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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 17, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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the next president this week. tonight: bay area protesters have a live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. message for police donald trump will be sworn in as the next president this week. tonight bay area protesters have a message for police. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight some protesters in oakland told our christin ayers what to expect this week and their message for the new police chief. >> reporter: protesters in oakland have planned 120 hours of protests starting today and ending on inauguration day and this may be just the beginning of a new wave of civil unrest here. >> whose streets? >> our streets! >> reporter: the marching began today, martin luther king, jr. day, a kickoff to five days of protests leading up to presidential inauguration
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on friday. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this morning protesters cut down a fence at st. andrew's plaza at 32nd and san pablo in oakland and held a celebration there. it has been constructed to keep the homeless out. >> we basically are taking back public land. >> reporter: it's part of a plan to show city officials organizers said they are willing and able to take matters into their own hands. >> we want to get the message to this new chief we're not going to the city council anymore. >> reporter: oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick won't officially come onto the force until next month, but this week could be her first chance to see oakland up close during times of political turbulence. the bay area is a hotbed for protests with some politicians announcing they're boycotting the trump inauguration. >> it's how he carries himself. it's how he has ruined how we talk about politics and it's just getting worse. >> i'm not celebration an administration that campaigns
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and continues to be divisive. >> reporter: but oakland in particular is ground zero for civil disobedience. kpix5 political insider phil matier says that will put the police chief between a rock and a hard place. >> there's no way for the police to win. they are too lineate, the business -- lenient, the business people get upset when their buildings get destroyed. if they're too strict, people sue. >> the chief has to find a way to build a bridge with us or be disconnected like the other chiefs and be out the door. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. the number of democrats boycotting the inauguration is growing. more than 40 how lawmakers say they are skipping the -- house lawmakers say they are skipping the event. security is tight around the u.s. capitol tonight as the inauguration gets closer. pennsylvania avenue is being transformed for the event. the fbi and several agencies will keep an eye on things from
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an inauguration command center. there are dozens of television screens with different angles of the city. the department of homeland security is expecting nearly 1 million people on the streets of washington. more than 350,000 demonstrators are expected along with 28,000 law enforcement personnel. that includes 3200 police officers from departments across the country and nearly 8,000 members of the national guard. kpix5's political reporter melissa caen will be in d.c. for the inauguration and our live coverage starts thursday. the wife of the orlando nightclub gunman is in custody tonight arrested here in the bay area. kpix5's cate cauguiran reports the fbi believes she helped carry out the attack. >> reporter: tonight we're learning that noor salman will make her first court appearance tomorrow morning at federal court in oakland. we also know that by then it will be a little more than 24 hours since she was arrested here at her rodeo home.
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after several months of weighing charges against noor salman, the orlando shooter omar ma teen's wife, the prosecution made its decision and fbi agents moved in. neighbors heard the commotion early this morning. >> they're a very private family. all their blinds are closed all the time, windows shut. so even from the backyard you can't see nothing. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news salman is expected to be charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. a woman leaving the rodeo house wouldn't comment on the arrest. the weeks before the shooting sources say her husband added her as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. sources also say she was with mateen when he bought ammunition used in the attack and also during surveillance trips to pulse and to disney world which investigators believe mateen may have also considered as a target. about two hours into the massacre law enforcement sources tell us mateen texted his wife where are you, she asked him? do you see what's happening he
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replied? no, she said. finally he wrote i love you, babe. kpix5 security analyst and former assistant special agent in charge, jeff harp, said the investigation in salman's role could have included surveillance video and wiretapping. >> it's possible that they have in the bigger picture see that there is more people involved, that she's a threat somehow or that she has information that she's not shared and they feel that she's a flight risk. >> reporter: in an interview with the new york times in november salman insisted mateen abused her and she was unaware of everything about his nightclub assault. her attorney said in a statement noor salman had no knowledge nor could predict what omar intended to do that tragic night. we believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her. we know salman lived at the home with her 4-year-old son, mother and sister. in rodeo cate cauguiran, kpix5. this just in, after nearly
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three years the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 is officially over tonight. crews finally completed their deep sea search of a 46,000 square mile zone of the indian ocean west of australia. board. they found no trace of the missing plane. the flight disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. the end of the search raises the possibility that the aviation mystery may never be solved. a bay area sheriff's deputy is on the other side of the law facing charges of attempted murder. reporter steve large shows us the suspect is also a well known musician in sacramento. >> go ahead, kyle. take it away, man. [ harmonica playing ] >> reporter: good day, sacramento viewers watched kyle roland grow up on camera. this was a blues prodigy at 15 years old. and here he was in 2015, a young man with his own band.
