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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 23, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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that cardiobut now he is is like i am done. >> have a good day. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 23rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning": a dangerous flooding in california forces dramatic rescues and drives people out of their homes. severe storms pound the southeast after tornadoes and extreme weather killed at least 19 people. president trump will begin his first week in office by signing executive orders and meeting with congressional and business leaders. his new administration spent the weekend lashing out over the size of his inauguration crowd. samsung says it finally knows why so many of its notes 7 smart phones caught on fire. we have the results of a month-long investigation. we begin with a look at
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today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> i think that's a tornado. is that on the ground. >> it was just like a train and it was gone. >> deadly tornadoes rip through the southeast. >> georgia's governor declared a state of emergency in seven counties where storms leveled homes and damaged property. >> told everybody to get down. a couple seconds later we felt the house shake. >> we pray to god whoever we find they are alive. >> on the west coast torrential rain caused widespread flooding, evacuations and mudslides. >> on the mall -- >> ridiculous conversation, but he said that there were crowds all the way to the washington onument. >> there was. i was there. >> yes, there was. >> you're saying it's a falsehood. sean spicer, our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods. >> we want our country back and we'll fight for it. >> millions of people poured on
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the streets across the world to push for women's issues and protest against donald trump. what people were saying to mr. trump, women are not going backwards. >> a deadly jewelry store heist at a mall in texas. two suspects are now in custody. >> absolutely senseless. united airlines grounded all domestic flights because of a computer problem. >> everybody just kind of wants to go home i guess. >> all that -- >> police officer helps a woman escape from her burning car. his baton -- >> that is the weirdest thing. >> a sea lion chose an unusual sleeping spot. and all that matters. >> falcons pick it up and there's young still going, still inbounds. touchdown, the atlanta falcons. >> for all the fans over the last 25 years that have rocked this place, this one is for you. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the flea flicker. brady to the end zone. and it's a new england touchdown. >> the patriots have a date with atlanta. >> extra motivation for you this year to go to the super bowl
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again and to win it? >> no. this is my motivation right here, all these fellows in front of me. that's why we're here. >> announcer: this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, dangerous and damaging storms are slamming both sides of the country. one of the largest storms in years is drenching california, violent weather hit the southeast with deadly tornadoes. >> heavy flooding caused smud slides and washed away cars in southern california. several drivers had to be rescued before their cars were swept away. the storm is blamed for at least three deaths. we're in santa clarita northeast of los angeles with concerns about new flooding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. where we are standing right now, this used to be a road that led to another neighborhood. it has been taken over with the large amounts of rain water and
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flood water coming through the week. there was a car not far from here that was stuck in the creek. it floated down the road here. we haven't seen it for several hours. los angeles has received 13 inches of rain since october, that is 200% more than what was expected for this time period. heavy rain and rushing water submerged southern california sunday, causing mudslides and turning typically dry roads into rivers. rescue crews around the region raced to save stranded drivers, braving the racing waters to save this trapped family with a young child, pulling a father and son from their stalled truck overnight, and floating a raft to a couple before their truck washed away. when 15-foot waves in san diego dragged two women into the ocean
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saturday, an onlooker dove in, saving one of them. >> she was kind of in close, so i jumped in, and i don't know. i got her and i threw her over my shoulder. >> reporter: fighting the waves, rescue crews searched for more than 40 minutes before finding the second woman and pulling her to shore. she died late sunday. to the north near los angeles roadways were covered with nearly four feet of water forcing lifeguards to go door-to-door to help families. >> we've been here for about five years. this is the highest we've seen it yet. >> reporter: the los angeles fire department has responded to 170 calls related to this incident since yesterday. right now we are expecting more rain to come, so this right here could be the beginning of our problems. video showed this massive apparent tornado yesterday that ripped across southwest georgia. the violent weather killed at least 19 people in georgia and mississippi and more than 60 people were hurt. the national weather service
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says there were at least 37 reports of tornadoes. they struck in states stretching from louisiana into georgia. mark strassmann is in all bani, georgia, where there's widespread damage. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. terror came mid afternoon sunday when a twister tore through here. take a look at this house, the roof is torn off, the side, too. like many homes here, this one looks like a total loss. a quarter mile from here, four people were killed in a trailer park. much of albany lies in ruins. >> i think that's a tornado. is that on the ground? >> reporter: storm chasers captured video of one of the reported tornadoes that devastated parts of southern and central georgia sunday afternoon. >> hello. >> reporter: overnight in areas with no power, first responders and volunteers used flashlights to search for survivors in a mobile home community. >> we just pray to god whoever we find they are actually alive. >> reporter: james black and his
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family rode out the tornado in their house a quarter mile down the house. >> sounded like a train. told everybody to get down in the house. a couple seconds later we felt the house shake. >> reporter: more than a dozen people in georgia were killed in storm-related accidents over the weekend. >> i didn't hear nothing. i just seen it all come off the house and i never did hear a tornado siren or nothing. >> reporter: seven of those deaths were in one cook county trailer park where the storm created a trail of ruin. it left behind roofless houses, downed power lines and rubble in this neighborhood. margie's daughter lost her house. >> i just thank god that they're alive. it could have been much worse. material things can be replaced, but my children can't. >> reporter: tornadoes are also being blamed for deaths in mississippi. a drone captured the destruction
