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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 7, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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po it live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight this is the calm before a potentially dangerous storm. it could be the strongest one to hit the bay area in a decade. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. we have team coverage tonight. first kpix5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. you're tracking the radar, paul. >> we are and the leading edge of the storm is now here. it's raining for the majority of the bay area, just the beginning. the heaviest rain will not get here for another 22 to 24 hours from now. it will rain the majority of the day tomorrow. north bay is getting the heaviest rainfall. south to san rafael and marin county moderate rain and all
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moderate rain falling over san francisco, san mateo county and oakland. the santa cruz are already the first of many waves of rain moving through this. how much rainfall over the weekend? by sunday night our computer is predicting anywhere from 3 to 5- inch of rain everywhere in the bay area -- 5 inches of rain everywhere in the bay area. that's santa rosa, concord, the tri-valley, south bay and the santa cruz mountains will receive even more as you up in elevation with a storm like this, the rainfall totals quickly doubling. flash flood watch is in effect this weekend for the majority of the bay area and we will likely see wind gusts exceeding 60 miles per hour in the hills and even some wind gusts in san francisco and oakland and san jose upwards of 40 or 45 miles per hour. so yes, a very stormy weekend. the weekend is here and so is the rain. we'll talk about which chunk of the weekend will be the stormiest and potentially most damaging coming up. >> thank you. the santa cruz mountains could be one of the hardest hit areas. kpix5's betty yu is there tonight. betty?
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>> reporter: liz, people in this area know that highway 17 can be particularly hazardous and difficult to navigate during a big storm. the county says that it's prepared to deal with things like flash flooding, soil erosion and mudslides. tonight the uvas reservoir just below the santa cruz mountains is more than fill which is why the rv park in morgan hill evacuated campers by 5 p.m. and closed the park hoping to avoid this. last march evacuees only had minutes to beat the rising creek before it flooded the bridge which is the only way in and out. >> this is above and beyond a normal storm is the message. this is not like the usual heavy rains that we see here. this is about twice as much as we got earlier this week. >> reporter: and it could be the strongest storm to hit the santa cruz mountains in over 30 years. >> you know that it's going to happen, you know. stuff like this, there's always a disaster to worry about. fire or flood.
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>> reporter: horse owner elizabeth thunderbird isn't taking any chances with these animals. she and her neighbors helped move 70 horses to higher ground before the storm. the stables are right next to a flood prone section of the san leandro river which has been under water before. earlier today people took advantage of new sand, 25 tons of it, that the boulder creek fire department brought in after the sandbagging station along highway 9 ran out two days ago, but these sandbags can only do so much. these paradise park homeowners packed up and moved everything out. >> we're just preparing as much as we can and whatever happens we'll deal with it. hopefully it won't be as devastating as it's been said to be. >> reporter: and the rain just started to fall here at the summit in the last minute. now neighboring santa clara county says it is prepared to work with multiple agencies including law enforcement to address the area where the loma fire burned back in september. that region is particularly
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vulnerable. live in santa cruz betty yu, kpix5. in case. kpix 5's andria borba is in pacifica. tonight sand banks set up, flood barriers brought in and closures already just in case. kpix5's andria borba is in pacifica. >> reporter: the sign on the front of the chit-chat cafe says open, but that will not be the case for the rest of the pacifica pier through monday. with crashing surf and inches of driving rain expected from an atmospheric river in the pacific taking aim at northern california, city officials closed the aging pier through monday. in san francisco city crews are preparing. >> we know where the flooding takes place. >> reporter: like the corner of 17th and folsom, a low lying spot notorious for rising water during storms. now it has barriers staged in the turn line waiting for the weather to take a turn of its own. >> the ground is saturated. >> reporter: businesses along folsom are armed with sandbags.
