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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we are and continue to be sanctuary city. [ yelling ] >> reporter: san francisco officials were quick to draw the line in the sand today about sanctuary cities. >> everybody regardless of their status should have not only the right but not live in fear getting healthcare or benefit that we offer as a city. >> reporter: how the city plans to walk the walk if president trump makes good on his promise to cut federal funds, however, is another story. >> i know we receive about $1 billion in federal monies. >> reporter: the cuts could be about $10 million in homeland security money. but the city also gets $34 million for homeless programs, over $258 million for transportation funds, plus millions more in health and housing money. how much of that is at risk? >> the pronouncements today are a little bit vague. >> reporter: and how will mayor lee make up for those cuts?
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>> phil, it's really hard to answer that question. again, i say that we stand by our sanctuary city policy. >> reporter: san francisco has been ground zero in the sanctuary debate since the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle by an illegal immigrant who had recently been released from the county jail. >> the american people are no longer going to have to be forced to subsidize this disregard for our laws. >> reporter: in the past six months, the feds have put in requests for civil holds on 41 jail inmates. >> is that the stack? >> yeah. they could be things like armed robbery, assault, could be something like a drug possession for sale. >> reporter: what's been your response to those requests? >> my response has been they don't fall within the city's guidelines then there's no response. >> reporter: so you haven't responded to any of them? >> i have not. >> reporter: that's just the sort of politics that has the trump administration having its sights on san francisco and
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other bay area cities. veronica? >> phil, i mean, we just saw the mayor there putting his foot down to all of this but the question is, how is san francisco really planning on stopping these cuts? >> reporter: at this point, they don't know. they can't depend on congress because that's controlled by republicans. as for the courts, well, they can try to sue to get the money. but anybody who has ever taken anybody to court to try to get them to pay up for what they oh, now how long that can take. time is not something san francisco has a lot before this money if it's cut off. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. back to you. >> thank you. it is not just san francisco. several other bay area cities could lose millions of dollars in federal funds. it could cost oakland up to $130 million a year. berkeley do lose $11.5 million. alameda $2.5 million a year. and an unusual move today the mayors of san francisco, oakland, san jose and berkeley spoke out against mr. trump's
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order together in one single press release. >> our exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll shows money is a factor when it comes to san francisco remaining a sanctuary city. of course. among 500 people surveyed, 49% are in favor of keeping san francisco a sanctuary city. 33% oppose it. but if there's a risk of losing federal funding, the percentage of support drops to 41%. and athat's a statistic tie with those who oppose it. new at 6:00, president trump's hotel management company is outlining plans to expand across the america. trump towers can already be seen in the skylines of several cities. san francisco could be on the list. kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen is here now to explain. melissa. >> reporter: ken, at a hotel investment summit in los angeles, trump hotel's ceo told
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the crowd that trump hotels is considering opening luxury properties in dallas, seattle, denver and san francisco. now, trump still has holdings in trump hotels even though he is not a member of company leadership. not that that makes a difference to the people we talked to. >> what a joke. you know? on the same day that donald trump is on the national media on television talking about penalizing and taking money away from cities such as san francisco and actually highlighting san francisco is the same day that his company comes out and says they want to bid a hotel here? good luck with that. >> reporter: mark farrell is a member of the board of supervisors and chairman of the land use committee. he says development projects are often reject for far less controversy. >> there are examples every, single month inside of city hall of people not being able to put windows -- replace their windows on the outside of buildings because it doesn't meet with some code. projects getting denied because of neighborhood opposition. this would be true citywide opposition. >> reporter: the president of the local hotel workers union.
