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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  January 29, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PST

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and i'm julie watts. maria has the weekend off. good morning and welcome to kpix this morning. protesters pack airports around the country after president trump issues an executive order and dozens of people are detained and kept from entering the country. that is thanks to an order from the president. the president signed three new executive orders, but will they have merit or meaning down the line. a proposed ban on pot. looking to make sales go up in
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smoke. first, let's take a look at the forecast. we are starting off with a beautiful morning. here's a live look this morning. temperatures chilean santa rosa. san jose 38 right now. 33 in livermore. there could be patchy frost out there. 40s for oakland to start the day and in san francisco this morning. we are seeing some fog out there, especially the delta region spilling into sacramento valley. the visibility is good and we have clear skies with the exception of the north bay and santa rosa with low visibility right now. we will warm up and here is a review dashing look at future cast. warming to the 50s by midday. low 60s for the warmest spots in san jose and we will have the full forecast.
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phil , back to you. immigrants with valid visas were detained across the country. some were deported back to their home countries after president donald trump signed an executive order to temporarily stop refugees from muslim nations from entering the u.s.. people with valid -- judge ruled that people with valid visas detained at airports around the u.s. cannot be legally returned to their countries. it is not clear what will happen to those being held.>> people need to get the word out to not put people on planes. if you hear of that, you lead -- you need to let us know immediately because that would be in defiance of the court order.>> it also bans the refugee program for 4 months and bands people from predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. for the next 90 days. it prevents syrian refugees
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from entering the country indefinitely. thousands of people have flooded the airports from coast- to-coast. thousands were at lax and at o'hare airport in chicago, they were outside chanting, singing and holding signs. a similar scene at a -- at the san francisco international airport. >> some included prominent figures from the bay area joining the crowd at sfo. a sea of protesters waved signs and joined in chance outside the sfo international turn normal. many stayed well past midnight. as a matter of fact, some were there this morning. the sounds of discontent grabbed -- grab the attention of the tenant governor gavin newsom as well.>> i saw my twitter field -- twitter feed and i am humbled and enlivened
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and awestruck by the energy and the willingness of people to be here.>> the google cofounder was also there at sfo and he posed with his baby. more demonstrators plan to return to the airport at noon today for another round of protests. a stanford student and legal resident of the united states was detained at jfk. the student was returning from a research trip in sudan and was handcuffed for a few hours on friday night and then released. stanford released a statement that said an unfortunate consequence of the new policy appears to be that students and scholars from designated countries are, for the moment, effectively detainees in this country. the university of california is telling students and faculty from middle eastern countries not to travel abroad. as many as 14 people were detained at jfk yesterday, including a man that worked as
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an interpreter for the u.s. military. >> i have a special visa and passport because i work with the u.s. government and i support the u.s. government in the war. when i came here, they said nope. they said i break the rules or do something wrong. >> reporter: after being released, he still praised america as the land of freedom. meanwhile, east bay congressman eric swallow said, another hero that served as an interpreter for the u.s. forces in iraq was detained at the jfk airport due to president trump's band. -- band --. president trudeau send out a message saying that canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength.
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hashtag, welcome to canada. president trump could sign more orders today. the first of a thought dashes a five-year lobbying band for administration officials. the second reorganizes the national security council and the third calls for a plan for how to defeat isis. moments after he signed them, he defended his choice to detain immigrants.>> it is working out very nicely. you see a that they airports and all over, it is working out very nicely, and we are going to have extreme vetting which we should have had at this country for many years. president trump also spoke with foreign leaders. among them were the french president and the russian president, vladimir putin. the president directed the department of homeland security to build a wall along the
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u.s./mexican border and he plans to have mexico pay for it. the wall has to go through congressional appropriations which is bound to set up a fight. present -- benjamin netanyahu took to twitter defending trump's plan to build a wall. he said i built a wall along israel's southern border and it stopped immigration and was successful.>> mexico is his real's friend and should be treated as such. we have heard about presidents making history in their first 100 days, but i asked willie brown and melissa king if they have ever heard of a president like trump making this much history in the first 100 hours?>> [ laughter ]. he is really taking advantage of the opportunity, frankly, when no one is looking. he has you watching something he is not doing.
