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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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she has details. >> reporter: i just spoke to city officials they're asking residents here in santa cruz to cut their water use by 20%. here's photos that the city provided. it shows you some of the damage the ground really took a beating with all this relentless rain over the last three days. now this pipeline is a major artery of the city's water supply system. operators discovered this leak early this morning. it was leaking at about 1,500- gallons per minute and it leaked for a couple of hours before this pipeline was shut down. repairs are expected to take up to a week in the meantime, the city says that it will only be able to produce about 2/3 of its normal drinking water supply. so here's some advice it has for its residents. >> what we need folks to do is cut back on anything that's discretionary. so if you can put off running your dishwasher our your
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laundry over the next couple of days. please do that. it helps us correlate the amount we need to produce with the amount of demand we have. >> reporter: just to give you an idea of the severity of this weekend's storm. the last time they saw a similar leak inside the same park was in 1982 when the city got significant rain and saw a lot of damage from the storm. live in santa cruz. betty yu. we have live team coverage, we go to juliet who is looking at the damage. >> we're about at crest right
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now. >> reporter: my photographer john ramos and i spanned out to the russian river with search and rescue crews this afternoon when the river was at its highest level at a rest of 35.2 feet. >> over to the left here are these homes flooded? >> these are basically cabins. looks like the water has gotten up into those cabins. one appears to have flooded off its foundation. >> reporter: the river is expected to stay at its flood level. travis wood is with fire rescue. he and his crew have spent all day assessing the river to make sure everyone is safe. >> assessing the area. seeing what areas are affected, what aren't. we're on stand by. we could get a call at any time basically. >> reporter: to give you a little perspective and the lay of the land this is someone's backyard. you can see their car is almost submerged right now. fortunately their home is is lifted so it didn't flood. >> reporter: for some it's been
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devastating. this rv camp that is usually along the river is now in it. some leaving their belongings and vehicles behind. >> look at that. a lot of homes are raised. is that because of the federal assistance after it last flooded. >> i think they did it after the flood of 86, most homes were raised. >> reporter: we want to thank crews for letting us tag along on that search. you can see the carport and parking lot is below. the homes have been lifted. this is a result of years and years of flooding. so this town of gernville has been prepared. yes this was a big storm, but a lot of folks here are prepared for these storms so a lot were not flooded. we were told the gernville school district will be shut down for a second day in a row tomorrow. the storm caused some
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flooding in napa but it could have been a lot worse if it weren't for the city's new dry pass along the napa river. suzy spinell reports. >> reporter: these gates are part of a taxpayer funded program that is meant to prevent flooding in downtown napa and this weekend it worked. >> as i was coming home i didn't realize there was a tree down. chuck lives down the street from one of the biggest storms to hit napa valley yesterday. >> it rained a lot. we had initial flooding but not so bad. >> reporter: crews spent the morning cleaning up downed trees and mud slides along major roadways that saw significant flooding. but for the most part, things went as expected. >> nobody was injured. nobody was killed. there was only one person that
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got trapped in the floods. so everything worked. >> this is something that we invested in. this is something to keep us safe and look how well it worked. so the community has got a lot of pride today. >> reporter: this weekend's storm could have been a disaster but their $18.5 million dry bypass did its job. construction finished in 2015. >> and this was the first real test, right. >> yes this is the first time the water actually entered the bypass. >> reporter: with help from the federal government, the city excavated six to 8 feet of sediment allowing a larger volume of water to pass through here naturally. the bypass also let the river jump its bank in a flood -- flat area. >> in 2005, you would have come into town today and seen roadblocks and sandbags in front of businesses and everybody boarded up and closed. >> reporter: the city of napa would like to continue its
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flood prevention project but for the time being, the federal government has put funding on hold. flooding in a truckee river forced people out. some residents say they couldn't stop the fast moving water. the water was coming against the building over here against the house and they got 4-inches of water downstairs of the house. the river began receding early this morning. but neighbors say they'll be scrambling to get cleaned up before the next rain arrives. the rain has moved out and snow has returned. ski resorts were closed today but hope to reopen tomorrow or the next day. we'll have more on that at 6:30. interstate 80 is open again. a huge mud slide closed it in
