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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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of hours: donald trump will become the next u-s president. tonight: the inaugural ceremonies are already in full swing. also tonight: a new storm is moving into the bay area right now. there could be some thunderstorms tonight. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. i'm ken bastida. first, the presidential inauguration. this is a live look at the u-s capitol. about a million people will be crowding outside tomorrow... watching mister trump take the oath of office. kpix 5 political reporter "melissa caen" is in washington d-c tonight.
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tomorrow morning as a tradition the trumps will join the obama's for coffee in the morning and they will head down to the capital for the inauguration. >> a lot of people are there to celebrate but there are a number who are there to protest.
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>> reporter: earlier today we were at the women's national democratic club in we saw women who were making signs. >> we are women and we feel like people before us struggled to make the gains we have and we feel like it will get lost. >> reporter: first things first. the inauguration. we will have live coverage of the event tomorrow. mike pence will be sworn in as vice president tomorrow. tonight he got choked up while speaking at an inaugural ball. >> it is a bittersweet moment for us. for the past four years we have had the incredible privilege to serve the people of indiana. for all that is before us, words cannot describe the honor ingratitude we feel. >> the crew caught in her guest
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walking out with expensive swiped bags. it is unclear what is inside the tiffany bags. in the past the goodies have been worth tens of thousands of dollars. some local business owners are business -- busy with inaugural preps of their own. in oakland they are boarding up the windows tonight. >> reporter: the night before the inauguration. shopkeepers are preparing for the protest. they are worried about the cycle they have seen time and time again. peaceful demonstration's devolving into violence and property damage. costly repairs for small businesses. >> i will be in my shop praying for myself and for all these other people that are demonstrating tomorrow. >> reporter: this shop owner said those who commit criminal behavior may as well be trump supporters. >> if you are not coming to oakland to support and make a
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difference then you need to stay in your house and watch them on tv and celebrate with him. >> reporter: it is a small group of protesters tonight. but friday and saturday crowds are expected to be much larger. the police department said it will be increasing staffing over the next couple of days and doing the best to facilitate peaceful events. >> it is really important to us to ensure that everybody has a safe place to express their freedom of speech. >> reporter: in past protest oakland police have faced criticism. some devastated accuse them of being too harsh and some neighbors a officers have not been aggressive enough. standing by as crimes were committed. what will happen this time? >> we will take enforcement action. if we do not get you today, we will find you. tonight bar is racing for large crowds. in oakland and sympathies go.
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the transit agency is offering longer trains tomorrow and on saturday. bart will have extra trains on standby in case the crowds get out of control. at least 60 democratic lawmakers say they are skipping the inauguration ceremony. that includes the state representative. >> i chose not to go. i did it last wednesday before the john lewis stuff came up. i chose not to go mostly because of what happened on wednesday when the president- elect had is press conference. >> the oakland representative barbara lee and jared huffman are skipping the inauguration. religious leaders across the bay area gathered in palo alto to pray for our country year people of all faiths or no faith at all gathered at the universalist church many are concerned about potentially divisive policies that could arise under a trump residency. the goal of the multistate service is to pray for strength and for unity.
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>> yes, this is a horrible dark cloud. but there is a silver lining behind every cloud. unity and love and kindness and compassion. standing together. is the only way we will succeed. >> more than 200 people attended the service. the prime minister of japan is making plans to visit president trump. he said he would like to hold the meeting in the u.s. as soon as possible. they already met once after trump won the election. hours away from the inauguration our poll found more than 50% of bay area adults of you the president- elect unfavorably. nearly a quarter of you say you like him. of the group 29% were white and 25% were hispanic and 18% were asian and 7% were black. the serve as a found 35% plan
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to watch tomorrow's inauguration. 21% will catch the highlights on the news. 37% will not be tuning in at all. we will have live coverage of donald trump inauguration tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. donald trump inauguration tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. let's look outside. round two in a series of storms will be rolling in overnight. expect heavy rain and powerful winds and a messy morning commute. >> you can see the latest on doppler year could have heavy cells unwinding of reports of sonoma county. but this is all prelude here it is the rain we get in advance of the front which is offshore. a few indications there may be a light dusting of snow in hamilton range east of san jose.
