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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and i'm kenny choi. we have good morning. it's friday, january 6. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we have breaking news in oakland. firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire. this video just into our newsroom within the last hour of flames tearing through that building. it is happening near harrison street and bayou vista. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the good news is that the fire is out. firefighters were able to put it out within about an hour and a half. they are making sure now there are no hot spots and trying to figure out which apartment that residents will be able to return to this morning. we know that six apartments in this building are damaged. take a look at these flames though. it started on the first floor
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and spread to all three floors of this building. the smoke alarms appeared to be working and the people living in all 12 units were able to make it out. >> we protect the exposure around the fire building. also, the smoke detectors went on and it's great for residents to make sure and homeowners also that the smoke detectors work due to working smoke detectors, um, everyone gets out safely. >> reporter: the preliminary cause now possibly an electric blanket that started fire on the first floor. we know that two people were injured in the fire due to smoke inhalation. they were not sent to the hospital and will be okay. back out here live now in oakland, beo vista closed and will be for hours.
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anne makovec, kpix 5. it might not look bad this morning but local law enforcement is warning the entire bay area that a river of rain is headed our way. it's a once in every five to 25- year storm. and as it moves in and settled over northern california expect to see scenes like this from the coast all the way to the mountains. the high country is getting pounded by snow. mammoth mountain got 7 feet of snow in the last two days and it's not done yet. roberta is tracking the storm. >> another two feet of snow will accumulate above 8500 feet. otherwise rain below that. so that's why we're anticipating major flooding in the high sierra and urban and small stream flooding here locally. lots to talk about. let's get to it. live hi-def doppler radar no rain as of yet. in fact, it's clear and it is frigid. temperature-wise into the 30s and 40s around the peninsula just above freezing in redwood city, mountain view, and the
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south bay in san jose. around the rim of the bay in the 30s and 40s. it's freezing in the tri- valley. 28 degrees in santa rosa but when you factor in a northwest wind at 5 we have a wind chill that makes it feel like it's 23 degrees out the door. freeze warning in effect until 9 a.m. meanwhile, this is what you need to know on this friday. we will be noting increasing clouds, saturday and sunday, stormy conditions both days with sunday being the worst day of the two. in the extended forecast, more rain ahead. today temperature-wise into the 40s and 50s. that's as good as it gets. we are tracking the incoming storm. we are on storm watch here at kpix 5. and one area already taking action, maria medina in morgan hill. >> reporter: good morning, roberta. we just spoke to a man a few minutes ago and he said he is cutting his vacation one day short because there is an order here at the thousand oaks campground behind me to get out
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by 5 p.m. a lot of people live here as full-timers and they are no strangers to flooding. this was the scene just last year captured on cell phone video by a woman who lived here after heavy rain rains caused the uvas reservoir to spill over into the uvas river which runs through the thousand trails campground. it runs under a bridge that's the only way in and out of the campground. they were told to suddenly evacuate and they were only given minutes to get out. >> we just thought about get over that bridge and then we'll figure it out later. >> we'll lose our trailer and everything inside it. [ no audio ] >> reporter: ... they are used to flooding over here. they have heard these orders before. this year, the owner of thousand trails is telling people they can stay at a nearby rv park. and right now, the uvas reservoir is at more than 100% capacity so there is that high possibility that we are going
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to see dramatic flooding much more dramatic than we saw in the cell phone video last year. that man we spoke to just a few minutes ago, he said that the uvas river is two to three feet under the bridge right now and normally it's about 10 feet under the bridge so you can see just by hearing that, what they're going through back there. live in morgan hill, maria medina, kpix 5. thank you. we have our entire team watching the storm. roqui has her eyes on the road. >> i do. thank you. let's take a look at the altamont pass our major traffic of the morning so far. and it was bad yesterday. and it's worse today! coming out of tracy you're moving at just 23 miles per hour! and look at this. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass along 580 westbound will now take you 87 minutes. that's almost an hour and a half there. so this is all due to an earlier multi-vehicle crash involving seven cars here after north flynn road. that's been moved off to the
