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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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from our cameras atop the studios. you know what? somewhat chilly conditions. but you know, you can handle it, right? >> somewhat? >> somewhat. >> somewhat. it's all relative. you know? some people think it's chilly. >> this was frost in southern california. my friends are like, what is this? >> there's been flooding in california. they have had it all. they have been the recipient of the atmospheric river conditions while we have had the cold front as of late. i think i'm getting hearty. i didn't feel the cold this morning. >> in san francisco, no frost on the windshields. >> i don't think is complaining about the weather at all because it's not raining. >> i'm not complaining. >> so we had about three weeks of rain here in the bay area. look at this our hi-def doppler radar. no rain in sight. we are off to a frigid start away from the bay with the temperatures in the high 30s to
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low 40s. 43 in san francisco and oakland. 40 sfo. 30sfrom redwood city to the santa clara valley and mid-40s around the beaches. 30s north of the golden gate bridge just above freezing in santa rosa. you know it's cold in occidental and healdsburg, guerneville all at 32. 39 in concord and antioch. satellite-radar a few clouds stacked up next to the coast not going to make it in here today. we have sunny skies slightly below average temperatures. we should be in the mid-50s at the seashore. rockaway beach today in the low 50s with that high surf advisory allowed to expire. sunny skies 50s common around the peninsula. 57 degrees downtown san jose for one of our outside numbers. meanwhile east of the bay the numbers into the mid-50s. good morning to you in pittsburg through bay point in the mid-50s. 54 in fairfield through rio vista. north bay from 50 degrees in stinson beach but you can see forever all the way to the farralones for sure. we have unlimited visibility, blue skies, 54, just love the
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passage of a cold front. fresh clean air, unlimited visibility, low 50s in clearlake and in lakeport. we are going to look ahead all the way into the weekend. that's coming up at 18 minutes after the hour but right now here's roqui. 5:02. how are your roads looking? this is the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza locking pretty good right now. you can barely see any cars coming in looking pretty good right now. we have closures still from the past storms we have had. roberta is scooting away -- [ laughter ] >> highway 37 closed between highway 101 and atherton avenue. this is due to flooding from last week so chp is diverting traffic off at atherton to get you on to 101. so don't expect any delays. this is piece bound, as well. in concord westbound 4 before willow pass road highway 4, two separate crashes out there. they are to the side. but residual backup for a mile so a pocket of slowing between
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antioch and pittsburg on 4. altamont pass slow traffic of course, better than yesterday though. we had very, very slow conditions yesterday. this is about your normal commute along the way. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will now take you up to 30 minutes. it does free up through livermore on to the dublin interchange. if you want to avoid all of the roads this morning, mass transit is on time. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. right now in san jose, crews are searching for a man who fell off his kayak and went missing in the bay waters. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the search will continue at sun-up for a man who fell off his kayak yesterday afternoon right into the bay. his name is kenneth maldonado. he is 32 years old. and this happened at about 4:30
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yesterday. he texted his girlfriend and a search began at 4:30 near the dumbarton bridge. it was a slow grid search on the water with as many as 11 fire department boats from agencies searching. >> making a box and a smaller box and a smaller box. our shallow watercraft right now are working close to the east side shores and close to the west side shores to see if we can find anybody there. >> reporter: conditions are rough for survival and searching. black murky water with the temperature of the water 45 to 50 degrees. they have been using a helicopter that's equipped with radar to pick up a sign of maldonado. the hope is that they will be able to do so sometime this morning. live in alviso in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
