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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 17, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> see cbs this morning is up next. have a great day everyone. ♪ ♪ >> good morning to our viewers in the west, and it's tuesday, january 17, 2017. dozens of dems say they will not attend the inauguration. and the flight for malaysia flight 370 is over. denzel is in washington. he talks about starring and directing in his new movie
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"fences", and a key piece of advice he wants his children to live by. first, "your world" is 90 seconds. >> he's a master communicator and writer and that's how he won and that's how he will deliver the address. >> the inauguration of president-elect trump controversies continue. >> picking fights with congress and john louis, and i can't imagine a more destabilizing weekend. and the search of missing flight 370 has been called off. >> i am in shock, still, to be honest. >> the man suspected of carrying out the attack in istanbul has been arrested. and facing obstruction of justice and other charges. >> we have power lines down
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everywhere. >> pockets of snow and freezing rain have developed to the central plains to the great lakes. and former astronaut, gene cernen has died. looks like he just ate a volkswagen. >> they said this day would never come. >> the champions chicago cubs -- >> i love how it says, nontransferable. >> and all that matters. >> democrats boycotting the analogy ration. >> like a real leader, like trump, who is, all, tweet, tweet, tweet. >> you are calling a civil rights leader who marched in
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selma with martin luther king all talk and no action, and that's not me saying trump is all tax returns and no tweets. wme t welcome to cbs this morning. in three days, donald trump will be at the inauguration. >> perhaps an even big story is the new controversy for the nominee of congressman price. major garrett is covering the transition. good morning. >> the trump transition is
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feeling the weight of criticism and the hard work has not even begun. it received a preview of the address mr. trump will give, and the approval rating is lower than 20 points. >> it's a strong and powerful speech, in his own words. >> counselor to the president-elect said more congressmen will boycott the inauguration. >> it's like being the walking wounded, right? everybody is always gunning for us and we are supposed to look the other way at all times. >> lewis said nothing about president-elect on the holiday. >> as martin luther king, jr.,
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said, hate is a burden too heavy to bear. >> we need to talk about how do we feed people and clothe people and create the best education system? that's what we need to be focused on. >> and there will be eight more confirmation hearings. congressman tom price tapped to lead the department of health and human services will likely have conflict of interest issues. >> the h.i.p. act, i bare some familiarity with this area. >> in 2016, price introduced legislation that would financially impact medical device company, zimmer biomet. >> guess who doesn't get the joint replacement they need?
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it's the patient. >> a separate investigative report out last year found since 2012 twice traded 40 health-relate care stocks as a member of congress. >> that bill we mentioned never became law but is likely to be raised at price's confirmation hearing on wednesday, and shuck schumer wants the office of congressional ethics to investigate writing the president-elect claims he wants to drain the swamp but price has spent his career filling it up. >> thank you. very interesting development there. thank you a lot. trump's election, it's a huge topic in the summit.
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and china's president said no one would emerge as a winner in a global trade war. and elizabeth is there. >> reporter: in it there were reports that were widely included a sort of proposal that if the u.s. lifted santions against russia, russia would reduce the number of weapons in its nuclear stockpile, but russian foreign minister said that's not how he read trump's words. but russia does expect to have a dialogue with the new administration on nuclear disarmament. and he flatly denied rumors there's already plans for an
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early putin and trump summit. and singling out myrrh kul. her response was diplomatic. >> translator: i think the europeans have our destiny in our own hands, and added germany would work with the new president once he was in office. and france pushed back further, and overall european leaders are holding back waiting to see beyond trump's words once he takes the oath of office.
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>> reporter: in the words of danish words, we are waiting to move from twitter policy to policy. >> our coverage begins in wa washington right here on cbs. investigators overnight officially suspended the effort to find the boeing 777 with 239 people onboard, and it disappeared in march of 2014 after leaving for beijing. the search covered an area larger than ohio. chris, good morning. >> officials from australia, china and malaysia called off the search overnight after crews hunted through a 46,000 square mile area of the indian ocean for nearly three years, and despite the $160 million
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operation, the plane's location is unknown and so many questions remain unanswered. >> unfortunately, we are unable to find the plane, mh 370. >> facing reporters this morning, malaysia's transport minister confirmed what the families feared for weeks. >> we need to suspend the search until further credible evidence -- >> in a joint statement, the chinese, australian and malaysian authorities said the decision to suspend the search has not been taken lightly. >> the flight lost contact with the air traffic control at 2:40 a.m. this morning. >> on march 8th, 2014, malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished off radar on its way to beijing, and the plane lost contact somewhere
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over the gulf of thailand and according to military radar made a sharp turn west and then eventually south. >> like mh370 ended, in the southern indian ocean. >> nearly a year and a half later, investigators discover a wing flap from the flight in madagascar thousands of miles away. and the search offers little comfort. >> how can they allow something like this to happen and just leave it unresolved. >> the next of kin said commercial planes cannot be allowed to disappear without a trace. >> investigators believe the plane did crash somewhere in the
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indian ocean, and finding it is compared to finding a needle in a haystack. the black boxes, which could explain what happened, are still missing. the deadly winter storm that crippled part of the central u.s. with ice is on the move this morning, and millions could get hit with sleet and freezing rain. weather warning watches and advisories stretch acro across d up into maine. >> people in obg aak law homa a cleaning up damage like this, and shattered trees under hundreds of pounds of ice accumulation, and the temperatures are now above freezing but this storm brought crippling ice and severe weather as well. strong storms swept through texas early on monday, bringing heavy rains and damaging winds
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and even tornadoes. one near houston sent patio furniture flying as it whipped across this neighborhood. gr greg and his mother took cover in the bathtub. >> i think our house is gone. >> an icy mess caused this truck to slide into a lake, and the two men inside were okay. and then dodge city, kansas, frozen tree branches crashing to the ground. schools are closed today as utility crews work to restore power to thousands, something that could take days. >> it's hard for them to get everywhere, and i know they are doing the best they can.