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shoulder. but that backup will cause problems. so if this is part of your morning commute, give yourself some extra time or avoid it altogether. moving over to the dublin interchange, altamont pass to 680 will take 15 minutes. then if you are traveling into the peninsula from hayward to foster city, traffic is moving well from 880 to 101. and then the south bay commute looking good. right? 101 northbound, 280/680 split to highway 237 that will take you 17 minutes. that's our only slow portion of the south bay. 280 northbound and 87 northbound are looking good. but there have been reports of black ice on highway 17 near the lexington reservoir. so watch out for that. and also watch out for that along the altamont pass, as well. moving over now to mass transit, everything is on time. bart, ace and muni. check ferries schedules online for changes on the ferry today. roqui, thank you. now to breaking news out of san francisco where police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting
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near capital and montana. right now officers remain on the scene investigating. streets in the area are blocked off right now and details limited. but we are working with sfpd to get more information about this situation. as soon as we get an update, we'll bring it to you. developing now in san jose, three people were shot at a restaurant and now police are looking for the suspect. it happened around 8:00 last night at la major taqueria on story road. a witness says the suspects walked into the shop and started shooting. after the attack, they got away in a car. >> she was talking on the phone and all of a sudden she started saying, like, don't play with me, don't play with me. and she went outside and she ran to the scene and, um, she just broke down crying and she was screaming. >> police say three men were shot. two of them died at the scene. and the third was rushed to the hospital. no suspects at this time. later today donald trump is expected to be officially
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declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election. members of congress are coming together to finish counting the electoral college votes. unless something unexpected happens, he will be sworn in on january 20th. donald trump is set to be briefed on russia's alleged hacking of the election. top officials will present their report to the president- elect today. among them will be director james clapper. he testified on capitol hill yesterday. >> the hacking, um, was only one part of it, um, and it also entailed, um, you know, classical propaganda, um, disinformation and fake news. >> sources telling cbs news that the moves were intended to hurt hillary clinton's candidacy. but officials confirmed russia did not change the vote tally. >> vice president joe biden was
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on the newshour last night. >> grow up, donald. grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you got to do something. show us what you have. you're going to propose in the legislation. we're going to get to debate it. let the "public" decide. let them vote in congress. let's see what happens. >> that was the vice president responding to a question about the president-elect's tweets. president-elect donald trump has not responded. meanwhile, the final jobs report of obama's presidency has just come out. the u.s. economy added 156,000 jobs in december. the unemployment rate went up to 4.7%. hourly pay is up 2.9% from a year earlier. that's the biggest increase in more than seven years. in just a few hours, several lawmakers will be in san francisco to encourage young women to get involved in politics. ignite is hosting the event at linkedin's headquarters. it starts at 8 a.m. the group says several female politicians will be there including rosie rios, the 43rd
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treasurer of the united states. right now, an astronaut is making history in space. here's a live look at the international space station. a woman is currently the oldest woman to go on a spacewalk. last year she was the oldest woman in space. she and fellow astronaut shane kimbrough are replacing some new lithium ion batteries for storing solar power on the iss. it's expected to take them about 7 hours. >> very cool. time now 6:10. still ahead, gone with the wind! strangers accidentally helped a bank robber when the stolen cash flies out of his hands. [ yelling ] >> terrifying moments plus a skier loses consciousness as he dangles from a ski lift. we're hearing from the man who climbed across the wires to save him.