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both directions at donner summit. a flood buried all lanes in 5 feet of mud both ways. dozens of power lines were down and poles were leaning. westbound highway 80 was also closed by a mud slide. caltranss crews had it cleaned in about three hours. the storm also toppled the famous tree in the sierra foothills the giant sequoia known as the pinier cabin tree. that was a tourist attraction but yet it fell and broke apart. it was in calav eras big trees hollow park. the tree that fell had a long and celebrated history. >> reporter: the massive pioneer cabin tree slammed into the forest floor during this weekend's powerful storm. >> we had a lot of rain. approximately 8-inches of rain
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this last fall. >> the huge tree smashed this bench and barely missed the information desk sign. >> no one felt it. >> no one felt it as far as we know. >> no one heard it? >> no one heard it as far as we know. >> reporter: well that answers that question. giant sequoias are rare, and this one famous because it was carved into. carving stopped decades ago but the tree still remained popular even today. although it's believed to be some where around 2000 years old, it's exact age may never be known. >> in order to do that we're going to have to cut the tree up and count the rings. we're not going to do that. we're going to let the tree rest and let it be. >> reporter: the area is closed for safety reasons so it may be quite a while before the public
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gets to see the mighty pioneer tree. what started as a little seedling 2,000 years ago. this is just another phase of its life. it could lay here for another thousand years. and tomorrow's commute is going to be very challenging. one lane of highway 1 is still closed. well that slide created back ups all day long. you can look at the gridlock. for a time officers had to run one way traffic control with drivers in both directions taking turns using the top lane. crews were busy clearing mud slides.
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>> reporter: a massive slide northbound 17 just passed von hill road will take all day today and tomorrow to clear. this caltrans workers job is to watch for mud slides and blow the air horn as a warning. the chp shot this video of a tv news van that was crushed shortly after that shot. a driver was inside but he made it out okay. swelling the creeks and softening the already saturated ground, 8-inches of rain fell. to give you an idea of just how busy the caltrans crews are, these trees fell down. we're hearing some time around 7:00 a.m. a couple of hours later, there is not a single work crew out here in site and it looks like they are hours away from getting this cleaned up. jena locateli ran into not only one but two rock slides in
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boulder creek. >> i'm so used to this. it's not miserable. when you live in the mountains you deal with mud slides, trees down. that's just mountain life. >> reporter: kip doe. don't forget what's happening right now. so let's take a look. kpix5 high def doppler shows a tremendous amount of rain up and down napa valley. san helena, down to the city of napa. vacaville and fairfield. the city of sonoma doing the same thing. walnut creek. san ramon, alamo, lafayette getting heavy rainfall. yes there's a storm tomorrow but there's rain out there right now. all of this combining for a flood threat to continue. a flash flood watch is in effect for most of the bay area
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for tomorrow. there's also an advisory because we have the king the tides coming up this weekend. >> thanks, paul. san francisco hoping the force is on its side. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> a last minute pitch to win the george lucas museum over los angeles. the epic west coast valley over a cultural treasure. >> from humble beginnings from stanford and now stockton's highest office. the city's youngest and first black mayor reflects on the journey that brought him back to his hometown. >> and gavin newsom on the tactic california can use to fight donald trump's border wall. ,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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mayor lee is making his pitch on .. kpix five pol will the force be with san francisco for the george lucas museum. mayor lee making his pitch. and a closer look at what we have that l.a. doesn't, phil. >> reporter: it's called the bay. it's called an island, it's called an iconic view that will probably rank up there with the city opera house as far as world destinations but mayor lee is not taking anything for granted in the fight with l.a.
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and today he was out working social media even in the rain, let's take a look. >> reporter: at this moment the force is strong. no one is going to mistake san francisco mayor ed lee for luke skywalker. with the decision he's trying everything in his power including this last minute social media shout out to bring george lucas's million dollars museum of narrative art to treasure island. lee is also trying to make up for the presidio saying no to the star wars creator a few years back. a move that sent lucas and his museum to chicago. >> i kept calling and saying if things don't work out. >> reporter: well things didn't work out in chicago and san francisco is getting a second chance but this time they also
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have competition with l.a. >> they're thinking of building straight across. >> straight across through here. >> still in a fight like this you want a secret weapon or two. >> anyone else working behind the scenes beside you. >> i have being support. feinstein, pelosi. governor brown. >> are they picking up over l.a. >> we were here first. >> which goes to show that even in this high tech world of special effects and social media sometimes getting it done might come down to a couple of well placed phone calls. back to you allen. >> you know the phone lines are ringing.
