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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 26, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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build that wall. tonight: t is firing back live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the executive order from president trump, build that wall. tonight mexico's president is firing back. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight the president of mexico said he regrets and rejects president trump's decision. kpix5's betty yu on the showdown over the proposed barrier at the border. mediate construction of a border rom evening news w >> the secretary of homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of a border wall. >> the executive order lays out the administration's plan to construct a physical wall along the shared border with mexico.
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add 5,000 border patrol agents to the 17,000 already policing it and build detention facilities to jail those who illegally cross it. >> the day is over when they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. >> president trump told abc's david muir mexico will pay for the wall eventually. >> reporter: so the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first? >> all it is we'll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make with mexico. >> mexican president enrique pena was quick to respond. he said mexico does not believe in the wall. i've said it over and over again. mexico will not pay for any wall. in addition to the wall, the president also said today torture is effective in the war on terror. >> i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question does it work?
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does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. >> mr. trump says that he'll consult with his defense secretary and cia director before authorizing any so- called enhanced interrogation techniques. betty yu, kpix5. area ing back. and the president is also threatening to crack down on sanctuary cities. kpix5's christin ayers shows us tonight that some bay area mayors are fighting back. trump th to cut millions of >> reporter: tonight mayors of the bay area's three biggest steps are defiant refusing to back down after president trump threatened to cut millions of dollars in federal funding from sanctuary cities. tough talk tonight from the mayors of san francisco. >> we are and continue to be a sanctuary city. >> reporter: san jose. >> this doesn't change the way we're going to police our city. >> reporter: and oakland. >> we want oaklanders to know that their city government is committed to protecting them. >> reporter: after president trump signed an order to slash federal funding from sanctuary cities.
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today opponents of the executive order surrounded san francisco city hall. san francisco gets about $1 billion in federal funds for health, housing, transportation and fighting homelessness. oakland get 130 million. of that 17 million pays for fragments for low income preschool -- programs for low income preschoolers. >> how eliminating head start in oakland makes america safe early i do not know. >> reporter: san jose -- safer i do the know. >> reporter: san jose mayor liccardo says he's ready to fight back. >> it's clear that the president cannot use federal money for unrepeated purposes as a lever to get cities or counties to comply. >> reporter: schaaf is already working on a backup plan. >> we will be analyzing what are our highest priorities so if the city of oakland does need to backfill for some of these critical services, we know which we will do first, how we will pay for them and
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what that impact will be. >> reporter: president trump did specify grants for law enforcement will be exempt from any cuts. >> this statement tonight from san francisco public defender jeff adachi, "san francisco's public defenders stand ready and willing to fight for the city's families in immigration detention." recently the city of san francisco received dozens of requests from the feds to turn over dozens of undocumented immigrants, but kpix5's political insider phil matier found out the city ignored them. >> reporter: in the past six months san francisco has received 41 requests for isis for prisoners held in the jail. so -- for i.c.e. for prisoners held in the jail. they're not responding. they're not refusing. so it's a gray area where exactly they stand in terms of the law because theoretically these turnovers are supposed to be voluntary and by not responding, they're still within the law they say. >> in our exclusive kpix5 poll
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tonight 40% of people are in favor of keeping san francisco a sanctuary city. 33% oppose it, but if there's a risk of losing federal funding, the percentage of support drops to 41%. immigration from count later on this week president trump is expected to take executive action restricting immigration from countries that harbor terrorists. the order would suspend visas of citizens from six countries in the middle east and africa. a close call in the east bay tonight, a huge tree crashed onto a car in castro valley. >> the driver trapped inside. here's kpix5's joe vazquez. >> reporter: this is crow canyon road right here behind me where a woman was driving earlier this evening and a large tree came crashing down right on top of her car. as you can see, the tree is leaning on some power lines. that has knocked out some of the electricity here in the area. the driver was stuck in her car for some time as first responders and pg&e had to come
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and deenergize the power lines before she could walk out. were you scared? >> surprised. >> reporter: fortunately for the driver chp said she'll be okay. she had a big cut on her head and was not hospitalized in. castro valley i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. the search for a kayaker missing in the bay is over tonight. kenneth maldonado's kayak capsized yesterday afternoon near dunbarton bridge. firefighters and the coastguard searched for him throughout the night and much of the day today but no sign of him. they called off their search this afternoon. we're learning more tonight about a new restructuring plan from pg&e that will mean hundreds of job cuts. kpix5's veronica de la cruz is here with the new numbers. >> liz, along with the hundreds of layoffs the power company will also move dozens of jobs overseas, something president trump said he would crack down on. pg&e announced earlier this week it will cut 450 california jobs. it will also end relation shamuses with 800 contractor workers.
