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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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still heavy showers in the north bay. hardest hit. heavier showers toward napa. vacaville and fairfield as well. the rain not finished yet and rainfall totals, half of a foot in some parts of the bay area. more about specifics on that and wind gusts coming up. >> thank you. tonight we are keeping an eye on several rising rivers. kpix 5's susie stein has more. >> common scene here in natcha county. -- napa county and now that it is dark it will be more dangerous to drive through. several feet of standing water. >> that is the river. >> reporter: he lives on lodi lane, the most flood prone road in napa county under 6 feet of
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water. >> yesterday morning, 3, 4 feet under the bridge. okay. it will come. >> reporter: he surrounded his home with sandbags. an embankment keeps most of the water at bay but they still have to keep an eye out. >> over night it is hard to see, you need someone on flood watch. >> reporter: public works says half the roads connecting highway 29 and silverado trail are closed and the water is moving fast. >> we have a lot of flooding and starting to get a lot of slides. >> reporter: if you are looking at the images and worrying about the wine crop, don't. he says the plants are dormant during the winter month. >> they are asleep right now and so the water, as long as it is not standing for weeks it is fine. >> reporter: we are in the
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waiting stage right now with the napa river. it will crest at 8:00 p.m. tonight that could cause more flooding and won't be below flood stage until after midnight. live, kpix 5. the russian river expected to hit flood stage at 10:00 p.m. tonight, 38 feet cresting tomorrow afternoon. don ford live ahead at 6 thirty p.m. as the -- 6:30 p.m. as the waters rise drivers ignoring the flooding signs. two vehicles got stuck in the over flow from the creek. south in marin. firefighters had to help out these drivers on lucky drive. kpix 5's joe vazquez is live
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with the latest there. >> reporter: all about your attitude. you can see a sign, the flooded sign right there. yeah. that means it is impassable and that has been the case, water so high you couldn't get through but that didn't stop neighbors from trying. some got floodingind garages and the people -- flooding inside the garages and people driving through made things worse. >> people that drive through the flooded areas understood the homes. not the water from -- flood the homes. not the water from the rain. >> drive through here, high trucks and step on it that causes tidal waves in the garage. my porch. >> the signs of a heavy storm are everywhere in the north bay. high winds, heavy rains. covered highway 37.
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making the lanes impassable. >> more of a flicker. like a -- >> reporter: she heard the noise when a tree fell and knocked power out. >> kind of flicked and sparked and -- flickered and sparked . the electricity flashed an and off 10 times and i saw the tree. >> reporter: some decided to roll with it. or skim with it. these men on skim boards are keeping their heads above water and enjoy the day. as one firefighter told me ---hits just what happens. you can't -- it is just what happens. you can't control the weather. >> reporter: behind me, this is what happened to this car. the tow truck guy is here to rescue it. so far today there have been some nearby residents and an rv park told to shelter in place because the water was so high.
