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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning. looking very nice. and we have a nice weekend ahead. >> yes. i have been ready since monday. >> right. >> i have been ready since last weekend. >> ready for the weekend. >> i think nice is kinds of like depending what you like because i have a lot of people say nice to them is rain. but it's like kind of like we have had it up to here! we have more rain in the forecast, though. but not until after the weekend. so the weekend will be nice. >> nice. >> good morning, everybody. [ laughter ] >> rise and shine! people do get mad if i say beautiful because they say oh, that's your definition of beautiful. my definition of beautiful is rain. so, you know, i have to just kind of give them the forecast, serve it up and let them do with it what they want. >> some people say it's cold, not others. >> it is cold this morning. livermore 35 degrees. 37 degrees santa rosa. san jose mid-30s. 36 in redwood city. otherwise, around the bay, the rim of the bay, it's in the 50s. a few clouds in the bay area today but only mostly sunny skies for your afternoon. temperatures 50 from rockaway
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into moss and montara beaches including half moon bay. 50s common around east palo alto, into los altos. we have 50s also very common from morgan hill through gilroy into santa clara. meanwhile, east of the bay from the low 50s around danville and tassajara also blackhawk to 53 degrees brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. north bay numbers, a bit of a wind, 10 to 15. stinson beach visibility unlimited in the low 50s. 53 degrees in sonoma. we have full-on sunshine in the far reaches of the north bay. we have rain back in the seven- day forecast. we'll pinpoint those dates coming up. >> i have good news for pleasanton. the traffic alert on westbound 580 before 680 has been canceled. so chp concluded right on time. this was a big rig accident out there blocking the four left lanes involving a fire and a couple other cars, as well. so traffic is now all lanes open and moving through all the
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lanes on westbound 580 before 680. but those residual backups still remain. speeds at just 28 miles an hour. that's better than eight in our last report so if you are heading out there give yourself extra time. and moving over to the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city, that's a quick 12 minutes across the span of the san mateo bridge and same story across the span of the bay bridge into downtown san francisco. on 80 westbound between carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze 18 minutes, no delay through the toll plaza metering lights will be on in 30 minutes. moving to marin county this is the golden gate bridge, if you are heading from 580 in san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza that will take you 14 minutes so that's normal and then mass transit if you want to avoid the roads today take bart, ace, muni or caltrain. it's all on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. right now a massive manhunt is under way in santa clara county. deputies have been looking for a suspected bank robber for 20 hours. kpix 5's anne makovec is live
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near the neighborhood where he was reportedly spotted late last night. anne. >> reporter: yeah. this man is considered armed and dangerous. he has evaded capture twice. let's back it up here. the search began or the drama began really at 10:00 yesterday morning. that is when this man allegedly robbed a bank in scotts valley. and then he hopped in a white getaway car on northbound 17. reportedly hitting cars during his escape. scotts valley police officers chased him over the hill into santa clara county. one of them opened fire. the suspect's car failed him near redwood estates so he took off on foot into the woods. then hours later last night, he broke into a home on weaver at soda springs according to authorities. there was a woman who then came home and saw him. no physical contact was made between the two. he had changed clothes in her
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house, stole a knife and her van. another police pursuit ensued. he ended up ditching the van and is now on foot again. here's the advice for people who live around here: >> definitely to "shelter in place," lock their doors. if they have exterior lights turn them on to make him more visible if he passes so they can call in and we can respond to apprehend him. >> reporter: again, last seen in the soda springs area. this is what he was wearing. green beanie, blue gloves, a teal sharks top, black and white shoes, and dark pants. again, don't approach this man if you happen to see him. we'll keep you posted as this manhunt continues. live along highway 17, anne makovec, kpix 5. today a judge is set to decide whether richmond's new rent control laws should stand. kpix 5's lisa chan reports. reporter: today a coalition will hold a rally at the contra
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costa county courthouse in martinez. before court hearing on a preliminary injunction against rent control in richmond. the california department o [ indiscernible ] is a state property owners industries group filing a lawsuit saying measure l is unconstitutionally vague violates the due process and runs counter to california's fair employment and housing act. measure l prevents landlords federal prison creasing rent by more than the rate of inflation -- from increasing rent by more than the rate of inflation. while rent control was passed originally in 2015, signatures to repeal it were gathered by misleading voters to sign a petition they believe supported rent control. >> they sent out petitioners paid professionals providing, like, really false information. >> reporter: the issue then went to the ballot and 65% of richmond voters approved measure l last november. but the fight is not over. both parties will be back in
