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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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michelle griego kenny is off. the rain may be over for most parts of the bay area but effects are widespread. flooding and wind huge concerns on this monday morning after winds have toppled trees making a mess of roads from the bay area to the sierra. we are going to get a check on weather and traffic. reporta you need help with the mic. >> it just fell off so i am readjusting it. we have a lot to talk b even though the storm passed us we have a lot of saturation at the ground so we could see a tree go down at any point of the day with breezy conditions. but now, we like to keep you informed because you can't be prepared unless you are gathering the information on the next storm that's going to be coming in adding injury to insult because we don't need anymore rain at this particular time we need a couple drying outdays. but going to affect tomorrow we have a flash flood watch for that yellow highlighted area. the red is more like the central valley but along the coastal areas and also the south bay much of the bay area,
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flash flood watch in effect for tuesday in addition tomorrow also. all day long you thought the winds were over but no we will have 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. we will keeping a eye on the rising russian river that will overflow about 2 this afternoon. it's at flood stage. live high def doppler radar a hit and miss shower into the santa cruz mountains we weremonitoring that and that looks look it's a lot of ground clutter expect a lingering shower and keep the umbrella happenedy in case you have the random shower. temperatures are very mild. but we have a lot of warm ininvestigation in place and a lot of rain saturating the soil and we will have some fog developing around the bay. so mostly cloudy skies, a lingering shower. temperatures in the 50s and 60s we will track the incoming storm that is forecasted for your tuesday that's straight
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ahead but roqui you will be busy. here we go again 4:31 let's look at the bay area roads starting with a couple closures first in the santa cruz mounten highway 17 closed both directions between santa's village and sugarloaf road. and another closure in gilroy on highway 101 closed between highway 25 and highway 152. now let's move over to the bay bridge toll plaza a lot of cash lane backup but if you have the fast track you are good to go along 80 westbound between the car keen ease brimming and maze -- been -- bridge and the maze. as we said the effect of the storm is far-reaching. our crews are spread out from the north all the way south of san jose and east to the sierra. a stretch of u.s. highway 101 south of gilroy is expected to reopen shortly after it was closed for hours because of flooding. the highway was closed near the
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monterey street interchange after 9 last night. parts of the roadway were under 3 feet of water. that stretch of highway is near the creek which overflowed during the storm. in sonoma county evacuations are underway in low lying areas along the russian river. kpix5 joe vasquez shows us it's hitting flood stage right now. >> reporter: the russian river is creeping closer to the backyard but sharon greenis not too worried yeted river expected to flood at the hedge of her door 6 feet bloive flood staig but if it goes beyond projection hes. >> 38 feed to 40 feet will -- feet to 40 feet will put it in the backyard and bulkhead of my foundation. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when that's happening. >> panic. >> reporter: torrential rains along with run off from other waterways are producing flood the worst in more than decade. what could it mean for businesses and homes. >> disaster really. a lot of them have to stay shut
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and they lose a ton of money. >> reporter: officials told about 3,000 people in guerneville and mont rio to leave homes a total of 650 homes and businesses. >> i stocked up on dog food and we are good to go. >> reporter: hope you have people food. >> not for us. >> that was joe vasquez reporting. parts of santa cruz county were hard hit. ben lowman and boulder creek got 5 inches in 24 hour period rain swollen waterways like the san lor renneso river and the creek caused flooding in some neighborhoods. >> it happened so quick man honestly like, when i left for work it was not bad to drive and we had no water and all of a sudden within a hour this. >> downed trees and power lines kept crews busy all weekend. highway 17 between san jose and santa cruz is back opened at least for now. kpix5 reports the storm caused problems and closures in the
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mountains over the weekend. >> reporter: hundreds stuck on the highway for hours with no way out. all because of this. a massive old grove oak tree across the southbound lanes it shut down both southbound lanes and one northbound. >> i told my wife this morning you know this kind of stuff can happen. >> reporter: a second later and the tree would have struck doug brown's car and it came down into the path of the white lexus that had just passed him. >> all of a sudden i saw her brake lights and the tree and a lot of movement in other words i think the tree fell and she ran into it it was like simultaneous. put the brakes on and that was it. >> reporter: it kept off a wild -- capped off a wild day on highway 17 with numerous fender benders high water on the lanes a blinding fog and tree that took out power lines and closed off the northbound lanes. >> part of life in the santa cruz mountains during the storm. >> reporter: welcome to a ran day. the size of the toppled tree
