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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm kenny choi. le ather and traffi good morning. it's wednesday, january 11. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the conditions. live look at the pyramid in san francisco. more rain on the way. >> yes. you have been sick. you have been in bed the last couple of days. but you have been watching the storm coverage. >> watching the rain come down. there's a huge tree in the backyard. and i have just been watching the leaves sway back and forth. it didn't come down. last night it sounded like a train going through. >> i woke up at 11:30 p.m. i was knocked out and i woke up it was raining so hard.
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>> i keep going back to being a native californian, i have never heard in one day so many ebss, emergency broadcast systems, where your programming was interrupted or you're listening to the radio. >> that lovely tone. >> yeah. >> beep, beep. >> it's important. >> it is, it is. >> you kind of wish they would say flash flood warning for the entire bay area but the national weather service which is in monterey actually they have all these different rain gauges. i think we lost something on the desk. something on our desk fell. [ laughter ] >> sorry, boss. i broke the desk. [ laughter ] >> but you know, what happens is they have these rain gauges and they monitor them and one would tip and overflow and that would spark a warning for that particular area so that's why you heard so many different ones going on. but let's take a look at what to expect outside now. it's our live weather camera looking out at sfo which yesterday had three-hour and 38- minute delays. so far this morning, not seeing any kind of reports of any delays at any of our local airports. but we're going to keep you posted on that because we still have some scattered showers
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around the bay area. we are also monitoring a very dire situation. anne makovec will be on the scene to talk about this in a matter of minutes. but the russian river in guerneville we are anticipating four to six feet -- four to six feet above flood stage today which definitely will affect the local businesses in that area. moderate to significant flooding in saint helena due to the napa river overflowing. even with those brand-new floodgates that have been doing a wonderful job since sunday in napa we are expecting the napa river to cause flooding on the secondary roads. hi-def doppler picking up -- look at the cell looks like the san rafael area. santa rosa cleared out with all that activity that just moved to the east. scattered showers with urban flood advisories in effect. the flash flood watch in effect for the rapid rises in our streams and a coastal flood advisory in effect due to astronomical high tide which is after 10:00 this morning. 40s and 50s out the door. later today scattered showers temperatures in the 50s.
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yet another storm poised to move into the bay area. we'll track it together at 18 minutes after the hour. all right, thank you, roberta. 5:02. let's talk about traffic alerts in the bay area. highway 37 from vallejo to novato between 101 and lakeville road, this is closed due to flooding. the alternate would be to take 580 to the richmond/san rafael bridge which you can access from 101 if you are in novato, or from 80 if you are in the east bay. and moving to the other traffic alert right now this is highway 17 in the scotts valley and santa cruz mountains area. this is between vine hill road and the glenwood cutoff. it's down to one lane in each direction due to mudslides. we have been dealing with mudslides on this freeway for the week so we want to make sure you give yourself some extra time in the area if you are headed out there or just avoid it altogether. moving over now to mass transit we have a bart update for you. san francisco stations are delayed 10 minutes in the pittsburg-bay point and dublin- pleasanton lines. i'll send it to you.