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>> we don't see the distinction between trump hotels and the president himself. >> reporter: even if a trump hotel was union-friendly it would still be a problem. >> it's important to respect the values that workers hold dear and issues like healthcare and pensions and wages. it's also important to respect the values that this city really, you know, really does espouse. and including, you know, protection of immigrant workers including protection of, um, lgbt and of muslims. >> reporter: farrell says he agrees, those values are important and he mentioned another one. >> plus these hotels are incredibly ugly and gawdy. why would we want that here in the city of san francisco? >> reporter: we reached out to the president of the board of supervisors london breed who issued this statement about a possible trump hotel. she said, quote, maybe we can set him up with a nice room in alcatraz. >> it would seem almost impossible to get a hotel like that built here especially if he has ownership of it. it would be impossible right now.
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>> i agree unless there was some sort of change. never going to happen. >> it's naive to say he is going to -- >> they doubled their membership prices from $100,000 to $200,000 since he took office. >> ethics and, you know, conflict of interest are a big part of -- of what we talked to these folks about today so it continues to be a problem. >> thank you, melissa. the search continues this evening for the body of a missing teenager who crashed her car saturday morning into the surging alameda creek. recovery crews and family members are looking for 18-year- old jayda jenkins in the creek that runs along niles canyon road. kpix 5's devin fehely is live in alameda county where this search is under way. devin. >> reporter: for the fifth straight day dozens of volunteers some who knew jayda some not met here to search for her along the banks of the alameda creek. in swift moving water and on
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miles of shoreline, a small army of volunteers searched for the smallest sign of jayda jenkins. >> everybody wants to help find this girl to get some resolution. >> reporter: she has been missing since saturday morning when a car skidded off the road and plunged into alameda creek. yesterday, rescuers pulled the upside-down car from the swollen creek but the 18-year- old wasn't inside. the alameda county sheriff's office has scaled back the official search-and-rescue effort. they did launch a boat from where the creek empties into the bay with searcher traveling upstream but jayda's family and friends weren't ready to give up yet. >> if it's just a piece of clothing, jewelry, or a piece of something that was there with her, just something that kind of put their mind at ease a little bit. >> reporter: more than 70 people joined today's search some who never knew the woman. >> we need to respond as a community. when the neighbor or community is in need we need to work together as a team to find her.
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>> reporter: hope ebbs and flows like the creek itself. but the search for answers for what happened to jayda jenkins is a constant. the alameda county sheriff's office says they have large- scale search planned for this saturday but jayda's family and friends say they can't and they won't stay idle. they are planning to search for her from sun-up until sundown until she is found. in alameda county, devin fehely, kpix 5. squaw valley resort reopened today after the death of a member of the ski patrol. the expert skier was working on avalanche control. investigators believe a detonation device exploded and killed him. it is fairly standard procedure to use explosive charges to reduce avalanche risks this time of year and with all the snow we have received, avalanche rescue is a critical job. reporter zack mooney on the training that crews go through. >> reporter: this avalanche rescue drill is about as close to the real thing as you can get. >> i saw him, right? >> reporter: after speaking
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with a witness ski patrol starts calling for resources staged across mount rose highway. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: north lake tahoe firefighters washoe county hasty volunteers, mount rose and other groups are part of the backcountry training scenario. >> things buried for the dogs to find and we had things buried for a pro to find, beacons that were buried. >> recovery. recovery. >> oh, wow. >> found another. >> reporter: when almost every victim was found. >> we found a beacon with no body. >> reporter: the team formed a probe line. >> forward! >> reporter: ones they found the pretend person it was time to dig him out. >> really manpower intensive, digging, shoveling, probing. >> reporter: training for the beacons, shovel and probe are easy. both private and public agencies practice on a regular basis. but they can't always practice on-scene communication. >> the things that frequently
