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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  KPIX  January 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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rain in areas of yellow and orange. white is snow in the sierra. in the north bay centered around san rafael for the most part, they are seeing some heavy rain right now. if you are heading north, you are definitely going to have a slog home because i know traffic was back up at 3 p.m. this afternoon headed north and then zooming further south on the peninsula, there's some more heavy storms coming across the peninsula, south san francisco, near burlingame. a third portion where we're seeing significant rainfall is in the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek, scotts valley, heavy rain which is important because they have had several mudslides down there. they don't need to have any more but it is only going to continue to get more saturated as the days go on. we also have a flood advisory in effect so be sure that you're very careful driving home. rain coming down there's new rush to shore up sinkholes and tonight there's new frustration about one that's
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been sit there is for months. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us what is taking so long to fix it. >> reporter: right now we're here in orinda. i want to take you to the sinkhole we are at the edge of it. it's 22 feet deal. and workers are here right now. there is not the only sinkhole causing a headache in the east bay. the massive hole stretches across miner road in orinda swallowing up every raindrop today. crews working in the storm stabilized a 16" water main to be sure this sinkhole doesn't go from bad to worse. >> we'll have pumps and manpower, and we'll just see how bad it gets. >> reporter: a few miles away the nearly year old sinkhole in
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moraga is covered in tarps. moraga is a wealthy community. why does it take so long to fix this? >> we don't have any restricted funding specifically for storm drains. >> reporter: public works director says the town is waiting for the federal government to approve funding for the project. >> we worked diligently with my team to get the plans and everything ready to bid and now we have to wait. >> reporter: he also identified $25 million worth of repairs in moraga. he says property taxes have been kept low and he is hoping residents eventually approve an initiative to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure improvements. >> the mantra is pay now or pay much more later. >> reporter: the sinkholes for public works departments a sign of the times. old infrastructure crumbling right below our feet. >> if you told me you want to buy this, it's going to last 50 years, yeah, 50 years. we're at 50 years now. so it's just mother nature taking its toll.
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>> reporter: this sinkhole here in orinda about 3,000 people are affected by it. crews here hope to have it all fixed up in about a month. in orinda, jessica flores, kpix 5. san francisco neighbors living near an unstable cliffside are on edge tonight. erosion and sliding rocks have prompted crews to shut down a section of o'shaughnessy boulevard near the diamond heights neighborhood. our andria borba has been closely monitoring this cliffside and joins us now live from the scene. >> reporter: just in the last 15 minutes, the crews that worked to stabilize that cliffside tomorrow, they have left. they set up k rails for the night to make sure that no more of this hillside falls into the road. but they have hit the road tonight waiting for the bulk of the storm to pass before they do the work. now, o'shaughnessy is closed between portola and malta. if you will remember this section of o'shaughnessy there was a minor rockslide during the last series of bay area storms that hit it. the city has decided its time to shore it up permanently with
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this storm coming in. now, this will affect muni routes, the 44 o'shaughnessy will not be traveling through here. one of the buses has been through here this afternoon. now tomorrow afternoon, the crews will get to work on this cliffside. they will knock off a loose boulder at the very top bringing it down in a controlled manner so later on, it doesn't come down any more violent matter and possibly injure people here at the bottom. now, that's what's happening tomorrow. we'll be monitoring the situation as the story and this storm develop. live in diamond heights, andria borba, kpix 5. kpix 5's ken bastida continuing our team coverage tracking other storm-related issues from the newsroom. >> reporter: we are getting word of a flood warning. this is going to affect residents of scotts valley in lake county up north. officials say scotts creek could rise several feet higher at midnight two feet higher than last week. the warning is for people to leave home, get out now.