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>> all right, roqui. thank you. okay highway 84 in the peninsula fallen trees and downed power lines could make for a rough commute. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in woodside with the latest on traffic concerns. >> reporter: now, we were actually able to get through this area because crews worked through the night to move a mudslide, to move those power lines off to the side of the road. you can see behind me right now, they still have those road closed signs up now, and that is because they still have to get in there, pg&e and crews to repair the downed power lines this morning. this traffic mess is on 84. you're looking in the eastbound direction. that road closed sign is on the eastbound side. it started last night with a downed tree according to california highway patrol. once that was cleared, it sounds like a mudslide washed branches and debris into the road taking power lines down with it. crews worked through the night to clear the road itself. but again, we just watched pg&e crews show up a little while ago to get in there to start repairing those downed lines
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again that were sticking out of the mud this morning. i spoke with the men behind the road closure signs here. they say that caltrans had to leave this exact location they said to head a little further down 84 this morning heading on the westbound side because they said they are hearing more reports of downed lines a little ways from here as well so this mess may continue this morning as they work to continue cleaning up the spot and repairing those lines but, of course, we'll keep you updated. reporting live in san mateo county, sandra osborne, kpix 5. in napa county, heavy rains have caused the sulfur creek in saint helena to flood. and in the city of napa, downpours turned entire intersections into lakes. the flooding made many roads just too tough to cross but crews went just concerned about the water. >> reporter: this is silverado trail and officials say it's closed in definitely because right now officials are concerned that more rock will continue to fall. >> people living in low-lying
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areas in napa are being urged to evacuate. 2,000 people are evacuated in the north bay from flooding. the national weather service says the russian river could crest higher than predicted at nearly 8 feet above its flood stage. this is what it looked like in guerneville yesterday. crews shut down niely road when it went under water. one driver decided to chance it and got stranded for 30 minutes. crews were able to rescue them. they spoke with kpix 5's joe vazquez last night. >> what happened to you there? you drove through. >> we drove through. water came up over the front of the hood, blocked air intake and it stalled. >> i'm assuming you thought would you get through the water as it was getting higher? >> it rose as we got stuck. >> the guerneville fire chief says first responders are bracing for the worst and are prepared if they need to make more rescues today. high wind and trees falling are causing trouble across the
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area. this is the inside of a lafayette house that got crushed by a tree. the homeowners say it was about 300 years old and 150 feet tall. about a third of the house is filled with debris and all those branches. the homeowner's dad and brother were watching tv when the tree came down. >> as we said the whole house shook like a bomb hit it or something, you know? so it was -- shook 'em right out of their seats. >> fortunately, no one was injured. and a massive heritage oak crushed this house in danville. the branches are now covering about half the house. the garage was smashed along with the three cars inside. no one was hurt. but the homeowner heard the tree crashing down. we'll stay on top of storm coverage throughout the morning. you can always check hi-def doppler and see the extended forecast on our website, menlo park mayor kristin keith and police chief bob jonsen plan to hold a community
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meeting this evening about an increase in residential burglaries starting at 6:30 p.m. at the laurel school upper campus on elliott drive. organizers hope that the meeting will open up discussions about the rash of burglaries and create neighborhood groups and find new preventative measures. the president of san francisco's police commission has resigned. susie loftus will become an assistant chief legal counsel for the san francisco sheriff's department. with loftus' departure from the police commission, mayor ed lee will have to appoint a new member, then the commission will elect a new president. later today we should learn more about the conditions of warehouses in san francisco. the fire marshal is expected to release a report on the scope of inspections. firefighters started doing inspections last month after the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. if the buildings were deemed unsafe, crews were giving the people living inside the facilities 72 hours to get out. thousands of people started a
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petition against the building inspections commission. officials argue that it was necessary to keep people safe. bay area "star wars" fans were crossing their fingers for a george lucas museum right on treasure island. but the board planning the project has opted for los angeles instead. "star wars" creator george lucas has announced his billion- dollar museum will take shape in los angeles not san francisco despite high hopes from mayor ed lee. the museum will showcase lucas' art and film collections and it will be located near his alma mater, usc. ♪[ music ] time now 5:09. once again, driving interstate 80 to get to reno will be a problem today. the conditions drivers are dealing with in the sierra this morning. plus, where's sasha obama? why those three words are trending on twitter this morning. >> from the kpix weather center, good wednesday morning, everyone. yes. we remain on storm watch as we track yet another storm heading this way. >> and we are keeping an eye on your roads as we are on storm watch. we have a couple of traffic
