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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  January 14, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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northern california university turns violen live from the cbs bay area studios, dates -- this is "kpix5" news. >> a night of protests at a northern california university turned violence. why it was considered a risk to public safety -- safety. a bay area person died from meningitis. president elect donald trump is already taking steps toward dismantling obamacare keeping close ties with russia. it's about 7:00 on saturday, january 14th. >> we are going to get started with your forecast. we have a flood warning and effect for the delta region today. a flood warning no -- even though there is no rain.
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do to water coming from the sacramento bee cherries along with high tides from the bay and the water gathers in the delta. and effect until 11:30. we're talking and yet, pittsburgh, disco bay. we have a flash flood watch in effect for portions of the sacramento county region 22 levee failure. keeping a close eye on that and that continues through this afternoon. out the door this morning temperatures are chilly. our temperatures right now in the 30s near freezing and temperatures in the 40s for oakland and san francisco. chilly morning with fog and frost and dry with a chance of rain. our next chance is wednesday and we talk about that coming up. a controversial speaker sparks chaos prompting organizers to pull the plug on the event.
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[ cheering ] that was the scene on campus last night. the cause of the uproar, breitbart news editor rows to fully -- fame on a platform of hateful rhetoric. it was put in -- put on by the davis republicans who made the call to cancel. >> when people feel threatened, like people of color or women and minorities in general. >> we have a right to state our mind as well. >> supporters said they knew there would be protesters but they never thought it would shut down the event. >> former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli was in the lineup and he is known for price gouging of a life threatening aids medicine.
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he expressed disappointment at not being able to speak. >> is this what you were anticipating? >> no. i thought we would have an open dialogue about important topics. >> the university said after the protesters blocked access and it was determined to no longer feasible to continue safely, they shut it down. there were reports of hammers and smashed windows. the campus police cannot guarantee anyone's safety but the police deny that claim sing there was no damage property -- claim saying there was no damaged property. on highway 101 at holly and written incident carlos around 630 -- 6:30. a man was struck and killed by a driver who did not stop.
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evidence left at the scene led them to her. >> we noticed there were parts of the vehicle left at the scene and therefore we knew it was a white toyota vehicle. >> the driver is charged with felony hit and run. the names of the victim and the driver are expected to be released later this morning. health warning after bait area man died of real meningitis . stefan phillips died last week and was a member of soul cycle where hundreds of people work out. so far no other cases have been -- have been reported but the help the market -- the health department wanted to notify the gymclients. >> the risk of transmission is low but it is present in so when we have cases like this sometimes they occur in clusters. >> soul cycle says they are deeply saddened.
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we have been in contact with the health department which is emphasized that there is no evidence for any health risk to any of our writers. the officer involved in the city's first police shooting. 's pd says there was a shooting at one week. cha shot more on january 6th. they went to check on mr. moore when he lashed out against the officers. mr. moore remains in the intensive care unit. police released pictures of the suspect in a violent machete attack. here are the pictures. police say he attacked a passenger at the civic center station last friday night. the victim suffered serious cuts to his head and hands. after long drawn out battle san francisco will hang on to their accreditation.
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three years ago the school had their accreditation revoked however, the commission overstepped its authority so this will fought back in one. yesterday accreditation was reinstated for the next seven years. donald trump says he will maintain some of the sanctions against russia however he has he might do away with them if russia works with usm battling terrorists. president obama opposed the sanctions in the wake of the investigation into possible appearance in the election. congressman is questioning trumps practice and see as republicans are dismantling the healthcare act. >> john lewis of georgia has made them strongest statement
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yet against president-elect donald trump with nbc. >> i do not see president elect as a legitimate president. >> lewis is skipping the inauguration. seven other democrats are not going. >> i will be at home in arizona. >> republicans made their first move to dismantle the signature achievement. the affordable care act. >> the house passed a budget resolution by a near party line vote and it allows for republican-led committees to repeal parts of obamacare and do so without the help -- help of democrats. >> if you mess with the aca it directly impacts medicare. >> it's the first step for relief for americans struggling under this law. the unaffordable karen -- care act is going to be dismantled. craig boswell.