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we have just got this video in from the sierra nevada less than an hour ago actually. conditions so icy right now, the highway patrol officer had to use his vehicle to help push a big rig along. that's a truck with chains on all the wheels, too. interstate 80 near donner lake, the semi couldn't get any traction. another mudslide a few minutes ago major problems on highway 9 just south of belden. that area has been closed off. again, the santa cruz mountains could see another series of problems throughout the night. we will keep monitoring t allen, thank you. more on a developing story out of san jose. we just got this video into the newsroom showing the aftermath of a condo complex fire. this injured three people. the flames destroyed a unit off florence avenue. five other condos were damaged. paramedics did rush two residents who were burned.
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they got them to the hospital. another resident suffered smoke inhalation and a firefighter had minor injuries. they were treated on the scene. they are already back at work we're told. investigators still looking into what caused the fire. also new at 6:00 tonight bay area police departments going on alert as donald trump is sworn in as president. there are already several demonstrations planned for friday including a large one at the golden gate bridge. kpix 5 reporter susie steimle says san francisco and oakland both are bracing for protests. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the organizer of the demonstration that's planned to take place along the golden gate bridge on friday. they have done a lot of work to mike sure that this demonstration is peaceful. but this is just one of dozens of events planned for the weekend. and authorities are just trying to keep up. >> we want to make sure that it doesn't devolve into something destructive. >> there are a number of very strong feelings out there about this election. and we just urge people to be
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respectful of one another. >> reporter: both san francisco and the city of oakland are gearing up for a long couple of days ahead. in oakland demonstrations already got under way on monday. now oakland city officials are braving the weather and visiting each business along planned protest routes to give them a heads up about what to expect friday and saturday. >> the destruction has, um, has damaged the reputation of some of the activists and organizers and so what we're hearing is that there's a focus more on disruption than destruction. >> reporter: still both cities have activated their emergency operations centers. something that's reserved for large scale impact events. >> bay to breaker, pride, new year's eve, those are all instances where we activate the emergency operations center. >> reporter: one of the largest planned demonstrations will take place on the golden gate bridge. that group has already promised not to stop traffic and wants to work peacefully with law enforcement. nearly 20,000 people have expressed interest in joining a
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human chain stretching the span of the bridge and beyond. but given the history of violent demonstrations and an emotionally charged inauguration, they have to be ready for anything. >> there's a threat of violence, right, and so certainly if you see something, say something. call 911 if you see something suspicious. and we'll check it out. >> reporter: demonstrators will begin lining the bridge here at 10 a.m. on friday. that event is scheduled to go until noon and you will see them wearing purple. they say that's because it's a symbol of red and blue coming together. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. the president-elect is making final preparations for- to-take the oath of office as the 45th president. today mr. trump tweeted this picture with a caption, writing my inaugural address at the winter white house mar-a-largo three weeks ago looking forward friday. bay area trump supporters are also looking forward to friday. kpix 5's len ramirez spoke to two men who say that their
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nightmare is over. >> oh, what a crowd, what a beautiful crowd! >> reporter: when donald trump is sworn in as president, san francisco's leo [indiscernible name] will be rejoicing. >> free at last! we'll get rid. these stupid regulations. >> reporter: kerry snyder will be humming another tune. >> i'll probably be humming the happy days song again, good days are here again. >> reporter: both men are ardent trump supporters that brought them a lot of here in the democratic bay area. >> i couldn't have a lawn sign, a simple lawn sign or a bumper sticker without being actually attacked! >> reporter: they are hoping that changes when trump takes office. >> the nightmare is over. america has a new beginning. we're seeing so many wonderful people and -- and in the same way americans have to unite. >> reporter: he was san francisco immigration and tax consultant he said he was attracted to trump by his social media messages. >> and from the horse's mouth came the truth! he was saying things that we need to hear and we need to
