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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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on the other side were two school buses. >> reporter: the sinkhole broke two sewer lines. contractors are trying to stabilize a water main along the street before they can start the repair. >> minor road one of our five main roads in orinda. so it's just the -- traffic impact is the worst part of it. >> reporter: one elementary school and two neighborhoods use the road to get in and out. now there are detour signs all over. >> it's a mile from here to the center of town and so now it's probably closer to five or six miles. >> reporter: it's inconvenient for the school and neighbors. the city says roughly 3,000 families live in the area. they hope to re-open the road in three weeks. >> i'll be surprised if it's only three weeks. >> reporter: the city says the two ruptured sewer lines did not cause major problems and did not contaminate drinking water. that's the good news. liz, i'll send it back to you.
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>> all right, da. thank you. meanwhile in the east bay another road washed out. these image captured by "sky drone 5" in pinole showing a small canyon that device alhambra valley road. "sky drone 5" giving us an angle from place no other camera could get. he it's in the sinkhole. asphalt is surrounded by rocks and a mess. there's a fence surrounding the area. also spray-painted, stay back, on the street itself on the left hand of your screen, another attempt to keep onlookers away from the giant hole. some developing news in hollister tonight. don't drink the water. it may be contaminated. after intense flooding, environmental health officials are now warning the public that their tap water may not be safe
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to drink. this applies to the entire town of hollister. our len ramirez is following this story and will have much more coming up at 6:00. the water is slowly going down around the russian river. that's the good news. after several days of extreme flooding, it is welcome news for the people who are stuck cleaning up the mess. kpix 5's joe vazquez checked out the damage in guerneville and some nearby towns. >> reporter: this is niely road where a neighborhood is landlocked since sunday night. the floodwaters are now receding to below flood stage, that's the good news. >> what a mess. >> reporter: like many homes in guerneville, josh's is elevated. he lives upstairs, which stayed dry. his brother's room downstairs a different story. your brother lives here? >> yup. my brother lives on the other side of that wall and in a bedroom over there. >> reporter: the water is still too deep to safely survey.
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they did their best to clear the floor before the flood. >> we got everything important off the ground except for the microwave got left obviously. >> reporter: the russian river peaked yesterday evening at nearly 38 feet. that's about 6 feet above flood stage. floodwaters covered homes and streets in some of the lower lying neighborhoods. this was river boulevard in monte rio yesterday. now look at it today. you can see how much the water has gone down. it's almost back to normal. >> it's just an all-day process of cleaning up after a storm. >> reporter: today, it's all about the clean-up. >> at my house we have to power wash and throw everything away that's downstairs that we didn't move. >> try to get as much water out of the yard as we can. >> reporter: he is not going to wait. he is using an industrial sized water pump. >> this is minor. major would be a lot deeper. >> reporter: it looks bad to me. >> yeah, well it looks bad to a lot of people. you live out here on the river, you're used to it. >> reporter: as bad as this
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looks, nearly everyone i spoke with here in guerneville insists this is actually a minor flood. history has taught them things here could have been much worse. in guerneville, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the recent rain left a homeless man trapped on an island in a south bay creek. chopper 5 was over coyote creek in milpitas as rescue crews brought in a boat to rescue. he had been camping for two days on the island. normally you can walk out but heavy rain brought the creek up too high. new at 5:00 a good samaritan in campbell pulled a man out of the rushing los gatos creek. josh bradshaw san every saw the man trying to ride his bike through this mess but the current was too strong. >> that was scary. i dropped my phone and grabbed him. it was crazy. >> you did a good job. it could have been worse. >> the man was unharmed. but that wasn't the case for his bike. it got swept down the rapids.
