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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  January 8, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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things calming down. >> break. >> slowly. that is it for us at 5:00 p.m. and we are back at 6:00 p.m. news updates on >> quijano: video surfaces of the airport attack. it's a chilling view of the gunman opening fire. he's due in court also tonight another deadly truck attack overseas. was it inspired by isis? u.s. tanks roll into germany to protect europe against a potential russian invasion. winter storms caused problems from coast to coast. hundreds of accidents in the east, the wednesday faces floods and mud slides. and spacex's high stakes return to space is delayed again. >> this is extremely important to spacex. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening. i'm elaine quijano. this is a western edition of the broadcast. chilling new video has surfaced of the deadly airport attack in fort lauderdale. in a moment we will show you the portion of the video where the gunman opens fire. we're also learning more about the gun used in the attack and more about the five people who were killed. we begin with david begnaud. >> reporter: two young boys walking with a man appear first in the video. then comes 26 year old esteban santiago. that's him in blue. he reaches into his waist band, pulled out the gun and starts shooting. a man in gray appears to have been the first one shot, people behind him drop to the floor. one woman hides behind a luggage cart. there is no audio on the 20 second recording post by tmz. it appears to be authentic surveillance video but unclear how tmz got the video. a law enforce. source tells cbs news its 9 millimeter handgun santiago used to kill nine people and six others was the same handgun he had when he went to an fbi office in anchorage, alaska last november.
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the iraq war veteran complained to federal agent there that his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence and that he was being forced to watch isis terror videos. police confiscated his gun and had him committed for a mental evaluation for four days. about a month later police returned the gun to santiago. u.s. district attorney karen loeffler. >> there is a federal law with regard to having a gun by somebody who is mentally ill. but the law requires that the person be quote adjudicated mentally ill, which is a difficult standard. >> reporter: in puerto rico santiago's mother elizabeth ruiz said her son sounded strange in their last phone call less than two weeks ago. >> i'm feeling like don't know, scream, cry, she said. because since he was so far away, i could not do anything. >> santiago allegedly confessed to planning the airport attack. and apparently chose forted lauderdale at random. a portion of the baggage claim area where the shooting happened has been reopened but curtains
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now shield people from seeing the crime scene, a mass shooting at a major u.s. airport. federal prosecutors say the gunman aimed at the head of each of his victims. and he stopped shooting only when he ran out of bullets and then dropped the gun on the ground. elaine, will face a judge tomorrow morning. he could the death penalty. >> quijano: david begnaud, thank you. tonight omar villafranca tells us more about the people whose lives were cut short in an instant. >> reporter: olga woltering never missed mass at her catholic church in marietta, georgia. but this weekend she wasn't in the pews. >> just really hits close to home and you just go why. >> reporter: woltering was one of five victims who didn't survive the airport attack. church parishioners and father fernando molina restrepo are honoring the woman with the british accent who always called people lovey. >> it was difficult for people to come to mass, still they came to this mass because olga
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normally came to the 5 p.m. mass. >> 57 year old michael oehme from iowa and his wife cari were in florida for a cruise. he was killed in the shooting, she was injured. iowa senator chuck grassly tweeted "pray as i will for the oehme family of council bluffs iowa." father michael was killed and cari, the mother, was wounded at fort lauderdale massacre. virginia beach volunteer firefighter terry andres died in the attack. a 12 year veteran, his fellow firefighters said he was well liked and respected for both his dedication to being a volunteer as well as his professional approach to his job as a support tech. >> 70 year old shirley timmons of senecaville was also killed there to board a cruise with her husband steve. he was wounded and tonight is in critical condition. the couple was about to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary. the attack sent 37 people to broward health medical center, including six gunshot victims.
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dr. christopher roberts was working in the emergency room. >> it was quite hectic but it was certainly very controlled. there is human lives at stake and that's why we train specifically for. this so it's second nature when it actually does happen. >> reporter: five people injured in the attack are still in the hospital. elaine, four of those people are gunshot victims. >> quijano: omar villafranca, thank you. there was a scare at chicago o'hare airport today. police say a man breached a security checkpoint at terminal three and tried to board a spirit airlines flight. the man fought with officers before he was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. >> authorities in mexico say they arrested the gunman who shot an american diplomat this weekend in the city of guadalajara. surveillance video shows the diplomat at an atm before the gunman shot him moments later in his car. the american is in stable condition. >> in jerusalem today a truck
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driver plowed into a crowd of israeli troops killing four and wounding more than a dozen others. we caution you, the video is graphic. jonathan vigliotti has the latest from london. >> reporter: elaine, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was quick to call the attack in jerusalem an act of terror, saying the driver was a supporter of isis. surveillance video shows the moment the man turned his truck into a weapon, speeding off the road and barreling into a crowd of israeli soldiers. the driver quickly begins to back up before he is shot an killed. officials say the attacker was palestinian. netanyahu suggested the driver was inspired by similar isis assaults in europe including nice, france, and more recently the truck attack on a german christmas market in berlin. but he didn't offer any intelligence supporting that. israel faced a wave of attacks by palestinians over the last 18 months as both sides continue to clash over territory. several palestinian attacks have involved vehicles.