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where 300 homes were damaged. president trump spoke to the governor. >> tornadoes are vicious and powerful and strong and they suffered greatly. we'll be helping out the state of georgia. >> reporter: on average, the national weather service says georgia sees two tornadoes in the month of january. this state saw 24 reported tornadoes just this weekend. >> thanks, mark. lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs is tracking the storm. good morning. >> good morning charlie. good morning everybody. here is what the east coast storm looks like, it will become a nor'easter later today. the midsection is quiet. a lot of activity on the west coast. let's zoom in and show what's going on. the first thing you'll notice, this spin, the storm system off the pacific northwest, there's another storm system around the nevada-utah border. the first system will move due south. as it does so it will continue to drench the california coastline. big snows inland. that second system will move into the norther plains,
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eventually into the midwest, putting some snow down as well. not the big numbers, but you'll find the mountain ranges out west, snow nonetheless. there's one storm going down the california coastline. the second storm, as it pushes through the northern plains, dropping snow, eventually fizzles out by the time you get to late wednesday, going into thursday. as far as the snow totals go, i'm talking maybe three, four-day totals. out west, the mountain peaks, three, five feet of snow. as you get into the northern plains, wherever you see the purple colors popping up, that could be a foot, maybe a foot and a half in isolated spots. there will be snow with this system. nor norah? >> president trump has a busy week after a rough weekend. on saturday he spoke to cia employees, but the president was also thinking about saturday's protest that brought hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in washington. major garrett, it's just one
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item on a long agenda. >> reporter: good morning. president trump just wrapped up a meeting with top business executives here at the white house. earlier on twitter he promised a big focus of the meeting would be increasing manufacturing jobs here in the united states. we expect several executive orders from the president today. among them dealing with trade and immigration as well as environmental policy. yesterday, the president focused on some staff work. >> i just went to the oval office and found this beautiful letter from president obama. >> reporter: at a swearing in for his senior advisors sunday, the 45th president held up a letter left for him by his president. >> it was really very nice of him to do that. >> reporter: he said the contents would remain confidential and offered this about the presidency and his team. >> this is not about party. this is not about ideology. it's about serving the american
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people. >> reporter: earlier in the day president trump was less conciliatory when he noted the hundreds of thousands that marched in washington and across the country to protest his presidency and agenda, was under the impression that we just had an election, why didn't these people vote, he tweeted before changing his tune an hour and a half later. even if i don't always agree, i recognize the rights of people to express their views. on saturday crowd size was also on mr. trump's mind during his first official trip to cia headquarters. >> we had a massive field of people, you saw that, packed. i get up this morning and turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. >> reporter: in front of about 300 cia agents, the president lashed out about reports of attendance at his inauguration. >> honestly it looked like a million and a half people. whatever it was, it was. >> reporter: the visit was designed to reset relations with an intelligence community he
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criticized. >> i love you, i respect you. there's nobody i respect more. you're going to do a fantastic job, and we're going to start winning again and you're going to be leading the charge. >> reporter: it's a sentiment the president repeated at a reception for law enforcement and security leaders including fbi director james comey. some democrats blame comey's announcements about the e-mail investigation for costing hillary clinton the election. an inspector general probe is reviewing comey's conduct. the president's pick for cia director, mike pompeo, is expected to be confirmed today. yesterday republican senators lindsey graham and john mccain announced support for rex tillerson, more or lessen shurg his confirmation. president trump is moving ahead with his foreign agenda, on the phone yesterday with benjamin netanyahu. the spokesman says mr. trump
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emphasized the only direct talks can produce an israeli-palestinian peace deal. he plans to meet with the leaders of britain, mexico and canada in the upcoming days. the argument over how many people attended president trump's swearing in has been summed up in two photos. this is an aerial shot during friday's inauguration. this is the national mall at the same time of day during president obama's nation in 2009. on saturday white house press secretary accused reporters of trying to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration. >> there's been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i'm here to tell you it goes two ways. we're going to hold the press accountable as well. this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe. >> the fact checking website politifact, said the claim is pants on fire, which means
7:14 am
false. kellyanne conway defended sean spicer yesterday. >> why did he do that? it undermines the credibility of the entire white house press office on day one. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood. they're giving -- sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts. >> conway also said presidents are judged by their accomplishments not by the crowd size at their inaugurations. ari fleischer served as white house press secretary for george w. bush from 2001 to 2003 sand with us now. welcome. you watched that first briefs by sean spicer. i know he's a friend of yours. what concerns you? >> it's one thing to take on the press, a time honored tradition. >> by republicans and democrats. >> absolutely. the part about how many people showed up in the audience of the inauguration, who cares? it's not worth fighting over. >> and where it took place, too. >> and where it took place -- >> in terms of the question that
7:15 am
the president did at the cia when he raised the question of crowd size in front of the heroes. >> one thing we have learned about president trump, he will let it rip wherever he is. i think the fundamental issue is wrong fight. if you want to get into a fight with the press about them trying to delegitimize his presidency, that's fair game. but a fight over who had more people at the inauguration, that's not worth your saturday -- >> he came out swinging, ari, he was so strident in it. that had to come from somewhere. >> it came from the president. my sense of sean, who i've known for almost 20 years, he used to work in the bush administration. this is one of those times when you're told, get out there and fix it and do it now. it doesn't give you time to prepare it and get the facts developed the way you want to. he went out there and did his job, which is to represent the president. today is part two. today is the press's day.
7:16 am
today he's going to get challenged on it. he's going to have to justify it and back up the statistics he used. my advice to sean, if you used a statistic that is wrong, correct it today. there's no harm to say i got a statistic wrong and walk it back. if you're making a broader point about legitimate press, make your broader point. cool the confrontation down a notch or three. >> do you think the press is in any way to blame? >> here is where the press is to blame. first of all, they've been hostile to donald trump throughout, and donald trump is happy to return the favor. why didn't zeek miller, a good reporter from "time" ask a white house official to confirm it was removed before tweeting it. >> he took it back. >> it's a good point. it's a good reminder to do that. let me ask you, the press secretary, it's different from a campaign secretary, right?