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know. >> reporter: for snyder an electrical engineer and air force vet he likes how trump did not act like a politician. >> i think the fact that he was willing to take the risk of being nonpolitically correct is -- was sort of the immediate attraction. >> reporter: both men say they are not worried about trump, his ability to lead and deliver on his campaign promises. only about those who criticize him. >> i'm concerned about the sabotage, the money that's being paid out to fund these people who are getting in the freeways and protesting. >> nonsense that's being sort of dredged up about him is -- has been what everybody would refer to as fake news. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen will be in dc covering donald trump's inauguration. her live reports start tomorrow. federal reserve chief janet yellen never directly referenced mr. trump in san francisco today but said the
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fed would continue to operate independent of the white house. >> i have never had a situation where, um, a member of the administration has, um, tried in any way to pressure me for any reason, um, about the stance of monetary policy. >> speaking at the commonwealth club, yellen did have some encouraging news. she says that the nation is near full employment and the economy is close to being able to expand on its own without help from the federal reserve. bay area tech giant oracle is being sued by the department of labor. the lawsuit alleges discrimination against women and several races. the department claims that oracle pays white men more than women hurting women, blacks and asian employees. they are also claiming that the company favors people from india in its recruiting and hiring for tech jobs. the lawsuit could threaten important contracts that oracle has with the federal government. for its part oracle says it is
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committed to diversity and says the suit is politically motivated based on false allegations and wholly without merit. we'll have much more storm coverage straight ahead including one of the worst mudslides we have seen in the santa cruz mountains. drivers forced to take an hour detours, new dangers. >> new body cam sparking debate about shooting a mentally ill man and officers defending their decisions to open fire. >> a city fighting aplan to bring thousands of bikes to the streets. why it's being called a public nuisance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix 5's phil matier explains why city lea the city of san francisco is no longer welcoming bikeshare programs. kpix 5's phil matier explains why city leaders are pumping the brakes before another bike company rolls into town. phil? >> reporter: it's hard to believe, isn't it, allen? it's tough to find a city in the united states that isn't more bike-friendly or actually spending as much money to try to get them here but now the one wants to come in san francisco is saying no. why? let's take a look. say hello to blue gogo the low cost chinese bike sharing company whose plan to bring cheap bikes to san francisco has city hall in an uproar!
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tens of thousands of bicycles on our streets. this is a public nuisance. we're not going to allow litter and allow companies to come in and brazenly go against the law. >> reporter: bikes a nuisance and litter hazard in a city that spent millions encouraging bike riding? even the bike coalition is saying no. >> we are not against more bikes what we are concerned about is a company coming in and looking to flood our streets and sidewalks and public parks with thousands of bikes. >> reporter: parking them in piles as in these pictures from china. >> we should have done the same on uber. we wouldn't have 45,000 of these cars clogging or streets. >> reporter: blue gogo vp says that the claims are exaggerated. >> 10,000? nowhere near that. it's impossible for us to be able to even support that. >> reporter: what about the bikes piling up on city streets? >> our goal is to bring more bicycle to the city in an
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orderly fashion. >> reporter: as usual, there's a little more at play here. blue gogo's cut rate price of $2 an hour is a lot cheaper than the standard rate charged by motivate, the private bike company that has a 10-year exclusive deal with the city. >> they are welcome as the city said to come in talk to the city about their plans and we'll negotiate with them. >> reporter: but you said we have an exclusive deal. it precents them from coming in. >> those contracts can be changed. >> reporter: until then. >> we'll confiscate those bikes. impound those bikes. we'll sell those bikes. >> reporter: and i'm going to tell you that blue gogo we talked to them as well and they say they are still planning to go lead with bringing bikes, not tens of thousands but they plan to start and start very soon. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. back to storm watch it was pouring rain at golden gate park in san francisco. not a lot of people were at the lake this afternoon. the pattle boats were locked up by the boathouse. kiet do is in the santa cruz