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made more a -- made for a lengthy cleanup. a nearly highway full shuttle bus that was so steamy it fogged the lens. >> boring we passed around a up. >>. about it. in monterey county 10 homes were evacuated overnight after alevee breach. no one was hurt but water rescue crews had to save an elderly couple from the home. the extent of damage to homes in the area is still being evaluated this morning. and a massive mudslide in the sierra. the chp tells us it happened near donner lake road after 6 yesterday evening. that mudslide was responsible for downed power lines and a major traffic nightmare all westbound lanes of interstate 80 are blocked near truckee. a caltrans crew member says this was the biggest mudslide in the last two decades which means it will not be a quick
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cleanup. those lanes are expected to be closed untilp noon today. >> we are hoping we can get it done before we get too much snow on top of it and make a big mess. folks, they just if you don't need to coming up, you are not coming. because roads are closed. >> on top of this mudslide and wet weather caltrans is expecting 3 or 4 days of heavy snow ahead. those blizzard like conditions will likely lead to more road closures. and more dangerous road conditions take a look at napa. the napa river jumped the banks up and down the valley yesterday. major arteries like highway 29 and silver rado trail were hit hardest. the public works says the area is especially flood probed. >> this is typical for road crews -- prone. >> this is typical for road crews we got complacent over the last 7 years. >> flood conditions were considered standard for big storms before the drought. luckily here no injuries or evacuations were reported. just a lot of wine country completely under water. strong wind gusts have been
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sending trees crashing down across the bay area. kpix5 juliette goodrich shows us a family -- family's close call. >> reporter: we checked out the damage this caught our attention. high winds causing this entire tree to come crashing down a close call for the family living inside. call it a miracle no one was hurt when the decade old tree came crashing down on the front yard. >> it was a little scary i mean the winds were crazy. >> reporter: the family can't get through the front door. it's blocked now. >> there was a car that got trapped underneath the tree but no one was hurt. >> reporter: fortunately. and in laurel heights the wind's fury caused this tree to come down on top of bob's car. >> i heard a large crack. >> reporter: tree branch. santa clara avenue and st. francis a similar situation no one was injured.
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if you look at this particular branch you can see just how soft and saturated it is already. from the rain watter. >> there's so many trees down. >> reporter: amanda moore is a street inspector for the department of public works. >> you can imagine if the new trees are down the old trees are down everywhere so it's been busy day. >> reporter: and power has now been restored to the gutierrez home, to 4-year-old ryder it may be the captured moment he will remember most about the storm of2017. in mill valley juliette goodrich. flood waters close down the road between castro valley and bullinger in san ramon that's a popular shortcut between interstates 580 and 608 -- 680. it's not clear if it will be opening for the morning commute. it's 4:39. yosemite a ghosttown this morning after getting hit hard by the latest storm. next a closer look at the trouble spots within the park.
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as as the merced river continues to our storm watch coverage continues fromo setity --o sem -- from yosemite vat they -- valley. yosemite national park has been a ghost town since friday except for wilson walker the only bay area tv reporter allowed inside as the storm hits. >> reporter: with steady rain continuing to fall on the valley all eyes are on this stream flow chart. >> we have a weather monitor-- riverp monitoring gauge here in yosemite valley. >> reporter: and as of 7 the merced river was officially above flood stage. >> tonight into early in the morning we are going to see impacts throughout the valley. >> reporter: running high and fast all day fueled by raging water falls on all sides of the valley the river was expected to flood at some point but wind where and how severely was almost impossible to predict. that picture is becoming a bit
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more clear. >> there are specific areas of interest we are looking at we are looking at the spick nick area and camp grounds that border the merced river including housekeeping camp upper and lower pines camp grounds. >> reporter: am i right in saying we won't have a great idea of how this is unfolding until daybreak until we can see exactly where that water went? >> that's accurate. we are not going to have a really good idea which facilities and if the truck sture is impact until daybreak. >> reporter: wilson walker. the water in the go lieu pay river is at a high-- the water in the guadalupe river is high. it spilled over into the park trail there was predictions it would top the banks but water level has stayed well below flood stage. often the guadalupe is not much more than dry riverbed as you can see from this video. this is from 2015. but it has a history of flooding and flood protection projects began after flooding incidents in the 1990s.