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>> here in woodward, ok, it sounds like trees popping, explosio explosions. >> reporter: they will have to cut the trees apart to haul them away and it could take several weeks to clean everything up, and the power is almost fully restored. >> a bit of good news there. thank you. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter will face a federal judge in california. she has been charged with providing support to a terrorists organization and obstruction of justice. prosecutors do believe she helped her husband carry out the deadly shooting book in june. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the gunman slaughtered people in the nightclub behind me, and his wife said she did not know what he was up to but prosecutors don't buy it. and they have long suspected she
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had a role in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, and they believe she bought ammunition and cased the nightclub. >> we said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of the case and the shooter's life to determine not just why did he take the actions but who else knew about them? >> she has been interviewed by the fbi multiple times and has taken a polygraph test, and she was with him at disney world which also could have been a potential target. and she asked him, where are you? >> do you see what is happening, he replied? no, she said. finally remote, i love you babe. >> i was, like, put back, and
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when everything was first happening. >> in november she told the "new york times" i was unaware of everything and i don't condone what he has done, and she also said her husband of nearly five years beat her often, once punching her so hard in the shoulder it left a bruise, and in a statement her attorney said it's misguided and wrong to prosecu prosecute her, and it's disho r dishonoring the victims by punishing somebody innocent. after the shooting, she moved to san francisco with their 4-year-old son, and she will have her initial appearance today in oakland and likely extradited back here to florida. an american college student is one of five people killed when a gunman attacked a mexican nightclub.
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the 18-year-old was among hundreds that died in the chaotic stampede, and at least four americans are among more than a dozen people hurt. carter evans is in los angeles, and good morning. >> survivors report hearing multiple gunshots and mexican authorities ruled out terrorism. bouncers tried to turn the gunman away at the door because he was armed. cell phone video captured the moments after a gunman opened fire at the blue parrot club in playa del carmen about an hour's south of cancun. five people were killed. three of them the members of the club's security friend.
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he returned home to texas after being treated from gunshot wound to the hand which he said kept him from carrying his injured friend to safety. >> i keep thinking of my friend. i'm just in shock still. >> reporter: some of those injured were crushed by the crowd trying to get away. brea denzen of california is hospitalized with a broken back. >> i would like to think, if he comes back and he wants to finish me, i can't do anything about it, i can't get up. >> sunday night's concert was a finale for a 10-day electronic music festival, and earlier that day she told her sister how much fun she was having.
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>> she was the perfect sister, and every time i had a problem she was always there for me. for every one. >> her family says they are trying to raise money to bring her body from mexico to colorado, and those killed not only are an american, but two from mexico and two others from canada and from italy. a man is suing police for violently arresting him after they accused him of stealing his own car, and one officer told him he was ,, good tuesday morning, we are starting with hazy skies, on the bay area. we are looking for things to be try today but rain coming in tomorrow, and temperatures will cool down as well, gusty wends will-- winds will pick up. high temperature today, mid 50s, 58 in the city, 7-day forecast, we will get rain moving into the
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bay area tomorrow. another system comes in on friday. sunday looks wet as well. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the new movie "lion" now playing in theaters everywhere. some military families blame environmental contamination for cancer in their children. >> ahead, we'll take you to >> ahead, we'll take you to sout
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my tip is, speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. ,, president-elect donald trump promises to get tougherer with china. ahead, many with the potential
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backlash. >> ut in front of you. yikes. tourists in florid the orlando nigh gunman is set to appear in federal court in good morning, it is 7:26, i am michelle griego, the widow of the orlando night club gunman is set to appear in federal court in oakland this morning, prosecutors accuse noor salman of misleading police, expected to be charged with aiding, abedding, and obstruction of justice. public meetings in berkeley and oakland today to provide details on the east bay's new area code, all available 510 numbers expected to run out by june of 2019. the new area code should roll out by the end of this year. traffic and weather in a moment. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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good morning, everybody, it is 7:27, lets look at your dry roadways, but a lot of traffic for the morning. northbound 882, 238 to the maze will take you about 23 minutes. southbound 880 before tennyson road, we had an earlier crash out there, it is off the road but a lot of back up well into san leandro, expect delays and give yourself extra time. mass transit, 10-minute system wide delay on bart due to earlier equipment problems. have a great day. tuesday morning we are starting with fair skies, we will finish with much of the same but tomorrow is changing, rain on the way for the bay area for wednesday and for the rest of the weekend. temperature todays don't look back, 58 in the city. 59 in oakland. the rain comes in on wednesday and friday and sunday. so prepare for wet.
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even i was not crazy enough to suggest that during these eight years we would see the cubs win the world series. but i did say, when there's never been anything false about hope. [ laughter ] >> hope is very big for president obama. he cheered on the 2016 baseball champions in his last official event at his house. but now the white house. he honored the chicago cubs for breaking their 108-year drought. the president is a fan of the white sox. the steam was presented a
7:31 am
special jersey with number 44. and a lifetime pass to wrigley field which he pointed out earlier, nontransferable. >> good for him. that's fun. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, donald trump scoring feud with beijing over the one china policy. adriana diaz is there with the policy caught smack dab in the middle. plus a group of children of military familiy ies diagnosed h leukemia. their parents traced it to the military complex. ahead, how they accused the marine corps of dragging its feet in the search for answers. time for headlines around the globe. "the guardian" set turkish police captured a man suspected of the shooting on new year's eve. he's confessed.
