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tv   KPIX 5 News and The 5th Quarter  CBS  January 22, 2017 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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>> all right, bus is coming down the block, copy. >> okay, that is your target, john, that's your target vehicle. >> show time, here we go. >> stay hidden, guys, we can't get burned here. >> make a run for another street down. >> they can take either side of the street here. >> copy. >> matt, you ready? >> to the right. >> yeah. >> you are just going to stay down that block. >> copy, stay down the block. >> if they come down your way, you got them. they come my way, i got them. >> remember, you must make physical contact with the fugitive for the capture to count. >> copy. >> to the right. >> go, go. >> there they go, they're coming down to you, shadow, copy, coming to you, coming to you, they are on foot running, copy. >> copy, i see them coming this way. >> let's go, let's go, let's go. >> i'm going to intercept, i see
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them. >> coming hard, shadow, they made a left, copy, made a left, go, go, go. >> watch out, watch out. >> come here, come here. stop, stop. >> stop. >> your time on the run is over. >> how many do you got? >> i got them both. >> good work! ( applause ) >> fugitives that come from a comfortable background, they are used to falling back on what they know, the home comforts, their loved ones. once they are out of that zone, they can't handle it. that is when big mistakes are going to happen. >> fell right into the trap. >> great job today, guys. we have eight more teams of fugitives to find. >> narrator: david and emiley have been holed up at a friend brad's house for almost 48 hours. anxious that the hunters are on to them. >> didn't get any sleep last night.
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woke up with the most unsettling feeling we've had to this point. we feel that black truck that brad picked up on, we think it was them. so we're going to be peering out the window all day to see what happens. >> we're going to have to stay low key. >> let's talk about david and emiley. we've got some pretty hot intel coming in lately. >> got a desk planner from emiley cox' apartment. and it appears that we have their itinerary for the next 28 days. so the hunter teams on the ground are canvassing the neighborhood. we might put this to bed tonight or tomorrow. >> that would be excellent. >> narrator: for the second day in a row, hunter team foxtrot returns to the neighborhood where they believe david and emiley are hiding. >> looking.
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>> let's go back around once more. >> oh my god, look, black denali. >> did you see that? >> that car has driven by twice already. black tint, black car. that's not a coincidence. >> i wish we had a way we could get out of here. >> i can't figure out how they got on to us. these are world-class investigators, but it's hard to imagine what they found that got them here. >> narrator: as david and emiley become more and more uneasy, their friend brad drives through the neighborhood looking for the hunters. >> coming in to the neighborhood there was a black suburban. the only thing that made it funny is it was sitting at a point where it had a vantage point over the main drag. >> they could be surveilling us. i don't know, something tells me we get in the car and go. >> it is definitely risky to stay. i mean it's a cat and mouse game.
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and that's-- believe me, if i were in your shoes, i would be chomping at the bit. >> what do we got going on? >> foxtrot, sitting surveillance, david and emiley, it's late, it's 10:00, waiting for it to get dark. right now we're on a fishing expedition, and we'll see what we get out of there. >> we're doing this, right, baby? >> that's what it looks like. i have to prove myself in this because david has been there, he's done that. but i'm feeling very nervous and anxious. they know that we're in here. they're just waiting for us to slip up, and boom, they're going to have us. >> let's do this thing. >> you ready? we're going to get out of here. >> you are going run. are you just going hop in the backseat of the car? >> in the trunk. emiley and i are going in the trunk. >> how are the both of y'all going to get in here? >> just do it, whatever. fetal position. >> you can do it, baby. >> we got to get out of this neighborhood fast.