7:17 am
you've been white house press secretary. what is the onus, the job? as of your first day in the white house, you're paid by the taxpayers. do you also represent the american people to some regard? >> you have three phases. when you're on a campaign, first talking to your primary voters, then the american voters and the world. >> but when you're in the white house? >> you're talking to the world. that's a soaper responsibility. at the same time you're speaking as president. your job is to faithfully reflect the president for better or worse. >> here is what you wrote in november. i don't know what changes president-elect trump will make, but has extraordinary latitude. if he decides to go around the press entirely, abolish the daily briefing or not take a press pool to dinner, the reason he'll get away with it is because the mainstream media lost the trust of the american people. do you believe the mainstream media is in danger of losing the trust of the american people? >> charlie, according to the gallup poll trust in the press
7:18 am
is at an all-time low. this is a tragedy for the press and the public. it's vital the american people accept what the press is reporting as fact. because of the manner the press has reported the news for decades has led to a strong, steady decline of people distrusting the press. my advice to the press is, it doesn't matter if the president praises you or criticizes you. your job is to be neutral, fair and accurate. >> thank you. >> all right, ari, very well said. thank you. the super bowl 51 match-up is set this morning. the new england patriots will take on the the atlanta falcons. the pats won the championship yesterday beating the pittsburgh steelers 36-17. tom brady will compete for a record breaking fifth super bowl ring, the most of any quarterback in nfl history. mvp candidate matt ryan and his falcons crushed the green bay packers yesterday. the score was 44-21. they're looking to win their
7:19 am
first championship in their second super bowl appearance. the patriots and falcons will meet for super bowl 51 in houston on sunday, february 5th. >> we'll be watching. samsung says it solved the mystery of what caused the flagship note 7 smart phone to catch on fire. ahead, what a month-long investigation discovered and whether samsung now can good monday morning from the kpix studios you need in tha umbrella again today for one more day. and it's the hi-def radar picking up showers around the bay area. pop up hit and miss showers. the potential for thunderstorms we do have a flash flood watch in effect for the entire bay area until the early evening hours. temperatures today cool into the 50s and sunny skies by tuesday afternoon. all the way to the weekend.
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after months of . after months of criticism, president trump tells the cia, i'm on your side. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. >> ahead, why some intelligence officials say the president only made a bad situation worse. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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israel anticipates the u.s. embassy will move to jerusalem. ahead, why it could bring new turmoil to the middle east. >> and tomorrow, the
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this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning it's 7:26 i am michelle griego. search and rescue crews are look for a teen who went missing when the car crashed into alameda creek. this is a live look near niles canyon road. a crash happened saturday but conditions have been so bad that crews have not been able to find the young woman or the car. in the south bay a high surf advisory is in effect. high waves and spinning sand made for dangerous conditions in pacifica ants national weather service says the swells could continue through tomorrow morning. stay with us. traffic and weather is in a moment. ,,,,,,
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good morning hope you had a great weekend and now have a great week get to work on time the golden gate bridge into san francisco that's a regular commute of 15 minutes traffic
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smoothly there. the metering lights on at the toll plaza the bay bridge expect 16 to 20 minute try drive through the maze downtown and traffic alert he in oakland southbound 13 before broadway this due to a large pothole that caused damage to commuters earlier this morning. so, to avoid it get on the freeway on the moraga entrance and by-pass the entrance and mass transit no delays on bart ace train or muni. one more day of rain good morning. rise and shine. 7:28. it's live and hi-def doppler radar looking carefully you see a pink zone that's the snow atop mount hamilton and we have the pretty vigorous cell with moderate rainfall around the emeryville area and into university avenue in berkeley and treks treks towards alameda. flash flood watch all 9 counties until 6 p.m. with the potential of flooding and down powered lines and trees in the bay area. temperatures today scattered showers in the 50s. lingering shower early tomorrow
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and then sunny skies and days ahead. ,,,,,,,,
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work on the dance floor. get it in there. >> that's the atlanta falcons owner arthur blank celebrating a victory with a little dance. go, mr. blank. the falcons routed green bay 44-21. they will now play new england in the super bowl. this will be atlanta's second trip to the championship game. they lost to denver in 1999. they are ready to play. >> boy, such great quarterbacks. i can't wait. >> arthur blank is having fun. >> i like it. go, atlanta. >> that's a tradition he started down there, dancing. >> he's still got the moves. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, did
7:31 am
donald trump's attempt to mend fences with the intelligence community backfire? that's the question many are asking? he went to the cia and blasted the media. how some say that appearance made relations worse. and samsung knows why some of the galaxy note 7s burst into flames. they tested 200,000 devices. questions about whether the brand can survive the damage. >> time to show you headlines. the washington post reports on how president trump's executive order on the affordable care act is creating uncertainty. trump signed the order friday as republicans worked to repeal and replace obamacare. it instructs federal agencies to grant relief to those affected by the law. the possible pullback of obamacare rules could affect enrollment this year and how many companies participate next year. the white house did not return the "post"'s request for
7:32 am
comment. >> the women's march movement. millions took part in protests around the world saturday. now women's groups and civil rights organizations are scrambling to harness the energy. they are trying to enlist more supporters and encouraging women to run for local public office. >> this will be worth watching. >> i'll say. >> that was one of the messages, run for office. >> the kansas city star says families turned out at a stadium to mourn a 25-year-old pitcher who died yesterday in a car crash in his native dominican republic. he helped the royals win the world series in 2015. the houston chronicle said barbara bush chose to stay in the hospital with her husband though she was cleared to leave. a family spokesman said former president george h.w. bush is recovering from pneumonia. doctors hope to move him out of intensive care in the next day or two. mrs. bush was treated for bronchitis. >> they have been married over 70 years. >> that's nice. >> really nice. the "wall street journal" says
7:33 am
president trump's national security adviser was investigated for alleged links to russia. the u.s. counter intelligence agents in fact gated michael flynn's phone calls to the russian ambassador on december 29. on that day the obama administration announced sanctions against russia in retaliation for alleged use of cyber attacks to interfere with the u.s. election. it is not clear if the investigation produced incriminating evidence or if it is continuing a. white house spokeswoman denies knowledge of any investigation. the president's first official trip was to langley, virginia. the speech was supposed to smooth over bad feeling with the intelligence community. it may have done the fences.