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i don't know what the hell he is doing, but he has us watching something else.>> they say he sleeps like 4 hours per day. he is up and having these conversation and it is hard to keep up.>> this week he came out about a bombast about voter fraud and everybody is saying here is ridiculous and doesn't happen. what it is doing is that it washed out the investigation into the rushing hacking.>> also a serious examination of his nominees. people have stopped talking about it. >> so, while he has the media concentrating on retailing that's ridiculous allegations of voter fraud, the queen mary is passing.>> it is during the time after that he was elected and before he took the oath of office. he had a lot of big things
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going on. then you throw out a couple of missiles to distract everyone. that's his mo.>> my uncle was really good at that. every night, he would come home with a pocket of one dollar bills. you cannot figure out where the p was. -- pea was. he said it was in his pocket every time. [ laughter ]. >> there have been press release after press release and rally after rally, but we haven't seen much in the way of a concrete autopsy of what happened, or a plan for moving forward.>> for the same token, what he proposes, you don't find out what it is. it makes the headlines, but the substance, you don't know. >> there is virtually no substance at all. he has taken what he said at
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his campaign and other allegedly put it in place. although he did say in philadelphia, be very clear, what i have done now requires you to do something to make it permanent.>> it is interesting what is going on. it remains to be seen. he is hammering away at what he promised to do. how effective it will be is yet to be seen. there are already judges and legislators saying, not so fast. we will have sonia from east bay to talk about it. also from hayward. cities contemplating their status to change to sanctuary cities, but it could cost them. >> it has to stick. >> it's going to get interesting. we will also talk to sonia about healthcare. now, turning to california
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politics. unpaid traffic tickets heard people who cannot pay the fine. it doesn't help that they actually collect the payments from offenders. it does laid -- lead to more people paying the fines. as part of the budget proposal, a bill was introduced this week in sacramento to ban the move. marijuana will likely become legal in california. those who make the green while selling the green could have problems in marin county. there is a proposed ban on nonmedical marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county. that would give the county time to consider -- to consider potential locations for dispensaries. plaza overhaul. >> they are considering the hotel as mixed used housing.
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there are shoppers that shopping centers where camden and union meet. they came up with plans for apartments and office buildings and credits are concerned about traffic density. developer say the mixed-use property will benefit the city. and, working to stop discrimination, the mayor of hayward joins us to talk about the ongoing problem following the presidential election posts and while it could lead to hayward becoming a sanctuary city. here is a live look outside this morning at sfo with blue skies overhead and a beautiful day ahead. details for rain coming up.
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welcome back. we are taking a look at your forecast for the day and it's going to be a nice day with lenny of sunshine already out there this morning.
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looking at the bay bridge, temperatures are freezing in santa rosa and we could be patchy -- could see patchy fog out there this morning. 37 in concord and you are going to want a jacket as a warms up over the next few hours or so. starting off this morning, it is chilly. in san francisco right now, we are in the mid 40s. we have high-pressure in place and that is creating a blocking ridge for us that is holding whether to the northwest. that will continue to have us have warm temperatures over the next couple of days. continuing to warm today and tomorrow before big changes move in for next week. the area of low pressure is forecast to move in on wednesday or wednesday evening we could start to see though showers. we could have lingering showers into friday and you want to plan accordingly. that is not going to be a soaker like we saw last week and the week before.
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we already have saturated soil and we don't anticipate a lot of flooding issues or things of that nature. we could see gusty winds wednesday and into thursday we could have downed trees and power lines. it's a typical winter storm and not one of those strong directors. here is what you can expect. a chilly start to monday. then, sunday and through tuesday it looks pretty nice. then on wednesday, we switch the forecast and we will have showers wednesday through friday. here is a look around the area and we are above average for most locations. just slightly above average for this time of year. 64 and lost gateau's and 69 and san mateo. as you head to the east bay, temperature brains upper 50s to low 60s. livermore and san ramon. 60s around the bay. 58 in berkeley and alameda.