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cbs news. capitol hill. earlier this week the president elect held his first press conference since july. >> he classed a reporter from cnn. >> don't be rude. i am not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> he refused to take questions following a report that trump was given an unsubstantiated version of a russia blackmail plot. >> is this what we can expect from trump during his presidency ? >> it is exactly what you are going to see henceforth. it was a performance and it is what he is going to do. he is read to finding -- redefining the president since he and he will continue that -- presidency and he will step on everyone else's story and he will be the lead. >> that's coming up right here.
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>> melissa kaine will be here in dc live coverage starts thursday. santa cruz wants to bring marijuana growing out in the open with licenses for cultivation. grower embracing the chance for greater -- a grower is embracing the chance for greater legitimacy. >> this is where we flour our plans. >> talk in the mountains is a boutique pot farm. it features greenhouse in the winter and a warehouse. >> most of the industry doing things indoors is doing hydroponic grow methods. they are using a synthetic medium to grow his pants. >> he uses organic and minimally processed nutrients and the plans are free from pesticides to yield higher quality products.
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one of nearly 1000 pot growers in the area who have applied for county license to operate under a new ordinance in line with state law. he welcomes government oversight. >> i am excited there is a way to transition from this underground graymarket place that it has been and really legitimize. >> it would be the first regulatory system of its kind in the county and daniel peterson is the county's first cannabis licensing manager. >> we were encouraged by the fact that we had so many people register for cultivation licenses. the reason being is it demonstrates up the desire on the part of the cultivators to be good stewards of the land. >> the ordinance will be finalized once the county finishes its environmental impact report. they will do on-site
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inspections. the ultimate goal is to protect unique strains of cannabis that treat specific illnesses that are only grown in santa cruz county. many of the products are sold in dispensaries. >>reporter: under the new county ordinance they could triple their square footage for cultivation which means it would pay more taxes and have more resources to run its business. >> the first county licenses could go out in september, four months before they become legal. santa cruz county expected dispensaries to see a 30% increase in sales. >> they are looking forward to growing the business but will always stay small when it comes to cultivation. in the santa cruz mountains. "kpix5." coming up. outrage over plans to change bus routes and which routes
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could be affected. plus pg&e is going to make big cuts to its workforce and how many people could be left without a job. a live look outside. a little fog off of the coast. blue skies overhead and a sign of things to come. today is the seventh annual napa valley trussell festival that starts it 9:00. at 2:00 harlem globetrotters are inside the oracle arena and it 7:00 heroes in heels will fight human trafficking at the luther burbank center for the arts in santa rosa. we will be right back.
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v-t-a is getting some backlash over a major bus service overhaul proposal. more bait area headlines. santa clara getting back. /. over a bus overhaul and it would change bus rates in palo alto. it would provide transportation for students it would get rid of the line that goes to the
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caltrain station and the board will vote in april. pg&e is making major job cuts. hundreds of jobs on the chopping block as part of the company's restructuring plan. it includes 450 positions in the support services department. pg&e has found jobs for 60 people which means they will echo of around 390 people. the company is trimming 15 -- will let go around 390 people. the company is trimming 15 people from its staff. mel cotton was a stable for nearly 60 years but recently close. it is not clear what the plans are for the land, however, the developer applied for a rezoning permit. tahoe chairlifts are ready. sierra ski resorts are hoping to bring in huge crowds after a storm earlier this week dumped
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up to 12 feet of fresh snow. take a look at conditions at yosemite falls. some snow still on the pine trees and the road to get there reopened. yosemite is scheduled to reopen this morning and julie we have more rain on the way, right? good news is if you want to head up to the ski resorts there should be good ski conditions. as you can see high death doppler is dry for now -- depth -- and in the meantime the storm has pushed off to her east. high pressure in place keeping skies clear. we have a disturbance that will skirt the coast and that will bring in additional cloud cover and a couple of stray showers offshore but for the most part we stay dry and the more cloud cover we see the warmer we will
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be to start the day. our highs are just a little bit blow or right around average. topping out in the 50s for san francisco and oakland, all near average. sulfate temperatures in the mid to upper -- south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. moving inland east bay temperatures east 50s. 55 in pittsburgh and 54 in vallejo. delta region has a flood warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. high temperatures forecasted around the bay. 54 sausalito and 524 bodega bay. -- 52, four to odinga bay. -- bodega bay -- great conditions and a slight chance of snow showers.