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a stretch of interstate 80 remains closed, because the snow and wind have combined for poor good morning. time check, 5:12. take a look at sfo where yesterday we had nearly four-
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hour delays on some arriving flights. now we are tracking a new storm that will hit the bay area. we're going to track that together, tell you just how much more wind and rain to expect, it's traffic and weather in less than four minutes. a stretch of interstate 80 remains closed because the snow and wind have combined for poor visibility. the portion of freeway shut down is 90 miles long between colfax and the nevada state line. it's not clear when it will re- open but forecasters say that the weather there is getting more calm. meanwhile, crews are doing what they can to prepare the freeway for the eventual re-opening. >> making it real dicey real quick especially with big rigs. >> the national weather service has a blizzard warning in effect until 10 a.m. for the tahoe/truckee area. a winter storm warning will continue until tomorrow morning. in the sacramento area, wilton residents hope levees hold up before the consumnes
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river goes into downtown it. it's rising quickly and low- lying areas have already seen flooding. some locals have been traveling by boat to their businesses. many set up sandbags to prevent major damage. we have a lot of traffic alerts because of mudslides. roqui has the latest. >> thank you. let's take a look here in the vallejo novato area where we do have highway 37 closed down but we have an alternate route for you so let's take a look. highway 37 between high 101 and lakeville road is closed from flooding. take 580 as an alternate to the richmond/san rafael. and that can be accessed from 101 new are in novato or 80 if you are in the east bay or 101 if you are in novato. the other traffic alert of the morning, highway 17, we have been dealing with this all week long between vine hill road and the glenwood cutoff, one lane in both directions here due to mudslides. so if you want to avoid the area, i suggest you do because we have been dealing with
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mudslides in the area all week. moving over now to mass transit, we do have a ten- minute delay from san francisco stations into the pittsburg-bay point and dublin-pleasanton lines. ace train one is canceled because of a mudslide on the tracks. muni is on time. and make sure you're looking at for all the vallejo-to-san francisco bus service ferries. moving to the altamont pass traffic is moving well. this is not the worst commute on the altamont pass. you're moving at 30 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road into livermore where it frees up but we have the sunol fremont area problem. niles canyon road is closed between palomares and fremont which means people will be taking southbound 680 to get into fremont so give yourself some extra time to get through the area because as the morning progresses this will definitely start to back up here on southbound 680. that's your traffic. roberta, i'll send it to you. good morning. it's been a one-two punch.
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raining ever since saturday here in the bay area, with the biggest blow actually appearing to be yesterday due to the saturation effect. the soil we cannot barely take anymore, and that is why we have a watchful eye on the russian river in guerneville. anticipate it to overflow by 6 feet. we'll have moderate to significant flooding. we have already had some flooding but we expect additional flooding. anne makovec is on the scene and will be reporting back to us a little bit later in the program. the napa river near napa secondary roads anticipated to flood. we have already seen mudslides at silverado trail. the napa river in saint helena this is a dire situation, too. we are anticipating this to overflow by a good two feet. that will cut off the road for people who commute into the napa area like from deer park or angwin. so we'll keep a watchful eye on that, as well. live hi-def doppler radar, we still have rain in the north bay, big cluster of activity in
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moderate to heavy rainfall pushed out of mcnears beach to san quentin. hit-or-miss showers are dissipating around tassajara and rock city in the mount diablo area. san jose avoiding rain right now but east palo alto into embarcadero way, you have some rain showers at this particular time. we jump on over to the santa cruz mountains. this cell has now progressed out of the area but we have seen plenty of rain around scotts valley on top of the 4 inches of rain that almost accumulated in the -- that already accumulated in the past 24 hours. peninsula rain into san mateo. this cell pushed in over the bay. we had a cell over the bayview area and that is out over the bay waters. this is live data so it's happening second by second and we're updating you. but the bottom line is you need your umbrella today. hit-and-miss scattered showers throughout the day lingering showers and then a new storm coming in. urban and small stream flood advisory in effect. flash flood watch and flood warning in effect until 6 a.m.