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-- relationships with 800 contractor workers. at least 70 of those jobs will be outsourced with india. pg&e believes it will save close to $300 million a year. they expect to hire four workers in india for the same salary one worker would make here in america. the dow closed above 20,000 points for the first time ever on wall street. >> investors are really buying in on the president trump trade as president trump has promises several things that are enticing to investors including deregulation, big corporate tax cuts and heavy infrastructure spending which already started with executive orders giving the go ahead for big pipeline projects. >> traders say it's hard to predict how long the rally will last. memorial services are being planned tonight for actress mary tyler moore. the 80-year-old died earlier today in connecticut.
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for decades moore turned the world on with her smile. reporter peter dowd on the image she created for women on tv. >> reporter: her name was a bit longer than most, but in the 1970s, she only needed a one word introduction. >> mary. >> mary. >> mary. >> reporter: born in brooklyn in 1936 and raised in southern california, moore started acting at 17 and within a year was married and pregnant. working woman, suc ominated busin she was already divorced several years later when she got her first big break playing laura petry on the dick van show. >> it was the best fun. you just couldn't wait to get to work in the morning and you sort of hated to go home in the afternoon. >> reporter: moore married tv executive grant tinker in 1962. they formed mtm enterprises. its first tv series was the mary tyler moore show. >> but that's just wonderful. so i'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: besides being funny it was also a boost for
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feminism showing a single working woman succeeding in a male business. >> you got spunk. i hate spunk! >> reporter: the show lasted seven seasons and its finale in 1977 was one of the most watched of all time. >> i think we all need some kleenex. >> reporter: yet moore's life had its share of pain. she fought diabetes and struggled of alcoholism. her only son died of an accidental gunshot at age 24. shortly after moore was nominated for an academy award in 1980's ordinary people. her career spanned over half a century, but she'll always be remembered as the girl who turned the world on with her smile. >> there is nothing so rewarding as laughter when you've been responsible for it. a sky high protest near the white house, tonight a demonstrator from the bay area gives us a bird's eye view. >> this woman murdered decades
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ago, no arrests until now. tonight how police say they finally cracked the case. >> that is not captain america. that's a new san jose councilman. councilman. tonight why he took his ,,,,
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presidency of donald trump. they climbed a crane near the white house... to hang a banner that reads "resist." some bay are the sky is the limit for protesters protesting the presidency of donald trump. they climbed a crane near the white house to hang a banner that reads resist. some bay area protesters took part in that protest. kpix5's andria borba shows us they took their anger to new heights. >> the green peace crew climbed a construction crew within a bird's eye perch of the white house. with the white house as the foreground, green peace protesters unfurled a 70-foot hand painted banner from a construction crane easily seen from 1600 pennsylvania avenue with a one word message,
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resist. i know you guys were probably able to find better pictures of this online right now, but this is my view. >> reporter: among the green peace protesters nancy peely from san francisco. >> the badger is a handwritten message to the people of the u.s. and the world. you can't give up. we're hoping the people are looking up today and seeing that the resistance is strong. >> reporter: the banner billowed in wind off the potomac on a cold d.c. morning. >> it was a little chilly this morning when we arrived at the crane site, but it was a lot chillier in the oval office when president trump decided to sign those executive orders real instating the keystone -- reinstating the keystone pipeline and north dakota fine line. >> reporter: both karen and nancy gave their -- pipeline. >> reporter: both karen and nancy gave their reason for the message strung over the heart of democracy. >> the default for this
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administration is to bury their heads in the sand and act in denial during the largest crisis that humanity has ever faced. our default position must be fear little resistance. >> reporter: the term resistance has been thrown around in online communities since president trump was elected. the flag strung 270 feet in the air according to organizers is the next step to follow up to inaugural protests and the women's march that happened last week. >> the resistance is strong and even if things seem scary in front of us, well, we have to conquer our fears. i'm going to show you guys a little bit about where we are. maybe you can see down below me. the crane they'd be arrested an d consult with >> now a d.c. metro police spokeswoman said the seven people once they got off the crane would be arrested and police would consult with prosecutors on charges. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5.