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the orders have been lifted by the fire department so it has been torrential rain for most of the day. it lightened up. the wind died down. the worse is over and now clean up begins. >> thank you for that report. in the south bay the river is also raging tonight. devin fehely is live in san jose. >> reporter: the height of the drought the river was at an all time low. look at how things changed. outside the spillway. after a week of wet river it is dry no more. >> reporter: bone dry. a raging river yet again. >> crazy how it is bone dry trickle to a raging river. fun to see it. it is never like it. when you see it it is like wow! >> reporter: in 2015, a week of rain has the river that makes
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its way through san jose swollen and rising but still well below flood stage. >> been down here when you could walk all the way across. right? it is really, as you can see, flowing. >> reporter: san jose and the peninsula have largely been spared the winter storm but they have not escaped all together. a downed power line forced crews to divert dozens of drivers. we found flooded streets in san jose. near the san jose airport. residents watched the rising river with curiosity and concern as well as relief for having been spared the worse that mother nature could dish out. >> reporter: this is a live look again at the spillway of the river outside downtown san jose. now, right now the river is not
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at risk of flooding but with more wet weather on the way that could change. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. the sierra nevada where they are bracing for major flooding along the truckee river. kpix 5's emily turner is there tonight. emilyemily? >> reporter: we ever managed to find a dry spot but the rain continues as does the wind and the truckee river continues to rise. >> our river levels are not looking that high but we are preparing for the worse right now. >> reporter: more sand bags. more rain. more flooding. it is worse than he has seen it. >> bag and sand -- bagging sand. we are on a mountain. we are not supposed to leak but we are. we have a flood. >> reporter: it poured all day long. all over the lake tahoe basin. folks in truckee raced to shore up their sand bags bags for the home stretch if they could get them. >> gone through 15 truck loads
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and each carries 6-tons of sand. the issue is that our whole area seems to be running low and close to out of sand bags. >> the wind blew along side the rain. kicked up white caps on lake tahoe and waves crashed along the shore and triggered avalanches. closing dwodwine traffic. today -- 89 to traffic. >> starting to get calls this morning about floods in homes and we have seen two feet in some ressances. >> reporter: -- residences. >> mudslide. and the river raged past a rental cabin. carrying debry with it. the truckee river has been well behaved but there is stale long night ahead. >> people that lived in the area remember the floods from 1997 and they have seen what
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can happen when water starts to build up like this. they are trying to prepare. >> reporter: right now flood levels are at 6 feet but they still have four hours before it hits its crest. the truckee river will hit crest at 7 feet and 3 inches at around 10:00 p.m. tonight. here in truckee this isn't the only place they are seeing flooding. downtown stream in reno. worse than up here. in reno they evacuated several neighborhoods. thousands of homes. closed parks along the river. asking people who are taking pictures of the waters to stay home. they canceled a lot of schools tomorrow because they don't want people to be out in the rushing water with the flood watts raging as well as the home vacations at the moment. emily turner, kpix 5.
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>> thank you. this just in. major road closures to tell you about in the sierra nevada. a mudslide shut down westbound interstate 80 at donner lake. all westbound on 80 has been closed. another slide closed down all the westbound lanes of highway 50. 50 and 80 both closed westbound because of mudslide. no word on when they will reopen. check this out. the cascade falls in mill valley. tonight it is flowing faster with the heavy rains. and we have seen impressive totals so far. >> 11-1/2 inches of rainfall in the wettest spots and more rain coming down right now. more coming down. across the bay, richmond, heavy showers. pouring in the santa cruz mountains. not raining in san jose. lots of rain toward yosemite. snow in the highest elevations
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and more showers to the north and west of santa rosa. flood watch continues till 11:00 p.m. a flood warning for southern santa clara valley continues till 7:30 p.m. and river flood warnings for the russian and napa river. santa rosa 5 inches of rain. 4 for san rafael. less in the east and bay and south bay and city. 25s of rain in concord and san francisco. not even one inch for fremont. the bigger totals were in the mountains. half a foot of rain. big sur 7 inches of rain. and 3-1/2 inches of rain in mount diablo. also the wind, we saw significant wind gusts, windiest system in 5 years. brian hackney has more on that. >> the wind knocks it down and it was plenty windy in the bay
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area. 60 miles per hour plus. sfo gusts in the 40 miles per hour range. sierra nevada, 173 miles per hour wind gusts. kirkwood 100 miles per hour. donner 87 miles per hour. back in the bay area, well above the usual winds around the bay area, all going to relax. more on this in a few minutes. for what is coming up now up, liz? thank you. the storm takes a deadly turn a taxi spins into the oakland estuary. >> i am juliette goodrich in downtown san francisco, street closures. downed trees and power outages. a live report coming up. >> and kpix 5 the only bay area tv station crew inside yosemite national park tonight. where the falls are flowing with incredible force. ,,,,,,
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it happened around eight a.m. in the east bay a taxi driver died after his car plunged to in the oakland estuary near the airport. the road quasi-slick and wet. the cab sunk 4 feet and dive teams were called into pull out the car and the driver. the driver was rushed to the hospital but he didn't make it. it is unclear if weather conditions were a factor in the crash but police are investigating. highway 17 south of los gatos are back epien. it was closed while crews cleared a fallen tree hanging on a power line. officials didn't want cars going through there was of the
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live wire. interstate 280 is back open after this tree toppled across the southbound lanes. you can see it landed on one car. no word on any injuries. and in san francisco the wind took down scaffolding along market street. kpix 5's juliette goodrich with the latest. >> reporter: police shut down a portion of market street. you can see the building in question right now and police are concerned about the security issue because there is some -- some -- the material on the outside that is hanging. and a lot of that had to do with the wind and that is been the case throughout the city. the winds. the wind. this tree came down on his car. >> heard a large crack. >> reporter: that loud crack, a tree branch that came crashing down. >> ran out and sure enough, you know, my car.
