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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  January 7, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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this morning, we're on storm watch... as one of the wettest storms we've seen in years moves through the bay area. a live l the hi-def doppler.... good morning, we are on storm watch as one of the wettest storms we have seen in years moves through the day wear. a foggy start to the morning. people through the mountains and sierras are bracing for flooding, downed trees and power outages. there's limited time to prepare for the rain's impact in several flood prone areas like the santa cruz river. sandra is continuing storm coverage this morning. people are really bracing for the storm. >> reporter: absolutely. emergency crews are saying with the amount of rain expected
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over the course of the weekend the level of the sand in the river can change and quickly. it's still dark out here but you see a lot of lights reflecting on the water. we're not seeing a flood but that can change with the amount of rain we're expected to get. the river runs along several businesses in santa cruz to business owners very concerned about this. emergency crews have been warning those business owners to remove any equipment and vehicles ahead of any potential flooding. city workers also cleaned out storm drains this week and gave out free sandbags. this isn't the only area bracing for possible impacts. this could be the biggest storm to hit the santa cruz mountains in decades. >> this is above and beyond a normal storm. this is not like the usual rains that we see here. this is about twice as much as we got earlier this week. >> and we were there as horse
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stables in a flood prone area got a helping hand as animal owners moved horses to higher and safer ground. below the santa cruz mountains the reservoir is more than full. thousands trailsrv park had to be evacuated yesterday afternoon. the rain has been steady throughout the morning. we railroad driving out here and the rain was steady throughout the entire drive. with the already sach waited ground the steady rain throughout the weekend we are expecting to see dangerous conditions through the santa cruz mountains. we have seen the mud slides and they're possible again this weekend. it's west to avoid the roads through this weekend. live in santa cruz, sandra osborne kpix news. earlier this week high winds and crashing waves made
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it almost impossible to cast a line off the pier. in san francisco - crews are trying to get ahead of any potential flooding by installing temporary flood barriers. low-lying areas like 17th and folsom will likely be underwater later today. 0 soofrjts crews in san francisco are installing temporary barriers. folsom will likely be underwater later today. barriers are stacked in the turn lane and along the buildings sand wag bags are piled on top of each other. ready having an impact on traffic. a crash e prompted the c-h-p to sl the rain hitting the bay area having an impact on traffic. a crash on the bay bridge trofrpted the chp to slow traffic to a crawl. it appears the driver may have lost control and spun out on the slick deck. the car hit the guardrail and no word on injuries. tourists are being turned
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away from a popular national park in california because of the weather. yosemite is closed to visitors. authorities ordered everyone to evacuate yesterday because of the fear of flooding. despite the closure the visitor center is encouraging disapointed travel lers to stay. >> please don't be concerned about yosemite being closed. the redwoods and all of our coast will be open. >> yosemite flooded back in 1997. this week water has been released from reservoirs to make room for massive run off from the mountains. another live look at the radar at the sierras in tahoe, heavy rain could melt that knew snow raising concerns of severe flooding. . >> it's all snow for today and tomorrow evening it transfers to rain. we're anticipating 15 inches of rain so there would be flooding there.
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good morning, everybody. this is our live doppler radar. when you see the green it means right rain. when you see the orange there's a heavy downpour acuring around the santa rosa area and even picking up pink which is falling at bear hat mountain. elevation 9800 feet. here's the east bay and we are sach waited light to moderate rainfall around oakland. here you go with the santa cruz mountain areas. a moderate rain path through there. it's raining just about everywhere right now. san francisco around the marina district through embark d ero we're seeing the leading edge pushing into the bay area. flash flood watch in effect for the bay area and santa cruz mountains. the winds are ramping up.