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phil, thanks. >> the lucas board will meet tomorrow just to begin its deliberations. so we'll keep you posted. california's lieutenant governor predicts a court fight against president-elect trump's idea for a wall along the mexican border. gavin newsom says that the state could sue. and there's also a federal version of that law. newsom says there will be multiple obstacles for the trump administration on issues like zoning, approval and building permits. a lawsuit over the shooting death of kate steinle is moving forward. steinle was shot and killed while walking along pier 14 in san francisco. her parents say the gun that was left in a federal officers car was vulnerable to theft. however, the judge said they can't sue the san francisco
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sheriff's department over claims they mishandled custody arrangements for the man who killed her. the suspect had been in the country illegally. police are searching for a gunman in a drive by shooting near san francisco general hospital. the victim a man in his 40s. his injuries said to be life threatening. he was shot near 25th and hamshire around 2:20. worn out tires were likely factors in a crash over the creek of novato. a woman crashed dropped 13 feet and landed upside down. investigator says three of it tires were nearly bald. the driver who died has not yet been identified. a dead whale that surfaced over the weekend has been shipped to los angeles for a
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necropsy. the whale was a female. the woman who was driving the car walked away unharmed. river road had to be closed for a couple of hours while crews worked on removing that tree. and a major road in the east bay is back open after a mud slide. earlier today, niles canyon road was shut down in both directions between freemont and senol. crews used heavy equipment to clear the debris. it's going to be a lot more of that with the next storm. the wind and some people might look at the numbers and say no. because less rain, less wind. but here's the deal. things have been made weaker by the previous storm. mud slides even with an inch of rainfall yes because the rain is saturated. trees down with only 40-mile an hour wind. this evening it is not dry. it's dry this morning but boy is it not right now.
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livermore, dublin pouring. it is pouring in napa county and sonoma county. vacaville and fairfield you're getting some rainfall. the state capital getting wet and new showers returning to the santa cruz mountains. the spots that got the most rainfall over the next couple of days are now receiving steady rainfall as well. look at san helena, wave after wave of steady soaking rainfall wouldn't be surprised if you and san helena didn't get more rain tonight. the temperatures mild. we hit 60 in redwood city, san jose and oakland. san francisco 59 degrees. there are, i say plural. so your weather headline, rain likely tonight. just saw it on the radar. i'll show you temperatures tonight. kind of feels tropical outside.
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it's cloudy, humid. most of us staying in the 50s. mountain view 52. we're wet told. rain will be heaviest in the evening. we're looking at temperatures topping out in the mid- to upper 50s tomorrow. rain and wind certainly on the increase after 4:00 or 5:00. by this time tomorrow it'll be very well throughout the area. mountain view 58 degrees. we'll have gusty winds and higher elevation about 2,000 feet. could see wind gusts 40 to 50- mile an hour. on the peninsula any where from an inch to three inches of rain. the north bay mountains up to four inches of rainfall. it's about half of what you got over the weekend. but we're not going to see half the problem. i hope we see no problems but with the ground so saturated we likely will see additional slides and other tree related issues tomorrow. scattered showers wednesday and thursday. not heavy.