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cause problems or complications are the way it's structured and my goal with this training is that we have become logistics masters and masters of organization. >> reporter: from mount rose, zack mooney. they have been part of the north bay landscape for more than a century. a hidden network of paths and stairs used for strolling and public safety. the battle to keep them accessible. >> this isn't something you see every day a new bay area city councilman taking his oath with a "captain america" shield. is it silly or inappropriate? >> she blazed a trail for women in tv. a look back at mary tyler moore. >> surf will be up once again tomorrow. a high surf advisory for all of thursday and friday morning. breakers could reach 20 feet or higher. is that a sign another storm is on the way? not right now. clear behind coit tower. we'll have a look at your seven- day forecast next. ,,,,
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preserve its network of pathways.. there are hund new at 6:00, some mill valley residents demanding the city take action to preserve its network of pathways. there are hundreds of paths and
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stairways that historically are used for emergency evacuation. kpix 5's emily turner is live in mill valley to tell us how far residents are taking this fight to maintain them. emily. >> reporter: yeah. these are used for emergencies. they are used for exercise. right now i'm on the dipsea stairs which is one of the more well used pathways. but there are others that aren't. and there are residents in mill valley who are demanding action from the city to make sure that they protect them. they are hidden between houses and tucked behind redwood trees. so the city's steps, lanes and paths are easy to ignore one group says. >> there's a public outcry in the citizenry said enough is enough. let's protect public lands. >> reporter: the system of steps, lanes and paths or slps have been around since mill valley's beginning created as a network between neighborhoods that double as an emergency exit if the roads are impassable. 100 of them are still in use
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maintained by the city. but 150 or more of them aren't. and as time passes, they have been illegally fenced off or incorporated into private property. they want the city to enforce the right of way. >> the city hasn't been doing it. >> reporter: so a lawsuit was filed against the city manager and a petition signed by 2,000 people and now five years after the first public overture murray says mill valley is listening. the city called a special council meeting tonight on the issue. >> what the community wants to us do is to be more aggressive in enforcement. we have heard that and we'll do that. >> reporter: tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the mill valley community center. three city has come up with several recommendations on how to protect the steps, these stairways and paths to make sure that they are not encroached upon and while save our trails say that's great they want to go further and make sure that there's a deadline for that action.
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live in mill valley, emily turner, kpix 5. the number of north bay commuters using ferries and buses is down. more people are driving to san francisco. in 2016 the golden gate ferry system carried about 2.5 million people. that is a 1.7% drop in passengers from the year before. and the number of people who rode the bus dropped 8% to 3.3 million. in the meantime there's been a 2.3% increase in people driving over the golden gate bridge. about 41.5 million drivers use the bridge in 2016. this afternoon the coast guard called off the search for a missing kayaker in the south bay. the crews were searching in bay waters north of san jose's alviso area. the search began last night not far from the dumbarton bridge. kenneth maldonado was fishing from a kayak in the about. at 4 p.m. his boat took on water and his friend tried to tow him to
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shore. that friend was rescued but maldonado has not been seen since. his girlfriend says he was not wearing a life jacket when his kayak capsized. families in several bay area cities are eligible for thousands of dollars to protect their homes from earthquakes. those cities include hayward, san mateo, redwood city, san bruno, daly city, colma and el cerrito. houses that qualify for the program tend to be wood framed construction built before 1979. built on a level or a low slope. constructed with a four-foot or less triple wall under the first floor. and have a raised foundation. ♪[ music ] meteorologist paul deanno take like at what we can expect the rest of the week. >> it was beautiful when i woke up this morning. i was so happy. it was sunshine. >> the sunshine makes you happy? >> the sunshine makes me happy. >> if the sunshine makes you happy, plan on being happy for a while. >> good. >> sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. >> thank you, ken. john denver. more musical lyrics in the next