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for portions of santa clara and alameda counties. coastal flood advisory in effect due to astronomical high tide just after 10 a.m. at 7 feet. there will be beach erosion. winds have been breezy up to 14 at the estuary of oakland, 11 at vallejo through benicia into martinez. that got slammed last night with the heavy rain. futurecast illustrates again just scattered showers. tonight another storm but much different in nature and characteristics. not as much wind, and definitely not as much rain. most of it will be focused from san francisco to the south across the santa cruz mountains. we could see an additional two inches of rain. generally up to about one inch throughout most of the area san rafael with an inch and about two-tenths. this is the scene looking out towards tahoe donner, thank you cory for that, we have a blizzard warning still in effect for the tahoe area. your snow report, alpine meadows, it's snowing. meanwhile, heavenly, 66 inches of snow translates on over to 5
5:19 am
to 6 feet of new snow. 50s across the board today. lingering showers thursday. we dry out friday through monday. we will remain on storm watch. all right, roberta. thank you. trending today, it turns out even the president's daughter can't play hooky. she was absent during the farewell speech in chicago last night and people on social media noticed. the hashtag where's sasha started trending. people were posting their guesses of where the girl could be. a white house official confirmed that she had to stay in dc because she has an exam this morning. so she was busy studying. monopoly could be getting an upgrade. the company behind the game is letting voters decide on new players pieces. from now until january 31, you can vote on hasbro's website. instead of the classic scotty dog or wheelbarrow, you can pick a hashtag, rubber duck and others. i like the thimble and the race
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car. finally it was bound to happen. you might remember the hidden fences debacle at the golden globes. it trended when presenters got the names wrong. now there's a trailer. take a look. >> you're not listen to me i'm trying to explain it to ya the best way i know how, a fence does not go into space! [ laughter ] >> hidden spaces. >> can i have everyone's attention for a moment? ♪[ music ] >> thank you. >> they're going to be asking us questions about our work. i think that's pretty reasonable given that we're taking a fence and shooting it into space and that's never been done before. >> stephen colbert created this spoof for the "late late show" and aired it last night and posted it on youtube and, of course, it already has more than 100,000 views. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, one of the raiders coaches is out this morning. we are going to tell you who and the warriors were back at home minus a splash brother. would it matter? tip-off coming up.
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good morning, everybody. for the first time this season steve kerr gave one of the big four the night off. klay thompson has been playing through illness. he was out of the line-up last night against miami. warriors fans not exempts from the storms hitting the bay area. miami bringing the heat early.
5:24 am
james johnson over steph curry. that ended the 1st quarter with miami in front. local kid from st. francis is tyler johnson, went off for 18 points last night. he was undrafted out of fresno state. he has a $50 million contract. patrick mcgaw had only 3 points last night. they were big. gave golden state a 7 point lead. 4th quarter warriors up 11. curry with the loose ball to iguodala who slammed it home. curry had 24. warriors win 107-95. the heat have just 11 wins this season. wow. brent burns named one of three sharks all stars but this night last night was not about burns. it was about that man! boddicker was just 139 into the game. the second shot of the game and it's a goal. bodker had only three shots all game. but they all went in!
5:25 am
no, really. he scored a hat trick in just 29 minutes doubling his goal output from the first 39 games. his fourth career hat trick. the sharks win 5-3 to remain in a first place tie. the raiders have let go offensive coordinator big musgrave despite finishing 6th in total offense in the nfl. the raiders are expected to promote quarterback coach todd downing to take musgrave's place. ted norton, jr., remains the raider defensive coordinator. we'll have the latest on the 49ers coaching search tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. all right. the play of the day from the nba. boston at toronto. celtics with the ball in the 4th quarter. [ play-by-play ] >> gerald green! >> yeah, boston though went on to lose to the raptors 114-106. i'm sandra osborne live in woodside in san mateo county this morning where the soggy
5:26 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. dangerous flooding after torrential rains force hundreds from their homes. s, also a huge evacuations ordered throughout the bay area as dangerous flooding after torrential rains force hundreds from their homes. >> and mudslides also a huge concern especially for one bay area family who is trapped when mud rushed into their home. >> just when you thought it was safe to leave the house without an umbrella, we are still on storm watch with one more store heading this way. >> here is a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. i like to show this so you can see how wet the roads are so drive safely. an update on the traffic alerts coming up. good morning, it's
5:30 am
wednesday, january 11. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. authorities are keeping a close eye on the russian river nearly 2,000 people are already evacuated and it could get worse today if the water rises. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at guerneville to show us how the conditions are looking now. anne. >> reporter: 1700 people got fresh evacuation orders last night because of the rising waters. you can see it here behind me at this mini golf course. the russian river is expected to crest later today at 8 feet above flood stage. now, right where we are right now is very close to niely road here in guerneville which is closed. but our team caught the driver of this pickup truck trying to make it down the road despite the water yesterday. she says her friends wanted to go back into the neighborhood it check their cats but water came over the top of the hood of the truck, blocked air intake and the truck stalled. they were stranded for a half-