7:32 am
four people arrested with him. police say the raids suspect isis. "wall street journal" said general motors plans to announce a major investment in the united states. gm will invest $1 billion across american factories. more than 1,000 new jobs will be created. gm general counsel said any investment has been long-planned and is not a pressure from president-elect donald trump. "usa today" described the behind-the-scenes work at the white house on inauguration day. workers will have just about five hours, that's not very much time, to pack up the obamas' things and set up the trump belongings. staffers say even the president's toothbrush will be in place when he arrives. and "the new york times" is saying china is telling donald trump that its one china principle with taiwan is not
7:33 am
negotiable. saying it will be like lifting a rock to drop it on one's own a. it's a non-negotiable that donald trump wants to negotiates. and caught in the middle is taiwan. something's missing far above taipei's skyline. tourists from mainland china. over the last six months mainland's visitsers at the taipei 101 observation deck and the high-end shopping mall down below have dropped by more than 30%. why do you think that was? michael leo represents the skyscraper he said china cut
7:34 am
tourist to punish china's independent president for not eth dorising the one china principle. there concern that things may get worse. >> yeah, worry about that. >> reporter: and the rest appears normal in taiwan's bustling markets. tensions are narrowing with its neighbors. its military is testing the boundaries. for her part, president pi is walking a political rope. infuriating china. >> i don't know, we have to be bound by a one china policy. >> reporter: and now mr. trump keeps twisting the knife. he told "the wall street journal" friday everything is under negotiation, including one china. that prompted fighting words and images in chinese state media. an editorial said monday if mr. trump doesn't back down, beijing will have no choice but
7:35 am
to take off the gloves. locals say it's both helping and hurti taiwan. do you like trump? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> have power. i think, he will, you know, make china end it, maybe. so maybe it's not good for us. >> reporter: bill stanton who ran the american institute, our unofficial embassy here said taiwan shouldn't be used as a bargaining chip with future could be on the line. gayle. >> all right. thank you, very much, adriana
7:36 am
diaz reporting from taiwan. a black man in illinois is suing police after he says that he was falsely and violenceaole arrested. the 2015 arrest was captured on several cameras outside of evanston. the video was just released. the man says that officers used excessive force after a passerby called 911 to report a possible break isn't. and dean reynolds shows what's next. >> i think the person is following me. i see it. >> reporter: october 5th, 2015, a dash cam picked up his cell phone information. he considered going to the police department for protection from the trailing driver.
7:37 am
little did he know just minutes earlier, that driver following behind had called the cops on him, accusing him of grand theft auto. >> he was african-american with a black hood. >> reporter: in his rear view mirror, crosby watched the police creep closer. moments later the engineering student got out with his hands up and was taken down by four officers. >> on the ground! >> i just purchased this vehicle january 23, 2015 from libertyville, chevrolet. >> this is something that could have been checked on a computer. >> reporter: jim touhy is crosby's attorney. >> he was struck at least by one police officer with multiple blows. >> why am i being cput in handcuffs? >> we've got to verify that the car wasn't stolen. >> reporter: one officer reacted
7:38 am
this way. >> i said i didn't shoot you. >> reporter: she started to waver. >> i feel really, really -- i didn't mean to racial profile. >> reporter: crosby was arrested for resisting arrest but acquitted last year. dean reynolds, chicago. >> the lawsuit filed on crosby's behalf demands that the city pay him $50,000. the internal investigation determined their acts complied with policy but the department has promised changes and challenges. elements of the video they call that problematic. that video is so tough to watch. you wonder how is he resisting arrest, even when you do the right thing, apparently, he's still in a bad way. >> well, his hands are up. when you pull over. you just usually have an officer come up and say can i have your i.d.? can i see your registration? >> and to hear the officer say
7:39 am
be glad i didn't shoot you, very tough. now to this tore. two military moms are fighting for answers about their children's leukemia. ahead how their sleuthing helped uncover carcinogens under their community. we'll be right back. covering is caring
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♪ some military families believe a military housing caused cancer in their children. they say at least 13 children who lived on or near the laurel bay housing community are sick with cancer. the marine corps is studying the potential contamination and the paints have since been removed. laurel bay is made up of more than 1,000 homes near the marine corps air base and parris island bases. hanna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the homes where one of those military families used to live. it's just a few miles from the parris island base. but some of the families who used to live in this area are now asking whether there could be a relationship between where
7:44 am
they live and their child's cancer, including one woman who took to the enter get to alert others. >> this is our daughter katy. she was 2 years old. >> reporter: amanda whatley's personal story has been viewed 50,000 times on youtube describing how she nearly lost her daughter to leukemia. >> we are fairly confident that had we not taken her to the emergency room that night she would have died in her sleep. >> reporter: the 3-year-old of a friend was also diagnosed with leukemia. both families have lived in beaufort, south carolina, in the vicinity of the lawyurel bay housing complex. their children born a little more than two months apart. >> what a coincidence, our husbands were stationed in parris island at the same time. we moved into the area. >> reporter: the two mothers did some research and soon learned
7:45 am