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in the waters of the bay, crews are hard at work this week cleaning up storm debris. the giant logs are just part of the trouble. they are a risk for watercraft. that's why boat captains have been warned to be extra careful about debris. ferries can't always avoid the storm damage since they travel in the dark for morning and evening commutes. one ferry boat hit a submerged log. logs weren't the only objects found in the bay following the storms. the army corps of engineers says that they pulled a jacuzzi, several cars and even refrigerators with food still inside out of the water. president trump says he is going to start taking executive actions on immigration today. and he could sign an order to fund the wall along the u.s. and mexico border. jackie ward has more reporter: it's been a busy start to the presidency. building a wall between the u.s. and mexico is very much a priority for president trump and he is expected to visit the department of homeland security today. that's just part of his agenda
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for immigration reform. deporting 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants is another part. the "l.a. times" reports that people with minor convictions are likely to be deported as well as the roughly 800,000 people who have been designated for deportation but may still be in the u.s. in a state of the state address, governor jerry brown recognized the growing concern for many in california and said immigrants are an integral part of our state and what we have become. >> there's no [ indiscernible ] dynamism of this state from the very beginning. i recognize that under the constitution federal law is supreme and that washington determines immigration policy. but as a state, we can and we have had -- we have played an important role. >> reporter: president trump will meet with mexico's president next week at the white house. while president trump has said mexico will pay for the wall, mexico has said it won't. president trump also is not a fan of sanctuary cities which
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is a major problem for california a state with several sanctuary cities including san francisco so we'll be talking about that in the next half- hour. >> thank you. more protests are expected today over the keystone xl pipeline. thousands started demonstrating yesterday after president trump signed orders to build it. protestors pushed past security and took over the lobby of a wells fargo bank in seattle last night. they are angry because the bank is one of 17 banks financially supporting the pipeline. in washington, dc, hundreds of people picketed outside the white house overnight saying the pipeline is a threat to the environment and the rights of native americans. >> just, like, okay yeah we knew this was coming disheartening. >> the completed pipeline could run under a reservoir near the home of the standing rock sioux rain to in north dakota. the tribe said they will take legal action to fight it.
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in seattle hundreds of people rallied at westlake park protesting the president's move to advance the pipeline projects. >> we don't want money being used to finance money like the dakota access pipeline which is a company that's engage in the desecration of sites of burial sites and of potential polluting of our waters. >> seattle mayor ed murray supported the pipeline opponents. relatives of a berkeley husband and wife found dead in their home on monday are pushing for answers on how they died. police identified the pair as 32-year-old valerie morash and 35-year-old roger morash. rojer worked as a game developer and valerie was a researcher. their bodies were found monday inside their apartment. their cats were also dead inside. but so far investigators have ruled out foul play. they are awaiting autopsy results. the santa cruz county sheriff's department will hold a training session for deputies
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on the use of body cameras. department started distributing the body cameras last month. the program is meant to increase transparency and accountability for the police department. a san jose state university water polo player will not face charges of sexual assault because santa clara county prosecutors say there's not sufficient evidence. last september, two students reported they had been assaulted by the freshman student athlete. they claimed it happened at an off-campus house party. the accused athlete could still face discipline or expulsion from the university. the case came after former stanford university swimmer brock osweiler was released from jail. turner served three months for sexual assault. his sentence drew public outrage and prompted new legislation for sexual assault cases. time now 5:09. a woman who just moved to california disappeared after she went out to run an errand. the clues police are following to find her. >> plus, these rare twins are taking the internet by storm. the medical reason behind their different skin tones.
