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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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jackie ward joins us live from sfo what is the scene right now? >>reporter: we are above where everything happened. the protest happening at the arrivals turn them all. we are at departures. what we know for certain is three people from iran were detained today as was a family from yemen. yesterday a family from afghanistan detained, released according to their lawyer. protesters showed up in the hundreds in defense of those detained and in defiance of president trump. >> shocked every day. >>reporter: some said they were here to stand up for human rights. >> keeping these poor refugees out of our country, i can't even imagine this is happening in our country. >>reporter: others here is lawyers to support those who have been detained despite arriving here lawfully and voluntarily offering their
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services. >> incredibly unjust, un- american and we will not allow it. >>reporter: in mid anger and passion, there is confusion. iranian family came to sfo to ask about a family member scheduled to arrive tuesday. >> these are documented people. >>reporter: this protester said they were told three different things by homeland security officers. >> one said no one said iran is not our friend and another one said i haven't watch the news, what is going on. >>reporter: this woman and iraqi american and daughter of an immigrant she has dozens of family members in the middle east mostly refugees from the first goal for. her second cousin has returned overseas to return his he said that he was told he can come back. >> he wants to come here to be educated he is halfway through his studies and he can come back. >>reporter: stories like that just continue. the people here tonight tell me
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they are scared for their families and in disbelief about how fast this is all happening. so many people showed up to protest police had to do crowd control. sfpd tweeted their goal was to help facilitate first amendment expressions of speech while maintaining peace and safety for everyone as well as protecting property. they went on to ask anyone participating to be respectful and mindful of other safety. a democratic state senator from sacramento says he believes the refugee band will end up protecting americans. >> in my view it doesn't have anything to do with muslims, it has to do terrorism. there are opportunities to address refugees making sure we have safe zones for them. >> nancy pelosi had this to say quote this administration has mistaken cruelty for strength and prejudice for strategy.
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from billionaire ceo mark zuckerberg, quote we are a nation of immigrants and we all benefit when the best and brightest from around the world can live work and contribute here. zuckerberg not the only tech leaders speaking out. in a letter to employees, apple ceo, tim cook, said trump's order is not a policy we support. he wrote, apple would not exist without immigration that alone thrive and innovate the way we do. our employees represent the finest talent in the world and our team hails from every corner of the globe. google is the sum of its trap sees to head home. bloomberg reporting the company told 100 employees to return to the u.s. immediately over concerns they would be banned from reentering the country under mr. trump's executive order. the aclu plans to go to court tonight to try to block deportation of anyone stranded at a u.s. airport under the new immigration order. in fremont the search for a missing teenager has been
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suspended after dozens of rescue workers spent the day scouring the creek looking for 18 -year-old jada jenkins. she was driving to the bay area last week and the visit friends when her car skidded off the road and plunged into the rushing water. a week later, her family is desperate to find her. >>reporter: in the churning muddy water and tangle of trees along the bank the fierce determination of servers and apparent's and i am love. >> we scoured the whole creek from top to bottom going over some spots multiple times. >>reporter: the alameda county sheriffs office lurched a second official search since she struck her car was set careening off niles can road plunging into the alameda creek last saturday night. >> our focus is to get answers we sympathize with the family.