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>> sandbags are a godsend up in the hills. >> reporter: while across the bay and up in the hills nervous residents are just beginning to prepare their property against the impending storm. >> this helps me feel safer, too because it does work. >> reporter: crews will keep a close eye on coastal erosion in the coming days as well. in pacifica andria borba, kpix5. in the sierra heavy rain could melt a lot of the new snow raising concerns of severe flooding. kpix5's emily turner is in south lake tahoe tonight. >> reporter: the fire department here in south lake has gotten calls all day with folks concerned about what this storm will do. in fact, here they've been building sandbags all morning. the first delivery was sand was gone by 10 a.m. this is the third one. folks are concerned because there's about 3 feet of snow they've gotten this week. that's already in the be wash -- washes, so there's nowhere
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for the water to go over the weekend that's expected. we're talking about 18 inches of rain. caltrans has everybody ready to work around the clock to clear snow off the roads to make sure everybody is safe, but the mayor is urging everyone to stay in place and try not to be on the roads or outside if you can help it. in south lake tahoe, emily turner, kpix5. yosemite national park is completely closed to visitors tonight. authorities ordered to evacuate by 5:00 this this afternoon because of a fear of flooding. in 1997 severe storms turned yosemite into a lake. hydrologists have released water from reservoirs to make room for what could be massive runoff from the mountains. we will have extra crews on hand around the bay area over the weekend to give you the latest information on the storm and any damage it may cause. now to the deadly airport shooting in florida, tonight new information about the suspected gunman. veronica de la cruz tells us he
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believed that the cia controlled his mind. >> the suspect's relatives say he had a history of mental health issues. officials say he told the fbi in november that the government forced him to watch isis videos. a military spokesman identified the suspect as 26-year-old esteban santiago. the former national guardsman served in iraq. he received a general discharge last year for unsatisfactory performance. opened f >> we have a subject with a gunshot to the head. >> cell phone video captured the moments after the lone gunman opened fire in the baggage claim area in terminal 2 in ft. lauderdale. investigators say he arrived there from alaska with a gun checked in his bag. he went into the bathroom to load it and then he came out and started shooting. he killed five people and then witnesses say he threw downless weapon and got down on the ground -- down his weapon and got down on the ground before being arrested. >> he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being
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interviewed by a team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's office homicide detectives. >> the fbi says that he has no connection to terror groups. this statement tonight from representative nancy pelosi, "no words can replace the loss of loved ones. no moments of silence can quiet the voices across america calling for action." we checked with bay area airports to see if they are stepping up security. an official at sfo told us travelers can expect to see increased patrols. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. we wanted to know is it legal to carry firearms at an airport? we asked kpix5's melissa caen? >> some people in hearing about this incident might rightfully ask is it legal to have guns and ammunition inside an airport? the answer is yes. there are certain restrictions with regard to how the gun has to be locked up and how the ammunition has to be locked up, but in a person's checked bag it is legal to have weaponry. president- elect donald tru
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>> melissa says the passenger also needs to notify the airlines that they are transporting a gun. president-elect donald trump says he learned a lot from a briefing today by the nation's top intelligence officials, but tonight he is not saying whether he sells their assessment that russia meddled in the u.s. election to try and help him win. a newly declassified report says russian president vladimir putin ordered an effort to influence the election through information war fare. the elements included twitter campaigns, fake news, plus hacks of electoral boards and of the democratic national committee. the report says the scale of interference was unprecedented. u.s. officials also believe mr. putin and the russian government aspired to help president-elect trump's election chances. nt obama and president- ele officials shared a long early classified version of that report with president obama and president-elect trump. bay area police say this convicted sex offender
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kidnapped and raped a drunk b.a.r.t. passenger. tonight the trail of clues that led to his capture. >> flu outbreak, we haven't been hit this hard in the bay area in a decade. tonight we asked why is it so bad? >> even in death her humor shines, toni,,,,,,
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francisco. it happened around 8:30 ton. two people were leaving the civic center station when ty were attacked. now a young man has stab wounds... and police are tr to track down the man responsible. a suspect in his late twents ran away with the machete. the second person he allegey tried to attack is not hurt. a bart rider - kidnapped and raped. tonight, bay area police sae prime suspect - is a convicd sex offender. kpix 5's christin ayers tel us: a trail of clues.. led e cops right to him. ((pkg)) this is probably one of the worst crimes that anybody could ever be expos to. this is probably one of the worst crimes that anybody could ever be exposed to. >> reporter: kidnapped from a b.a.r.t. train and sexually assaulted on the street, san leandro police say mimi foster was charged for the crime yesterday.