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take a look at these pictures showing very flooded lake del valle in livermore. the lake is now closed. you can see the bait shot here under water along with the marina. big grassy picnic area also submerged and closed off tonight. chopper 5 over the lake just a few minutes ago. water and debris making a mess of the picnic area. unclear when this will be cleaned up and reopened. highway 37 near the 101 interchange in novato is still flooded and still closed. several cars that got stuck in the water during the storm were finally towed today. the stretch of highway 37 is closed through atherton avenue. no word on re-opening time. and what a difference a year makes after some of the heaviest rain and snow we have seen in decades, 42% of california and it feels so good to say it is now officially out of the drought including the
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bay area. >> yeah. let's get right over to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> every water district will do whatever it wants but according to the national weather service the bay area every town is officially no longer in a drought. you see yellow over the east bay. what's that? that's abnormally dry. that's the first classification of drier weather but technically not a drought. doesn't start until the orange color. that said, southern california still in an exceptional drought. the worst kind down toward merced and fresno but the bay area is out of the drought. snowpack, man, is it up a lot. 65% in a week. the increase now 161% of average. the one thing to remember we're talking about water above the ground. our reservoirs and the rainfall we received. for every 1 gallon of water above ground, we have 10 to 100 gallons in our ground water below ground. we don't know how bad that is. so the drought is much better. it's over officially. but we still need to conserve because there's a lot of water underground that we hope fills up, as well. back to you. >> thank you. some scary moments in the
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high sierra. watch as this fedex truck slips and slides down a snowy i-80 around truckee. that's no fun. it jackknifed at the top of the hill. despite locking it up, the driver there could not stop that truck from moving. chp eventually arrived cleared some space for the driver to get to the next open shoulder. >> and developing news in washington. the head of the fbi now finds himself the subject of an investigation. the justice department's inspector-general has opened a review into whether director james comey followed proper procedure in his own investigation into hillary clinton's emails. the new probe won't do anything to change the results of the november election. it revives questions about whether the fbi's actions and comey's late october letter about the case may have influenced the outcome. three more trump cabinet nominees answering questions on capitol hill today. allen martin tells us a running
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theme is beginning to develop. allen. >> reporter: liz, after three days of hearings it is becoming clear that many of the president-elect's own picks don't always agree with him on policy. retired general james mattis took his turn in the hot seat seeking confirmation in front of the senate armed services committee. >> it would be the highest honor if i am confirmed to lead those who volunteer to support and defend the constitution. >> reporter: he strayed from president-elect donald trump's positions on multiple issues from relations with russia and putin. >> we also have to recognize reality and what russia is up to and there's decreasing number of areas where we can engage cooperatively. >> reporter: to nato which trump has called obsolete. >> i would see us maintaining the strongest possible relationship with nato. >> reporter: mattis, who retired in 2013, faces an extra hurdle. convincing all of congress to buy pass a law requiring military officers have a 7-year rest period before serving as
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secretary of defense. the senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of it. >> to ensure that the agency remains the best in the world. >> reporter: trump's pick for cia director representative mike pompeo also indicated stark differences with the president-elect. >> pretty clear about what took place here about russian involvement in efforts to hack information and to have an impact on american democracy. >> reporter: and assured the committee that he would not allow illegal interrogation tactics like water boarding. dr. ben carson a trump surrogate and pick for the department of housing and urban development was also on capitol hill today. >> i would enforce all the laws of the land. >> reporter: california senator kamala harris also grilled would be cia director pompeo on gay rights. she asked the kansas lawmaker to commit to treating lgbt employees equally despite his public stance against same-sex marriage. >> you have my assurance that every employee will be treated in a way that is appropriate and equal.
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>> and that you will not put in place any policies that would discriminate against any members because of their sexual orientation? >> ma'am, i can't imagine putting in place any policy that was discriminatory with respect to any employee. >> thank you. >> confirmation hearings resume next week with the commerce secretary and second of education hearings. thank you. the president-elect is taking steps to prevent future cyber attacks following russia's alleged interference in the election. he is hiring former new york mayor and long-time friend rudy giuliani to lead a new white house cyber security committee. an oakland congresswoman will not be attending the presidential inauguration. barbara lee says the incoming president, quote, rode racism, sexism xenophobia and bigotry to the white house and won't be honoring him. >> i think for some of us we have to continue to resist this agenda that, um, has been presented during the campaign
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and up to now. >> congresswoman lee is joining north bay congressman jared huffman in the inauguration boycott. if you jaywalk in san francisco watch out. could you end up getting a ticket. >> kpix 5 -- you could end up gelling a ticket. kpix 5's susie steimle shows us sfpd is on a safety sting. >> reporter: odds are you've been one of them. at the very least, you've seen them. the cyclist who thinks he is above the law. the driver with no regard for pedestrians. and, of course, the jaywalkers. >> i am a jaywalker. [ laughter ] >> we do tend to follow less rules. that's what's fun about riding a bike. >> the san francisco police department is conducting special operations to help with traffic safety, especially in regards to bicycle and pedestrian safety. >> reporter: consider this your warning. today is one of the handful of special enforcement days for pedestrian safety in the city of san francisco. police say fewer people are using cars to get around and a lot of us are ignoring the
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general rules of the road. so they are giving tickets. >> the goal is to have zero fatalities on our streets by the year 2024. >> reporter: the pedestrian enforcement team is lush eye seen on motorcycles. today they were in the mission district. they want people to drop the cavalier attitude and take safety seriously. do you jaywalk? >> sometimes. >> reporter: for some people, the threat of a ticket is all it takes to change their tune. does that change your behavior? >> well, before when i was young i used to jaywalk but not no more. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> thousands of bay area families still cleaning up and drying out from back-to-back storms. >> coming up, consumerwatch reporter julie watts breaks down what types of damage is covered by your insurance and which is not. >> plus, one of the most comprehensive reports ever just released on the health effects of marijuana. >> and the surprise at the white house that made joe biden cry.