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we have talked to them. >>reporter: her car found upside down in the creek rescuers found no sign of her body to scare us office -- the sheriffs office called off the search returning today with teams. in the meantime they will do for jada what she would do for them to make a long, fruitless search a little less lonely. >> we are not giving up hope that we are going to find her one way or the other. >> a stretch of niles canyon road strip -- niles canyon road where shut down for much of the day no word when the search will resume. on thursday the driver of that car fell asleep at the wheel and kids get it into at the same spot. the driver was able to free himself and make it a sure. he decided to pull his car out of the creek during today's search. in pacifica of you are shot
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this video as emergency workers rescued a man from the side of a cliff. he got stuck around 9:00 last night. it is unclear exactly what he was doing there. coincidentally, the location is below an abandoned apartment complex due to be toned down on monday. the complex was built back in the 60s and has been vacant for months teetering on the edge of the crumbling class. the goal to tear down in one day. it will take another couple days to remove the debris. other neighboring apartments were torn down about a year ago because of cliff erosion. >> rampant in the area. does not help that the san andreas fault goes to the area as well. families in the honda living on the edge after a landslide forced them from their home. >> this used to be connected. >> that is paula crow's backyard. the ground is so soft you think in . about two weeks ago a landslide gradually started to
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wreak havoc in the neighborhood and it just stays a hairline crack in the pavement turned into this broken road. at the same time the foundation under her home completely dropped. luckily she owns the home next- door and was able to move into it before the city red tagged her home. >> everyone was so hopeful have have not gotten over it. it has me feeling so grateful. i feel so grateful for everybody here. it is amazing. her insurance does not cover lan movement the local officials are trying to get her help through fema. two other homes have been red tagged because they are too unstable. in contra costa county the board of supervisors voted to ratify an emergency declaration to defray storm cleanup costs. the county wrapped up about $18 million in damage in the first two weeks of january alone. this washed out section of alhambra valley road accounts for 3 million of that.
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the emergency declaration will allow the county to apply for state and federal relief funding. all lanes of highway 37 in nevada back open tonight after flooding from last weekend's storms shut down the road for days. crews spent the past week pumping out water and fixing clogged drains. at the westbound side back open this morning eastbound lanes reopened a few days ago. a protest rising up among those politically charged plots of land in the bay area. on the plan that could turn berkeley's historic people's park into badly needed student housing. >>reporter: cal has talked about doing something with people's park for years. it has been home to homeless and drug users but it was the center of berkeley's free speech movement in the 60s. a draft report by the university that the park be turned into student housing is not going over so well. >> it might be a battle, a big battle. >> people that is their home the only place they found
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comfort. >>reporter: some recognize the need to build new student housing. >> we are in a housing crisis right now, why wouldn't you. >>reporter: others say history trump's modern knees -- modern needs. >> to destroy the park would be a travesty. a lot of history, a lot of love. a lot of understanding each other. >>reporter: mr. stephen says the park gives him inspiration to continue his art when asked about the draft report regarding additional student housing, university of california berkeley said they had no one available to go on camera. the sc ade things worse. could the fugitive who led deputies on a 2-day chase as th . a bay area boy says he was bullied because of his race. his parents claim the school made things worse. the fugitive who led deputies on a two date chase across the bay area be part of a bigger crime ring? why investigators from other jurisdictions are interested.
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it may be winter but it was feeling a lot like spring in oakland. we will take you out to the fan fest. >> sunny and warmer. when was the last time we heard that? that is in the forecast as well as something we are all too familiar with. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and his parents told kpix ' cate cauguiran: when they complained to schl . a fremont middle schooler claimed he was bullied because of his race. his parents told us when they complained to administrators it got worse. >> this will go a long way not just for israel but for pretty much all children of color. >>reporter: demetrius howard says his son 13 -year-old visit -- israel was bullied because of his race. >> races taunts, name-calling and unfair behavior. >>reporter: two months ago he
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told his son to right a letter about what happened to him. the letter now part of a formal complaint to the u.s. department of education office of civil rights. in a letter is real claim student said things like you need to go back to the cornfield, late, look at his hair looks like a microphone and you are darker than the moon without the sun shining on it. according to this complaint israel howard says he complained to thorne administrators several times about being harassed. instead of helping him his family says the school made him feel like he was part of the problem. >> to a certain degree they tried to blame him saying students were scared of him so he deserved to be treated this way. >>reporter: fremont unified school district superintendent jim morris. >> we focused on looking at the situation, taking it seriously. >>reporter: the superintendent says since the district received israel's letter it has been working with the office of