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water was not the only thing causing a huge mess. so was the wind. this scaffolding in san francisco couldn't weather the storm it came crashing down late yesterday afternoon outside a hotel. firefighters shut down the area around market and 7th street as they worked to repair it. in burlinggame a large -- burlingame a large tree to ed over a car and in santa cruz one homeowner stumbled on a massive tree hanging on his woof. the owner tells us that it's a vacation rental so thankfully no one was there when it toppled over. one of calaveras county oldest residents is a victim of the storm. california's iconic pioneer cabin tree is no longer standing after winds knocked it down this weekend. this is what's left of the tree. wow. it is a unique tunnel and it drew visitors from around the world. tree named for the tunnel that was carved into the broad base
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137 years ago was located in the the calaveras big trees state park. that's so heart breaking because so many people look forward to going up there and taking a look. i have a picture of that tree. >> i never been there. >> no? >> no. >> it's so cool. >> it looked cool. >> yeah and you know just because the bulk of the rain from the last storm is beyond us we still could see more downed trees because we have so much saturated soil and drought stricken trees right here in the bay area. we have this douglas firs and eucalyptus easy to go over because they are so top heavy and an addition to that we have more rain -- and in addition to the that we have more rain. we want to get you prepared on what you need to know i think we informed people and had them ready for the weekend and people took heed. we have another storm and we will have another flash flood watch in effect from tuesday through thursday in the bay area. in addition to a wind advisory. the wind will wrap back up
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again tomorrow. hi-def doppler radar if you are in the north bay you are breathing a sigh of relief. east bay a scattered shower here and there. so when i cue this up the cells raced out of the area but we have light rain moving in towards mount hamilton. also a little light rain showers right there in the santa cruz mountains. try to move towards redwood grove. you probably heard the wind and rain at 1 this morning. behind it lingering scattered showers at any point of the day. russian river guerneville we will watch that. napa river as well and napa we are watching that extremely carefully this morning. we are surpassing flood stage there. guerneville has met its flood stages as far as the russian river is concerned. we expect it to overflow the banks in the guerneville area by 2 this afternoon. right now mostly cloudy skies. we are picking up areas of fog due to the warm irair -- warmer air that surged into the area. temperatures in the 50s. i am not seeing limited
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adviceibility but we will keep on top of that as far as it is affecting sfo. the wind are at 15. a breezy start to the day. westerly 15 and san francisco. 12 in novato and santa rosa picked up over 3 3/4 of an inch of rain the past 24. so, this system is moving out as far as the atmospheric river is concerned upstream that iscolder store. core of the area of low pressure well off the coast making tracks towards the bay area. let's time it out with futurecast. notice instability so random scattered showers for the lunch hour back into the north bay. again north bay the recipient is rain showers by the evening commute. and here comes your tuesday and with it the morning commute will be affected. throughout the whole day it's going to rain periods of heavy rain towards the evening commute and there's an aggressive line during the evening and when we tally it on up we could see another half a foot of rain in the wettest locations. numbers today into the 50s and 60s. slightly cooler than yesterday. we will keep the mild
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temperatures and forecast until tomorrow and we bring them down with the colder front moving into the bay area. i am seeing a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. we had rain filled in all the way through the weekend right now we are looking at some clearing by friday. and then partly cloudy conditions over the weekend with dealy chances of you needing that umbrella. we will stay on storm watch at kpix5 but let's go over to rocky-- roqui. it's 4:48 and in comparison to yesterday the drive this morning was much easier. so a lot of good news. let's look at few closures and then the roadways. starting in scots valley in the santa cruz mountain highway 17 closed in both directions between santa's village and sugarloaf road because of mud slides and downed power lines. and gilroy another closure highway 101 closed between highway 25 and highway 152 and that's due to flooding. now let's go to the bridges we have a high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge. just cash lake backup but otherwise you look good. westbound 80 from carquinez to
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the maze 19 minutes and traveling into the peninsula a live look at san matarot from hayward into foster city 20 minutes but a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge as well. now let's talk about mass transit a few updates. bart is 10 minutes delayed out of daley city and ace train expect possible delays due to flooding from between stockton and san jose. and taking the sfa ferry 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. ferries from vallejo to san francisco will be serviced by bus and noon is canceled. that's your traffic now to you. it looks like the spacex rocket will stay on earth longer. this wass -- this was the scene after it exploded in septemberin cape canaveral. they were ready to try again but bad weather grounded the launch. once they finally do resume the count down, there's a lot at