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>> wow! good morning, everybody. from the kpix weather center, we are on storm watch! i'll tell you exactly when to expect the heaviest rain. >> and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco looking good. more coming up. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. other parts of the country are dealing with wild winter conditions this morning. it is 6:14 on this friday, january 6. we are clear skies out there now as we take a beautiful view of the transamerica pyramid. a flag on the fly at nob hill. winds blowing up to 5 to 10 miles per hour adding injury to insult. we have temperatures currently from 27 degrees in santa rosa to 32 degrees in redwood city. cold today, but we're bracing for the storm. we have storm watch coming up
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in four minutes. other parts of the country are dealing with wild winter conditions this morning. >> more than 2 feet of snow on the ground in parts of upstate new york. the storm caused white-out conditions for drivers yesterday. the roads were so bad, several school buses also got stranded. parents had to pick up their kids from an elementary school near buffalo around 2 a.m. >> scary. it was scary not knowing, you know, the whereabouts, i didn't know what school he was at, at first. and then he had called. they let the kids call. >> the storm is expected to move south. officials in alabama and georgia say that they are in emergency mode as they prepare for sleet and snow. a day on the slopes for some skiers in colorado took a turn for the worse when a man got caught on one of the ski lifts. officials say the straps of his backpack were stuck in the chair and wrapped around his neck. his friend was riding in the chair behind him and jumped into action. >> i looked at the tower. he looked at the cable going
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down from the tower to him. and i said, i can climb up that tower and scoot down it and get to him and -- and -- and make this rescue go faster. >> well, olson was able to climb to his friend's chair. a ski patroller tossed him a knife to cut the strap. his friend was rushed to the hospital and treated for broken ribs and he is now recovering at home. very "lucky" that his friend got to him in time too. >> a good samaritan for sure. >> no. he sounded like dead pool. i got this. i got this. [ laughter ] >> yeah, right? >> he is like sylvester stallone in cliffhanger where he goes across the rope to save the girl. >> where's our movie reference, michelle. >> i don't know. i'm trying to tie in breakfast club. >> one movie reference per four-shot! [ laughter ] >> don't you just hate when that happens? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. all right. traffic? >> yeah. why not? [ laughter ] to the altamont pass. this is the major issue of the morning due to a multi-vehicle crash from earlier involving seven cars there. it's been a bunch of different
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small crashes along the way because of black ice. so along the altamont pass, you're at 30 miles per hour much better than 10 miles per hour from earlier. so now north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass 89 minutes. that's a commute there! so i suggest you give yourself a lot of extra time or avoid it altogether. you do free up through livermore on to the dublin interchange where it slows down a bit here. altamont pass to 680 will take you 15 minutes. from hayward to foster city on the peninsula slowing down a bit but otherwise looking better than the altamont pass. so 880 to 101 will take you about 15 minutes. along the nimitz nimitz looking good 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze will take 16 minutes and expect those metering lights to be on at the bay bridge toll plaza. that drive will take you 14. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. let's do this. we have some business to tend to here! ! it's live, it's hi-def doppler radar. we are in search of raindrops
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none yet but you will need your sunglasses out the door and bundle up. so far no reports of delays at sfo but they will be certain over the weekend. clear decide and below freezing in santa rosa. 27 degrees, clear skies and below freezing in santa rosa. wind chill 23 degrees. that's what it feels like as you step out the door. otherwise, it's in the low 40s around the mission district backing through golden gate park. oakland is at 37 degrees around the port of oakland and meanwhile, it's freezing in redwood city. it's 33 degrees in san jose. freeze warning in effect until 9 a.m. here's what you need to know. i have a storm update for you. nothing has changed except for the speed of the system. soaking rain and winds likely for most of the weekend. the bay area will experience minor flooding for the napa river and the russian river. significant flooding santa cruz mountains, sierra nevada and the central valley due to runoff. here's the deal. we have been talking about atmospheric river. this is what it looks like. this is the plume of clouds