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court today to hear caa's challenge of the law. now, if an injunction is granted today rent control could be on hold while the lawsuit continues. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. the chancellor of uc- berkeley says a troll is coming to campus referring to this man milo yiannopoulos the editor of breitbart conservative, some say his reports are hateful and unethical. protests erupted at uc-davis when he was scheduled to speak two weeks ago. it the speech was canceled after the protests became violent. but he also says annapoulos has the rig freedom of s e's scheduled to visit the school, on wednesday. >> he also said that yiannopoulos has the right to freedom of speech. he is scheduled to visit the school on wednesday. the cost of a uc education
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is getting steeper because the board of regents signed off on the first tuition hike in 7 years. in-state students will pay $12,630 a year. that's an increase of about 2.5%. out of state tuition will rise by 4% to reach just over 40,000. lieutenant governor newsom was among the four no votes. he said we talk about how much we value the middle class yet this decision doesn't demonstrate that commitment. in san francisco, the electronic system that predicts when muni buses and trains arrive is almost restored. muni says that information is now accurate for all but three bus routes. the agency expects those lines will be fixed within days. the malfunctions started earlier this month frustrating riders. the sfmta is installing new tracking devices on every fleet vehicle. president trump will meet at the white house today with britain's prime minister. then the two are scheduled to
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take part in a news conference. meanwhile, the there's a sign that the president's threat against sanctuary cities is already having an effect. he signed an executive order to strip federal funds from local governments that protected undocumented immigrants. yesterday, the mayor of miami- dade county florida directed local authorities to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal officials if requested. >> if the federal government wants us to hold an individual, immigration, illegal immigrants, et cetera, we will hold them for the federal government. >> several other cities and counties are refusing to comply with the executive order including some in the bay area. also today, vice president mike pence is scheduled to speak at the march for life an annual pro-life demonstration in washington. organizers say that never before in the march's 44-year history has a president or vice president spoken at the huge event. today is the last friday of the month. >> and that means critical mass through san francisco.
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it's created massive traffic backups in the past. so if you are planning to spend the evening in the city, be forewarned. the bike ride starts at justin herman plaza at 6:00. ♪[ music ] 5:09. a sad result after days of searching for a missing boy in southern california. >> plus one local restaurant is celebrating this morning. the high honor it's set to receive. >> from the kpix weather center, we're entering the weekend on a sunny clear note. we'll talk about just what you can expect both days coming up. >> and good news for pleasanton after a long night of a very big traffic alert out there. we have an update for you. here's a live look at the nimitz. looking good. this and more coming up. don't go anywhere. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minutes. searchers in san diego county have reportedly found the body of a five- time check 5:12. this is your last friday in january and we are going out on a clear note. take a look at this beautiful view from sutro tower looking in the direction of the bay bridge. we have traffic and weather in less than four minutes. searchers in san diego county have reportedly found the body of a 5-year-old boy who was swept away in a creek. a child's body was found yesterday in the community of rainbow after a five-day
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search. an uncle of the boy posted online that the body is that of phillip campbell. >> it's a tragedy. he is going to be missed. >> campbell and a family friend were in a car which was hit by water sunday. the car and the friend's body were found monday. the hiker is recovering this morning after he got caught in an avalanche in southern california. officials say that he and two others were near the top of mount baldy when the avalanche hit. they said that all slid nearly 300 feet into the bowl. search-and-rescue used a helicopter to get them to safety and one of the hikers is still in the hospital. we are getting a new look at just how much rain we have gotten recently. lexington reservoir is at 99% capacity. this picture on the right was last january when it was lower. east bay m.u.d. reports that the recent storms
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have already refilled its reservoirs and the rainy season is only half over. this is the district's party reservoir in the sierra foothill -- pardee reservoir in the sierra foothills. they are doing controlled releases to manage the water. marin county has to deal with homeless problems like everyone else. but to do that counts are necessary. the count begins in san rafael and then go to other parts of marin county. it takes days to complete. the count happens once every two years. talking food now a bay area restaurant is set to receive an oscar sort of. >> the james beard foundation award is the equivalent of an oscar in the food world and san francisco's [ non-english name ] is one of the five recipients of the 2017 classics award given to family-owned establishments known for quality of feed, character and appeal.