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half-hour. for right now we'll give you some temperatures. there's always a line from a song that ken can recite for anything. san rafael 57. high 56 in fremont and concord. san francisco 54. half moon bay 54 degrees. watch out for the surf tomorrow. couple of showers offshore. that's where they will stay. we could see a few drips and drops of rain toward mendocino county and lake county. aside from that the next storm, which is prominent, it's not like when a ridge of high pressure it comes it just makes the storms evaporate. they are still there. they just can't get here because the ridge is blocking. here's the ridge not terribly strong yet. really not that close yet. but it's going to take the next storm and send it not only to the pacific northwest to canada, this guy is going alaska north of june no blocked by the ridge of high pressure north of juno. it's blocked we won't get it. areas of dense fog tonight especially inland tule fog from the central valley working its way back toward the bay area
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from the east. fremont chilly tonight 39. vallejo 37. redwood city 38. san francisco 43 degrees. tomorrow, fog in the morning. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. 2 or 3 degrees warmer but not that much of a change yet really not the mild stuff we're anticipating for the weekend. san jose 57 for you. 55 fairfield. napa 54. pacifica 52 for the high. warmer this weekend. your extended forecast calls for the warmingest weather, hey, why not, saturday and sunday, the warmest weather. thanks for the timing. right around 60 near the bay. low 60s inland and we'll see temperatures topping out in the upper 50s at the beach over the weekend. now, a little cloudier by next tuesday but no widespread rainfall until next wednesday which is our next month february 1 our next chance of rain. we are dry for six more days. back to you. >> good news. thanks, paul. the mother of a bay area teen getting justice after 34 years. her daughter disappeared from a house party. the killer was free for years. how decades of digging paid
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off. >> another espn legend stepping away from the microphone. and jim harbaugh, football coach, husband, father, insurance pitchman? the phone call that caught the kpix 5 sports department by surprise. next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taylormade, the maker of golf clubs since last year after sales fell three straight years..but this week, they adietz has been trying to sell off tailor-made the maker of golf clubs since last year. this year they announced a deal with tiger woods who has his sights set on winning again. >> his game his clubs. he is switching to tailor-made after nike. even with the new driver don't expect him to be driving partners day and johnson. >> you may not want to fall into the trap tomorrow off the
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tee. >> hell no. i can't -- i can't carry the ball 320 yards out here on this stuff. those guys will be bobbing out there. that's fine. the name of the game is lowest score. it's not a long drive contest. >> it would be better if he was playing the at&t pro-am. the guy over my shoulder one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting is calling it quits. >> you are looking live ... >> you are looking live indeed. famous line of brent must burger. he will make that call one final time next tuesday on espn. the 77-year-old announced he will retire at the end of the year. he has been with abc and espn since 1990. rafael nadal the latest 30 and over player to crash the party of the australian open. he beat roan ic to advance in the semifinals. nadal and federer are each one win away from facing each other
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in a grand slam final for the first time since 2011. former wwe ceo mcmahon is the nominee to be president trump's small business administrator. mcmahon is married to wwe vince mcmahon and at yesterday's congressional hearing south carolina senator tim could not resist a reference to her wrestling background. >> i assume that you have had some success with local qualified employees like triple h and the rock and other folks. [ laughter ] >> i thought that was funny. >> looking for a way to throw in my wwe -- >> good job. >> frivolity to the hearing certainly helps. jim harbaugh taking care of business of his own today. so he tweets out a plug for his life insurance agent and guess who picked up the phone when my producer called the number. >> what kind of life insurance does he have? >> he wants to know what kind
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of life -- >> have you gotten over the ohio state loss yet? >> yes. not over it yet. [ laughter ] >> maybe you and dan can enjoy another bottle of milk and calm your nerves over the loss. thank you very much. >> absolutely. thank you for the call. >> oh. >> coach. >> oh. >> if you want to talk to jim harbaugh and get a life insurance quote apparently that's all you have to do. >> who knew? >> indeed. >> he is everywhere. >> and he is going to rome as you know. >> i heard about that. >> throw a "hail mary" to the pope. >> thank you. coming up in the next half- hour president trump making his first move on immigration. he will only target immigrants with criminal records he says. we asked tonight if that's doing anything to reassure bay area families. >> and a giant message in plain sight of the white house. you will hear from the bay area activist who climbed a crane to get the attention of president
