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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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sun was bullied by student and then -- son their bullied by students and then the school made things worse next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. is ov on the run from the law for two days, but tonight deputies say the bay area manhunt for a dangerous fugitive is over. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to kpix5's andria borba live in san jose tonight. hollywoo >> reporter: well, tonight santa clara county officials say they believe they have the man behind a bank robbery who led them on a two day two county manhunt that started in the santa cruz mountains and ended here in san jose. after a 32 hour manhunt that's like something out of a hollywood bank heist movie this is how the search for a man wanted for robbing a scotts valley bank of america ended, with a suspect bloodied, cuffed and getting medical treatment on a san jose sidewalk in this
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video only seen on kpix5. from chopper 5 this is the end of the manhunt with one of three suspects playing hide and seek in apartments under construction just feet away from workers who knew something was up but lacked details. >> i know he's inside. we are working. we have family. it's dangerous. >> i went out to check my mail and they said hey, you need to go back inside. we had seen helicopters about an hour. >> reporter: the flurry of activity in san jose kicked off after one of the suspects stole a law enforcement car that look like this 2009 chevy malibu near lexington reservoir. as the hunt moved from the santa cruz mountains into san jose's japantown neighborhood, the concern was preventing an encounter like last night in los gatos where a woman was carjacked at knife point by a suspect. >> we didn't want him to get into somebody's apartment that was occupied and perhaps take a hostage. >> reporter: from chopper 5 you can see the perimeter begin
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to close in with officers marching down the train tracks toward one of the suspects. the arrest didn't end how the two day chase began, no shots fired on highway 17, just a suspect cramping up and running out of steam into the cuffs of law enforcement. now those three men were taken into custody just a few hours ago. at this point san jose police and the santa clara county sheriff's department have not released what role each man may have played in the bank robbery and ensuing chase. live in san jose tonight andria borba, kpix5. also tonight president trump shutting all refugees out of the united states for at least four months. when it comes to refugees from syria, they are banned indefinitely. christin ayers on the bay area impact of this so-called extreme vetting. >> reporter: for youssef cubas born and raised in sierras the news is devastating. >> i -- in syria, the news is
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devastating. >> i feel ashamed to be living in this country. >> reporter: some of his extended family fled the civil war in syria now stranded in greece hoping to come to america. >> now with this executive order there is no chance for them. >> reporter: president trump signed the order today shutting the nation's door on syrian refugees indefinitely. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> he is mixing the citizens, the innocent people of syria that were affected by the war, with the terrorism group. >> reporter: since 2011 the united states has accepted 10,000 syrian refugees, far fewer than the 1 million welcomed into germany, for example. only 19 of those refugees were living in the bay area as of
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2015. the president's supporters say this order is merely keeping promises trump made on the campaign trail. >> i'm with him that we need to watch who is coming into the country and it doesn't mean that we're stopping it forever, the immigration from the refugees. it just means for right now. >> reporter: youssef and his co-founders say trump's order will make their work harder. >> our mission here in the united states will be very limited. >> reporter: but it's not over yet. >> it just means we have to fight harder to help refugees. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. >> just hours after the president signed the executive order the council on american islamic relations announced it will file a lawsuit challenging the refugee ban. tonight a democratic state senator from the sacramento area says he believes a refugee ban will end up protecting americans. >> in my view it doesn't have anything to do with muslim. it has to do with terrorism. i think there are opportunities to address refugees in their home countries and making sure
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that we have safe zones for them. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi had this to say. "this administration has mistaken cruelty for strength and prejudice for strategy." and from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, "we are a nation of immigrants and we all benefit when the best and brightest from around the world can live, work and contribute here." tomorrow president trump will have his first phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin since taking office. there's speculation mr. trump is considering lifting sanctions against russia. tonight a fremont middle schooler claims he was bullied because of his race and his parents told kpix5's cate cauguiran when they complained to the school administrators, it got even worse. >> this is going to go a long way, not just for israel, but for, you know, pretty much all children of color. >> reporter: demetrius howard says his son, 13-year-old israel, was bullied because of his race.