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the violence has slowed in recent months but tensions have been rising since president- elect donald trump vowed to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. both claim jerusalem as their capitol and palestinians view the move as a threat. >> jonathan vigliotti, thank you. >> u.s. tanks rolled into germany this weekend. the deployment which also includes 3500 u.s. troops is to protect eastern europe against a potential russian invasion. elizabeth palmer is in northern germany. >> reporter: i'm standing in the dark area of the city of bremerhaven and all around me is american military equipment. just off the boat everything from humvees to tanks. the official name for this display of military muscle is operation atlantic revolve. its purpose, to reassure america's nervous european allies that the u.s. military will stand with them against any
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aggressive moves by russia. moves like the 2014 invasion of crimea when russian troops arrived in what had been ukraine and seized it for the kremlin. this is america's response. a decision to stop the draw-down of u.s. troops in europe and reverse it, in the first buildup since the end of the cold war. lieutenant general timothy ray is deputy commander of the u.s.' european command. >> we intend to reassure all those here in europe that we are committed to peace and security. and to send a signal to anybody else who would differ with that that is not going to work. >> reporter: that anybody else would be a vladimir putin who is on record of saying it's stupid and unrealistic to think that russia would attack anyone. but just in case, operation atlantic resolve is a big and very advisable deterrent. over the next week all this equipment will leave germany and be sent to poland from there be
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deployed across eastern europe. >> elizabeth palmer reporting from germany, thank you. >> winter storms caused major problems from coast to coast this weekend. in the east at least thee people were killed on icy roads. as snow storms cleared out, frigid temperatures moved in. the west has been getting blasted for days by waves of heavy rain and snow. here's carter evans. >> rain and snow continue to pound the west, from oregon. >> it's scary weather where white out continues caused at least 350 crashes statewide to california where flooding shut down roads and forced this water rescue after a couple refused to evacuate. shari lives right next to the river in santa cruz. >> when the water k078s over my deck and the large trees come barreling down. one of the pillas could take my deck down, that would be
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devastating to he me. >> high water is threatening this restaurant in nevada city, california. throughout the state strong wind and rain knocked down trees and utility lines leaving thousands without power. in san ramon valley a falling tree killed a woman at this golf course. further east in yosemite valley, raging water is filling the merced river and mandatory evacuations are in place ahead of expected flooding. along the california nevada border mild temperatures and warm rainfalling in the sierras are melting snow, causing flooding along the truckee river. the governor of nevada declared a state of emergency. >> this isn't an if, this is going to happen. we're doing everything we possibly can to protect lives, protect homes, protect kids. >> tonight the truckee river could reach its highe level in ten years. if that happens the water could overflow the banks here and very well flood homes and businesses in reno. carter evans, cbs news, reno,
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nevada. >> quijano: >> quijano: from the midatlantic to new england millions of people spent sunday digging out. here's tony dokoupil. >> shovel by shovel, and plow by plow, the east coast is shaking off a massive winter storm which snarled traffic and grounded flights from mississippi to massachusetts. the storm contributed to more than a thousand crashes in north carolina and virginia alone. plus this pileup involving 20 cars and trucks in connecticut. rescuers in north carolina used thermal imaging seen here to spot lost hikers late saturday, severe weather had slowed the search. >> massachusetts including cape cod and martha's vineyard dug out for more than a foot of snow as temperatures dropped into the teens and 20s. but on new york's long island, a remind that winter weather can actually be fun. >> in new york city, some parts of brooklyn and queens got about 7 inches and here in central
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park, about five inches fell and elaine, that is just enough for a snowball or two. >> tony dokoupil, tony, thanks. >> the transition of power continues in washington d.c. this week. congress will begin confirmation hearings for key members of president-elect trump's administration. and president obama gives his farewell address to the nation from chicago. here's errol barnett. >> republican leaders said president-elect donald trump's cabinet will be approved despite delays in submitting background paperwork. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration. in having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. >> trump's choice for attorney general, senator jeff sessions and his pick for secretary of state, exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson are two of the seven cabinet nominees to face confirmation hearings this week. >> we confirm seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in.
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we didn't like most of them either. >> but he won the election. >> repealing obamacare is trump's first priority but democrats are resisting. >> the effort to repeal obamacare right now without a plan to replace it, this shouldn't be about politics, this is about real people in america who will be hurt immediately. >> reporter: meanwhile, thousands lined up in chicago this weekend to get tickets to president obama's farewell address. >> that with hard work, people who love their country can change it. that will be the focus of my farewell to you this tuesday. >> reporter: also this week, the president-elect is expected to explain just how he will separate himself from his global business brand in his first press conference since the election. trump has scheduled it for wednesday, elaine, that is the same day five of his cabinet nominees face congressional hearings. >> quijano: errol barnett, thanks. the so called trump rally, how long will it last.
