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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,, right now: our hi-def doppler radar is lit up... our team i itions..and the dama now at noon we're on storm watch as another round of rain pounds the bay area. our team is tracking current conditions and the damage that's building from the sierra to the local bay area roads. a live look at what you can
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expect. good afternoon, everyone. it's tuesday, january 10. i'm michelle griego. kpix 5 is live with complete coverage of the storm's impact. jackie ward is in napa which is already seeing some flooding, anne makovec is in pacifica, where the wind is picking up at the coast. but first let's go to roberta gonzales tracking the storm in the weather center. >> the weather has been deteriorating hour by hour. we have been pounded by heavy rain since the morning commute where we have seen over 4 inches of rain in the north bay this morning alone in the highest locations. that's why we have to check in on our rivers and we have a flood warning in effect now for the russian river in guerneville. we now anticipate it to crest at 38 feet. that will be on wednesday evening. that's a good 6 feet above flood stage. we already have moderate flooding occurring. let's check in with the napa river in saint helena. it will crest tonight close to flood stage. and we will see some moderate flooding there. meanwhile, the napa river in the napa area, it will reach flood stage by tomorrow
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morning. moderate flooding on secondary roads and crops will be affected. live hi-def doppler radar, when you see the yellow on your screen and original, it's heavy rain. yellow more moderate. green light rain. we have seen a lot of the yellow and orange and that's why we have a flood warning in effect for the small creeks in the sonoma area, also in the santa cruz mountains. flood warnings in effect for guerneville, saint helena and the napa river in napa. flood watch for this yellow highlighted area which encompasses just about the entire bay area. coastal flood advisory for the astronomical high tide coinciding with heavy rain. in addition, increasing winds. high wind warning in effect for the red areas, which means 65- mile-per-hour gusts at sea level, 35 miles per hour. so again we're watching this. this is where we're already seeing the flooding occurring. the russian river in the guerneville area. we'll continue to monitor the rivers and surface streets. the coastal areas are experiencing some erosion. anne makovec is live in pacific tracking the conditions.
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>> reporter: and you are right about the wind, roberta. it is whipping here in pacifica! i'm not an easy girl to knock down, but it has been really crazy. take a look at the ocean behind me. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect. high tide this morning at 9 a.m. we're talking king tides. it was about 7 feet and the rain has continued to fall here all morning long really beating up on the shore. so we are expecting coastal erosion -- additional coastal erosion today and tomorrow. a lot of eyes on this apartment building on esplanade avenue. the cliff has been crumbling for years. the building will be demolished next week, to beat nature to the punch because if the building falls into the ocean, a lot of environmental concerns
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here. highway 1 is re-open after a mudslide. it took 24 hours to clean up the mess and shore up the hillside. caltrans put up a concrete barrier overnight to protect the roadway but the hills all over this area are just saturated with the rain. we have been getting -- we are continuing to get the rain. you have the winds and the coastal tides, it really is a recipe for the possibility of more hillsides and cliff sides crumbling. life in pacifica, anne makovec, kpix 5. take a look at this mess. a massive treetoples on a neighborhood street in san francisco's visitacion valley narrowly missing houses. but that's where the neighbor's luck ran out. a few hundred feet away another tree came down this time directly on an apartment. this is on blythedale avenue. a gas line was knocked loose. rain may have played a role in a big rig accident in oakland
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this morning at 9 a.m. on northbound 880 near 7th street. the roadway is now clear. napa county is among the areas hardest hit by the stormy weather with flooding and mudslides. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from downtown napa with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, there's a flood warning here because this napa river is expected to reach flood stage tomorrow morning at 25.1 feet. the businesses down here aren't concerned because of the new floodgates that were put in, in 2015. however, other areas of napa county are already under water. the roads are so bad today, we even had trouble making it to our destination this morning. and the 4:10, this flooding on northbound 29 caused a car and a small delivery van to lose control and slide straight into floody grassy knowles. >> i was going to get gas. the gas delivered to me, i didn't see the highway flooded