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leading this river of rain tapping into the tropics directly towards the bay area. the target areas are santa cruz mountains back through big sur. futurecast, here come the clouds, we will be cloudy by the evening commute. now, the speed of the precipitation has increased. we're talking about 9:00 tonight. the rain begins in the santa cruz mountains. overnight, some heavy rain. you wake up, we are getting pounded in the santa cruz mountains back through morgan hill. by the way, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. tomorrow "kpix 5 morning news" will keep you updated on the potential of flooding. then throughout the day, we begin to see the showers lighten up. we are going to say, what is everybody jumping up and down about? that wasn't so bad. heaviest rain overnight saturday night into sunday morning. blasted with heavy winds in excess of 40 miles an hour in the higher elevations. stay home sunday morning. sunday during the day we'll see the flooding effects around the bay area with the potential of urban and small stream flooding. rain will linger into monday
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morning. we'll tally it up like this. a half to full foot of rain in throughout the santa cruz mountains. three inches to six inches san francisco around the peninsula. two to four south bay. up to 5 to the east up to 7 to the north. that's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. rain-snow tomorrow in the tahoe forecast. we have a winter weather watch in effect for the high sierra. two feet of snow above 9,000 feet and rain below that. 7:25 official sunrise. temperatures today cool, brisk, 40s and 50s. northwest winds to 15. once it starts raining on saturday, really doesn't stop until early monday morning. another storm on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday of next week. [ laughter ] >> it's just going to pour again. >> where is she going? [ laughter ] >> and she is going and going. >> like the energizer bunny. >> that's roberta. berkeley police are looking for a bank robbery suspect who initially got rejected by
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tellers when he pushed for some cash. yeah. then the man turned the tables when he pointed his gun at customers. new surveillance video shows the suspect walked into wells fargo on university with a note demanding money. two tellers safe behind bulletproof glass wouldn't give in. but after he pointed his weapon at people in line a third teller gave him the money. that employee was right to act fast, according to police. >> you carry a pistol like that pointing at people you never know, he could get startled, he could get mad. he might discharge it at somebody. so it's a very dangerous situation. >> rain and winds were strong so some people help the suspect pick up cash he lost after running out the door. this wells fargo branch is offering a $5,000 reward for arrest and conviction. good morning, everybody! i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a shocker in san jose last night. and an upset. it was a slam-dunk. coming up. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the raiders touched down in houston last night for the wild card game tomorrow against the texans. rookie quarterback connor cook will start for oakland. but the raiders could also be without offensive lineman donald penn who did not practice this week after injuring his knee last weekend. snoop dogg wondering if ucla would throw cal a bone in westwood last night. tj lee coming into cal's doghouse. that was part of an 11-0 bruins run but everybody talking about the freshman, good reason. high off the glass, alford had 24. i guess it pays to be the coach's son. bruins beat cal 81-71. the bears are 1-2 in conference.
6:26 am
warriors gm bob myers working overtime at the hilltop. jordan matthews doing his purvis short thing. that will bring rain tonight. trust me. maybe the zags just like rainbow jump shots. that's williams three of his career high 36. no upset city last night. bulldogs win 95-80. they remain unbeaten on the season. see this shirt behind pete deboer? the minnesota wild didn't read it last night. san jose had a 4-2 lead gave it away in just three minutes. nico koivu passed someone in goal. it sent the sharks to the third straight loss, 5-4 the final. tonight a raiders special on the eve of that play-off game. vern glenn is in houston. i will be with jeremy newberry on our special set to kick off
6:27 am
play-off coverage tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a dry weekend. a lot of rain is headed our way. i'm kenny choi. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time is 6-- re following break good morning, it's friday, january 6. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we're following some breaking news in san francisco. police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting near capital and montana. new video just into our newsroom showing officers wheeling a man out of a nearby building and putting him inside an ambulance. street are blocked off right now. details are limited but we are working with sfpd to get more information about this. as soon as we get some more information, we'll bring it to you and give you an update. for now, we are keeping an eye on the storm this morning.
6:31 am
snow is pounding the sierra. at mammoth mountain nearly 7 feet of snow has fallen in less than two days and it's not done yet. >> and at lower elevations, the rain is already coming down. this is what it looked like in yuba county. some areas could see up to 8 inches. we have team coverage of preps for the storm. maria medina is live in morgan hill where evacuations are in place but let's start with roberta tracking conditions right now. we are on storm watch here on kpix 5. our live hi-def doppler radar not picking up rain here as of yet. it is clear and cold. but we have it fired up. in fact, we have our radar site at mount umunum. you see it over the santa cruz mountain area. we are our site at mount vaca. we even have the eureka radar sight up and going. we'll keep you posted as raindrops move closer to the bay area. right now we have a cold start to your day. upper 30s in half moon bay.