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mountains and he got a firsthand look at the impressive mudslide. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. you know, it has been raining like this here at the summit all day long. when you get more rain, you get more problems. we are under a small stream flood advisory. we are under a wind advisory with gusts up to 50 miles an hour at the higher elevation. when you get heavy winds and saturated ground, that's when the trees go down. [ gurgling watered ] >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, i got an up-close look at just how soggy the ground really is. and when the steep hillside started crumbling, i left. >> we're out of here. >> reporter: in a month filled with some spectacular mudslides this one is the most dramatic we have seen so far. a huge chunk of the cliff along this road two miles south of highway 35 is gone. >> check it out. it goes all the way maybe 50 or 60 feet up that way and when it slid down, it took out a couple
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of trees. >> reporter: the pitch of this hillside is almost 90 degrees. it took down half dozen more trees. >> it's big. >> reporter: it's so steep you couldn't get across on foot nevermind a car. this person will take a one- hour detour to get to san jose for work. even with all this there's no way she would move out of the mountains. >> love it. >> reporter: the mountains got -- >> vista and waterfalls. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and mudslides. >> yeah. >> reporter: the heroes of the storms continue to be the crews who have been doing the dirty work round the clock trying to stay ahead of the storm. this crew was trying to unclog its drain before the mud runs off and causes more problems downhills. is it working? >> no. >> reporter: so what happens if it clogs. >> it makes a bigger mess. >> reporter: and we are hearing
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about a slide, this is on highway 9 near glen dairy road. we have a crew heading there. we'll have more later on tonight. chp says highway 17 on accidents is quiet. when it rains heavy, that's when the drivers actually slow down. be careful. kiet do, kpix 5. now, it's not just the rain. now it's the wind that's picked up. >> yeah. the rain and the wind will start to taper off overnight but we have plenty more right behind it. >> he did not look happy out there. >> no i don't think any of them are. yeah. i mean, it's gusting up to 60 miles an hour. we do have a wind advisory. in fact, let's take a live look out right now of our kpix 5 roof cam where you can see the lens all covered with rain. it's coming down pretty significantly. you're not going to have a nice commute over the bay bridge now in san francisco. we see a little bit of rain .43" but the most rain we have
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seen in venado in the north bay just in the last hour, they have picked up an inch of rain. south bay still not seeing a whole lot .16" in the south bay. that picture you just saw is out of our rooftop camera zooming in on the hi-def doppler, exactly where we are, you can see the northern part of san francisco has some pretty significant storms that are moving through and then headed eastward. oakland also seeing some significant storms. pulling out, you have a better look at this storm overall. where it's making its way onshore, it is dropping a lot of rain all over the bay area for the most part. you are seeing some kind of precipitation coming out of the sky. looking at our satellite and radar it all has to do with this low pressure system here. there are several storms lined up with wind and rain headed our way. we are in the middle of the big one right now. at 7:00 things should start to begin to taper out and then
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overnight, we'll see some scattered showers certainly mostly cloudy for your morning commute on thursday. thursday evening a few showers mostly cloudy a little drier than today. and then friday, boom, look at this. this is storm 2. that's going to be moving in for your commute in the morning. the overall story evening rain gusty winds showers likely on thursday. and then storm number 2 like i said will be arriving on friday. so everything will start to dry out tomorrow for a quick break then back again on friday. a little wet on saturday. and then things will start to finally dry out after the third round of storms on tuesday and wednesday but we pretty much keep the galoshes and umbrella out. it's going to be soggy for the next few days. thank you. a decades long battle to live on the water. now the big victory for a unique floating community in the bay area. >> if you had to vote for the baseball hall of fame? would you give it to barry