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sunshine, what's that? sunshine friday into the weekend when we really need to dry out. we'll get four straight dry days. >> he has already impressed oprah. now a san francisco mayor is about to make history twice. how he is motivated to transform his own town. >> it's a revolutionary food chain with a mission, how a biting review may have just backfired. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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marisa mayer will step down from the company's board once verizon completes its we're learning more tonight about yahoo's future. melissa myer will step down once verizon completeses it -- completes its take over of the server. all this will happen if and
6:26 pm
when the verizon deal closes. his history will be made tomorrow as the oakland mayor is sworn in. mayor tubbs will be the youngest mayor to be sworn in. >> reporter: today was the first day that i actually said mayor tubbs to mayor tubbs. >> he may be young but stockton's mayor michael tubbs has deep roots in oakland where he was born. >> she was a teenager. my father was older than her. he has been mostly correctional facilities most of his life. >> you see kids who come in and
6:27 pm
they have that composure. they have that centeredness about them and michael had that but he also had this eagerness to engage and do something bigger and greater than himself even then. >> reporter: tubbs was determined to go to college something his mom did not get to do. she described a time when she was passed over for a promotion because of her lack of education. >> part of the reason she didn't go to college is because she had me. i remember feeling very guilty. i apologized. mom i'm sorry, i feel it's my fault. she said don't apologize, just make sure you get your education. promise me that. >> reporter: and he did. winning a scholarship to stanford where he got his bachelors and mastest degree. a job he officially took over at midnight on new year's eve. he checked his watch at 2:00 two -- at 10:00 10:00 p.m. that night.
6:28 pm
>> in two hours i'm going to be the mayor. everybody is going to be yelling at me. >> reporter: it's a very collaborative position and he says the reception has been positive. >> i would think because i'm young and african american, maybe i would get push back but it's been the opposite of that. people are like, mayor tubbs what do i need to do. >> going forward where the country has been used to looking at stockton, under michael's administration they're going to be looking at stockton. >> michael tubbs says he is going to be looking into reducing crime and creating jobs. and when yosemite is expected to reopen. a look at the storm impact and what kept it from being much worse. >> and the president-elect in a
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the "newell creek pipleine" is a major artery our top story tonight, santa cruz is facing a serious water shortage in the wake of the storm. the new pipeline is a major artery of the city's water supply system. it's going to take a week to fix it. in the meantime residents are being asked to cut back their water use by 20%. in the sierra interstate 80 and highway 50 are open again after mud slides shut down lanes. the ski resorts are hoping to open as well as soon as tomorrow, kpix5 is in tahoe where they are scrambling to get the lifts running. >> last night's storms brought avalanches, mud slides and a huge mess to the basin. not only to homes and roads but also to some of the ski resorts around the area. all of the resorts today are closed. they were yesterday as well but today, is all about deicing the lift. testing for avalanches and making sure the slopes are safe as well as fixing any damage
6:33 pm
that was done by high wind. gusts in some places got up to 174-miles-an-hour. they are all doing this in a hurry because the next storm is barreling in. in fact, as we speak, that winter storm warning is in effect next thursday. they're expecting six to 8 feet above 7,000 feet and two to 3 feet of snow at lake level. after this is all set and done after this series of storms is done rolling through, some of these resorts are expecting 15 feet of snow. in lake tahoe, emily turner. yosemite dodged the storm bullet. lots of rain and storm water but no damage. ken bastida took a look for us. >> reporter: the valley floor was technically under water for a time. but tomorrow they're expecting to welcome visitors back to the park. the rain and the melting snow hit its peak early this morning but camp sites were generally spared. there's a lot of debris on the
6:34 pm
roads and the bridges you can see there. but a show awaits anyone who ventures inside the valley. >> all the waterfall, they were the biggest i've ever seen and the biggest that some people who have been here for 20 years have ever seen. >> reporter: yeah our own wilson walker was the only reporter on the valley floor for the storm. and he says making the drive around this valley felt more like driving around a lake. now, here's a rock slide on highway 140. that's coming up in fresno. will prevent access from the park from that two lane road. the park crew is expected though to have it clearedded in the next couple of days. check this out. this is near marysville. the yuba river running very high. very fast. this picture of the bridge over the yuba was sent to us by the owner of the outside inn. she says at the peak of the storm it was running 850 cuber feet per second. she also sent us this picture.