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the restaurant known for its mexican-american style about your retote is in business for 44 years burritos. la taqueria will receive the honor in may. we went. >> yes. >> to that restaurant not too long ago. >> couple of months ago. >> just a few months ago with our families. >> yes. >> and we all looked very happy. >> yeah. they have this burrito called the dorado style where the outside is crispy. i ordered that and i kept on telling that you next time we go you have to get it. it was good. >> i'll try it next time. i have the tacos and they were yummy. >> i'm just thankful we're in california where we have good mexican food. >> yes. >> my house, though, roqui, has the best mexican food. >> well, i'm just going to go ahead and invite myself over. >> okay [ simultaneous speakers me, too. >> our stage manager paco says you have to try this place so it's on my list. let's head out to marin county where we'll look at a closure we have been dealing with for a few weeks now and, of course, this is due to the previous storms we have had and flooding in the area. westbound 37 still closed between atherton avenue and
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highway 101. chp is diverting traffic off on westbound 37 at atherton avenue. no delays otherwise on the vallejo-to-novato commute. golden gate bridge looking good from 580 to the toll plaza. regular commute of just about 15 minutes. if you are heading into downtown san francisco, you're looking good here, as well. those metering lights should start slowing you down pretty soon around 5:30 and it is 5:15 this morning already. so here's a look at the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions here from 238 in san leandro to the maze taking 16 minutes. southbound 880 to 92 is the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city traffic is moving nicely there. pleasanton a traffic alert since 6 p.m. westbound 580 before 680 has been canceled so that's the good news for pleasanton. it was a big rig accident and fire blocking four left lanes but all lanes are open. traffic is recovering so 30 miles per hour in the area. so otherwise just give yourself
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extra time to get through this. it will slowly but surely be back to normal pretty soon. right, roberta? that's your city, right? >> yeah, that's right. >> if you are taking mass transit, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. so roqui i have some really good news. it's a feel good friday at 5:17. so i thought i would send you out the door this morning with a little fact as far as the drought conditions are concerned within the state of california. with our recent rains, check this out. the drought monitoring service who monitors things very carefully for us here in the bay area says all of the bay area is officially out of the drought. as we zero in on the central valley and southern california, we have seen significant improvements but still, the need for conservation is a must and, in fact, all of us here it's a way of life now so keep on doing what you do best. [ pause ] live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking east toward the beautiful bay bridge. you can see the bright lights of oakland and the estuary.