there have been environmental contamination, some tanks buried near the laurel bay homes used for heating oil had leaked. online, the marine corps said when it started removing the tanks in 2007 it pound some petroleum products escaped. it had taken steps to clean up the sites and are at acceptable limits. but a known carcinogen in heating oiled, benzene, which can cause leukemia, may have made those children sick. they say 11 other families who live near the base also have children with cancer. and eight of those families reached by cbs news, five confirmed their children were diagnosed with leukemia. the pediatric oncologist was treating them. >> there is evidence that it can increase results of leukemia in
7:46 am
children. >> reporter: the marine corps is now doing a study of potential health hazards at the base and of military housing. and said our goal is to remain as transparent as possible throughout the process. these two moms say they support the militaries but believe that the study is taking too long. >> i could not in good conscience, stand back and knowing that other children are being diagnosed. our husbands have sacrificed years of their life serving our country at the minimum, they should feel safe to leave their families in homes that are safe. >> now, the marine corps base commander has said that if he learns of any definitive cancer links, he'll inform residents right away and take immediate action. he's also planning town hall meetings for tonight and tomorrow night to answer residents' questions. meanwhile, melany's son roman has been in remission for over a
7:47 am
year. and amanda's daughter katy had a bone marrow transplant. she's hanging in there, gayle. >> nobody works harder than a parent on behalf of a sick child. >> that is so true. i hope they find out the answer. >> me, too. thank you, anna. a more than 800-pound animal is dropping jaws in florida. look at this guy. ahead, the real life encounters that really does look , good morning, tuesday starts with some fog in the east bay but we all get sunshine later in the day, just hazy sunshine as low pressure finally breaks down the high offshore, it will get wet in the bay area by wednesday. today, patchy fog, high clouds, increasing clouds tonight and rain tomorrow. 58 in the city, 60 in san jose. here comes the rain wednesday and friday, the weekend looks wet as well. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by tena. tena, lets you be you.
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be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. [] hi, it's anne from edward jones. i'm glad i caught you. well i'm just leaving the office so for once i've got plenty of time. what's going on? so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. thanks. yeah. that would be great. we've grown to over $900 billion in assets under care... by being proactive, not reactive. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ boys and girls, this is not a scene from "jurassic park" brave tourists got up close to take videos of this massive animal over the weekend. just before disappearing into
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the bushes. it's estimated the gator could be up to 15-feet long and weighs more than 800 pounds. residents have nicknamed him mr. tough guy. >> they can outrun him because he's not moving fast. >> that's true. he's a little slow. ahead, the man in charge of donald trump's inauguration tells us what to look for. you're watchi ing "cbs this morning." i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine. i'm working to boost linda's immune system to help protect her against you, shingles. zostavax is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults fifty years of age and older. zostavax does not protect everyone
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ahead of inauguration day, planned parenthood affiliates are holding a "pink out da our stat good morning, 7:56, i am kenny choi, ahead of inaugeration day, planned parenthood affiliates are holding a pink out day at the capitol today, bringing together leaders and celebrities to stress women's reproductive health services. construction crews are breaking ground to build the golden state warriors new home in san francisco, the ceremony kicks off at noon and features warriors head coach, steve, and star forward, kevin durant. we will have traffic and weather in a moment. what's coming. life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going, sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here.
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to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. good morning, everybody, 7:57, lets look at the bay area roads, heavy traffic at holiday light is over. bay bridge toll plaza, the lights on the mesa downtown will
7:58 am
take you up to 25 minutes. oakland eastbound 580 before fruitvael, a car fire blocking the three left lanes and the car is engulfed in flames here. we will keep an eye on this, you have back up in boast directions 580 in that area. moving to san mateo bridge hayward to foster city, 42 minute commute between 880 and 101, give yourself some extra time. expect 10-minute delays on bart system wide and cap corridor delayed, 527 for 21 minutes. brian. good morning, partly cloudy skies, but futurecast shows what is in store, and this afternoon looks okay, increasing high clouds by tomorrow and, wham, look what happens wednesday evening during the evening commute. we get pretty good rain into the bay area. it is brief but heavy. that is tomorrow. today looks okay. 54 vallejo, 60 san jose. extended forecast, wednesday, friday, sunday, all wet.
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8:01 am
violence stem from a personal dispute when two security guards. 2016 baseball champions in his last official event. at his official house right now, white house. >> encapsulated in game five when david ross and john lester faced each other and said i love you man. he said i love you, too. it was sort of like an obama/biden moment. here is shocking news. ringling brothers and barnum and ailey is apparently shutting .own. they don't think that they can couete against a trump presidency. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
eight more president-elect rump's cabinet nominees will t more presi week at their confirmation hearings. three have put themselves into irect conflict with the e have dirs they seek to head. secretary of energy nominee rick nates proposed eliminating that department in 2011 when he was governor of texas. scott pruitt nominated for the epa administrator is a imate changege skeptic, suing he agency several times and congressman tom price, a strong aitic of obamacare has a hearing to be secretary of health and human services ctedrrow. this morning, congressman price faces questions of insider trading. early last year he bought stock in zimmer biomet. days later, he sbrusd a price to zlay regulation that would be harmful to the company. zimmer bichlt omet then later donated to his fund. the company had no knowledge of trumps zimmer biomet purchase.