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>> racist taunts and name calling and a lot of unfair behavior. >> reporter: two months ago he told his son to write a letter about what happened to him at thornton junior high school, that letter now part of a formal complaint to the u.s. department of education's office of civil rights. in the letter israel claims students said things like you need to go back to the cornfield, slave. look at his hair, looks like a microphone and you're darker than the moon without the sun shining on it. according to this complaint israel howard says that he complained to thornton administrators several times about being harassed and instead of helping him, his family says the school made him feel like he was part of the problem. >> to a certain degree they tried to blame him saying that students were scared of him, so he deserved to be treated in this way. >> reporter: fremont unified school district superintendent jim morris. >> we really focused on looking at the situation, taking it seriously. >> reporter: the superintendent says since the district received the letter it has been working closely with
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the office of civil rights and there have been anti-bullying assemblies and parent workshops. >> we have programs and services in place to really help all students understand and appreciate the diversity of our community. >> reporter: the howard family says they don't want money from the district, but more change. demetrius asked his son -- >> what do you expect is going to happen, israel? he just said maybe that i could see a rally or school and make people a little more sensitive to it. tomorrow in the east bay more than 100 rescue workers will search for a missing teenager. tonight familiar and friends of the 18-year-old gathered for -- family and friends of the 18- year-old gathered for this vigil for the softball player in tracy. jayda jenkins disappeared after her car plunged into the alameda creek near niles canyon road last saturday. her car was pulled from the
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creek but no sign of jayda. tomorrow the canyon will be closed for most of the day during the surf. tonight time is up for a hotel on a crumbling cliff at pacifica at 310 espalanade avenue. it will take one day to remove the building and another couple days to remove the debris. the complex has been vacant for months now built back in the '60s. other neighboring apartments were torn down a year ago because of cliff erosion. the demolition work is scheduled to begin monday at 8 a.m. in richmond tonight they're holding their noses with one hand and pointing fingers with the other. jackie ward shows us a big composting facility is under order to stop everything until it gets the sickening smell under control. >> reporter: it hasn't been a great year and a half here at this facility. they've had seven fires, several reports of noxious
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orders and now this cease and desist, but a neighboring business tells us that the health department is going after the wrong facility. >> either i'm not smelling it or i'm getting used to the smell. >> reporter: harvin montano has lived within a few miles of the landfill for 15 years. from his driveway you can't smell anything foul. he said on the richmond parkway, though -- >> either you have to roll up your windows or you're going to smell the garbage. >> the whole idea of the cease and desist was we want them to deal with the material already on site correctly. >> reporter: marilyn underwood is the environmental health director for contra costa county and says a compost facility is a biological manufacturing system and the west contra costa landfill is doing it well. republic services owns the facility and said, "as a good neighbor we have been actively working toward upgrading our processing system to a state of the art method of managing
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organic material." eric bledsoe lives next-door to the landfill and thinks the health department has the wrong guy. >> i don't have problems with them. they manage the facility properly. next-doored smells are disgusting and they don't -- next-door the smells are disgusting and they don't do anything about it. >> reporter: bay area air control he says has been out here about 20 times. >> they come in and make the investigation and we don't hear anything about it. >> reporter: the health department will have them pay up to $40,000 in fines and come up with a plan by wednesday how to fix their operation. republic services has appealed. in richmond jackie ward, kpix5. the bodies of this berkeley couple found inside their home, tonight sources tell us a 3d printer played a role in their deaths. >> these bunnies illegally advertised on craigslist as pets or meat. tonight why the bay area seller will not be punished. >> tonight a scientific break- through, the first human pig
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embryo, how this could revolutionize healthcare.
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earlier this week. police found the bodies of roger morash and his wife valerie on monday. police now know what killed a young couple in their berkeley home this week. they and their two cats also died. police evacuated the fourplex on deacon street during the investigation. now sources tell kpix5 they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. they say the couple used a laser 3d printer that vented into their home. a man who spent seven months in france recovering from that bastille day terror attack in july is finally back home in southern california tonight. reporter tom wait talked to him about the near death experience. >> this is my daughter lola.