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currently clear skies, visibility unlimited. we have the temperature at 36 degrees in redwood city. livermore you have gone up in 31 to 35 due to a northwest wind that's kicked up and ushering that air mass around. in santa rosa 37 with the wind. wind chill now 33. good morning to our weather watcher. we have john in santa rosa reporting 37 degrees with a rising barometer. 30.42. that's very high. that's an indication strengthening ridge of high pressure dry sunny day on tap for us today. linda in fairfield reporting 42 with a breeze. mountain view 35. here's what you need to know on this feel good friday. feels cold out the door. sunny and warmer this weekend and rain by next weekend. satellite-radar suggests a few clouds blowing off, shearing off from a disturbance out due west. so a few clouds from time to time. but overall mostly sunny skies. we have yet another storm. but not this time. next rain moving in will be according to our futurecast by
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wednesday. at this particular time, it does not look heavy. getaway friday mid-50s in throughout the central valley. 57 degrees clear skies pebble beach, great golfing weekend there. if you are heading to the high sierra for skiing or boarding, lucky you! but so is everybody else. we have pristine conditions a little bit warmer on saturday. alpine meadows one inch of new snow. boy, nothing but layers of powder there. and the powder is so deep in heavenly valley if you ski from the california side to the nevada side, layers of clothing needed with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. our numbers into the 50s from the seashore to the bay, peninsula and inland areas. extended forecast, there you have it. i'm serving up nothing but sunshine this weekend. going outside, go nuts! lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s monday, tuesday. rain returns on wednesday and thursday. hey, make it a great weekend. thank you. [ no microphone ] ... a family got creative with 6 inches of newly fallen snow.
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mike and his three sons built a snow dinosaur. it took five hours. >> wow. >> but here it is. this impressive beast stood guard in front of the family home. that is impressive. >> wow. >> this dinosaur is 20 feet long and 10 feet high. yeah. it's a new record for the boys and their dad because last year they built a smaller snowman but this time they had to go big to avoid buying a certain dinosaur-like pet. >> this boy loves iguanas and we thought this it would be a good substitute instead of getting an iguana. >> i think i'm getting an iguana. >> dinosaur eventually goes away, dad. the family says they are thinking up ideas of what to build next winter. good morning, everybody. coming up, the raiders told las vegas how much they want to pay in rent for the proposed new stadium. that number might surprise you. so might the number that tiger woods posted after his return
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to the pga tour. we'll tee it up next. >> wha t's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. pl ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the raiders met with the las
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vegas stadium authority yesterday proposing -- wait for it -- a $1 per year rent on their proposed new digs. now, that's about $24 million less than the 49ers pay at levi's annually. as yogi said it ain't over till it's over. tiger woods making his return to the pga tour yesterday at torrey pines in san diego. looked like he hadn't played on tour in 17 months. the short miss on 17. a 4-over 76 for tiger. he is tied for 133rd in the 155- player field. justin rose is the leader at 7-under par. raiders coach jack del rio seeing in the sharks can win their 7th in a row: tied at one, the oilers off the pipe in for the goal. edmonton won 4-1 snapping the sharks' winning streak as they head now into the all star break. how about this? i hate when this happens if you are a goalie. off the pipe, off the back of the head of a goalie, and what
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makes matters worse that was the game winner as the trend marleys beach the rochester americans in the american hockey league. i'll get out of here with some good news. klay thompson and draymond green added to the nba's all- star team will join steph curry and kevin durant. that's four warriors all stars headed to the all star game. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. ♪[ music ] all right. the play of the day from the nba. indiana at minnesota. fine play of team work by the timberwolves. >> they do it with a team effort! >> fancy passing. unfortunately for minnesota it wasn't enough. the t-wolves fell to the visiting pacers 109-103. ♪[ music ] some neighborhoods near los gatos under a "shelter in
5:26 am
place" order after an armed and dangerous bank robber evades capture twice. the latest live from the scene next. >> reporter: the battle over rent control in richmond continues today. a judge will hear both sides in court. if an injunction is granted rent control could be put on hold. we'll have more on this story coming up. ,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. after a suspect breaks into a local home. and living on the edge.. the growing erosion problems along our coast. a manhunt continues it morning in the santa cruz mountains after a suspect breaks into a local home. >> and living on the edge. the growing erosion problems along our coast. >> 5:21. good friday morning, everyone, from our kpix 5 studios. sure, it's going to be sunny today. but i'll tell you when you should expect three straight
