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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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let's get a check of the weather . >> it to sound like you were about to do the traffic. >> there is not much out of there so enjoy it while you can we have a good system coming friday and sunday, and then we will be wet, let's see if there is any traffic. from 582 the golden gate toll plaza in normal commute of 14 minutes, into downtown, a couple more cars along the bay bridge toll plaza that will take about 19 minutes and then expected no delay as you travel across the bay bridge same story into the peninsular. a smooth commute from hayward as well. and east bay freeway shooting highway patrol is investigating a shooting on southbound 242 in concord just after 5:00 yesterday evening.
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investigators say someone shot two men who were in a black mercedes, one man was kate but injuries are not life- threatening. we are hearing from a young woman who survived a car crash stranded in a flooded creek. her best friend was in the car with her and she did not survive. here is their story.>> survivor natalie griffin can't put any pressure on her right foot, it is swollen cut up and scratched. >> this happened in the car. i remember getting in the tree. my foot was covered in blood. >> she survived a car crash that killed her best friend, jenna santos. it is hard for her to talk about it, her family recounts the story. >> she said i thought i was going to die. >> the two were driving home after spending a couple of days in humble county, jenna was
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driving, light rain 7:30 wednesday night highway 101 just north of welts. the car hydroplaned, flipped several times and landed in a flooded creek. they tried to kick open the front windshield but more water rushed in, natalie told jenna to follow her to the back window. >> they jumped out the back window as soon as she got out, she pulled herself up above the waterline looked down at her car was under the water. >> the 19-year-old held onto the treat for roughly 10 hours. the next morning she was caught up in floating debris and almost drowned trying to swim out of the creek. >> i made it to the shore but i had to scramble through some berry bushes and at that point i was so weak. >> the family took this picture
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of the bushes that she called through to get back on the highway. the first call she made was to her mom. >> she really couldn't talk. it was between crying and deep breathing. >> first responders found jenna in the submerged car. >> it is hard to rejoice without almost feeling a little selfish that she made it and jenna didn't. >> mentally it will be a long recovery for natalie, both girls graduated from castro valley high. i'm da lin, kpix 5 the family of natalie has set up a gofundme page 4 jenna's family the money will help pay for her funeral. in pacifica a 40 foot sinkhole has shut down a busy intersection putting drivers in a bind. the ground gave way by highway 1 after that recent round of storms, the whole is 15 feet
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deep located by a fire station and a church. another opened up at the same intersection months ago. storms have made some parts of pacifica unrecognizable. >> in the late 70s you could play frisbee at the pier and another water is there. even on low tide. >> it is not clear when repair work will begin. today is a holiday to honor dr. martin luther king jr. some people will honor him with a day of service, volunteers are asked to show up at oakland brookfield elementary at 9:00 this morning. the goal is to improve air quality at the school near i- 880. picking day march in san francisco going from the caltrain station to the gardens where there will be a big
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celebration at 11:45. the annual celebration train will leave downtown san jose at 9:45 this morning. it is called the freedom train stopping in palo alto and san mateo before getting to san francisco. advanced registration is required. we have no roberta this morning. she is having a vacation. >> so let's talk about the weather, we have a look at the bay bridge with mostly clear skies but there is some fog around concord to start out right now 36 degrees in concord, oakland 44, chilean san francisco at 46 degrees early.
