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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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washington, d.c. >> something that i woke up, i called my girlfriend and we were like we have to do this. we have to do this. we cannot step back and let people do this for us. >> reporter: she will unite with other women around the country wearing symbolic pink hats. >> we're not going away quietly. >> we're going to be the woman of the station. >> i talked to my daughter and i said jessica we have to go to this. >> reporter: a grandmother in hawaii came up with the idea and created an event on facebook in november. now about 200,000 are expected to march. >> what is your concern. >> we're here and they're not going to be able to ignore us. i just hope people don't give up. >> reporter: margaret walked in the march to washington. she's now 70 and says it's hard to believe the battle is not over. >> makes it very sad. very sad time. >> reporter: on the events
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official website, organizers say the rhetoric of the past election cycle has insulted, demonized and threatened many of us. this march is the first step toward unifying the community. grounded in new relationships to create change from the grass roots level up. >> i feel like as a woman and as a majority for many many years, i'm with joe biden on this one. you should be mad and i am mad. i'm standing behind that statement. i can't depend on other people to stand up for me. and for other women. >> reporter: hennagrin's son and husband will be attending other protest marchs throughout the bay area. >> my mom raised me to embrace diversity and inclusion and now i'm getting to put that into practice. >> reporter: i spoke to another woman in the bay area who is going to washington, d.c. she says let's make it clear i'm
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not going to protest the inauguration or race results, i'm going to bring attention to women. >> the sister marchs will start in san francisco city hall at 3:00 p.m. reporter macy jenkins was there for the pink out rally. >> reporter: supporters came out for pink out day here at the state capital. republican leadership in washington has vowed to defund the organization under the new administration. today, state legislators and celebrities took the stage to speak out in support of the legislation. >> we're all uncertain and it's really scary but i feel we've been through a lot already. we can get through this as long
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as we do it together. >> reporter: today a resolution to remove planned parenthood passed on the floor. new at 6:00, he was the last person to escape the oakland warehouse fire alive but he's not in the clear just yet. sam maxwell managed to send out a text to his mom saying she had survived but little did he know his fight for survival was just beginning. kpix5's suzy stimel joining us from outside the hospital where he just spoke to maxwell's parents. >> reporter: he is out of his medical induced coma but he can't talk yet so they are telling him story. >> reporter: every day they wake up and live the same nightmare over and over again.
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>> i woke up at 2:00 in the morning. and i want to either punch somebody or just cry. >> it's like a ground hog feeling, you wake up and it's the same story. you keep wanting it to have a different ending and you wake up the next day and it's still the same story. >> reporter: their son, sam maxwell was the last to escape the warehouse fire. >> he texted me sometime in the middled of the night. and it said i'm alive, i'm out. >> reporter: he suffered physical burns but had so much smoke inhalation that he was taken in. two weeks ago he woke up. >> i am fully convinced that if he had not been transferred here if he had been some where else, he would have died. and i would have lost him.
