi for cbs news. >> the vetters say that the victim's disability and the
6:34 pm
racial overtones of the attack played a role in the decision to charge the suspects with a hate crime, according to the investigators. a bizarre case of shoe smuggling. two bay area defense attorneys caught bringing drugs into a san francisco courtroom. but it's unclear if they knew what they were carrying. the "san francisco examiner" obtained this photo of the alleged drugs. deputies say marijuana, meth and other items were hidden inside a shoe box. one attorney said an unknown woman asked him to give the shoes to his client who is a defendant in the county jail. no arrests have been made. the sheriff's office says the case is under investigation. president-elect donald trump just named his pick for director of national intelligence. former indiana senator dan coats would replace james clapper. coats was a member of the senate intelligence committee before he retired from congress last year. now, if he is confirmed, he would oversee the agency that's meant to improve coordination of u.s. spy and law enforcement agencies. the move comes as mr. trump
6:35 pm
questions the intelligence community's conclusions that russia interfered with the election on his behalf. some people told the panel today they did it and it was more than just hacking. >> the hacking was only one part of it. it also entailed, um, you know, classical propaganda, disinformation and fake news. >> tomorrow the heads of the sky, fbi and nsa and national intelligence agency will all be in new york to give president- elect donald trump a finalized report on the alleged hacking by russia. toyota is president-elect trump's target in the business world. kpix 5's melissa caen reports. >> reporter: president-elect trump has been on a mission to get companies to build in the united states. and today, he took aim at toyota. he tweeted that the company plans to build a new plant in baja, mexico, to build corollas for the u.s. mr. trump's response to that, no way! build plant in the u.s. or pay
6:36 pm
big border tax. now the tweet isn't all true. toyota announced back in april of 2015 that it would build a factory in central mexico just not baja. still, within five minutes of the tweet, toyota's market tap dropped more than $1.2 billion!! although it did make some of that back later. now, this threat against toyota is similar to those against other car companies. this week president-elect donald trump called out general motors for importing cars from mexico and he is repeatedly threating ford with a 35% tax on small cars they make in mexico. many carmakers have shifted production of their low profit small cars to mexico. 3.4million were made there in 2015. but reversing that trend may not be feasible. the center for automotive research projects that the u.s. share of north american production will fall from 63% in 2016 to 58% in 2020 and as mr. trump will get his way on
6:37 pm
the big tax. we may more for small cars made in mexico. >> a lot of sound and fury but we don't know what's going to happen until he gets into the office. >> but we do know he can make 1.2 billion disappear with a tweet. >> just like that. >> amazing. >> scary stuff!! thank you. president-elect donald trump's move forward in another battle today. this one against a celebrity chef. he gave a deposition today in his lawsuit against jose andres. mr. trump sued him for breach of contract after the chef backed out of a plan for a restaurant in trump's new luxury washington hotel. andres claimed he canceled plans for the project after trump made disparaging remarks about some mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign. trump's transition team is hinting he will now be asking congress and not mexico to build the wall on the border and pay for it. we want your thoughts. should congress pay for the wall? send my a tweet now at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have poll results and your comments on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station,
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kbcw 44/cable 12. sisters kicked off a plane on the way to see their dying father. now they blame the airline for preventing them from saying good-bye. >> changing everything we have been told about peanut allergies. when doctors say you should be feeding peanuts to your children.