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today looks pretty nice, mostly sunny skies, temperatures topping out in the mid-50s later in the week we have got a series of low pressure systems moving into the area. it will be wet wednesday and friday and sunday. we have clouds and fog early today and then sunshine and dry whether through late tomorrow, when and where we will have windy systems are turning but we will not have as much rain as last week, wednesday today not as bad temperatures in the mid-50s for the most part, 58 degrees for santa rosa. the forecast is calling for things to get wet on wednesday, fast-moving system very blustery thursday lingering showers and more into the weekend. it looks like wet weather ahead prepare now. it is 4:36 let's look at
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your bay area map transit because the roads are looking good, bart on a modified saturday schedule and the a train is on a reduced schedule, noon at a regular schedule and caltrain at a regular schedule. ac transit sunday, bta regular and san francisco bay ferry is regular as well, the last graphic of the morning, golden gate transit buses on a regular schedule, sausalito ferry regular, larkspur ferry expanded and capital corridor on regular. let's look at the altamont pass looking good moving along at 65 miles per hour. so that will take you 15 minutes and across the bay area, this is how your roadways are looking. in washington
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he said, he said between donald trump and the director of the cia. trump took the mic on twitter, here is kim hutcherson. >> donald trump slammed outgoing cia director john brennan on twitter. writing in part oh really cracks couldn't do much worse look at syria. crimea, ukraine and russia nukes. not good. in response to the president- elect tweets the cia told cnn sunday evening it had no comment. trump reacting to statement that john brennan made in an interview. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of the russian actions they are taking. >> the intelligence community was not out to get trump. >> there is no interest in undermining the president- elect. >> trump has criticized
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intelligence agencies over what he said was on care -- unfair coverage comparing them to nazis. >> i do find that outrageous equating the intelligence community with [null] germany. >> brennan insisted the top priority is the safety of the public. >> what he has to understand is this is more than being about him. it is about the united states. >> kim hutcherson reporting. prep work underway for his transition to president ahead of thursday, white house staff held a parade practice run with standings to simulate the swearing-in. prio secur authorities say this buzz
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does not distract them from the top security priority. >> this includes approximately 10,000 individuals from the department of homeland security and some 12,000 other federal personnel. >> concert headliners include toby keith, three doors down and lee greenwood. more than 20 democrats are skipping the inauguration some angry with donald trumps the war of words with congressman john lewis, among them barbara lee, jared hoffman and east bay representative as well. the largest demonstration could happen the day after the inauguration, tens of thousands of women are expected to travel to dc for the women's march on washington starting on saturday morning. be sure to watch kpix 5 all week for the latest in washington, melissa caen will be headed to dc for the events
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leading up and the swearing in of donald trump she will bring live reports. present obama says it is possible for the next president and congress to get along but it will not be easy.>> to sustain a governing majority, that requires an ability for republicans and democrats to find some common ground. and right now the structure of the system is such where it makes it really hard for people to work together. >> present obama was asked if he has changed personally. >> what is the difference between this guy and the guy you are now cracks --? >> obviously i have more gray hair and a few more wrinkles, i will be honest, one of the things i am proud about is that my basic character and outlook has not changed much.
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people who are closest to me will tell you the guy who came here is the same guy who is leaving. >> the 60 minutes conversation was present obama's final interview as commander-in- chief. oakland raiders management will file relocation papers shortly in an effort to move the football team to las vegas. was first reported over the weekend. the filing could happen within days well ahead of the deadline which is february 15 that is when team owners will plan to vote. mark davis would need approval from 24 team owners before making the move he is looking at financing for a $1.9 billion project stadium. the golden state warriors taking a big step in their effort to leave oakland. the team will break down in san francisco, a big ceremony planned tomorrow at noon. it is now 5:42 and some
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thieves attack a well-known barber who helps kids in the east bay. we will tell you how the community is stepping up and helping him out in a big way today. tlook-- in the sky!
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the company teamed up with some professional sky-divers in google is giving us a virtual outlook to this guy after teaming up with professional skydivers taking thousands of pictures putting together the first skydive on google street view. you can see the divers jump out of a plane and safely land in a national park below. >> a lot of skiers and snowboarders in the high country are enjoying the holiday weekend. mountains in the sierra got pounded with snow giving more snow the martin luther king jr. holiday is typically a big one for ski resorts hotels and restaurants. some say this year could be a record breaker. >> it's absolutely killer, over 200 inches in less than 10
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days. >> the most snow i have seen. >> right now interstate 80 is open with no restrictions but that will likely change as more forecast arrives wednesday. >> it looks like a fun time. a three-day weekend for most people. but not for us. but that's all right, we love being here. we have got your weather forecast you have been watching this snow. >> wednesday friday and sunday, i told you not to go to the weather map, but we can here is what it looks like over the city. mostly clear skies temperature's are beginning in the 40s with a few 30s, concord 36 degrees, oakland 44, livermore 40 degrees. 46 in san jose and 40 in santa
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rosa. we have some fog in concord but aside from that it is not too bad, numbers look good with mostly sunny skies emerging later in the day, topping out in the mid-50s, chilly but sunny, if you have something to do today in terms of preparing for the next round of wet weather, the next couple of days will let you get ready, high- pressure changing by wednesday it gets knocked it down by this golf -- gulf of alaska front. we have got some fast-moving storms and that is the key, they are coming in beginning on wednesday moving quickly, the wind gets gusty but not as much rain. that is the good news. clouds and fog early, dry whether -- weather through tuesday and then rain returns wednesday through the weekend
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and we have a strong storm wednesday with a bit of a break thursday, another strong storm friday and a break saturday and another comes in sunday, the goodness we have a chance to dry off in between storms. for the forecast numbers mostly in the 50s, let's take a tour of the bay area, 57 in san francisco. 58 in concord very close to average, for temperatures we are right where we should be, 56 degrees in pacifica. 57 and morgan hill, in the east bay some patchy fog a lot of us to have the day off today we will have sunny skies made temperatures in the east bay's. santa rosa coming in at 55 degrees, at bodega bay, 57.