7:34 am
it left some current and former cia officials stunned and angered. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. >> reporter: despite that pledge of support, u.s. intelligence officials tells cbs news president trump's visit to cia headquarters was uncomfortable and that he made relations with the intelligence community worse. during the speech in front of a memorial wall dedicated to fallen cia officers mr. trump blamed the media for creating a rift between him and the agency. >> they made sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. i want you to know the reason you are the number one stop is exactly the opposite. >> we didn't think that sounded right. in fact, we rated it false. >> reporter: the editor of politifact found mr. trump had been critical of the intelligence community, even
7:35 am
saying at one point he didn't trust them. >> very easy to use them. i won't because they have made such bad decisions. >> reporter: he stepped up criticism after all 17 intelligence agencies concluded that the russian government was behind a wave of cyber attacks to influence the election. >> i think it is just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> at that time he said that this is the same intelligence community that had worked on weapons of destruction and saddam hussein. so that was a criticism. >> reporter: when information leaked about an intelligence briefing this month in which mr. trump was informed of the existence of a dosier of unsubstantiated claims about him he said this. >> that's a disgrace, something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> reporter: two days later a series of tweets saying the leaked information was released by intelligence, even knowing there is no proof and never will be. the setting for the speech, the
7:36 am
memorial wall, is considered sacred ground for the agency. former cia director john brennan who left the agency last week said over the weekend he was saddened by the president's statements. he said the president should be ashamed of himself. nora? >> he said he was saddened, angered, called it a despicable display. thank you very much. president trump invited benjamin netanyahu to the white house next month. israeli media reports the united states plans to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. sean spicer told cbs news we are at the very beginning stages. >> reporter: -- bricks and mortar are changing the sign on the u.s. consulate here. jerusalem is a city and a capital claimed by israelis and palestinians. it is home to some of the most
7:37 am
sensitive religious sites. palestinian leaders say moving the embassy here recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel and would damage the peace process. no other country has its embassy in jerusalem due to the conflicting claims on this city. on sunday, israel approved hundreds of new settler homes in east jerusalem, just before president donald trump's call with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it is a move that has angered palestinians. the concern here, of course, is that this anger and frustration could boil over once again. gayle? >> thank you very much, seth doan from jerusalem. united airlines customers may experience delays this morning after the airline had to ground all the flights yesterday. the airline said a technical problem caused a ground stop. it lasted more than two hours. cbs news learned the glitch was with the system which transmits data about a plane's performance. it is not clear how many
7:38 am
passengers or flights were affected. samsung has discovered why the galaxy note 7 smartphones overheated and sometimes caught fire. ahead, how the huge phonemaker is trying to put the recall behind it and regain the confidence of consumers. we want to invite you to subscribe to the podcast. you will get the news of the day, extended interviews and, what else do you think they will get? >> podcast originals. >> yeah. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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a lucky escape for a climber in switzerland. he was trying to make his way up a pillar of ice but the ice broke. the climber was attached to a safety rope luckily.
7:43 am
>> definitely. hopefully the safety rope wasn't attached to another large icicle. >> thank you, jesus. he's all right. samsung says design flaws and manufacturing problems caused some of the note 7 smartphones to overheat and burst into flames. the company released the conclusion of the investigation into the burned phones overnight. the phones, as you know, led to a massive recall that cost samsung billions of dollars. chris van cleave is in washington with what the company plans to do next. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this was an unfortunate case of lightning striking twice for samsung. after it recalled the note 7 and made modifications, the replacements had a similar but different problem with overheating. the public laying out of what went wrong and new safety protocols is all in an effort to win back customers. a samsung executive apologized monday as he detailed the results of the company's
7:44 am
investigation into what caused the galaxy note 7 smartphones to catch fire. >> there were two different defects. they had the same end result. >> reporter: samsung said since it began in recall in september 700 researchers used 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries. they concluded the original issue was a design flaw. the company said incorrect battery positioning created problems in the phone's upper right corner. >> it caused the two parts of the battery to basically come into contact and short out which caused overheating and some of the fires you saw. >> reporter: the replacement phones had a problem with how the batteries were welded together which led to an internal short circuit. >> they went to great pains to point out that in all their testing they didn't find any flaws with the actual design and build of the phone hardware or the software in it. they put all the blame on the batteries and the manufacturing
7:45 am
of the batteries. >> reporter: a source tells cbs news the first battery was supplied by a samsung company. the second was outsourced and the production problem there was linked to a rapid increase in production to replace all the phones from the initial recall. samsung said 96% of the 3 million note 7s soldreturned. in the u.s. there were 13 reports of burns, 47 reports of property damage associated with note 7 phones and a total of 96 reports of overheating batteries. >> it is a black eye in terms of consumer confidence. people are obviously going to think twice about getting another samsung phone. this incident is survivable but the business has to win back the trust of consumers. >> reporter: part of that's a newly announced eight-point safety check on all samsung phones which it says will exceed industry standards. worldwide about 120,000 note 7s are still outstanding. we are waiting for the results of a separate investigation into
7:46 am
the overheating problems. this one by the u.s. consumer product safety commission. nora? >> chris, thank you. a lot of people still love their samsung. it has a nice camera. >> you don't want to give it up. it has all your information. that's why they had to shut it down so you can't use it. >> transparency is essential. tell them everything. >> that's right. a police officer's bravery in a fire is captured on his own body camera. how he got a woman out of a burning car when the door would not hi good morning roberta gonzales in the studios with hi- def doppler radar pick up hit and miss showers that's the case today with occasionally a heavy downpour the potential of an ice and -- isolated thunderstorm. flash flood watch through the early evening bottom line is soil is saturated. temperatures today in the 50s and maybe a lingering shower on tuesday morning. otherwise, nice skies and sunny tuesday afternoon.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
door. he pulled the woman through the broken window and dragged her to safety. a neighbor also helped. thankfully the woman wasn't hurt. >> when you first look at it, i wasn't sure what we were seeing. when you explain it was the body cam, what a brave thing to do. >> scary. >> she's okay. >> he was working hard. really hard. the last two teams standing in the nfl are ready for super bowl li. >> tom brady, who does he play for? >> the patriots. >> the patriots will take on the atlanta falcons and matt ryan. james brown is in the toyota green room. he'll tell us what to expect. you're watching "cbs this morning." when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
this is a kpix5 morning updates. >> it's 7:56 i am kenny choi today major clean upby restaurant war eucalyptus tree came crash down on parked cars. crews will have chop it up and haul eye it way. city council is discussing relocation payments when tenants are displaced over code violation inspired by the ghost ship fire. it would significantly increase the sum for tenants. traffic and weather in a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning happy monday 7:57 so let's me tell you about a couple things to know for your morning commute if you headed into the marin area highway 37 is closed between
7:58 am
101 and atherton avenue because of a series of storms this has not helped but we have flooding in the area and so you can get off on atherton and get back on 101. moving over to 680 this is in have a nebba southbound -- venetia a 4 vehicle crash involving a big rig and three cars and blocking the two left lanes a lot of backups so give yourself extra time. it's snowing on top of mount hamilton live hi-def doppler radar picking up a shade of pink confirmed that you see the vigorous cell pushing onshore for the pacific ocean out over the peninsula boy it looks like it's beginning to move into the millbrae area and south san francisco. and in pacifica. scattered spotty showers throughout the day today. the potential isolated thunderstorm. we will have ponding and a potential offed. >>ing along local streams and creeks. meanwhile with the scattered showers we are currently into the 40s. we will have the showers throughout the day and intensifying by the evening commute with highs in the 50s
7:59 am
sunny tomorrow afternoon. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 23rd, 2017. what day is it in our house? norah o'donnell's birthday. happy birthday, mrs. tracy. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news. including new rules for tax filing season. we'll ask about the changes that could slow down your refund. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> mid afternoon sunday when a twister tore through here, you can see it tore the roof off this house. along with the siding. >> there was actually a car stuck in this creek. it has floated down the road here. we haven't seen it for several hours. >> the first system is going to be moving due south. as it does so, it will continue
8:01 am
to drench the california coastline. >> president trump just wrapped up a meeting with business executives, a big focus would be on increasing manufacturing job. >> you watched that first briefing by sean spicer. what concerned you? >> it's one thing to take on the press acres time-honored tradition in washington, d.c. the part about how many people showed up in the audience at the inauguration? who cares? >> before being sworn in as president, mr. trump reminded the intelligence community about the failures leading up to the war in iraq. saturday he appeared to mend fences. >> letters by founding father alexander hamilton were sold at auction for more than $2 million. you know they're all authentic because they all began "yo my name is hamilton and i'm here to say." >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. california is getting pounded by one of its largest storms in years. heavy flooding caused mud slides and washed away cars.