5:30 am
days of rain. >> oh, no! take advantage. sunshine now. we just got rid of a traffic alert in pleasanton. now we have metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza. will it be heavy or "friday light"? we'll see. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> right now, the search is on for a suspect bank robber in santa clara county. he has been on the run for nearly 20 hours. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: highway 17 was reopened last night after being closed for hours. but this guy is still on the loose armed and dangerous after evading capture twice yesterday morning and last night. this all started yesterday morning at 10:00 when officers say he robbed a bank in scotts valley and got on northbound 17 hitting other cars along the way. he was chased over the hill
5:31 am
into santa clara county by police. one of the cops opened fire and then the suspect's car crashed near redwood estates so he got out and ran on foot into the woods. then about 11 hours later at 10:00 last night, well, the officers think he broke into a home in los gatos. >> a resident found an hispanic male adult in her residents armed with a knife which she think was taken from the residence and stole her van. >> reporter: she called police and another manhunt began. he is on foot now. he was last seening wearing a green beanie, blue gloves, teal sharks top, black and white
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shoes, dark pants. police say people who live in the area near los gatos near the soda spring areas should "shelter in place" and turn on lights in case he is in the neighborhood he will be easier to spot. on highway 17, anne makovec, kpix 5. in half moon bay concerns about erosion are going after the rains. just beyond the surf, red tape surrounds this stated-owned property at 6 alcatraz avenue. that's because forceful waves keep ripping up bluffs in the area leaving homeless every homes vulnerable and pipes exposed. one local says that the ground itself is just no match for nature's forces. >> when you get a combination of high winds, full moon, king tide, the land loses, the ocean gains. >> trouble along this pedestrian bridge. two chunks of concrete on it that were eroding last year have disappeared altogether.
5:33 am
storm damage is also causing problems in the north bay. highway 1 is closed down because of what's called a slipout. it's basically a landslide underneath the road. the highway is the only way tour buses can enter muir woods national monument and officials say repairs could take months. time now 5:33. let's get a check of traffic and weather with roberta and roqui. >> it's the last weekend of january and it's the first weekend of january with no rain. >> we say that because there's no drought in northern california. >> just go outside and go nuts. >> okay. like what? [ laughter ] >> what do you have planned this weekend? >> oh, -- [ laughter ] >> i'm going to be outside in my garage. i still have all the christmas displays like on the ground. i have to get them up back on the shelf. >> you need to heal your foot. >> well, okay. i'll just pack things and have somebody else do the work. >> team work on the weekend. >> yeah. >> he has been working driving
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me to work every day. >> got to do more work. >> i have been waking my son up at 2:15 every morning. he now knows what it's like to work. good morning, everybody! you did not hear that right here. >> love my kids. [ laughter ] >> outside right now, look at our live weather camera. hi, everybody! rise and shine! this is your friday. we have clear skies. we have temperatures currently in the 30s now. livermore you were down to 31 degrees. now you're sporting 35 due to a northwest wind at 5. so that's mixing up the atmosphere mixing up the air mass but nonetheless a wind chill makes it feel like 33. a few clouds drifting in. they are like tearing away a swath of clouds from that area of low pressure out over the open waters. clouds from time to time, cool at the immediate seashore, variable winds at 15.
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entire area in the 50s today. weekend forecast and a stretch of three days straight of rain. we'll talk about that still coming up 48 after the hour. here's roqui. she loves her sunshine. >> you are right. i'm ready for it this weekend but the rain we have had over the last few weeks still affecting our morning commute.
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so let's take a look in marin county here. westbound 37 that still closed between atherton avenue and highway 101 due to flooding damage from last week's storms. so this road is closed but chp is diverting traffic off at atherton avenue to have a direct route to 101 maze to downtown about 10 minutes. metering lights are on. if you are heading across the span of the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, traffic is moving smoothly there, too. moving over to the altamont pass, about 60 miles per hour so not bad if you are heading out to the altamont pass. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you about 20. if you are headed into pleasanton, we have an update for you on that traffic alert we have been dealing with since last night. westbound 580 before 680, it was a big rig accident involving a fire. it is cleared out of the roads. traffic has recovered and is moving at 50 miles per hour. so good news for you, pleasanton.