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57 in san francisco, 56 in richmond and 58 in oakland, wake county a little warmer in the lower 60s with plenty of sun ordinarily we would go to the extended forecast at this point but i am not going to. and there is a reason. because it is 4:50 and i need to tweak it. that is your weather. it is 4:49 so bear with us, a look at our bay area road, heading into san francisco you are good. 19 minutes a regular commute and no delay as you travel across the span into downtown. if you are going into downtown today here are some details about the holiday, parking meters enforced citywide and areas marked for seven-day street sweeping will be enforced, residential parking permits will not be enforced so that is good news.
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here is a live look at the freeway from 238 in san leandro. 15 minutes, and highway 92 the san mateo bridge that commute is looking good not many cars traveling to the peninsula from hayward, okay let's look at the altamont pass, 65 miles per hour across the past it will just take 15 minutes to get along so here is a look at the caltrain through the area, modified system on part that is the saturday schedule and then take a look at this, morning train three and five service afternoon trains four and six in service, one, seven, eight and 10 will not be operating, saturday schedule regular let's move over to a regular schedule on san trend, dta regular and
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san francisco ferry is regular schedule as well. one [or has been a mentor to kids in his area. >> we explain the field trip that was thwarted by thieves. >> we told you the story of tyrone burns, the owner of pull up your pants barbershop in oakland. his no-nonsense approach has earned the respect of many in the neighborhood. >> he is our martin king. >> respect is a two-way street. tyrone often gives kids who follow his rules free haircuts but to get that, he requires them to do something that is way out of their comfort zone. arbe took 'em to their first, initial field trip." and they will also remember the man who cared enough about themâto expect something from them. in oakland, jr, kpix-5. tyrone says atorium for their tyrone calls it his book club, twice a month on sundays is younger guests must read aloud
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to the entire barbershop as they wait for their turn in the chair. >> being here on a sunday you might be motivated to go and read in front of your class. your conquering your fears. >> he is trying to prepare kids for the world outside of his barbershop, a world that can be rough and scary. that was brought on monday night when tyrone was attacked outside of his shop by a group of men who pistol whipped him, stole his briefcase and wallet and left him bleeding on the sidewalk, his injuries will heal but he most regrets that in the briefcase were 10 tickets to the exploratory am in san francisco. a field trip that the book club was supposed to take. neighbor jackie page has offered to pay to send the kids anyway. >> a lot of these kids have not
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been across the grid so just seeing the water it is like going to open up a brand-new world for these kids. >> thanks to jackie and tyrone the adventure will happen on martin luther king day. >> these kids will always remember for the rest of their lives the barbershop took them on their field trip. >> they will also remember the man who cared enough about them to expect something from them, john ramos kpix 5. >> tyrone chose the exploratory am because it makes reading a key part of the activity. still ahead, a very big week in washington dc, airbnb is already cashing in. and what is cool about your school? email your nominations to
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prosecutors in sou a major executive for samsung in hot water, special prosecutors in south korea are trying to arrest the vice- chairman of the electronics giant accused of bribery, embezzlement and perjury all over his alleged role in a corruption and influence peddling scandal. court will review the request tomorrow. rail treasures returning to wall street after the holiday, they are looking to push the doubt past 20,000. it was a mixed day friday.
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san francisco-based airbnb says inauguration day will be the biggest night for business in washington dc. the home sharing service expects more than 13,000 people to stay at the listings in the area january 20 earning $6 million. a holiday weekend at the box office. >> the drama hidden figures at the box office for the second straight week the film about female mathematicians, it has earned $20.5 million, in second place, lala land bringing in $13.5 million followed by the animated film seemed. -- sing.
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we will be right back after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news morning, happy monday, january 16 i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm brian hackney we are starting off with mostly clear skies on this monday morning not bad at all, we will be having rain moving by midweek and we will have all of the details on that when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. this is the holiday marking the birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. >> sandra osborne joining us live from downtown san jose where the annual celebration train will leave from later this morning. >> good morning, this is a 54 mile trek as a tribute to


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