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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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safe. >> to give you a little perspective and lay of the land this is someone's backyard. you can see their car is almost submerged. the river peaked around two with the crest at 31.2 feet. the river is expected to remain at flood level until late morning. they've learned lessons of the past from the past. >> we're getting in water waiting for it to sink in so it's not showing up all at once. >> reporter: and then there's one of the residents walking down with a go proon a pig. >> she's going to report back and show how they see the river. >> reporter: have you ever seen that before? a pig with a go pro.
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how are people in gernville dealing with this? right over my shoulder. our photographer is going to show you these two women are having to walk to their house after the grocery store. this is their walk through the front door, through the water. thankfully they had their rubber boots and said they were prepared. coming up later, we're going to show you what some of the russian river keepers are doing to keep the river clean and free of debris. there's a lot out there right now. and it continues to stay pretty full. that's the latest here in gernville, juliet goodrich. storms took down this old tree in yonkville. it's been blocking the roadways for drivers since last night. crews are working to get the tree out of the way and clean it up. but there have been a few mud slides. by letting down tarps and sandbags they're trying to
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clean that up as well. a storm caused a major leak in the city's systems. so people are being asked to conserve. in santa clara county some roads are still closed tonight especially in gilroy. >> we continue our live storm coverage. >> south santa clara county was hit pretty hard by this storm. there are several roads in the area that are still closed at this hour including the road we're standing on which is bloomfield road just south of gilroy. here you can also see that several farm fields are under
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water at this hour on the other side of town the rushing water is creating quite a spectacle. >> it's a big sign. >> one day after the big storm it's a big show. >> it's a fight to see. it's the tradition. it's, oh it's flooded, let's go check it out. >> reporter: a low lying section of miller road that's prone to flooding when it rains hard and last night it did. >> it was relentless, i broke down at one point i was thinking is it going to stop. >> reporter: the rain flooded and closed several roads. several land falls closed highway 2. clean up crews were so busy with other slides the roted stayed closed all day. at one day an estuary jumped
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its bank and flooded areas. flooded101 was shut down until the water receded this morning. >> by the time the run off came down here and hit, it hit all of a sudden. hit really hard. >> a critical link between greenville and watsonville is going to be a problem throughout the evening. they couldn't get enough bulldozing equipment into that area because all of that equipment is spread throughout the area. and because of the size of that landslide it's going to take several vehicles to open the area. len ramirez, kpix5. there's much more damage to report from the weekend storm. >> in the sierra foothills, a storm claimed an iconic tree. the giant sequoia.
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the base of the tree was hollowed out in 1880. along the peninsula. a landslide caused a mess on two lanes of highway 1 in pacifica. drivers have had to take turns getting by one lane will remain closed through tomorrow morning's commute. over in the east bay, another mud slide shut down miles canyon road. the crews used heavy equipment to clear the debris and get that road back open. and some parts of the sierra saw a foot of rain over the weekend but the storm has returned. kpix5's emily turner looks at the clean up under way in south lake tahoe. >> all that was falling out of the sky was rain today it's snow even down here at lake level. all that rain yesterday, will surely turn to ice. so crews are scrambling to clean it up. >> overnight, all of the wet weather caused mud slides.
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one of those mud slides shut down 80. traffic officials are asking folks to stay off the roads unless they absolutely have to go some where. yesterday's flooding peaked and now the clean up, the pump out is all under way and the homes affected are slowly starting to dry out. all of the officials here are waiting for the water to recede which is going to bring a lot more snow coming in the next coming days. most of the resorts were closed today but they're looking forward to all of the snow. we have more on that coming up at 6:00. emily turner, kpix5. yosemite valley spared from major flooding. the merced river flooded part of the park floor but has receded. >> so we ended up cresting at
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10,500 cubic feet per second. >> when the rain and melting snow hit the crescendo, it made the drive around the valley feel like a drive around the lake. >> this puts us at the 10 year flood. >> reporter: they have the wildly complex task of a river being fed from every direction. the lack of real damage following this 10 year flood is no accident. >> so the 1997 flood which is our flood of record rerout the map in yosemite valley as far as where infrastructure is. >> reporter: the merced had already dropped back to flood stage. but as impressive as the river has been. the real story wasn't down here. it was all around you just pouring off the valley walls. >> all the water falls, they were the biggest that i've ever seen and the biggest that some
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people who have been here for 20 years have ever seen. >> reporter: in the end it was hardly the storm some were dreading here and it put a real perspective of just how dramatic the drought had been. there was virtually nobody around to see it. in yosemite valley, wilson walker. another round of rain already here. >> lets get over to paul diafo. paul. >> we have rain tonight. we have another storm coming tomorrow. doppler getting active again. north bay and east bay here we go. we have steady rainfall. santa rosa, windsor. the napa river watershed are both getting heavy rain right now and we have more coming tomorrow. st.helena, yontville, napa getting rain currently. your flood alert calls for a flash flood watch. also a coastal flood advisory it'll be windy.