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if we have an emergency like you can't breathe or something, y'all start screaming. >> okay, are we ever going to feel safe? i done know if i can say that. i think we're just going to feel paranoid the entire time. >> we are just about at the point to intercept. >> oh, oh boy. >> he's waiting on the side of the road up here. >> check this vehicle. this vehicle going by. >> leaving a subdivision in the middle of the night. >> you see how fast he's driving. it looks suspicious. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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atla sunday, february 5 in houston, the new england patriots will take on the atlantic falcons. it's at the and electrifying superbowl 50 1.:absolutely. you have 2 teams combining today. this is everything the nfl would want. you have 2 great quarterbacks, each mvp candidates. the falcons have scored more
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points than any other team so i think it is exciting action, actually. >> camel be with us for the next 30 minutes. but 1st, storms continue to batter northern california. good day. our top storm related stories from around the bay area from mudslides to: trees, we are live in alameda county where a car is submerged in a swollen creek. >> reporter: the woman that was driving it, they are not sure if she is dead or alive. this started yesterday morning right here long nile canyon road which runs along alameda creek which is swollen by all of the rain and runoff. an 18-year-old woman crossed the double yellow line and sideswiped an oncoming car. the woman's car left the road and went right into the creek.
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please tell us that the car took on water very quickly and was submerged before first responders could get to the scene. they have been using drugs or helicopters and just have not been able to locate the woman. they have not been able to identify her other than to say she is 18 years old. a mudslide nearby where crews were able to clear a short while ago. as for the rescue and recovery, the alameda sheriff's department is leaving that effort. right now, the creek is just running too fast and it was not safe for the officers to get in there. they will resume recovery efforts tomorrow morning. :thank you so much and we will hear an update you at 11:00. on the santa cruz mountains, heavy rains body -- flooding banks and too much water outside of homes in paradise marks with no running water inside.
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flooding has shut down a big portion of highway 37. the closure stretches from highway 1012 lakeville road. in the westbound lanes and eastbound from highway 101 2 atherton avenue. brian has been busy in the weather center on conditions, right now. >> hello, juliet. we have some good news. it seems like things are beginning to taper off tonight and tomorrow and we will finally begin to see some sunshine but we still have low pressure off the pacific northwest. we will continue with showers tonight and some could come down pretty good from time to time. as you can see, the high definition doppler time-lapse has most of this out in the central valley but there is still residual showers behind all of this mess. especially, the ones heading to pittsburgh from martinez and a little bit of the santa cruz mountains which has picked up 5 inches of rain over the past 24 hours. flash flood watch is close
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those for the entire bay area through sunday night. we do have cause for a celebration, i don't know. but we are going to dry out. as you can see from future cast, here is tomorrow morning. 2:00 in the morning on monday. you will hear of rain on the roof tonight and look at the waves of moisture that come through tomorrow. this is noon on monday and we will continue that through monday evening. finally, by tuesday, we will begin to dry out and wednesday and thursday and friday into the weekend, is nothing more coming so after we dispense with this, juliet, we will finally be able to see some sunshine. president donald trump is about to begin his 1st full week in office. melissa kane is in washington dc with a look at had a what may be on tap. >> reporter: it is a new day here in washington dc with president trump in the white house and republicans in control of the house and senate . people in america and around the world are wondering the same thing: what will president
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trump 1st? >> i want him to focus on our security combinations security. >> reporter: some 200 executive orders good sign starting tomorrow starting from healthcare to immigration. >> taking out funding for those cities that continue to be allowing the federal government to take place. >> reporter: supporters snapped photos while opponents set the message, we cannot show on tv. dorothy travel to san jose for the women's large. >> i have family and friends on the affordable care act, obamacare and some of them will actually die if that is repealed. >> reporter: more than 1 million people marched, worldwide. today, mr. trump tweeted this, i was under the impression that we just had an election, why didn't these people vote? >> we voted. we were strong!
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we voted. is the last call for a popular east bay bar closing after 39 years. are some regulars believe the city is behind the closing. back to you, dennis. get ready for some football, juliet. still to come, weighing in on the latest 49ers and is there any chance he can bring julio jones with him to santa clara. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the audience, we have someone that is under no pressure, whatsoever, because he has a great quarterback, tom brady. so good luck, bob. your friend, tom, just called to congratulate us. he feels good. good luck. >> he called? >> did i call?