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>> he's very frustrated because he finds himself waking up, his brain is waking up in a body that is not responding to his command. >> reporter: sam still can't talk. all of his muscles have atrophy from the coma so he has to learn to make every physical motion once again. but his parents know they're lucky he's still with them. it's still unclear how long getting back to normal will take. >> when sam got to the hospital, doctors kept predicting how long he was going to be here. every time they made a prediction it turned out to be wrong. he's on the road to recovery. >> he can take as long as he needs to take. >> sam's parents also say he's always been an activist for the artist community in oakland and they say once he is healed, that's exactly what he'll go back to doing. we're live in san francisco. another long road to recovery for two famed bay area musicians. on thursday two members of the band tower of power were hit by
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an amtrak train on their way to a gig at a bar. the two are both stable but mott is still in critical condition. organizers are hoping to raise money for their rehabilitation costs. the event kicks off at 8:00 in oakland. a bay area woman is missing and her family believes she may have driven into the sacramento river. witnesses saw a car go into the river near i10 on sunday morning. but as kelly ryan tells us, the missing woman's family is getting few answers. >> reporter: this is where witnesses saw the car. they simply can't get to it now to get the car out or a possible victim and may not be able to for days. >> she's been in there three days. and she's going to be in there another two days. it's not right. >> reporter: contelli is the
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brother of michelle johnson. he and other family members came outlooking for answers on the disappearance of his sister. >> her car went in the water and we're just all upset that she has to stay in there till thursday. >> reporter: there isn't a dive team available and the weather and water conditions are just too dangerous to try to reach the vehicle. a department spokesperson confirms johnson made a 911 call just after 9:00 monday night. >> she made a distress phone call to them as well as the other people made a distress phone call to the 911. >> reporter: there were witnesses to the accident with one man trying to rescue her. >> tried to go in the water to help her. as he tried to help her, the car started going down, it started going under water. >> reporter: the fire
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department went out but the water was too dangerous to go in. >> my best friend is still in that river. >> reporter: divers hope to get to that vehicle by thursday but now with weather coming in it may be more like saturday. all right, kelly ryan reporting now. quick working chp officers rescued a man from a burning car this morning in oakland. the driver had hit a center divider but officers got him out just as the car started burning. the driver was treated for minor injuries. the officers believe the driver may have suffered a medical emergency when he crashed. protests across the trump inauguration threatening to disrupt the classroom. the plea from bay area parents to shut down that school friday. and a relative rushes to salman's defense. what he says proves she was in
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the attack about the attack. and roads closed today, crews apparently caught up from the last storm damage. the rush today to get ahead of the next round. the storms moving in starting tomorrow. coming up for you just after this break. be sure to stay tuned.
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tracking towards the bay area. we're expecting decent rain b
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. kpix 5 repor well we are back on storm watch. the first of three storms is tracking toward the bay area. we are expecting decent rain by this time tomorrow. >> reporter: the storms have left this redwood severely leaning. and it's putting homes in jeopardy. there was no saving it so for a tree that had been here well before the civil war it was time to go. >> that was awesome. >> do you feel safer now that the tree is down? >> absolutely. there's nothing there that can damage my home now. >> reporter: get ready for
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wednesday's storms, caltrans installed a temporary net to catch anything else that might come down at the same location. that netting will stop boulders up to the size of about a beach ball. anything bigger than that, good luck. >> but if we have a major landslide like we had last monday there is very little systems that could prevent that. >> reporter: they're doing some work but do expect some mud slides if there's a lot of rain in these upcoming storms. >> elizabeth cook is in the newsroom tracking other places preparing for the storms. >> reporter: that's right, allen, and the recent break from the rain not enough time for orinda. the city had to issue a warning after a sink hole opens.
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the repairs could take close to four weeks and be close to $3 million. it's a similar story in pacifica. public works predict it will take six weeks to fix a sink hole there. this is near highway 1. the 40- foot hole was carved out after the deluge of rain. this is the second time the hole has opened up in a matter of months. this is the latest look at the park in livermore. last month water dumping debris on picnic areas. the park is still closed and no word when it will reopen. right now reservations have been cancelled through the 30th but it could be extended. emily turner joins us now. you look at those temperatures and see all of that damage. >> it's not going to be as intense. it's going to be a regular january slump. certainly not something you can feel like no worries. >> forget it. right. yeah. >> you have to go through one,
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two and three. as you look outside right now live out of the transamerica tower. it's starting to get cloudy out there. today was a pretty chilly day. actually look at our highs any where over the morgan hill and san jose, you were below average. so, cooler temperature that is we saw today that will continue. looking at our high def doppler, you can see the first round of storms has already hit northern california. goes all the way south of san francisco offshore. so we're keeping a close eye so we can time out when we will see it in our area. our radar will show you when it's timed out. all around this low pressure system. this set of storms is set to hit us over the next seven days. and more will be moving in tomorrow likely in your commute. 7:00 tonight, mostly cloudy. everywhere in the bay area. and then moving into the morning hours, even more cloudy then we'll start to see the
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storms in the north bay area, but it will slowly make their way into the rest of the bay area throughout the day. look at all the coalready on this screen right now. moving into 7:00 tomorrow night. everywhere in the bay area is going to be seeing rain very likely. potentially severe rain. so your commute tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening excuse me, is going to be wet. also it will be windy. we have a high wind alert tomorrow. now, we're going to move some winds out of the -- we're going to see some winds out of the south. gusts up to 60 miles per hour. folks you need to be keeping an eye on power lines and trees because the land is saturated and when the winds blow those could topple over. a few showers wednesday morning. then it'll be windy and rainy in the afternoon. and it'll get even more intense as we move into the evening hours. our highs tomorrow will be at or below the average.