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>> good morning from our kpix 5 studios. no, you don't need the umbrella today. we are going to talk about today's warmest locations and the weekend forecast coming up. >> and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge the marin county commute looking good into san francisco but we have a new crash in the east bay. we'll tell you where it is. ,, ,,,,
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los angeles police are searching for a missing woman, good morning. welcome to "hump day" at 5:13. january 25. taking a look out from our kpix 5 studios. near the embarcadero, we are looking due east towards the bay bridge. and we can see it. not a cloud in the sky. we're talking about a drying trend ahead and we have your traffic and weather in less than four minutes. los angeles police are searching for a missing woman who recently moved to southern california from colorado. laura lynn stacey has been missing since sunday last seen in the hollywood hills. her phone was found 30 miles away in a puddle of water in santa clarita. >> somebody had picked up her phone found her phone in the park. >> stacey had moved to southern california to pursue her interest in photography and real estate. a firefighter in southern california is being credited with saving a life after he
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stopped a man from jumping off a bridge in hollywood. an off-duty firefighter noticed a man threatening to jump on an overpass. he started talking to him. now once police arrived they saw the firefighter making progress with the man and let him continue negotiations until the man agreed to come down. >> we had a good conversation about what he was dealing with, his family and kids. i think me and him were able to connect on that matter alone and i was able to convince him to save his life. >> he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. it ended well. so that's good. all right. 5:14 right now. let's check the roads with roqui see how we're doing. >> thank you. things are slowing down along the altamont pass. but first the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are not on just yet so you're looking good if you are heading into downtown san francisco across the span there. and same story here on the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions on northbound 880 from 238 to the maze we
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started seeing slowdowns here. it's a multi-car crash involving three cars. we have reports of it blocking the two left lanes. so expect some delays in that area but if you are taking southbound 880 to the highway 92 that's the san mateo bridge, that's the commute into the peninsula looking good from hayward to foster city. now to that traffic. here's the slow spot of the morning. 18 miles per hour off of 205 on to the altamont pass. then up to 32 at north flynn road so not much better. north tracee corasco to the tracy boulevard, good there. slow traffic on the dublin interchange. to avoid traffic this morning alternate commute here would be bart, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. it's cold. we can watch the movies for the oscars, right? >> there you go. also get on outside without an
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umbrella and just bask in the sunshine. good morning, everybody. no rain in sight. i like to share that with you so you can see what it looks like with no rain and certainly so much coverage when it does rain here in the bay area. look at this. that's our california satellite imagery and we do have an area of low pressure that wants to push into the bay area but it's going to bank off our ridge of high pressure. no rain in the forecast today or tomorrow. "sierra at tahoe" this season 330 inches of snow a few flurries in the forecast for tomorrow. hey, commute is dry this morning air temperature is a bit frigid outside near freezing in santa rosa and in livermore. mid-30s around the peninsula and redwood city. 40s oakland and west of the bay bridge san francisco at 44 degrees.
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temperatures are into the 30s. dave in napa says we have frost on the windshield. and then we have steve in los altos saying it's 3 degrees cooler this morning than 24 hours ago so if you need a reference there you go. sunny sky dry weather pattern with clouds offshore. rain is going to bank off the ridge of high pressure leaving us with partly cloudy skies on thursday dry into the weekend. 53 in ukiah. 50s common around the central valley a hint of stratus in the form of fog this morning. not so many issues of visibility problems. meanwhile it's 4 degrees right now on the south shore going up to a high today of 31 degrees. meanwhile, we have flurries in the forecast wednesday otherwise bluebird skies. here's your snow report. kirkwood nearly 11 and 12 feet
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of snow since the weekend. heavenly valley with new snow 51 inches. is there anything to the fact of too much snow? i don't think so. right? okay. temperatures here locally today into the 50s. slightly below average by 4 to 5 degrees in san francisco. 56 in san jose. back through the willow glen neighborhood. er partly cloudy brief interruption to our plans on thursday. otherwise for the first weekend in this brand-new year, we have sunny skies on both days. next opportunities for the rain showers in the bay area not until february 1. it's only too much snow roberta when they don't know where to put it. all right. time to see what's trending today. two twin baby girls are going viral because of their skin tones. meet the girls. they are fraternal twins so they have combination genes from their parents.
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their mother is white and father black. scientists say different skin tones are possible but rare. the chance of twins being born with two skin tones is thought to be one in a million. a taxi driver in washington, dc got quite the surprise when he picked up hall of famer john elway. he was in the cab with a group of friends and he was told that he was his favorite quarterback of all time without realizing he was in the back seat. >> would you know john elway if you saw him? >> yeah. >> would you know who he was if you ran into it? >> oh, yeah. >> look at that guy right there. >> turn around. >> how you doing, man. >> oh, come on, man, you serious? [ laughter ] >> that's awesome. the driver just couldn't believe it. he did get a picture with the former quarterback. and hey, i agree with that taxi driver. finally, an nfl super fan who is tempting fate. he is already predicting the winner of a super bowl in a permanent way. take a look at his new tattoo.