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a warning in effect for hills and south winds 10-20 miles per hour. 17 in the vallejo area. that's the look at the golden gate bridge where it's raining. temperatures in the low 40s. i don't think the numbers make a difference today. a bit of a break in activity this afternoon. heavier rain coming up tonight with gusty winds. we'll track the incoming atmosphere later in the newscast. we'll see you soon, thanks. cities across the bay area are handing out sandbags for properties prone to flooding. public works is handing out sandbags at its operation yard on marina and kansas street. people in santa cruz can pick up bags at the fire station. more storm coverage ahead including what rain means for
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the california drought and you can continue to track the storm using the interactive radar. we'll have more later on in the newscast. investigators searching for ans this morning after a gunmen opened fire inside a fort lauderdale airport killing five people. police arrested the gunmen identified as esteban santiago. we're learning he is a former army national guards men. craig boswell with new video of the attack. >> we have a subject with a gunshot to head. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the moments after a lone gunmen started firing in the baggage claim area of fort lauderdale airport friday afternoon killing five people. hundreds of panic passengers ran out of the airport and others hid inside. >> he was not targeting. he was randomly shooting picking off things like target practice. >> reporter: the 26 year old from anchorage flew from alaska to florida. his only luggage was the hand
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gun he legally checked. after arriving in florida he loaded the hand gun in a bathroom and then opened fire. >> we are looking at all avenues. we have not ruled out terrorism. >> police and witnesses say he fired his three magazines of ammunition and surrendered when police entered the building. >> in november he walked into an fbi office and told saths his mind was being controlled by the cia and claimed he was forced to watch isis videos. >> at that time he stated that he did not intend to harm anyone however, his erratic behavior concerned fbi agents. >> local police took him for a mental health evacuation. esteban santiago sefrned with served with the alaska national guard until he was discharged in august for his unsatisfactory performance. his aunt says he lost his mind in iraq 2010.
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he's expected in court monday. craig boswell, cbs news, fort lauderdale fla. >> his relatives say he was receiving psychological treatment in alaska. the airport is back open this morning. in response to deadly shootings this statement from nancy pelosi. president-elect donald trump is speaking out after his briefing with top intelligence officials. president-elect donald trump is speaking out after his briefing with top intelligence officials. he called yesterday's meeting "constructive" and acknowledged russia other countries are continuously to mount cyber attacks against the u.s. but he declined to say whether he accepted the conclusion that vladimir putin directed the attacks. president-elect mike pence was also in the meeting. >> we're going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration to combat cyber attacks and protect the security.
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intelligence community's assessment.. that russia meddled in the u-s election to try and help him win. instead.. he took to twitter to criticize the d-n- c..saying quote: "gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed hacking to take place. the republican national committee had strong defense!" as president- elect trump prepares to the republican national committee had strong defense. as president-elect trump pairs to take office, there's growing ease among republicans about appealing the healthcare law. there's no replacement plan ready to go. gop senator told reporters republicans could end up in a box canyon if they anull the existing statute without having their own package ready. this afternoon democratic leaders include nancy pelosi and bash la lee plan to address the issue during a news conference in san francisco. in this week's address president obama is looking
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ahead to making his final speech to the nation. he will do that from chicago next tuesday. >> not only because it's my home tone where i met my wife and started a family but it's really where my career and public service began. >> tomorrow morning at 730 tum tim our political insiders take a look back at obama's work in the white house. that's right here on kpix news. a manhunt underway in berkeley for a suspect responsible for the city's first murder of the year. this is the man they're looking for. police say he stabbed a woman on ridge road yesterday morning a block north of the uc berkeley campus. she's being treated at the hospital and is expected to be okay. during the investigation police were led to this home near telegraph last night. inside they found an unidentified body. police say gomez is the primary
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suspect and believed to be armed and dangerous. a developing story so far, no arrest in the bloody machete attack in san francisco that happened last night around 8:30 at the civic center bart station. a suspect in his late 20s ran away with a machete after stabbing a man. the second person he tried to attack is not hurt. ready for democrat legislation. one pacifica apartment buildings teetering on the edge of a crumbling cliff is expected to be torn down. good morning, we are on storm watch. this is looking out towards a soggy foggy bay bridge. 3-6 inches of rain is expected across the immediate bay area over the next 48 hours. we'll pinpoint where you live in a matter of minutes. hiking prices, how much more you can expect to pay for season tickets to the raiders next year.
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why some fans say they are ready to fork out the cash.