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let's talk about -- >> if tom brady and the patriots play in the super bowl like you did today, they will not be calling trump but will be meeting at the white house. they have combined for 16 appearances in the afc championship. 1st quarter, already 3 to nothing. enough time to make another call to trump. wide-open, chris hogan. new england, tend to nothing. next steelers possession, running back, le'veon bell, injured his groin on this place returning for one more play before leaving the game for good. and it goes downhill from there. williams scores from 5 yards out. that makes it 10ã6. the average is 2.7 the rest of the way on the ground. less than 4 minutes later, pat. the flea flicker. 34 yard touchdown.
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hogan, 180 yards receiving. like, 3rd quarter. he mulls his way in. new england, 18 and just a minute later after the steelers turnover, his 3rd touchdown of the game. this is to julian edelman. brady finishes the game throwing for 300 and 84 yards -- 384 yards. advancing to the nfl record, not super bowl and 7 for brady and coach bill belichick. >> all in the stadium understand how big does win was! >> [ cheering & applause ] >> but we have to go to houston and win 1! >> a lot of gays are deemed as where you felt you were this
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close but did not do is what you wanted to do, operatively. was this a little bit closer? >> yes, it was a good day and we are going to the super bowl, man! you got to be happy now. >> robert graf was having a good time. one more. 90 proof. anyway, it is amazing when you look at the longevity and the partnership between all of these guys. particularly, bill belichick and brady who now have 206 wins . why is it that the patriots are -- have a long, sustained success and a salary-cap era where other teams cannot? >> i mean, they draft well, obviously. they bring in a couple of free agents. they have tom brady. and for tom brady to develop these wide receivers the way they need to be, chris hogan, 180 yards, that's as many as julio jones had. it is a boring answer, dennis.
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but the way the patriots have been saying this, it is all about the team, the team mantra. you have to do your job. and they have guys that fly into it because they want to be on that championship contender so they are willing to do whatever is asked of them without overdoing it. >> and i think you are right. the object probably gets -- bill belichick probably gets more out of players. he catches the touchdown pass here. the cross player who i believe does for about 2 months, he was a 49er but got rid of him. a lot of the writers said they should've kept him but it is his ability to see the talent. the talent has to buy into bill belichick topper and say, this is what we want you to do. we have to find the perfect complementary role for them. and the fact that defense was not covering today. and he has done for 333 yards. but he might have met a quarterback.
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the backers were in trouble back in november when they failed 2.6 and their quarterback, aaron rodgers, said green bay would roll the table the rest of the season. they came pretty close until they fit inside the georgia dome which is going to close down. also, scoreless in the 1st atlantic, matt ryan on a shovel pass for the touchdown. matt ryan just goes crazy today! an outstanding day! quarter, the pullback, andrew callas key and he never fumbled in his career until right there. dylan falls on the bouncing ball and ryan picked apart green bay defense with ease. cannot find an open receiver. he runs the 14 yard touchdown, 17 to nothing. dirty bird is becoming a laugh. rogers have different in those rogers dipping in. nelson didn't even make a play on that all picked off by ricardo allen and ryan was able
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to light up the scoreboard one more time before the half. julio jones get both feet in, 24 to nothing and they hit the locker room. 3rd quarter, more atlanta fireworks. ryan hits jones over the middle, outrun the defense. stephan, 73 yard touchdown. jones had 9 catches for 180 yards. ryan threw 4 touchdowns and gets the falcons back into the super bowl for the 2nd time in franchise history. arthur blank getting down. you got to admit, we had 2 pretty colorful owners. i'm not sure mr. kraft would've been able to dance at that point but a very colorful guy. absolutely. this is a franchise that is going to be moving into the new stated -- new stadium. they have a coach that the niners looked at 2 years ago in dan quinn. he got started with the 49ers in 2001, 2003 and 4. he has a great guy and i think the niners does falcons reap the benefits of hiring a coach. finding the perfect coordinator for matt ryan.