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>> reporter: a similar situation, fortunately no one was injured. and a tree upalthoughed and came out of the -- up rooted and came out of the ground on to a car. she is a street inspector for public works. on call all day. >> a lot of new buildings, the new trees are down. the old trees are down everywhere. >> reporter: the best way to show you how windy it is, is to stand in it. this is the case throughout the city. that is why you see so many downed trees. all of this because of the high wind. the city has been dealing with hundreds of trees down. floodingflooding in -- flooding in neighborhoods that don't typically experience problems like this and drivers on the golden gate bridge and the bay area are realizing it is a risk
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to get out on to the roads during the peak of the storm. the rain has been off and on and the wind have been dying down and then pick back up again. there are power outages, scattered power outages throughout the city but officials didn't have an over load with 911 calls. they were prepared and they will stay on call. the latest in san francisco, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. if you have to fly the skies, check for your flight status before you head to sfo. delays are running 2 hours right now and more than 160 flights have been canceled. no reports of major problems at oakland or san jose. paul deanno now, we just got word from the sierra nevada, 50 and 80 closed now. westbound because of slides -- a lot of material coming down. >> and as you mentioned you can't go fix that till the situation is calmer or more stable. they will see rain and snow for
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the next couple days. when knows when they will reopen. interstate 80 and 50, we have rain around here, m.d. smaller than -- mudslide, smaller than that throughout the bay area. showers. more rain moving into the north bay. the rain is not finished yet. not as widespread as it was today. plenty of showers with gusty winds. russian river crests tomorrow at the highest level in 11 year. moderate flooding. crests at noon tomorrow and tonight napa river will crest at the highest level since 2005. so in 11-1/2 years. flooding likely there as well. we have rain falling in san francisco. you may not have noticed because it was so windy but all
6:20 pm
the wind, it felt tropical. 60s. including san francisco, 63. san jose 64. livermore 65 degrees. mild tonight. lows in the 50s. san rafael tonight 49 degrees. what's happening? atmospheric river, tropical air mass working up. lots of juice in the atmosphere. jet stream over northern california. now we have the trailing area of low pressure. it will approach tomorrow. destabilize the atmosphere. scattered showers and then the low passes over head. over southern oregon and northern california. we will get another round of steady rain. the rain will not be as heavy. the wind will not be as strong. a wet and windy day on tuesday as well. by the time we get a dry day around here we will have 11 connective days. first 11 days of january with rain. tonight scattered showers. a break tomorrow morning before more scattered showers, in the north bay move in tomorrow
6:21 pm
afternoon. tuesday, again, more widespread rain and rain heavy at times. tuesday afternoon, north bay, 3 inches of rainfall on tuesday. the rain is winding down tonight. the wet pattern hangs out for three more days. showers monday. steady rain with an inch of rain for the bay area. if not more for the north bay. if you are looking for a break, we need the rain, some saying all right, we are good with the rain. give me sunshine. we will dry out. get you sunshine thursday. but it is only sunday night. oakland tomorrow scattered showers. 58 degrees. mountain view 57. napa 55 degrees. soggy for the first half of the forecast. we will dry out starting athursday and toward the weekend. we will see four connective dry days and the rain we don't see
