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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. rain moves out. a clearer picture of the flood damage along the swelling russian river. plus. the sierra. now at noon. storm aftermath as the rain moves out a clear picture of flood damage along the russian river and the sierra not out of the woods yet the problems for
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ski resorts. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we start with breaking news. chopper 5 live over milpitas right now where a water rescue is under way. emergency crews are in the area of ranch drive. a man was on the water at coyote creek. we'll bring updates later. let's go to the storm watch team coverage. roberta gonzales is tracking snow in the bay area mountains and the sierra ski resorts closed because of too much snow. but first, kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the russian liver in guerneville monitoring the massive floods. anne? >> reporter: the sun is peeking out here and the russian river is receding. but as you can see from this mini golf clubhouse here behind me, there is still plenty of flooding in low-lying areas after the river crested
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yesterday almost 6 feet above flood stage. a walk through floodwaters is like a walk in the park for dave finally freed from his upstairs apartment. >> trapped up there for several days. >> reporter: the first thing he did start helping the downstairs businesses get back on their feet. >> it's an all-day process of cleaning up after a storm. >> reporter: the russian river crested yesterday at 37.8 feet. these are pictures from "sky drone 5". and there's plenty of storm damage around guerneville today like these downed trees at a mobile home park underneath them a crushed car. down the road vineyards soaking in river runoff as floodwaters greet people on their way into town. kayakers are helping neighbors. >> they have been stranded for three days. >> reporter: a rescue mission before she starts to clean up. >> at my house, we have to
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power wash and throw everything away that's downstairs that we didn't move. >> reporter: you can see by the movement in this floodwater that the river runoff is receding. by the end of the day today it should be back down to flood level 32 feet. and locals like darrell bushkin swear it could have been worse. >> last night it was up to there. 10 feet inside. that's when there was $2,000 gone. >> reporter: but everyone we spoke with agrees they are here to stay. >> its part of living out here. i chose to live out here. i'm happy. >> reporter: here's a comparison to show how much the floodwaters have receded in the past 24 hours. this is what the gorilla at the pee wee mini golf course looked like at noon yesterday. and back out here live, this is what the gorilla looks like today. hey, we might see his whole body by the time the early evening hours hit.
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we are drying out. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. chains required on 80 over donner pass. white-out conditions are still hitting some areas. the blizzard conditions have forced several tahoe ski resorts to close. this is video from heavenly in southlake. they and others are still digging around from 10 feet of snow. let's turn to roberta with a closer look at the resorts that are shut down. >> it's so odd because i was thinking of some of the representatives there at heavenly valley area and they say there's no such thing as too much snow but there kind of is, right? there was sent to me by kirkwood where they are digging out. look at the lift chair. that gives you a good idea why the resorts are closed. they have a lot of digging out to do. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. you see that by that blue and pink highlighted area. the pink is the warning the blue is the watch. we do expect another foot of snow on top of the ten feet
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that's lar cumulated in some areas. -- that's already accumulated in some areas. bear valley, donner, tahoe donner, and soda springs closed among others. live hi-def doppler radar picking up light precipitation across the north bay into rio vista area. check out the pink zone there, that's mount diablo that's been picking up snow all morning. can't wait to see some pictures out of there. tassajara light rain showers. sfo 44-minute delays on some arriving flights. rain now clearing later. we'll tell you when coming up. back to you. >> thank you. it is back to normal now for folks who drive from san jose to santa cruz. take a look at chopper 5's view of last night's nasty commute on highway 17. this is it. a mudslide near the cats restaurant south of los gatos shut down a southbound lane for hours bringing traffic to a crawl. many drivers tried their luck with detours. >> awful. it's been a couple of hours,
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um, now we're going to turn around and go through 101 instead of 17. >> meanwhile, there's concern about nearby lexington and vasona reservoirs. both overflowing with water from the recent storms. it might be a few months before crews can re-open a road in pinole. heavily damaged during the storms. the damage to alhambra valley voted at the point where it crosses over pinole creek. it runs under the road through a pipe but the water was too much for the pipe. yesterday that caused the road to completely collapse. crews across the bay area are cleaning up downed trees and if you live in san francisco, you could get charged for it. the department of public works says nearly 300 trees have come down in the city. and some people could get a bill in the mail. a new measure transfers all street trees back to the city's control but not until july. so that means homeowners will have to pay for the clean-up. >> if the privately maintained tree is under their jurisdiction they have the
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responsibility to pay for it. >> city officials say homeowners will not have to pay for minor branches and twigs but will pay for larger debris new at noon a 96-year-old woman was killed when a pickup truck hit her sedan in fremont this morning about 7 a.m. in the area of fremont boulevard near peralta. the pickup driver hit the sedan on the driver's side. the elderly woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the other driver is cooperating with the investigation. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash. also new at noon, the u.s. justice department has announced a new investigation into the fbi. it will examine whether the agency followed proper policies during its investigation into hillary clinton's private email server before the election. the major question is whether fbi director james comey launched the probe without the appropriate consideration. meanwhile on capitol hill,