6:35 pm
this is what it looked like. sometime before the recent storm and run off obviously much drier there. more evidence of nature's power. this is the lake clementine dam in auburn. some say right now it looks more like a mini niagara falls. so much water around northern california makes it hard to believe we're actually technically according to the state folks still in a drought. our chief meteorologist paul vieno joins us with a look at the storm impact. i don't know paul. i think we will soon be calling this over. >> let's put a number on all that water you saw going out of the reservoir. how about the amount of water going into the reservoir. this is how much water is flowing into shasta lake, california's reservoir every minute today. 19.7million-gallons of water a minute. that is more than 1 billion-
6:36 pm
gallons of water an hour. what's that doing for the reservoir levels? compared to average, not compared to capacity compared to average, shasta lake is 20% above average and folsom lake is now above average as well. the snow pack even with all that snowfall we had over the weekend the snow pack has literally doubled over the last week. it's now up to 126% of average. as of right now what has it done to the drought absolutely nothing. because they only they, they being the government, update the drought map once a week. that happens on thursday. as of last thursday there was still a severe drought. something tells me guys this map will come a lot different come this thursday. once we get an update we will certainly pass it along. i won't be surprised if a chunk part of california is indeed finished with the drought. a massive man hunt for a
6:37 pm
man wanted an orlando police officer. authorities say he shot and killed master sergeant debra clayton outside a wal-mart today. lloyd then took off in her patrol car. but as police searched for lloyd, a sheriff's deputy was killed in a motorcycle crash. a man accused of killing five people at an airport in florida made his first appearance. esteban santiago wore a red jump suit as he was taken to the courthouse. he told the judge he understands the charges against him. video from tmz shows a man pulling a gun and opening fire. san diego told investigators he stopped shooting only when he ran out of ammunition. last november he told fba agents in alaska ta -- alaska that u.s. intelligence was
6:38 pm
controlling his mind. now his competency is a key factor. >> because if he's not competent they cannot even have a trial for him. he can't stand trial if he's found to be incompetent. >> today the judge told santiago he could face the death penalty. he's due back in court for a bond hearing next week. actress meryl streep used the golden globes stage to take aim at donald trump. how the president-elect is aiming back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,y&-p&-p&-p&-pprest
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6:40 pm
ice he one of the most respected actresses in hollywood is being called overrated by president- elect donald trump. >> meryl streep used the golden globes podium to speak out. >> reporter: she hardly touch on her career. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others we all
6:41 pm
lose. >> instead without ever actually saying his name she used her almost six minutes on stage to criticize donald trump mainly his attack on a disabled reporter. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> by morning the president- elect took to twitter to fire back. he tweeted meryl streep one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood doesn't know me but attacked me last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary clinton flunkie. steven king tweeted trump's response to meryl streep childish. it's exactly why most americans
6:42 pm
fear his presidency. emotionally unqualified. but some called streep out of touch. there's people out here that make less than a year than celebrities spent on their gown tonight. and kelly anne conway questioned streep's motive. >> why didn't she spend her time to talk about the mentally ill boy who was attacked. >> meryl streep is about as respected as you can get for an actress, for a star. i think the people who hold the levers of power in hollywood are more likely to agree with her than not to. >> senator john mccain's daughter megan tweeted that streep's speech is why trump won and if hollywood doesn't realize this, he will be
6:43 pm
reelected. coming up, the warriors have decided to get a bit more physical. >> when i go serving look out. >> look out for the wildest play of the weekend. >> and guess who went after meryl streep. >> that was a completely uneducated comment. >> well hey, at least he didn't tweet it right. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,p&-paim at e
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one of the world's most famous publications took aim at a eatery. >> local aims to serve neglected communities with a healthier spin on fast food. the concept was cooked up by choi. >> we wanted to fight back. yeah we're going to go get lunch together and we're going to local. >> people need a fourth, fifth chance. that's why it's important to me because i got a second, third,
6:47 pm
fourth chance. >> reporter: management says the review doesn't mean anything as long as people from the community keep coming in. and that burger looks very good right now. excellent. we're hungry. >> sure looks good to me. >> antioch it is pouring. pittsburg it is pouring. brentwood getting some rain stretching back on highway 4. almost to martinez and concord. a new shower moving over mount dam. heavy rain in napa. is this the storm? no that's about 24 hours before the storm getting here. and it's already pouring. look at the three hour time lapse through sonoma county. these are the spots we will be watching for the level rises tomorrow. the russian river and napa river and look what it's doing already. the russian river crested today at 2:00. two feet lower than originally thought. so yes there's flooding but not as much as we saw yesterday. moderate flooding is likely to continue all the way into