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it says falcons super bowl li champs and as you can see it's on his leg so it's big. we'll have to wait to see if he keeps it or has to change it. the falcons play the patriots in houston on february 5. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the sharks player that deserves an oscar right about now. and one williams sister is already in the semifinals. could another join her in the sister act? coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. play o - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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good morning. it's 5:23. we have a chp traffic alert in san leandro northbound 880 before marina boulevard. it's a multi-car crash. there are five cars involved causing some slowdowns for a mile backed up. you're moving at just 32 miles per hour. so this will take 30 minutes to clear out. it's an injury crash. give yourself some extra time. the nimitz freeway from 238 in san leandro to the maze will now take you up to 20 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. good morning, everybody. the sharks yesterday traded tommy wingels to the ottawa senators paving the way for him
5:24 am
to be activated following his knee surgery in mid november. the good thing they did not trade patty marleau. how would he follow up his four goal performance from a couple of nights ago? third period san jose trailing winnipeg 3-2. carlson scores on the penalty shot to tie the game. now, on a five minutes left, carper finds marleau who scores his fifth goal in the last two games. and that was the game winner, sharks win 4-3. san jose has won six games in a row. i will have what he is having! could serena join venus in the semifinals of the open? williams won her match in straight sets and is advancing to her tenth consecutive grand slam semifinal. on the men's side, federer the 17 seed defeated mischa zverev in straight sets to advance to the semis at 35 years old federer the oldest grand slam semifinalist since jimmy connors during the john
5:25 am
hw bush administration. 49 -- george h.w. bush administration. 49ers fans, of the team announced they will freeze their ticket prices for the next two seasons. there is always a silver lining. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, from soccer in france, saint germains with the free kick against bordeaux. goooooooaaaaal! >> they won the match 4-1. the search for a missing kayaker out on the bay continues this morning. coming up, the conditions rescuers are working under right now very difficult. we'll tell you why. >> and president trump is going
5:26 am
to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities. today he will sign an order that is the first step of doing that. ,, ,,,,,,
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plans for immigration. and the storms might be over, but the clean up is only jus ing. governor brown goes after president trump on his plans for immigration. >> and the storms might be over but the clean-up is only just beginning. >> it's a cold frigid start to your day. good morning from our kpix 5 studios but i'll tell you just when the warmup will occur. >> right, it's 5:30 and we have a traffic alert. we'll tell you where coming up. good morning. of the it's wednesday, january 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. right now in san jose, a search team is scouring the bay for a
5:30 am
man who fell off his kayak. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the alviso neighborhood about the search for the man. she joins us live now. anne. >> reporter: the coast guard right now has a boat out on the bay but that is basically all the resources that they have been able to throw at this search overnight. they conditions are very difficult. the search is going on, on the southern tip of the bay near san jose in alviso. this man had no life vest on when he went missing 32-year- old kenneth maldonado kayaking yesterday afternoon with a friend who was on a raft nearby. at about 4:30 the friend turned around and says that kenneth was gone. his kayak is recovered but no sign of him despite an exhaustive search into the evening hours. in the air, two drones and a u.s. coast guard helicopter, unable to find a heat signature even with its infrared radar. so there are a lot of questions
5:31 am
this morning. >> doesn't seem like it was capsized but there was a report, unfounded report, that they were taking on water but we don't know what that means. it's under investigation. >> reporter: the conditions out here poor for survival. and very difficult for searching. the water is black and murky and the temperature between 45 and 50 degrees. but the search will continue once the sun comes up this morning. they have a little bit more light to work with. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. five deaths across the state are being linked to storms that rolled through california over the last week. that includes the driver who has been missing since this weekend when her car plunged into the alameda creek. in just a few hours investigators will get back to their search for 18-year-old jayda jenkins. authorities say her car swerved off niles canyon road on saturday. crews are expanding their search to the entire length of the alameda creek to the bay.