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civil rights. there have been anti- bullying assemblies and parent workshops. >> we have programs and services in place to help all students understand and appreciate the diversity of our community. >>reporter: the howard family says they don't want money from the district but more change. demetrius asked his son -- just. >> what you expect will happen and he said maybe i can see a rally at school and just make people more sensitive to it. stanford students call it scary paths. the walkway about to get a makeover. the university has agreed to pave and light a new pathway after students raised concerns about the lack of safety. is now the infamous site were two grad students found brock turner sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman two years ago. they plan to build a new path pending approval. investigators looking into whether the scotts valley bank robbery suspect that prompted a
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two day man who could be part of the bigger bank robbery ring. after 32 hours authorities tracked down the suspect last night. video from chopper five shows the man running away from s.w.a.t. teams in north san jose along a set of railroad track officers eventually captured him at a construction site. authorities say that suspect also stole a law enforcement vehicle in the santa cruz mountains. police were able to track it down in san jose which ultimately led to the man's arrest. santa clara county investigators are getting requests from other agencies about the suspect being related to other robbery. be careful where you buy tickets they could be fake. the worriers said more than 650 fans have been denied access to game so for the season after buying counterfeit tickets through third-party vendors. other oakland sports fans looking forward to baseball season. big crowds turned out today for
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the a's fan fest. the new team had a very good reason for hosting it there. there was a sea of green and gold today. thousands of people attended the fan fest hoping to meet the players and get an autograph. >> we came a couple hours from sacramento. big time a's fans and an hour or so waiting in line for an autograph. totally worth it. players signed wallets, balls and bats. >> he said to me hey how is is going, really friendly. >> there was a family-friendly event. a lot of activities geared toward kids and all of this free. >> a big fan so i wanted to take a picture. >> it wasn't just fun and games the new team president fired up the crowd with one simple
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question. >> and wants to build a ballpark in oakland? >>reporter: the team building up ballpark in oakland. a couple possible stadium sites including howard -- right around the corner, part of the reason why they help the fan fest here. >> allows us to test infrastructure here at jack london square. how do people get here, do they drive? it's a good dry run for having a ballpark year. >> they are taking on a new slogan, commitment to oakland, after the first time in a long time they shot a bunch of commercials this week throughout oakland. >> we love it here. it just makes sense to do these things here. >>reporter: with the raiders asking to move to vegas and the warriors breaking ground in san francisco, the a's could soon be the only team left in the east bay. the team president said they will make an announcement about the sides of the ballpark later this year, all privately
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funded. no taxpayer money. >> as is tradition, clear skies over most of the bay area at this hour but clear skies mean it will get crackling call tonight. as we look at the bay bridge numbers 57 san francisco, concorde 54, santa rosa 54 and clear skies. strong, high-pressure over the west coast in the wake of the serious storms last week. what a difference a week makes. high-pressure parts on top of the bay area, keep us sunny. we will be in the 60s and many spots right through tuesday night. then, things change. and coming in. tomorrow morning we start out sunrise 7:17 a.m.. temperatures begin in the chilly low to mid 40s. upper 50s low 60 for most of us. it looks clear to me tomorrow plenty of sunshine sunday
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living up to his name. expecting mostly clear and cool night tonight. sunny and mild through tuesday. rain comes back wednesday and thursday and friday so a wet 2nd half of the week. not torrential rain, it shouldn't be anything like a flooding rain we had but it will turn wet in the latter half of the week. overnight lows tonight clear skies means santa rosa gets to 36 degrees. napa 37 and fairfield 36. livermore 35 in san jose 39. tonight in san francisco overnight low 42. if you're heading out to beautiful mendocino, 67 degrees. 60 sacramento, 40 lake tahoe and 41 yosemite with mostly son and patchy over the mountains in the afternoon otherwise it few clouds around. monterey nice 69 degrees. forecast highs close to where
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we should be. san francisco on the mark of 50 degrees, concorde 59 sunshine 62 san jose, oakland 59. south bay sunshine on the way tomorrow temperatures in the low 60s. san jose 62, morgan hill 64, 62 cupertino and in the east bay fremont 61. sunshine to start sunday with the east bay and that way for much of the day. a high cloud or two from time to time most numbers clustered around 60 degrees. in the north bay it will be nice plenty of sun 62 santa rosa, 59 oakland, sonoma 61 and around sonoma, lake county and napa county the numbers will be all the way to 65. 61 windsor and clearlake 63.