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there'll be another high wind warning. could see some wind gusts in excess of 40-miles-an-hour. here's futurecast showing the rain getting widespread that's you san jose. morgan hill, concord and walnut creek. everybody getting rain by tomorrow morning. rain and wind by tomorrow afternoon. how much rain? and when the sunshine actually will return that's coming up. stay with kpix5 for the latest on the clean up from this weekend's storm and for the timing of the next storm. you can get doppler 24/7 on we have breaking news, big news about yahoo. >> lets get to kate about that. >> yahoo ceo marisa meyer is set to resign and the company will change it name. all this has to do with verizon's purchase of yahoo. a statement outlines what will happen when the deal closes. first, myer will resign from the board that was widely
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expected. myer became ceo in july of 2012 with hopes she could turn the company around but yahoo continues to struggle. what's more surprising is that yahoo will change its name. the silicon valley business journal reports that yahoo will become known as yaltaba incorporated. no word yet on what that means if you have a yahoo e-mail account. but more than likely the new company will do whatever it can to keep users happy. again the name change, the myer resignation would all happen if and when the verizon deal closes. out of the way of the shipping lanes, chopper 5 got this view of the whale next to the pier at point blunt on the southern tip of the island. marine mammal center plans
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to do an ecropsy to find out why the whale died. the nissan smashed through a guardrail overnight on novato boulevard. dropped 15 feet and landed upside down. investigators say three of its tires were nearly bald the driver has not been identified. san francisco police are looking for a gunman in a drive by shooting. the victim was found at 25th street and hamshire. police are looking for the car but offering no other details. the highway patrol got into a brief gun battle in the south bay with the suspect who is now in the hospital. it happened late last night in san jose on a connector between interstate 880 and highway 101. officers got a call about a crash on the ramp but when they got there, gunfire erupted and an officer fired back. a suspect was the only person
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hit although another bullet damaged a patrol car. san jose police and the das office are now investigating. tough day for law enforcement in florida. an orlando police officer was gunned down in the line of duty. and a sheriff's deputy was killed during the search effort for that suspect. massive man hunt under way tonight for 41-year-old marquise lloyd. he shot and killed the officer outside a wal-mart in orlando. master sergeant debra clayton was a seven year veteran of the orlando police department and a mother of two. after she was shot, officials say that lloyd escaped in her police car. >> as authorities search for him. a sheriff deputy was killed in a motorcycle crash. investigators are offering a $60,000 reward for information leading to that suspect's arrest. around 1,000 buses, light rail vehicles, streetcars and
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cable cars make up nummi's fleet. so why are most suddenly now untrackable. coming up, how san francisco's mayor is having to wonder when munni will pick them up. president-elect donald trump is fighting back against hollywood. and a new york food critic bashes anest aos bay -- bashes an east bay restaurant. how supporters of the eatery are coming out in support after that bad review. ,,
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kushner, will be named senior advisor to the president. he is married to trump's daughter, ivanka. however, the move will test the limit of an anti- nepotism law... which bans the >> now to the news that donald
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trump's son-in-law will be hired. but it will go against a anti nepotism law. this latest fact comes at the start of a very busy and critical week for his transition. allen. >> it's a busy week for donald trump's transition team. but some of his tweets focused on an oscar winning actress. meryl streep who without mentioning his name called out donald trump. trump denies he was mocking his disability. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. >> trump tweeted, calling
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streep one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood, calling her a clinton flunkie that he did not mock the reporter. >> i think they will all pass. i think every nomination will be, they're all at the highest level. >> reporter: but the government ethics office is already waving a red flag on some of those picks saying the transition is rushing the confirmation preventing a screening of the nominees. the russian hacks expected to be a major focus as questions remain on whether trump accepts the intelligence community's conclusions. >> he's not denying that entities in russia were behind this particular hacking campaign. >> with all due respect with hillary clinton, we did not need wikileaks to tell the american people that they did not find her honest.