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we will get the rain. watch what happens after midnight tonight and at 4:00 in the morning is when the heavy rain comes. you see the dirt -- deep purple colors suggest we could get showers and thundershowers. there could be power outages. we will see. travel will not be rough on the roads tomorrow. the stormy conditions could leave thousands marooned. >> reporter: with the latest in the seemingly endless winter storms taking a at the bay area , your morning right to work if it is a fairy may be docked. during wednesday's driving rainstorm some ferry routes were canceled and others turned into wild rides. at 4:30 in the morning two fairies will go into a storm for a test run. >> we will see what the
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conditions are. based on that we will decide. >> reporter: the right likely to be impacted our harbor bay and alameda to san francisco and south san francisco to the east bay. as those routes and terminals are most exposed to storms, storm surge and damage. ferry riders should know by 5:30 in the morning if they need to find another way to work. >> we depend upon the captains and their experience to decide whether it is safe to operate or not. minutes ago san francisco public works said o'shaughnessy boulevard is open tonight. chopper five over the scene and diamond heights this afternoon. crews worked over the past couple of days to remove potential rockslide hazards from the slope. masked gunmen terrorized a bay area family inside their own home. police hope shoes and underwear can help crack the case. on this freeway a
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suspicious object keeps hitting cars. what is going on? that is a little island in sympathies go bay. where did a calm from? a new mosque is named after donald trump. you will understand why when we show you the insect tonight.
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fremont home... and terrorized a family... tying them up... and holding them at gu masked intruders stormed into a fremont home and terrorized a family. they tied them up and help them at gunpoint. the suspects are on the loose tonight. >> reporter: fremont police have been trying for over a month to figure out who the gunmen are. they have hit a brick wall because they do not have a sick forensic evidence -- forensic evidence. right now they are
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turning to the public for their help in a case the desperately want to crack. >> they put duct tape on the women's hands. they pulled them by their hair at times. >> reporter: detectives released security camera video hoping it would help the search . for the four gunmen responsible for a violent home invasion robbery. >> there is some very unique and identifying clothing they are wearing. specifically their shoes. they are very recognizable. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects were wearing masks when they took the women. a mother and her college-age daughter hostage holding them at gunpoint for nearly an hour while they ransacked their home. >> they were violent with the women at times. they were searching the house diligently looking for cash. >> reporter: police say they rubbed the daughter up and broker finger during the attack. investigators say because they
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were gloves and masks it has been tough to identify them. >> reporter: everything that we have looked at so far make us believe this was random. they may have been followed from the restaurant. we cannot quite connect that. >> and east bay family grieving after the death of their mother in a car crash. days later authorities still unable to recover her body. 48-year-old michelle johnson was driving from bay point on sunday night when her car swerved off highway 160 and plunged into the sacramento river year there are orange buoys to marcus emerged vehicle but not enough divers were available to retrieve it or her body. and the recent storms caused more delays. her family is still waiting for closure. >> this happened sunday night. my mom should have been out of
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the water monday morning. she needs to come home. what are we waiting for? >> chb said the dive team will try to recover the body saturday morning. if the river and weather conditions change they made have to push the back. a warning to divers in the east bay. a suspicious object keeps hitting cars and causing damage. >> reporter: chp said there have been 20 reports of crack windshields. officers are asking for your help. we went to check out the area tonight and we found on top of an overpass where you can see it is a pretty busy stretch of road. the pleasant hill and mount diablo boulevard is right there . officers say they do not know where the objects are coming from. if they are thrown or propelled. chp said it is been getting a
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number of calls and thankfully no one has been injured at any of the cases. they are asking if there are victims call him reported. he spent years on the run. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo is on the move again. >> reporter: mexico's most notorious kingpin is on you was to. he was extradited late thursday. arriving in new york to face drug trafficking and murder conspiracy charges. the drug lord was recaptured last year after escaping from a second maximum security prison in mexico. he fled to a mile-long tunnel dug below the shower stall in his cell. he was wanted in six jurisdictions around the u.s. but will likely be prosecuted in new york where he is accused of overseeing a drug trafficking cartel. and indictment charges he and his associates also hired hitmen to
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do their dirty work. el chapo could face life in prison if convicted year --. on the eve of his inauguration a new on a for president-elect trump. a scientist named a new species of moth after him . notice anything familiar? its light for they had reminded him of trumps hair. that is not the only reason he chose the name. he said it is meant to raise awareness on how urban growth affects fragile habitats. an island appeared in the san francisco bay. this is forbes island. park boat part white house part restaurant surrounded by palm trees. it floats. talk about helped move the structure.