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extended forecast here comes the sun the next few days sunday, monday, tuesday mostly sunny skies. increase clouds tuesday night, shower in the north bay. showers wednesday will spread south and keep us in a fairly wet showery regime through friday until saturday we returned to partly cloudy skies and and rain, and more rain coming in. >> still to come the bay area starting the lunar new year off with a bang. how people are bringing in the year of the rooster. welcome back to the throne of one of the williams sisters. the australian open champion.
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children took part in the
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. today, san francisco's mayor led a celebration in chinatown on the first day of the lunar new year. children took part in the ceremony. lion head costumes laid out in a row set for finishing touches. is the year of the rooster on the chinese calendar. mayor ed lee says the festivities will include many asian cultures. >> celebrate not just our lunar new year for our chinese community before the vietnamese community, the corrine community -- the corian community. >> the cities chinese new year parade happens two weeks from today. dancers in traditional costumes performed at the san francisco zoo visitors at the family farm could also visit a resident rooster named mac.
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the zoo holding even. city. vietnamese americans ushering in the the lunar new year. the festival kicked off at the santa clara county fairgrounds. people dressed up in the national down listening to music and catching a fashion show. organizers said chinese and vietnamese lunar new year celebrations are similar with the family taking center stage. >> of course it is family. culturally family is the biggest thing, traditionally, especially in vietnam for lunar new year everybody has a 2-3 week vacation all they do is visit family. during those weeks they are traveling across the entire country making sure they hit every single relative. >> the crowd expected to reach 5000 people by the end of the evening. >> the weather cooperating for sure. >> hot weather in the land down under. >> had to get up early for this
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one. sibling rivalry. venus, serena williams. australian open women's final temper temper that is a $200 racket. blame it. first time since 2000 and they squared off. serena serving an ace. 6-4. on the championship point serena for seventh open victory and 23rd grand slam title. 64-64 -- 6-4-6-4. no one prouder than her opponents there congratulations on number 23. i have been right there with you some i lost right there against you. that's weird but true. but that has been an awesome thing your win has always been my win i think you know that all the time i could to be there be there didn't get there you were there.
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>> take me with you. the wind beneath my wings. this is in san diego. pga moved on without tiger woods. two shots off the lead chasing brent snedeker at the second hole. he is tied for the lead two under 70 tied with patrick rodgers as they lead the field headed into sunday. the pebble beach pro-am on channel five right around the corner. >> absolutely. i love hearing the williams sisters, great speech, great tribute to her sisters. >> when they play each other usually it is a dead. today . >> coming up in the next half-
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hour protest continuing across the country as the new order on immigration leads dozens of refugees in political limbo. the old tweet about the policy coming back to haunt the vice president tonight. >> in the report aims to settle the question once and for all is san francisco's infamous sinking skyscraper safe to live in? you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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from tracy has been suspend again. dozens of rescue workers . the search for a missing teenager has been suspended. dozens of rescue workers spent the day scouring niles canyon road looking for 18 -year-old
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jada jenkins. she was driving to the bay area last week and when her car skidded up the road and plunged into the alameda creek. >> investigators looking into whether the bank robbery suspect at the center of an epic 32 hour manhunt may be linked to other crimes in the bay area. s.w.a.t. teams arrested and yesterday after he allegedly robbed a bank in scott valley thursday -- when all was said and done two other men were arrested. hundreds of protesters swarmed sfo after several overseas travelers were detained under president trump's immigration policy. they include three people from iran and two families from afghanistan and yemen. protesters chanted and held signs reading resist. the demonstration so big it had to be moved outside the arrivals terminal. a similar scene in new york city where hundreds gathered outside jfk airport to protest the immigration been. >> wendy gillett reports the
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executive order has left dozens of refugees in limbo. >>reporter: protesters gathered outside jfk international and demanded the release of refugees blocked from entering the united states. congressman jerry nadler said 12 people were detained here. a former translator for the u.s. military in iraq was held for ours before being released. >> i was surprised. >>reporter: president donald trump executive order suspends the u.s. refugee admissions program for four months. reports of effigies been refused entry in cities like san francisco and dallas. lawyer scramble to file lawsuits challenging the order. >> this really is an extraordinary measure and it requires every ounce of opposition we can muster. >>reporter: protests organized within hours. reports that people were being
6:33 pm
detained here. hundreds of demonstrators are vowing to continue voicing their anger. >> this is america everybody knows this is the country, everybody strives to be like. >>reporter: among other things executive order immediately keeps refugees from iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen for entering the united states for 90 days. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >>reporter: saturday mr. trump signed a memorandum calling for the joint chief to create a plan in 30 days to defeat isis. the a-c-l-u had e on the other hand we just got an update. a federal judge in new york has temporarily halted the president's executive order blocking the entry of refugees. the aclu filed a request for a stay this morning.
