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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 6, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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scene of a triple shooting... and the first homicides of the year in sa live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> a triple shooting at a bay area taqueria. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> kpix5's kiet do is there right now. ing an screaming." 21:23: >> reporter: yeah. the scene is still active. we're just 2 blocks east of story road here -- i should say king road here in east san jose. as we speak, the bodies of two victims are still inside the la mejor taqueria. san jose police have been heavily canvassing the area trying to talk to witnesses and piece together what happened. the san jose mercury news is reporting that witnesses told
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police around 7:45 tonight a gunman walked into the restaurant and opened fire on victims eating. three people were hit with at least one bullet each. two men died at the scene, the 3rd man taken to the hospital. the suspects fled in a vehicle. some workers we spoke with next- door came run is outside when they heard the screams. >> she was talking on the phone and all of a sudden she started saying come play with me, come play with me. she went outside and ran to the scene and just broke down screaming. >> reporter: this has been a spot that's been notorious over the years for shootings and other violence. we have been here several times over the past couple years. speaking of the crime rate, last year was particularly violent in san jose with 57 homicides, a 25 year high. these two homicides were the first of the year for 2017. kiet do, kpix5. let's take a live look outside right now. some parts of the bay area are
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under a freeze warning and then after the freeze get ready for some flooding. we have team coverage tonight. let's start with kpix5 paul deanno. >> the potential for flooding is there. the immediate concern is tomorrow morning. it will be very coal away from the -- cold away from the valley, lows as chilly as 25 degrees. that's happening tonight. what's not happening is anything on the radar. you like a dry radar, take a peek now. it's the last time you'll see it for about a week. the first watch issued is a winter storm watch because precipitation will start as snow in the sierra, up to 2 feet of snow by saturday afternoon, but look at the snow level, all the way up to 8,000 feet. everything besides 8,000 feet in elevation will receive a foot or more of rainfall in snow melt. that's why the flooding concern is so high. futurecast says we go from sunny to cloudy. the rain begins by this time
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tomorrow night, 11:00, and the steady soaking rains are there when you wake up saturday morning. it will be a weekend washout. some parts of the bay area will not get a break from the rain for 48 consecutive hours. rainfall totals and when it finally moves out coming up. tonight people staying at the thousand trails rv resort in morgan hill ordered out ahead of this weekend's monster storm. the nearby reservoir is already over 100% capacity and the creek it feeds runs directly under the park's only bridge. people sta >> because they're going to open the spillway at uvis and chances are the bridge will be overran with water and be impassable. it's understandable. you can't help mother nature. what you need is rain. >> people staying at the park have until 5 p.m. tomorrow to pack up and move. kpix5's andria borba tells us tonight bay area police are warning about the river of rain headed our way. >> we are less than 48 hours away from the storm hitting the
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bay area and preparation for potential damage is already underway with few people leaving anything up to chance. with shovels, front loaders and pilot lights pressed for the atmospheric river expected to bear down on all of northern california are well underway. in santa cruz the concern is the san lorenzo river jumping it's banks. >> those areas tend to flood when we get the big, large amounts of rain in a short period of time. >> reporter: in marin county, the old stand-by, sandbags were the lesson of the day. >> leigh some room to tie it off and keep it easy to work with. so the more sand, the heavier it is. >> reporter: in years past torrential rains and driving waters have turned parking lots in healdsburg to temporary kayaking ponds with some pickup inner tubing thrown in for good
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measure. outside san jose the threat of possible flooding, this video from 1997 when the merced river gurgled beyond flood stage leaving the yosemite valleyone giant lake. back in santa cruz it's not just keeping a watchful eye on the river while clearing creeks and storm drains and previous damage. >> we've had our public works crews clearing out the drains so when we do get heavy rain, it will drain properly. >> if you need sandbags, check with your local city, fire departments and hardware stores for help. andria borba, kpix5. in yuba county rain is already coming down. voluntary evacuation notices were issued in marysville where the area is prone to flooding. emergency officials expect the yuba river to reach a level of 83 feet by monday which would put it near flood stage. meanwhile heavy snow continues to fall in the sierra. it started on tuesday and by
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today there was already up to 84 inches at mammoth mountain, but they're expecting the weather to get wet later on this weekend. the question tonight in oakland, who would shoot at a car with a little girl inside? the girl was hit and she's in the hospital tonight. right now police are still searching for suspects? >> reporter: they sure are. that 22-month-old girl is in stable condition here at oakland children's hospital. we don't know exactly whether this is connected to any previous shootings, but the person who shot her tonight is still on the loose. >> all we ask for is prayer, nothing but prayer. >> reporter: a plea for divine intervention tonight after an explosion of gunfire in east oakland left this woman's toddler's cousin with a gunshot wound. >> i heard shots and i heard a car squealing away. >> reporter: the 22-month-old girl was in the car with her mother in the 6600 block of outlook when a stray round hit her.