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a sense of closure tonight for a family in vacaville following an arrest in a murder case dating way back to 1982. kpix5's julia goodrich on the team of detectives who refused to stop looking for leads. -- juliette goodrich on the team of detectives who refused to stop looking for leads. >> reporter: 34 years later holding back tears ginger curell found the courage to speak today now that the killer of their daughter has been arrested. >> she was taken from us at age 14, 34 years ago, by the commands of a vicious cowardly -- hands of a vicious cowardly murderer. >> reporter: deanna lynn johnson disappeared after going to a house party down the street from her childhood home, her body found the next day down the road. she had been strangled and beaten. suspects were questioned, but no one had ever been arrested
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until now. >> today it's not a celebration, but it is a significant day. >> reporter: 51-year-old marvin markell at the house party and 17 years old at the time was already behind bars in butte county convicted of a 2001 murder of another woman. investigators say testimony in that trial included statements from people saying markell had admitted to killing deanna. >> rot in hell. >> reporter: her best friend at the time mary borchardt never gave up hope. >> one time he said to me you'll never get me, mary, as he was spiting on me and i said count my words, honey. i will get you. >> reporter: if convicted, he will have yet years added to the sentence he's already -- 80 years added to the sentence he's already serving. >> we miss her very much. deanne in believed in god because of rainbows, but -- deanna believed in god because of rainbows, but we believed in god because of deanna.
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>> reporter: he'll appear in juvenile court tomorrow as a formality and then be transferred to adult court. juliette goodrich, kpix5. tesla founder elon musk has tunnel vision tonight. he says he's making progress on a plan to add tunnels for cars to cut down on traffic around los angeles. musk tweeted last month traffic is driving me nuts. i'm going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging. today musk tweeted, "exciting progress on the tunnel front. plan to start digging in a month or so." >> that is great. >> reporter: do you think he's serious or kidding? >> probably kidding. >> we'll see. musk says the tunnel would start along 105 near the spacex headquarters. aside from his twitter posts, there has been no official word on actual plans, but experts say musk needs much more time to carefully study the best path for these tunnels. a superhero of sorts has been sworn in as a council member in the south bay. kpix5's kiet do traveled to san
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jose to meet the captain america councilman. ething under his desk. me obvious tha >> first we will administer the oath for council member lan diep. >> reporter: when the mayor called lan diep to be sworn in as a san jose city council member yesterday, he began fumbling with something under his desk. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it soon became obvious that this would not be a typical boring ceremony. diep donned an exact movie replica of captain america's metallic red, white and blue shield. we caught up with the 32-year- old council member the next day in his office. by then the story had gone national covered by the daily mail, and the washington post with the headline the come comic book nerd won a city council seat. he figured why not make it
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memorable? >> i want to get people thinking, talking obviously butter also curious about what -- but also curious about what else happens inside san jose city hall. >> reporter: a week ago diep was sworn in during a more formal ceremony where he promised to carry out the duties of his office with dignity. >> at all times with dignity, courtesy and integrity. >> reporter: do you think yesterday was dignified? >> i don't think it was undignified. this is a captain america shield that stands for equal justice for fair play. it's not like a wear a batman mask and degrade the proceedings somehow. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: the mayor says a little levity is welcome. >> if they make me wear a cape, then i'll be very concerned about the dignity of the office, but for now i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: we showed the picture of lan diep holding the shield to some constituents in district 4. >> that's great. >> reporter: why? >> that means he will be there to help all of us. >> reporter: in san jose kiet
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do, kpix5. we don't have a shield, but we do have a very fancy clicker with lots of buttons. 45 degrees in oakland, 45 degrees in concord, livermore 42, san francisco 48. that is san jose on a chilly but clearly evening. it is currently 44 degrees at manetta airport. concord down to 38, fremont 39, oakland 41 and san francisco 43. rough surf once again tomorrow. there is a high surf advisory in effect through early friday morning. breakers could top 20 feet, not the 34 feet we had over the weekend, but still pretty rough and a high risk of rip currents. there is no widespread risk of rain heading our way. kpix5 hi-def doppler dry tonight and through the rest of the month, but already this is the fourth wettest january in the past 50 years. a lot of rain, but things of