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this appears to apply nationwide. the judge's really means it can't be implemented until further court action. more on what this means moving forward coming up at 10:00 and 11:00. vice president mike pence stood behind his boss as a president signed the order at the pentagon yesterday. he even applauded but he has not always supported the idea. a little over a year ago as governor of indiana he tweeted calls to ban muslims from entering the u.s. are offensive and uncaused to show. we spoke with one syrian american feeling impact of the executive order firsthand. >>reporter: born and raised in syria, the news is devastating. >> i feel ashamed to be living in this country. >>reporter: an american citizen now and cofounder of the syrian united refugee in . some extended family fled the civil war and are now stranded in greece hoping to come to america. >> with this executive order there is no chance for them. >>reporter: since 2011 united states has accepted 10,000 searing refugees, far fewer than the 1 million refugees welcomed into germany. only 19 of those refugees were
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living in the bay area as of 2015 the supporters say this order is merely keeping the promises trump made on the campaign trail. >> i am with him. we need to watch who is coming into the country. it doesn't mean we are stopping it forever, immigration from the refugees, a means for right now. >>reporter: he and his cofounder say the order is going to make their work harder. >> our mission here in the united states is going to be very limited. >>reporter: but not over yet. >> it means we have to fight harder to help refugees. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi taking aim at another policy tonight. in today's address she warned americans that repealing the affordable care act could lead to dire consequences. tragically repealing the affordable care act it will lead to death, disability and suffering and republicans will do all of this to get a massive new tax break to the
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wealthiest. the republicans plan will make america great again it will make america sick again. >>reporter: pelosi praised everyone who participated in the women's march on washington. governor jerry brown plans to get for the radiation treatment for prostate cancer. an oncologist says the cancer is not extensive quote can be treated with a short course of radiotherapy. the doctor also says the governor's prognosis is excellent. brown, who is 78, plans to keep a full work schedule. he was first diagnosed with localized prostate cancer in 2012. san francisco's famous -- infamous sinking skyscraper safe to living? according to reports it is. engineers say the millennium tower is thinking about an inch a year but city inspectors found no evidence of life
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safety concerns. they also say that and even settlement is straining the foundation and electrical system. there is some relief tonight for bay area renters. according to research firm the average year-to-year price fell around last month down nearly two and a half% in the south bay. san francisco and on the peninsula. prices draws -- prices dropped less than 1% in oakland, hayward in berkeley. the fourth consecutive month of falling prices. rent is still higher than the national average. these bunnies illegally advertised on craigslist as pets or meats. why the seller won't be punished. talk about an incredible journey, a dog stolen a year ago has been found thousands of miles away. tonight she is headed home ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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woman and her long lost pete is finally being reunited wh her dog... after it was found thousands of miles away.. in the upper . a happy and then for one
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oakland woman and her long lost pet. finally being reunited with her dog. it was found thousands of miles away in the upper midwest. she was stolen from her home in oakland nearly a year and a half ago. the dog ended up as a stray at an animal control facility in minnesota. fortunately she had a microchip so the shelter was able to track her down group of volunteers is now driving the dog from minnesota to california. >> get your pets chipped. >> when they get lost it might take a day, week, month maybe 18 months and have a good chance of your dog getting back home. >> a nonprofit is asking for donations to cover gas, meals and lodging for the transport volunteers. an unusual craigslist ad led to a major rabbit rescue operation in san francisco. animal control officers tell us they seized a total of 40 rabbits from a man reading them in his home and marketing them
6:41 pm