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bonds? i'm dennis o'donnell. the votes are in. is he headed for cooperstown? the answer is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball's poster boy for steroids..the writers denied bonds entrance to the hall of fame for the 5th s barry bonds continues to pay the price for being baseball's poster boy for steroids. the writers have did he understand bonds' entrance to the hall of fame for the fifth year giving him 53.8%, far short of the required 75% for coopers town. former astros first baseman jeff bagwell headlines the class of 2017. he will be joined in the hall by tim raines who gets in on the 10th and final try. and the catcher ivan rodriguez voted in on his first year pudge going on first year eligibility. as for those who didn't make it, trevor hoffman gave up five votes short, barry bonds and roger clemens up to 54%. their highest total in five tries. i'm guessing the writers will come to their senses in one of the next five years for barry
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bonds. while the 49ers wait for kyle shanahan to sign, the 49ers will begin a second round of interviews for the general manager vacancy next week. you might be asking, how many candidates are left for that job. >> the number of the day is four!! ha ha ha. >> i remember that guy. the count! reportedly four guys still in the mix. packers director of player personnel brian gutenkuns it. the favorite. shanahan will have the final say in player personnel decisions. the willie taggert era, you hear this story? at oregon not off to a great start. the school suspended the ducks strength coach hired by taggert one month without pay after three players [ indiscernible ] following an off season workout. pittsburgh's player will be
6:27 pm
fined for posting a facebook live picture. he wasn't willing to open up to apologize. >> how formal was the conversation you had with mim on the subject? >> top secret. >> will you still continue to do videos after the game? >> i guess you got to wait and see. >> and he can't make this up. brown was late to his press conference because he was getting a haircut which of course he streamed live on snapchat. [ laughter ] >> thrilling. >> hashtag, get a clue. [ laughter ] tempers fired up last night between siena and rider after the game rider's coach had his team go straight to the locker room to avoid another confrontation but that didn't stop siena's coach from still going through the handshake line even if there were no hands to shake. tempers, tempers.
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if i gave each of you a vote to the hall of fame, would you give it to barry bonds? >> yes. >> posthumously. >> oh, wow. [ laughter ] >> barry bonds gets my vote. he was mvp before the steroids. so a lot of people on the juice, if hall of fame is good enough commissioner it's good enough for barry bonds. >> there you go and us apparently. >> i'll have more on my blog. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, new body camera video sparking questions over a san francisco police shooting. what it reveals about the moments before officers opened fire on a mentally ill man. >> and the two conflicting sides to the story. >> president obama steps behind the white house podium one last time. the subtle jab at donald trump at his final press conference. >> and a fight to keep floating the decision ending a long war over bay area community of houseboats. ,,,,
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top stories. a lot of news to get you caught up on at 6:30. let's get you right to elizabeth cook, who has been monitoring our top stories. we are on storm watch tonight. hi-def doppler tracking rain including some heavy cells moving across the bay area right now. the newest trouble spot is in san francisco. a stretch of road in diamond
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height has been shut down because of an unstable hillside. o'shaughnessy boulevard is closed between pour lola and malta drives. our andria borba says crews rolled in and set up some protective barriers but the heavy work is being left for tomorrow. that's when crews will scale the hill and knock down any weak boulders before they fall on their own. also the jewish community center in san rafael just one of many across the u.s. to receive a bomb threat today. someone called in saying there was an explosive device on campus. the building was evacuated and 200 students were taken to a nearby school while deputies searched. but they didn't find anything. threats were also made today against two bay area jewish day schools. classes were canceled at brandeis in san rafael and a school in foster city. in politics the bay area bracing for protests ahead of friday's inauguration. both oakland and san francisco
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have activated their emergency operations centers. that's something reserved for large-scale events. one of the largest demonstrations will take place on a pedestrian sidewalk of the golden gate bridge. now, on the flip side, bay area trump supporters are celebrating. >> the nightmare is over! america has a new beginning. we're seeing so many wonderful people and in the same way americans have to unite. >> trump supporters we spoke with say they have taken a lot of heat here in the heavily democratic bay area. and this note from washington. our political reporter melissa caen has just landed in washington, dc. she will lead our coverage of the inauguration. look for her live reports starting tomorrow. veronica, back to you. >> thank you. educators from across the south bay announced a plan today declaring schools safe zones for undocumented muslim and lgbtq students. the creation of safe zones is in response to the election of donald trump and rooted in concern about what policies he