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more bay area headlines now. santa clara county workers good morning, it's 7:14. we're looking at the rising river and anticipating 6-12 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. this is a look at our live hd radar. the green is light rainfall and the yellow and orange is heavy downpours and this is just the beginning. the heaviest rain and gustiest winds and when you should expect it, full forecast in two minutes. more bay area headlines. santa clara county workers will be back on monday after a two day shut down. a power outage hit the main administration building. the offices on west heading street handled building permits, marriage licenses and birth certificates for the past couple of days sheriff deputies had to turn people away. the building will reopen monday morning.
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the cause of the black out is a blown transformer. the millennium tower is sinking deeper into legal troubles. the building department and city attorney are facing a lawsuit from a group of homeowners accused of conspiring to hold information the building is sinking. the group owns $75 million worth of property inside the tower. . er more problematic apartments in pacifica. the city is one step closer to tearing down the building on ie crumbling cliff. a can trok inhibitor was approved for the demolition and will cost $200,000. no word on when the tear down will begin. the storm is easing the state's drought but experts say it will take more to end it. the wet conditions will have to continue throughout the spring to become a turning point for
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the state's epic dry spell. >> it will take a lot of snow and rain in california to get us out of the drought. i don't predict we will get out of the drought any time soon. . >> officials also say melted snow is crucial because it provides 30% of the state's water as it flows into streams, rivers and reservoirs through the spring and summer. speaking of snow, a live look now at sierra at tahoe. this morning's rain could wash away a lot of the new snow and you can see white out conditions out there. ro ber ta is in the weather center tracking this huge storm. yes, this is atmospheric river and on our satellite imagery, we're talking about the tahoe area. a lot of people have been writing me e-mails and tweeting me and on facebook asking if they can go to tahoe. first of all, a winter weather
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advisory in effect today, two feet of snow expected 8,000 feet. above five noushgs feet, 5-10 inches. snow today and all of this turns to rain up to about 7500 feet tomorrow and we're expected about 15 inches of rain in the high sierra. with that much rain in the sierra nevada area, what does that mean for us locally? we're expecting nine inches of rain in the napa area and it will overflow the banks by 5:00 a.m. on monday morning at 36 feet. flood stages at 32 feet. this is why we're sandbagging in the north bay and throughout the bay area. this is our live hd radar and it's lit up. the green is the light rain and yellow and orange is moderate to he veterans day downpour. pink at bear hat mountain, elevation 8900 feet outside of hidden valley there. we have the moderate to heavy downpours in the eastern portion of the bay area. that's heavy rain in the
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hayward area. maybe you're waking up because you hear the drops on the roof top. moving out light rain -- this was a big storm moving quickly over the san mateo bridge this morning. this is why it's hazardous driving around this weekend. there will be hydroplaning. the rain spilling into the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek which saw back on tuesday and wednesday seven inches of rain. we're expecting 6-12 inches over the next 48 hours. all this is just the leading edge. we're seeing a lull in the activity this afternoon but a flash flood watch in effect for the bay area today and a warning in effect for the burned out area in the santa cruz mountains. an advisory for most of the bay area and southerly winds 20-30 miles per hour. in the 40s and 50s and it feels muggy outside. flooding is likely through the weekend. very hazardous travel and if you experienced the flood in
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2005 you will experience it again. satellite radar, i love this image -- that atmospheric river see that? it's like a river trading into the bay area and will continue to do so until monday morning. here's your future cast. heavy rains and afternoon hours, overnight hours heavy rain and sunday morning we're in. look at that continuing. that's the river and it will be pounding the bay area at 9:00 tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will be sunday. the gustiest winds will be sunday leading up into that a lull this afternoon but then the heaviest rain moving in the evening hours by monday and mid morning hours we see a break before we start to see another storm move in for tuesday. bottom line is we're wet all the way through next weekend. we'll have a foot of rain throughout the santa cruz mountains and san francisco up to five to the east. seven possibly eight inches to the north.
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temperatures today in the 50s and 60s and we have rain in the forecast each and every day. the next time i see a break as far as full on sunshine from start to finish, it will be tuesday january 17th. so that's a lot of rain in the bay area in a short amount of time. >> that is, wow. it's nonstop. >> we will have a break monday afternoon before the next storm rolls in. a little bit of a break wednesday late day before the next storm on thursday and then next weekend looks pretty wet as well. we start to dry out next monday and tuesday. >> and still not enough for the drought? you . >> i think it is. the gusty winds concern me. the douglas firs are the first to go. please don't park under any trees this weekend and we'll have the gusty winds take down power lines. hunker down. >> i wish i could. you have been really busy but
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sports have also been busy. coming up, the raiders take another hit on the injury front and the warriors trying to get revenge against the grizzlies but instead they suffer a fourth quarter collapse. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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out of town.. we're learning most season ticket prices will go up by a ticket prices are going up while the team could be headed out of town.