online as either pets or food. >> it was posted on craigslist that he had rabbits for sale for meat or pets. he seemed genuinely surprised that was something that was not legal here. >> the mill valley rescue group save a bunny fostering up to 16 rabbits. the rest are at animal care and control. all 40 should be available for adoption in about a month. the owner won't face charges because he agreed to surrender the animals and not breed any more. birds are dropping dead at a wildlife area near sacramento. macy jenkins learned the disease that is killing them is not a threat to people but is a risk to other birds. >> shocking to see that die off i have never seen anything like that before. >>reporter: walking along the bypass he saw this about a week ago. >> hundreds of bodies, hundreds of birds all dead along the side of this flooded field.
6:42 pm
>>reporter: more than 3700 american coots all dead. he took these pictures and started to worry that something catastrophic was happening. >> something we deal with commonly. >>reporter: wildlife manager jeffrey started says the coots caught a virus. >> something they carry around and only comes out when they get stressed. >>reporter: like shivering in the cold, being pushed out of habitat because of high water. >> when we get sick and we are close to our friends and not far away we spread disease much quicker. >>reporter: other birds can catch the virus too. the most important step for wildlife experts, collecting carcasses to keep scavengers from spreading it. >> it has been wonderful with the went -- with the wet winter to see the wildlife come back and more shocking to see something like this. >> uc davis has volunteered to
6:43 pm
incinerate the carcasses for free. southern california struggling in the wake of recent storms. one city taking drastic measures to deal with the threat of falling trees. whittier has closed two parks. yellow tape surrounds one park where a eucalyptus tree smashed into a rough picnic tables. nobody was sitting there at the time but it is the same park where a tree came down on top of the wedding party last month, killing the mother of the bride. >> what freaked me out was the quickness. the crack and falling. if someone is under there is no chance to get away from it. >> given how saturated the soil as it doesn't take much for waterlogged trees to fall over. not just california dealing with the impact of too much rain still to, three story hotel becomes a tourist attraction of its own as it topples into a raging river. tranquil and mild in the bay area with dry weather ahead. live over the city, it will all
6:44 pm
change. the forecast coming up. straight ahead, double dog fun at the cow palace. what does that mean? and for the a's a lot about the young arms at the big league level. can you believe spring training is around the corner? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three-story hotel collapsedo the river below. f non-stop rainfal . dramatic video out of peru. cameras rolling as this three- story hotel collapsed into the
6:47 pm
river below. ten hours of nonstop rainfall had eroded the river bank and damage the foundation of a 200 -year-old building. guests had been evacuated hours away. fortunately, no one was hurt. a river of love giving tourist on the island of hawaii is real. liquid hot magma pouring out of the kilauea volcano earlier this week when it reaches the pacific ocean and explosive reaction occurs sending a stream of smoke into the sky. the love still wasn't the only thing captured, check out the beautiful rainbow right above it. >> the longest continuous eruption of a volcano in history, kilauea volcano began around new year's day in the early '80s and hasn't stopped since. spectacular side if you make it to the big island. as we look to the bay bridge, beautiful night tonight mostly clear skies. readings plunging into the 50s. 54 concord, oakland 50, we are
6:48 pm
such wimps. 56 san jose, santa rosa 54. high atop the west coast, high- pressure parked right on top of the bay area. that will keep a sunny and mild until mid week. numbers are average not a massive heating trend but they will come up a couple degrees the big stream of moisture from the pacific northwest. showers in seattle tomorrow, sunshine and that is as it should be. cool weather to start sunday morning. numbers in the 40s to start out with. futurecast shows a time lapse of the atmosphere, not a cloud in sight. a little puff of fog up there in the central valley but that is about it. we have fairly clear skies tomorrow. and it will be nice through tuesday. clear and cool tonight, sunny and mild to tuesday, rain returns to the bay area by wednesday. in fact it looks wet wednesday through the weekend. overnight lows will be in the mid- 30s to low 40s, tomorrow
6:49 pm
morning 7:17 a.m. if you are heading out of the bay area looking pretty good a few high clouds up north not a big deal 69 monterey. that is the heat way. 59 concorde, 62 san jose, oakland 59. extended forecast looking for sunshine tomorrow and monday clouds increase tuesday wednesday, thursday, friday we get rain. showers until saturday when we cleared out. temperatures in the mid- 60s before falling into the upper 50s later the week. >> baseball up top. a's fan faced. spring training hits in 16 days. talk about the a's some veterans and a lot of young ones especially pictures. veteran catcher says bring it on.