6:32 am
we're nearly freezing in redwood city and mountain view. frost on the lawns in livermore through the tri-valley. 28 degrees in santa rosa with the northwest wind at 5 making it feel like a wind chill of 23 degrees. it is 30 in napa. freeze warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. but the other story, the big headline, happens to be we are under storm watch. increasing clouds today, leading to a very stormy weekend. sunday being the worst of the two days coming up. the extended forecast calls for more rainy days so we are going to see a lot of saturation here all the way until tuesday january 17. that's when i see the abundance of sunshine returning to the bay area. so futurecast illustrates that the rain should move into the santa cruz mountains. perhaps even into the peninsula, light rain, by about 9:00 tonight. and then saturday morning, some pretty heavy rain and, in fact, "kpix 5 morning news" will be on the air from 7 to 8 a.m. keeping updated on the rain. in the afternoon you say no big
6:33 am
deal? what are y'all talking about? we'll see a lull in the activity before the heaviest rainfall moves in saturday night overnight through your sunday morning. showers into monday. backing up today sunny with increasing clouds cool and temperatures in the upper 40s and in the 50s. we'll continue to monitor the storm that's moving into the area but right now, let's take an area already heeding the warning. maria medina is live in morgan hill. >> reporter: good morning, roberta. yeah, they are being told to evacuate here at thousand trails campground. they have until 5 p.m. tonight to get out because there is a potential of them being trapped in the campground when the waters rise over here or even worse yet their homes could be flooded out. they have been through this before. take a look at this. this is the scene from last year. cell phone video taken by a woman who lives here when heavy
6:34 am
rains caused the uvas reservoir to spill over and into the uvas river. that river runs through the thousand trails campground. it runs under a bridge. that's the only way in and out of here. they were suddenly told to evacuate and they only have minutes to get out. >> hopefully i'll come back to a trailer, if not, i don't know. i don't know. honestly i just know that me and my kids and my family are safe. >> reporter: what a scary thing to go through not to know if your home will be standing there once you come back. now, a lot of people last year were told to go to a nearby church to stay there until the waters receded. this year the owner of the rv park is telling them that they can stay at a nearby rv park not too far from here. now, right now the uvas reservoir is at more than 100% capacity. so there is that potential of flooding this weekend come that big storm and we did speak to a
6:35 am
man just a few minutes ago and he says right now, the river is about 2 to 3 feet under the bridge when normally it's under 10 feet. live in morgan hill, maria medina, kpix 5. 6:35 right now. let's check the traffic with roqui. >> thank you, michelle. okay, let's head to the richmond/san rafael bridge. right now, the roadways are looking good throughout the bay area. we just have one hot spot this morning that we'll get to. right now the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza looking good. that area here. now moving over to the golden gate bridge from marin county into the golden gate toll plaza that will take you about 14 minutes. if you are heading from santa rosa to the golden gate bridge, make sure you're looking out for black ice along 101. chp and caltrans are out there trying to handled and remove that ice from the roads right now. moving over to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have metering lights on starting to back traffic up towards the maze here the maze to downtown about 19 minutes. but otherwise, you're looking good on the nimitz freeway and
6:36 am
on the san mateo bridge. the altamont pass. yesterday was terrible. this morning is terrible, as well. coming off 205 you're at just about 30 miles per hour. this is do you to an earlier multi-vehicle crash a lot of other small crashes along the way due black ice so drive carefully this morning. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. now crews are on the scene of an apartment fire in oakland. flames tore through the building forcing residents to flee their units. it's happening near harrison street and beo vista. kpix 5's anne makovec is there with the latest reporter: roads closed in the area and firefighters assessing the damage in the building behind me on harrison. the fire is out. 6 apartments in this building though are damaged. this started on the first floor at 4 a.m. and spread to all three floors of the building. the smoke alarms appeared to be working and the people living in all 12 units were able to
6:37 am
make it out. the fire was coming out on the front of the structure and with the flames lapping up to the second floor and then they lap up to the third floor. >> reporter: two people had minor smoke inhalation. they weren't sent to the hospital. they will be okay. the cause appears to be a blanket left next to a wall heater that got -- that caught fire from the wall heater. but the investigation continues. and the streets here will be close down for the next couple of hours. the red cross helping 14 people who have been displaced. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. new england patriots quarterback tom brady reached out to the family of a man shot and killed in san francisco. the victim, 20-year-old calvin riley, played baseball for
6:38 am
serra high school in san mateo, where brady attended years earlier. riley was killed in san francisco while playing the "pokemon go" game last summer. braidcy says he was moved to write the family a letter. >> i was just something that, you know, that i thought i could do to maybe raise their spirits a little bit. i have had different people pick me up at different times and, um, just always appreciate those things and you always remember them. >> riley's father says that the handwritten letter meant a lot to him especially because his son was a fan of tom brady. this morning, a rent control battle in contra costa county is expected to become a legal fight. the california apartment association says it plans to file a complaint against the city of richmond in court today. this over a rent control measure that was passed in november. the measure is expected to prohibit landlords from evicting tenants without cause. but the group says it's unconstitutional for a variety of reasons and that it was, quote, sloppily drafted.