5:32 am
search-and-rescue crews found her car yesterday but there was no sign of her. but her seatbelt was unbuckled so it's possible she escaped. crews are now busy cleaning up debris around the bay area after a powerful storm. potholes like this one are part of the fallout. they can completely shred tires. but you might not have to pay for the expensive fix. you can file a claim with caltrans and they will pay the tab if it's deemed responsible. in big sur mudslides have forced a stretch of highway 1 to close. now the shutdown is spelling major headaches for tourists and businesses. road closed signs are putting the brakes on scenic road trips for a long stretch of the highway. caltrans geologists say boulders the size of cars are a huge risk. some have formed gaping holes in the road and while tourists have to turn around, workers say profit loss is hurting them. >> and we have to turn now because we want to go to -- [ screaming ] >> los angeles. >> there's no one coming
5:33 am
through. you can look around in the restaurant right now, nobody in here. >> locals who work in the area say some of their friends have started filing for unemployment. caltrans says the closure may last three weeks. oh, boy. that's such a pretty area to have it cut off. >> i know. it's a bummer. it's bad for tourists and businesses. >> or if you want to take a weekend ride down highway 1 to post ranch or san simeon, wow, you have to go inland, 101. takes all the joy out of it. right? [ laughter ] >> you don't get the pretty scenery. >> i still want to take you on highway 1 on a bike ride. >> let's do it. >> every september. it's amazing! there's so much climbing. >> i'm going to start training right now. [ laughter ] >> i actually went cycling yesterday so i'm get there is. >> of course you are. you're a stud. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! heading out the door this morning, no rain. you can so the umbrella at least until about february 1. that's when we have the rain back in the forecast. but until then, we have clear skies and take a look at the commute into the city from the
5:34 am
north bay. it is dry! our air temperatures right now anywhere from 35 degrees in redwood city, it's 33 degrees in livermore. and it has been hovering there all morning. also, into the 30s in the santa rosa area. san jose in the 30s. meanwhile, near the bay of water where it usually is warmer it's in the 40s. satellite-radar suggests we do have clouds along the north coast. that's all associated with an area of low pressure that computer models wanted to bring into the bay area with rain on thursday. i'm yanking those chances of rain out as it banks off a huge ridge of high pressure. but a cool day temperatures averaging about 4 to 5 degrees below average. 50s common around moss beach, montara beach, all the way into half moon bay and rockaway into the sunset district, as well. 50s common around the peninsula. we jump down to about 54 degrees in morgan hill. 53 walnut creek, concord and clayton. a bit of a breeze 15 during the day as a chill in the air, especially when it's only 50 in
5:35 am
stinson beach but when you get a cold front, the visibility is unlimited you can see to the farallone islands. it's "hump day" and roqui always says it's never too early to start talking about the weekend so that forecast is coming up at 48 after the hour. you got that right. and it's the bay area, so it's never too early to start talking about traffic alerts, right? we have one in san leandro so let's get to the details now. it is northbound 880 before marina boulevard. it's a multi-car crash reports saying it's involving fire cars there and it's blocking the two left lanes causing major delays cars moving in the area at just 7 miles per hour. and that traffic is backed up on to 238 as well in san leandro so give yourself some extra time to get through this delay. otherwise, a traffic alert means it's going to take about 30 minutes or more to clear out of the way so it will take a while and we'll let you know when it is clear. otherwise, looking good once you pass the scene there
5:36 am
heading on northbound 880. here's a live look at that commute if you are heading to the maze so from 238 to the maze, it's going to take you 30 minutes. so like i said, give yourself some extra time there. looking good on the southbound side so if you are taking 880 southbound to highway 92 that's the san mateo bridge here's a live look at that into the peninsula just a quick 14 minutes so that's normal. and if you are traveling on highway 4, expect a pocket of slowdowns from an earlier crash and the altamont pass is slow again. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. later today president donald trump is expected to take executive actions on immigration. he is visiting the department of homeland security. jackie ward is following this story and has more reporter: good morning. on day one of his presidency, president trump pledged to cancel federal funding for sanctuary cities as part of his immigration reform. and in a state like california, that has nearly 3 dozen sanctuary cities, that's alarming! while at the department of homeland security today, president trump is expected to