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>> quijano: the dow keeps flirting with the 20,000 mark. it closed just sort short of that milestone by a fraction of a point friday. the so called trump rally is going strong but how long will it last? jill wagner talked to traders about the president-elect's economic policies and how they might impact the stock market. >> reporter: investors welcomed donald trump's white house win with a major market rally. the dow surged more than 1500 points in just eight weeks. >> are you surprised how much the market has gone up since the election. >> not at all. >> keith bliss is vice president of a company. he says wall street like trump's plan to boost infrastructure spending cut corporate taxes and simplify the tax code. >> that will increase hiring, increase spending across the country. >> reporter: trump also promised to ease regulation in the
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financial sector. bliss says that's one reason banking stocks like goldman sachs are up double digits since the election and will likely continue to climb. >> a lot of the regulations that have been put in place over the last eight years have been at the stroke of a pen by president obama. a lot of these by the stroke of a pen by president trump can be taken away. >> reporter: despite the optimism there are some worries here on wall street. some are concerned trump will start a trade war with china. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. >> reporter: he suggested putting a tariff on all goods imported into the u.s. which would likely drive up the price of everything from cars to clothing. >> donald trump is a wildcard. >> reporter: trader peter tuchman says markets don't like uncertainty but so far the overwhelming mood is good. >> the excitement over it blew right through this 19,000. >> he made these baseball caps when the dow closed in on 19,000 for the first time ever.
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>> quijano: when president-elect trump is sworn in later this month he will not be the first political outsider to move into the white house. craig boswell tells us about other presidential mavericks who shook up the establishment. >> we are changed. >> reporter: donald trump road a wave of dissatisfaction with the government to the white house. he would be the first person elected president without ever holding a government position. >> donald trump is perhaps the most far outside outsider of anyone ever to be elected president in the history of the country. >> reporter: american university history professor allan lichtman says other notorious renegades also made it to the white house. >> the first true outsider to be elected president was, of course, andrew jackson. >> reporter: historians say mr. trump has a lot in common with jackson. a volatile but very recognizable public figure. jackson rose to national
5:53 pm
prominence with a victory over the british during the war of 1812. >> he was elected on a platform of cleaning up the mess in washington. does that sound familiar. >> jackson forced native americans from their land and dismantled the bank of the united states which plunged a country into a depression. this statue of andrew jackson will welcome donald trump when he takes over the white house. but other mavericks also lived here. the republican party put theodore roosevelt on the presidential ticket with william mckinley to get the new york governor out of its hair. then mckinley was assassinated with that damn cowboy reformer maverick became president of the united states. >> roosevelt became known as a trusted visionary for challenging monopolies and averaging american citizens a fair tax deal. >> general dwight eisenhower ran for president without ever holding a political office, so did ulysses grant and major general zachary taylor. >> we are going to dwayne the swamp of corruption.
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>> at 70 trump will become the oldest person to become president. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> up next, spacex's return to space has been delayed again. the company has a lot riding on this launch. do you know how your laxative works?
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>> quijano: finally tonight, spacex's highly anticipated return to space was delayed sunday. spacex had hoped to launch its falcon 9 rocket early this week but bad weather at the vandenberg air force base in california pushed it to next saturday. kenneth craig has more on this mission for spacex. >> reporter: four months after this devastating explosion that destroyed an unmanned falcon 9 rocket in cape canaveral, spacex says it's ready to give it another go. the rocket is ready to send ten iridium satellites into space but bad weather at the california launch site has forced the delay. bill harwood is cbs new's space consultant. so bill, how much is at stake here? >> this is extremely important to spacex. they really do need to restore confidence in the falcon 9 rocket after the explosion back in september.
5:58 pm
>> space-x chalked up 18 successful flights in a row before 2015 launch failure. and another nine flights before the spectacular spent launch pad. >> clearly two failures in 29 rockets is not the kind of record that space ddz x he long wants. it comes as the billionaire who has his eyes on mars finds himself in an increasingly competitive space race with amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos and even more traditional rocket companies like boeing and lockheed martin. >> they already launched a sub orbital rocket. so there say big competition between them. every flight is important in these high-stake launches. >> musk is setting his sights higher for 2018 with a manned test of space-x dragon capsule. he hopes it will eventually bring astronauts to the international space station. kenneth craig, cbs new, new york. >> quijano: that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. i'm elaine quijano in new york. thank you for joining us, and good night.
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captioning spons live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> tonight we have sthenworse of the wind and rain but now the rivers are rising. from namma and sugnome to the south bay, the sierra nevada and the next few hours will be critical. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. the latest on the winter storm. evacuations ordered along the russian river. still warnings around the bay area. we have team coverage. we begin with paul deanno. >> just in the high wind warning will expire at 6:00 p.m. and will not be reissued. the winds are dying down and the rains are relaxing. still heavy showers in the
6:00 pm
north bay. hardest hit. heavier showers toward napa. vacaville and fairfield as well. the rain not finished yet and rainfall totals, half of a foot in some parts of the bay area. more about specifics on that and wind gusts coming up. >> thank you. tonight we are keeping an eye on several rising rivers. kpix 5's susie stein has more. >> common scene here in natcha county. -- napa county and now that it is dark it will be more dangerous to drive through. several feet of standing water. >> that is the river. >> reporter: he lives on lodi lane, the most flood prone road in napa county


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