5:31 am
hour. rescuers from the russian river fire district had to wade out, get them into rescue rafts and bring them to "shore." firefighters say they wish people would heed warning signs instead of trying to push through. >> "turn around; don't drown." got to get that word out. this could have been avoided. >> reporter: the intense rain has caused the floodwaters to rise more quickly than expected. the new estimate here is that the russian river will crest higher than expected at close to 40 feet. again, that's almost 8 feet above flood stage. and the question is, will this water flood highway 116 which is the really main road through guerneville? it's also inching very close to river road. we'll be keeping an eye on it. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. on highway 84 in the peninsula, downed trees and toppled power lines could make for a messy commute. sandra osborne is live in
5:32 am
woodside on traffic concerns in the area. sandra? >> reporter: and right now you can actually see the rain is really coming down. we're starting to see more of that rain and this soggy weather is what's causing some big issues for state road 84 in san mateo county this morning. so right now we're in woodside. 30 minutes ago the road behind me was closed to all through traffic because of a mudslide, downed power lines and trees, debris on the road. that was cleared overnight. crews went in there and actually cleared that out. but we have been watching pg&e going back and forth on this road because as crews finally cleared this and opened this back up, they said they are actually just picking up to move to another spot just a few miles down the road on 84 heading westbound from where we are right now. they will be closing the road there, as well. so the big thing to know this morning, if you are going to be driving in san mateo county, heading on 84, go ahead if you can find an alternate. they expect more issues not
5:33 am
only more maybe mine more mudslides or trees down in the road, but once they get all those cleared away, they are going to have to keep going back and forth to repair some of the power lines from overnight and from this morning. so we're going to continue to see some of these problems pop up but right now, the area that we're near has finally cleared. reporting live in woodside, sandra osborne, kpix 5. time now 5:33. roberta is back with a check of the weather. >> not only are we watching the flooding and the warnings and watches. i was looking at the sign behind sandra. gas prices are going up! >> did you see the dinosaur behind anne? [ laughter ] >> that was quite something. so we just got the latest information from the national weather service pertaining to the river in the guerneville area. the russian river. so we have some new numbers to share with you at this particular time. the bottom line is, it will flood. not the city-proper but some of the guerneville businesses certainly and definitely parkers resort and brookside
5:34 am
resort. we now have the flooding at 37.6. that's when it's going to crest later on this afternoon. flood stage is 32 feet so you can do the math, about five to six feet above flood stage which moderate to significant flooding. napa and saint helena will see moderate to significant flooding today and also the napa river in napa they have the brand-new flood gauges doing an awesome job but we are -- gates, doing an awesome job, but we are anticipating flooding. silverado train has a mudslide. live hi-def doppler still all lit up plenty of rain in the north bay. as soon as i line it up it begins to move up but we have some light snow in the higher mountains of the north bay. urban flood advisory in effect for the bay area. flash flood watch, as well. we do still have that flood warning in effect for portions of alameda county until 6:00 this morning. coastal flood advisory in effect. we'll see beach erosion due to astronomical high tide just
5:35 am
after 10 a.m. over 7 feet. bottom line is, we are saturated here in the bay area. we still have more rain coming. 50s out the door this morning except santa rosa at 49 degrees. the winds are dialing back. westerly about 10 to 20 miles per hour at this time. it will be sustained 10 to 15 during the day. temperatures in the 50s. we are tracking a brand-new storm -- okay, lingering showers today. most of the day will be dry but a lingering shower. another storm tonight. here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. it's 5:35. i'm happy to announce i have some good news for you that use highway 37 in the vallejo- novato commute. take a look here. highway 37 between highway 101 and now atherton avenue is closed which means it's a much shorter distance of closed road there and it gives you direct access to 101. chp is diverting traffic off 37 to atherton right on to 101 for your highway 37 commute. let's take a look now at the golden gate bridge from marin
5:36 am
county into san francisco. that will be a quick commute but those roads are wet so take a look at that. and the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights are on now so from carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will be 22 minutes and then expect a 15-minute drive through the toll plaza across the span of the bridge into downtown san francisco. and if you are traveling into the peninsula, here's a live look at that commute. slowing down a bit because those roads are very wet. you see the raindrops on the camera there so make sure you're taking it slow and carefully as you are headed out to the peninsula. okay, mass transit, san francisco stations for bart are still delayed 10 minutes headed into the dublin-pleasanton direction and the pittsburg-bay point direction. ace train one is canceled because there's a mudslide on the track. but ace train 3 is on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. and in the north bay heavy rains sent mud rushing straight for a fairfax home trapping several people inside. trees and big chunks of a hillside came down with the mud hitting this home on sir francis drake and olema.