8:02 am
several drivers had to be rescued. the storm caused at least three deaths. >> look at those pictures. roads near los angeles were swamped by nearly four feet of water. life guards went door to door to help families trapped by the flooding. in santa clarita, mireya vi villarreal. >> reporter: there should be a road here connecting two neighborhoods. the raging waters are too much for this area. there was a car here not too long ago. it was swept overnight down the creek. that's how intense these waters are. now on sunday, heavy rain and rushing waters submerged southern california, causing mudslides that turned typically dry roads into rivers. rescue crews around the region raced to save stranded drivers. they braved the racing waters to save this trapped family with a young child. the los angeles fire department has responded to about 170 phone
8:03 am
calls since yesterday, regarding these incidents from over the weekend. we're expecting to see more rain throughout the day. right here, we could see a lot more of this in southern california. >> mireya, thank you. at least 19 people are dead after tornadoes and violent storms slammed the south. a wave of severe weather injured more than 60 people. tornadoes hit across the southeast from louisiana into georgia. storm chasers captured video of one of the reported tornadoes that devastated parts of georgia yesterday. president trump said this morning that business regulations can be cut by 75% without hurting legal protection of workers and the environment. he spoke at a meeting with a dozen executives invited to the oval office to talk about u.s. manufacturing. on saturday, the president made claims about the size of the crowd at friday's inauguration. >> it looked -- honestly, looked like 1.5 million people. whatever it was, it was.
8:04 am
it went all the way back to the washington monument. and i turned around and by mistake, i get this -- empty field and it said we drew 250,000 people. now, that's not bad. but it's a lie. >> well, this is the view from the washington monument at the time the president gave his inaugural address. there is no attendance count for inaugurations. the crowd, as you can see, did not go back all the way to the monument. reince priebus defended the claims yesterday. >> there's an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president. we are not going to sit around and let it happen. we are going to fight back tooth and nail every day and twice on sunday. >> white house counselor kellyanne conway defended press secretary sean spicer's announcement about the crowd
8:05 am
size saying he gave alternative facts. u.s.-backed iraqi forces are making gains in mosul. second largest city has been an isis stronghold since 2014. cbs news made it into recently liberty rated mosul. the dangerous work of clearing the city. >> reporter: good morning. in some neighborhoods in eastern mosul, things are returning to normal. but we traveled to the center of the city and we witnessed some of the destruction that took place in the battle for mosul. flattened buildings, pock marks, broken glass from shrapnel. iraqi forces managed to liberate the city up to the tigris river. isis still holds on to the west. clearing parts of eastern mosul is another matter. iraqi forces will still have to go house to house in order to
8:06 am
root out isis militants who may have melted into the community and still pose a threat as sleeper cells. you hear the gunfire off in the distance. there's already been examples of car bombs that were hidden in garbages and neighborhoods in eastern mosul that then spring into action and attack iraqi forces. u.s. and coalition forces have blown up most of the bridges leading to western mosul, which will complicate things for iraqi forces. isis still maintains control of that region. the last big battle for iraqi forces is facing isis in western mosul. it represents the last real stronghold that isis has in iraq. and they're not likely to give it up without a fight. for "cbs this morning," charlie dagata in mosul. football fans in new england and atlanta have good reason to celebrate this morning. new england patriots punched a ticket to super bowl 51 yesterday with a convincing
8:07 am
victory over the pittsburgh steelers. quarterback tom brady is seeking his fifth championship win. they will face the atlanta falcons who crushed the green bay packers yesterday. it is their first super bowl appearance since 1998. james brown, host of the nfl today, is here with us. predictions for the match-up, jb. >> predictions? >> you bet. obviously, the diet continues and you're looking better and better. >> thank you so very much. without the spanx, believe it or not. >> was the liposuction painful? >> not as bad as -- >> no, you look great. you look great. >> look at super bowl 51. >> gayle makes me blush. >> the matchup between tom brady and matt, is it a question of who has the best defense? >> press will focus on the marquis names but it's about organizations. new england is the best there is. i know i've worn this expression
8:08 am
out. but in an era of designed parody in the national football league, they are the dominant team. they get it done with a system. key players but a great talent evaluator bill belichick is. >> tom brady wasn't there for the first four games of the rob gronkowski was out. he looked so sad, by the way, sitting in the box watching him. >> because norah o'donnell wasn't up there with him. so tom brady comes back and they go 13-1. the guy is playing the game in football vernacular, the game is moving slowly in front of him, because he has mastered it so well. unsung heroes, it starts in the trenches. you need somebody to protect m him. and they get it done. and the defense does it collectively. >> tom brady just seems to get better and better. he threw 384 yards against the steelers. that's a patriots postseason record. and he kept throwing to hogan, who was there. couple of times wide open. >> doesn't that tell you about
8:09 am
the genius of bill belichick? watch a guy, talented evaluator. hogan, an ex-lacrosse player. like some of the intangibles he brought to the table and they get it done. >> jb if, i was listening to you, i might not even go there if i was the atlanta falcons. >> oh, no, no, no. >> they just smashed the green bay packers. superior organization, brady's getting better. and he has all the time in the world. >> charlie, you're good. >> i know. >> gayles has impressed you, influenced you. >> yeah, that's how it goes. >> arthur blank is an excellent owner. he's a good guy, even going to the michael vick saga, he was there, cheering him on. matt ryan should be the mvp. they've got a lot of options. they are a talented team. but the new england team gets inside your head before the game even starts. >> somebody got inside aaron rodgers' head.