5:37 am
i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. that big rig crash we have been covering this morning left cars in limbo for hours on 580. the big rig was driving west on 580 about 6:00 last night when it became involved in a chain reaction crash and quickly caught on fire. crews shut down all westbound lanes of 580 at the height of the evening rush hour. and one driver broadcast the blaze on facebook live. no one was hurt in the accident. today richmond's new rent control laws will be put to the test. a judge is expected to decide their fate. kpix 5's lisa chan is live in our newsroom on the locals who plan to rally until the decision is made. >> reporter: rent control is a contentious issue facing richmond during the november election. the battle continues. measure l mandates the rent of apartments built pride 1995 cannot raise more than 3% annually. while also making it illegal for landlords to evict tenants if there is no just cause. however, the california apartment association or caa a
5:38 am
state property owners industry group is challenging the law. this has been an ongoing issue since rent control was passed in 2015. when signatures were gather to repeal it by misleading voters into signing petitions they believe were supporting rent control. >> we are raising the alarm bells in the community because this is a form of voter suppression. >> voters passed measure l by 65% in november. now, both parties will be in court today. if an injunction is granted, rent control could be on hold while the lawsuit continues. a coalition is holding a rally prior to the hearing at 12:30 in front of the contra costa county courthouse in martinez. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. president trump's proposed border wall is already coming between the u.s. and mexico. mexico's president enrique pena nieto canceled a visit scheduled with his american counterpart next week. yesterday, president trump suggested the u.s. may impose a 20% tax on mexican imports to
5:39 am
raise money for the border wall. the white house said the tax is just one of several options being considered. if such a tax is put in place, u.s. consumers and businesses could pay a lot more for items from mexico. that would include a lot of food items. >> things like tomatoes, avocados, onions, limes, all those things are supplemented from mexico when we can't be producing them seasonally ourselves here in the united states. >> some restaurant owners say they would either have to stop serving some ingredients or have customers pay extra. johnson & johnson is set to buy a swiss biotech company for billions. hena daniels of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. on wall street yesterday the dow extended its gains edging up 32 points, nasdaq down 1. johnson & johnson is buying swiss biotech company [ indiscernible ] for $30 billion. the all cash deal is the biggest european drug deal in
5:40 am
13 years. it gives johnson & johnson access to the high-priced drugs for rare diseases. they will spin off the research and development arm. why is walgreens still selling cigarettes? that's what the drugstore shareholders want to know three years after the chain said it would reevaluate selling tobacco in the stores. a spokesman for the company tells the tribune that dozens of stores began reducing the visibilities of its tobacco products. the company will continue to sell tobacco products for the foreseeable future. it has taken steps to see if policy changes would hurt the bottom line. earnings are up but some are asking about a promised mobile phone service. the communication companies said it would roll out phone service and now it will be in the middle of the year. they are expected to start in limited markets and offer customers smartphones and plans to be bundles with other comcast services. >> a study showing that women being looked up to as smart may
5:41 am
be savvy more uncommon among children. >> reporter: this is sad. a study in the journal "science" found that girls as young as 6 are less likely to believe that someone described as brilliant could be a female. researchers want to know if genders factors influence girls to avoid challenges careers in science or medicine. >> you know, that is sad to hear because all they have to do is look at all the female ceos here in silicon valley or look -- >> exactly right. >> yeah. or look to my co-anchor -- >> it's still an issue now. >> your current anchor? [ simultaneous speakers all they have to do is look to michelle or even you intelligent, bright women. >> thank you. >> aww. >> thank you. it is sad. i mean, really knowledge is key. hopefully parents will educate their daughters that anything is possible. >> that's right. cbs reporter hena daniels, thank you. have a great weekend. [ laughter ] >> you paid me to say that. 5:41.