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60 and petaluma. 51 in sonoma. we are looking at temperatures for the upper 50s to low 60s for the most part in northbay as well. finally, a look at the travel forecast in and around the bay. 30 much 50s and 60s with plenty of sunshine. a great weekend to have the day off. temperatures will be warm today and tomorrow and we will be drive through tuesday. showers in the second half of the day, maybe wednesday evening. thursday and friday, lingering showers and then drive for next weekend. now, back to whether news for you. there are storms that have made an equally impressive snowpack. the snowpack is 186 percent of normal statewide. the second no is scheduled nash snow is scheduled for 20 -- scheduled for next thursday. now turning back to president
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donald trump's first 100 days. the president is planning to crackdown on sex which -- sanctuary cities. oakland and san francisco are refusing to back down after the president threatened to cut millions in federal funding to sanctuary cities. law enforcement would be exempt.>> they are also planning to form a task force to combat discrimination. one includes becoming a sanctuary city. joining us to talk about this is the hayward mayor, barbara holiday and kelly maca do. thank you for joining us. hayward is a city that has always been quiet, how did you get drawn into this and what prompted it? mayor. >> what prompted it is what happened at the federal level. the values of the residents of our community, we have been
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doing that for decades. one was tapped by president clinton in the 90s to be the first for the services that he pushed back and then. >> reporter: so, now you have a history on this and you are in the crosshairs. you are not a sanctuary city, but you are thinking of becoming one. the coming one could cost federal funds under the president's executive orders. what would mean becoming a sanctuary city mean to the city of hayward? >> right now we receive about 11 billion dollars which is five percent-a percent of the entire budget. it is impactful. we are looking at the impact on all residents and we also want to make sure we protect their rights and value diversity in our community.>> i'm sure that's >> reporter: i'm sure you will protect the rights and values of the community, but what about the political storm?
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cities are being faced with this and you have a look on your face. >> i think we are really facing this and we are going to have to have serious discussions. >> reporter: in addition to city funds, counties are also impacted, the services there and the law enforcement, what impact does that have if alameda county continue sanctuary status? >> it could have significant impact. recently, the region stands to lose a lot of federal funding. in terms of homeless service provision, we receive federal funds to help us -- the homeless population to build affordable housing. >> -- >> reporter: there are a lot of folks in the city of hayward that could be impacted by this decision.
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do you go to the voters and say look, if we do this, it will cost us money? >> we have organized a task force and we are looking to get it into action as soon as possible so that when we have people in our community that can serve as advisors and we work through this.>> reporter: by doing this politically, you put it on the table and it will be up for discussion and you have set the ball rolling toward becoming a sanctuary city, whether it was your intention or not. when do you have to make the call? >> we will make the call when we are told by the federal government that we have to do something that we refuse to do.>> reporter: what might that be? >> we've heard all kinds of things. a lot of residents are concerned. you know, forcing people to sign up on a registry and forcing the police department to go and roundup people. i asked and the police won't be doing that. >> reporter: okay, that's a commitment that could cost $11 million or more.
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what do you do if you are the person that has to take care of the budget and the parks department and things like that?>> we will potentially join legal action that other cities have been looking at. if there is that impact, we will definitely evaluate that. >> reporter: it is interesting because that is something a lot of cities are thinking about joining. >> now, we are going to head off and when we come back, we will look at the jefferson awards. ,,,,,,
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tide and downy together. sound like a lofty goal.. but it's being done every day by a non-profit high tech company on the peninsula. using technology to create positive change may sound like a lofty goal, but it is being done every day on the peninsula. >> there making sure my content is available to more people. we have this week's jefferson awards winner. >> reporter: computer set up might be typical for a 15-year- old, but he uses nash but what he uses it for is not. kevin's computer and a program called book share help him to see and hear books. >> before i hated reading because it took for me forever to read a book. i could comprehend it, but it took forever.>> reporter: at 6, kevin suffered a traumatic rain
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injury that impacted his vision. nancy is part of book share. >> i talk to parents who say, i remember a time when i was cooking dinner and at the same time i was reading my son his textbook. >> reporter: book share is the largest library of digitally accessible books in the world. betsy has guided book share's growth from 30,000 members to more than 300,000. from 20,000 digitally accessible books to more than half 1 million. book share is entirely free. after selling two tech startups, bessie knew the next chapter would be different. >> it took all of these things that i have learned to do in high-tech and apply them to communities around the world and they can really be benefited by tech plus really good and from nation -- really
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good information. >> reporter: it provides an opportunity.>> it is free and accessible. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award goes to betsy bowman. kpix 5. betsy says if something is born digital, it can and should be more accessible. one of one of -- one of many programs that is available. you can learn more at /hero.