8:10 am
>> yeah. >> what happened? >> i give them a little credit. it just so happened to me, and klaus may disagree with me. >> hey, look at klaus. >> can we look at klaus that he's talking about? >> football on the line for syracuse. they just ran into a better team. >> are you expecting a good game? we had such blowouts this weekend. what are you expecting? we all want a great game but -- >> as john madden used to say they don't play the games on paper. let's see what happens on the field. on paper it should be a good match-up. league's number one scoring team against a defense that allows the fewest points. and you tell me, give me one star's name on defense for new england. it's team ownerous. >> favorites? >> you're good, charlie. i never prkt a winner. from a tv standpoint i always want to see a competitive game or norah up in the box.
8:11 am
>> you know what jersey i'll be wearing on super bowl sunday. looking forward to that. >> gonzalez has the love to your two -- >> i was so excited for him yesterday. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jb. always good to see you. >> good to see you guys. tax season gets under way today. new laws could affect how you get your refund. melody,,,,
8:12 am
melania trump promised to fight bullying in her new role as first lady. >> we have to find a softer way to talk with each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> ahead, how she is going to stay true to herself and what her first priority will be. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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8:17 am
tax filing season begins today. did you know? there are rule changes that could affect your refund. this year's deadline is april 18. you have three extra days to file. the irs expects more than four of five taxpayers to file electronically. cbs news financial contributor melly hobson is in san francisco. that's why you see the golden gate bridge. melody, good to see you. the question everybody wants to know is how to get money back or how not to pay. what will these changes mean? >> i can't tell you how not to pay. but in terms of how to get money back one of the things the irs has on their brain is fraud. they want to diminish fraud. they are trying to do it with additional verifications. so for some people the return could be slowed down if you claim the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit. the irs are going to d
8:18 am
additional verifications so they won't mail out those returns until after february 15. for most people, nine of ten people they say you will get your return in 21 days. you can actually log onto the irs website. and track your refund with a tool that they have called where's my refund. >> what's the free file program? >> if you make under $64,000 a year, you have an opportunity to get free tax software to be able to file online for free. this is software that's a joint venture with the irs and a number of commercial tax providers. think everyone from h & r block to tax slayer. this is software that normally costs 20 to 50 dollars. you can do this for free. those providers also say in addition some of them to filing your federal returns for free, they will file your state returns as well.
8:19 am
the irs says s 100 million peop will qualify for the free file program. >> is tax return fraud on the decline? >> yes. down 50% in the last couple of years. that's a big deal. they are trying to make sure they continue -- it continues to diminish with something they are doing new this year which is their version of two factor authenticati authentication. before, to prove you were yourself you gave your social security number. now they are going to ask some individuals to also provide their adjusted gross income figure from their last return. just another way of verifying and proving that you are you. >> in terms of the people you know in the financial community and the investment community, do they believe there will be a trump premium on the market? >> this is much in debate right now. we had such a huge bump. it was called the trump bump, following the election. the market rose very swiftly.
8:20 am
we have seen the market kind of hover here. not be able to break through the dow 20,000 number. there is a lot of wait and see now. the sense that it moved very fast and people are now saying, you know, let's see what you get done. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. always good to see you. firefighters come to the rescue of dozens of animals. ahead, how they saved more than 100 pigs and pig lets from a burning barn in siberia. you're watching "cbs this morning." see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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8:23 am
8:24 am
well, russian firefighters are heroes in an unusual rescue. they pulled around 150 pigs and pig lets from a burning barn in siberia friday. 25 firefighters formed a human chain to get the animals to safety in the bitter cold. the cost of the fire is still -- cause of the fire is still under investigation. no firefighters were hurt. >> and the pigs were all rescued? >> that's what we hear? >> whatever works. the squealing is disconcerting. i know that's the sound they make. >> they're cute. >> very cute. >> reminds me of charlotte's web. there was a fire in the barn. >> i remember that story. >> i like pigs. >> i like pigs, too. and other things, too. i was going to make a bacon joke, but i won't.
8:25 am
women's rallies happened on every continent including this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning everyone it's 8:25. i am any mel -- michelle griego. today a judge will hand down pg&e punishment in webbing can -- in connection with a pipeline explosion they were convicted violating safety regular layings before the 2010 blast. maximum fine is 3 million dollars. today bill scott will officially be sworn in as san francisco's police chief. he previously served as deputy chief of the lapd and scott replaces interim chief and chief greg sur who resigned last may. stay with us. traffic and weather is in a moment. ,,,,,,
8:26 am
we're told to live large, but with princess cruises your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined.