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most season ticket prices will be going up by a whopping 50%. cheaper upper level tickets going up even more. one fan is paying $250 for each season is now going up to $610. that's almost triple the amount. >> i think a lot of us that are cynics say this is coinciding with their push to move to vegas and they're raising ticket prices to fund a las vegas move. >> the deadline to pay is march 3rd before the nfl owners vote on whether the raiders can move. from the field to the court this morning, andrew has our saturday sports highlights. the warriors were in action with revenge on their minds. they're look to avenge one of their losses of the season, memphis back in december. clay thompson was questionable last night with flu like sifrp somes. curry nails three at the first
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quarter -- -- symptoms. the grizzlies were down as much as 24 but they forced overtime under a minute left, tony allen gets the clutch basket to put this out of reach. the warriors lose 128-119. to college hoops, number 20 cal hosting number 16 oregon state. cal down by nine. power away in for a lay up and they had 26 points but that was not enough. the bears lose 66-26. erika mc call is shooting from beyond the a rc and she wins stanford wins. another big set back for the raiders on the eve of the first playoff game in 14 years, donl pen will miss the game
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with a knee injury he suffered last week in denver. it's the first game pen will miss in his ten year career and that game will be on at 1:35 today between the houston texans and oakland raiders. have a great day. go raiders. good morning, everybody we're under storm watch. this is our live hi-def radar. the yellow is moderate and orange is a downpour. right now we have rain at pacifica. also gusty winds up to 25 miles per hour there. winds will gust up to 40 miles per hour along the coast. the highest elevations on storm watch. your forecast coming up in three minutes. still ahead, a crowded fishermen strike comes to an end. the price buyers have to pay for the fresh catch. avoiding bart delays, what you need to know for your weekend commute, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,p&-pright now5
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for answers we experienced an attack on our state. people trying to live their life and enjoy the weekend were senselessly murdered. >> right now, searching for answers, the investigation into why a gunmen opened fire inside a florida airport. we get our first up close look at the suspect this morning. a potentially dangerous storm is moving through the bay wear this morning and could be the strongest we have seen in a decade. this weekend there's a risk for
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flooding and downed trees. welcome back, it's just about 7:30. right now live team coverage as the wet weather moves in. roberta is tracking the storm in the weather center. first let's go to sandra live in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: the santa cruz mountains and river expecting a big impact from this storm. emergency crews have been preparing for this by cleaning out storm drains and giving out sandbags but the big concern here is the river. you can see how much water is coming down throughout the morning. we're expecting between 6-12 inches here. here's the deal. the san lor renzo river runs along many businesses here. the levels can change fast and with the rain we have received
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this week, the storm puts residents on edge. they have warned business owners to move vehicles and equipment. there's some horse stables that got a helping hand yesterday as owners moved 70 horses to higher and safer ground. not taking any changes as the property has flooded before. >> you know it's going to happen. stuff like this, there's always a disaster to worry about. fire or flood. . >> reporter: all through the reservoir below the santa cruz mountains it's been more than full. the thousand trails rv park had to be evacuated. they moved campers out yesterday closing the park by 5:00 p.m. we have had steady rain off and on. we had rain similar to this for our entire drive through the santa cruz mountains at 4:00 this morning. something to keep in mind, the
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mountains really expecting to get some rain. we have seen with little amounts before mud slides and rocks in the road. so be careful out there this weekend and keep in mind the roads if you can avoid them if possible, it's best to do so, especially tomorrow. live in santa cruz, sandra os osborne, kpix 5. i was thinking an umbrella really does work. she looks so dry out there. the winds increasing throughout the day and you won't even be able to use an umbrella. we're forecasting gusty winds on top of the heavy rain. in fact, we want to show you the latest what's going on with the rushing river in napa. residents preparing their sandbagging because for most of the north bay we're anticipating 4-7 inches of rain. in that region let me explain to you. flood stage at the russian river is 32 feet.