5:37 am
the mudslide knocked out the front steps forcing crews to work their way around the plants, mud and live wires to pull people to safety. the family is stunned by the force of the mud. >> and smashed the carport and pushed all the mud out and the carport is buried. you can't even see that it was there. >> i didn't quite know why and i looked outside and then it was really weird. >> the mudslide also caused a gas leak which pg&e crews have been working to repair. crews will be out surveying the damage in san anselmo. benjamin sent us video from downtown yesterday. storm drains and sewers were overflowing. the flood sirens went off around 7:00 and evacuations were ordered. some residents tried to protect homes and shops with sandbags. >> kind of worried. when we heard the siren, we were,er like, okay should we leave our house? seems like it calmed down now should be okay. >> authorities say at one point
5:38 am
the creek was more than a foot over its flood stage. in fremont, mudslide damage has forced niles canyon road to close for the second time in two days after being shut down for hours early monday morning and then briefly reopened after crews cleared the area. president-elect donald trump holds a press conference today amid new revelations about the intelligence into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 election. multiple government and intelligence officials say that the report suggests that russia may have compromising information about donald trump. in a twitter post yesterday, the president-elect dismissed the claims as fake news. yes, we can. [ applause and cheers ] >> yes, we did! [ applause and cheers ] >> yes, we can! [ applause and cheers ] from his hometown of chicago last night.
5:39 am
for about 50 >> president obama back home this morning after delivering a farewell speech from his hometown of chicago last night. the president spoke for about 50 minutes calling on americans not to lose faith in democracy. >> you were the change. you answered people's hopes and because of you, by almost every measure, america is a better stronger place than it was when we started. >> president obama has invited president-elect trump to the white house before the swearing- in on inauguration day. they will ride together with their wives to the u.s. capitol for the ceremony. chipotle says it's making a slow but sure comeback after e. coli outbreaks put a dent in its sales. had jill wagner of has that story and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. the dow continues to retreat down 20, nasdaq up 20.
5:40 am
it notched its fourth record high. chipotle's plan to get customers back is working slowly. sales turned positive in december for the first month in more than a year following the norovirus and e. coli outbreaks. chipotle says going forward it plans to promote digital ordering and possibly start serving dessert. walmart reportedly getting ready to lay off hundreds of workers. the "wall street journal" says the cuts mostly affect workers at headquarters many in human resources. and ford is bringing back the bronco suv. it was last built in 1996 part of a wider move by automakers towards larger vehicles. toyota says they don't think their camry will be the best selling vehicle in the u.s. this year. they think that it will be overtaken by the bigger rav-4 suv. so people taking advantage of low gas prices. kenny? >> all right, so jim, we hear that a revolutionary change is coming to atms. what's this all about? >> so wells fargo says that its customers will soon be able
5:41 am
to take out cash from atms without an atm card. so customers would log into the wells fargo smartphone app and get an 8-digit access code. then they would use that code and their regular atm code to start transactions. kenny? >> sound like a longer process but i guess more secure. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, i guess, right, if no one can steal your, um, your card and -- you know, you don't have a wallet and you just want to carry your phone you can still get cash. so there you go. another reason to be addicted to our smartphones. >> right about that. ill wagner of cbsm, thank you. ♪[ music ] it is 5:41. believe it or not, under all this snow is a house! a closer look at the avalanche that ended up in the living room of this home in the sierra. ,,,,
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we continue our storm watch-- in contra costa county. good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." your time check is 5:44 on this wednesday, the 11th day of january. you know, we have seen more rain in san francisco in the first 10 days of january than all of 2013. we have wet pavement over the golden gate bridge. we have more rain in the forecast today. yet another storm queued up ready to push into the bay area. it's traffic and weather in less than four minutes. we continue our storm watch in contra costa county. the alhambra creek overflowed its banks and swept through downtown martinez. many businesses and restaurants had muddy water up to their doors. [ sound of rushing water ] >> we also saw some flooded creeks in marin county.