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but for a lot of homeowners the recovery process is just beginning. and those filing insurance claims may be in for a few surprises... the heavy rain is over but for homeowners the recovery is just beginning. and those filing insurance claims may be in for surprises. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on what is typically covered and what's not. >> reporter: it was wet and windy and our week of storms has taken a toll on many bay area homeowners. >> this was once our living room. >> reporter: this home in lafayette has been destroyed by a toppled tree. the good news, the damage will likely be covered by insurance. the bad news, the insurance adjustor won't be there until next week. >> it came down and crushed about a third of the house. >> reporter: while the
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insurance information institute doesn't yet have any details on the surge of claims expected following a recent storm, many insurance claims will likely be due to water damage and says there's a general rule of thumb. >> water from above is covered with the policy. water from the ground is considered flooding and would not be covered under a typical policy. >> reporter: so damage from a leaky roof or broken pipe in the home is generally covered under your homeowners policy. but for flooding due to rain or swollen creeks, you would need supplemental flood insurance. and flooding due to city pipes or sewer backups are not necessarily covered by either. and there are exceptions for fallen trees, as well. if a tree falls on your dar auto insurance will only help if you have comprehensive coverage. >> if you only have liability, that damage will have to be paid out of pocket. >> reporter: but if a tree falls on your house, like this one in lafayette, the damage is covered. >> holy moly! >> reporter: we did speak with several insurance adjustors today who declined to comment
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but one adjustor said that insurers are swamped with claims. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. fiat chrysler is now accused of installing software on vehicles to cheat emissions tests. the new claims are similar to the charges against volkswagen. investigators say fiat chrysler added the software on about 100,000 diesel cars and trucks. officials are calling it a clear and serious violation of the clean air act. volkswagen is paying more than $4 billion to settle its similar charges. new at 5:00 a report out today shedding some new light on the effects of marijuana both good and bad. the national academy of sciences, engineering and medicine finds that smoking pot does not increase your risk of cancer. and in cancer patients, researchers found that cannabis can actually relieve some symptoms and help with chemotherapy. >> anything marijuana really helps ease that process of being able to intake food and
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digest and not have pain. >> chronic pain or pass specialistty associated with multiple sclerosis or nausea and vomiting that accompanies some types of chemotherapy. >> bad news, too. the report also finds no evidence that marijuana helps people with other ailments like epilepsy or ptsd. it also shows that smoking pot can lead to long-term breathing problems and mental health problems like depression. also on the healthwatch, new report says palm oil a key ingredient in nutella may cause cancer. european officials are trying to list the oil as potentially carcinogenic especially when it's processed and heated. however, officials did not ban palm oil from foods but said more research is needed. it's official. the san diego chargers are moving north to los angeles. the team's chairman made that announcement today on twitter. check out the new logo on the
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right. the white letters l.a. with the lightning bolt through them looks a lot like the dodgers logo kind of and there are reports that the team may still use the old logo a yellow lightning bolt on its uniforms. they will play in inglewood and share the stadium that's being built now by the l.a. rams. the chargers' move comes less than three months after san diego voters rejected a measure asking for more than $1 billion to help rebuild the stadium there. and big news today for the rams, as well. they have just hired sean mcvey to be their head coach. this guy is the youngest in nfl history. he just turned -- that would be turning 31 in just a couple of weeks. mcvey spent the past three seasons as offensive coordinator for the washington redskins. meanwhile the oakland raiders are the other nfl team looking to relocate. the owner mark davis appears on track in his efforts to move to last.