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more president-elect trump's cabinet picks are in senate confirmation hearings. among them, dr. ben carson nominated to run housing and urban development and mike pompeo to head the cia. >> i'm to assist in the defeat of isis. we must maintain an aggressive counter-terrorism posture and agress manifestations of this great threat. >> i actually believe there is a tremendous nexus a great intersection because good health has a lot to do with a good environment. >> also on the hot seat general james mattis nominee for secretary of defense. republicans hold a majority in the senate so the cabinet pictures will be approved. oneintelligence director says he never leaked an fake report about donald trump. he says he doesn't believe the
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leak of a 35 page list of alleged unverified activities came from intelligence. mr. trump accused reporters of spreading fake news leaked by intelligence sources. part of the report says russia has compromising information about him. meanwhile russia denies having any information that could be used to blackmail president- elect trump and a government spokesman says dialoguele with russia will improve relations. two people will not attend the presidential inauguration. barbara lee will be joining jared huffman in not going. >> first, let me say i had hoped that the president-elect would be a unifying force after the campaign but we have seen that this is not happening. one, he talked about building a wall to keep illegal immigrants
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from entering. his immigration policies i think are deplorable. secondly, he called women pigs and he is very clear in terms of the denigration of women. >> lee says instead of celebrating on inauguration day, she will be organizing and preparing for resistance. tragedy in baltimore. six children are presumed dead after a fire tore through a baltimore house overnight. flames were shooting from the windows and the roof of a three- story home. crews had to use heavy machinery to slowly and carefully pull through the smoking wreckage. a woman and her three children managed to escape. one is in serious condition. the other two children and the woman in critical condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. once crews are allowed inside it will be a very slow process. >> it's gonna be a hand search. firefighters are probably going in to begin removing debris by hand a very slow process. and we try not to disturb the
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remains of the bodies that may be inside. >> the children inside that home range in age from 8 months to 11 years old. the injured woman is a congressional staffer. big football news this afternoon. the san diego chargers are no more. team chairman dean spanos announced in a letter that the team is moving to the los angeles area. the chargers played 56 seasons in san diego. but last year, city voters rejected a plan for a new stadium. the los angeles chargers would share the stadium being built in inglewood with a newly formed los angeles rams. the chargers will temporarily play in carson at the los angeles galaxy soccer stadium. san diego fans are not pleased with spanos' decision. >> he has given nothing back to the city of san diego. and i wish he would leave and the chargers would stay. win, lose or tire i'm a chargers fan until i die. >> as rumors of the move spread yesterday, someone through eggs at the chargers' headquarters. the chargers' decision means the los angeles area is
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no longer a possible option for oakland raiders owner mark davis. a committee of nfl owners met yesterday to discuss the raiders' proposed move to las vegas. nevada lawmakers have already approved a plan to help fund a new stadium there. oakland has not offered a stadium proposal that davis approves. the east bay will be closed for weeks because of a sinkhole and the hazardous substance now spilling into a nearby creek. >> plus, an update on the california drought and the one area now in the clear. the new report from researchers at davis. ,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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weeks. it opened up near "cam a big sinkhole in the east bay might not get repaired for
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weeks. it opened up near miner and comino pablo roads in orinda after the last round of rain. the sinkhole is also spilling sewage into a nearby creek. engineers are still surveying the damage to the road and it's expected to be closed for three weeks. thanks to all the rain a new report now shows that most of northern california is no longer in a drought. uc-davis researchers now say that the state's reservoirs are above average for the first time in six years. the report says that precipitation and snowpack is also far above average. the bay area and farther north have the most water right now but researchers are warning that some parts of southern california may never recover to predrought levels. >> that's certainly good news for northern california. but still, we have to conserve, right? >> i'm not changing any of my conservation habits. two, three minute showers at tops. maybe no shower. just kidding! [ laughter ] let's talk about showers. it's our live hi-def doppler
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radar. at this particular time, just very little or nothing at all around the north bay. but the east bay, you saw pop- up showers. right now around the 580 area heading towards livermore, into looks like the altamont pass, also vasco road, and this is amazing! not all winter long or even last season did i see snowfall on the diablo range just outside of right there, that's mount hamilton, lick observatory where it's been snowing all day long and i checked the mount ham cam and it confirms snow but lining the 680 to the east, we see some snowfall. sfo now beginning to clear slightly after 44-minute delays on some arriving flights due to the low ceiling due to the clouds. temperatures right now in the 40s. it's a cool day. it's a brisk day. the winds northwest at 12 in the hayward area. 10 in oakland and in san francisco. winds have calmed in the santa rosa area. three things to remember, a lingering shower still possible at any point of the day today. we have already seen over an inch of rain in some locations
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but the big problem is the runoff. we will see sunshine beginning tomorrow. and then we have that holiday forecast coming up but first off this is the area of low as it whips through the bay area. it stalled. it was supposed to move through overnight but instead it moved through between about 5 to 7:00 in the morning dumped the rain but minus the wind. it is now pushing out. you can see that spiral effect, the core of the center of the area of low pressure leaving us with 10:00 tonight not a raindrop in sight. watch what happens friday morning's commute. clear skies for the sunriseat 7:25. lunch tomorrow, eat outside! winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra. we do still expect another foot of snow on top of the 7 to 10 feet of snow already accumulated. lake level four to eight inches of snow. temperatures very cool today only 40s and 50s. wow. you couple that up with the south wind 10 to 20, feels brisk. okay, there you have the sunset and tomorrow morning's sunrise.