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she's 10 and she was also hit. >> reporter: this is a father/daughter moment that came within inches of the happening. you likely remember these surreal images, a terrorist plowing a truck into a crowd at bastille day in nice, france, last july. in that crowd was the family all in the path of the truck. young lola was even hurt escaping, but she's taking her injuries in stride. >> the first it hurt, but then after a little while i was just like laying there. >> reporter: greg was not so lucky. the truck slammed into him. >> all of a sudden my wife screamed out to him greg, move, there's a truck coming! i jumped to my left and handed on my arms and my hands and unfortunately my leg and my foot didn't get out of the way. so i got hit by the front of the truck. >> reporter: greg's leg was shattered. a stranger scooped him up and took him to a hospital. his wife, a native of nice,
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would spend 24 hours searching for him. >> we didn't know. my brother followed the guy who took him to the hospital. there was no way to find him because it was like a war. >> reporter: greg's leg almost had to be amputated, but seven surgeries and seven months later he was finally able to come home. for their first night back in southern california they got a hero's welcome. >> it's emotional to be home. i've been thinking about this moment for a long time. it's great to be back. >> reporter: very remarkable family and also consider that they did this interview just hours after they landed back here in southern california. greg had a total of 12 fractures. hes the french doctors -- he says the french doctors took very good care of him. stanford students call it scary pass. tonight the walkway is about to get a makeover. the university agreed to pave and light a new walkway after students voiced their concerns
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of safety. this is also the infamous site where brock turner was found sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman two years ago. stanford said it aims to build the new pass this summer pending permit approval. tonight san francisco animal care and control has its hands full of bunnies. veronica de la cruz on the unusual craigslist ad that prompted a major rabbit rescue operation. >> officers seized a total of 40 rabbits, 33 of them babies. we've learned some of them were destined to be dinner. officers tell us the owner was breeding and telling the animals out of his home which is illegal under city health codes. a local rescue group spotted the man's online ad. >> it was posted on craigslist that he had rabbits for sale for either meat or pets. he seemed genuinely surprised that was something that wasn't legal here. >> that rescue group save a bunny are fostering 16 rabbits.
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the rest are at animal care and control. all 40 should be available for adoption in about a month. the owner won't face charges because he agreed to surrender all the animals and not breed anymore. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. interest san francisco's sinking sky -- is san francisco's sinking skyscraper safe to live in? the city inspectors found no evidence of life safety concerns. it's sinking about an inch a year. however, they also say the uneven settlement is straining the building's foundation and electrical system. people all over the bay area counting down to the lunar new year tonight. da lin shows us how relative humiditiers are ringing -- how revelers are ringing in the year of the rooster. >> reporter: today is actually lunar new year's eve and the celebration starts tonight with perhaps the biggest holiday meal of the year for take lot of asian americans. -- a lot of asian americans. think of it as christmas and
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thanksgiving combined into one. the lunar new year celebration started with a bank this afternoon, actually a lot -- bang this afternoon, actually a lot of bangs. >> they chase all the bad spirits away and bring good luck. >> reporter: parts of oakland chinatown are covered in red, red envelopes, decorations and tangerines. the color red is supposed to bring good fortune and good health. >> it's exciting, busy. >> reporter: the normally busy chinatown is seeing even bigger crowds of last minute shoppers, no place to park and very little room to walk, long lines at the chinese marks and restaurants where -- markets and restaurants where people are buying chicken, roast duck and barbecued pork for tonight's dinner. for a lot of chinese families today is about decorating the house and cooking for the big meal tonight. all the prep work like cleaning the house and getting the red envelopes ready are done a few days before. my mom invited us into her home this afternoon as she was
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wrapping the food in red paper. pop was busy cleaning the family shrine. they want to make sure everything is in place for tonight's dinner. a lot of asian american parents made sure their kids are coming home. >> kids and grandkids all together. this is a tradition. >> reporter: instead of cooking at home a lot of families are opting to eat out at restaurants. in oakland i'm da lin, kpix5. 10-hours nfall check this out in peru. this hotel collapsed into the river below, oh, my. 10 hours of nonstop rastle roaded the river bank -- rainfall eroded the river bank and damaged the foundation of the 200-year-old building. saw a lot of water a couple weeks ago but not now. we are officially out of the drought. now it's time to enjoy. we will enjoy a spectacular saturday, hope you do, and equally nice sun and even monday looks good. that said nights will be chilly. look at the temperatures now,