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trump. >> and swearing-in a superhero. a bay area city councilman explains why he shook things up with a "captain america" shield. ,,
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house taking action on immigration on multiple levels today-
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people in our top story at 6:30 the white house taking action on immigration on multiple levels today. >> that has a lot of people in the bay area nervous about their future! elizabeth cook johns us now. liz. >> reporter: veronica, ken, president trump says he wants to take back control of the border. his focus said to be on illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes. and the president's spokesman appeared to soften the white house position when it comes to families with mixed immigration status. >> the president understands the magnitude of the problem. he is a family man. he understands? >> he has a huge heart and he understands the significance of this problem. >> ... directly affected by any immigration crackdown aren't sure if they are ready to trust the trump administration. >> this person is very unpredictable. we're not sure what he is going to -- if -- what he says today he is going to to say tomorrow again or whether he is gonna act on it or what like on anything that he says. >> the actions they are going
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to end up following through is that's how we're going to really understand what kind of part he has and i don't know so far it's not convincing. >> reporter: so far mr. trump hasn't announced any change to president obama's "deferred action for childhood arrivals" or daca. it allows people who came to america as children to legally work and get a driver's license. so in our snapshot poll, we are asking you, do you believe the white house statement that only immigrants with criminal records will be president obama's priority? yes or no? go to and you can watch the results come in at the bottom of your screen. we'll update them later on in the newscast. thank you. cbs reporter weijia jang continues our coverage from washington, dc with more on the president's executive actions. weijia. >> reporter: ken, of course, the other country involved in all this is mexico. but so far today we have not heard from the country's president. a senior administration
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official says he is thinking about canceling a visit scheduled to the white house in the next week or so because of what president trump did today. president donald trump signed an executive order to start building the wall along the mexican border. >> the secretary of homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> reporter: he tells abc mexico will pay for the wall eventually. >> so the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first. >> all it is, is we'll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from mexico. >> reporter: the white house is also focusing on immigration. >> the president talked extensively about extreme vetting. >> reporter: late there are week, the president is expected to take executive action restricting immigration from countries that harbor terrorists. and he wants illegal immigrants already in america deported. >> we are going to restore the
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popular and successful secure communities program which will help i.c.e. agents target illegal immigrants for removal. >> reporter: the president is also trying to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities that shield illegal immigrants. president trump announced on twitter he wants to launch an investigation into voter fraud. the president told congressional leaders he would have won the popular vote if not for 3 to 5 million illegal votes for hillary clinton. >> i frankly feel very sad about the president making this claim. i felt sorry for him. i even prayed for him. >> reporter: democrats dispute the claim and said they will launch their own investigation. they have sent a letter to election officials in every state asking for the names of everyone suspected of voter fraud. if there is a federal investigation into voter fraud, it will likely be the department of justice that carries it out and the attorney general nominee jeff sessions testified during his confirmation hearing that he
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wasn't aware of any widespread fraud during the election but he does believe it's a problem in general. ken, back to you. >> thank you. this afternoon dozens of people gathered in san jose for a rally opposing mr. trump's immigration policy. people held signs and banners that said, we're here to stay. san jose mayor sam liccardo also turned out for that event. three people from the bay area went to great heights to make a statement against president trump. they climbed this crane in washington, dc to hang a resist banner within plain sight of the white house. you can see them unrolling the sign while dangling nearly 270 feet in the air. this was just four blocks down from the white house. two of the protestors are from san francisco. a third is from oakland. >> it was a little chilly this morning when we arrived at the crane site. but it was a lot chillier in the oval office when president