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so much rain will fall there in a short amount of time. we're expecting it to crest and overflow the banks at 36 feet by 4:00 a.m. on monday. which means there will be road closures and flooding in the immediate area. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. this is the leading edge of the atmospheric river conditions. when you see the yellow, that's light rain and the yellow is moderate downpours and this is heavy rain into santa rosa. same storm around the saint helena area. that's bear hat mountain outside of hidden valley lake. meanwhile some moderate rain showers moving in and out of the east bay and santa cruz mountains we have some light to moderate rain around boulder peak here and the santa cruz area where we saw up to seven inches of rain just past tuesday.
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hitting the scattered showers now also around the city after san francisco. light rain in berkeley. all this will continue to fuel into the bay area and we'll have a bit of a lull this afternoon. the flash flood watch is in effect for most of the bay area. high wind wind warnings as they ramp up during the day, especially in the higher elevations and the coast up to 50 miles per hour gusts. 17 miles per hour winds in hayward and 12 in vallejo. sfo damage done, four-minute delays on arriving flights. in the 40s and 50s. today's high 50s and 60s and tracking more of the rain and show you when the heaviest rain is moving in coming up. . >> thanks, we'll see you soon. a live look at sierra tahoe where this mornings rain is washing away the snow. the sierra is getting hit hard by the storm this weekend. you can continue to track the storm using the interactive radar at cbs
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roberta will be doing live q and a on what you can expect from the storm. authorities arrested the alleged gunmen in yesterday's deadly airport shooting. cell phone video captured the terrifying moments after esteban santiago opened fire. five people killed and dozens injuries. it was carried out in the back gaj claim. authorities aren't shush of his motive but they are exploring all avenues we have experienced a hateful attack on our state. people trying to live their life and enjoy the weekend were senselessly murdered. >> things getting back to normal at the airport. esteban santiago is expected in court on monday. airports across the country on high alert. lax beefed up security yesterday enlisting extra canine units, motorcycle officers and security check
7:37 am
points. their main focus is public areas like baggage claim. >> those are the most areas where we ask police officers to spend the most time. those are the areas we ask our canine teams to spend the most time. those are the areas that we have fixed our cameras on so we have officers that are looking at those areas in realtime. >> as you may remember, lax is no stranger to tragedy. in 2002 there was a shooting at a ticket counter and just three years ago a gunmen killed a tsa agent and wounded two others. turning now to politics, president-elect donald trump says he learned a lot from a briefing by the nation's intelligence officials but he's not saying whether he accepts their assessment that russia meddled in the election results. a new report says vladimir putin ordered an effort to influence the election through information war fair. the elements included fake news
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and hacks of electoral boards and the democratic national committee. u.s. officials also believe the russian government aspired to help president-elect trump's chances. the new york post may have endorsed mr. trump for president but now they're appealing to hillary clinton to campaign for mayor of new york city. an editorial post is trying to encourage her to run for the job but it's not yet clear if clinton will take up a mayoral bid. just in our newsroom, new video of a raging house fire in vallejo. flames were shooting from the roof when crews arrived to the home on tobin drive around 5:30 this morning. the fire started in the garage before spreading to the attic. firefighters have the fire under control about an hour later. no one was hurt. a convicted sex offender is facing charge after police say he kidnapped a woman from bart and sexually assaulted her. it happened on december 16th.