5:45 am
a viewer tweeted us this video. the corte madera creek was running through kentfield. water levels rose nearly a foot in just 10 minutes. bart trains are back in business after a fallen tree caused a systemwide delay. a bart car smashed into the tree near the balboa bart station around 5:30 yesterday. train service was shut down between 24th street in san francisco and daly city for more than 4 hours. you can see the platform at 24th street absolutely packed! the people waited for their ride home. a picturesque but rough time in the tahoe/truckee area. the national weather service has a blizzard warning in effect there until 10 a.m. meanwhile, a 90-mile stretch of 80 is closed between colfax and the nevada state line. here's a look at the sugar bowl ski area near donner summit. sugar bowl and other resorts plan to re-open today as conditions improve. but it's best to check ahead if you plan to ski or snowboard this week. in alpine meadows the couple gets a knock on the door
5:46 am
and it's an avalanche. this photo of the snowy mess has gone viral. steven and margaret say three feet of falling snow in just one night caused the avalanche to burst through their door and completely cover their house. >> now we're going outside. and this is our garage. >> i think the garage is full of snow. [ laughter ] >> we have -- [ laughter ] >> we haven't gotten that far yet. [ laughter ] >> glad they're okay. they weren't hurt when the snow hit. they say in their 12 years in alpine meadows, this is the strongest avalanche they have ever seen. time to get that snow blower. um, yosemite national park is back in business after the park was closed due to the storms that rolled through. the national park reopened yesterday following a four-day evacuation. heavy rains over the weekend caused flooding that washed out a bridge and even put a campsite under water. the rains also caused rockslides that blocked two
5:47 am
major roads into the park. some visitors are happy it's open. >> i have never seen snow before so this is incredible for me. >> park campgrounds have already reopened while commercial lodging and services are set to follow suit today. meanwhile, the weather has been plenty warm in the australian town where a sweet horse has made a new friend. she has grown close to a rubber chicken. and facebook videos of their blossoming friendship of course have scored more than 5 million views. the one-year-old horse was born with intense swelling around his brain but is now doing fine after several transfusions. his owner debbie says she is so glad the clips have been making millions of people smile. he loves that rubber chicken. not sure if the rubber chicken loves him so much. [ laughter ] >> i wonder how long the rubber chicken will last. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> he looks like he's been busy. [ laughter ] >> you know, my dog does the
5:48 am
same thing with the squeaky rubber chicken. >> my daughter has something similar to that, a giraffe. >> have you ever heard of that? >> it squeaks. >> after she choose it, it's like a chew toy. >> what do you say after rubber chick sentence. >> i'm just glad they're not gathering those animals two by two into an ark. >> we might need it! >> what about this? is the chicken crossing the road? >> oh, kenny. [ laughter ] >> let's check traffic. let's go. let's start with mass transit. we have an update for you. bart is back on time. ace train one was canceled, 3 is on time so that's good news. make sure you're checking for all the vallejo-to-san francisco bus services updates.