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roland appeared 15 times on good day, sacramento. off camera he also had recently become a contra costa sheriff's deputy. this is a photo after graduating from the academy. only now roland is behind bars facing an attempted murder charge. his mugshot shows him with a black eye beaten after police say he fired several shots at neighbors. roland allegedly fired the shots after being forced out of a party next-door to his own house. it's a stunning arrest for roland's friends including tv's petri hawkins bird, the bailiff on judge judy, who visited roland in jail monday. >> but i've seen people a thousand times on tv say man, not him. i would have never thought this guy, you know, and that's exactly what everybody's reaction is with kyle. >> reporter: bird said he metro land at a sacramento music -- met roland at a sacramento music festival and despite their age difference
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they became close friends. >> i think i met him at 13 or 14 years old and i was shocked at his maturity. >> reporter: this beloved young blues musician turned deputy now a defendant in a murder case. he declined an interview with me today, his first court appearance set wednesday. tomorrow general motors is expected to make a big announcement to save factory jobs. a source says the car giant will announce a $1 billion investment in its factories. with that it expects to create or keep about 1,000 jobs. the source says this is part of how factories prepare to build new models. we're told general motors has had the plan in the works for months. tonight a battle is heating up over a well known san francisco restaurant. kpix5's veronica de la cruz joins us now with what could be left of lefty o'douls.
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>> the famous watering hole in union square is scheduled to close february 3rd but not before a good old-fashioned bar fight. the owners and operators are duking it out over who owns what. him! the handlery family says the current operator says he's moving to a new location taking the name and famous memorabilia with him. the hanlin family, though, say all things lefty belong to them. the drama unfolded today during dueling news conferences. >> we have the best lawyers around who tragically have to waste time with this nonsense when everybody knows that the bovis family owns lefty o'douls. >> memorabilia is owned by the restaurant which is owned by the hanlin family. it will reopen in its current location with all this wonderful memorabilia. >> so what exactly are they fighting over? well about, 400 pieces of baseball memorabilia and this isn't the first time the families have been on opposing teams. five years ago hanlin evicted
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bovis from another one of his ventures replacing the gold dust lounge with an express clothing store. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. meningitis mystery, two recent deaths here in the bay area, tonight why the latest victim may not have shown any symptoms. >> partygoers run for their lives after a gunman opens fire in mexico. tonight a survivor from california describes the chaos at the club. >> have you bought milk in the past decade? tonight why you might be owed some money. >> i'm emily turner with your weather and right now looking at our hi-def doppler, there's not much to see at the moment, but there is going to be plenty to see this week coming ,,,,,,,,
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bay area. the latest victim died in the back of a muni bus. kpix 5's devin fehely reports: she may not have shown any her death. tonight there's a second deadly case of meningitis. today's victim died in the back of a muni bus. she may not have shown any symptoms before her death.