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and i turn around but i got stuck in the mud. >> reporter: highway 29 reopened around 5:30. a couple miles southeast from there on american canyon road this small mudslide was causing cars to slow down. traffic had to maneuver around the dirt and mud, which caused minor delays. low-lying vineyards like the ones along here on big ranch road are lined with giant puddled. this part of the napa river is gushing but isn't quite at flood levels. no matter where you drive in napa today, take it slow because the roads are slick. >> it's crazy. i should have stayed at the plant and just waited. >> reporter: heads up for those who rely on sr-128 to get from 80 to napa county. 128 is closed from canyon creek resort to pleasant valley road because of a tree that fell and took the ground with it. so a lot of working to be done to clean it up, no idea how long it will take. no idea when it will be re-
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open. in napa, jackie ward, kpix 5. now to a look at the russian river in guerneville where there is some major flooding along the river. the water hit its highest level this week at 35.2 feet. it is expected that it could reach 36 feet by tomorrow. king tides are a major concern over the next now days. the flooding has stranded cars and submerged street signs. many homes in the area are also dealing with flooding. a live look now at the "sierra at tahoe" where these winter storms have been bringing rain, snow and strong winds to the area. a blizzard warning is in effect in some areas now between five and 10 feet of new snow. a stretch of 880 is closed because of the snow and visibilities. 80 is shut down between colfax and the nevada state line. from snow to rain, overflow is now forcing floodgates to open. this is the weir dam along the
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sacramento river. these gates direct water through the sacramento bypass and into the yolo bypass. the project is intended to prevent flooding in sacramento. more storm coverage ahead including the full forecast. and don't forget, you can track the storm at turning now to politics. this week president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks are being questioned by the senate and today the man who will become the nation's top law enforcement official is facing questions about allegations of racial comments in the past. michelle macaluso is live on capitol hill with more details about senator jeff session's confirmation hearing to be the next attorney general. >> reporter: michelle, lawmakers have been grilling senator jeff sessions for nearly five hours and actually, they are sitting before the senate judiciary committee behind me. protestors have been trying to
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disrupt the hearings. jeff session has "not" been shaken. senator jeff sessions made his case in front of the senate panel will he will be the next u.s. attorney general. >> i come before you today as a colleague who has worked with you for years and some of you 20 years. you know who i am. >> reporter: but not all of his colleagues will be friendly. senator cory booking and congressman john lewis will testify against him. sessions was denied a federal judgeship in 1986 when the committee rejected his nomination because witnesses alleged he used racially offensive language. >> these are damnably false charges. >> reporter: democrats also questioned his commitment to the voting rights act which protects minority access to the polls. >> i deeply understand the history of civil rights in our country and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the
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denial of voting rights has had on our african-american brothers and sisters. >> reporter: but he is not wavering in his tough stance on immigration. >> we will prosecute those who repeatedly violate our borders. it will be my priority to confront these crimes vigorously, effectively and immediately! >> reporter: protestors dressed up as klan members tried to interrupt the hearing but were escorted out. >> reporter: senator sessions also said he would recuse himself from any investigation involving hillary clinton. on capitol hill, michelle macaluso, kpix 5. california senator dianne feinstein also took part in questioning jeff sessions today. >> you have referred to roe v. wade as, quote, one of the worst colossally erroneous supreme court decisions of all time. end quote.
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is that still your view? >> it is. i believe it's -- it violated the constitution and really attempted to set policy and not follow law. it is the law of the land. it has been so established and settled for quite a long time. >> general john kelly who is nominated for secretary of homeland security will also be questioned today. that's followed by another five hearings tomorrow and four more on thursday. tonight president obama will wrap up his presidency the same way he started with a speech in chicago. he will deliver the farewell address there, where he held his victory speech eight years ago. you can see is live here on kpix 5 at 6 p.m. then stay tuned for a special edition of kpix 5 news at 6:30. and this just in. governor brown just released his opening budget proposal. at the state capital, governor brown is laying out his plans. the plan will reportedly prepare california for potentially steep cuts in federal funding for healthcare
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and other public services. the governor says that declining revenues helped make this budget the most difficult the state has faced since 2012. a truck plunges into a bay area house. the investigation now under way into what went wrong. that's still ahead. >> plus, going on strike. why thousands of staff members at the university of california system are walking off the job today. ,, ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad.