5:49 am
moving over now to our roads, chp traffic alert in that novato -- on the novato commute on 37, we now have the highway 37 between highway 101 and atherton avenue closed which is good news actually. it's a much shorter distance of closed road and it's a direct path to highway 101. so chp is diverting traffic off on atherton avenue and that's making them get right back on 101 if that's part of your commute. moving over now to the other traffic alert of the morning, this is in the scotts valley- santa cruz mountains area. highway 17 between vine hill road and the glenwood cutoff, these are down to one lane in each direction here and as you can see, northbound 101 -- northbound 17, excuse me, is only moving at 9 miles per hour in the area so i suggest you just avoid this area altogether this morning. we have a lot of mudslides on the road up to san jose from highway 17. moving now over to niles canyon road in the sunol-fremont area, niles canyon road is closed
5:50 am
between palomares and fremont due to mudslides and that means niles canyon road alternate route cannot be used to southbound 680 so now we do have some slowdowns on southbound 680. we'll keep our eye on that for you as the morning progresses. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. how much rain has fallen? check this out! san francisco comparison. it has fallen for the first 10 days this year five inches of rain. and every, single day of 2013 we had 5.59 inches of rain. that is, ha, really strong comparison and we have more rain still in the forecast. with that much rain, now the north bay gets more than san francisco, this leads us to flooding in the bay area. russian river in guerneville will crest about 5 feet above flood stage. there will be flooding in the local business areas. now, as far as the napa river in napa is concern, we are anticipating 26.1 today. later this afternoon, moderate flooding expected. we have already seen it with
5:51 am
the silverado trail experiencing a mudslide. meanwhile cresting at 18.4 today, just near major flood stage is the napa river in saint helena. we'll keep an eye on the north bay rivers. meanwhile it's still raining. the heaviest rain is in the north bay now lining the bay outside of rafael village in marinwood. east bay with pretty strong cells pushing through the danville area also walnut creek, clayton and concord. we now have these cells drifting off towards the delta. peninsula you, too have hit and misses scattered showers around palo alto to east palo alto. scotts valley a little bit of a break there after receiving over 4.5" of rain in the past 24 hours. the cell just pushed out. peninsula, we'll keep an eye on the airport because we had substantial delays yesterday. san francisco this cell just moved over the bay but you need the umbrella out the door today. lingering showers will continue on the back side of yesterday's
5:52 am
very potent storm. urban flood advisory still in effect. flash flood watch in addition to the flash flood warning in effect for portions of alameda county, coastal flood advisory for astronomical high tide after 10 a.m. over 7 feet. it's breezy with winds up to 15 miles per hour. sustained winds 10 to 15. okay. here we go. satellite-radar, upstream we go, we have another area of low pressure that will push into the bay area. we are tracking it like this. here's your wednesday afternoon hit-and-miss scattered showers more showers in the forecast by tonight from that area of low pressure. we'll have rain thursday, then we buy a break by friday. totals up to 1.5" of rain, blizzard warning in effect for the high sierra already 5 feet of snow has fallen. sunrise 7:25. not going to see much of t temperatures into the 50s today. extended forecast we buy a break, over the weekend. and that's our storm watch coverage. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. dollars! she filed a lawsuit-- claiming th a sacramento woman is suing chipotle for nearly $2 billion. she filed a lawsuit claiming the company used her picture without her permission. she says the picture was taken nearly 10 years ago at a restaurant in denver. the company has been using it in restaurants ever since
5:56 am
including locations in california. she says its earned chipotle about $2 billion and that's a fair price for the company to pay her. prototypes of autonomous more vehicles this year at the north american international auto show. an example, the volkswagen id buzz. it's a futuristic nod to the classic vw bus designed to drive all by itself. and this chrysler pacifica comes from "waymo" a division of mountain view-based google. it's set to start testing this month. >> manufacturers are certainly adding new features and increasing maybe the time spent that you can drive with your hands off the wheel and all these different safety features. >> all this increases pressure on governments and regulators to pass laws regulating these vehicles once they become common. it is 5:56. the bulk of the rain is gone but the problems will linger on. we'll have more on the potential for significant flooding as the day progresses.
5:57 am
glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears.
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january 11th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. the he good morning. it's wednesday, january 11. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. the heaviest rain has moved out of the bay area. but we'll still feel the effects on the morning commute. this is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. sonoma county is preparing for major flooding today as the russian river overflows its banks. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in guerneville to show us conditions now. >> reporter: yeah, good chunk of wine country under water this morning. here in guerneville, you can see this mini golf course really taking a lot of water from the russian river watershed. once that river overflowed its banks, a lot of it coming into low-lying areas like the area where i'm at right now. there is a flood warning that continues to be in effect. the intense rain we have seen overhe


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