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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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trees down, river levels up. mud slides blocking roads and the threat isn't over. next.
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and filling up rivers... now at 11:00, a powerful storm slams northern california. strong winds toppling trees making a mess of the roads and it's not done yet. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken basita. and we have team coverage. from the north bay where the river levels are rising to the mud slides that are stopping traffic tonight. >> we have crews in the santa cruz mountains where travel has been tough all day. >> a big closure in yubas creek where the water has overflown
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the bridge. >> officials are urging people in that area to evacuate their homes. let's get right over to kpix5's joe vasquez. joe. >> reporter: as you said, as we speak the russian river is experiencing low level flooding in areas that have been evacuated already. there you see it already. we're right now on church street and this river is going pretty quickly up church street. it is rising fast and has a long way to go before it is finished. >> the russian river is creeping closer to the backyard. but sharon green isn't too worried yet. the river is expected to go right up to her back door. >> 48 feet it's going to put it to the backyard and bulk head of my foundation. >> what goes through your mind when that's happening. >> panic at that point. >> torrential rains for this weekend along with run off from other waterways are combining
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to produce the floods, the worse one here in more than a decade. >> what can you say for businesses and homing around -- and homes around here? >> it's a disaster. a lot of them have to shut down, they lose money. i stock up on dog food. we're ready to go. not for us but -- >> there will be flooding around noon tomorrow. we'll all be watching the river. all local school districts are closed tomorrow. reporting live, joe vasquez kpix5. susan stimel is in yontzville. >> the rain has tapered off but the roads here in napa county are still very much a problem. this is yontville cross road and it's been flooded out like this since the river jumped its
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bank more than eight hours ago. >> on the road back there, we had to go through. >> reporter: the dark roadways are completely deceptive. road and black water look almost identical. >> reporter: the napa river crossed its banks today. the roads routinely overflood. today's conditions were considered standard for the big storm before the drought. luckily here no injuries or evacuations were reported. this a lot of wine country completely under water. >> vineyards have been covered
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up. at least three, 4 feet deep. >> reporter: drivers know the worse of the storm is over. but the water will be around until it recedes. >> you just have to make sure no one else is around. >> reporter: the biggest problem with the roads flooding were a little further north of napa county in san helena. now it's yonts and napa that are flooded out. and the roads will probably remain like this until daybreak. susie steimle. a mudslide is blocking all lanes of i-80. >> there's also word of down power lines on the eastbound
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lanes. >> emily turner is live at the scene. >> reporter: you can still see the water pouring off of the m udslide. about a quarter mile long and a huge mess they've only just now begun to clean up. in fact, i'm joined live by pat dave. what is the situation now. >> we have the crews coming. they have the equipment to try to keep ahead of it. we're going to keep it going is what we're going to do. >> what are your concerns? i know we have more weather coming through? >> it's going to be real hard. if it's snow, the clean up will be a low slower. >> and this is going to have to
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be hauled off. >> yes, there's no way to push it off. we need to haul it out of here. >> how about those power lines and traffic getting restored. >> the power line, the power company is on the way. that could be one hour, five hour, 20 hours. we won't know until they get here. that's their problem, we're concentrating on the roads. it's still wet up the hill. until we get up there closer and let engineers look at it and make our determination we won't be able to tell what's up there. >> you guys stay safe. we appreciate all the work you do. emily turner, kpix5. a small mudslide also closed a road. caltrans worked extra hard to clear the area which is now open. flood warnings continue tonight along the truckee
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river. flood stage is at 4-1/2 feet. it's expect to crest near 7-1/2 feet. that's happening right about now. further east along the truckee. flood warnings are up for downtown reno. water earlier was right at water bank. >> we're talking about a tremendous amount of rainfall in the short amount of time and all the mountains of marin county, napa county, sonoma county and santa cruz county. those are the spots still receiving rainfall tonight. take a look at kpix5. napa, calistoga still wet. flood warning is up around gilroy. over the next 20 to 30 minutes rain is hanging on. almost 8-inches of rain in boulder creek over the weekend.