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it happened december 16th. the woman hopped on b.a.r.t. in san francisco after leaving a work party intoxicated. she got off the train at bay fair station in san leandro. >> the video surveillance provided by b.a.r.t. shows the suspect mimi foster forcing her off the b.a.r.t. train, off the b.a.r.t. platform and out of the b.a.r.t. parking lot. >> reporter: foster police say dragged the woman about a 1/4 mile away along the railroad tracks behind this nearby kfc. >> and he brutally sexually assaulted the woman. >> reporter: after the attack the woman found her way to a home on this block about a 1/2 mile from the b.a.r.t. station. the people who live there called police for help. dna taken from the victim led police to foster already on probation for another sex- related crime. if convicted on all counts, foster could face life in prison without parole. >> it's safer on the streets and transit because of the fact
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mimi foster is in custody. santa clara county workers will be back to work monday after a two day shutdown. the power outage hit the main administration building. the offices handled building permits, marriage licenses and birth certificates, but for the past couple days sheriff's deputies had to turn people away. now we're being told the building will definitely reopen monday morning and the cause of that blackout? a blown transformer. there is a flu outbreak in the bay area and it's the worst it's been in years of tonight health officials told our cate cauguiran it's only the beginning. >> reporter: doctors offices and hospital emergency rooms are seeing a spike in flu related cases and it's only the beginning of flu season. >> we know now that flu season
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is here and it's upon us. >> reporter: already all bay counties issuing an alert. >> we are seeing intense activity the last week or two and expect that to continue. >> reporter: the bay area is seeing the worst of it with flu related deaths reported in napa and solano county. the virus is widespread, but the flu specimens matched closely to the current vaccine strain which means the vaccine is expected to provide protection against the flu. san francisco's public health department says it's especially important to get vaccinated in the bay area because many of us travel between counties on a daily basis increasing the risk of spreading. >> people live in one place, work in another. we all travel around the bay area. so i think since we are seeing this widespread flu activity, it's just kind of another
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reminder that we all need to do our part. >> reporter: adults older than 65, children younger than 5 and pregnant women are the most vulnerable. the flu season is expected to last through march, so it's still not too late to get that shot. a california convict became the first inmate in the united states to receive a state funded sex reassignment surgery. 57-year-old shiloh heavenly quine had the surgery at a san francisco hospital yesterday convicted of murder, kidnapping and robbery in the 1980s as rodney. she had lived as a woman in a california men's prison and will soon transfer to a women's prison. actress carrie fisher and her mother debbie reynolds laid to rest side by side in an l.a. county cemetery. fisher had an unusual urn. >> i love it, but i'm a psychiatrist. >> reporter: this psychiatrist
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sees the humor in the fisher family choice for her ashes, a giant prozac container. she also sees the power of carrie fisher's acceptance in advocacy to seek help for mental illness. >> the first celebrity to be open about it, i think it brings a lot of awareness and it makes it so that it's okay to talk about it. it's okay to express you need help. >> reporter: the actress who struggled with bipolar disorder did not hide her battle with mental illness throughout her adult life. now even in death her family is making sure her legacy and humor live on. >> carrie's favorite possession was a giant prozac pill that she bought many years ago, a big pill, and she loved it. it was in her house and billy and i felt that it was where she would want to be. >> reporter: the doctor said she never treated carrie fisher but said fisher's very public battle helped countless patients with their own mental illness. >> i think there's just such a negative stigma attached to
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mental health. people are just scared and they're just terrified of the concept of crazy. >> reporter: at her funeral fisher's brother carried the big pill with her ashes giving carrie fisher the last laugh. >> she's loved by everyone. so i think, you know, if she has stuff going on, then it's okay. >> reporter: in newport beach stacy butler, kpix5. the crab fishermen strike is over. price negotiation is settled. the bodega bay skipper says buyers will pay $2.88 per pound for dungeness crab which sets the price for the entire west coast in oregon. after the big storm passes boats will be searching for crab along the entire coast from washington down to california. >> we have to see how it affects their business. >> absolutely. they need a higher price than that. we are looking at a storm where it's raining right now. i never said this before. it's going to still be raining 48 hours from now from the same
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weather system. kpix5 hi-def doppler showing rainfall to the north bay, napa, sonoma county, rohnert park, st. helena, heavier showers out toward the tri- valley including dublin. it's getting wet and we're just getting started. 40s currently, san jose 47, concord 44. satellite and radar shows the storm. the train tracks were set about a week ago. a strong subtropical jet stream. the only question was how big would the storm be hopping on board those train tracks in the atmosphere? the answer is pretty big and it's heading right toward us. the arrows are pointed right toward the bay area, northern california. we will get a direct hit from what is commonly known as a pineapple express or atmospheric river, but it won't pour every hour all weekend long. it will pour tomorrow morning. you will get a break tomorrow afternoon casting doubt as to whether we'll get 4 or 5 inches of rainfall.