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>> my heart goes out to her. it's senseless. >> reporter: police say this was a targeted shooting that came just 24 hours after the first homicide of the year in oakland. >> we always look to see is this retaliation or is this connected? we can't confirm that now, but our investigators are certainly looking in and following up to see what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: the toddler's relative denied it was retaliation, though she didn't know how she could everybody that. oakland police say the assistant police chief visited with the little girl's mother at the hospital today. the city's new police chief announced just yesterday has been briefed on the case. tonight police are cracking down, police in patrol cars and motorcycles stopping cars near olive in east oakland as part of a suppression effort all while the manhunt continues. >> and our primary concern is who is responsible for this shooting, identifying them and then locating them. >> reporter: now there was another shooting tonight just a few blocks from here at 62nd and herzog in oakland.
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it appeared to be a shootout between two cars. police say about a dozen shots were fired of one man was hit. tonight his condition is unclear and police aren't talking about whether this could have been connected to the shooting yesterday or the shooting of the 22-month-old girl today. live in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. remember the wall donald trump promised to build, the 1 along the u.s./mexico border? tonight veronica de la cruz tells us the president-elect plans to ask congress to put up the money. >> tonight donald trump appears to be backtracking on his key campaign promise. >> we are going to have a strong border. we have are going to build the wall. it will be a real wall, a real wall. who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who? >> mexico! >> by the way, 100%. not mexico >> but tonight gop sources say
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the president-elect is going to ask congress to put up the money to build it and not mexico. house leaders said they hope to fund the process through the appropriations as early as april. it is unclear how much that wall could cost. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> so does this mean that you, the taxpayer, will be on the hook for the bill? we asked kpix5 political reporter melissa caen. >> congress could say it's $400 billion to build several miles of this double border wall and then later go through various channels to try and recoup that amount from the government of mexico. for "directo intelligence >> we're also learning tonight this man is donald trump's pick for director of national intelligence. dan coates is a retired indiana senator who served on the intelligence committee where he was a tough critics of russian president vladimir putin. tomorrow donald trump will meet
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with directors of the fbi, cia and national intelligence to brief him on their findings over the alleged russian hacks. meanwhile vice president joe biden didn't mince word when it came to giving the president-elect some advice about his tweeting. >> grow up, donald. time to be an adult. you're president. you've got to do something. show us what you have. you're going to propose the legislation. we'll get to debate it. let the public decide. let them vote in congress. let's see what happens. >> this is not the first time biden spoke out about trump. in october biden said trump lacked sensessibility about the american people. bystanders unknowingly helped in the heist. this -- sensibility about the american people. this gunman terrorized an american bank, how some innocent bystanders unknowingly 4e7ed in the heist. >> turned -- helped in the heist. >> turned away at the door. >> tonight feed yo,,,,,,
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father: here we go. we're gonna go out there in the rain. you're gonna get wet. alright, here we go!
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baby: [squealing with joy] father: oh, yeah. yes! so much fun! you're so wet.