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51degrees in napa. 52 in pacifica. freemont 55 degrees. safe to say you'll pretty much be in the 50s tomorrow. tomorrow again, our storms will move in with that wind and rain followed right behind it showers on thursday. then friday is when oursecond round of storms will move in. we will have a brief break on saturday. but, not like beautiful skies. so if you have something to do outside saturday is the day to do it. sunday the next round of storms moves in. and tuesday, you can breathe a sigh of relief. yes it will likely start clearing up by mid-time next week. but we have one, two and three that we have to get through before that. >> thanks, emily. the highest paid mayor in the country works right here in the bay area. it's according to a report by american city business owner, ed lee is the highest paid mayor of a major u.s. city.
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he makes $289,000 a year. los angeles mayor eric garcetti came in second followed by houston mayor silvester turner and new york mayor deblasio. the former homeland security secretary has been under going treatment since august but no details were provided on that. she is expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days. when he is not playing football, derek carr is helping police catch down missing children. over the weekend he retweeted a postabout a missing toddler to his 247,000 followers. a short time later, officers tracked down that toddler thanks to help from a twitter
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post. and they thanked carr by posting on twitter and carr responded by saying, thanks for letting me know the child is safe. god bless y'all. jumping through hoops, still in search of a head coach. this man is now on the top of their list. why the 49ers might have to wait for his answer coming up. ,,,,,,
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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atlanta falcons offensive kyle shanahan onc the 49ers reportedly plan off of their head coaching job the atlanta falcons kyle shanahan once the atlanta season ends. shanahan is the son of former head coach mike shanahan. cal introduced their new head coach and if he needs any advice he's got a hall of famer
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on speed dial. his dad dave wilcox was a 49er linebacker for 11 years. >> my dad is in the hall of fame but, i didn't know him as a hall of famer i knew him as a hall of farmer. we didn't talk about football, he didn't make me watch videos of him or look at his trophies. i think he's excited now. >> he's going to need his dad's advice over there. if the warriors change their name from golden state warriors to san francisco warriors you can bet it's going to take me a while to correct it. >> i'm so excited to be with
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the san diego chargers -- oops the l.a. chargers. and i remember when i was a player and my coach said, i need to talk to you. this man is already talking to me about coaching should i take it as a compliment? >> that's the ultimate compliment from coach walsh. and beat him by five points. today they broke ground on their new san francisco arena. >> our team today our roster, the other guys are practicing. kevin and i are taking the day off. i think we earned it up to last night. >> steve kerr and kevin durant were part of today's ground breaking. but kerr acknowledged there's always a chance he won't be around in 2019 to enjoy the
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finished product. >> i'm also an nba coach so i'm well aware that this building is going to take about three years to build. so the chances of me standing on the sidelines for the opening are slim to hopeful. >> i think the coach can coach as long as he wants to. the san francisco warriors. >> another championship he'll be around for quite a while. >> it seems like just yesterday they were doing the ground breaking on at&t park. >> that's true. >> now right down the road to the arena. in our next half hour of news. the wife of the orlando club gunman appears in court facing charge that is could send her to prison for life. why her uncle says she is the real victim. and manning set to walk
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free early. the last minute pardon to a former giant star. and a local airport seeing one of its biggest growth spurt ever. how the business boom will benefit bay area travelers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people inside an orlando nightclub our top story at 6:30, the wife of the man who killed 49 people inside an orlando nightclub appeared in court today. noor salman has been charged with obstructing an investigation. >> reporter: inside the courtroom noor salman was quiet, she looked disheveled but outside her uncle was outspoken and defended his niece. >> i know, i know she's innocent. >> reporter: outside salman's uncle said his niece is the victim. >> if someone is guilty he needs to pay for it. but not an innocent person because she had no idea. >> reporter: yesterday the fbi