6:48 pm
wednesday night or thursday morning. it's mild outside. mid-50s, san jose 55. concord 54 and livermore 54 degrees. exactly where you will end the night. so the atmospheric river is gone. why are we still talking about rainfall. the storm track may not be carrying an atmospheric river anymore but it may be carrying rainfall. so we'll have rain tomorrow, all be it not as bad as sunday. it will keep our shower chance in the forecast for both wednesday and thursday. it'll be the 15th day of january before we get the first completely dry day from midnight to midnight. it's not going to be tomorrow because look at tomorrow morning. light showers tomorrow morning. heavier rain begins to develop by tomorrow afternoon. the winds pick up. it'll be gusty with the winds. with more rain heavy at times. the rain shadow will be in play again. if you live east of the hill
6:49 pm
you will receive markedly more rain. tuesday night around 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow will be the wettest shower. tomorrow will be the wettest day we're going to see for a while. as for how much rain, north bay mountains up to 4-inches of rainfall santa cruz mountains, 4-inch -- 4-inches of rainfall. south bay up to an inch and a half. east bay one or 2-inches of rainfall and an inch or two for the peninsula. we're showery tomorrow morning. now the threshold for more mud slides is markedly lower so we likely will see more tomorrow into wednesday. highs tomorrow, 50s. 58 for union city. danville 55 with rain likely. rain likely in mill valley. 57. your extended forecast showers on wednesday. showers on thursday. if you're not ready to cry uncle yet but friday you will be but that's when we get a break. sunshine, friday through the weekend highs around 60
6:50 pm
degrees. that's your forecast, sports is next.
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or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. the 49ers team began with
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the hiring of nick walsh. 49ers new savior? >> come on down. >> sean mcvay is only 30 years old and would be the youngest head coach in nfl history that the 49ers interviewed today. washington they ranked third in offense in the nfl. the 49ers in need of both a coach and a general manager and you have to like that pedigree right. come on down. the first of the nfl's six head coaching vacancies have been filled. doug marone has been named the head coach. odell beckham and the giants were blown out in green bay yesterday. beckham took his frustrations out on a wall outside the locker room. not exactly the performance to silence his critics after beckham and several teammates
6:54 pm
partied in miami early this week. the new york papers headlined on it. abandon ship and ship wrecked. >> bill belichick created a similar distraction before his game. check it out. belichick was spotted sleeping on the nantucket ferry over the weekend, fortunately he had his shirt on. meryl streep had coined responses for donald trump in her acceptance speak. >> if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial art which is are not the arts. >> oh hold on a moment. streep's comments got a reaction out of more than the president-elect. ufc president, dana white
6:55 pm
sounded out to defend mixed martial arts. >> it's not going to be everybody's thing. and the last thing i would expect is an 80-year-old woman to be in our demographic. not to say she's a talented actress. but it was a completely uneducated comment. >> if you were busy watching mixed martial arts this weekend, here's what you missed. >> and the freshman you're next to. yes she did. >> that's a homecoming for sabrina iemesque. and buzzer beater. look at that. that's paul richardson reached around the defender to make the catch. seattle is heading to atlanta
6:56 pm
this weekend. golden state has won 13 straight against sacramento . steph the player of the week. aaron rogers has another prayer answered but the ball lands in the hands of rondo. roger and the pack moving on to dallas this weekend. darnell holmes made the decision on where he will attend. holmes goes with ucla. much to the dismay of his nephew. >> why is it such a production. you have to have all these cameras on where you're going to go. >> tweet it or. >> it's more dramatic. >> it's all about the drama. >> bring back lebron james.
6:57 pm
the decision, i really like that. >> the latest always >> see you at 11:00. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, folks. i appreciate that. yeah, i do. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total of 20,850 bucks, from sharpsburg, georgia, it's the champs, it's the stegall family! [cheering and applause] and from kiowa, colorado,
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it's the janes family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. yep. [cheering and applause] let's play "feud." give me zach. give me thaddeus. ["family feud" theme playing] uh, gentlemen, top 6 answers on the board. we ask 100 men-- the good news is you booked a commercial for a new men's product. the bad news is it's for what? thaddeus: erectile dysfunction, steve. steve: heh heh heh! [applause] ha ha ha! thaddeus is starring in the new--come on--erectile dysfunction!


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