5:37 am
sign the orders related to sanctuary cities. as a candidate, president trump said he would withhold all federal money to places where those who were living here illegally aren't arrested or detained. senator kamala harris recently met with a few california mayors in washington, dc where they shared their concerns. >> this administration may choose to punish california for supporting the idea that we're not going to deny essential services to anybody regardless of immigration status and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the president will meet with several parents of children who were killed by immigrants who were in the u.s. illegally. they are a group who refer to themselves as angel moms. mayor lee vows to battle against president trump to maintain san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. >> thank you. governor jerry brown is taking on president trump in a state of the state address. he promised to protect illegal immigrants. >> californians have come from mexico and 100 other countries and they have come here making
5:38 am
our state what it is today. vibrant, turbulent, and a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. we will defend everybody, every man, woman and child who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well- being of our state. [ applause ] >> governor brown did however praise the president for pledging to invest a trillion dollars to public works across the country. and right now, a live look at police in washington, dc. they are closely watching 7 protestors. they have taken to climbing a crane just a few blocks from the white house. they are refusing to allow workers on the site. no word on exactly why they chose to climb this crane. starting this evening, the public can have its say about the planned bart extension to downtown san jose and santa clara. service to san jose's berryessa area could begin as early as this fall. but the vta's public hearings will cover the six-mile second phase of the extension.
5:39 am
construction begins next year. the first hearing will be at 6:00 this evening at san jose's mexican heritage plaza. soon ferry service from the san francisco waterfront to alcatraz could be a reality. the national park service has just released its final environmental impact statement identifying four locations for the ferry to depart. you pier 3 1.5 is the preferred location. for now, the 1.5 million annual visitors to alcatraz must make reservations through the crews line. a kia is. hena daniels has our moneywatch report. >> reporter: good morning. big gains on wall street yesterday. the dow was up 112. the nasdaq was up 48. the budget deficit will be $10 trillion according to the nonpart son congressional budget office. they say the budget is expected to shrink this year and next
5:40 am
before starting to increase. now, controlling federal debt was a tomorrow campaign issue for president trump. at the same time he promises to slash taxes and increase spending. toyota says it's adding 400 jobs at an indiana assembly plant to invest $10 billion in u.s. operations announced earlier this year. the plant produces suvs. the announcement comes as president trump focuses on trade policies. yesterday the president reiterated a border tax on companies that move manufacturing out of the country. a kia recalling its beach chairs after reports of injuries in five countries. the chairs may collapse and cause injuries like pinching fingers. ikea says it happens after washing the seat and customers reassembling the chair incorrectly. ikea is offering a full refunneled until january 31 and updated -- refund until january 31 and an updated chair will be
5:41 am
on sale next month. >> speedo issues a bag that knows when you have been drinking. >> reporter: it's like a breathalyzer. frito-lay is offering this limited edition party safe bag just in time for the super bowl. it's equipped with a sensor that detects small traces of alcohol on a person's breath and if it does detect it, there's a red light that will go on with a steering wheel on it. >> how much alcohol is consumed on super bowl sunday weekend? we'll see if it works. hena daniels of, thank you. it is 5:41. president obama could have a new job lined up. the party game that's requesting him as its ceo. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. when we come back, roqui will have a full traffic report and your morning commute when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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complete forecast in just a few minutes. minnesota governor mark dayton says he has prostate cancer. good morning. this is our live weather camera from the embarcadero looking east towards the port of oakland and the estuary of oakland bay bridge. we have clear skies. we have the full forecast coming up. minnesota governor mark dayton says that he has prostate cancer. the governor revealed the diagnosis after collapsing monday while delivering his state of the state address. doctors say that the collapse was not related to the cancer. the democratic governor says that he plans to finish the final two years of his term. he turns 70 tomorrow. today georgia governor nathan deal will get a look at damage caused by deadly storms