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arrested salman at the rodeo home she was staying with her mother. sketches show her wearing gray sweat pants and t-shirt. prosecutors told the judge, salman knew that her husband was planning the attack. and her uncle says that the texts she got that night are proof that she did not know. >> he responds, she said don't you see the news. she told him no. and he said i love you babe. and he hang up. that's all she knows. >> reporter: before police killed him in a shoot out, mateen pledged to isis. >> we have a justice system here and when they look at everything, they know she's going to be free.
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>> reporter: and salman's lawyers say their client is innocent. she is expected back in court tomorrow morning for her arraignment. in oakland, i'm jessica flores. and president obama pardoning hundreds of inmates and convicted criminals as he preparing to leave office. but one name is causing controversy. >> reporter: the name is chelsea manning. it was not a pardon but a commutation. the news did not sell well with some in washington but it was accepted. and the white house says the
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former national security agency contractor snowden never submitted the required documents for clemency. snowden now lives in russia. and finally, giants legend willie mccubby who knew. he was pardoned for a 1995 tax evasion conviction. he paid a fine then and served two years probation from failing to report income from autographs. trump's cabinet picks are in the second week of confirmation hearings. this week, the nominee to lead the interior. >> i'm an admirer of teddy roosevelt. and believe he had a right when
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he placed under correction many of our acres and set aside many of our national forests. >> reporter: trump's election for education secretary betsy de voss is facing tough questions. she serves as chairman of the american federation of children and is an advocate for school vouchers. we are just three days away until the presidential inauguration. there's a live look at the capital's preparations in full swing. our melissa cane will be there to cover the inauguration for king 5. you're going to be there but not everybody is going to be there. >> reporter: that's right.
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right now a number of members of congress are planning to boycott the election. most of those congress people are from california. so far 13 members of congress from california are boycotting the ceremony. they make up about 1/3 of the 45 total people skipping the event. on nearly 1 million people are expected to attend the ceremony and thousands of them are going to be there to protest. dozens of groups are organizing rallies around the national mall and near the parade rout. 28,000 law enforcement agencies will be on hand to keep people safe. mr.trump is working with steven miller to write his speech. according to politico the speech will focus on structural problems throughout the country and it will outline trump's agenda for the first 100 days. that's the u.s. marine band they're playing. the marine band is called the president's own and they're
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gearing up for the big day. today they were hard at work preparing for the inauguration. there will be dozens of events going on throughout the bay area including the protest on friday night. >> we're going to be covering it all. you're going to be covering most of it. >> that's right. i have my mittens, hand warmers. >> scarf everything you need. >> you sound like you're getting sick. >> i know, i have tons of stuff to take. >> be prepared. all right, so keep a watch for melissa's report live from dc they start on thursday. if you are going to dc for the inauguration or anything else we would love to see your pictures you can share them on any of our social media platforms with the hash tag kpix tv. president obama is heading to palm springs right after the inauguration. he will take off after donald trump is sworn in as commander in chief. it's a custom to give the
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outgoing president one last ride on the presidential plane. for this trip it will not be called air force one. since obama will no longer be president. on 60 minutes sunday, obama says he is looking forward to not setting his alarm. that will be nice. student athletes run for their lives. and many escape when the gym roof suddenly collapses during a game. >> and we're learning more about the american killed in a club shooting in mexico. her family reacts to her last words before the attack. ,,,,,,,,
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with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go.