6:34 pm
may enact as president. the educators have vowed not to communicate with immigration officials welcome them on to school campuses or share information about their students' immigration status. >> when a students walks into my classroom it's my job legally, morally, ethically, um, to provide an education and to educate that child regardless. >> we spoke with trump supporters who are in dc for the swearing-in ceremony. they say they believe the teachers' plan is alarmist and unnecessary, meant simply to distract from the excitement of the inauguration! well wishes are pouring in for former president george h.w. bush and barbara bush former first lady both being treated at houston methodist hospital right now. doctors say they are encouraged by how the 41st president is responding to treatment. he was first hospitalized saturday for a respiratory problem. as for mrs. bush, she was admitted this morning as a precaution because of fatigue and coughing. both are going to stay in the
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hospital overnight. meanwhile, many including former president bill clinton and vice president-elect mike pence are tweeting their support for the couple. president obama is two days away from becoming a private citizen. he held his 39th and final news conference today. one of the hot topics, his decision to shorten the sentence of former soldier chelsea manning. >> i feel very comfortable that justice has been served and that a message has still been sent. >> manning is a former army intelligence analyst who leaked classified documents. president obama says he believes her sentence was disproportionate to those that others have received for similar offenses. also today, president obama thanked journalists for their role in the american democracy. >> you're supposed to be skeptics. you're supposed to ask me tough questions. you're not supposed to be complimentary but supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power. and make sure that we are accountable to the people who
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sent us here. >> the president says he won't be silent on big issues moving forward but says he is looking forward to some quiet time after friday. secretary of defense nominee james mattis has been approved by the senate armed services panel so his nomination moves to the senate for a vote. mr. trump's pick for health and human services secretary had his confirmation hearing today. georgia representative tom price defended the repeal of obamacare saying that he will not leave millions of americans with no health coverage. and oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt who was picked to run the epa was also in the hot seat. pruitt refused to agree with the president-elect on climate change. >> do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> i do not believe that climate change is a hoax. >> commerce secretary nominee wilbur ross echoed the president-elect's tough talk on trade with china. the senate will begin approving
6:37 pm
more cabinet nominees friday after the inauguration. new at 6:00 a community of houseboats in the north bay is celebrating a victory after a decades long battle. galaly harbor is located on richardson bay in sausalito. the decision that could let people live on the water for another 20 years. john ramos reports. >> reporter: with today's rain, some homeowners in sausalito could be concerned about rising waters. but there's one neighborhood here where that's a given. welcome to gala lee harbor. >> we are a live aboard community not a houseboat community. >> reporter: this quirky collection of 38 odd-ball boats is an actual neighborhood by the city. this water channel is officially listed as napa street and the people who live here even own the land that sits about 10 feet below the surface. >> absolutely. that's what we are. we are a floating neighborhood.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: but in 1996, to approve this unusual arrangement, state regulators had a laundry list of demands requiring floating lanes to create bike lanes, build wheelchair ramps and open the entire doctor public access. each boat had to be connected to power and sewer lines and even made them plant a tidal marsh along the muddy shore. >> 20 years ago was not so easy. but you know, we have proven ourselves. we have done everything they have asked of us. >> reporter: that's remarkable because these are not wealthy people. in fact, only artists and maritime workers are allowed by the city to live here and 85% of them qualify as low income. so most of this was accomplished with nothing but sweat equity. >> we do it. >> think outside the box. find a different way to get it done. >> we do it. >> and get it done. >> right on, poor people! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's been 20 years since the state issued its
6:39 pm