8:27 am
so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. good morning it's 8:27. happy monday. let's look at your bay area commute here. starting with the marin commute from the golden gate bridgelooking good from 508 and san rafael but trouble southbound 608 before the venetia bridge a crash involving three cars and a big rig out there block being the two -- blocking the two left lanes. that backup is beyond lake herman road and eastbound 780 that backup well beyond south hampton road give yourself a lot of extra time to get through the area. you're moving at just 2 miles per hour on southbound 680. so avoid it if you can. okay traveling into downtown
8:28 am
san francisco across the bay bridge you've got a 24 minute drive from the maze to downtown. that's the traffic reporta. i heard from one of the weather watchers joe in san jose and he said in the last four days they picked over 4 inches of rain in the santa clara valley. live hi-def dop lalar ray -- doppler radar is picking up green arrows of yellow is moderate and orange could be the potential of a thunderstorm so watch it the pink it's knowing at the top mount hamilton and this is a lick observatory cameras and we have monday rid to heavy downpours. -- moderate to heavy downpours to the pacific ocean and flash flood watch until 6 p.m. tonight that means when you head out, there will be ponding on the roadways and foe tension of a downed tree. currently we have mostly cloudy skies and temperatures from the 40s. scattered showers throughout the day today temperatures in the 50s and tomorrow afternoon, the sun returns to the bay
8:29 am
area. ,,,,,,,,
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, millions of people participated in the protest. over the weekend for women's rights. jo di canter is in the green room now. we'll find out whether this attempt to create a movement can succeed. plus one of melania trump's roles has nothing to do with politics. how she'll work to keep her family life stable. >> the "new york times" reports on a lawsuit expected to be filed against president trump. it alleges mr. trump is violating the constitution by allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign
8:31 am
governments. it is fear ed american official could be corrupted by gifts. the case is being brought by a group including former white house ethics lawyers. >> the "new york times" also reports that starting today snapchat is cleaning up the news service. they updated guidelines to restrict publishers from posting misleading and explicit images ahead of an initial public offering expected for this spring by snapchat parent company. madonna spoke in washington. >> i have thought a lot about blowing up the white house. >> her comments got the attention of the white house. she said i am not a violent person. i do not promote violence and it is important people hear and understand my speech in its entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context. the only way to change for the
8:32 am
better is to do it with love. >> usa today says roger federer is playing better and better. it looks ahead to the quarter finals of the australian open. the swiss star defeated a japanese player yesterday. this is federer's first official tournament after missing six months with a knee injury. >> look at that shot, guys. cross court and down the line. >> no one has played the game more beautifully. >> he's using his knees. they seem to be working oak. >> that's what you do. >> it's very pretty to watch after his knee surgery. and new research shows anxiety might be more common among older people than previously thought. up to 20% of seniors may suffer anxiety disorders. marked by overwhelming worry, thoughts of dread and an inability to re, la. -- relax.
8:33 am
organizers of the women's marches are looking to transform the energy from the weekend protest into action. hundreds of thousands of people showed up for the women's march on washington. the crowd was more than double what planners predicted. more than 500 rallies across the country from new york city to seattle drew huge crowds of people. many of them spoke out against the expected policies of president trump. the president responded on twitter saying, quote, was under the impression that with just had an election. why didn't these people vote? later he characterized the protest as a hallmark of democracy adding even if i don't always agree i recognize the rights of people to express their views. alex wagner covered the marches. good morning. >> good morning. millions of women marching saturday look to take aim at the policies and actions they are expecting to face during the trump administration. they hope the enthusiasm will translate into a grassroots movement.
8:34 am
>> the crowds clogging the streets of the nation's capital were so massive organizers had to abandon the route originally planned. one of the four national cochairs of the women's march on washington is bob bland. >> saturday's march was well beyond any of the expectations any of the founders or organizers could have had. >> my body, my choice! >> reporter: women, men and children, many wearing pink pussy cat hats packed the national mall where a day earlier president donald trump was sworn into office. teacher maria christina came from newark, new jersey. >> the new president is at home right over our shoulders. what's your message to him? >> we will come out and protest and let ourselves be heard. expect this many times over. >> reporter: there were enormous crowds in blue bass chons like
8:35 am
chicago, boston, los angeles and san francisco. americans also showed up by the thousands in red strongholds including alaska, indiana and tennessee. organizers trying to capitalize on momentum have already launched a campaign encouraging marchers to send postcards to senators. the first of ten actions planned for the trump administration's first 100 days. >> a lot of the partner organizations are still very involved and enthusiastic about what's to come. >> we won the popular vote! >> people were so cynical and skeptical of what women can achieve we proved to the world that when women lead, women will be successful. >> the biggest issue on the minds of many of the protesters we spoke to was women's health care and the republican plan to repeal the affordable care act. president trump's executive actions this weekend targeting key provisions of the law is only adding to the anxiety
8:36 am
surrounding this administration. >> don't go anywhere. joining us now is cbs news contributor and correspondent for the new york times jody cantor. welcome. >> thank you. >> there were a lot of pink hats and they said they would have given the march an 11 out of 10. they said it was peaceful and the message was heard. what stood out for you? >> turn out beat expectations not only in new york and washington and la, but across the nation and the world. i talked to women who marched in cheyenne, wyoming, small towns in minnesota, pennsylvania. i want to tell you the story about a librarian named michelle barton in northern minnesota, so stirred by the idea of the march she decided to march herself. she was going to go down the street all alone but in the end 60 peoplet's the question. if you look at the signs which was a fascinating project.