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6:40 pm
off a flight... as they were on their way to see their dying father.. two sisters claim they were humiliated when an airline kicked them off a flight as they were on the way to see their dying father in north carolina from orlando, florida. the sisters say that as the flight was preparing to take off, debbie got a text that her dad had hours to live. she started to have a panic attack so tricia went to console her. passengers say the situation escalated when tricia confronted the flight attendant. >> she said you're being very rude. my father is dying. and i'm comforting her. and they said, she needed to keep her personal problems off
6:41 pm
the plane. >> that was the most inhumane deplorable thing i have ever seen anything human being do. >> the sisters tried to catch another flight the next day but their father died before they could arrive. the airline did not comment on the specifics of this case. but a statement says the incident is being investigated and the airline's goal is to provide a safe environment for all passengers. today is the was day owners of the samsung galaxy note 7 will be able to use the smartphone. they won't be able to charge it or connect to the network. it's under a worldwide recall after several caught fire. samsung says most of the phones have been returned but more than 100,000 are still out there. anyone with a note 7 can exchange it or get a full refund. it's the world's hottest pepper and this man wolfed down 23 for a good cause. the boy scout leader with an iron stomach. >> we have a winter storm watch
6:42 pm
already issued for the sierra. this is the storm but it's not the snow. it's the rain. check out the snow level. 8,000 feet. everything below that level is going to be rain. more than a foot of rain for the sierra. we'll talk about how much rain we expect around here and the storm timeline coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, how are the texans trying to stay loose for the game against the raiders? >> i ran out there i said a little joke to the offensive lineman. >> how are the packers trying to stay warm against the giants? >> short sleeves under long sleeves under short sleeves. >> and how are the 49ers just trying to stay in the conversation? >> i wish that there was a bill walsh, but there's not. >> the latest in the 49ers coaching search coming up. ,,,,
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experts now say parents should feed their children peanuts prevent a major change to guidelines on peanut allergies. experts now say the parents should feed their children peanuts at an early age to prevent the allergies. the cdc says that more than 50 million americans have a peanut allergy. and the number of children with it is growing. of course, it can be deadly. but a study in the journal of
6:46 pm
allergy and clinical immunology shows parents can introduce infants to peanuts as early as four months! >> we're saying not only it's okay, we're saying go do it. in these high risk children, we need to get peanut into their diet early to try to prevent peanut allergy. >> the study was the first and only large randomized prevention trial for peanut allergies and the results considered definitive. 23 of the world's hottest peppers eaten in just a matter of minutes. but it was all for a good cause [chuckling] >> you got the tastiest hot peppers i have ever had. >> again, kids don't try this at home. >> kids? no one should be drying this one at home! this is boy scout leader johnnie [ indiscernible ] devouring all those ghost peppers last month to help raise money for the texas troop. he bravely rejected a glass of
6:47 pm
milk after the last one. wow. the troop scout master explained his stomach was in a world of pain. >> in the e.r. yeah. [ laughter ] >> ouch. >> you'll be eating normal food around valentine's day! between now and then glad to raise money for a good cause. the radar is active tomorrow night. a big storm heading our way for some parts of the area, a january's worth of rainfall is possible by sunday night. let's take a look at the radar right now which is clear and will stay that way for about 24 more hours before we see some rain building to the south and west. it's getting cold outside. its already down to 40 in the tri-valley. already 45 in concord. already 41 in santa rosa and 46 in san jose. as a matter of fact, before we get to any flood watches, there is a freeze warning tonight. north bay valleys, east bay valleys, also the santa clara valley, south of san jose. lows will drop as low as 25 degrees tonight so certainly bring the pets inside. they do not want to be outside in the cold just like you don't. oakland 36 tonight.