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that break will be short lived. by saturday night look at all the rainfall moving through midnight, pouring, 2, 3, 4 a.m. top to bottom. 4 a.m. it's raining everywhere heavily. 9 a.m. still raining everywhere heavily. in the afternoon it is still raining heavily but beginning to shift to the south. finally by sunday night i will see things calming down. that's a lot of water in a short time. tomorrow morning through 9:00 tomorrow night yet there will be light to moderate rain but not flooding rainfall. i doubt we'll see flooding tomorrow because not much rain will have fallen yet. 9:00 tomorrow night until 9 a.m. sunday morning is the 12 hour window. the wind will get very strong and the rain will fall very quickly. then the rain will taper off north to south from 10 a.m. onward sunday. adding everything up a lot of rain. south bay, you could see 4 inches of rainfall, the east bay up to 5 inches of rain, north bay especially in the hills over 1/2 a foot, double digit rainfall in the santa
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cruz mountains and even san francisco getting 4 or more inch of rain. flooding unlikely through the day tomorrow because it hasn't rained as much yet, but in the mountains sunday morning travel will be hazardous to impossible depending on mudslides and in urban areas if anything in your neighborhood is flooded over the past 10 years or, so there is a decent likelihood that event may repeat itself sunday morning with all this rain. low 60s tomorrow in livermore, mild, oakland 60, san francisco 58, but the big story is the rain and wind that gets here saturday night. the heaviest stuff lasts through sunday morning. there is no break, another storm coming tuesday morning albeit weaker. another storm comes next thursday and friday. we'll have rain at some time of the day each day for the next seven. it's going to be really windy. we could see in higher elevations perhaps 70 mile-per- hour wind gusts. >> wow. >> this is the real deal. a little bit of good news, we may be talking about this ending the drought in northern california. >> i was wondering. >> there will be conversation about that next week.
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we could be ending the drought. >> that would be good. tonight a sneak peek at the future of virtual reality. >> hold on. here are tonight's guests on the
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coming out this year.. and in 20-17.. virtual realy is front and center. a consumer electronics show gives us a sneak peek of all the weird cool gadgets this year. >> in 2017 virtual reality is front and center. here you can see riders wearing samsung headsets getting tossed around in reality while
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watching a galactic adventure in virtual reality. if you want to live out one of your star wars faint sips to play holographic chess -- fantasies to play holographic chess, hollow lamp progress, a game that adjusts the surface to your view, interesting. >> by eye tracking it allows you to see the object as if it was in 3d on the tabletop in front of you. >> when you take virtual out of reality, you get a smart mirror that can analyze your skin including fine lines. >> oh, no. >> i know those things. >> probably hd. >> thank you very much. the consumer electronics show runs through this weekend in vegas. maybe they can analyze the warriors. coming up in sports the raiders take another hit on the injury front and the warriors were trying to get a revenge win against the grizzlies but ,,,,
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with revenge on their mind.y are looking to a the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> well, the warriors were in action with revenge on their minds looking to avenge one of their most lopsided losses of the season to memphis in december. klay thompson was questionable tonight with flulike symptoms but he looked fine early on. seconds left in the 1st half. curry drives and finds a wide open thompson. he nails the 3 at the buzzer, warriors with 67 points in the 1st half. 3rd quarter warriors up by 20. curry pulls up and shoots the three falling to the ground. grizzlies down as much as 24
2:04 am
but flourished over time, under a minute left, tony allen gets the clutch basket, put the game out of reach and the flaw sex posed in this one, war -- is exposed in this one, the warriors lose 128-119. 3rd quarter stanford up by 12 and erica mccall drains the long three-pointer. mccall had 14 points and eight rebounds as stanford wins 81- 60. another big setback for the raiders, pro bowl offensive lineman donald penn will miss the game with a knee injury he suffered last week in denver. it's the first game penn will miss in his entire 10 year career. that will leave rookie quarterback connor cook without one of his best protectors, but despite this being cook's first career start running back jalen rashard doesn't expect a lot of nerves from the qb. >> he kind of has this calm sense about him like i don't know if you all saw it out there, but he got out there in