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good morning, i'm phil matier. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm phil matier. and i'm julie watts. maria has the weekend off. "let them in, let them in..." welcome back to kpix 5 this morning . travel turmoil. from coast-to-coast, protest breakout. dozens were detained and kept for entry that's from entering the country following executive order from president trump. we go one-on-one with the congressman about the band and also what is being done to
8:01 am
repeal and replace obama care. how tom stier is working to make -- make sure the climate change stays a issue. we are looking at the bay bridge this morning. we have seen patchy fog developing along the delta and throughout the bay this morning. temperatures are at freezing locations. 31 in santa rosa and 36 at concorde. i would not be surprised to see patchy fog and somewhat colder inland. san francisco and oakland in the 40s to start the day. this ability is not to impacted, but we do have patchy fog that will dissipate over the next hour or two. we are seeing clear skies in oakland and santa rosa. just patchy fog to start the day. here is a look at the computer cast. warming to mid 50s by the day. this is a look at san jose. san jose warms to the mid-60s and that will be the
8:02 am
temperature range for the warmest spots today. we will see some rain coming up in just a bit. immigrants with valid visas and green cards were detained across dashing airports across the country. some were reportedly deported back to their home countries. this comes after president donald trump signed to stop people from predominately muslim nations from entering the u.s. those being detained at the airports around the u.s. cannot be returned to their countries. it is not clear what will happen to those still being held.>> tell the government not to put people on planes. if you hear of that, you need to let people know immediately because that would be in defiance of a court order. >> reporter: it also suspends the u.s. refugee program for 4
8:03 am
months and prevents people from predominately interim -- predominately muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. outrage over the results. many gathered outside and across the country people chanted, sang and held signs. a similar sign as one people flooded the san francisco international airport. >> reporter: a sea of protesters waved signs and chanted inside the san francisco international terminal . many stayed at the airport well past midnight and there were 60 there this morning. discontent grabber -- grabbed the state -- grab the attention
8:04 am
of the lieutenant governor. >> it's on my twitter feed and i am humbled and enlivened and awestruck by the energy and the willingness of people to be here.>> reporter: a google founder also was there imposed with this baby. most return to the airport at noon today for another round of protests. this morning president trump took to twitter to defend his choice of detaining emigrants. he wrote that are cut -- that our borders need protection and strong vetting now. meanwhile, hillary clinton tweeted last night in support of the protests. she said, i stand with the people across the country tonight defending our values and our constitution. this is not who we are. google is advising
8:05 am
employees traveling overseas to come home. they have ordered 100 employees back to the u.s. with concerns they would be banned from reentering the country under president trump's executive order. apple ceo tim cook announced that he does not support president trump's order either. he wrote, apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do. our employees represent the finest talent in the world and our team hails from every corner of the globe. airbnb has said they are ready to give refugees free housing because of the executive order. they issued a statement less than two hours ago. airbnb is providing free housing for refugees and to anybody else who needs it in the event they are denied the ability to board a u.s. bound flight and are not in their
8:06 am
home city/county of residence -- country of residence. there is also concern that information will not be available on websites and that has people scrambling to save the information.>> and advocacy organization has nash a advocacy organization has already taken action. he said he will not allow donald trump to erase history and that the information belongs to people. the information from the environmental protection agency is on the website, save our eric holder will meet with california lawmakers last month and it said to meet with lawmakers at a policy retreat. they have hired people to represent the administration. he says the travel expenses will not be paid by state funds. moving for california to
8:07 am
secede from the rest of the union is continuing to gain support.>> a new reuters poll found that -- found that one third of the residents support peaceably seceding from the u.s. that is up since the californians were last asked that question in 2014. they would need voter signatures to get that on the ballot for 2017. there are a few candidates committed to running. the tenant governor gavin newsom threw his hat into the ring for 2017. -- lieutenant governor gavin newsom threw his hat into the ring for 2017. there is also rumor that kevin faulkner will run as well as tom stier and paypal cofounder peter teal. the race is on
8:08 am
to replace his congressional seat as well. so far 18 candidates have said they are running. there's a special primary in the district. a single candidate must have 50 percent in the first round or there will be a general election runoff. now to other top stories. antioch police are investigating a shooting that sent an oakland man to the hospital. it was at the 1800 block of kabbalah road. the victim was in a parked car and is in critical but stable condition. investigators are looking into whether a bank robbery suspect could be responsible for more crimes after a crime -- after a hunt. swat teams captured him at a construction site at santa clara under -- santa clara county.