8:37 am
there were so many different causes represented. the uniting factor was a vitriolic operation against president trump. my colleagues wrote about this today and quoted a democrat saying trump is the cure. not meaning trump is the cure to the nation's ills but trump is the cure to democratic enemy. >> i kept hearing organizers say this is not an anti-trump rally. this is about women speaking out. it didn't seem the case when i watched. >> they focused on this coalesce sense of a number of causes whether immigrants rights, reproductive rights or free speech. in the end, the tone and i think jodi saw it, too, was anti-trump. the interesting thing is a lot of the women were grandmothers, mothers and daughters. this was an intergenerational happening. these women will continue conversations at home and intended to continue conversations nationally as
8:38 am
activists. >> 53% of white women voted for trump. where were these women -- many i'm sure voted. where was the movement to propel hillary clinton into the white house that many thought would propel her into the white house? >> president trump tweeted the same idea. >> i read that. >> he said did these women vote. many of them probably did. i think it goes to the diversity and the huge divide in the country. >> leading candidates for the democratic national committee. were any of them there? >> no. my colleague reported they were at a weekend retreat for donors. >> what does that say about the future of the political party trying to harness the power on display? >> i think it is complicated. this is a day after the president was inaugurated. democrats have been focused on a peaceful transition of power. elected officials may have voiced their support privately but didn't feel it was appropriate to stand at the foot of the white house on president trump's first day protesting his
8:39 am
future administration. >> it also did show an energy, organization and as alex said, an intergenerational approach that the democratic party didn't have. >> so it was a legitimate movement now? just a one off? what happens now? >> there were the stirrings of it. part of what was impressive. the hats women stayed home and knitted. signs they made themselves. what a lot of people said about the signs is the hand made signs feel so much more authentic than the mass produced hillary signs people waved at the convention. >> is it comparable to anything in history we have seen? >> i think what's special about this, what's distinctive about this was the day after a president's inauguration, to see so many people around the country and the world rise up and say we are fundamentally not okay with this man being president. >> we think it puts at risk things we believe in. >> a preemptive strike not just
8:40 am
nationally but internationally. the size of the crowds around the globe. you look at the "new york times" map. there are dots on the earth. these are people uniting for a man who had one day in office. >> yesterday women were asked what theyn't with aed going forward. they talked a little bit about the causes. they really said i want a different president. >> i hear that. could it begin there and become something larger in terms of the empowerment of women and crucial issues for women and their place and their opportunity to participate in the world that we live in? >> i think we'll see a choice by president trump for the supreme court. what that judge, justice or person's view on abortion may add to that. what happens with the repeal of the affordable care act whether that repeals the preventative measures that allow women covered birth control. >> would some of the women who
8:41 am
marched be willing to work with republicans? for example, many are you able are in favor of paid family leave and the trump administration may have a proposal on that. would the marchers back that or do they want to a pose everything from this -- oppose everything from this president. >> there is definitely interest in sign-ups. >> it's called the women's march on washington. >> were there people signing them up? was there a master list being created? >> social media was huge. sign-ups online. >> i hope there is a way to work together on this. thank you. melania trump is taking a different approach to her role as first lady. what sets her apart as she,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:42 am
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melania trump tweeted from her official flotus twitter account saying she was deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as first lady. she was next to her husband when he assumed the presidency on friday. she will not be constantly at his side at least for now. here's how she's expected to take on her new role. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the first lady of the united states is an unofficial ambassador. she's like a voice of the american people. it's an unpaid position, but it comes with a sizable implied
8:46 am
responsibility. as she starts the week with her son in new york city and not in d.c. with president trump it is clear she'll do the role her way. . melania trump has not yet made her first official statement as first lady. an inauguration day her ensemble seemed to speak for her. her outfit, designed by ralph lauren looked like a throwback to a predecessor. >> people are saying she looks jackie o. in powder blue from head to toe. >> reporter: she's only the second foreign-born first lady in u.s. history. >> our first lady. >> also one of the only ones to speak five languages. >> reporter: president and mrs. trump were introduced by this man. >> the values, shh care she gives to the child she would wring to the white house and make it unique.
8:47 am
>> reporter: through much of the campaign melania remained on the sidelines. but thrust into the spotlight at the republican national convention she became the target of social media roasting. [ together ] >> that your word is your bond and you do what you say. >> reporter: after a speech included several passages mirrorimirro mirroring michelle obama's address in 2003. she later pledged to fight bullying as first lady. >> we have to find a better way to talk with each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> reporter: days before the election melania made it clear her first priority is still her son. 10-year-old baron. >> i'm a full time mother to our son, an incredible boy. >> reporter: she's chosen to live with him in new york until at least the end of the school year. anita mcbride, former chief of staff for laura bush said she
8:48 am
grappled with the same thing. >> one of the important things they have to do is create a family life, a sanctuary around the president that keeps family life as stable as possible. this is an enormous amount of pressure on a family, particularly when there are young children. >> reporter: another critical role for the first lady, first adviser. melania told "60 minutes" correspondent leslie staal she shares her opinions with president trump, even when it comes to his tweets. >> sometimes it got him in trouble. but it helped a lot as well. he had unbelievable following. >> you never say, come on -- >> i did. >> she does. >> of course i did many times. from the beginning of the campaign. >> does he listen to you? >> sometimes he listens. >> for her role at the white house, melania trump said she's going to stay true to herself. >> i'm very strong and tough and confident and i will listen to
8:49 am
myself and do what is right and what feels to my heart. >> among all the other celebrations this weekend the first couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. the role of the first lady has changed dramatically. only time will tell how melania will leave her mark on the white house. norah? >> thank you. >> the people that know her say she's not a wall flower and she speaks her mind. because we don't know much right now they are focused on her fashion. she was a-plus-plus for that. >> we wouldn't want a wall flower. >> it's great she speaks her mind. she walks in high heels on the parade route. >> pretty good. beautiful. >> awesome. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
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the new administration starts. >> yes, that's right. >> that does it for us. tune in to the "cbs this
8:53 am
morning" tonight and we'll see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,
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this is a kpix5 morning update. >> good morning it's 8:55 i am michelle geic ao. search and rescue crews are look for a teen that went-- griego. search and rescue crews are looking for a teen that went missing. they are look for her and the car. today in lafayette a major cleanup by the restaurant where the massive eucalyptus tree came crashing down on parked cars last night. crews will have to chop up and haul away the tree but from the live picture you can see that's what they have been doing. this just in, the have a layo police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. the officer fatally shot a suspect who was allegedly attacking a 16-year-old boy with a knife. just minutes ago, chopper 5 was over the scene on sacramento street. no word on the condition of the victim. stay with us.
8:56 am
weather and traffic in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning it's 8:57. it's a mop morning commute so i -- monday morning commute so throughout the bay area starting in venetia south bownt bound 608 before the bridge a 4 vehicle car involving a big rig moved off the shoulder but
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residual backup remains you are at 12 miles per hour through the area so to avoid it or the backup on southbound 680 is beyond lake herman and 708 beyond south hampton road and travel in oakland southbound 13 before broadway paris a large pothole that chp named so take 24 to 580. from the weather center we have been monitoring weather for the potential thunderstorms and we have picked up onnear san mateo this is the live hi- def doppler radar hit and miss scattered showers and we see a lot of snow falling he ever the mount hamilton area. but just to pop up was right over there off the peninsula into the bay waters. a lightning bolt and so we will keep the thunderstorms in the forecast today and scattered showers flash flood wash in effect until 6:00 tonight. currently our temperatures are into the 40s carry the umbrella with the hit and miss showers and temperatures in the 50s winds up to 15 miles per
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