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the game in denver and, you know, he'll be out there getting ready to call the play. he's just got his hands in his hand warmer and just like he'd called the play kind of like with that swagger. so i feel very confident. >> so that game will be at 1:35 tomorrow. we will see what happens in that one. >> swagger. >> i think they have a chance tomorrow, but the we,, late ,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: how are you? [captioning made possible by
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fremantle media] thank you. thank you, folks. i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank you very much. thank y'all. appreciate it, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, from sharpsburg, georgia, it's the stegall family... [cheering and applause] and from douglasvile, georgia, it's the gardner family... [cheering and applause] and if the gardner family wins today's game, they drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the gardner family. lorie, welcome back. lorie: thank you, thank you. thanks for having us back. steve: i remember y'all, too. y'all got brought back because something happened on--on the
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show, so they said--they reviewed everything. they said, "well, let's give them a fair chance," so they are playing to win again, which they've won, but this right here is your car day... jimmy: oh, yeah. yes. yeah. steve: so if you win today... lorie: yes! steve: y'all gonna get a new car... lorie: yeah! steve: now--doggone it-- let's get it on. let's play "feud." give me lorie. give me thaddeus. top 8 answers on the board. name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. thaddeus: her purse, steve. steve: her purse. lorie: her makeup. steve: her makeup. [buzzer] pass or play? thaddeus: we're gonna play, steve.
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steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on, christian. christian: her wedding ring. get rid of it. steve: her wedding ring. thaddeus: that's a good answer. yes. steve: papa ray, name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. ray: let's say her cell phone. steve: her cell phone. thaddeus: all right. that was a good answer. steve: jerica, name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. jerica: her shoes. steve: her shoes. jay: yeah, yeah. good answer. steve: jay, something his cheating wife's--name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. jay: um, purse. uh... [buzzer]
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[applause] steve: i--i don't know what's up there. i know what the hell ain't up there. when you say something real ign'ant, that's my job. that's where i shine. thaddeus, you--25. you probably ain't never had no cheating wife, so this gonna be hard on you, but what would a man, a cheating wife, give to his dog to chew on? thaddeus: her wallet, steve. christian: good answer. steve: her wallet. [buzzer] all right, christian. we got two strikes. got to slow down, family. the gardner family could steal. christian: her leg. he ate 'em. thaddeus: good answer. good answer. good answer. steve: her leg. thaddeus: oh!
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ray: ha ha ha! ahh... steve: that's a part of her. you got to--got to give it to him. you can't believe that's up there. christian: ha ha ha! i was worried. yes. it is. steve: that's why you got to say something. all right, uh, papa ray. name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. ray: her black book. steve: her black book. [buzzer] kristi: underwear, underwear, underwear, underwear, underwear. panties. bra. panties. lorie: come on. steve: this is funny. name something of his cheating wife's a man might give to his dog to chew on. lorie: her computer. [applause] steve: her computer. [buzzer] [cheering and applause] number 8.
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audience: her credit cards. steve: 6. audience: sex toy. steve: 5. audience: toothbrush. steve: let's go to question two. give me jimmy. give me christian. ha ha! ha! ha! ha ha! ha! ha ha! all right. top 5 answers on the board. ha ha ha! name a part of your body you might try to cl--clean out with your finger. jimmy: your bottom. [applause] steve: ha ha ha! your bottom. [buzzer] christian: your mouth. steve: your mouth. [buzzer]


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