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equal rainfall. it is a big disparity. san jose one inch of rain. mountains 11 inches of rain. some parts of the bay area need to dry out. four connective dry days will be good. get mudslide cleared up and calm down before more rain moves in. >> thank you. dennis o'donnell now. sunday night, playoff faction. nfl. >> paul is wearing a cal bears tie. >> i see it. >> wow! [ talking at the same time ] >> excellent transition into my forecast. former cal quarterback moves on and the current cal coach is out. aaron rodgers pulls off a miracle but was it enough for the packers. we are up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thousands put on their plastic ponchos and ran out into the rain.. for the "hot in san francisco this morning thousands of people put on their ponchos and ran out
6:25 pm
into the rain. for the hot chocolate 5k through golden gate park. the down pour was only a drizzle by the time the race began. a jog was a bit of a slog. >> real athletes there. >> there you go. >> a lot of hot chocolate -- >> you have to. the blow out. first the 49ers. head coaching search. they are no longer the only bay area football team looking for a coach. despite their season ending six weeks ago cal fired sonny after four seasons. some saying they should go after chip kelly. but he will not be a candidate. williams was not pleased with his level of commitment. >> we want someone committed to
6:26 pm
building a winning football program on the field. someone who is committed to academic achievement. we want the student athletes to have a tremendous experience. every other one of our programs reaches that standard. we want to do the same with football. >> sound like chip kelly to me. okay. this season the green bay packers lost four straight. was the coach in trouble? what was wrong with aaron rodgers? the green bay packers are looking good. and giants wide receivers not bothered by the temperatures in -- by the single digits temperatures in green bay. packers 7-6. aaron rodgers, you got to be kidding me. another hail mary? 42-yard. randall cobb, nobody covered him. 14-6 after that play. now 14-13.
6:27 pm
for the third time in the game. 30-yard number. catch and run touchdown. aaron rodgers four touchdowns. green bay wins. the packers will be at dallas next weekend. in pittsburgh. steelers leading 7-0 against miami. ben roethlisberger over the middle. brown already had a 50-yard touchdown. this for 62. 14-0. it is now 23-6. 3rd quarter. bell scores his second of the game. 30-6. a playoff record 167 yards. pittsburgh wins 30-12. they face kansas city next week in the divisional round. making her homecoming today at cal. final seconds. tied 66-6. buries the game winning three at the buzzer. what a way for her to cap off
6:28 pm
her return to the bay area. ducks come back to upset cal 69- 66. jordan speith on the 14th hole. he shot the low round of the day. 8 under 65 and a tie for third. justin thomas in trouble when he nails this 8 iron from 226 yards out. are you kidding me? the winner for the second time. won by three shots on the pga tour. that is it. bay area newsgroup, the 49ers coaching and general manager search tonight on game day. >> all right. >> we need an update. >> we will have one for you. [ talking at the same time ] >> the 49ers have enough money -- >> they have plenty of money.