5:42 am
waterfalls are beautiful after weeks of rain. what you need to know if you want to see them in person. >> traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ur complete forect
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in just a few minutes. 50 years ago today... three astronauts were killed aboard the good morning. 5:44. welcome to your friday. the last friday of the month of january. we are going out on a clear cool note. temperatures in the 30s and 40s going up to highs today under 60 degrees. we have the all-important weekend forecast plus three days straight of rain heading your way. the forecast is coming up in less than four minutes. 50 years ago today, three astronauts were killed aboard the apollo one spacecraft. on this day in 1967, gus grissom, edward white and
5:45 am
another man were getting ready to fly the first apollo spacecraft into orbit but a flash fire broke out a month before the official launch date. they died instantly. the program was stopped until nasa made things safer. new video giving us a look at a show in southwest china. folk artists performed dragon dances to celebrate a festival. the fireworks display is all part of the lunar new year festivities. and here's something you don't see every day. dozens of people were standing nearby when a hotel collapsed right into the river. this happened in peru yesterday. officials say the foundation started to give way from all that heavy rain and all guests had been evacuated. here at home, there is a lot of storm damage in the santa cruz mountains. officials believe it will cost nearly $15 million to clean it
5:46 am
all up. yesterday congresswoman anna eshoo touringed ben lomond and scotts valley in santa cruz county and is doing everything she can to get federal aid. >> this is extraordinary damage. it needs to be taken care of asap. it's draw dropping, miraculous. angels must have been guarding people in the area. >> during her touring she also took time out to thank public works who worked 14-hour days for three weeks when the rain started this morning. in morgan hill, all our recent rain has made these waterfalls flow like they haven't in years. the natural wonders are bringing large crowds to uvas canyon county park. it's why staff have changed the parking system to require reservations. the rules are stiff. if you want one of the 70 spots on offer. >> the day before if you want to come up to visit our trails and hike, you have to call by 8 p.m. the day before to get a time
5:47 am
slot to come on up here. >> each time slot is good for four hours. fee $6. the park reopens on february 4. the cincinnati zoo a hippo born six weeks early is slowly gaining strength. >> the two-day old girl just took a major step by wading in a pool for the very first time. the baby seemed a bit tense. but staff say pool time is key for her to build muscle and a sense of balance. the hippo is getting 24 hours attention from a care team with tube feedings and warm blankets so she stays warm. baby hippos are so cute. >> oh!! >> they grow up to be these massive creatures. they are pretty dangerous. >> they are very dangerous! >> i have a thing with hippos. >> oh-oh. >> do you? >> you have a thing for them or with them? >> no, i was going away to girl scout camp very vulnerable and heavy, 8 years olds, rotund. we had to mark our name on all
5:48 am
our equipment. i wrote gonzalez and my brother scribbled it out and wrote hippo and i had to go to girl scout camp with the world hippo on my flash flight. it's a brother! >> did he tickle your feet? >> tortured me! >> we won't mention hippo ever again. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> no, no more hippos. >> baby hippos are cute. >> very cute. they're cute. >> okay. well. >> i was a baby hippo. >> traffic definitely not cute this morning. >> i don't know how you go from hippos to traffic. >> traffic is ugly. let's go to traffic. [ laughter ] >> okay. starting with the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza we just got some cash lane backup otherwise looking good on the bridge there. the bridge is looking good, as well. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are on, so the maze to downtown will be a normal commute of about 15 to 20 minutes or so. so you're looking good if you are headed into downtown san francisco a live look at the nimitz freeway 238 in san
5:49 am
leandro to the maze will just take you a quick 15 minutes. and if you traveling into the peninsula that's a quick one, as well. moving over now to pleasanton, i keep putting this in the report because although the traffic alert is canceled and all lanes are open, it was such a bad commute for you guys yesterday, that i just want to give you some good news. westbound 580 before 680 traffic is fully recovered. you're moving at about 60 miles per hour r so you are looking good on that commute. if you are heading out in the south bay, green all the way through. 101, 280 and 87 are "friday light." if you want to take mass transit that's good news, too. art, ace train, muni and caltrain all on time. roberta? >> roqui, i know you wanted to bring us some good news there. so i'm going to bring you some good news. i know you love your sunshine, right? >> bring it on! >> how about that? for the first time this year, both days this weekend will be like that. clear skies, visibility unlimited. we are looking out towards the span of the bay bridge right now. we could see the bright lights of oakland. the port of oakland. and the estuary. where currently it is 47 degrees. we are in the 40s around the