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overall plenty of snow waiting for you. mount rose has 210 inches. alpine meadows 181 and plenty of powder to enjoy. back in the bay and in sacramento valley we applaud concerns. flood warning and effect for the northeastern contra costa and alameda counties. antioch, pittsburgh, we will see flooding of some of those delta islands. this is due to runoff combined with high tide moving in and all of that is gathering in the delta. martin luther king, jr. forecast looking sunny and your extended forecast shows how we stay in the 50s and our next big storm system is wednesday and another system on friday and we could be talking flooding concerns and we will keep you posted on that. back to you.
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thank you so much, julia. turning to what is trending. you can turn your apple watch to an old school apple computer from 1984. it turns your watch and or bedside alarm clock and charge it as well. trending in fast food they say you cannot have too much of a good thing we will let you make up your mind. -- but we will let you make up your mind. taco bell has a taco with the shell made out of fried chicken. the naked chicken to lupa tested well in bakersfield -- a chill lupa -- it will be available to try out january 28th. >> one-man skillet for knitting has gone viral. sam barsky makes homemade sweaters with famous locations and posts pictures of himself wearing the sweaters. his
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facebook page features sweaters with stonehenge and random designs as well. that's a look at your top trending stories. julie, what about that taco? >> bakersfield is the testing ground for the train to. >> a website is putting out all of your information for free and for potential dangers coming out. -- chalupa -- tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm."
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but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name.
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oblems seem neve good morning and welcome back. it is time for our top consumer watch stories this weekend. the problems seem never-ending the wells fargo. the banks failed to inform investors about the investigation into their creation of fake accounts. federal law requires public companies warn shareholders about nonroutine legal procedures. it let to the retirement of ceo john stumpf last year. just got elbows company is volunteering -- jessica alba's company is volunteering -- is foul and -- is having a recall for baby powder. it bills itself as toxin free. in 2015 they complained about the sunscreen and a wall street journal investigation questioned ingredient in
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detergent. >> imagine all your names and you're relatives are available online. a website -- and you're relatives are available online. -- and your relatives are all available online. this is an obvious concern for everyone but it could be dangerous for anyone. >> let's say you are on vacation with your family and your posting photos on instagram. anyone who sees those photos can quickly look up your home address and no that family is not there. everyday people have a lot of good reasons to want to keep
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their home address of it. >> there are many other data broker sites that aggregate rate -- aggregate and sell this information. the cost is often a deterrent. you can opt out a family tree now. click on the contact us and they added an opt out link right there. when prompted enter your name, city and birth year to find your record and click opt out at the top of the page. you can't opt out of the page site and they hope the issue gets attention from lawmakers. maria back to you. thank you, julie. sports baseball tickets went on sale this morning. the oakland a's spring training games are on sale. from the fields of the court andrea has all your saturday sports highlight. >> the search for a replacement
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came for the end. justin wilcox is coming back to cal as the head coach. espn said wilcox inked his five- year deal last night. he was a lamb -- a linebacker coach from 2003-2005 and most recently a defensive coordinator at u.s.c. and washington. women take on the utah youth on the road. carly samuelson's money from beyond the arch. a team-high 14 points and fourth quarter sanford pulling away. we'll call with a drive in the paint and she gets the bucket to fall in sanford winds it easily 77- 77-50 to pick up their 14th win of the season. ralphie the buffalo has moves but so do the bears as they take on colorado last night. it was the christine show. she cleans up the mess with two and they are up by two. asia thomas finds a way and she
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finishes with a game-high 29 points as cal wins 65-63 ending three-game skid. a reminder. the new england patriots take on the houston texans tonight right here on "kpix5" followed by the fifth quarter. coming up. trouble in store for bay area- based pandora. how many employees could be at risk for losing a job in the wake of the company's new initiative. plans for a new high-speed rail hit major snags and why it could cause estate another $3 billion. close captioning is sponsored by living spaces.