5:45 am
in the peach state. the weather is linked to 15 deaths and dozens of injuries over the weekend. early damage estimates are about $100 million but likely to go up. rescue crews in italy keep finding more victims as they search of rubble of a hotel devastated by an avalanche. 23 people are confirmed dead at the hotel. 6 others are still unaccounted for. central italy has been hit by heavy snow and earthquakes in recent weeks. investigators are looking into the death of a ski patrolman at squaw valley killed during some avalanche control explosions. it happened shortly before the resort opened yesterday. authorities say that explosive teams were working at the top of gold coast ridge. the victim has been identified as 42-year-old joe zuiches. all the winter weather in the sierra is causing a big problem for snowplow drivers running out of places to dump the powder. tahoe city got nearly 20 inches over the weekend. crews are trying to keep the
5:46 am
roads clear but their main storage spot is full. and now they are trying figure out what to do with the new snow. >> you have to get rid of it ultimately. you have to move it to a different location and right now we are having an issue finding that spot. >> the city's public utilities department is working to find a new spot before the next snow. a game that spurs all kinds of provocative talk at parties is now hiring a ceo. >> the cards against humanity seems to have one very famous man in mind for the job, barack obama. he seems to be the only candidate who matches the demands listed in the company's craigslist post. their ideal hire needs experience hunting terrorists masterminds. [ laughter ] >> okay. and the person has to have passed comprehensive healthcare reform. [ laughter ] >> no response yet from obama but the company swears he can set his own salary if he takes the job. what do you think? >> the marketing team there,
5:47 am
um, is very happy right now. they have met their quota for getting their company name into newscasts across the country. >> you play the game, right. it's my favorite adult game in the whole wide world. i never laughed so hard and i always win because you're so politically incorrect. you know? [ laughter ] >> would you definitely win. >> you would definitely win. >> you don't need the card game to be politically incorrect. >> it is so fun to play. it really is. i love that game. >> i haven't played it yet so -- >> none of us have except for roberta. >> i have [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's fun. >> not for kids. >> you can be the next ceo. >> we promoted it very well. >> you heard it here first. let's talk about the traffic alert. first take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza heading into downtown 15 minutes. and moving over to the traffic alert in san leandro, this is pretty bad, you guys. northbound 880 before marina boulevard it's a multi-car
5:48 am
crash. there were reports that there were five cars involved now chp saying there are 7 cars involved and you have traffic moving at just 5 miles an hour. so barely moving and it's backed up right past the 238 highway there in san leandro. so if you are heading out this way give yourself some extra time. it is a traffic alert so that means it will take 30 minutes or more to get cleared out of the roadways. so if you are taking southbound 880 to the san mateo bridge here's a live look at that commute from hayward to foster city. that will take you about 13 minutes so that's the good news here this morning. more bad news, the altamont pass is slow again. you're driving at 13 miles per hour coming off 205 in tracy and up to 30 miles per hour once you hit north tracy boulevard. so north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you up to 40 minutes and then it frees up through livermore to the dublin interchange. south bay, 280 and 87 looking good but the slowdown here is on 101 northbound, 280/680 split to highway 237 that's a 14-minute commute. and then let's take a look in
5:49 am
marin county, highway 37 is closed between highway 101 and atherton avenue. it's still affecting the roads. for somebody out partying last night in oakland you don't look tired. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was oakland eat week or something like that? >> oakland restaurant week. >> okay. all right. [ laughter ] >> you ate everything in one night that you're supposed to eat in a week. [ laughter ] this is our hi-def doppler radar. what do you see? nothing. not a raindrop in sight even though we have this right here, it's an area of low pressure. it wants to bring us more rain showers to the bay area. it banks up against a blocking ridge of high pressure. but if it felt lake it's been raining every day in the month of january -- but if it felt like it's been raining every day in the month of january, it has. we are 150% above average in san francisco since october 1 but please be very mindful and continue those wonderful conservation efforts.
