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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 12, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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canoe! live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> there's so much water the only way to get around is by canoe. bay area towns underwater. a mud slide creating a nightmare for drivers. people have been stuck on the road for hours. we have live team coverage from the north bay to the south bay. >> first we begin with the high def doppler. >> nothing heavy yet but this will exacerbate the issues we've been having the past couple of days. rainfall is over the city of san
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francisco currently. along highway 101 the avenues getting wet. richmond, berkley, also getting rain. a light to moderate rain, nothing heavy that's good news for sonoma and napa county. 0 rainfall. the rain has not made it in the valley. rain will pick up in coverage within 2 or 3 hours from now by 2:00 it's raining for most of the bay area. and yet another sloppy morning commute as light rain envelops most of the area tomorrow. >> take a look at our sky drone5 parts of the town now completely underwater. homes and businesses completely
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submerged in the muddy mess. a local grocery store in the dark tonight. these safeway customers had to shop by the light of their iphone flashlights just to get some essentials and we're told many businesses in the downtown don't have any power. one of the hardest hit towns where our reporter is tonight. >> reporter: this is river boulevard, appropriately named tonight. this is one of the hardest hit area. more than 600 homes experienced flooding tonight. >> where are you guys headed? >> we're going to rescue a couple of women. >> he's helping his neighbors tonight even though he's also a flood victim. >> my house is underwater. >> completely underwater? >> yeah. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> just to help other people. >> it's been a long day of people helping people.
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the national guard arrived to help with the rescue effort. flood waters trapped a man in his house for hours and he needed medical attention because of a heart condition. the flood waters went right up to highway 116 but didn't cover the main area. homes, businesses, apartment buildings along the river were inundated, roads impassable. >> normally the river is about 150 feet that way. >> but now? >> he's usually on the russian river today he's in it. like many homeowners he raised his house up after previous floods. today a few feet of water got inside his basement but otherwise not too much damage. >> another 6 feet higher it would have gotten into the electricity, it would have been an issue. >> for now you're all right? >> for now i'm okay. >> this black lab named hunter swims through the mini golf course. his neighbors are also taking it
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all in stride. floods are a way of life here. even if this is a larger one than normal. >> whereas this is expected still this looks very dramatic. >> yeah. you know, but it's life on the river. >> reporter: this river has crested. that mean the flood has peaked at 37.8 feet it happened at 5:30 this evening. it is receding. >> in the south bay crazy traffic because of the mess the storms left behind. some people stuck for up to five hours. we're along highway 17. >> reporter: problems in the santa cruz mountains made a total mess of the commute home for hundreds of drivers here on highway 17. it is a total parking lot out here. it has remained this way for
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hours. the gridlock stretches into campbell and beyond. >> what kind of commute have you had today? >> one of the worst ones i've ever had before. i left mountain view another 3:30. and we're sitting here in campbell. >> it's telling you up to two more hours. >> that's what it's showing on the wave. >> tonight highway 17 barely budged. >> cars traveling south inched forward for hours. before the sun went down it wasn't any better. only one lane to santa cruz is open. it'sthe reservoir only receded a minimal amount as the water went up. flooding has shutdown a park, and a mud slide on university avenue sent drivers on detours. all of this making for one ugly
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ride home. one woman's trip usually takes 45 minutes. >> awful. it's been a couple of hours. now we're going to turn around and go through 101 instead of 17. >> we just spoke with the chp they estimate that lane along highway 17 will be closed until 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> the stormy weather opened this big sinkhole up in the east bay blocking a busy roadway and spilling sewage into a nearby creek. you can see there is absolutely nothing under that roadway now to support it. it all washed away. expect roads closed to traffic for about three weeks. meanwhile in san francisco the chain saws have not stopped all week. hundreds of trees coming down in
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the storms. once the debris is gone homeowners may get slapped with the bill. >> reporter: during the first few weeks of january you expect to see christmas trees scattered around san francisco sidewalks. but 300 nonchristmas trees have come tumbling down in the city of san francisco. >> the ground has become saturated and you bring in the gusty winds and that spells trouble for trees that might be vulnerable. >> we found this massive tree split down the trunk. san francisco public works crews have been doing triage around the city since saturday. like on this tree in glenn park and this tangle on folsom street in the mission. and this branch hanging by a toothpick. >> if a large limb or tree comes down we prioritize them to where they're endangering people or property. >> the city is racking up an overtime bill for clean up
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costs. >> it's a lot of overtime. people have been working long shifts, we've been bringing in extra crews. >> and you could be getting a bill too. remember proposition e which passed by 80% on the november ballot it transfers all free trees back to city control but doesn't take effect until july. if a tree you currently have custody of is damaged you may have to pay. >> if it's a privately maintained tree they have the responsibility, they're the ones taking care of it. >> she says if it's something relatively minor like a large branch pulled out of the street or traffic you won't see a bill. but if it's something larger like a tree needing an arborist expect an unwelcome bill in your mailbox. >> from downed trees to a washed out road. people used to drive over that. not tonight the creek flows
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under the roadway through a pipe that could not withstand the volume of water. fortunately no one had tried to drive on the road yet. crews were out dealing with mud slides when they stumbled across it. repairs are expected to take months. and outside the bay area in hollister using rafts and rescue trucks 20 people were evacuated from homes. the farming town quickly turned into one giant swamp after the creek overflowed. >> this flood came with those warnings. here in the town of hollister, the fast rising water took residents by surprise. >> emergency crews responded to calls from dozens of panicked residents trapped inside their homes. >> by daybreak ranchers were still leading their residents to dry land. >> the scene here last night was challenging at times. it was dark. a lot of these houses did suffer some damage.