6:50 pm
>> it is fun. you get to see so many people make their debut that was the coolest part last year. i think i caught maybe 12 guys making a major league debut last year. i don't know what the number was but that is exciting to show them and help them get comfortable in the major leaks is a lot of fun. >> college basketball. dancing at the finish. university pacific attacking. bronte boyd picked the pocket and contested the other way. up 13. 242nd half. chase, foster we are done here. 80 1-60. usf fired up 13- 3's today. let's get ready to rumble! [ cheering ] transition from ring announcer, final minute of the first. right above the rim, wildcat
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lead cut to 4. kansas leads. turnovers are deadly. follows the shot second-ranked jayhawks be number 4 kentucky 79-73. day one complete at the cow palace. a cascade of incredible canines. look at them go. the featured flyball run one of the attractions at the golden gate dog show here is an alaskan malamute and a french bulldog. they will run you about eight grand how about an irish will found over 200 pounds? over 1100 dogs that only one get to be best in show. in fact there could even be a few family feuds. >> i get to battle my mom to win. >> you against your mom?
6:52 pm
>> yes. >> family sport. >> very much. >> this is mortimer. >> he is going to his first dog show. >> this is it. >> your maiden voyage. >> wow. >> jim harbaugh life insurance agent? that is the michigan football coach's life insurance guy and it is real in fact look who picked up when our producer called. >> what kind of life insurance does he have? >> have you gotten the ohio state loss yet? >> maybe you can enjoy another bottle of milk and calms -- and calm your nerves. >> thank you for the call. >> i love that. >> pick up the phone pick a celebrity to start talking. >> very cool. >> still to come a new strategy
6:53 pm
to keep afloat financially. the space agency supersize swimming pool now available for rent ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 pm
and now... nasa's letting businesses rent it out. take a look. . it could very well be the largest pool on earth. it is used to simulate space. >> now nasa is letting businesses rented out. the space agency's underwater neutral buoyancy lab is four stories deep. so big a replica of international space station fits inside it. that is one of the things they do to train astronauts to get used to weightlessness. maintainable that big is not chief. to keep costs down nasa let's oil and gas companies dive in.
6:56 pm
is that is spending $100,000 on underwater training in the golf, some oil companies pay 25 grand to use nasa's lab. now the space agency is opening the pool to even more users. >> spreading it oh for as many users as you can makes a lot of sense from an economic standpoint. they are practical applications of what nasa is trying to do here. >> they are letting people rent rise to the international space station astronauts from around the world use the pool prepping three to four times a week, success day but nasa insists there is room for more. >> my little guys watching mom can i have my birthday party there? 25 grand. >> heavy seen hidden figures? about the african-american -- -- good movie. >> thanks for watching we will see you back here at 11:00.
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>> latest on as we look -- as we look live to the bay bridge. see you at 11:00. ,,
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