8:03 am
cbs has reach ed out to both price and the trump transition team and have not heard word back. and, whed economic forum just got under way. xi jinping made a strong call for globalization, never mentioning the president-elect forectly but said no one would mentions a winner in a global trade war. >> the chinese leader urged emergees not to pursue their own interests at the expense of others, pursuing protectionism tionism locking oneself in a king room and vowed that china will keep its doors wide open nd not close it. she also asked nations that sign the paris agreement to stick to it. mr. trump has questioned that to . european leaders are uestione criticizing the president-elect for his comments >> on nato and britain's exit from the european union. from the london times and tabloid bild, number one it was he sa numbere because it was designed many, many years ago.
8:04 am
desi number two, the countries aren't tying what they're supposed to cou ey're suppforeign minister said pay.comments were viewed with anxiety. the president-elect also predicted that the european union is likely to lose more members. with french president francois plland said europe does not need outside advice to tell it what to do. thoundreds of thousands will descend on washington. between 700,000 and 900,000 are pected to a attend the wearing-in ceremony. more than 63 organizations plan to hold demonstrations that day and more than 28,000 law enforcement officer will be on duty. .> chair of the presidential inaugural committee and founder lobalrth star, global real estate and management firm, long-time friend and business partner of president-elect ofmp, who joins us now from washington. p.od morning. u good morning, charlie. how are you? good >> good morning. you us what you can about the tresident, what kind of call to action he wants to make in his
8:05 am
inaugural address, and will we addresk not what you can do for your country, ask not what your dontry can do, but what you can dofor your country? >> absolutely. is, look, this is a o is jent-elect who is just anxious to get back to work. what you're going to hear in his inaugural address is a switch from candidate to president. he is now the president for the here.ituency that got him here ncy who constituency who was skeptical. so when we talk about the issues that divide us or the issues t unitnite us, we're going to see that he's focusing on the issues that unite us. and all the controversy and all the skepticism that continues from the campaign in a typically vanican way will vanish in that oment of power transferring from partisan to partisan in the most peaceful, democratic manner ner tthe world has ever seen.
8:06 am
>> yeah. >> you can imagine the obamas ng out out at 11:00 in the morning and the trumps moving in at 2:00. it doesn't happen this way anywhere. >> chinese president xi jinping in davos this morning said that globalization is important, that trade is important, and that, in fact, without global trade, economies will be in severe problem. it's like being in a dark room. are we looking at a conflict between china and the trump administration from the get-go? >> no. i think you're looking at rebalancing. you're going to have a secretary of state designee tillerson, secretary of defense designee, general mattis, who are the best in the world. and what has to happen with china is an equal playing field. the chinese have a 30-year plan. and they can outwait us. and we have a 30-day plan.
8:07 am
you're going to see a president-elect who understands how to level the playing field. with china, it's a matter of -- >> chinese don't think that you level the playing field by changing the one china policy that's been in effect and has been supported by all previous administrations. >> it doesn't matter what the chinese think and it doesn't work. america first. we're drawing clear lines. if you want to send your goods to us and buy our debt, we just want an equal playing field. currency manipulation is not really the issue, right? currency is working the other way today. intellectual property, the enforcement of trademark rights. and the ability to have a true bilateral negotiation is what it's about. and it's simply a negotiation. we now outsource our trade policy to third-party entities. it's not going to happen anymore. appenu said, tom, he will go illm candidate to president, can there will be a change. what kind of change do you mean?
8:08 am
aw will he be different in your opinion as someone who knows him well? ho look, i think the -- when he sits on that west platform and puts his hand on both of those bibles, and the power of the free world, folks of the free the ffocuses on him, i think e a're going to see a man who says, you know, the test of me as a president is going to be my efficacy to the constituency who got me here. immigration, domestic policy, health care need to be addressed. and my reach to a foreign diplomatic world that is curious about how soft or how firm my yands are going to be. and i think you're going to see acadrie of new administrative ecretaries that know how to work the system. th that's what washington is perrified by. you have to keep chipping away at these bureaucracies.
8:09 am
that ways why the founders have created a form where we change every four years. everybody has to pay their fair share. it's just simple. >> tom, can i ask you about the president-elect's choice to lead the health and human services department, congressman tom price? it's been reported that he, last year, purchased shares in a medical device company and then introduced a bill to help that company. does that raise questions and concerns for you about insider trading? >> look it doesn't for me. i don't know the facts. i know tom. he's first class. we're so fortunate to have him. all i can tell you about this process is it's so punitiveely penetrating that men and women who have engaged in business or engaged in the administration of any of these entities find
8:10 am
themselves in precarious positions because the perception of impropriety lurks everywhere. tom is a first-class person. he has first-class values. i think he will prevail in this. the process of which we put these men and women through is absolutely difficult. >> tom barrett, thank you. we'll see you in washington on friday. thank you, sir. >> thanks for your time. cbs news will have all-day coverage of the inauguration friday, beginning right here on "cbs this morning." as you know, we will be in washington, d.c. first we want to hear your message to president-elect trump as he prepares to take office. it's an initiative we're calling "dear president trump." you can call 646-926-1cbs or #de #dearpresidenttrump on instagram. remembering the last man to wa walk on the moon.
8:11 am
former astronaut gene cernan. he originally had doubts that he thad ever make it to the moon makace, he once told cbs. >> i don't believe once we got volveded that any of us thought wewould make it. but as soon as you get involved in it, as soon as you get nvolved with the people who believe they can do which many ught at thatht at that time was impossible, you realize it can be done. >> gene cernan's family said he had ongoing health issues. he was 82 years old. the common cold is spreading in classrooms across the country. her dr. tara narullah is in the green,,
8:12 am
8:13 am
denzel washington and denzel washington and viola davis both give critically acclaimed performances in the movie "fences." >> everything that boy do he do for you. he wants you to say good job, son. that's all. >> ain't got time for that, rose. he's alive. he's healthy. he's got to make his own way. i made mine. ain't nobody going to hold his hand when he get out there in the world. >> ahead, denzel shares the secret of their on-camera chemistry that started on the broadway stage. the secret to the on scene chemistry. that's on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. full of the great foods i love. and at weight watchers, i don't have to choose between weight loss and living well. i live well, while losing weight. it is easier than it's ever been, and not one day have i felt deprived. most important, it works! join for free and get one month free.