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>> very outgoing, sweet person, very giving, a lot of friends. >> reporter: david robson is reeling from the sudden death of his sister laura while health officials are victim bling to figure out where she caught the dead -- scrambling to figure out where she caught the deadly infection. she was urge the weather he says but believes -- under the weather he says but believed she simply had the flu. >> she had a severe headache, did have a slight fever, said her feet were cold. she didn't complain of her neck hurting. >> reporter: robson said his sister had surgery at san francisco general about two weeks ago and in hindsight thinks pain meds may have complicated a diagnosis and delayed treatment. sevin philips died january 7th in marin. laura died three days later,
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but there is no connection apparently between the two victims. laura did not belong to the soul cycle studio where phillips often worked out and her brother doesn't think the two ever crossed paths. >> i think she was only through marin except passing through on the way to san francisco. >> reporter: robson is still coping with the sudden, of his sister's death while troubled with the largely unanswered questions about how she got sick in the first place. >> no idea obviously that she was going to pass away. >> reporter: in santa rosa devin fehely, kpix5. five people are dead after gunfire erupted at a nightclub in mexico. tonight a survivor from california described the chaos. >> i heard six pops. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a fun birthday vacation with her boy friend, a trip to the popular tourist spot playa del carmen, mexico, to the
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international music festival. people panicked. this dramatic video inside the blue parrot nightclub shows partiers ducking and running to get out early monday morning. >> got a gun! gun! >> reporter: bria gibson was inside. >> everybody was running around and the security guards were out and i knew at that point there was a shooter. my back was broken and i knew there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: bria told us over skype from her hospital bed in mexico how she and her boyfriend were separated, she was shoved to the ground in the chaos and a security guard fell on top of her causing a fracture to her back. the man next to her was shot and killed. brea couldn't move. >> all i could think of is if he comes back and wants to shoot me, i couldn't do anything about it. >> she actually kind of hid beside him thinking that he was just playing dead only to realize that he had really lost his life. >> reporter: back home brea's
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sister heard the whole story and is now waiting to help her heal physically and emotionally. >> you always think it's going to happen to someone else. when it hits this close to home, it puts things into perspective. >> i'm in enormous pain. i can't really stand or walk, but i will get better soon. >> erica mandy reporting tonight. tonight the gunman accused of slaughtering 39 people inside an istanbul night club is under arrest. here's an image of that suspected gunman bloodies and bruised. officers say the suspect was caught in a special operations police raid in a housing complex in istanbul. surveillance video from the night of the attack shows the suspect enter the club and open fire on a crowd of revelers celebrating the new year. he slipped through the hands of police that night and man on the run up until a few hours ago. millions of people in california fear they could lose their health insurance after president-elect donald trump takes office. that includes those covered
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under obamacare and people enrolled inned med-- enrolled in medical. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump promised healthcare for everyone in a new interview, but because the details are skim, many people fear they'll lose obamacare. barbie wilson is a two time cancer survivor and owes her life to the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act saves lives. it saves mine and is continuing to save lives today. >> reporter: barbie pays about 15,000 a year for coverage. she estimates that without it her basic care would cost upwards of $150,000. many californians like barbie are worried about losing health insurance under a trump administration. over the weekend the president- elect told the washington post he's nearly done with the health insurance plan to replace the affordable care act. he's also vowing to restructure medicaid, the nation's low
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income health program. one in three residents in california are currently enrolled in the state version known as medical experts say. enrollment skyrocketed under obamacare and some of those californians could lose portions of their benefits or possibly be dropped altogether if trump goes through with his plan which would cost the state billions. the president-elect is not giving details just yet, but congress has already taken the first step to repealing obamacare last week. >> we could watch just the collapse of our healthcare system and say look at what these democrats did. we aren't going to do that. >> we live in america. we have an opportunity to use our voices to speak out. >> reporter: over the weekend many did. obamacare supporters staged rallies from california to new jersey, oregon to maine. >> we do not want to diminish the number of people covered, reduce benefits or increase costs. >> reporter: today house
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minority leader nancy pelosi called on those who support obamacare to contact their representatives. >> we're all better off if everyone is better off. >> reporter: president-elect trump said he will unveil details of his health plans as soon as senate confirms his pick for the health and human services secretary. betty yu, cbs5. if you bought milk in california over the last 14 years, you could get some money back because of a class action lawsuit against the national milk producers federation. according to the anti-trust suit, several milk producers conspired to limit production of milk and illegally raised prices. the case was settled out of court for $52 million. the defendants deny wrongdoing, but if you want to file a claim, you have until january 31st to do so. you could get between 5 and $20. >> save your receipts. taking a live look outside right now, it is absolutely beautiful. it is clear, but it is also
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very chilly. right now in san francisco47 degrees, 30s in the east bay, 37 degrees in livermore, concord 40 degrees. it's only going to get cooler overnight. in fact, it will get just below freezing in fairfield, 31, in north bay 33, a little warmer in pacifica, 44 degrees for you overnight. our satellite and radar is going to explain how things change in the next couple days. this high pressure system that's kept us nice and dry will move out of the way. this low pressure system is going to move in and with it all of these clouds. that is a set of storms that are setting up to hit us over the next seven days making them pretty wet. tomorrow morning you can see patchy dense fog in places and fast forward into your tomorrow morning commute you can see the beginning of that front making its way in the north bay. you'll see some scattered showers for your commute wednesday morning and wednesday evening headed home will be wet.