6:48 pm
vallejo 32. santa rosa there's your 25 degrees. fairfield 28. and concord tonight 29 degrees. but that's only a few hours. the storm will be with us and our weather producer billy and i were just talking about this. it is rare to get a weather event in the bay area where it rains 48 hours straight. there it is. it's coming here this weekend from friday night through sunday night beyond 48 hours until monday morning it is going to be raining most of the time moderate to heavy. here's the storm. watch the jet stream taking a dip down by hawaii and heading right toward northern and central california. this will be a significant flooding threat. right now the merced river which goes through yosemite is forecast to have its highest crest since january of 1997. many of you have been here for a while remember that historic flood. shouldn't be that bad but will be within about 8 feet of that level. locally here in the bay area saturday morning here we go. moderate rainfall for much of the bay area. it is still raining albeit lighter by saturday afternoon. then it ramps up saturday night. here comes the really heavy stuff 10:00 at night it's
6:49 pm
pouring. sunday morning it's still pouring. sunday afternoon, it is still pouring. a lot of rainfall all weekend long we are looking at and when you add up the rain totals, we may see double-digit rain totals just in the santa cruz mountains. four inches of rain possible in the peninsula and the city. up to 4 inches in the east bay up to half foot of rain in the north bay so the update for today soaking rain and gusty winds likely all weekend long. minor flooding is forecast. not as bad as a couple of weeks ago but it is still flooding. minor flooding forecast for the napa river and the russian river, significant widespread flooding is possible in the sierra nevada, the santa cruz mountains and the central valley. it is a big-time problem there. vallejo dry tomorrow. mountain view dry. san francisco dry with a high of 50. rain and wind move in friday night. it's with us all weekend long. and when it leaves, there are two more storms coming. more rain tuesday, another storm coming up next thursday. dennis with sports is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
playoff game in 14 years...connor cook is the starter for oakland, so does the e the raiders have touched down in houston two days before their first play-off game in 14 years. connor cook is the starter for oakland so does the coach have to switch up the playbook? >> got a new quarterback, going to need new plays for the new quarterback? >> might be a few new plays.
6:53 pm
you never know. you never know. >> more bad news potentially. the raiders don't know if they will have tackle donald pan on saturday. he didn't practice all week after suffering a knee injury against the broncos. and connor cook will make his first career start in houston but he is not alone in the inexperience department. 11 of the raiders 22 starters are in the play-offs for the first time of. however, jack del rio doesn't have any big pep talks planned. >> we are not going to talk about anything special about the first play-off game. >> don't talk about the play- offs. are you kidding me? play-offs? >> the hype surrounding it? changes? the game is a game. >> you play to win the game. >> just think of it that way. take care of your business, do your job, and, um, have fun. it's a game. brock osweiler will be making his first play-off start. the texans were forced to going back to their $72 million man
6:54 pm
after tom savage had a concussion on sunday. osweiler felt the time on the bench helped him rediscover his love for the game. >> i ran out there i said a little joke to the offensive lineman, everyone had a good little laugh. >> why do they call it ovaltine? the mug is round. the jar is round. they should called it roundtine. [ laughter ] >> what was the joke? >> i'm going to keep that one between me and the lineman. [ laughter ] >> go, go! >> all right. i heard joe montana was pretty good in the huddle way back when. the nationwide search continues for the 49ers next general manager and head coach. up next, elliott wolf. >> come on down! >> wolf is currently -- [ laughter ] -- >> the director of football operations has worked in green bay front office since 2004. he is also the son of long-time packer gm and hall of famer ron
6:55 pm
wolf. there's only one bill walsh. there's not. >> 49er fans are longing for the team to return to its glory days and while jed york said he would reach out to several people for advice during the search, steve young told knbr those people likely won't be former 49ers. >> who are the people that are going to help make the decision? it sounds like it's going to be jed and prague and they are going around to decide. people also need to recognize that when eddie lost the team and denise got the team, there's a tremendous acrimony between the parties so the past that 49er past is gingerly embraced but they are certainly not looking to recreate [chuckling] the 49ers of the '80s and '90s. you know? it's just not part of the future. >> the packers will host the giants this sunday at lambeau field. game time temperature is expected done under 20 degrees. but hey, at least there is no
6:56 pm
snow in the forecast. >> am i even talking? i can't even talk. do i look cold? >> it was cold. aaron rodgers won their final six games to chinch the nfc -- clinch the nfc north but the team will be ready for green bay. at the at least rodgers knows the former quarterbacks coach will be dressed for success. >> short sleeves under long sleeves under short sleeves has been -- and the moustache. said on the conference call today one of my favorite things the giants on tv now is seeing the kids in the crowd. ben is a character. he has a great sense of humor. >> mcadoo spent eight years with the packers so they know each other very well. he was a good hire by the giants smooth transition. he is a winner with the giants back on the right track. play-off football, who's ready, whoo! >> good weekend for it. >> for news throughout evening, the latest news and weather,
6:57 pm
always on ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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