5:50 am
lip of the bay and the further out you go the temperature dips to the 30s. livermore 35. northwest breeze at 5 mixing up the air mass. but adding to a wind chill that makes it feel like 33. same in the santa rosa area now at 37 degrees. mid-30s around the peninsula. now, what you need to know on this last friday of january, we are starting off on a cold note. we'll end up with sunny warmer conditions for the weekend. sunshine both days. i have rain for three days in a row beginning wednesday but let's begin with this right here. satellite-radar. swath of clouds drifting ahead of an area of low pressure out over the pacific ocean that's vigorous and causing some big swells. today those swells up to 15. but the high surf advisory has allowed to expire. the low it backing off now due to this huge ridge of high pressure so even though we have another storm out there not this time is it going to interfere with your weekend but as i look ahead, next rain will be moving into the bay area by
5:51 am
wednesday. not heavy precip. but it will carry on over to thursday. and into our friday. backing up a bit for this getaway friday we have a hint of tule fog in the sacramento area, manteca, fresno as well but all that's going to lift. 50s. 57 degrees in monterey bay. pristine in pebble beach. great golfing weekend there. 34 degrees in the high sierra today where currently it is 4 degrees. we have cold temperatures today make sure you dress in layers over the weekend. everyone is heading to the mountains because we have layers and layers of powder. all right. here you go. our official sun-up at 7:18. you're going to see it. by the time it sets down tonight, temperatures into the 50s for the beaches to the bay. into the peninsula outside number 57 degrees towards san jose. meanwhile slightly warmer over the weekend. the warmest day will be on monday. ♪[ music ] >> we have rain returning by wednesday, thursday, friday. make it a great day. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 am
building is unliveable. the building is in san nearly five dozen people are taking the landlord to court.
5:55 am
they claim the condition of the building is unlivable in chinatown. most of the tenants are elderly. the owners have been doing renovations for nearly two years now. and the tenants claim that the toilets showers and sinks have been broken for months. they believe that the owners are trying to force them out and move higher paying tenants in. >> you know, it's very clear by their actions and their conduct, they're not interested in existing residents. they want to rent these units to tech workers and students. that's what their website says. >> most of the long-time tenants pay about $400 to $500 a month for their rooms. newer tenants pay $1,100. the building manager denies trying to force tenants out. they are making improvements. a southern california man injured during a deadly terror attack in france last july is finally back home. greg krentzman and his daughter were injured when a terrorist plowed a truck into a crowd of people in nice. his daughter was not hurt as
5:56 am
badly. but greg krentzman's leg was shattered and he had 7 surgeries. >> emotional to be home. i have been thinking about this moment for a long time. it's great to be back. >> for a while doctors thought they might have to take off his leg. but in the end, that was not necessary. time now 5:56. the effort to get california to secede from the united states has cleared another hurdle. >> an armed and dangerous bank robber is still on the loose this morning. this manhunt has been going on for almost 24 hours. the latest after he broke into a house according to the authorities last night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm kenny choi. right now.. a massive manhunt is underway in santa clara county. deputies have been looking for a good morning, it's friday, january 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. right now a massive manhunt is under way in santa clara county. deputies have been looking for a suspected bank robber for
6:00 am
nearly 20 hours now. anne makovec is live in the neighborhood where he was spotted last night. >> reporter: this guy is armed and dangerous. he has evaded capture twice. the trouble all started yesterday morning at around 10:00 when the authorities say he robbed a bank of america in scotts valley. then he got into a white getaway car heading northbound 17 hitting several other cars along the way and triggered a full shutdown of the highway that lasted all day and into the night. scotts valley police officers chased him over the hill into santa clara county. one of them opened fire near lexington reservoir. the suspect's car became disabled near redwood estates so he took off on foot into the wooded area. at 10:30 last night authorities say he broke into a home on weaver at soda springs in los gatos. a woman came home and saw him. he was armed with her hunting


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