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>> in the sierra nevada storms have dumped nearly 10 feet of snow. >> you probably guessed more snow is on the way to the sierra. for most of today residents of south lake tahoe could be seen digging out their sidewalks just to get around. heavenly resort looked like a winter wonderland frozen in time. heavenly has gotten about 9 feet of fresh powder in just the past three days. >> new at 11:00 after a string of freeway shootings along interstate 80 san pablo is installing new surveillance cameras. city leaders are collaborating with cal trans to install new cameras. since 2015 there have been dozens of freeway shootings, including this one on highway 4
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that killed a pregnant mother of four small children. the chp says many of these targeted attacks appear to be gang rerelated. they hope the surveillance system will lead to quick arrests and fewer freeway shoot outs. >> we wanted to know why did an oakland city council woman crack a joke after she heard gunshots right outside a city council meeting. >> who runs from the window and who goes towards the window. if you go towards the window you probably live in an upscale neighborhood. >> a man was shot near 14th and broadway yesterday as the council meeting was going on. he was taken to the hospital. council member annie campbell says she went to check at the window because her daughter was outside. now she's being criticized for cracking that joke. >> i think that's just an
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inappropriate comment to make. >> because the camera didn't show the room people didn't know what i was referring to. there was a large crowd in the room some of whom ran towards the window some of whom ran away from the window. >> not the first time they've heard gunfire outside city hall. >> illegal weapons and drugs seized, coming up 20 people in the east bay facing charges after deputies raid this store front. >> don't be rude. not you. not you. >> can you give us a chance. >> you are fake news. >> what president elect donald trump is saying tonight about what has to be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have been arrested after a raid on an illegal weapons trafficking den. veronica is here with details... ken... guns, drugs, gambling, tonight nearly two-dozen people have been arrested after a raid on an illegal guns trafficking den. >> it was part of an on going investigation by alameda county sheriffs office. hidden behind a store front in east oakland was a criminal enterprise. deputies found 28 people living illegally inside the building including a 5-year-old child. they confiscated drugs, guns, and gambling equipment. the place described as being in complete disarray, leaking sewage. they were stealing electricity. conditions one sergeant called a recipe for disaster. >> you have two-dozen people in a very small building that's cramped, that's cluttered, there's a child in there. god forbid that a fire was to break out.
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these people could have been trapped in here and we could have had a tragedy. >> that child is now in protective custody. 20 people are facing charges and the building has been red tagged. >> tonight oakland's mayor is taking steps to prevent another ghostship fire tragedy while trying to protect tenants. landlords crack down on illegal living spaces and some were evicted. now the mayor has lifted an executive order to force them to serve in compliance with homes without forcing people on to the street. >> this is not only to benefit artist which is a valued and vulnerable community here in oakland. but there are many vulnerable
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communities impacted by the affordability crisis. >> she's also asked to increase assistance for code enforcement evictions. >> president elect donald trump spent nearly an hour today doing something he hasn't done in six months. answering questions in a press conference. >> donald trump wasted no time ripping into news reports that the russian government has been collecting damaging details on him for years. he accused news agencies as leaking it as a smear campaign. >> i think it's a disgrace that information would be let out. i saw the information, i read the information outside of that meeting. it's all fake news, it's phoney stuff. it didn't happen. >> as for the u.s. intelligence
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communities finding that the russians hacked the election to damage hillary clinton he accepted that conclusion. >> as far as the hacking, i think it was russia. but we also get hacked by other countries and other people. >> he said there's nothing wrong with being friends with russian president vladimir putin. >> he's still refusing to release his tax returns. >> the only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters. they're the only ones. >> the president elect refused to take follow up questions from this reporter on whether any of his associates had contacts with russian officials during the campaign. >> not you. not you. your organization is terrible. >> can you answer the question. >> she's asking the question adopt be rude. don't be rude. i'm not going to give you a question. >> can you give me a question. >> i'm not going give you a question. you are fake news. >> trump denied there were any
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contacts. the news conference was initially scheduled to lay out trump's plans to place his vast empire in a trust. >> as president i could run the trump organization a great company and i could run the company and i could do a great job. but i don't want to do that. >> they point to bans of trump receiving gifts from other countries. profits from foreign government officials staying at any of his hoes will be donated to the u.s. treasury. and just a couple of hours ago he tweeted quote we had a great news conference at trump tower today. a couple of fake news organizations were there but the people truly get what's going on. >> secretary of state pick rex tillerson was grilled on capitol hill by marco rubio.