6:29 pm
[ talking at the same time ] >> they got to make the right decisions. we will find out that tonight. >> excellent. thank you. coming up, next half hour, major flooding in the forecast for yosemite valley tonight. wilson walker, the only bay area tv reporter inside yosemite valley. we will hear from him coming up live. >> and rising bay area rivers. live updates ahead from the napa river and the russian river where evacuations are underway. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. the powerful storm that has blown through the bay area... you are watching kpix 5 news. >> we are tracking the fall out
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from the powerful storm that has blown through the bay area. 33,000 pg&e customers without power around the bay area. flood warnings along the napa river, and the russian river. the russian river will crest 6 feet above flood stage tomorrow. and getting word of major road closures in the sierra nevada. westbound i-80 closed at donner lake because of a mudslide and highway 50 closed for the same reason. and we have team coverage tracking the storm. we begin in yosemite valley where a river flood warning is in effect tonight, the merced river will crest near 12 feet tonight as melting snow continues to pour down from the sierra nevada. tonight the valley is almost totally evacuated. kpix 5's wilson walker was the
6:33 pm
only bay area tv reporter allowed inside during the storm and he joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: right. two things happened. one the rain returned and serious rain. the stuff that blew in at 3:00 a.m. this morning. and with the rain there is a since of alarm and concern about what is unfolding here in the yosemite valley. >> reporter: when lightning, thunder and pounder rain gave way to day break the storm joined the mighty merced. that water gained steam throughout the day, flooding meadows and pushing towards bridges but figuring out how the river is going to behave is no easy task. >> we have a lot of factors we have to consider. we are not looking just at the
6:34 pm
river. we are looking at all the factors that lead into the river. >> reporter: if you spent a day in yosemite valley you might have driven over this bridge. but the bridge turns out to be a critical point in what's happening in the valley. this spot where they figure out exactly what the river is doing. >> you can see we ever a river monitoring gauge. a place that we are monitoring what the river conditions look like at this time. patterns are shifting. we are using the knowledge that we have and making assessments each hour. >> reporter: there is the data set of figuring out how this will work. watching those monitors on the river. the other part is straightforward, people going around the valley, in the dark, in the weather, just watching the valley to see how the valley is spanning to the weather. they -- responding to the weather. they combine all that so in the
6:35 pm
last hour they have been straightforward about what the fact they are seeing is more concerning than what they were seeing earlier in the day. we have video of the swinging bridge. you know it, nice tourist draw there in the middle of the valley. when we took the video the water was 2 feet below the bridge. that bridge will be over taken by the river tonight. so what you have is the valley filling up. goes out to the sides you have more room, but you get less certain about where it will go and how it will respond and then you have the rain. i got to tell you, we ever been bragging about being the only tv crew out here, the situation was calm in the middle of the day that a number of folks asked to be escorted out of the park. it felt like things would be
6:36 pm
calm here. in the last couple hours it has gone the other direction. >> i think most folks in the bay area remember what happened in 1997 and you showed a picture of the sign there that had the water level at that point, most of lower pines and north pines was wiped out. are they expecting anything close to that in the valley? >> reporter: no. that wasn't the case yesterday. it was funny watching the river today. it was high. it was fast. and you stand beside the sign and you get a look at how high it had to get in 1997. i was at lower pines, a lower spot along the river, they were fine today but everything keeps changing. the park service has been consistent today. even when things looked calm to
6:37 pm
say we don't know what is going to happen. looks like 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. is where maybe worse case scenario rolls around. >> wilson walker, again, from yosemite valley. thank you. we will continue to monitor the situation there and have it throughout the evening on our later newscasts. thank you. north, flood warnings along the truckee river in truckee. flood stage 4-1/2 feet. this afternoon it was at 5 feet. it could crest near 7-1/2 feet tonight. and keeping an eye on rising rivers in the bay area. brian hackney is standing by with the latest look at the napa river. >> reporter: 24 hours ago below flood stage but the napa river wasn't listening. now. river rising rapidly. the rain switched to the north
6:38 pm
over night and ramped up river levels. the napa will peak at the highest since 2005 and it is forecast to peak at 9:00 p.m. tonight. a foot and a half above flood stage. the russian river always the focus of flooding. expected to crest at 38 feet by tomorrow afternoon. that is 6 feet above flood stage. guerneville now. >> reporter: brian, the folks are not in danger at the moment anytime you compine the atmospheric river with the russian river people here pay close attention. the russian river is rising fast. while it is not at flood stage yet it has the attention of the fire department. >> river is coming up.