6:39 am
new details on the investigation into a train derailment in brooklyn. federal officials say it was traveling at least double the speed limit when it crashed on wednesday morning. it was heading into a station when it slammed into a platform. authorities say that it should only have been going about 5 miles an hour when it entered the terminal. more than 100 people were hurt. but everyone is expected to survive. if you still have a galaxy note 7 your phone officially will stop working today. at&t and verizon pushed out a new software update that stops the phones from charging or connecting to cell networks. samsung recalled all of the devise last year after some of them overheated and caught fire. the company says it was caused by defect in the battery. time now 6:39. ♪[ music ] >> still ahead, a leap of faith one century in the making. >> oh, wow! ha ha! wonderful! >> we'll show you the jump that got this man in the record books. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we take a look at the board,
6:40 am
the dow is down right now 49 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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6:42 am
6:43 am
including an intriguing move by cupertino- based apple and the final jobs report before president obama leaves office. all that and more... from k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jason brooks. plenty of business news including intriguing news about apple and the final jobs report before president obama is out. >> kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> we saw a big jump in wage growth in december. the labor department says average hourly earnings were up 2.9%. strongest gain since june of 2009. this as the economy added 156,000 jobs. that was below expectations.
6:44 am
but november was revised higher so that made up the difference. the unemployment rate went higher to 4.7%. but that was because more people were looking for work and that's a sign of confidence that people would find working the economy. the wage growth likely keeps the fed on course with its plan for three rate hikes this year as that will likely push inflation higher in the coming months, the fed wants to stay ahead of that. apple's 2016 financial performance didn't meet its goals. as a result the company cut ceo tim cook's pay last year. cook's total compensation in 2016 fell to $8.7 million from $1,203,000,000 the year before. and other top managers -- from $10.3 million the year before. and other top managers had problems as companies missed their financial targets. they still had $60 billion in profits but apple had higher expectations than those numbers. good news for gap. its sales were better than expected in the holiday season compared to the year earlier. old navy did a lot of the heavy lifting with sales up 12%.
6:45 am
gap shares were on the rise. overall the market pulling back a little bit this morning. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. dow dropping by 46 points. nasdaq though is up by 7 after it closed at a record high yesterday. the s&p is down 2 points in the early going. back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio. thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. ahead, what to expect from president-elect trump's meeting today with u.s. intelligence leaders. top adviser kellyanne conway will join us. >> in her first tv interview the parents of steven sotloff killed in syria speak out their reactions to america's no ransom policy in a preview of "60 minutes." and in seaworld the orca show is being phased out. how the park is working to rebrand itself. see you at 7:00.