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. repealing obamacare provisions without a replacement plan in place could leave millions of americans without health insurance. the congressional budg repealing obama care could leave millions of americans without health insurance. 18million people could be stripped of health insurance within a year. and premiums would skyrocket. by 2026 the number of uninsured
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could climb to 31 million. as of right now trump is promising to release his plans to release obama care. today the company said it would expand or relocate 60 wal- mart and sam's club stores. this after the retail giant made several announcements last year about job cuts and store shut downs. wal-mart employees employ more workers than any other american business. cell phone video captured the moments after a gunman opened fire. this was at the blue parrot club in playa del carmen. five people were killed including alejandra villanueva who was visiting from denver. we heard from her sister who says she cannot stop thinking
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before alejandra's last moments. >> and i keep thinking of my friend and i'm just in shock still. >> reporter: sunday night's concert was the finale of a 10 day electronic music festival. earlier that day alejandra told her sister how much fun she was having. a nigerian jet crashed. dozens of people may have been killed including red cross aids and members of doctors without borders. no word on what caused the misfire. three years after malaysian flight disappeared over the ocean investigators are calling off the search. this marks the end of the most
6:40 pm
extensive oceanic search ever. this means the families of the 239 people on board still don't have answers. talk about a close call children can be seen running out of this gym in czech republic. they're trying to escape as the roof starts to collapse over them. only two minor injuries were reported. the building was just built and the roof was reportedly covered in snow. now the warriors are a step closer to making their move across the bay. the ceremony that was part construction and part cirque de soleil. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on inauguration brought to you by ma ncini. new at 6:00, there's a call to cancel classs in bay area communities on inauguration day. some educators and activists say they want to send a message to the president-elect. kpix5's john ramos heard the
6:44 pm
arguments and the school district responds. >> we shall not only expect to find them to agree with our view. >> reporter: inauguration day is a day to see peace. but it doesn't seem like there's going to be peace on friday. there's been a call to close schools on friday to protest president-elect trump. >> to act on the day that the worse president in modern history is about to be sworn in. >> reporter: donald trump did win the election according to the rules in place. but those here question the legitimacy of an electoral college system that elected the president to a candidate that got nearly 3 million fewer votes. >> we need a nation that's truly free that means it needs to have the people voting on
6:45 pm
the streets. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district says they supported the first amendment rights of students and teachers but classes will be held as normal. including final exams at some campuses. they say skipping school to protest will be considered an unexexcused absence. >> we plan to have all our students in class and we need the teachers there to teach them to grow and be our leaders. >> reporter: but teachers say they have no plans on conducting business as usual on friday. >> reporter: there's also a call to close uc berkeley on inauguration day. >> we have to shut down the city and our school district to make clear there's no business as usual. >> the group will be holding up signs and handing out fliers on campus this afternoon. we've put in some calls but so
6:46 pm
far uc berkeley has not said whether or not they will close. what you see is not the grand opening of a new cirque du soleil, it's the ground breaking for the warriors new home. >> reporter: today that vision is a reality. this is the future site of the new home of the golden state warriors. >> we're going to build one of the world's greatest gathering places. a place san francisco has never had before. >> reporter: owner and ceo head coach, kerr and kevin durant are a few of the people here to represent the warriors organization. mayor reed was also here. >> i know every one of you is
6:47 pm
excited to be here today. to welcome the golden state warriors home to san francisco. >> reporter: the arena will be part of an 11-acre area filled with restaurants, cafes, and covered parking and bart and nummi stops. but what will happen to oracle? there's even talk of an nba team. the warriors are privately funding this entire project meaning it won't affect the city's general fund or taxes. the chase center will be open for the 2019-2020 season. in san francisco, jackie warren. word cate the state supreme court denied -- word came that
6:48 pm
the supreme court denied an opponent petition for the project. the female hiker fell down, during her fall she managed to stab her ice pick into the snow and break her fall. the crews were finally able to lift her into the chopper to safety. a boy and his dad were out by boca reservoir when he road up an enbankment and fell on to some robs. -- rocks. the fall caused him to severely injure his leg. a chopper was able to get to them and take the boy to the hospital in reno for treatment. california is seeing serious flooding. today nasa is showing us why.