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sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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looking into a deadly traffic accident in pleasant hill. it happened just before the california highway patrol is looking into a deadly traffic accident in pleasant hill. it happened just before 9:00 this morning on southbound 680 at contra costa county boulevard. it appears the driver of a ford f-250 veered across lanes and hit two cars, a fence and a
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house. the driver of the pickup died at john muir medical center. no one else had significant injuries. right now, across the university of california system, thousands of staff members are holding a one-day walkout in a show of support for 12,000 striking workers at ucla. they are asking for a pay hike of 18% over the next six years. uc officials say the employees at ucla are already making more than $47,000 a year higher than the state average. turning now to storm watch coverage, the muir woods national monument in marin county is closed today because of weather conditions. there are concerns about possible dangers to visitors including potential floods and falling tree branches. at yosemite national park, yosemite valley reopened just a few hours ago. visitors and employees had been cleared out of there before the weekend storms because of flooding concerns. the problems were not as bad as feared. services today will be limited but full service is expected
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tomorrow. and back here in the bay, parts of san francisco's embarcadero are under a few feet of water right now. the pedestrian promenade is being battered by waves. people are walking along the raised partition to avoid the soggy shoes. for more on this storm, let's go to roberta with dry shoes. this is why we ask people to stay at home if you can't. i wouldn't be surprised to see an urban and small stream flood advisory because anywhere in the bay area today you will have ponding but what we just saw is the combination of high winds and rain and astronomical high tide. all right. let's divert our attention to this. right now russian river in guerneville we have right now moderate flooding. and tomorrow morning, we are going to see some of the worst flooding and widespread crop damage due to overflowing its banks. napa river in saint helena, a lot of people are worried about this living in deer park and angwin because this is their only way home right now. the river is very high. they can't get home through silverado trail because of the mudslide there. you will see some minor to
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moderate flooding in the area. and then the napa river in napa we're expecting some agricultural flooding and secondary street flooding there, as well. meanwhile, live hi-def doppler radar is all lit up. green light rain. yellow moderate rainfall. orange possibility of a thunderstorm. so i have to watch that very carefully! i just saw a lightning strike off the san francisco coast! we do have a flood warning in effect for sonoma, small creek, same in santa cruz. flood warning for the rivers i just mentioned in saint helena, napa and guerneville. flood watch for this yellow area which just encompasses about the entire bay area. when you see this blue area, that's the coastal flood warning due to astronomical high tide. in the hills 65-mile-per-hour winds. sea level winds up to 35 miles per hour. the computer is acting up. you might want to have to reboot this whole system here but the bottom line is we have heavy rain now moving into the
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bay area. and as it does, i wanted to go ahead and walk you through this so you can see exactly when the heaviest rain will move into our bay area. you will have to queue this back up for us here and see if we can get through that because once we get past all these overflowing rivers, what we're going to be experiencing is rain all day through the evening commute. heaviest rain between 4 and 7 p.m. with rising rivers. the napa river a concern. the computer is not cooperating because it's just been driven so hard today. lafayette has heavy rain. san jose, santa clara heavy rain. only two-tenths inch of rain. santa cruz mountains 4 inches of rain already. around the peninsula 3-hour 38- minute delays san francisco. we have heavy rain around ryan street, as well. all this activity will fuel in off the ocean into the san francisco area. there you have your warnings
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and your watches and your advisories. there you have a very, very rainy sfo temperatures currently into the 50s. i apologize for the bit of a problem with our computer. but boy, things do happen when it rains. we do want to remind you it's very blustery outside right now. 26-mile-per-hour winds at sfo. 20 in pleasanton. we'll see stronger gusts as the day wears on. thank you. clear to hit the roads next when google' self-driving car division will start testing a new fleet of minivans on public roads in california. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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planners. the read hailing service uber says it plans to share ride and traffic data in hopes of helping urban planners. the weekend announcement came as somewhat of a surprise because the san francisco-based company has a history of not wanting to divulge its data. uber plans to first focus on data from manila in the philippines as well as melbourne, australia, and washington, dc. this month, google will begin a pilot program for its self-driving minivans. very small. these twoseaters are part of their car division called
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"waymo," the new fleet to be rolled out on public roads in california and arizona. unlike other self-driving cars google built all their own sensors, radar and software drastically cutting down on production costs. taking a look at the big board now to see how the market is doing, you can see the dow is up about 2.5 points. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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at five. welcome back to kpix 5 news. you're looking at our live weather camera towards the very soggy bay bridge and also our
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live hi-def doppler radar. we do have moderate to heavy downpours occurring around the bay area. so far up to 4 inches of rain have fallen to the north and around the santa cruz mountains. three inches in saint mary's in moraga in the east bay half inch in san francisco area. the white is a blizzard warning in effect for the high sierra. so let's walk you through this. flood warning for the small creeks in sonoma and santa cruz. flood warnings in effect for napa river and saint helena russian river which is in guerneville. flood watch for just about the entire bay area. coastal flood advisory for the blue highlighted area around the bay and the coastside. astronomical high tide causing flooding. we'll continue to see the rain throughout your evening commute. heavy rain there in and out of the showers through your morning commute tomorrow. more rain showers lingering and that's another storm coming this way wednesday night through your thursday. we buy a break right there thursday 8 p.m. how much rain? up to 6 inches to the north, 7 to the south.
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in between one to four inches of rain. there you have that extended forecast. boy! the computer does not want to play with me today. it does not. but basically the bottom line, we'll have plenty of sunshine on your friday. and then we'll have cloud cover saturday, partly cloudy sunday, and cloud cover for the holiday. it's going to be wet for a long time. >> we need to get the gremlins out of the computer. >> it's tired. it's been working. >> it is tired. stay updated on the storm watch coverage online at captions by: caption colorado ,,
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