7:39 am
police say surveillance video shows the suspect forcing a drunk woman off a train and out of the station. they say he then dragged her across rail road tracks and raped her behind a kfc. dna led police to foeser who was on probation for another sex related crimes. >> it's safer on the treats and public transit because foster is in police custody. >> authorities say if he's convicted on all counts he could face life in prison with no parole. we're learning the man who was pinned between a wall and bart train has passed away. the 31 year old fell on to the tracks in the way of an oncoming train at the 24th street station in the mission wednesday night. fire crews deployed heavy duty airbags to free him but it was too late. the parents of kate steinly have been given the green light
7:40 am
to sue the federal government for negligence. a federal magistrate made the ruling yesterday but dismissed the claim against the city of san francisco. steinly was shot to death on pier 14 back in 2015 with a gun that had been stolen from a federal ranger's patrol car days before. the accused shooter is an undocumented immigrant facing murder charges. more bay area headlines, the crab fishermen strike is over as price negotiations are settled. the skippers say buyers will pay crabbers $2 and 88 a pound for dungeoness crab. after the storm passes boats will be out searching for crab along the entire coast from washington to california. . big changes are coming to bay area transportation. the vta wants your opinion. they're working on a two year plan to integrate bus and light
7:41 am
rail services with the upcoming silicon valley bart. the idea is to transfer more resources to higher trafficked areas. officials will vote on the plan april 6th but welcome public comments in the meantime. if you live in the east bay, be prepared for bart delays. trains are running at reduced speeds all day today between lafayette and lor enza stations. preparing for inauguration weekend, how many people are expected in dc as donald trump takes the oath of office and is it down from years past? good morning, we are on storm watch tracking wind and rain. this is a foggy view of the bay bridge as soon from san francisco. 3-6 inches of rain across the bay area. we'll tell you when the heaviest rain is curing coming up in two minutes. washing away the sierra snow.
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the flooding preparations getting underway now and what this rain means for the california drought. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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good morning, we are on storm watch at 7:45. we have been seeing heavy rainfall right there which is the santa cruz mountains you're looking at. we are anticipating at least some minor flooding this weekend and this particular area at 6-12 inches of rain accumulating. we're tracking this monster storm. your forecast is less than two minutes away. right now the county down to the presidential transition is on in washington d.c. whether it's along the parade route on pennsylvania avenue or the souvenir shop, prep rigss are in full swing. the hamilton restaurant the rooms are boked for inauguration and huge crowds are expected to come in off the streets. . >> the numbers may be up. there's a big buzz going about,
7:46 am
the new man in the white house. >> no one is expecting the crowds of 2009 when the first inauguration after obama drew 2 million people to washington d.c. >> we ask our political insiders how tough it was to book a ticket to the inauguration. >> so many people i think bought tickets thinking they were going to see a clinton inauguration and are finding now that is not the case. you think some trump sporers might have trouble getting hotels and flights meanwhile, a lot of clinton supporters who are going to dc will find themselves at a protests. >> that's all coming up tomorrow morning at 7:30 here on kpix 5 news. the sierra bay is buckling down for a wild storm, the east coast is weathering snow days of their own. this is in north carolina right now. feet of fresh powder dumping
7:47 am
along the state as a storm barrels north. back here in california white out conditions have blanketed the sierra nevada for days. the massive storm left parked cars buried in snow. a pair of back wood skiers barely escaped an avalanche. . >> when the forecast model shows 28 inches between now and middle of next week in the sierra nevada. >> 28 inches? >> yes, 28 inches. >> crews near lake tahoe have been moving snow at the rate of 1,000 tons an hour. the low lying area of will ton is buckling down for rising creek levels. homeowners say they were hit hard by a 1997 flood and again in 2005. they expect the same today and tomorrow. sandbags are protecting their property. it's certainly a storm that
7:48 am
comes around only once every 25 years. we're talking about atmospheric river conditions in the bay area. that's why we're on storm watch. it's live. green light rain and yellow moderate and orange is a heavy downpour and that's what's happening all morning long in the north bay. we have seen pink this morning, that is snowfall at 8900 feet bear hat mountain in the north bay. san ramone had a cluster move out of the area. south bay light rain drops from campbell all the way into the willow glenn neighborhood. the rose garden district as well. this rain just moved out over the bay from millbrae. you will still see rain throughout the day. back into the marina district in san francisco, a lull in the activity later this afternoon but right now light to moderate rainfall.