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♪ ferris -- >> he doesn't a fever but he says his stomach hurts and she's seeing spots. >> what's the matter, ferris? >> papa -- ♪ >> ooh. >> i'm fine. i'll get up. >> no! >> no! >> ferris bueller faked his way into a sick day. but it's no joke when parents have to decide whether their child is too sick for school. a new poll found that parents rely on three main criteria.
8:18 am
60% say your child's condition could get worse. 47% say the illness may spread to classmates. and 37% whether their child will miss important work. our dr. narula is here with important advise. when should parents keep their children home? >> this isn't straightforward. my husband and i was just talking about our 4-year-old who was vomiting. there are recommendations out there. the american academy of pediatrics said if your child is not comfortably able to play and be active, they should say home. and if they require care from staff they should stay home and could spread to other kids. at the end of the day, it's common sense, do you know your kid. >> and what factor does a child's age play into it? i've had this back in the day,
8:19 am
how sick are you? i've got to go to work. how sick are you? >> right. as mentioned, the age defines how the parents deal with it. if they're younger kids the parents tend to worry about are they going to get worse. are they going to spread it to someone else. when they're older, i don't know if they should miss on the school work. are they going to fall behind. and the work issue matters, too. what do you do? you have to not go to work. it's a big deal. in this survey, 11% of parents were worried about missing work. 18% were worried about not having anyone to stay home with their kids. >> the question is how ask you add to the common sense of the parents? >> what can you do? call your pediatrician, that's one to help you triage. if your child as a runny stuffy nose, acting and behaving well they can go to school.
8:20 am
fever greater than 101, behavorial changes, listless, not breathing well. diarrhea, that's a big one. vomiting more than two times in 24 hours. these are some of the things you might want to say maybe i should keep him home. strep throat or antibiotics. >> are there any positive side effects of getting sick? >> sounds like you were told to go to school while sick. it can develop a healthy immune system. >> we're all going to get sick, right? >> right. >> you get a healthier immune system. >> well, stay home and rest if you're sick. your body needs it. >> immunity is good. >> immunity is. >> thank you, tara. ahead, the massive crack i an ice shelf that is forcing scientists in antarctica to evacuate. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. what pulled hammy?
8:21 am
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,,,, ,,
8:24 am
,,,, scientists stationed at the bottom of the world are preparing for an evacuation this morning. new pictures show a massive crack in an antarctic ice shelf ten miles from the halley research station. there is no immediate risk for people at the station but officials are not sure if the station remains stable. an evacuation t during the winter months would be early
8:25 am
impo nd faculty in oakland and berkeley.. are calling for all bay area schools to close on friday.. in protest of donald trump good morning, 8:25, i am kenny choi, students and faculty at oakland and berkeley are calling for all bay area schools to close friday in protest of donald trump's inaugeration. play plan to demonstrate for 120 hours straight to show opposition to trump's win. tonight we could be one step closer to a new ice skating rink on the peninsula, authorities have been talking about a new facility since bridge port rink shut down in 2013, city council will hear public comments and look at the proposal 7:00 tonight. we have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,, ,,
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning, it is 8:27. do you have strong coffee and good music to get you through the bay area commute? lets look at our morning roads with the bay bridge toll plaza, lights on, traffic back towards the maze, mesa downtown will now take you 20 minutes and if you are traveling in oakland, here is eastbound 580 before fruit vail avenue, the fire is out but crews are still blocking the left lane here. you have traffic moving at just about 20 miles an hour. expect delays in that area. if you are moving along the san mateo bridge, expect a very slow commute, almost 40 minutes from
8:28 am
hayward to foster city. a system-wide delay of 10 minutes due to earlier equipment problems, h-train is on time. expect capital corridor delay on 527. good tuesday morning, lets get a view from the satellite which shows things looking partly cloudy over the bay area, but the low pressure finally begins to beat up on the high, and that means we are going to increase the high clouds later tonight. rain will return for wednesday. later on wednesday. rain gusting winds 30 miles an hour friday and sunday, two more storms are due in. forecast highs for today, today will be dry. 59 in oakland. 54 vallejo, 58 free mont. scattered forecast, increasing clouds lead to rain by tomorrow night and thursday, isolated showers, more rain coming in by the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour. this is good stuff, actor denzel washington will be here in his latest role in his critically acclaimed -- is that how you say it? critically acclaimed movie. >> yeah. movie with viola davis. why he believes now it's time for audiences to appreciate her brilliance. plus, the best-selling author behind the popular divergent movie and book series. ahead why veronica ross believes fans of "star wars" are going to
8:31 am
love her sci-fi book. the headlines, donald trump does not plan to use the potus twitter handle as president. he said he wants to build up his personal account. 20 million followers. president obama has more than 13 million followers on the official white house account. he has more than 80 million on his personal account. >> do you think donald trump likes competition and being number one? do you think so? >> you mean his twitter account. we'll see. good housekeeping reports on a scary discovery inside a popular teething toy for babies. a mom in new jersey cut open her son's giraffe because it smelled musty. oh, my gosh, she found black mold inside. the manufacturer said so muchie is designed especially for the safety of your child and complies with all worldwide safety standards. >> mothers everywhere are
