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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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not tonight but tomorrow night, of 38.3 feet. the secondary crest at the russian river atguerneville is going to be three feet higher than over the weekend. we'll have more coming up. all that water has got to go somewhere and this evening bay area rivers and creeks are at capacity. here's a live look at the rain- swollen guadalupe river in san jose. we can tilt down a little bit it's running high even swamping some nearby trees there. >> most of wine country is completely waterlogged right now. creeks overflowing their banks forcing road closures and lengthy detours. but the big concern is the napa river where flooding is worse than expected. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is in saint helena and it's moving behind you, juliette. >> reporter: hi, ken. yes, this is a perfect example. we wanted to be right here to show you, this is sulfur creek.
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check out how fast it's moving. this creek feeds into the napa river. we have been told that at some time tonight that river is going to flood. chp is standing by. they are closing roadways and also checking for rockslides. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: flash flooding warnings and alerts sounded on our phones all day as we drove or tried to drive through napa and saint helena and the warnings are very real. we can tell you firsthand. this is silverado trail and officials say it's closed indefinitely because right now officials are concerned that more rock will continue to fall. >> what that's doing is just loosening up that whole slab up there which is probably close to i would say 1,000 to 2,000 cubic yards of material that could come down. >> reporter: david cardwell with the department of public works allowed us in for a closer look but not for long. pretty unstable? >> yes, yes. very unstable. as you can see, there's two slip planes up there. there's lower and higher section and right now you can
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see there's water running out of it and that's acting as a lubricant and as we stand here on the left-hand side you can see water running out of the slab. >> reporter: rockslides and road closures throughout the wine country many roads impassable. our drive to napa full of detours and warnings. warnings that are there for a reason. >> you see this water right here. just within the last half-hour when i was here we lost a couple of big rocks so it's just a matter of time before this comes down again. >> reporter: so we're going to get out of here. we were there for couple of minutes shooting that video because it is definitely a warning area. don't there there. the roads are closed. this is sulfur creek that feeds into the napa river and that river is going to flood the low- lying areas. coming up at 6:30 we'll hear from the chp about which roads are closed and which flooded. that's the latest, back to you. >> thank you. all eyes on the russian river already overflow from the
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river has flooded hundreds of homes and turned roads into lakes. >> kpix 5's susie steimle says it's not just river flooding. homes on higher ground also in trouble tonight. >> reporter: ken, believe it or not, during the summer months, this is actually a road that leads down to a beach in front of the russian river. now you can see it's all just been consumed by the river. and people living in low-lying areas here in guerneville have been encouraged to move to higher ground but it's people up in the hills that are actually the most at risk. [ sound of rushing water ] >> reporter: the real problem in guerneville is up here. >> this is an extraordinary amount coming down. see how dirty it is here? it's just washing all the mud off the hillside. >> reporter: 7 homes in the hills north of town have been red-tagged and their owners evacuated.
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old monte rio road and santa rosa avenue are shut down due to the mudslide which threatens to rip homes off foundation and down the hill. another problem the wind. >> wind picking up with rain saturation and large trees we have concerns about trees coming down. >> it's devastating for the people who are scared for their homes. >> reporter: in town, the russian river has jumped its banks and swallowed several streets whole. but locals are barely batting an eye at that. >> it's just the common process. the weather, it's the river. it's living here. >> reporter: despite the cavalier local attitudes, county officials say we're on the verge of a devastating event here. >> this is a significant event for us. if it gets up to 38 feet, that is on the upper side of a moderate flood. if it hits 40 that would be a major flood for us. >> reporter: now, if this river does rise to 38 feet, then 650 homes in the region will be impacted and at this point, it
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is forecast to crest over 38 feet tomorrow night around 6 p.m. live in guerneville, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> back to you. amazing pictures. thank you. the storm is causing a mess on the roads for drivers, as well. just after 1:00 this afternoon, the nimitz freeway had to be shut down in both directions in oakland for nearly an hour, this after a big rig hit a pole, knocking power lines on to all lanes. traffic was stopped until pg&e crews cleared the debris. a live look at 880 right now, traffic is cleared up but it's moving slowly because of the weather. a wet and sloppy commute home. >> this latest storm coincides with king tides. this is a look at the embarcadero in san francisco. earlier, waves crashed through the guard railings. >> also in san francisco a huge tree toppled right in the middle of the road. this is on blithedale in visitacion valley a couple of