5:50 am
it's part of life for all of us here in the bay area. so what does this mean? snow at "sierra at tahoe" 330 inches of snow this season alone. and we have more flurries in the forecast through tomorrow. now, today, right now, out the door, you're going to feel the difference. it's about 3 to 4 degrees colder than it was 24 hours ago. livermore is around freezing. 35 redwood city. 38 in san jose. 40s bayside. we have a much-needed break in our forecast as this area of low pressure ejects to the east. high pressure -- you know, this area of high pressure last year we were talking about it being a blocking ridge of high pressure diverting all the storms to the north of the bay area. it's now nestling back into the area so it's going to block those storms out and we have a dry weather pattern. futurecast lunchtime today, head outside, enjoy the clean fresh air. meanwhile, here you are for your thursday morning. just about this time, we have an approaching area of low
5:51 am
pressure but it's going to again divert off the ridge of high pressure and spill a few clouds into the forecast. but that's about it. around the state today 50s in throughout the central valley and starting with fog in throughout stockton, davis, manteca and merced. 54 degrees in monterey bay. in the south shore it's currently 4 degrees going up to 31 and lots of powder and powder and powder and sunshine. 32 a few flurries on wednesday dry conditions and sunshine for the weekend. 7:19 is your official sunrise. you're going to see it! later today temperatures into the 50s. by the time the sun sets it cools off very rapidly. we'll have a wind up to 15 miles per hour. we'll call it partly cloudy on thursday for a brief disruption then the sunshine will resume on friday. full sunshine for the weekend through tuesday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it's part o a new plan by governor brown could cost students their opportunity to go to college. as part of the state budget plan, the governor wants to cut the state's only financial aid program for middle class students. the state says if it cuts the program, it can help close the budget gap. >> one of the things we want to
5:55 am
make sure that we do while we're closing that gap of $1.6 billion is to make sure we are still maintaining and protecting students aid for poor students. the state says it would keep the cal grants program which helps low-income families. the days are numbered for 5 catholic elementary schools in the diocese of oakland. the diocese says that it has to shut down the campuses at the end of the school year citing some financial problems and declining enrollment. some parents are upset about how they found out about the closures not from the diocese but from the media. >> that's how we found out from the news. >> i don't think parents should be told about this on twitter or watching the news. >> the media were not allowed inside a town hall meeting held for parents and students last night. >> 5:55. the storms have passed but we'll be cleaning up for weeks. we'll check the trouble spots.
5:56 am
>> an overturned kayak and unused life vest. coming up, the search continues for a kayaker missing on the san francisco bay. ,,,,,, oh no. oh no.
5:57 am
i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
5:58 am
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good 's wednesday, jan good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. president trump says he is going to start taking executive actions on immigration starting today. he is expected to sign an order to fund the wall along the u.s. and mexico border. wards every adam ward has more on the plan. reporter: it's been a busy start to the presidency. building a wall between the u.s. and mexico is very much a priority for president trump and he is expected to visit the department of homeland security today. that's just part of his agenda for immigration reform. deporting 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants is another part. the "l.a. times" reports that people with minor convictions are likely to be deported as well as the roughly 800,000 people who have been designated for deportation
6:00 am
but may still be in the u.s. in a state of the state address, governor jerry brown recognized the growing concern for many in california and said immigrants are an integral part of our state and what we have become. >> there's no [ indiscernible ] dynamism of this state from the very beginning. i recognize that under the constitution federal law is supreme and that washington determines immigration policy. but as a state, we can and we have had --we have played an important role. >> reporter: president trump will meet with mexico's president next week at the white house. while president trump has said mexico will pay for the wall, mexico has said it won't. president trump also is not a fan of sanctuary cities which is a major problem for california a state with several sanctuary cities including san francisco so we'll be talking about that in the next half- hour. >> so the restaurant industry is now weighing in on this. >> right. they are getting in on this, too. soly


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