6:46 am
>> have a great weekend. >> thank you, you, too. >> thanks. here in the bay area, it's going to be wet. we are keeping an/on the roads and the. >> he yes, i -- we're keeping an eye on the roads and the weather. >> thank you. the roads are looking good right now except for the altamont pass which we'll get to. but first, let's start with mass transit. we have a couple of updates for you. for bart, it's on time right now. but over the weekend, the pittsburg-bay point line will be delayed up to 20 minutes due to some track work that they will be doing. ace train is on time. muni is on time. and let's get to the ferries here. the vallejo-to-san francisco bay ferry is 8:30 a.m., that ferry will be serviced by bus only and then the noon ferry from vallejo to san francisco will be canceled due to mechanical problems. now over to the san francisco- to-vallejo ferry. 2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. will be serviced by buses, as well. so for more updates check
6:47 am moving over now to the roads, our bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are on the maze to do you understand will take upper deck to 20 minutes. from 880 to 101 traffic shot but it will slow down to 20 minutes. this is our problem for the last two days actually. westbound 580 after north flynn road, that multi-vehicle crash is causing chaos and problems because of black ice so at 30 miles per hour along the altamont pass. and currently north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass that commute is up to 60 minutes so afternoon entire hour there. if you are taking that to the altamont pass to 680, 16 minutes. moving over to some good news, let's talk about the basketball. enough of traffic. grizzlies versus the warriors game time 7:30 p.m. so expect delays on the nimitz. >> it will be a great game.
6:48 am
good morning, turning 6:48 in just 8 seconds from now. it's live, it's our hi-def doppler radar. we have it cranked up ready to roll. no rain as of yet. in fact, we have some pretty clear skies out there and as a result, it is cold with that colder air mass slipping in. sfo no airport delays there. mineta or oakland international airport. only airport delays i could find this morning is at l.a.x. and also at laguardia. otherwise take a look at the temperatures. in fact in santa rosa, 27 degrees northwest breeze at 5. wind chill makes it feel like it's 23 out the door. bundle up out the door. you can grab your sunglasses, you can still put away the umbrella until tomorrow. temperatures going up into the 40s today. soaking rain and wind for the weekend. the bay area will experience minor flooding for the napa and russian rivers. significant flooding santa cruz mountains, the sierra nevada, up to 15 inches of rain expected at lake level, and in
6:49 am
the central valley a lot of runoff. here's the plume -- remember i have been talking about the atmospheric river for days and days? this is a great picture. this is what it looks like. this right here is the path, the plume of clouds, see that blue right there? that's the river of rain that's going to slam into the santa cruz mountains. that's pretty much the targeted area all the way into big sur. so i want to watch futurecast. we're already seeing the increasing clouds here in the bay area. now kind of speeds up the arrival of the rain pushing into the bay area about 9:00 tonight. that's light rain. then saturday morning, you will hear the raindrops on your rooftops. by the way, "kpix 5 morning news" begins at 7:00 in the morning. we'll keep you updated on the flooding that will happen as a result of this rain. maybe not so much in the afternoon hours, we have a little bit of a break. you're to say, what rain? the heaviest rain saturday night and sunday morning. the training effect, heavy rain and gusty winds to 40 miles per hour, sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. lingering showers into early monday. we'll tally it up like this. a half foot of rain in santa
6:50 am
cruz mountains to a full foot, two to four inches across the santa clara valley. san francisco peninsula three to six inches of rains up to five to the east, seven to the north a lot of rain in a short amount of time. today good skiing. winter storm watch in the weekend. two feet of snow above 9,000 feet. rain lake level. temperatures 40s and 50s here locally today. once it starts raining on saturday, really not stopping until maybe the afternoon hours on monday. then yet another storm for tuesday that will linger into wednesday. another storm for thursday into your friday. a bigger storm next weekend. not as big as this one. we are on storm watch. gang? >> thank you. a man in texas celebrated his 100th birthday in the sky. >> he leaped out of a plane and went skydiving. take a look at this.