6:39 pm
it is at 26 feet right now. forecasted to hit 38 feet, noon time tomorrow. >> reporter: big jump. >> it is a big jump. >> reporter: it is not expected to flood downtown but some of the low lying homes homes and resorts will be flooded. locals came out to see the river. >> it will go up. even if it stops now it will come up 3, 4 feet. >> the fire department has all their rescue gear waiting and ready. as we know, it is just a waiting came to see how much rainfalls and that will determine how quickly the river rises and lows. >> thank you. looking at heavy showers through the bay area. richmond one of the showers. south city, daly city showers. and rain heading toward oakland. berkeley. emeryville. continuing to pour as it has been for the past couple hours.
6:40 pm
santa cruz mountains. you can see the rain shadow. south and west of san jose. not raining in the uppervarra valley because -- upper santa clara valley. creek is running over its bank and flash flood warning warning for southern santa clara county. other showers to the southeast of santa rosa, napa county. not done with the rain yet. highest totals, 7 inches of rain. big sur 7 inches there. half foot of rain in boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains. rain falling at the top of the peer-mind in san francisco. -- mere immediate in san francisco. more rain coming. the timing on that coming up. >> thank you. as wet as it can be out there but you can blame a lot of today's storm damage on the drought. tonight clean up crews can
6:41 pm
barely keep up with all the toppling trees. >> i am len ramirez in the santa cruz mountains, people continue to watch and worry about the swollen san lorenzo river straight ahead. ,,,,,, over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out
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in santa cruz tonight.. within the past few minutes.. caltrans closing highway 17 in both directions due to another downed tree. more trouble in the santa cruzimates tonight. caltrans -- santa cruz mountains tonight. caltrans closing highway 17 due to a downed tree. happening south of red wood estates. effecting all lanes. no word on when that will be reopened. kpix 5's len ramirez is live in santa cruz where they are keeping an eye on the san lorenzo river levels. >> reporter: we are watching the san lorenzo river here. a look at what the river is doing. trees there that were in the dry ground. just before the storm. you can see they are now
6:44 pm
covered by water. several feet deep. people continue to watch the river because it flows through the towns. that is where people are gathering to watch the river. >> reporter: in boulder creek they came to check on the status of the san lorenzo as it threatens to flood. >> better be concerned. >> reporter: and for some children this is the first in their life time. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: but down stream a flood warning is in effect. >> due to the fact of how much rain we got and look at where it is at right now it will flood tonight. >> reporter: felton grove one of the most flood prone areas. he says his garage flooded three times in the last 10 years but this time it is
6:45 pm
different. >> it will run, maybe, this time to the laund roimate. last year i -- land romat. last year i lost my car . we are prepared. >> reporter: we ever been watching the river since 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. it doesn't seem to be rising as quickly as it did. we put markers down earlier and it seems to be going back at this point and it does appear it is not moving upwards and that is a big relief to a lot of the people but it is still raining. still a big concern. reporting live in santa cruz county, len ramirez, kpix 5. in the south bay one homeowner stumbled on this. a tree on top of his home. he says it is a vacation rental so no one was there when it toppled over. >> well, i got a emergency call
6:46 pm
in the middle of the night that i didn't see. but i woke up to police department, fire department, alarm company, messages. here i am to find out what happened. >> reporter: what is going through your head? >> what i am going to find inside the house. >> renters were scheduled next weekend. and plenty trees were toppled in the north bay. >> reporter: there are trees down all over the north bay this sunday. you can see this one that went down and hit a car here. this is in fairfax. this is a hilly area so each tree that goes down there is a concern it could take down more trees and power lines. check out this that we found. a huge tree that fell in to a garage there. a lot of it was just a wait and
6:47 pm