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rubio says he hasn't decided whether to support him. he's previously criticized him about his close ties to russian president vladimir putin. >> you are still not prepared to say that vladimir putin and his military have violateded the rules of war and conducted war crimes in aleppo? >> those are serious charges to make and i would want much more information before reaching a conclusion. >> i find it discouraging your indecision to cite that which is globally accepted. >> this just in tonight obama care one step closer to repeal. the u.s. senate voted 51-48 to aprove a budget resolution that will withdraw major portions of the affordable care act. the house set to vote on that on friday. >> we are still tracking rainfall. and that means additional rainfall totals in some areas
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that have already received a foot to 20 inches of rain. over the past ten days that would be sonoma county mountains. the rain that's falling right now is light in nature. it's not the heavy rainfall we've seen recently. the steadiest rain falling over san francisco. you can see it stretching over to berkley and richmond. missing oakland by about 5 to 10 minutes. and we're seeing light rain continuing to pile in. we will all get rainfall overnight tonight but totals less than what we've seen recently. santa rosa received more than a foot of rain since the start of the year. a simple quarter of an acre backyard nearly 80 thousand gallons of water has dumped from the sky. that's what we're talking about seeing the russian river rage as
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it has. the reservoir 70% above average right now. and lake orrville 17% above normal. the snowfall numbers haven't been this high in at least six years. outside right now it's getting cool mid to upper 40s san francisco 48 san jose 47. we have this last area of low pressure moving in but it's diving down to our south so we'll be on the somewhat drier side of the system and it's not pulling in tropical moisture. so yes we get the rainfall but we will not see widespread heavy rain. raining tomorrow morning another slow morning commute. showers lasting until 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon but widely scattered. when this is gone we get the break we needed. 4 or 5 days without rainfall. we're cloud free lots of sunshine on friday. anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 1 inch of rainfall minor
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flooding possible from runoff and a prolonged dry period from friday into next weekend. fremont 52, san rafael 51. we're dry but one change. by next tuesday night the rain returns. so we get four dry days before rain returns tuesday into wednesday. flooding concerns thankfully will decrease starting tomorrow. >> that's great. we need a break. >> we do. >> a warning for seafood lovers. >> why,,,,,,
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according to the centers for disease control: wild salmon caught in alaska has been inf health officials say eating salmon from alaska might make you sick. according to the cdc wild salmon caught in alaska has been infected by a japanese tapeworm. the worms can grow up to 30 feet long and cause serious problems. experts say freezing it or
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year is jumping from "no" now, "two." an original afl power is going back to its roots in los angeles. jumping from no teams to now two. take a good look at the stadium. it's no longer the home of the san diego chargers. tomorrow they announce the teams move back to los angeles its original home here in 1960. it ends a 56-year run in san diego. they intend playing here next year at the stub hub center
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before sharing the new stadium with the rams. alex smith has been to the post season three times since leaving san francisco. wouldn't it be something if he met aaron rogers in the super bowl. he always thought the 49ers would pick him instead of rogers in the draft. he has two mvp awards. the choice was made by then 49er head coach mike nolan. >> at the time we thought in the long term that alex was going to be the better quarterback. obviously we were wrong. one of them, aaron rogers is going to the hall of fame. we didn't have a bad choice, but there's always one better than the other. we missed the mark. we should have taken aaron, no question. >> the closer for the giants during the three-year title run is headed for the a's his original team for six seasons. two-year deal with oakland. canadian military night in
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calgary. flames hosted the sharks. look what happened? doug hamilton snuck one by. time running out, sharks had a shot. denied by chad johnson. flames won in final of 3-2. how much do fans love alabama football. yeah this guy took it like that at 4:30 a-m. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 4:30 a-m.
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