6:51 am
>> here we are! almost 9,000 feet! we got two minutes left. how do you feel? >> wonderful. i'm ready to go! i'm ready to jump! >> yeah. what a trooper. this is video of al's jump on wednesday. [chuckling] >> look at him. before this, he had never been skydiving. his family came up with the idea three years ago but he said he wanted to wait until he was 100. >> al what did you think of that? >> oh!! wow! [ laughter ] >> wonderful! >> pretty amazing, isn't it? >> fantastic! >> he is a cool cat. al now shares the record for oldest person in the country to go skydiving. he could beat it though. he plans to do it get in four years when his grandsons graduate from college. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:55 am
scene of an officer involved shooting... near capitol and montana. s officers ive things to know at the :55. san francisco police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting near capital and montana. new video showing officers wheeling a man out of a nearby building and putting him inside an ambulance. streets are blocked off right now. police in san jose are looking for any suspects in connection with a deadly shooting at a restaurant. authorities say someone walked in and shot three men at a taqueria. two of them died. there is no information on the suspect respect or a motive. intelligence officials are meeting with donald trump today to brief him on their conclusion that russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election. sources telling cbs news that the move was intended to hurt hillary clinton. but russia did not change the vote tally. the storm that hit the bay area is hitting the deep south. it will bring snow and freezing rain from alabama through to
6:56 am
north carolina. some airlines are preparing for delays. closer to home crews are preparing for rain. in morgan hill, people staying at he thousand trails rv park are being told to evacuate because of potential flooding. some parts of the bay could see up to 8 inches of rain. i'm anne makovec live at the scene of an apartment fire that appears to have started by a blanket that was too close to a wall heater. here's a look at the flames after they broke out at about 4 a.m. it started on the first floor and spread quickly to all three floors. the smoke detectors were working and people living in all 12 units got out. >> it's great for residents to make sure and homeowners also that smoke detectors work due to working smoke detectors, everyone got out safely. >> reporter: two people were injured. it looks like they have smoke
6:57 am
inhalation. but they were not sent to the hospital. so they will be okay. back out here live at beo vista and harrison the outside of the apartment building is all right. firefighters still assessing the damage as the red cross tries to help 14 people who have at least temporarily been left homeless because of the fire. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. thank you, anne. okay, it's 6:57. that means it's time to look at your traffic throughout the bay area. starting with the bay bridge toll plaza, the maze to downtown will take you about 20 minutes or so. but we have a situation that might make that a little longer. a big rig/suv crash on the upper deck of the toll plaza blocking the left hand fastrak lane and the cash lane next to it. if you are traveling along the nimitz freeway, looking good now 880 northbound between 238 and san leandro to the maze will take 18 minutes. a slow commute into the peninsula right now from hayward to foster city. moving over to the altamont pass, our trouble of the morning and of yesterday
6:58 am
morning can't catch a break westbound 580 after north flynn road this multi-vehicle crash there from earlier has caused a lot of backups. you're moving at just 30 miles per hour. and now north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you up to 54 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. let's do this. it's live. it's hi-def doppler radar. not a raindrop in sight right now but we are noticing increasing clouds. no delays at sfo, mineta or at oakland international airport. it's 28 degrees in santa rosa. it's freezing in livermore and san jose. redwood city 32 degrees. 37 degrees in oakland at this time. freeze warning in effect for the next couple of hours. otherwise here's what you need to know. we are under storm watch. increasing clouds today with rain arriving late tonight. stormy conditions all weekend with sunday being the worst of the two days. gusty winds to 40 miles per hour. more rainy days in the forecast after the weekend. today, temperatures 40s and 50s. here's your extended forecast. we do have the storm producing
6:59 am
up a foot of rain in the santa cruz mountains, about 3 to 6 in the bay area by monday morning. a little break by wednesday, more rain next thursday and next weekend, yet another storm which means you guys will be working again. >> oh-oh. >> you, too! >> all of us. >> right. thank you. a woman in australia wanted to ring in 2017 at her favorite gelato shop like every new year but it closed early so she left this breakup voicemail. [ indiscernible ] [ screaming and crying ] >> okay. the woman says it felt like a good friend had let her down and that she is sorry it had to end this way. the store was touched shared the message on facebook and staff there say they hope very much to meet this heartbroken woman in person. >> note to her significant other. don't tell her to give up gelato for the new year ever. >> i wonder if it only sounded funny because of her heavy
7:00 am
accent. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, january 6, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." today, top intelligence officials will show president-elect trump evidence that russians hacking affected the 2016 election. sources tell cbs news russian officials congratulated themselves on the outcome. >> more than 40 states face a blast of winter weather. a blizzard in western new york strands elementary students in their school overnight. seaworld is phasing out its controversial killer whale shows. critics say the new acts being developed are no better for the animals. we begin this morning with a look ot today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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