permit to allow galilee harbor to exist. and tomorrow, the close-knit group of neighbors will make their pitch to have it renewed for another 20 years. those who have watched all the hard work have to believe they have earned it. >> oh, my god, it's really here. we have done it. you guys have done this thing. it's crazy. >> reporter: in sausalito, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the commission staff has already recommended that the 20 year extension be approved. coming up, how much does fake news fool anyone? new evidence it may not be as persuasive as people think. from ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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body cam footage of an officer- involved shooting. the new video shows an officer opening fire on a man who family tally-ill. tonight the san francisco police department is releasing the body cam video of an officer firing on a man who is mentally ill. ken bastida reports. >> reporter: the body cam video has touched off a fierce dispute. police saying officers had no
6:42 pm
choice. public defender jeff adachi, on the other hand, saying officers did not follow the department's new deescalation tactics. [ yelling ] [ cursing ] >> reporter: that's how it started. sean moore started yelling obscenities as the officers approached his front door. police have been responding to a noise complaint early in the morning on january 5. at one point, officers used pepper spray on moore. and then quickly retreated down the stairs. a few minutes later moore walked out the front door toward the officers after telling him to get down, video shows the officers running up the stairs beating moore with a baton. he kicked back at the officers and that's when police say officer kenneth cha shot him. >> this is a situation where the police could have simply de- escalated the situation by moving away from the stairs just like he said. and at that point he could have called for backup. he could have taken other steps. >> plus released these photos
6:43 pm
of the two officers today. they were bleeding and bruised from that confrontation. police also released a second body cam video of the incident where you can hear the shots being fired. >> in this particular case i think there was great restraint shown as you can hear the officers clearly say, he has something in his hand. they did not default the gun. they used pepper spray, the baton. >> moore was treated for his gunshot wounds and he is expected to recover. the public defender says charges against him should be dropped. allen, back to you. >> thank you. the people's choice awards airs tonight on kpix 5. coming up, we are going to take you on the red carpet as people arrive for the show. >> and heavy wind and rain moving through the bay area right now. i'll time out this storm and the rest of them headed our way just after this. ,,
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impact on the november election. a stanford university professor is suggesting that fake news had no impact on the november election. his study focuses on three questions: how much fake news was there during the election, how many people saw the fake story, and if people saw them, how do that affect the way they voted? >> the extent to which people actually saw those stories is
6:47 pm
smaller than some have suggested. so we find average voter saw a little bit less than one fake news story in the runup to the election. >> the professor says that the fake news stories would have to be as persuasive as 36 tv commercials for the story to have any election impact. tonight on kpix 5, the 2017 people's choice awards. entertainment reporter suzanne marquez reports. >> reporter: that's a fun red carpet here. the people's choice awards. she is having a blast. it's great to know all the fans are here. and you can see the fans lined up along the way. they have been taking selfies like with host joel mchale. he came down the line but is already inside getting ready to kick off the show. we have a little teaser to tell you. part of the cast of the great indoors will be involved in the opening number. they are excited and can't wait. so as we pan to the left, you
6:48 pm
can see some of the members of the cast of "fuller house"." this is the first nomination even when they were "full house." sometimes it takes many years before people are recognized. there is for the people, by the people, the people's choice awards. the people will choose their favorites. there are lots of them. >> you can watch the people's choice awards at 9:00 followed by kpix 5 news at 11:00. >> we are just getting new word of fallout from a storm. >> downed trees into your the toll plaza have forced the complete closure of the antioch bridge. it's a mess. we are told it could be closed for as long as an hour. emily, it's a mess. >> yeah. it is a mess, allen. in fact, we are seeing some of the heaviest winds and rain happening right now moving
6:49 pm
through the city. looking out of transamerica eastward, you can see the rain that's all over that camera right now. in san francisco, our temperatures in the 50s pretty much the low 50s across the board everywhere across the bay area. this is our hi-def doppler and look at it's lit up right now all of the green light to moderate showers yellow heavier wind and rainfall. let's zoom in on the city. the marina, sunset and bayview districts seeing significant rain and wind. we have a flood advisory in effect across the entire bay area. there's flooding on some of the roads and localized flooding as well so use extra caution going from place to place this evening. we have a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. winds out of the south 30 to 45 miles per hour. but it's those gusts 65 miles per hour that we are really