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he is not here and he had an mvp type season. watching the game today with the falcons really reminded me back in the day. so many weapons! they have guys everywhere. if he is not the best receiver in the league, he is the 2nd best with julio jones. this guy is a tremendous player . you sought when they went ahead 31 2 0. -- 31 to 0. absolutely dangerous offense. last year, the carolina panthers came into the superbowl 50 here at levi stadium and scored 49 point in the afc championship game. everyone thought that offense was unstoppable. so you're going to have bill belichick defending that offense right now and it's not going to be easy. the backers have really struggled in defense has the niners can attest. >> the packers tried to address that defense a couple of years in the past but clearly, every time, it is always on aaron rodgers shoulders.
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the defense can't stop anybody. give me the story on quinn. the 49ers decided to go with jim tomsula over quinn. what happened in the quinn interview that -- >> he was an initial waiting guy. there are so many different every year with the 49ers. but the seahawks were going to the super bowl and he was the 2nd coach interview, i believe. and i think, at that time, the falcons were interested in him. maybe he saw that the boffins had mike bryan and that appealed to him right away -- matt ryan and that appealed to him right away. >> you are right. kyle shanahan did elevate matt ryan's game. so that is still to come. does anybody want to be the 49ers general manager? and let about -- and with the vikings win today, that means the 49ers and kyle shanahan, next. ,,,,
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start.. and it took awhile for the warriors to wake up... this is like a morning cup of joe... javale gee throws fans in orlando showed up in droves. it took a while for the warriors to wake up. like a cup of joe, a nice game for him. mark be on both -- titan 50 when they reached halftime but the freefall started walking out of the locker room, once again. clay johnson, 7 of 9. the warriors up 3. something happened in the dressing room and they go crazy in the 3rd quarter. here is curry from the corner for a 17 point lead. the next possession, from disney world! they have 27 points, 7 shots from downtown. the warriors outscore the magic, 42, 24 and the 3rd quarter alone when he 118ã98.
8:28 pm
steve curry who was introduced before the game is a former magic star. >> announcing that i scored a total of 12 points. you are going to have to look that up. it might've been 14. and i looked at him and i said, in my eyes, you are a star. 49ers head coach... tomsula was sean will be talking about my magic career any 2nd now. 40,000 points. the greatest player in magic history. [ laughter ] >> not even he can put up what is it if spin on it. as a 49ers head coach, out of the nfl but reportedly, close to become the redskins new defensive line coach. how about that? going to the super bowl means the 49ers will have to wait 2 more weeks to holler -- to hire
8:29 pm
shanahan. it's another by week for atlanta. >> is a pretty good situation to be in. as far as where our team is at right now. being in a game like this, the highlight of my career. and i used to think that the rules were not that cool. i love the roles. it makes it very simple for me. it is cut and dry. you do not have an option. there's a lot of stuff out there. my friends have heard all of this stuff and my wife has heard all of this stuff and everybody is asking me what is going on and i don't know. there's nothing i'm allowed to do about it. >> the shanahan fan tweeted during today's game, but the boffins offense and gets everyone involved early. camas back to talk about the future shanahan era and obviously, has been delayed. the way it works. what does that mean?
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>> since he is going to the super bowl, the 49ers met this week to interview. he is supposedly going to be putting a game together the next 2 days. possibly, george patton of the minnesota vikings. possibly, terry and there might be one or 2 other guys that enter the next. kyle shanahan feels that he wants to bring in someone else to check them out because they do have 2 weeks before this whole situation can get to an official formal stage of here is your contract, here is what we want. the leading candidate for over a week since josh mcdaniels through consideration last monday and you have the 2 often the coordinators in the super bowl that were probably the niners number 1. >> we talk about shanahan in the 1st segment and what he has done for matt ryan but it appears at least from what he is doing that the 49ers had hit a homerun here. but listen, julio jones is not walking to the door. matt ryan


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