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calming down because of that ridge of high pressure hanging out the rest of the month already doing some work even though it's about 1,000 miles away from us. taking the next storm sending it to alaska instead, so a glancing blow for us, a little cloud cover tomorrow morning and the ridge will park itself right over the bay area over the weekend, sunny and mild, 60s away from the water, mid- 60s coming up by the top of next week. the morning will be foggy. tonight foggy in the north bay, east bay away from the water, seasonably chilly, temperatures near freezing, but we get milder each day through the weekend, mid-60s possible sunday and monday with sunshine. fremont 66 degrees tomorrow, vallejo 53, san jose 57, san francisco 54. we're getting milder heading towards saturday, sunday and monday. look at monday, even 60s at the beach. tuesday we're cloudier. wednesday which is the 1st day of february, rain returns, widespread rain, light to moderate rainfall, by the middle of next week, really nice weekend coming up. >> looking forward to it.
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thank you, paul. honored for going beyond the call, dozens of jefferson [music]
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we'd do anything for kids. yet 1 in 6 children in the us struggle with hunger. help end childhood hunger near you. learn how at area that are making their mark on the community through service are being honored for their efforts. people around the bay area that are making their mark on the community through service are being honored for their efforts. >> the jefferson award winners for 2016 got their medals tonight. kpix5 reporter sharon chin and anchor allen martin co-emceed the event in san francisco. they work with jefferson award winners throughout the year. this year there are 55 total winners and six are silver
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medal winners up for consideration for a national award. >> and this era having the visibility from kpix5 from the jefferson awards and helping people to get to learn about our work has been a great help, particularly as we continue to grow and expand and try and serve more youth and legitimize our work. >> this is the 12th year kpix5 has had the honor of being involved with the jefferson awards. will there be an all williams australian open final? the news is just in. >> barry zito goes from the big ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ng much
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> the australian open has become must see tv as the biggest names in the sport are turning back the clock. question is would it strike 12 for venus tonight in the semifinals? the 36-year-old battling cocoa vandeway winning the 1st and 3rd set.
2:06 am
shes the oldest to will an aussie final and 30 minutes later her sister serena took to the court to win straight sets. the sisters will meet in a grand slam final for the ninth time and the first since 2009. seth curry's dad and grandmother watching the homecoming. hornets don't make it easy. marvin williams get the hoop and questionable foul on curry. charlotte is up by seven points. later on curry goes the other way and buries the long two and warriors are down just three points. they do not lose two games in a row. they close the game on a 29 run. curry hits one from downtown and curry and durant combine for 61. warriors are winners, 113-103. barry zito retired from baseball in 2015, but tonight he was in the bay area launching his new career. ♪ these days i'm always around her ♪ performed >> he's got a little twang
2:07 am
there. the former cy young winner performed his first ever solo show in mill valley. it all started when he moved to nashville to play for the a's minor league team and got immersed in its music scene. his album comes out friday and says he is just as passionate about music as he was baseball. >> i mean you got to remember why you're doing it, to have fun. there was a lot of times in pitching i wasn't having fun and as much as i tried to get back to being that kid and loving it. i'm doing what i love up there, man. is that that's the magic of music. you -- >> that's the magic of music. you heard the twang of his music, country and he lives in nashville and he's pursuing another dream. that's quite a talent when you can throw a curve ball like him and sing like that. >> i wonder what pays better. >> well, you never know, ken. hold on. >> he could
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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griego and kenny choi late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> the gang will be here with all the news you need. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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