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she did that all on her own. >> jeff sessions and homeland security pick general john kelly. minority leader chuck schumer says senators will focus on the laws. why a system that's supposed to predict arrival times has largely broken down. and munni says that the system is 10 years old and that at&t is closing down the program. >> you're still operating in
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2g. that's ridiculous. i'm inpatient with that. >> we expect more information on when the arrival prediction network will be up and running again. an east bay restaurant known for giving it employees a hand up is falling short with some critics. >> the new york times layed into oakland's local with an unfiltered review of its food and gave it zero stars. employees and customers are pushing back. >> at local in uptown oakland the people are a main ingredient. >> how are you doing today? good good. >> but they aren't seasoned chefs. >> this is your first time cooking. >> manager marlo hill says the majority of the two dozen employees here have criminal records including himself. >> these people aren't perfect but they're trying. they could be doing something bad but they're doing something the right way by making your food with love. >> reporter: that's why the biting food review left folks here with such a bitter taste.
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food critic pete wells called the chicken burger bland. the chili less flavorful than the super market. >> we're giving people a chance. >> reporter: the concept, cooked up by well known chef roy choi and daniel peterson. >> to me this is like home cooking. delicious, crispy, flavorful. >> reporter: al segel works near by and eats here often. >> we wanted to fight back. like yeah, we're going to go eat. >> reporter: that's okay marlow says as long as the community gives these folk as chance. >> people need a second, fourth, fifth chance. that's why local is important to me because i have a second, third, fourth chance and i would love to give someone else more than one chance. >> in oakland, jessica florez,
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kpix5. on mother nature's menu another storm. we go hour by hour to find out which six hours are going to be the stormiest. it's raining outside already right now. we'll tell you how much rain you'll expect through thursdays. that's all next. san francisco makes a last minute pitch to win the george luca west coast battle coming up all new at 6:00. san francisco makes a last minute pitch to win the george lucas museum. the epic west coast battle over a cultural treasure. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one more storm before we get a break tomorrow. but there's already rain moving through the area. the russian river watershed up toward santa rosa and windsor getting wet as well. we have showers for the east bay. they have calmed down a bit. we have one line of showers working its way through the peninsula.
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and more rain for the santa cruz mountains now the snow level is down. it's all snow at lake level and plenty of snow. we could be looking at 50- inches of new snow in the sierra between now and thursday afternoon so the russian river had its crest a few hours ago with 36 feet. the good news, that was 36 lower. minor to moderate flooding there. the rain tomorrow will cause a secondary crest which will be close to 36 feet coming up wednesday afternoon. the russian river will not fall until thursday. the good news is all of this weather helping our drought. as a matter of fact i checked the inflow in the shasta lake, nearly 20 million-gallons of water are flowing into shata lake right now every 30 seconds. more than 1 billion-gallons an hour right now into shasta lake. that's a tremendous amount of water. that's good news. that's the water we may be
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drinking in northern california a month from now. 52 for santa rosa. where's that next storm it's off to the west. the active storm is in northern california. we have the scattered showers tonight. we will have scattered showers tomorrow. here we go with the heavier rain and gusty winds. the stormiest hour, 8:00 or 9:00. showers will continue through thursday. as for how much rain to expect. upwards of 4-inches of new rainfall in the north bay mountains and four inches of new rainfall in the rain soaked santa cruz mountains. so three things to remember, we're showery tomorrow morning. we likely will see more mud slides. 58 for mountain view. we catch a break friday. highs around 60 degrees but one more storm tomorrow. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that news from the detroit auto show... o has been ford is bringing back their classic four by four. >> that news from the detroit auto show. the four by four has been out of commission since 84. but the company decided the bronco will return in 2020. that's the new ranger coming back. the small pickup truck was
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taken off in 2011. expected to start selling again in 2019. >> i'm intrigued for that four by four. >> see you at 6:00. ley: heading for the hill. the trump cabinet prepares for a confirmation showdown in the senate. >> i think they'll all pass. >> pelley: and what about hiring a son-in-law as a top adviser. >> well, we'll talk about that on wednesday. >> pelley: also tonight, u.s. tanks roll into germany. amesident obama's parting shot at putin. in florida, the manhunt for a cop killer. >> if you are assisting markieff lloyd evade capture, you will be criminally charged. >> pelley: and the airport massacre suspect speaks in court. plus the future leader of the free world versus a holder of the golden globes. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.


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