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trump decided to sign those executive orders. >> a total of 7 people climbed the crane. they were all members of greenpeace. new at 6:00 you don't expect to see comic book props at a swearing-in ceremony but that is exactly what happened in the south bay. cut kit introduces us to the captain america councilman in san jose. >> first we will administer the oath for councilmen lan diep. >> reporter: when the main called lan diep to come in and get sworn in as a san jose city council member yesterday he began fumbling with something under his desk. laughter ] >> reporter: it soon became obvious this wouldn't be a typical ceremony. >> i lan diep. >> reporter: deip donned an expensive exact movie replica of "captain america"'s shield. >> so this is it. >> reporter: we caught up with the 32-year-old council member in his office the next day. by then, the story had gone national covered by the "daily mail," comic book do the could the and the "washington post"
6:35 pm
which has a headline, a comic book nerd won a city council seat. >> this is what chris would have used in the movie. >> reporter: he is a life-long comic book fan. he figured why not make this memorable. >> i will support and defend. >> i wanted to get people thinking talking obviously but also curious about what else happens inside san jose city hall. >> i would strive to conduct myself. >> reporter: a week ago he was sworn in during a formal ceremony where he promised to carry out the duties of his office with dignity. >> at all times with dignity, courtesy and integrity. >> reporter: do you think yesterday was dignified? >> i don't think was undignified. [ laughter ] >> this is a "captain america" shield. it stands for something. it stands for democracy, for equal justice for fair play. it's not like i wear a batman mask into chambers and i degraded the proceedings somehow. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the mayor says a little levity is welcomed. >> if they make me wear a cape, then i'll be very concerned about the dignity of the
6:36 pm
office. but for now i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: we showed the pictures of lan diep holding the shield to some constituents in his district. >> it's great. >> reporter: why? >> it means he will be there to help us. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the council member says only 1,000 of those shields were made. we found them online selling for about $1,600 apiece. >> whoo. wall street broke through to new record territory today. the dow jones industrial average closed above 20,000 for the first time. traders dressed up and cheered this morning after the dow broke through the 20,000. it was up nearly 156 points today closing at 20,068. the nasdaq and s&p closed higher. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on investors who like what they see from president trump. >> investors are really buying in on the president trump trade as president trump has promised
6:37 pm
inteasing things to investors including deregulation, big court tax cuts and hev have infrastructure spending which already started with executive orders giving the go-ahead for big pipeline projects. >> one investor now predicts the dow could hit 50,000 within six years. it's been a good start of the year for bay area tech companies. menlo park based facebook is at up 14%. google is up 7.67%. apple is up 5%. a break in a 34-year-old murder mystery. a bay area mother never gave up after her teenaged daughter disappeared. how another murder helped police crack the case. >> and you can still sound off in our snapshot poll. do you believe the white house claim that only immigrants with criminal records will be president trump's priority? go to results coming up later in the slow. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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been solved after 34 years. 51 year old marvin markel was arrested for the 1982 murder of 'de anna lynn johnson.
6:40 pm
a cold case murder mystery in vacaville is solved. 51-year-old marvin markle was arrested for the 1982 murder for d 11 eanna lynne johnson. she disappeared after going to a party near her home. her body was found nearby strangled and beaten. no one was arrested until today. deanna's mother spoke about the arrest. >> she was taken from us at the age of 14, 34 years ago, by the hands of a vicious cowardly murderer. >> investigators say that markle was at that house party and was just 17 years old at the time of the murder. he was already behind bars in butte county for the murder of a woman in 2001. investigators say testimony in that trial included statements from people saying markle admitted to killing deanna.