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mount st. helena 9-inches of rain fell. mount diablo more than three. we have officially now hit 2- inches in both concord and san francisco. a little less than we predicted in san jose and freemont. not just the rain you know this was windy. now it's windy around the bay area with winds gusts up to 60 miles per hour. kirkwood had a 100- -mile-per-hour wind gust. at the summit at squaw valley, 173 miles per hour, that's not a typo. 173-miles-per-hour the wind gust today. >> thank you. a look now at the latest power outage. 11,000pg & e customers around the bay area without power. you can see the break down by region. that number is down from 33,000 earlier today. powerful winds have been knocking down trees left and right. kpix5's julia goodrich on one family's close call. >> we checked out the damage throughout millvalely this
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certainly caught our attention. high winds causing this entire tree to come crashing down. a close call for the family living inside. call it a miracle no one was hurt when this decade's old tree came crashing down on to the gutierrez' front yard. >> it was a little scary. >> reporter: the family can't get through the front door. it's blocked now. >> there was a car that got trapped underneath the tree but nobody was hurt. >> fortunately. >> fortunately. >> and the wind caused this tree to come down on top of dave purcell's car. fortunately no one was injured. if you take a closer look at this particular branch you can see how soft and saturated
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it is already. from all this rainwater. >> reporter: patricia is a sacramento works worker and has been working all day. to 4-year-old ryder it may be this captured moment he will remember most about the storm of 2017. in mill valley, julia goodrich. closing crow canyon road. that's a possible shortcut between 580 and 680. not clear if it will reopen in time for tomorrow morning's commute. the pioneer cabin tree is no longer standing. the storm's strong winds cause it to topple over sometime overnight. this is what's left of the tree right now. its unique tunnel is the
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feature. it's just part of an ongoing mess there. mother nature threw just about everything at this house tonight. the hundreds of people stuck behind it. >> and we are the only bay area tv station inside yosemite valley tonight as a rain swollen merced river reaches flood stage. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there all day long.
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kpix 5's len ramirez on the... near-constant... storm response. len? whipping winds and heavy rain sent trees toppling down on i85. it's been busy all day. >> reporter: there's been mud slides, trees down, power lines down, there's been flooding. just about everything. it is difficult to drive even during a dry periods but when you throw in all of those obstacles it was downright treacherous. hundreds struck on the highway for hours with no way out all because of this. a massive old oak tree toppled across the lanes just before 6:00. it closed down both south bound lanes and one northbound. >> i told my wife this morning this kind of stuff can happen.
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>> reporter: a second later, and it would have come down on the his car. >> i think the tree fell. she ran into it simultaneous. we put the brakes on and that was it. >> reporter: it capped off a wild day on highway 17 which saw numerous fender benders, high water on the lanes, a blinding spot. >> welcome to a rain day. >> reporter: the cheer size of the toppled tree made for a lengthy clean up among the hundreds of vehicles stopped cold, was a nearly full shuttle bus that got so steamy inside it fogged our lens. >> pretty boring. we passed around a newspaper. that's about it yeah. >> reporter: a very difficult
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night for the caltrans crews. they had to work two to three solid hours to clear that tree. they got one lane open about an hour ago. looks like both lanes are open. and finally for the time being this road is passable. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains along highway 17, len ramirez, kpix5. >> the flood watch for the area surrounding the san lorenzo river has just expired. people living near that river kept a close eye on conditions throughout the day. in some places the river was just feet from homes. >> people who died up here in these homes. so yeah we better be concerned. >> these are some of the most prone hit areas. the santa cruz river also rose. at one point it spilled over to
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the guadalupe. most days the guadalupe is nothing but a dry trail. the rain swollen merced. >> the maple lodge, just beyond that the merced river now exactly one foot above flood stage and rising. with steady rain continuing to fall on the valley tonight all eyes are on this stream flow shot. as of 7:00 the merced river was above flood stage. >> tonight into early in the morning we're going to see impacts throughout the valley.