8:32 am
cutting so muchcut columbia, south carolina. chicago didn't even crest the top ten. denzel washington is one of hollywood's highest grossing actors. he's won two oscars and two golden globes. and last year he received the cecil b. demille lifetime achievement award. he is expected to have a successful night at the academy awards. here's a look at his incredible career. >> listen up, i'm coach boom. i'm going to tell you all about how much fun you're going to have this season. >> reporter: denzel washington and his ability to be both
8:33 am
versatile and familiar has made him one of hollywood's most sought-after stars. >> we're in a dive. we have lost vertical control. >> reporter: for more than three decades he's been bringing iconic men to life like leader malcolm x. >> we didn't land on plymouth rock. plymouth rock landed on us. >> reporter: the hurricane. he won a golden globe for that one. >> i've been locked up in here. >> reporter: denzel earned his first golden globe, an oscar, a former slave turned union army soldier in the 1989 film "glory." >> ain't much the matter what happens tomorrow. >> reporter: his many roles as a good guy have endeared him to audiences and critics but denzel who once said the bad guys have
8:34 am
all the fun have played his share of those. as a corrupt cop in "training day" which earned him his second oscar. >> king kong ain't got -- on me. >> reporter: and american gangster. >> my money. >> reporter: his late of the film adaptation of wilson pulitzer prize "fences" has been lauded by critics and moviegoers. >> you've got a roof over your head. >> yes, sir. >> clothes on your back? >> yes, sir. >> why do you think that it? >> 'cause of you. >> yeah, 'cause of me but why do you think that is? >> because you like me? >> denzel washington, yes, won a tony award for best actor. in the revival of "fences" we're so glad you're here. >> i wish the audience could be,
8:35 am
part of the fun is watching you watch the clip and reciting the lines. what's is like? >> i don't sit at home and watch. >> i'm sure you don't. let's talk about "fences" i saw you on broadway, on stage. i saw you in the movie. you like the story, you like auguste wilson, you like all of the above? >> i love august wilson. and the opportunity for the play. susan henderson. >> viola davis. >> and michael. >> and you're a director in this, too? >> well, i mean, he wrote a masterpiece. and he's one of the, i think, top five, you know, tennessee williams, arthur miller, august wilson. >> were you worried about that,
8:36 am
so iconic, pulling it off? >> no, because we had done the play and success with the play i knew we could do it. >> it was a challenge. >> yes, a motivating factor. because it's not easy. >> no. >> no. every morning after about 2 1/2 hours sleep i'd pop up, panicking about the shots i didn't do. and immediately start working on them on the next day. >> what did you see in troy that reminded you of your family, your own father? >> my father was nothing like troy other than he was working class. he was a real gentleman. i father wasn't a yeller or screamer, nothing like that. not highly educated. made some of the same suggestions to me, like get a good trade. he told me -- he worked for the department of water and power, whatever they called it in new york. talked about getting me a job there. in 25 years i'd be a supervisor
8:37 am
or something. >> did he live to see you become the star you became? >> i remember going to -- he passed away in virginia. i remember being down there and going in the store. and he was saying to people, do you know who that is do you know who that is? and they didn't. that's my son. i'm denzel washington jr. for him that was a big deal. >> you and viola davis together on stage and on the screen, there seems to be a special chemistry between the two of you. am i reading it right? >> she is just one of the great actors of all time now happens to be her time. i've known it -- many of us have own it for years. now, bigger audiences are getting to witness her greatness. >> it was so great to see her win the golden globe. and she thanked you specifically. she also mentioned telling everybody on the set everybody day, remember the love. what do you mean by that?
8:38 am
>> because, especially for the actors who have done the play. we've done it together, i didn't want everybody to start what we finished. if you don't care about their relationship to begin with. or if you don't believe that they really love each other, then the betrayal doesn't mean anything. >> did you have something to say to viola because it happened to you with sidney, didn't it? >> what do you mean? >> sidney gave you good advice. and you give her good advice. >> yeah, still does -- i mean, what are you going to tell viola davis? act better? >> what did sidney tell you? >> what he told me, the first four or five films you make will determine how you proceed in this business. he didn't tell me whatnot to do. he didn't say don't do that role. >> just remember. >> just remember. >> you know, denzel, you're
8:39 am
pretty good advice. i never forget an interview i did with you with oprah magazine. you have four kids you said you tell them do what you want to do. i love that. i walked out of there and said that to my kids. what does that mean, how does that play out, do what you got to do. >> they wanted to go out and play. you got to do and then you can do what you want do. then you're free to do what you want to do. >> now, there's a show on hbo called "ballers." there's a guy called john david washington. >> absolutely. >> is he your favorite character? ricky's character is really good. >> you know, he's making a mark for himself, as all my children are. >> yeah. >> we're proud of him. >> did you want him to get in the business. your wife's in the business, too, she's an actress. >> i didn't see it coming. but i'm not surprised.