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tonight -- of a bizarre bank robbery in berkeley. joe vazquez shows us: some good samaritans unwittingly helped with the heist. we're lucky that nobody got hurt. track: the surveillance ows a robber wildly new video tonight of a bizarre bank robbery in berkeley, how some good samaritans unwittingly helped with the heist. employees and customers throw themselves down on the floor, dramatic, but that's not how it starts out. at first the robber is calm, walks into the wells fargo on university and berkeley, hands the tell are a note demand -- teller a note demanding money. that teller refuses to give him anything, so he goes to the next one. again the bank employee decides not to give him any cash. the tellers take cover against the bandit. they call those windows barriers. watch what happens next. the robber gets frustrated, pulls out a pistol and points it at people. now he goes to a third teller,
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points back at a customer. at that point the tell are gives him the -- teller gives him the loot. >> you carry a pistol like that, point it at people, you never know. you could get startled, get mad and accidentally discharge the weapon. so it's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: it was stormy that day. when the rob earn came out of the bank -- robber came out of the bank, wind blew his cash all over the sidewalk. people caught it and gave it back to him not knowing he just robbed the bank. he's 40 to 60 years old, african american, about 6 feet tall. wells fargo is offering a $5,000 reward leading to his capture and conviction. in berkeley joe vazquez, kpix5. san jose the police arrested four more men in connection to the shooting death of a teenager. the suspects age 19 to 24 were arrested this week and face murder and accessory charges. they were all booked into the
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santa clara jail. the shooting happened on august 15th last year. two men were shot, one of them just 16 years old pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say the victims were in their car on north white road when shots were fired. one other suspect was arrested shortly after the shooting. the motive is still unclear. an nfl star reaching out to the family of a bay area man shot and killed while playing pokemon go. patriots quarterback tom brady wrote them a letter. the victim, 20-year-old calvin riley, played baseball for sarah high school in san mateo, the same school that brady attended. calvin was killed near san francisco's gear -- geredelli square. >> i've had different people pick me up at difference times and just a -- you always appreciate those things and you
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always remember them. >> calvin's father said the handwritten letter meant so much to him, especially because his son loved tom brady. thousands of santa clara county workers will be staying home again tomorrow after a power outage blacked out the main administration building in san jose. the office on west heading street handles things like building permits, marriage licenses, birth certificates. about the only people there today working were the sheriff's deputies turning people away at the door. >> we just got here, looked at the doors, said it was going to be closed all day. so it's kind of a bummer, came from about two hours out of town. >> we're told the transformer that feeds the main administration building in the d.a.'s office blew overnight. crews are working on repairs. the office should be reopened on monday. doctors have some new advice how to keep kids from developing potentially deadly peanut allergies. turns outs everything you thought you knew may be wrong.
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maria medina fills us in. >> reporter: you may know him as kpix5 reporter kiet do, but he's also a husband and dad. >> so these are the epipens. >> reporter: a dad to a little boy allergic to peanuts. >> his throat will start tightening up. his body will start developing rashes and hives. >> reporter: kiet and his wife discovered lucas' allergy at about a year old after he ate a peanut butter sandwich. doctors told them then keep them far away from peanuts. >> the worst case scenario is when their throat opens up and they can't breathe. that is just scary. >> reporter: but now parents are told to do the exact opposite, introduce high risk food to babies containing peanuts according to the national institute of allergies and infectious diseases. >> we're say going do it in these high risk children. we have need to get peanut into their diet early to try to prevent peanut allergy. >> it is a little scary to
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think that here's a thing this peanut that they're telling to us avoid like the plague but say give it to your kid early. >> reporter: lucas has been rushed to the e.r. about a half dozen times and his parents now carry an epipen wherever they go. >> this would essentially save his life, yes. >> reporter: but kiet's advice? given what doctors are recommending a shot. >> this could save you a lifetime of fear and anxiety. >> reporter: kiet and his wife actually introduced peanuts to lucas when he was just 6 months old, but maybe not enough. according to the new guidelines, you have to give them regularly and in the first four to six months. two backcountry skiers are safe tonight after triggering an avalanche on mount rose. the snow came tumbling down that mountain hitting a few cars forcing crews to close the state highway between reno and lake tahoe. the skiers were wearing locator beacons and survival gear.