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and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good
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live from the cbs day area studios this is "kpix5" news. welcome back and it's just about 7:30. we get started with a check of your forecast. we have a flood warning and effect for parts of the delta. take a look at this morning and effect through 11:30. we have a combination of water flowing from the sacramento tributaries combined with high tide backing up from the bay. all of the water gathering in the delta region. we could see flooding of delta islands. this is for north eastern contra costa and certainly a concern and add a flash flood watch in
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effect for portions of the sacramento county talk, the glanville track due to a possible levy breach. two things to be mindful of. temperatures starting off the day in the 30s and near freezing with the chilly start. a look at your weather headlines as we make our way through the rest of the day. we see chilly morning and our next chance of rain is wednesday with details on that coming up. chaos on campus. uc davis pulled the plug on an event after rowdy protests. and that was the scene on campus last night. hundreds showed up to protest the span. bart news editor, -- breitbart news editor who rows to fame on a platform of
7:32 am
hateful rhetoric. it was put on by davis college republicans who made the call to cancel the event. >> he does have a lot to say but when people feel threatened, people of color or people are women, minorities in general, everyone. >> we also have a right to state our mind as well. >> left wing protesters are blamed. the campus police cannot guarantee anyone safety. health warning for members of marin county jim after a bay area man died of bacterial meningitis. stefan phillips was a member were hundreds workout every week. so far no other cases have been reported that the help department wanted to alert the gems clients. >> it is rare and serious condition that can be -- alert the gems clients -- -- alert
7:33 am
the gymnasiums clients. >> soul cycle said we are passing -- deeply upset by the passing of one of our writers. we have been in contact with the health department which is emphasized there is no evidence for any health risk to any of our writers. >> a man faces dozens of charges. the car burglary happened at a bart -- shopping center. he was indicted on 50 counts including experience -- conspiracy and he is considered dangerous and. pandora plans on cutting 7% of their workforce that translates to 155 jobs. the announcement came along with news that the company stocks are up indoor says there fourth quarter earnings rank them between 362 and $374
7:34 am
million. the company plans to restructure and focus more on a new initiative like the concert ticketing business. uni is showing off new trains. as this me peak at the light we'll cars. they are designed to be more comfortable to give writers more space. they expect to expand the fleet i-70%. the california high-speed rail could cost aliens more than expected according to the l.a. times which got a hold of a document from the federal railroad administration. it says the first cost could cost -- could be more than $3.2 million. it take years longer to complete. now to the trump transition. despite not having a replacement congressional republicans have already begun
7:35 am
dismantling the affordable care act. it allows for republican-led committees to begin work on legislation to repeal parts of obamacare into do so without the help of democrats. mr. trump tweeted earlier friday the on affordable care act will soon be -- the affordable care act will soon be history and thousands of americans could lose coverage. there will be a rally in san jose to protect immigrants and refugees from possible deportation under a trump presidency. it's one of similar rallies being held across the country. it kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at the state capital governor jerry brown outlined the next budget plan. he's asking for 122 $15 billion budget for the state. governor brown says 2017 will be the tightest years -- year since 2012. he is warning of budget cuts because the state has seen a
7:36 am
decline in revenue. the state has gone from a surplus to edessa fit in a matter of months -- from a surplus to an that's just deficit in a matter of months. >> jerry brown is as tight with money. you have to be careful. what he did and how he said it was these things that you did not spend, which you had been authorized to spend because i'm looking at a rainy day and what trump might do in the change in the economy, we are going to hold this money back. and believe me that is the nature of jerry brown. >> that is all coming up tomorrow morning at 7:30 right here on "kpix5" news. still ahead. this week's round of storms took a toll on bay area homeowners. we explain what you need to know a few plan on filing an insurance claim. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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but for a lot of homeowners.. the recovery process is just beginning.