8:40 am
my wife's just a movie buff. she watches everything. so, the kids have grown up watching movies. so, they got it there. >> how is directing for you? >> i love seeing other people do it. i grew up as a coach. so, directing is a natural for me. because i've never been an out-front person. it's still interesting how my career and life has turned out because i've never been that person. i'm more i want to see everybody else do well. now, i have the opportunity. >> congratulations. we're very excited. can't wait for the oscar night. thank you, thank you. "fences" playing in theaters right now wherever you like to see your favorite movies. the author of a popular divergent trilogy that became hollywood's blockbuster. isn't finished yet. veronica ross in the toyota
8:41 am
green room.,,
8:42 am
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8:45 am
"divergent" series. that trilogy has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide. that's a lot of books, veronica. all three books were turned nto blockbuster movies. and grossed more than $740 million at the box office all around the world. now veronica roth is releasing her next adult marvel called "carve the mark." it's a two-part. veronica roth joins us at the table with her great brain. there's a lot going on in your brain. you started writing at 10 and 11. what did you know at 10 and 11 that you liked this writing? >> well, i loved to read as a kid. i took my book in the shower. i had a copy of harry potter, the first one it's all rippled. but mostly, my mom like wouldn't allow us to be bored. that is not something we were allowed to complain about.
8:46 am
she got us kits, art kits. and building kits. one was a book making kit. it had hard pages and you could send it away to get bound. and i thought, maybe i can do it. i didn't actually end up making that book. i did go on our old, old computer -- well, it was new at the time. >> did you go to people for guide when you decided you wanted to be a writer? >> not really. not at first. it wasn't until high school i had a teacher who told me you should really do something with this and fill out your college transcripts because all of your leisure time is taken up by this hobby and you have nothing to show for it. >> you take a creative writing course. and on winter break you write a successful book that gets you published at 23. >> yeah. >> it's amazing. >> it was kind of a crazy time. >> 35 million copies. >> i know. what did you learn in that creative writing course? what grade did you get? >> you know, i did all right.
8:47 am
but i was surrounded by incredibly talented people. and i think there was an idea that i couldn't get a book published -- like the better you are, the more you'll be successful. i don't think that's actually how it works. the people around me in that class are incredibly talented. >> how was it not ameritocracy. >> well, every who writes works really hard. they're published and incredibly talented. and not everyone gets attention that they deserve. >> what's the x fact, what is it among those people who make it and those who don't if talent is not a distinguishing factor? >> i don't know. i think i would call it timing. >> luck and timing? >> yeah. >> talk about the new book "carve the mark." what does "carve the mark" mean? >> "carve the mark" is a phrase that's repeated throughout the
8:48 am
book where the characters are not sure it's the right thing they've done. there's a lot of moral ambiguity in the book. a young man is kidnapped. he learns that the people are people are not necessarily true. they're actually more complicated than he thought. >> you say fans of "star wars" and "divergent" will love this. >> well, hopefully. >> if you like "star wars," you'll like my book. >> oh, my gosh, it's a little too general. it's a space adventure that focuses on families. i think that's what's appealing about "star wars." >> but 28, i'm fascinated about that, i think go you. i'm fascinated by creative writing classes. there's something that is you get out in that class. >> that class taught me how to receive criticism. that's something that can be very difficult. >> and h veronica roth, thank you for
8:49 am
being here. "carve the mark" is available today. ,,,, ,, ,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
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♪ this is not what they used to call a barn dance. this facebook video shows a farmer in new york state dancing to cia's cheap thrills. this has been viewed more than 6
8:53 am
million times. >> he says he's doing it for his back. >> it helps h,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i am kenny choi, time is 8:55, the widow of the orlando nightclub gunman is set to appear in federal court in oakland this morning, prosecutors accuse noor salman of misleading police about the attack, charged with aiding and abetting, and abinstruction of justice. students and-- obstruction of justice. students and faculty at oakland and berkeley are calling for schools to close friday for donald trump's inaugeration, they plan to demonstrate 120 hours straight. construction crews are breaking ground to build the golden state warrior home in san francisco, kicking off at noon with head coach steve and kevin durant.
8:56 am
,,,, ,,,, ,, ,,
8:57 am
good morning, it is 8:57, trouble in the east bay. oakland we have a stalled big rig causing slow downs on 880. that is the southbound side at 23rd avenue. it is blocking the right lane there and cars are moving about 23 miles an hour. you see on the other side, 14 miles an hour on northbound 880
8:58 am
in oakland as well. very slow conditions along the way. here is a live look, into the peninsula, 880 to 101, 32 minutes. 10-minute delay downtown oakland into the peninsula. good morning on tuesday morning, starting with partly cloudy skies around the bay area. give way to increasing high clouds this afternoon and that means rain coming in tomorrow. first in the north bay spreading south, gusting windwise this too. this is for tomorrow. we will be dry today. to sum it up, partly sunny today, increasing clouds for tonight and rain and wind for wednesday, another system comes in friday and a third coming in on sunday. high temperatures for today, not bad. mostly upper 50s, in the extended forecast, though, it gets wet on wednesday and pretty much stays that way, on again, off again rain wednesday right through the weekend.
8:59 am
9:00 am
jonathan: it's time for the 8th annual dealy awards. not scheduled to appear-- jennifer lawrence, chris hemsworth, george clooney, and oprah winfrey. now here's your host for the 8th annual dealy awards, wayne brady. wayne: hey, everybody. welcome to "let's make a deal." welcome to the 8th annual dealy awards. i remember when the dealy awards... our very first dealy awards, i remember it like it was eight seasons ago. all right, let's see who's on the red carpet today. everybody's favorite pink clad person, isabella. come on over here, isabella. everybody have a seat. welcome to the dealy awards, isabella. - welcome, thank you, hi. wayne: welcome, thank you, hi. now, what do you do? - i'm an independent living specialist. wayne: an independent living specialist.


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