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yards away saws humming as crews work to chop up another downed tree. this one landed on top of an apartment complex and that displaced 16 residents. a massive tree came down on a danville home crushing the garage and three vehicles inside. two people were inside at the time. they heard the crash but they were not hurt. down the coast to pacifica, looks more like the mavericks beach today. huge waves are battering the pier chipping away at coastal cliffs. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec has more on that. >> reporter: the winds have been whipping here in pacifica and there is a coastal flood advisory in effect. high tide this morning was at 9:00 with a king tide up to 7 feet and the rain has continued to fall really beating up on this shore. we are expecting more coastal erosion tonight and tomorrow. a lot of eyes on this apartment building on esplanade avenue. the cliff under it has been
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crumbling for years. this building will be torn down next week. the goal to beat the forces of nature to the punch here because if this building falls into the ocean, a lot of environmental concerns will come with it. highway 1 here in pacifica is reopened today after this mudslide shut down the northbound lanes yesterday. it took almost 24 hours to clean up the mess and put up a concrete barrier overnight to protect the road but with the level of saturation that we are seeing from these recent storms, combined with the winds and the coastal conditions, we are likely going to see more crumbling hillsides and cliff sides to come. in pacifica, anne makevoc, kpix 5. here's the proof. santa cruz mountains are saturated after being doused by storms overnight. the ground, roads weakened and there are a ton of mudslides. >> kpix 5 reporter kiet do joins us live from the summit along highway 17.
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kiet. >> reporter: they just cannot catch a break out here in the santa cruz mountains. they have been rained on 6 out of the past 8 days. they have had 30 road closures since the weekend and so today, the county of santa cruz has declared a state of emergency which clears the way for them to ask the state for repair money and it is a huge costly mess out there. after a week of rain, in santa cruz county, they have small slides, big slides, skinny slides and wide slides. >> i think we need a break. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the biggest one today is the mudslide on highway 35 near bear creek road which shut down the road all day. a large tree fell over and came to rest on some power lines. crews are so busy they couldn't get to it for hours. on rodeo gulch road storm runoff eroded the embankment.
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all over the county is another expensive repair. public works says the total damage is approaching $3 million so far, likely a conservative number. >> we are going to be working hard this year to make sure that the state pays for the road repairs. it's hugely expensive. >> reporter: on san bernardino street in paradise park the san lorenzo river was swollen but still below the embankment. neighbors hope it's enough to handle another big storm tonight. >> we can't control it. so it's not something to worry about. it is what it is and we'll deal with it when it comes. >> reporter: all right. we have learned that the santa cruz harbor has now suffered about $12 million in damage from the storm. damage to the seawall, pilings, debris blown in. they will ask the state to pay for the repairs. live in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix 5.
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look now at the lexington reservoir in santa clara county and we have not seen this literally in years. overflowing water. it hit capacity this afternoon prompting a flash flood warning for los gatos and campbell. kpix 5's jessica flores is at another full reservoir with more on what all this rain means for the bay area's water supply. jessica. >> reporter: yup, that's right. we are at the base of the sierra foothills at pardee reservoir and this weather is causing something special to happen for the first time here. for the first time in a long time the water is spilling out this. only happened 10 times in the last 20 years. the wet weather is filling up the pardee reservoir so quickly east bay m.u.d. can't drain it fast enough so it's spilling out into the river below. >> more water is going into the river and we are generating
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hydropower which is great, nice clean energy for east bay m.u.d. and its customers. >> reporter: the 1.4 million east bay m.u.d. customers get their drinking water from here. during drier times, customers were asked to cut back. in may, east bay m.u.d. declared they were out of the drought. these storms another good sign for customers. >> they can begin to relax a little bit regarding worry about do we have enough water to make it through this year? it's looking very good. >> reporter: still, east bay m.u.d. would like to see more snow which acts like a natural reservoir supplying water through the drier months. >> that snow begins to melt in april, may, june, through the summer and all the way into the fall. it's that runoff that east bay m.u.d. captures at pea dereservoir. pardee reservoir is our main drinking water supply that serves all east bay customers. >> reporter: compared to last year around this time, east bay m.u.d. says they have about 97 billion more gallons.