7:49 am
boulder creek saw seven inches of rain over tuesday and wednesday. when you couple that with a foot of rain in the forecast you will definitely see some flooding in the santa cruz mountains. this is the leading edge of the atmospheric river. a flash flood watch in effect for the bay area over the weekend. meanwhile, we do have watchful eyes on the rushing river. we had the flooding stage at 32 feet and anticipating 36 feet rise in the river at 4:00 a.m. on monday. there will be road closures. high wind warning in effect for a local wind hills. winds up to 30. right now they have been increasing up to 28. in an jose, redwood city at 16. you get the feeling this morning it's breezy but it will become down right windy. two hour delays at sfo on some arriving flights due to the rain and cloud deck. today's storm, flooding is likely over the weekend. i wouldn't try traveling to the
7:50 am
mountains, the sierra or santa cruz. the urban areas if you experience flooding back in 2005 you will again this weekend. this is the blue highlighted area there. that's the river that will just continue to pour into the bay area and will tack a take a heavy affect. here's your sunday morning. we will be indated -- we're talking about flooding at that time. urban and small stream flooding. the rain continuing into monday and then tuesday's storm begins to ramp up and backs into monday as well. so up to a foot of rain expected over the 48 window throughout the santa cruz mountains. 3-5 in the east bay and san francisco peninsula, up to seven inches easily in the north bay. we do have snowfall in two feet higher elevations. then tomorrow the snow level goes up to 8,000 feet and all rain below that.
7:51 am
there will be flooding. 50s and 60s for the daytime highs. here's your extended forecast. rain all weekend and there's the break this afternoon. rain monday and tuesday and wednesday and thursday and, friday, saturday, sunday and monday of next week. still ahead, hollywood heart break. how fans are coming together this weekend to honor carrie fisher and her mother, debbie reynolds. plus, our pet of the week and find out how to help natasha be part of your family. where you can go to help other dogs in need of a home, coming up next.
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our pet of the week. natasha is in need of a new home.. joining us now with more on how you can adopt the pup is kri hoff of time for our pet of the week. natasha is in need of a new home. more on how you can adopt this pup. thank you so much for being here with us and braving the storm thank you for having us. >>. this is natasha and she came
7:54 am
from the animal control where she was surrendered. she's one of the smallest dogs but we have dogs up to 100 pounds plus. >> she's really sweet. she's 15 years old? >> yes. >> you guys specialize in senior dogs. >> yes, we rescue dogs seven years and older and help them to find a home. >> you guys have events coming up this weekend. >> yes, we're braving the storm with an indoor facility so our events are 12:00 to 4:00 saturday and sunday at 255 alabama street. >> her hair is adorable. . >> she's a chihuahua mix of some sort. >> if anyone wants to adopt her where do they go? >> and there's adoption applications on there. fill them out and she can go home with you. >> so the event is until 4:00? >> yes, brave the storm because it's worth it to adopt a dog.
7:55 am
>> exactly then you will have a snuggle buddy all weekend. >> especially a dog later in their life too. >> thanks so much. thanks so much for joining us this morning. head to our website more upcoming events. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
7:56 am
broadway in new york city went dark to pay tribute to debbie reynolds and carrie fishers. theaters dimmed the vibrant broadway in new york city went dark to pay tribute to debbie reynolds and fush fsh. theaters dimmed their life for one minute to remember the mother daughter debut who made their broadway debut in the musical, "ie ren". >> debbie reynolds and carrie fisher died one day apart last month. their ceremony was held in the hollywood hills. family says they were best friends living next door to each other. a documentary about the iconic
7:57 am
stars titled "bright lights" will air tomorrow night on hbo. we'll continue to be on storm watch this morning as one of the wettest storms moves through the bay area. a live look outside once again at the dark skies. let's get a final check on the forecast. >> when you see the green on the screen, that's the light rain and yellow and orange is moderate to heavy downpour. we have been seeing this all morning. weal see a lull in the active this afternoon before the heaviest rain and gusty winds come into the bay area. flood watch for most of the bay area and advisory for local mountains and also bay coast. two hour delays at sfo. in the 40s and 50s later today. the big deal is up to a foot of rain expected in the santa cruz mountains. 3-6 around the bay area. hunker down if you can, right? >> with a good movie or netflix or the raiders football game. >> thanks so much for joining
7:58 am
us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
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naator: today on "lucky dog," a newlywed couple on the verge of growing their family. dog. rebecca: in my mind, i was thinking a younger dog. austin: i think we're open to a puppy. rebecca: yeah. narrator: but will buddy's destructive habits impact this union for better or for worse? brandon: you both have a lot of expensive gear and clothing lying around the house. it sounds like a recipe for disaster. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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