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>> reporter: running high and fast all day fueled by raging waterfalls on all sides of the valley the river was expected to flood at some point but when, where and how severe was almost impossible to predict. tonight, that picture is becoming a bit more clear. >> there are specific areas of interest that we're looking at. we're looking at the swing and picnic area. the campgrounds including housekeeping camp, upper and lower campgrounds. >> am i right in saying that we really won't have a good idea of how this is unfolding until daybreak. until we can see exactly where that water went. >> that's accurate. we're not really going to have a good idea on what areas are impacted until daybreak. >> reporter: valley hydrology something you don't want to gamble on. but the latest predictions has this receding daybreak tomorrow. we will be here to show you
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what -- i don't know in the wake of flood. wilson walker, kpix5. emergency crews called into action at the height of the storm today. >> bryan hapney is here with bad accidents and dramatic rescue. >> reporter: drivers slipping and sliding as you can imagine. but one incident in the bay area turned deadly. the taxi plunged into the estuary killing the driver. crews were able to pull the car and the driver from the water. the driver was rushed to the hospital but he didn't make it. a dramatic rescue in the sierra and foothills, crews rushed to save a 12-year-old girl trapped inside this car. it was submerged in a creek off highway 45 in auburn. the driver managed to get out. she started screaming for help saying her daughter was trapped inside and crews pulled the girl out. they had to perform cpr. we're told she's expected to be okay. and two people -- people living in this rv did not want
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to leave the storm. 2-1/2 minutes later water rose 2-1/2 feet and that's when they called for help. and that's the result. crews were waist deep in water as they brought the owners out by boat. this was the scene along old redwood highway. two cars got stuck near high ball creek. firefighters had to help two drivers out of not so lucky drive. we're getting the very latest on what's happening with paul. >> rain is picking up once again. moving right over san francisco. this storm will not let up it is absolutely pouring in the city. and will be in richmond, and
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berkeley and el cerrito, e vidently lafayette. and it's been raining steadily, reports of trees down, mud slides. rain continues there tonight. russian river, will crest tomorrow morning. this is new information a little lower than we first thought. 37feet, the critical point was 38. so it's below that that's good. crest will hit at 11:00 late tomorrow morning. the napa river however will crest a bit higher than first thought. moderate flooding is likely there. it actually is cresting right now and currently 26.7 feet and leveling off. mild outside. it's 11:00 at night. it is still 60 degrees in san francisco, san jose and concord. upper 40s, low 50s, redwood city. san jose 52. livermore 59. we still have all this atmospheric moisture piling up.
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we now have warnings for carmel. roads obviously will still be wet tomorrow morning. here comes the rain again monday night. widespread rain tuesday morning, widespread steady rain and gusty winds another inch: inch and a half of rainfall. not as much as this weekend but that's going to exacerbate the flooding problems again. by tuesday evening, we mentioned an inch for concord. for some spots the problems will get worse. for other spots you can absorb an inch to an inch and a half of rain which is what you will get for tuesday. the rain very slowly winding down tonight. showers likely tomorrow. more dry than not. but steady rain. gusty winds return tuesday and if you need a break and i think we all have earned one. tomorrow looking at highs in the mid- to upper 50s. san francisco 57.
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redwood city 57. concord 56 degrees. there will be some showers, they will not be as heavy as today. pretty stormy on tuesday with highs around 60. scattered showers continue wednesday. then we dry out and we're going to have four straight dry days, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. rain free with sunshine. that is your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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shooting rampage at a florida airport... is exepcted to make his first brief break from our storm coverage to look ahead.
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the single suspect from the rampage of the florida airport is set to go on trial. a newly released surveillance video shows esteban santiago open fire. he fired 15 shots before being arrested. five people were killed. five others remain hospitalized. if he's -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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meteorologist paul diano now with breaking weather news. the weather service just let us know about a levee breach. high water rescues are currently under way. we don't know how many homes specifically have been inundated but a minimum of 20 due to the breech of the carmel river. more in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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news and weather updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. goodnight. thank you for watching. game day is coming up next. >> news and updates are always
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on have a good night. ,,,,,,,,
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will join us in a few minuto talk 49ers and who would be "his" choice to succeed chip kelly..vern glenn was in hon with the raiders..he'll be g with a wrap c1 and who would be his choice to succeed chip kelly, vern glen was in houston. the warriors get their first up close and personal look at the golden one center in sacramento. but, we begin first with cal.
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and begins with a buy out. mike williams made the announcement today. >> clearly built up the program, both on the field and in the classroom. and he leaves cal in a stronger position than when he arrived. he deserves credit and our thanks. >> he went 1-11 in his first season with the bears but improved our records the next season. he seemed to have his dream job. >> is it kind of hard to kind of take a look at these guys and say, we need a building over here. >> don't feel sorry, too sorry for us. california memorial stadium is the best setting in college football. we have great facilities. so you ow


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