6:50 pm
worried about. this low pressure system is causing that. the storm moving onshore right now with all that wind following right behind it are two other storms. we are in the brunt of the first one right now. all the rain here, that means snow in the sierra. over 3 feet of snow in the higher peaks. travel delays in effect right now. 7:00 tonight, we're going to see the brunt of the storm moving through. by your morning commute, things should start to dry out a few scattered showers here and there. mostly cloudy. then on your way home tomorrow, things will be mostly dry. certainly cloudy. friday morning round 2 moving through significant showers there in the early-morning hours. so just a recap, evening rain, gussy winds, showers thursday, gusty winds. then storm number two arrives on friday. so be prepared for that. our temperatures tomorrow pretty much mid-50s across the board no matter where you are. a little warmer around the bay
6:51 pm
57 degrees in oakland. 55 almost everywhere else. so showers tomorrow, round number 2 on friday. saturday some showers. sunday, we're going to have that third round of storms followed by some showers on monday. then on tuesday and wednesday, things are going to start to dry out. so we'll certainly have some sunny weather that we can look forward to. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but one east bay man decided it all right. so getting kids out of the city and on to a horse probably easier said than done. but one east bay man decided it had to be done and now operating out of city stables in the oakland hills, this week's jefferson award winner is not only teaching black kids to ride, he is teaching them history and responsibility as well. >> reporter: what julian erics is riding looks like a horse but she is really more of a ham. the one with the blue eyes is '0practice and the whole reason he rides her is his grand for. ode st logan started the nonprofit spurred up to help city kids.
6:55 pm
>> that's an outside. there's open air and there is more than the concrete jungle they are experiencing every day as they go to school and come home. >> reporter: born and raised in oakland he didn't start riding real horses until he was an adult. but at 3 years old, there was a small red rocking horse in his bedroom. >> and listen to my grandmother holler at me saying, if you don't stop jumping off that horse, and rolling -- you gonna break your neck. >> reporter: now retired from a 37-year career with pg&e, odest. reaches out to black kids in the east bay so the doors to western culture swing open for them. >> it's fun. it's hard work. er. >> reporter: brandon spent three years with spurred up and inspired to train as a farrier. >> he gave me a reason to do good in school. once i started riding horses i figured i better straighten up
6:56 pm
so i can keep riding. >> reporter: now he makes a living shoeing horses. >> we want to encourage them to have success in life. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to odest logan. he is in the process of trying to expand spurred up so more kids can take part. but one of his riders just took first place in the junior division of the california cattle penning competition in turlock. if you would like to donate to spurred up we have put a link in our story at >> great program. >> everybody in the saddle. >> yes. >> it's amazing that -- i mean, horses teach such responsibility. you have to clean and shoe them. >> he said that's what they teach first. the responsibility part. you have to learn how to muck stalls, clean stalls before anything else. >> that will humble anybody. >> now if you're in or not. >> for news throughout the evening the latest always on compassionate society ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it. thank y'all folks. thank you very much. thank you. thank y'all. i appreciate it. yeah! welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,860 bucks from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the champs, it's the porter family. [cheers and applause] and from livermore, california, it's the grob family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash. and somebody might just drive out
7:00 pm
of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's go meet the grob family. hey, jessica. how you doing? jessica: i'm doing fantastic, steve. steve: good. jessica, introduce everybody. jessica: well, steve, to my right is my husband ryan. we're actually celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary today. steve: ok. congratulations. jessica: thank you. next to him is my sister-in-law lindsay, my mother-in-law cheryl, and my mama victoria. [cheers and applause] steve: well, ryan, what do you do, man? ryan: uh, steve, i'm a marine veteran. all: hoorah! [cheers and applause] ryan: thank you. steve: thank you for your service, man. ryan: thank you. thank you. steve: how about we go play for some money. give me love, give me jessica. top 7 answers on the board. here we go. name a reason santa might leave the presents out on the


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