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reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> more good news. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on this next round of storms. oh, yeah. you can check hi-def doppler and see the extended forecast 24/7 on ♪[ music ] a snub for the bay area. >> coming up, how george lucas just chose the dark side. >> plus, a truck drives off a bay area freeway and lands against a house. >> and attorney general nominee jeff sessions questioned on capitol hill. how the alabama senator is defending past allegations of racism against him. ,,,,
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lucas announced today: his futuristic, billion-dollar museum will be built in l-a... not san francisco. the decision ends a long- "star wars" creator george lucas announced his billion-
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dollar museum will be built in los angeles, not in san francisco. that decision ends a long- standing rivalry between the two cities. the museum will showcase lucas' arts and film memorabilia and will be built near his alma mater, usc. no word yet on when it will open. in pleasant hill, a truck veered across several lanes of traffic hitting two cars and later plunging right into the side of the building. it happened just before 9:00 this morning on southbound interstate 680 near contra costa boulevard. 77-year-old driver later died at the hospital. no one else was injured. the damage to the other two cars was pretty minor. the cause of the crash still under investigation. fireworks on capitol hill as lawmakers question president- elect donald trump's pick for attorney general. senator jeff sessions. as kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen reports, sessions pledged he will uphold the law as the country's top cop.
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>> reporter: the first member of the u.s. senate to endorse donald trump's presidential bid became the first of his cabinet nominees to face a confirmation hearing. protestors tried their best to russian president the testimony. in the end -- to disrupt the testimony, but in the end the alabama senator was not shaken. >> i am ready for this job. >> reporter: the confirmation hearing was punctuated by protestors. session addressed civil rights in his opening statement. he has been in front of the committee before. in 1986 he was up for a federal judgeship. at the time he was accused of making racist remarks. today he said that those prior accusations were part of an organized effort to prevent him from becoming a judge. instead ren for senate. >> i hope my tenure in this body has shown you that the caricature that was created of
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me was not accurate. it wasn't accurate then. it's not accurate now. >> reporter: sessions also told the panel that he would respect and follow the supreme court's rulings on abortion and same- sex marriage even though he does not agree with them. >> will he be independent of the white house? will he tell the president no when necessary? and faithfully enforce ethics laws and constitutional restrictions? >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein said that many americans are fearful that he won't protect their civil rights and freedoms. >> ultimately, we must determine whether senator sessions can be the attorney general for all of our people. >> reporter: confronted with the extremely negative comments he made about hillary clinton during the presidential campaign he volunteered to recuse himself from any potential investigations involving clinton. his hearing continues tomorrow. also, up for hearings tomorrow are former exxonmobil ceo rex
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tillerson for secretary of state and elaine chao to head the department of transportation. melissa caen, kpix 5. the election hack allegedly orchestrated by russia targeted democrats and donald trump and other republicans. cnn alleges classified documents suggest that russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information on the president- elect. meantime, at a senate hearing today, fbi director james comey told lawmakers that russian hackers successfully penetrated the republican national committee's computer records. the info comey said was old and was never leaked. trump has acknowledged russian's actions but says it did not affect the outcome of the election. in less than 45 minutes, president barack obama will wrap up his presidency the same way he started with a speech in his home city. he will deliver the address from chicago p you can watch it right here live on kpix 5 at 6:00.