8:09 am
they are getting requests from other agencies to find out if the suspect is linked to other robberies matching his mo. a trial set to start tomorrow. lamaar disappeared from her bus stop on her way to school. antoine torres has been charged based on evidence including dna found on her clothing. if convicted of the murder, a jury would to seed -- decide to sentence him without -- to life without parole or the death penalty. joining us in the studio about what is being done to fight the president's decision to repeal and replace obama care. hazy with sunshine today. maybe a little rain in the forecast. that still had. -- ahead. ,,,,,,,,
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decided to pull funding for planned ads -- that were set to remind americans about the deadline to sign up for coverage under the affordable care act.. however, that move won't stop adds here in welcome back. last week president trump's administration decided to pull funding reminding americans to sign up for the affordable care act. that move will not stop adds
8:13 am
here in california because the advertising exchanges not pay for with federally funded -- with federal funds. joining us now is a congressman from the east bay. thank you for joining us. how does repeal and replace work. -- work? >> we got information that there was concern among members that they need to tell the american people how they are going to replace it. >> reporter: have you heard of anything concrete with how they plan to replace it? >> nope. millions of americans have health insurance. there is real benefit to the program and they have to tell us
8:14 am
. >> reporter: in politics, often you don't make a decision or do anything until something happens.>> this is executive orders one after the other and there is no real policy or discussion behind it. with the affordable care act, this impacts people's lives in there should be an open and transparent debate.>> the -- >> reporter: the executive order regarding the emigrants and visas. >> they have already said it doesn't apply to some that they said it applied to yesterday. this is a problem with the freeze on federal employees. lo and behold, the va needed to hide -- hire a cardiologist. each mistake keeps us distracted from the next one. i think at some point republican majority in congress is going to say, time-out, we need some thought to these.
8:15 am
>> reporter: mayer brown said earlier that he would do this as a diversion. democrats are stunned.>> he has a desire for constant attention and he doesn't think the rules to a -- apply to him whether it is ethics laws or decency. >> reporter: what can you do to counter it? >> we have to hold him accountable and be there just like the demonstrators. he is united the country in many ways. >> reporter: he is creating a faction that appears to be a minority in the house and senate. >> there is still a strong minority and there are constitutional protections. as far as the polling goes, 60 percent is not a minority. >> reporter: i've got that. what can you do except to join with the protesters at the
8:16 am
airport? do you see yourselves working with the republicans to come up with a replacement for -- for obama care? >> yeah, it's called governance. >> reporter: we haven't seen it . has this triggered a change? >> that remains to be seen from republican leadership. they did refer to the committees and we will see. >> reporter: can you block the executive orders, or is it out of your hands?>> you can block them. they have to have 60 votes in the senate. they need the american public's support at some point. >> reporter: what about sanctuary cities? can you block him? >> it's a huge problem when it comes to implementation. how you define sanctuary cities , many don't actually cooperate with the federal government right now because they don't want to do their job and they have enough to do with their
8:17 am
local jobs. >> reporter: is there something to make sure the funding comes through, or is that the subject for a long and lengthy court fight? >> all of the above. there will be court challenges to the legality to all of these executive orders and then we will have to do everything we can in congress to slow it down. >> reporter: you may have the answer for the week, all of the above. >> what is he coming up with today? >> reporter: it is 8:17 and we have a little time to see. right now, let's look at the weather with julie. if you are tired of the controversy and need a moment to breathe, take a look at this picture of the bay bridge. this is something we can agree on. there is a good amount of rain in the rain bucket and we have a few days of sunshine. temperatures right now at the freezing mark in santa rosa. 33 in livermore and 36 in
8:18 am
concord. 40s in oakland and san jose and a little more mild this morning. we will see sunshine for the next few days with high pressure in place. it is blocking the weather system off to the northwest. there is more rain on the way and of course we still want rain and we don't want to be in the deficit area that we have been in for the last few years. this has been a stander that standard winter storm system -- a standard winter storm system. certainly rain and gusty when as it moves in wednesday and into thursday. there is a possibility of downed trees and power lines, but not a big flooding concern. we stay dry until the second half of wednesday when the system moves in. we have lingering showers through friday and then we dry out for the weekend. overall, a nice forecast. clear and chilly to start sunday. sunny and mild through tuesday and then rain returns by