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the extended forecast does call for sunny skies friday and saturday. it does turn partly sunny on sunday with increasing cloud cover through monday. that will be the holiday. so it will be dry even though we see increasing clouds. tuesday i'm banking on mostly cloudy conditions and at this particular time, keeping a watchful eye on your wednesday forecast. i see this big storm out over between hawaii and alaska. >> oh-oh. >> it wants to make a course into the bay area. if that happens, we have heavy rain from wednesday through friday. but if it takes a little jog left or right, no rain. >> can we hold up signs, go away? >> i like that sun peeking through, too. >> it's going to be really nice tomorrow. i suggest we walk to coit tower. >> let's go. >> it's a date. >> thanks. >> and he will buy us coffee. >> it's on. taking a look at the big board, the dow is down 73 points right now. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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point"... is a center where every student earns a high school diploma or g-e-d. and ma notice middle of san francisco's underserved bayview- hunters point is a center where students earn a high school diploma or g.e.d. and many become first generation college students. sharon chin introduces us to the inspiration behind it in this week's jefferson award winner. >> so this is going to be your notes then. >> reporter: college students tutor 8 through 12th graders
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after school in the basement of a donated victorian in the bayview. here, lincoln high sophomore destiny plans her future. >> i like working with kids, like, teacher or, like, lawyer. i like writing essays. >> reporter: destiny is focused. her mom is impressed. >> her focus on education is so big, it's so huge, i honestly don't remember myself being as motivated as she is. >> reporter: she credits diane gray, who cofounded 100% college prep, the nonprofit reaches 400 students a year in san francisco's low income communities. besides free tutoring at two sites, it provides college preparatory, leadership, summer and parent programs. plus, academic advising and history classes at five middle and high schools. >> we should never give up on our students no matter what. >> they used to be partners in the same law firm. >> reporter: diane and her
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cousin founded 100% college prep in 1999 after discovering the girls they were mentoring didn't put much value in education. >> we want them to be aware of college and career. >> when it came to naming the nonprofit, diane turned to the motto she used in her own family. >> i always do my best. i give 100%. you have an exam tomorrow? >> reporter: the group also raises money to take teens an tourists to black colleges across the country. diane says 100% of its students enroll in college or apprenticeships, more than 120 alumni have earned college degrees and all of them leave with marketable skills. >> you have to learn to think critically. you have to be able to communicate in writing. and you have to be able to use your voice. >> reporter: alumnus phillips is studying philosophy and sociology at morehouse the all- male black college in atlanta. he says he couldn't have done it without diane's support. >> she helped myself as well as many other alumnis and kids,
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not only get through college but get through college. >> reporter: so for equipping low income young people with the tools to go on to college and careers, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to diane gray. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back. ,,,,
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chopper five was live over milpitas... during this water rescue at coyote creek.. it happened at ranch drive and crews have chopper 5 was live over mill during this water rescue at coyote creek at ranch drive and alviso milpitas road. the man was rescued and doing okay. he got trapped on an island of floodwaters. we'll have the latest on our website, captions by: caption colorado ,,
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♪ >> quinn: a design symposium? >> ridge: and you want us to go? >> quinn: together? >> eric: yes. i know it's short notice, but they want you to be the guest panel. i think it's very important for forrester creations to be represented up there. >> quinn: well, then, maybe ridge should just go alone. >> eric: no, i want you both to go. >> ridge: it's all the way in san francisco. you think i have time to just... >> eric: the jet's ready. take the jet. it's a one-hour flight. it's a simple overnight. >> quinn: uh, eric, i don't think this is such a good idea. >> eric: it's not up for debate. i insist. >> ridge: this is silly. hey, i'm not c.e.o. why don't you send steffy? or you should go. >> eric: this will be good for both of you. you need to get to know each other better. you two are family now.


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