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the fire department says they were in good condition when they were pulled out of the snow. a total of 70 inches of snow has fallen on mount rose since sunday. now crews are setting off the manmade snow slides to prevent more avalanches. >> got to be careful. we got a little break from the weather today. >> we needed it because mother nature is reloading with a more significant wetter it and warmer storm move -- wetter and warmer storm moving in this weekend. kpix5 hi-def doppler this evening is dry, clear and really chilly outside. livermore is down to 34, santa rosa 32, 30s in concord, oakland 43, san jose 41. how chilly do we get tonight before the storm rolls in? freezing or colder. redwood city, fremont, san jose, concord 29, napa 29, santa rosa 25. so a freeze warning in effect tonight. don't worry about that the next couple days. as a matter of fact, saturday will likely hit 62 or 63 degrees in parts of the bay
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area because our source of air is not coming down from canada anymore. it's coming from honolulu, literally a pineapple express. the storm is poised to make it here tomorrow night and last all the way through monday morning, all of saturday, all of sunday wet. look at what happens saturday morning. futurecast, we'll stop things. the rain gets moderate but not the heaviest stuff. i think you'll begin doubting my forecast around 3:00 or 4:00 saturday afternoon when the rain gets a bit light. look what happens. the rain picks up in intensity saturday night, pours all night long and through sunday morning into the afternoon. as a matter of fact, now it looks like sunday may be three times wetter than saturday and saturday will be pretty wet. so you add everything up. how much rain do we get this weekend? in the santa cruz up to 10 inches of rain. that's why it's one of the hotspots for the biggest
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flooding and mudslide concerns this weekend, even the south bay up to 3 inches of rainfall, east bay 4 inches of rainfall, the north bay 1/2 a foot in the mountains and the city of san francisco may get 4 inches of rain this weekend. the average for the entire month of january is a touch over 4 inches. that's a month's worth of rain in two days. so soaking rain and likely windy the majority of the weekend. only minor flooding is forecast for the napa and russian river. that's good because significant widespread flooding is likely in the santa cruz mountains, sierra and central valley. tomorrow we're dry until late at night. san rafael 49, wet and windy saturday and sunday, more so sunday. there's a little break monday, but more rain tuesday and a different storm moving in thursday, albeit not as strong. very wet this weekend, a bit of a lull saturday afternoon, really picks up saturday night and sunday is the day with heightened flood concerns. >> we're prepared.
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here a the late well, thin is in, tonight a sneak peek at the future of television. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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thin is in at this year's consumer electronic show, oh. >> tonight we're looking at the tv of the future. take a look at these tv screens. lg's w model is thinner than two dimes stacked together, light enough they can be hung with magnets on the wall, 65- inch model weighing just 18
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pounds. wires and cables plug into a sound bar that provides the audio. what makes the thinness possible? organic light emitting diodes. >> oh. >> they really run circles around lcd in terms of giving you that superb picture quality from every angle, great deep black levels, all that excellent color. >> l.e.d.'s are getting thin. expect to pay about $10,000 when the lg tv goes on sale in the spring. >> but will it make us look thinner? that would make it worth it. >> nobody will pay 10 grand for a tv. >> there are some people that would. remember the plasma tvs? those were expensive when they first came out. we'll have the latest on the 49ers front office search, a shocker in san jose tonight. >> and can the bears pull off an upset? hint, it was,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hous the nissan sports report
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coming up next on kpix5. >> touchdown in houston tonight for savage's wildcard game against the texans. connor cook will start for oakland and the raiders could be without offensive lineman donald penn who did not practice this week after injuring his knee last weekend. the 49ers interviewed elliott wolf for the general manager vacancy earlier today. wolf worked in the packers front office in 2004. jed york wants to fix the culture, but steve young said that doesn't mean recreating the culture from the glory days. >> people also need to recognize that when eddy lost the team and denise got the team, there is a tremendous acrimony between the parties and so the past, that 49er past, is gingerly embraced, but they certainly aren't looking to recreate the 49ers of the '80s and '90s. it's not part of that. >> but a little input wouldn't
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be bad. snoop dogg wondering if there would be a bone thrown to the dog tonight. an 11-0 bruins run, but everyone talking about batman, high off the glass. bruins beat cal, 81-71, bears 1- 2 in conference. warriors gm bob meyers working overtime at the hilltop. jordan matthews doing his curvey short thing. that will bring rain tomorrow night, trust me. maybe the zags just like rainbow jumpers. check out nigel williams, three of his career high 36, no upset tonight. does anybody in this audience even remember short? bulldogs win it 95-80, remain unbeaten this season. see the shirt behind pete debore? the wild didn't read it. san jose had a 4-2 lead, gave it back on this goal and they,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert is next. join us tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> have a good night! ,,
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