8:19 am
wednesday. we will see rain again, but not the soaker that we have seen lately and then we are try for the weekend. we will see plenty of sunshine. we will warm to the mid to low 60s for the warmest spots. near 64 loss altos and palo alto. 69 that's 59 at half moon bay. east bay talking out in the low 60s -- topping out in the low 60s. temperatures in the 50s for places like alameda, daly city and san rafael. to the north, we have temperatures in the low to mid 60s. now a look at the travel forecast with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s around the bay area today. the extended forecast shows dry today through tuesday and then the second half of wednesday we will see showers move in. thursday looks to be the rain day with lingering showers on friday and we will dry out for
8:20 am
the weekend. california versus president trump. lawmakers battle with the trump administration. we will tell you about the plan to withhold taxes coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:21 am
8:22 am
state lawmakers are vowing to push back against the president's plans to cut off funding to sanctuary cities and build a wall along the mexico border. democratic state lawmakers say they plan to use their supermajorities in the legislature to speed up bills challenging the president's osals. a battle is brewing between california and the trump administration. >> state lawmakers vowed to push back against the president's plan for sanctuary cities and building a wall along the u.s./mexico border. they plan to use their majority in the legislature to speed up hills challenging the president's proposals. they will withhold funds from sanctuary cities. senate pro tem calls the orders mean and spiteful -- mean and spiteful.>> if they want to wage a campaign of fear against innocent families, they can count us out.
8:23 am
>> reporter: a senior california official confirms that the state is considering withholding federal tax dollars in response to the orders. it is not clear how much money sacramento could keep from the federal government. we set down with mayor willie brown and melissa kane with their reaction on all of this. >> there is a legitimate argument to be made that california lawmakers are hyperventilating over every move that the trump administrator makes -- administration makes and they are not handling their own agenda. there is a state that needs to be run and we appreciate jerry brown declaring war on the federal government, but what about the day-to-day needs of citizens? it is hard to argue and it seems like they haven't done much else. >> reporter: out of the have something common to rail against? >> believe me they will do so
8:24 am
until the building trades and the unions do the kind of work in the infrastructure. wait until he has that meeting. he had it at the national level. for -- >> reporter: do you mean trump? >> absolutely. if he shows up with money for water to go down south, i can assure you there will be dialogue, if friendly, from california.>> it's not just that. remember for california politicians that it's easy to say that we won't comply and we are going to be -- going to resist. >> reporter: that raises an interesting point because of sanctuary city ordinances. if trump is able to change the qualifications or turn the tab down on sanctuary cities and
8:25 am
towns, they have to come up with money. >> it's one to say that i don't like donald trump and i'm going to be a sanctuary city and another to see the tax rates go up. >> they could become an organized non-payer and they could recommend noncompliance with the federal tax code and if they do so, they will force the confrontation. we give washington more money than washington gives us.>> how good -- how big of an effect could we have on washington?>> we could have a big impact on washington and they could have a bigger impact on us. washington has the army and the irs and all of the cards. it is grandstanding and there are some big challenges facing california. in san francisco for and -- for example, they were talking about possibly losing money for
8:26 am
being a sanctuary city. we just had hayward on. it could cost money and hurt them locally. then it will be tough on the cities deciding which way to go. >> then they have to do side if they want to fund it and fight. >> there is no sign of it letting up and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
p-i-x five." have a great sunday. we are taking one last look at your forecast. a beautiful start to the day. there's a little bit of fog and haze sunshine. as you head out the door, temperatures near freezing and in the 30s like santa rosa and a little more. 40s for oakland and san francisco this morning. we have patchy fog and rain is on the way and will be here wednesday. thank you for joining us.
8:28 am
face the nation is here on kpix 5 . had a great sunday.
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8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation" the trump presidency launches it's first week with a flurry of activity. faces a backlash after president trump restreubgts refugees from entering the u.s. >> this is working out very nicely. you see it at the airports and all over. it's working out very nicely. we will be strict and have extreme vetting. >> dickerson: just hours after president trump signed an order restricting refugees protest erupted across the nation at airports. capping a controversial first week as the president took actions as he said on the rompaign trail.


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