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be prepared. wednesday might take some extra time. it will be chilly overnight with some areas of fog waking up in the morning. on tuesday it will be cool, sunny and cloudy depending where you are in the bay area. the rain will return on wednesday starting in the morning pretty much. our high temperatures tomorrow will be at or below average, mostly 50s across the board, our warmest temperature in santa rosa, 58 degrees, our coolest temperature 51 degrees in fairfield. like i said, all the storms start wednesday, wind and rain followed by showers thursdays and on friday wind and rain followed by showers on saturday and then look at this. our third round of storms coming in on sunday with showers following that. on the heels of those big storms we've had the last couple weeks people are worried. this is more of a normal january rainstorm. it won't that be dane deluge
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that -- deluge that soaks us. >> still enjoy our last day of dryness. >> i'm heading to the golf range tomorrow. this is your last day of dryness before the weekend. he n the warriors star steph curry honored president obama tonight with his shoes. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look: the warriors white and blu steph curry gave a shout out to president obama tonight with his shoes. >> the warriors star wore these
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red, white and blue kicks on the court during tonight's game with the cavaliers. curry tweeted president obama embodies the inspiration, faith and hope dr. king stood for. we are forever grateful. straight ahead you want the 411 on the 49ers coach search? you better keep it right here and hey, did you hear? the warriors win tonight. some kid from cleveland was on the floor, what the doubles had,
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respond...just not like this... the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. nba up top, we expected the warriors to respond to cleveland but not like this! hard hitting? here's your answer. 2nd quarter draymond green, lebron james collision. green had his way with it, a triple double tonight. warriors flat out ran the cavs from the building. they dropped 78 points on them in the 1st half. here's steph curry to end the half. they led by 29! curry scored 20, added 11
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assists. warriors were physical and were not going to lose a fifth straight to these guys. 4th period klay thompson, led all scores with 26. beat them inside and out, here's a kill shot by thompson and we're done here. warriors won by 35. 126-91. what was up with james and green in that 2nd quarter collision? >> i followed him to stop the break and he went down and in the aftermath i don't know. i said get out of my face. oh, i was just in the heat of the moment of the game having some fun, nothing major. first period man advantage...and >> got wrestling, part of the game in hockey. sharks hosted the winnipeg jets matinee game, 1st period, man advantage is joel ward. and the sharks on the strength
2:07 am
of that goal with kimo meyer won it by a final 5-2. want to show you this guy, josh mcdaniels, took his name out of the running for the 49ers coach job and will stay as the patriots offensive coordinator. that fueled multiple reports that say they're now zeroing in on kyle shanahan, the falcons offensive coordinator, as the frontrunner. just 24 hours ago we were talking about tom cable. now it's all about kyle shanahan. we will see. the drama continues. >> the drama. >> everything has a coach except the 49ers. >> not for long. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in central florida reported seeing this giant alligator. wildlife exper check this out. several people in central florida -- emily, you recognize this guy? >> he's my old neighbor. >> this is a giant alligator. >> nice set of luggage. >> wildlife experts estimate he's 15 feet long, weighs 800
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pounds. think this is fake? no, sir. some locals say he's actually been there for decades. they call him mr. humpback. they call him mr. humpback. >> if he was playing ,,,,,,,,
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored by food for the poor. >> when we don't find food to eat, i feel like fainting. >> today, i have nothing. i have no idea what i'm going to feed them. >> i feel like my head is turning. i don't feel good at all. >> many people here have seen their children die. i do not want this to happen to my children. >> we put ourselves on our knees and ask god that people's hearts will be touched and they will help us.


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