6:41 pm
>> today it's not a celebration. it is a significant day. >> if convicted markle's sentence will be added to the 80 year sentence that he is already serving. since he was 17 at the time of the murder. he will appear in juvenile court tomorrow as a formality before being transferred to adult court for his arraignment. california is taking back control of healthcare at california prisons. it had been under federal control because of a class action lawsuit. san quentin is the tenth of california's 24 prisons to be released from federal control. officials say conditions at san quentin are improving. so they are releasing healthcare operations to the california department of corrections and rehabilitation. outpouring of tributes to the actress who turned the world on with her smile. we remember the groundbreaking career of mary tyler moore. >> there's the next storm going to impact your thursday. the answer next. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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our associated producer mary richards. walter cronkite. >> oh, that's just wonderful. so i'll see you tomorrow! [ laughter ]
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>> fans around the world remembering legendary actress mary tyler moore. moore died surrounded by family and friends earlier today in a connecticut hospital. reporter kristine lazar on the tributes to one of television's first female icons. >> reporter: when carl reiner met mary tyler moore in 1960 she was one of 23 women he auditioned for the role of laura petrie in the dick van dyke show. ♪[ music ] >> she walked into the room and there was this woman with beautiful legs and this lovely hair and a smile that will light up the world. >> the 24-year-old from brooklyn was cast on the spot. >> there was a pinn in her voice that got to me that hit me. >> reporter: he says his favorite scripts to write involved dancing between moore and van dyke. she moved with grace on and off the camera. the last time he saw her, he says her diabetes had taken her sight. >> when i went up to her, she didn't recognize me. she couldn't see me until i spoke. >> reporter: on stage 2 at the
6:46 pm
lot in studio city there is a plaque honoring the "mary tyler moore show." he says her role was pivotal in the women's movement. and her star on the hollywood walk of fame there are purple flowers to mourn a member of hollywood royalty. >> off camera she was the same mary. she was honest. she was an honest human being. she never -- no deceit in her. >> reporter: yesterday, reiner says he got a call at his beverly hills home that the actress was dying. reiner told her husband to relay a message from her old friend. >> i said, whisper in her ear she may hear it or not. tell her all right it's to go. he thanked me for that. >> reporter: out here on her star on the hollywood walk of fame fans leaving flowers and walnuts in a show where she came sliding out of the closet on a hill the nuts. in hollywood, i'm kristine lazar, kpix 5. >> tomorrow cbs news will air a special hour long broadcast
6:47 pm
dedicated to the life of mary tyler moore. it's called "love is all around." that's tomorrow night at 9:00 on kpix 5. well, it is a rough ride but blue gogo bikes are now rolling on the streets of san francisco. the bikeshare startup ran into some pushback from some of the city's supervisors. they were afraid those bikes would end up in piles which is what happened in china. the company officials met with city leaders to smooth things over and to launch blue gogo rented private parking lots for the bikes. elon musk is moving forward to redefine traffic with tunnels. he tweeted this morning [chuckling] that he plans to start drilling in about a month frustrated by traffic in december announcing his idea for quote the boring company. no word on where he will start drilling [chuckling] those tunnels but with rockets and electric cars under his belt the idea is being taken seriously. let's go ahead and check the results of our snapshot poll. ump's
6:48 pm
priority? about 60 percent of our viewers saying no. only 38 percent saying his focus will be on just those with criminal records. thanks for sharing your opinion. toss to meteorologist paul deanno (((weather))) ther))) (((weather))) >> we want to thank you for sharing your opinions. traffic and weather together because i'm going to show you some traffic behind my weather information. 40s and 50s outside right now. livermore 47 degrees. it's getting chilly in santa rosa. sonoma county airport checking in at 48. traffic moving smoothly on the san mateo bridge under partly cloudy skies. oakland 52 and concord 51 degrees. there are a few showers on the radar. they are offshore. and they likely will stay offshore. the exception may be in mendocino county and lake county a drip or two but aside from that we are rain-free and may be finished with rain for the month but even if we don't see more rain in san francisco this already is the wettest january since 1998.
6:49 pm
it's the fourth wettest since the mid-60s 60s. tonight no rainfall it stays to our north but will be chilly in napa. 33. 30s in the entire area. >> there is another storm out there. i showed you this five minutes ago. it's moving in. it's strong and it's going to get nowhere close to us because now unlike the past 12 storms, we do have a blocking ridge of high pressure. this will take the energy from the storm and send it to the north deflecting things away from the bay area translates to no widespread rain tomorrow. we'll see fog building not from the ocean but from the central valley. it's called tule fog. you can see it widespread in the san joaquin valley. it will work through the delta and spill into san francisco bay. maybe prevalent until 10 or 11 a.m. by the afternoon blue sky clear on the radar clear when it
6:50 pm
comes to cloud cover, as well. in case you're wondering what to do over the weekend, what your options are something outside. you have been cooped up for three, four weeks. ridge of high pressure parked literally with our wind barbs, it's right over the bay area. sunny mild maybe even some mid- 60s coming up on sunday. mornings foggy and seasonably chilly especially inland. that said we are gaining 2 or 3 degrees each day into the weekend with 60s over the weekend. highs tomorrow nearly back to average. san jose 57 for you. redwood city 56 as well as fremont. mid-50s for dublin and pittsburg, pleasant hill high 56. walnut creek 55. mill valley 52. sonoma 53. santa rosa 55. lakeport tomorrow 53 beautiful degrees with afternoon sunshine. sunny friday, saturday, sunday and monday with highs in the low 60s inland upper 50s near the bay. there is rain in the forecast. it holds off until next wednesday. some light to moderate rainfall widespread by the middle of next week.