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welcome back. time now 7:30 -- 7:39. this week's heavy rain maybe over but for homeowners the recovery process is beginning. those filing insurance claims maybe in for a few surprises. >>reporter: it was wet and windy. a weak of storms has taken its toll. >> home a lafayette has all been but destroyed. the good news is it will be and covered by insurance but the bad news is the insurance adjuster won't be there until next week. >> while the insurance information institute does not have details on the search of claims expected, many insurance claims will likely be due to water damage. at there is general -- a general rule of the -- of thumb. water from the ground is considered flooding and would not be covered under a typical
7:41 am
policy. >> damage from a broken pipe is generally covered but for flooding due to rain or swollen creeks you would need supplemental flood insurance and flooding due to city pipes and sewer backups are not necessarily covered by other and there are exceptions for fallen trees as well. if a tree falls on your car it will only help if you have comprehensive service. if a tree falls on your house like this one the resulting damage is generally covered. >> the good news is we are done with the rain for now and we stay dry to the holiday weekend. a look at high deaf doppler shows know rain -- high depth doppler shows know rain. it will only be along the coast. this is a system that brought us rain. high pressure in place keeping our skies mostly clear
7:42 am
and we do have a two couple of storm system's moving in and this disturbance passing by overnight will increase cloud cover for the 2nd half of your saturday in the first part of sunday and maybe a couple of sprinkles offshore. high temperatures today near average or just below average depending on where you are. a little below average for this time of year. oakland at 56 today. a look at your highs around the bay showing upper 50s for morgan hill hill, 54 in hayward. east bay temperatures mid 50s and 54 around the bay. 53 in berkeley. we do have patchy fog up north. 59 in cloverdale. 59 st. helena. tahoe forecast, great ski conditions. temperatures in the 30s and a slight chance of showers.
7:43 am
january is looking good. mount rose up to under 10 inches. more on that story and there is plenty of fresh powder waiting for you. a flood warning for the delta. the issue is we have water from the sacramento valley to be dairies down toward the bay and the high tide -- to the tributaries down toward the bay and high tide coming in. this is for north eastern contra costa, alameda, a teen's, you folks should be on the lookout. as we look out -- martinez, you folks should walk -- should lookout. plenty of sunshine today and a couple of clouds for sunday and it looks nice for monday too. it is wednesday we see the next storm system move in. we might see flood conditions and another storm system on
7:44 am
friday. maria back to you. thank you, julie. some of the most popular tenants have had pets at the white house. >>reporter: long before bo and sunny obama stole our hearts, there was a list of more. claire became interested when she met a puppy called lucky. >> she was rambunctious and pulling president reagan and the rose garden. >> mclean was an expert say when the reagan's got a puppy she was asked to groom it and secretly saved a souvenir. >> i swept up the hair and put it in a brown paper bag and
7:45 am
snuck out of the white house with it. >> lucky inspired mclean's mother to paint this portrait. that is lucky's hair and then the painting inspired her she started hunting for presidential pet memorabilia. in 1999 she had enough to open a museum in maryland. statues, books, vintage pictures and a bell that belonged to resident tasks milk cow. >> it gave me something to be passionate about. >> it's not just the animals, it's their role in history. >> you can teach children and adults about the president of the united states and the history of the country through the pets easier than you can do anything else. >> like the country, that's of changed over time. benjamin harrison's grandchildren had a goat name whiskers. teddy roosevelt had all sorts of pets. and who could forget caroline
7:46 am
kennedy on her pony macaroni. >> first families with pets makes people feel they are just like us. >> mclean wants to share the memories but her museum closed six years ago. now she is looking for a new curator who is as passionate about presidential pets. grab your popcorn, everyone. here in this weekend's big movies coming up. patriots' day about the boston marathon bombing and the search for the terrorists responsible has been playing well in limited release. analyst say it has a chance to top the chart as the debut could top $40 million for the weekend. and other drama expands to wide
7:47 am
release that the prospects aren't as good for live by night. ben affleck wrote, directed and stars in the gangster flick which is getting week reviews and is looking at a $10 million weekend. we have to say it. the horror flick by my man is looking at a $10 million opening weekend while sleepless a thriller starring jamie foxx is looking at weekend estimates of around $8 million. the weekends bomb figures to be monster trucks. it was a $125 million price tag and will be lucky to open with more than $10 million and that would be a monster loss. still to come. meet our pets of the week plus find out how you can make these kittens part of your family and tell you where you can go to find other pets in need of a home. we will be right back. ,,
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these three kittens known as the tortellini family are in need of a new home.