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-- to move the team to las vegas. a restaurants and bar is losing its lease in san francisco. in left than a month lefty o'doul's it will be leaving its spot in union square. named after sf baseball great lefty o'doul's, he was originally opened in 1940. the restaurant's owner says they are looking for a new location nearby and hopes to get it open by late fall. showers that are on the radar right now are wrapping up and they will wrap up the second wettest start ever in the bay area to a calendar year. coming up, how long we stay dry and what san francisco has already done this year that it couldn't do just a few years ago. that's coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 a victory for bay area nuns in the saga over where to move their soup kitchen. how their prayers were answered with the help of some celebrity heavyweights. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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couldn't say this for the past 12 days: those are the
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last showers we're going to see for a while. that's it, couple showers. in fact, in the commute once again highway 101 right through east palo alto, menlo park, mountain view, getting wet. one shower just left sfo. working its way down toward the foster city and the city of san mateo and even the chance of additional snow showers toward mount hamilton is a drier and cooler air mass is moving in. things are finally calming down on kpix 5 hi-def doppler. we have done something that's, you know, kind of unheard of in the first 12 days of this year, we now have received more rain in san francisco than all 365 days of 2013. that of course is the all time driest year. it's part of the reason why we were in a drought is 2013. more rain by january 12 than we did by december 31. just a few years ago. getting cool outside. livermore 45. santa rosa 45. san francisco 49 degrees. widespread mid-30s tonight with all the water still on the roads, temperatures near freezing.
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watch out for some patchy black ice tomorrow morning if you are driving somewhere kind of away from the cities, be smart and don't drive too fast on those roads. it could be a little slippery. livermore tonight 35. santa rosa 38. even san francisco dropping to 43 degrees. so why the change? one area of low pressure is finally moving out gave us the rainfall this morning. when that moves out, there's nothing that's going to be moving in except for a big ridge of high pressure which is going to cut off the rain track or storm track for a while and give us a beautiful day for your friday. look at all the sunshine, blue sky that we are going to have out there. low 50s in san francisco for your afternoon temperatures if you are heading into the city for a dinner reservation for friday evening. the weather will finally cooperate. now let's fast forward to next week. here comes an active jet stream racing across the pacific. it's aimed a little farther north than the last time not directly at us but close enough that rain will be likely especially in the north bay. by the middle of next week, no time soon but something to look out for rain will return next week. watch out for that black ice tomorrow morning. we are mainly dry for at least the next 96 hours. four days.
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even though the drought is officially done there's no reason to stop conserving. we want to keep the water for as long as we can the water we're now receiving and now have in our reservoirs. mid-50s tomorrow. san jose and napa 55 degrees. should be pleasant for the weekend mid- to upper 50s for highs. dry through tuesday. rain returns next wednesday around thursday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, as ceo of exxonmobile...
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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guest so badly she needed stitches. 18-year-old family friend was kind of going in for a kiss. the dog got nervous and bit her on the face. out of character for the family- friendly breed. sunny is the younger companion of 8-year-old bo. the first dog. vice president joe biden a surprise ceremony today president obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. the vice president had no clue about it. look at his face. unbelievable. during the ceremony, the president called biden the best vice president ever. and also dished out some jokes. >> it's all give the internet one last chance to talk about our "bromance." [ laughter ] >> i don't deserve this. but i know it came from the president's heart. >> the president called biden, quote, as good a man as god has ever created. also praised the vice president's family. captions by: caption colorado
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: chrysler's big dodge. the u.s. accuses fiat-chrysler of planting secret software in thousands of vehicles to cheat on clean air laws. also tonight, investigating the investigator. a government watchdog will look f to the f.b.i. director's handling of the clinton emails. o ar and uncertainty as congress takes the first step to repeal obamacare. >> should i lose my health care, i would literally be plunged back into darkness, literally. >> pelley: surprise at the white house, an unprecedented honor for the vice president. >> this also gives the internet one last chance to-- ( laughter ) talk about our bromance.


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