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stake. >> this is extremely important to spacex they needed to restore confidence in the rocket after the failure in september. >> september was not the only failure to launch. spacex managed 18 successful flights before this 2015 mishap and another 9 successes before this explosion founder elon musk vowed to keep trying until the program gets off the ground. time is 4:50. esteban santiago the suspect in the fort laud recalldale airport shooting mace the first court appearance. what the investigators have learned about the 26-year-old iraq veteran. what's cool about your school? e-mail your nominations and we may feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning we are calling on the live hi-def doppler for the most part the energy associated with the storm yesterday is out of here but north bay you will see a scattered shower throughout the day. we have a light rain shower around danville walnut creek and exaffecting the all the ma pass. shower pushed but upstream light rain peninsula light rain showers around the san mateo bridge and palo at theo and it's raining in -- palo ato -- palo alto and i will tell you about the lingering showers and the next storm heading this way. all right thanks roberta. high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge same across the san mateo from hayward into foster city and taking bart keep in mind there is a 10ment day this out of daley city and pittsburgh bay
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point and pleasantton line. the bay area welcomes vice president joe biden. he will be at the annual jp morgan health care conference in san francisco to talk about cancer moon shot part of his effort to put more resources into cancer research. he launched the initiative after his son died of brain cancer in 2015. as inauguration day approaches this week is expected to be a crucial one for president-elect donald trump and his cabinet picks. that's because tomorrow at least 9 of trump's picks begin their senate confirmation hearings. his nominees are preparing to face questioning over the business conflicts their approach to russia and other issues. mr. trump is expected to hold the first news conference in 3 months this wednesday. expected to detail how he will work to disengage himself from his global business interests. the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport shooting he is bonn sant alo -- santiago will -- esteban santiago will make the first court appearance he he accused of killing 5
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people and wounding 6 others. >> reporter: in the 20 second video object tanned by tmz you see the suspect -- obtained by tmz you see the suspect reap into the waistband and pull out a gun and start shooting inside fort lauderdale hollywood international airport before running out of the shot. panicked travelers behind him dropped to the floor others desperately looking for cover. >> we were given instrucks to run. >> reporter: the university of nebraska at omaha swim team was at the airport and got caught in the chaotic scene. >> the first thing i saw was the bathroom and i followed them into the stall and huddled in a corner. >> reporter: law enforcement official say santiago bought the 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun legally. authorities were familiar with the 26-year-old iraq war veteran he had the same gun with him in anchorage alaska when he walked into a fbi office complaining he was being forced to watch isis terror
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videos and his mind was being controlled by the u.s. government. police confiscated his gun and then had him committed for a mental evaluation for four days. about a month later they returned the gun to santiago. >> there is a federal law with regard to having a gun by somebody who is mentally ill but the law requires that the person be "adjudicated mentally ill" which is a difficult standard. >> reporter: santiago's motive is still unclear. hena daniels, cbs news. >> he allegedly confessed to planning the apartment attack and apparently chose fort lauderdale at random. if convicted santiago could face the death penalty. new this morning, fiat chrysler plans to create 2,000 new jobs in ohio and michigan. the company says the new jobs would be added in a existing plant in warren and toledo where the production of future jeep wagoner suvs and pickup trucks will get underway.
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fiat chrysler says the new jobs will be in place by 2020 this comes as donald trump has been turning up pressure on auto makers to keep jobs in the u.s. silicone valley tech leaders be in detroit as the auto show kicks off. 29th edition with more than 300 exhibitors is expected to highlight rap lid expanding -- rapidly he can panning technology. -- expanding technology. google will show a self-drive car. at 4:57, mud slides a big concern around the bay area this morning including in the sierra. where i-80 is currently closed as crews work to clean up the huge mess. ,,,,,,,,
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it's monday, january 9th. i m live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning everyone. it's monday, january 9th. i am michelle griego. let's look live outside see what we are looking at here. this is the trans america mir
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pyramid but you can see is that fog or clouds or what is it? >> we have both. >> you know it was so eerie this morning is i was driving in and saw the clouds part and saw the beautiful glorious moon. >> the angel sing? >> they pretty much did. they said another storm is coming. we are sitting in the rain. but it was gorgeous and i thought i got to go inside and do my homework about how we are on our approach to the full moon and how that's going tie text the tide with more impending rain. >> oh, boy. >> it never stops you wouldn'tlike to live in this head. >> i would for one day to see what it's like. >> it was right after 11 last night i was texting paul who was driving our live high deaf doppler radar and i said the wind is blowing and he said go to bed but it's homework. and you said you heard it at one this morning. >> i heard it at one this morning and thought it was a tornado. >> sound like a train. >> it was pretty


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