6:51 pm
that's your kpix 5 forecast. >> we'll have a nice week. >> yeah. looks great. ♪[ music ] coming up. using technology to open new doors. how tonight's jefferson award winner is giving the visually impaired an opportunity to read and enjoy books. >> and tonight on nightbeat at 10 p.m. we're asking you in light of president donald trump's claims about voter fraud do you think an investigation needs to be launched? do you believe that millions voted illegally? send me a tweet at #veronicadlcruz. we'll have your comments and poll results on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12 at 10 p.m.
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technology to create positive change might sound like a lofty goal.. but it's being done every day by a non-profit high tech company on the peninsula. and the woman leading it is using technology to create positive change might sound like a lofty goal but it's being done every day by a nonprofit high-tech company on the peninsula and the woman leading it is making sure that more content is being made available in more ways to more people. as allen martin reports, she is this week's jefferson award winner reporter: kevin leone's computer setup might be typical for a 15-year-old. but what he uses it for certainly is not. >> what was the trail of tears in 1835? >> reporter: his computer and a program called book share help
6:55 pm
him see and hear books. >> before i hated reading. it took forever for me to read the stuff. i could comprehend it but it just took forever. >> reporter: at 6, kevin had an organic brain injury that affected his vision. >> for us we know we need to grow. >> reporter: betsy beaumon is president of a silicon valley nonprofit that developed book share. >> i talk to parents who say i remember a time when i would be cooking dinner and at the same time, reading my son his textbook. >> reporter: started in 2002, book share is now the largest library of digitally accessible books in the world. since coming to benetech in 2009 she guided book share's growth from 30,000 members to more than 300,000. from 20,000 digitally accessible books to more than half a million. and book share is entirely free. after selling two tech startups, betsy knew her next chapter was going to be
6:56 pm
different. >> how do i take all this that i have learned and all these things i have been able to do in high-tech and apply them to communities around the world that have needses that really can be benefited by tech plus really good implementation? >> reporter: especially rewarding when people like kevin replace an obstacle with an opportunity. >> it's free and it's accessible. >> reporter: so for giving the visually impaired and physically challenged the equal opportunity to read and enjoy books, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to betsy beaumon. allen martin, kpix 5. >> and tonight all the 2016 jefferson award winners are getting their medals and your local hero could be at the next ceremony. nominate that person now online at >> yeah. >> for new s throughout the evening the latest is always on our website,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing? appreciate you. thank you. appreciate that. thank you very much. appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day from fayetteville, georgia--it's the champs--it's the stapleton family. [cheering and applause] and from snellville, georgia, it's the hogan family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might just
7:00 pm
drive out of here in a brand-new car. yeah. let's get it on. give me garnetta. give me kyle. all right, guys. here we go. we got top 5 answers on the board. name something painful you made love on that seemed like a good idea at the time. kyle: the floor. steve: the floor. yeah. pass or play? kyle: gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. kenny: good job, boy. good job. steve: all right, kenny. give-- tell me something painful you made love on that seemed like a good idea at the time. kenny: ha ha ha! steve: come on, dad, in front of the kids. kenny: well, i can't say what i want to, but i'm gonna say the ground. steve: the ground. kenny: the ground. steve: the ground. kenny: hey! steve: ha ha ha! well, little


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