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>> i guess they are rejuvenating it. we will start by looking at the bay bridge which at this hour we can see it will be obscured by rain and strong winds will be on the way. it is low 50s right now. sonoma county is picking up heavy cells. the main front is offshore. we look to the coastline to watch the edge of the front beginning to work its way toward the california shoreline. the time lapse shows the moisture that is flowing over the bay area. a front is offshore the main activity is after midnight tonight and toward sunrise. we freeze future cast when we have the is offshore at 3:00 in the morning. you may wake up to the sound of rain pounding on the roof tonight. in time for the morning commute the heavy cells move through.
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the entire day has periods of rain that will come down pretty good. you get a break and the more showers. you could get up to three inches in the north bay year by saturday at noon and an inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains. winds can be up to 50 miles per hour. winter weather alerts weather rain turns to snow in the mountain. to-4 feet of snow. as much as six feet of snow. we have not mentioned the fact we will get pounded by surf tomorrow. some of the highest surf in years will be moving in by midday tomorrow with breakers up to 30 feet at the beaches. it will be nasty at the shoreline especially at high tide around five feet at midday tomorrow. heavy rain and gusty winds for the bay area especially between midnight and sunrise. strong winds and under storms
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and then storm number three which has more moisture than these first storms is coming in late saturday night. we have another to contend with. after tomorrow we get showers and a thundershower it will begin to ease up. saturday a few lingering showers through midday. we get a break saturday afternoon and then more rain comes in saturday night, sunday. lingering showers monday. it does not look like we dry out into wednesday and thursday. high pressure builds and we will see some sunshine. not a huge amount of rain. but it will feel like a real storm overnight. the baby recommends hitched a cross-country ride tonight. here tonight's guest on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ride... ended up right here a family of baby raccoons recently hitched a cross- country ride. >> and ended in the bay area.
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they traveled more than 2700 miles. they started the journey in florida. they survived five days in the back of a truck. no food or water. the mother was gone. experts say it is a miracle they survived. they cannot be released into the wild in california. florida refuses to take them back. >> when they have come out of the state they made pick up diseases. >> it is a catch-22. >> the family is in a temporary cage at the oakland zoo. they could be donated to a sanctuary or an educational facility. could you see that is a feature film? >> like a kid's film. guess who was at the donor dinner for donald trump tonight? >> mark davis. >> you are on the right track. who does trump like to go to the super bowl?
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that is my hand. the raiders get one step closer to their moved to las vegas. ,,,,,,,,,,
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relocation papers with the nfl today..up next, the nfl meetings in march where 24 of the 32
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owners votes are n the raiders officially filed relocation papers with the nfl. the nfl need to have a vote. oakland mayor said this is not the death of the raiders in the bay area. >> this is no surprise to us that the raiders have filed for relocation to las vegas. we are ready to compete. we know that oakland offers something that las vegas will never have. that his legacy and loyalty. oregon wins the 15th straight game tying a school record. not since have to was in the office. st. mary's baseball team showing off their hardware.
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they are hoping for a similar situation this year. stanford and usf. the sharks played last night. jones got a breather against the lightning. the sharks win. donald trump before his inauguration ended with a dinner for his campaign donors. among the people in the audience patriots owner bob kraft. it is obvious who trump will be pulling for on championship sunday. >> in the audience we have somebody that is under no pressure whatsoever. he has a great quarterback named tom brady your good luck. your friend tom called and he feels good. he called to congratulate us. good luck. you will do great.
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>> you can see what will happen. the patriots will win the super bowl. they will go to the white house. and tom brady will be sitting in the oval office chair for the first time in his career. what else can he possibly get? we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cbs news will have live coverage of donald trum the late show with stephen colbert is next. we will have live coverage
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of the trump inauguration starting at four clock a.m. trump inauguration starting at four clock a.m. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hi. i'm sorry. aren't you sonny pawar? >> yes. >> stephen: i loved your performance in lion. >> thank you. >> stephen: it was so heart warming. i would love to have you on my show some time. >> i would love to. >> stephen: that would be fantastic. wait a minute. didn't i hear you learned all your lines phonetically and you don't speak english? >> i only speak hindi. >> stephen: then how are we having this conversation? did you just memorize a bunch of answers and they line up with my questions? >> chocolate chip, ask me. >> stephen: that didn't make any sense. >> hey, i did not write the script. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert


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