see game because they had to wait for pg&e to clear the area of power lines before they were able to clean up the mess. so this is a clean up process that will be going on for several days. anne makovec, kpix 5. a lot going on style come. saved from the storm. a look at the rescues first responders have been pulling off around the bay area today. >> you are hearing the rain outside. foster city. san mateo, san bruno. winds 30 to 40 miles per hour. not done with the rain yet. the radar and what is going to happen later this week because there is another storm. we will talk about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:50 pm
as the waters rise.. and the trees come down. . hats off to our first responders in the bay area. incredible rescues all around. the waters rise, trees coming down. >> unbelievable heroes. brian hackney with a few stories. >> few stories. when police or firefighters warn you to get out, you should listen. two people in this rv learned that lesson the hard way. refused to leave. 45 minutes the waters rose and they called for help. you can see crews were up to their waist in water. right hire. they brought the owners out by
6:51 pm
boat. so many crashes on bay area road. no tow trucks available to help when this suv rolled over. the chp had to step in. four officers joined forces with four other men to push the car back on all four wheels. no injuries there. and in san francisco, tree toppled on to a homeless man. camping out near the brewery. passerby heard him calling for help and called 911. firefighters had to cut him away to pull him out but he was not badly hurt. mild case of hypothermia but otherwise he is okay tonight. check in with paul deanno now. >> the strongest of the wind, yes, that is done. rain gone? no, we have to wait till thursday. right now we have heavy showers
6:52 pm
moving over the heart of san francisco. heading toward at&t park, the bay bridge and oakland. that is you. san leandro heading in your direction. plenty of moderate to heavy rainfall in napa county. more rain for the santa cruz mountains. we still have showers which will exacerbate the flooding concerns. i know a chunk of the bay area received one to two inches of rainfall. uneven spread with the system. flash flood warning. the bay area flash flood watch continues till 11:00 p.m. tonight. temperature outside, 50s and 60s. it is mild. windy too. san francisco 60. oakland, livermore 58 degrees. tonight 40s and 50s.
6:53 pm
oakland 52. concord 49. livermore 49. san jose 52 degrees. next storm, another one to talk about. yes, but not a pineapple express. that was today. sliding to the east. next storm, low pressure, showers tomorrow and steady rain and gusty winds, 40 miles per hour coming up on tuesday. tonight rain showers continue. tomorrow morning a break. tomorrow afternoon, the north bay, you get the rain first. scattered showers elsewhere. rain tuesday morning. widespread heavy rain tuesday afternoon. and with the ground saturated and with mudslide already, even though it will be one quarter the amount of rain we have had over the weekend it may make problems worse. the rain is winding down tonight. but the wet pattern remains. showers tomorrow. steady rain returns on tuesday with another inch of rain. and we need a break. we are still in the drought. we will dry out. we need a break to get the
6:54 pm
water out of the soil. that will begin on thursday. tomorrow, 57 san francisco. 57 fremont and santa rosa 53. extended forecast, wet and breezy tuesday. showers continue wednesday. and the rain wraps up and four straight dry days starting thursday. that is your forecast. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the heaviest rain is over -- but flooding is still a major concern. ings are posted recap the latest on the storm. heaviest rain is over. but flooding is still a concern. warnings posted along the napa river, the russian river. the truckee river. westbound interstate 80 closed at donner lake due to a massive mudslide. all lanes closed.
6:57 pm
westbound highway 50 all lanes closed for the same reason. westbound. highway 17 closed in both directions in the santa cruz mountains due to a downed tree and other things we will talk about as the evening goes on. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> storm coverage continues on, our team will be out in it all night long bringing you the very late and say we will see you right back here tonight at 11:00 p.m. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
before you. >> steven joel sotloff was beheaded by isis in september of 2014. his execution was seen around the world on video. did you ever watch it? >> i have viewed steven's body with his head on his chest. >> i had to see that because i needed to be sure that that was him. >> steven's parents have been shattered by it, and by their strong belief that the american government could have saved his life. >> you've seen drones before, but never like this.


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