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down to 36 just 4 degrees above freezing in the tri-valley, livermore, santa rosa down to 38, san jose down to 34, redwood city wakes up to 36, vallejo 37, fremont 36. so many folks like to go out and exercise early in the morning. if you're one of those people, you'll need a heavier coat tomorrow morning. skiing should be amazing in tahoe this weekend. the weather will cooperate, sunny, 39 tomorrow, how about a high of 39 degrees with the fresh powder in tahoe sunday, wonderful weekend for skiing and something tells me spring skiing will be epic this spring with warmer temperatures and a tremendous amount of snow. we have a visitor coming this weekend. it is a ridge of high pressure which will park itself over the bay area. it will get here tomorrow and hang out for saturday and sunday. the two best days to go outside will be over the weekend. futurecast flying into san jose. look at the temperature and
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cloud cover. you'll have sunshine in the south bay. 61 degrees tomorrow afternoon. there are some changes coming next week. rain will return to the forecast likely beginning late wednesday night. thursday will be the soggy day, but right now all indications are we'll get some times with moderate rainfall but heavy flooding rainfall like we had so many times in january. we will not start february off like that, but it will be wetter next week. so the weekend will feature cold mornings, but beautiful sunny and mild afternoons. the rain will hold off until wednesday evening, but it will be more of a normal winter storm. we aren't expecting widespread flooding. close to 60 tomorrow in concord, vallejo 58. 60 in santa rosa and livermore. the warmest day is monday but cloudier. rain wednesday night and thursday looks soggy, but all in all, just enjoy what will be a fantastic weekend to get out. haven't had many recently. it's been raining and cold. this is perfect. >> you're suggesting instead of doing yard work or something
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now that it's dried up to just forget it, have a good time. >> tape the honey do list and set it -- take the honey do list and set it aside for seven days. people are screaming at the television right now. the guys are. >> thank you, paul. >> paul ordered us. >> yes, to not work tomorrow. you are looking at a scientific break-through, the first human pig embryo. tonight how this could revolutionize healthcare. >> and here are tonight's guest on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he's created a human-pig embryo. in the experim it sounds a little like science fiction. >> tonight a california researcher says he has created a human pig embryo. in the experiment scientists in la jolla injected stem cells into pig embryos and placed them into the wombs of adult pigs. after four weeks researchers removed the human embryos and discovered human cells had grown and developed alongside the pig's natural cells. more work needs to be done, but the goal is to grow human organs inside animals for those needing an organ trans plant. >> i got to follow that.
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>> good luck. ladies night this friday, going up tempo. you just might get on your feet for this one as here, there, around the world the rhythm is going to get you. ,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. up and down 94 feet it's basketball up top, local pac-12 ladies making moves in washington state. look at the cal body language. that will tell you. washington huskies are seventh ranked for a reason. natalie romeo, remember that name, tonight she was in the zone. huskies had 12 three-pointers. romeo had 10 of them, nine in the 1st half, scored 32. huskies ran cal out of the gym, 90-67. cal 2-6 after starting the season 13-0. so washington will host the 10th ranked cardinal sunday, stanford a nice confidence builder at washington state in red and in control, carly samuelsonn, corner pocket three scores 16, put them up 24. running the floor, a little fundamental basketball, robertson to smith. it's stanford final 76-54.
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coach vanderveer is two shy of 1,000 career wins. this is a fun one here. bethany sands in white and lucy lucie safarova took the victory dance to a whole new level, got to love it, blood flowing, got the trophy and the big check. venus and serena williams in the women's final in moment. here's the greatest flop of all time. oregon's dillon brook, look at this, boom! >> oh, man. a double flop. >> and the ref called a foul. i wonder why. what a performance. >> wow. >> on a friday night. >> that's a good one, excellent. we'll be back. ,,
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i'm going to take paul's advice and not work this weekend. >> wow. don't. >> the weather will be so great finally. >> this is a weekend of play. >> i think i'm going to fix my roof and then pour some concrete. >> i think i'll be working here tomorrow. >> during the day you'll be having fun. >> i'll be at davis watching swimmers. >> that's fun. that's cool. anybody you know? >> maybe a couple. >> this senior in my house. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning. >> have a great weekend!
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do nothing according to paul. >> do something. just have it be fun. >> go swimming according to vern. >> ooooh ♪ >> stephen , sorry to interrupt, but i'm so glad you're on the show. >> thanks, happy to be here. >> stephen: i'm so glad, yeah. >> what you have got there? >> stephen: what? where? >> sticking out of your pocket. >> stephen: oh, this is. this is just my didgeridoo. i didn't realize i was carrying it. we were so much together. she's like my limb, she's my lady. she's my lady limb. hey, you know what, it just occurred to me, since i've got my didgeridoo, why don't we jam? >> i'm really not clear on what that thing does. >> stephen: first, it makes music. then it changes the world. ( laughter ) all right, let's do it. let's jam. you know that song fergilicious? >>


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