7:50 am
joining us now with more on how time now for our of the week. joining us with more on how you can adopt is maria conlon give me shelter. thank you for joining us. tell us about the tortellini family. >> this is the tortoise shell reed. i just came up with the tortellini sisters and he is the brother so this is g lana, francesca, and valentino. >> are you looking for them to be adopted individually or together? >> kittens are better in pairs. a lot of times people will complain because they get one kitten and they can't sleep because the kid wants to play the best thing about getting kittens in pairs as they end up playing with each other and entertaining each other and when they want to relax -- [
7:51 am
laughter ] they will sit on your lap and relax after they are done playing. >> we have julie on the side because i am kind of scared of cats. come here, julie. [ laughter ] she's over there just in case i need her. [ laughter ] >> tell me about some events this week and you are holding. >> we have saturday and sunday from 2:00 until 4:00 and we have adoption events from 12:00 until 4:00 both days and we are getting new captain this weekend. in addition to our adoption events we have cats in foster homes that are looking for homes. >> if you want to be a foster parent you can. >> we can use foster parents and volunteers in our adoption locations to help socialize and clean the kennels. >> is that you website right here? >> yes.
7:52 am
give me shelter at you can check that out and you can apply online to foster, volunteer, e-mail us to ask questions. >> they are cleaning each other. >> if people want to come out this weekend they can be adopted this weekend. >> yes. okay. there you go, julie. [ laughter ] >> she said bring at least two. >> you have to get two kittens. >> unless you have a younger cat than they could go along. >> i have adopted a cat from live television segment before. >> thank you so much. >> give me shelter is holding two different adoption events. if you have or want any more information you can go to our website and thank you for joining us. coming up in sports.
7:53 am
it looks like a done deal. a new head football coach and it's all coming out. vis. . still ahead we take a look at this morning's top stories including the rowdy potok -- protest at uc davis coming up next. say big. ,,,,,,
7:54 am
justin wilcox is coming back to cal as head coach. espn is reporting wilcox inked his five-year deal last night. he was a linebacker coach from 2003-2005. most recently defensive coordinator at washington. women take on the utah youth on the road late in the second quarter carly sanders is money from beyond the arc. team-high 14 points and fourth quarter stanford starting to pull away. air, call with the smooth drive in the paint and she gets the bucket to fall in stanford winds it easily 77-58 to pick
7:55 am
up the 14th win of the season. ralphie the buffalo has moves but so do the bears as they take on colorado last night. it was the christine show in here she cleans up the mess with the layout. cal a bike two. late in the fort cal bite seven. asia thomas finds the past. cal wins it 65-53 ending in three-game skid. just a reminder, the new england patriots take on the houston texans -- texans tonight right here on kpix five followed by the fifth quarter. a look at this morning's top stories. i heated protest erupted at uc davis last night over an event. protesters grew rowdy. no arrests were made. health officials are warning people of a possible
7:56 am
managerial outbreak. the man worked out at the sole cycle studio in larkspur. the health department is warning members at the sole cycle as a precaution. republicans made their first move to dismantle president obama's signature achievement the aca. republican committees are working to repeal parts of obamacare and to do so without the help of democrats. city college of -- a san francisco received its accreditation. state officials revoked the accreditation three years ago citing problems with financial accountability and institutional governance. a new document obtained by the l.a. times reveals the first leg of the caltrans project could cost an extra $3.6 billion and take years longer to build. high-speed rail officials say the information is outdated and
7:57 am
being mischaracterized. >> dry weekend but there is another round of rain. >> we are in the rainy season. wednesday and friday of next week to storms this holiday weekend mostly dry and today a few more clocks expected -- a few more clouds expected and we should see a weather advisory for wednesday and possible flooding. we won't see rain but we are not talking is substantial a system as last week. so it doesn't take as much out to see the flooding. wednesday and friday look to be our two biggest days. we will be able to time it out for you a little more the closer we got. >> take the time to prepare. thanks for joining us. catch our latest news on
7:58 am -- "kpix5".com. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dog," an australian cattle dog mix could be a match for a family with its heart set on a heeler. pete: they're active dogs. we're both active. brandon: yeah, she's a jumper. when a dog is this out of control on the leash, you always run the risk of doing some damage. narrator: if she can't be trained to go at their speed, she might outrun her own best chance for a happy future. brandon: yeah, you're still a jumper. hold on. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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