6:49 pm
it just revealed this new animation that shows the atmospheric river. it all starts in the pacific, collecting the moisture as it heads toward the coast. these images captured between january 7 and january 11th. on that note, emily we have another storm on the way. we have three of them actually. >> we have three storms headed our direction. not going to be from the atmospheric river. we're taking a look at the bay bridge. in san francisco dipping into the highs 49 degrees. in the high 40s at concord. we also have 40s in liver mother and santa rosa. if we zoom in, you can see that the site of that storm just a few sprinkles. if you're in the north bay you might actually be seeing a few shower of this burst of three
6:50 pm
storms. they are all lined up right here. it's going to be windy and it's going to be raining. it's all around this low pressure system. storm number one will be hitting us tomorrow in fact, parts of it are already showing up in the north bay. right now, mostly cloudy in the bay area. and then fast forward into your commute tomorrow. around 9:00 mid-morning or so. you can see the front edge of this storm is going to slowly start to sink into the bay area. so you're going to be mostly cloudy and a few sprinkles in the north bay. then moving into the rest of the day. the wind and the rain is going to intensify by your commute home tomorrow. you can see all the storms and it's certainly going to be a wet drive home. so give yourself all the time you need. one to 2-inches in the low lying areas. two to 4-inches in the hills. and in the hills and in the
6:51 pm
mountains potential mud slides because that area is already very saturated from the rain that we've already seen. so your recap, a cloudy night with sprinkles in the bay. the wind and rain is going to intensify going into the afternoon and evening hours. our high temperatures tomorrow pretty much in the 50s no matter where you are. 52 in santa rosa as well as in pacifica. a little warmer in the south bay. 56 in san jose. 52 as well in fairfield and livermore. in the seven day the rain kicks in. several showers on the tail end of that front as it starts to move out. then on friday, we have our second round of storms with a brief break on saturday. so if you have outdoor plans saturday is the day to do it. then our third round of storms are going to move in. friday a few showers, tuesday
6:52 pm
things are going to start to clear out you might see a few showers toward the end of the week. the local airport going to new heights. new flights taking off left and right. the business boom that could lead to some big benefits for travelers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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travelers are looking to mineta international as an alternative to s- f-o and oakland.. z more planes are flying over san jose. >> travelers looking to maneta international will going to -- >> san jose is experiencing one of its biggest growth spurts ever. 2016 saw a 7% increase over the previous year. the growth is expected to continue. this spring maneta is adding four daily fights to burbank,
6:56 pm
two to chicago o'hare. another flight to vancouver charlotte and atlanta. last year san jose added london, and shanghai. >> it's more destinations, it means better fares. >> reporter: the strong silicon valley environment is a draw, so is convenience. >> i would recommend san jose airport any day compared to san francisco. you know just the hectic run around. >> reporter: it might not be as hectic as some airports but it's getting there. >> it's a long walk from the last game all the way over here. >> reporter: san jose is now having to open two more gates which means the walks are about to get everyone longer. in san jose, len ramirez. >> i love flying in and out of those airports. >> for news throughout the
6:57 pm
evening, sffx. enjoy your night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: good, good, good. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day already with a total of $20,000 from right here hotlanta, georgia, it's the porter family. [cheering] and from philadelphia, pa, it's the williams family. [cheering] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might just drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] hey. let's go. give me love,
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