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then stay tuned for a special edition of kpix 5 news at 6:30. we have already heard from governor jerry brown today. he called on the legislature to approve an extension of california's system of buying and trading greenhouse gas pollution credits. he said this when asked about climate change skeptics in the incoming trump administration. >> the science is not going to change and therefore, even the reluctant, um, opponents are going to have to join in because you can't -- you can't deny the tide comes in, the tide goes out, that the climate is changing. >> the governor spoke after presenting his $122.5 billion budget. back to our storm watch coverage tonight. we have seen of course rain and mudslides here in the bay area. in the mountains that's what it looks like a blizzard warning in effect in the lake tahoe region and joining us from cbs news is john blackstone in tuck
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ee tonight. john, it is coming down up there, as well. >> indeed it is. these blizzard conditions we are told could last until thursday here. now, as you can see, the snow is piled high here at truckee. we drove in here last night just before i-80 closed and it was a tough drive then, tough and dangerous. and the snow has kept falling ever since. sometimes at as much as 3 inches an hour. just up the road at lake tahoe there's been more snow. from the national weather service, 33 billions gallons of water is in lake tahoe since january 1 raising the lake level by a foot. >> there has to be an avalanche concern especially the ski resorts. >> reporter: they are watching it. this is wet heavy snow so that's very dangerous for avalanches and that's part of the concern on i-80, as well. the other thing, there are skiers trapped here who would love to get on the slopes but
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the resorts are having a tough time opening partly because of the wind. i know heavenly tried to open some lifts today but the wind caused too many problems. >> john, thank you very much. we are looking forward to seeing you again on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" and that comes up at 5:30. rainfall totals really beginning to add up. there's one city in the bay area that has already received 11 inches of rain so far this month and it's still pouring there right now. we'll take a live look at the radar around the bay area. stormy weather continues. you want a sunny day? i do. we'll have your forecast to talk about several sunny days coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as if the soaking rain all day long wasn't enough now we have heavy rain moving in for the heart of the evening commute including alamo, i6880 if your loved ones are driving up and down 680 for san ramon or danville heavy rain just leaving walnut creek. it continues to pour in napa
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county and sonoma county the city of sonoma, napa, yountville, vacaville, fairfield, south to petaluma, still pouring rain marin pouring on you as well south city pacifica millbrae san bruno the city of san francisco, across the bay to hayward and san leandro. you're getting heavy rain. south bay right now not so much. you're in the rain shadow but the santa cruz mountains it's pouring. let's take a look at the sierra. we just had john blackstone's report. it is a white-out center yosemite to susanville. everywhere above 5,000 feet in elevation is snowing. above 7,000 feet in elevation, by tomorrow, this storm will have brought up to 120 inches of snow, 10 feet. dangerous up there. but man, are we adding to the snowpack! rainfall for the month of january, with the latest data that just came in we get data every hour, santa rosa has gotten 11" of rain in 10 days. san jose 2.5 for you double your norm. oakland and livermore 4. san francisco coming up on 5
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inches of rain and 6.5" of rainfall in napa. right now upper 50s. san jose 59. overnight tonight 40s and 50s. oakland dropping to 50, mountain view 51, santa rosa 45. you may be wondering was we were talking about a separation between storms, there was no separation. the unstable air kept pouring in. we have a front moving in. ahead of the front it stayed wet and meant 24 hours of rain for many of you in the north bay and also in the santa cruz mountains. we get a break tonight. here's a look at futurecast. that front, that boundary, is actually good news because it's going to pour right now but it will end the rainfall and the steady rainfall by 9:00 tonight for san jose. we clear things out. there will be scattered showers. pockets of heavy rainfall but so much drier during the day wednesday. a round of moderate rainfall thursday morning. then we're done by thursday afternoon the rain is done and we'll have several dry days thereafter. so the rain rapidly decreasing tonight. scattered showers tomorrow. a line of moderate rainfall
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moving through early thursday but the mudslide risk which is so high is going to stay high even after the rain stops. mid-50s tomorrow. san francisco 56. scattered showers. rain is done by lunchtime thursday. look at all the sunshine that we have not seen so far this year. it lasts through the weekend. five straight dry days starting friday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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allen and veronica will see you at 6:30... rewell that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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allen, veronica will be right here at 6:30. after president obama's farewell address at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: condemned to death. the gunman in the charlotte church massacre hears his fate. also tonight, testifying in his own defense. >> i did not harbor the kind of animosities and race-based discrimination ideas that i was accused of. >> pelley: but a critic of the attorney general nominee paints a different picture of jeff sessions. >> i just despise the guy. >> pelley: president obama's farewell address. he tells the nation america is better and stronger. and... >> watson, touchdown! >> pelley: the long road to college football stardom began here. this is the "c


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