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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and the sea of signs they spent the day frantically trying to reach his nephew who holds a green card from yemen. >> no? >> reporter: not yet. >> reporter: they detained him. >> i am disappointed. terrified. >> reporter: lawyers filled the airport offering free legal advice. >> legal community just a confusing battle right now. >> it is mass chaos. we don't know what is happening hour by hour. nothing is implemented to nationwide. the white house is flipping back and forth on lawful permanent residence and if it applies. >> reporter: after five hours good news, his nephew can stay in the country. >> i was nervous and i did not know what was going on.
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i was nervous. i am happy now. >> reporter: sfo confirmed customs and border detection detained five people today. imgraduation officers asked him a series of questions after detaining him in a room -- immigration officers asked him a series of questions after detaining him in a room. >> the room was full, never empty. >> reporter: sfofficials say everyone who was detained have been release -- sfo officials say everyone who was detained have been released. >> was there anybody out there supporting the ban? >> reporter: i did not see a single person supporting the ban, even from international flights. people from different countries were very supportive of all of the protesters actually and cheering as they came out. hadterms of the number we have not gotten an official number but the first floor and the second floor here at the
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international arrivals was crowded. hundreds of people were here. the floors were shaking it felt like there was a earthquake. >> wow. >> all right, jessica, thank you. well, john spent the day at sfo and shows us the impact on foreign travelers stretching beyond the 7 nations on the president's no fly list. >> reporter: 8:00 a.m. the protest was small. about 30 people who spent the night. this person came here to pick up a friend arriving from peru but could not resist joining the demonstration. >> i really believe in it. i -- [indiscernible] -- it makes the country a great place to live. >> reporter: this place is full of people from other places. some visiting and some wishing to stay but the last 24 hours left them feeling stunned. >> when you see the pro tests
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who do you think? >> i think -- protests what do you think? >> i don't know. i am scared. it was scary. >> this past week our rights are being eroded and and my america allows refugees and immigrants. this country is based on immigrants coming here. >> reporter: protesters began marching they passed 14-year- old whose family is leaving. moving back to south korea. he hopes to return when it is time for college. >> i am an immigrant, too. it is -- i don't want to come back to a messed up-country where like immigrants are hated. >> did you think america would come to this? >> no. i never thought it would come to this. to this point. people getting abandoned. they come over here to build a future and have a dream and live with their family peaceful. >> despite the rhetoric a lot of people doubted it would come to this but it has.
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and those here are asking the question, how far will it go? at sfo, back to you. >> reporter: sfo issued a statement today saying we appreciate all those who expressed their concerns. we share the concerns deeply as our highest obligation is to millions of people from around the world when whom we serve. a graduate student was detained at the airport in new york on friday. she just returned from sedan. one of the muslim detain today. she was a legal resident was questioned for five hours before being released. california has a travel warning to students, faculty and staff from those seven countries. the concern is if they leave the u.s. they might not be allowed back in. in sacramento, 300 protesters filled a terminal at the international airport. they held up signs, chanted
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slogans saying trump's order runs counterto core values. >> i was horrified by the assault on a principal, an american principal of freedom of religion. freedom of religion. freedom of religion. [cheers and applause] >> the sacramento area is is aphopbg the top 10 destinations -- on is among the top cities to bring in refugees. >> now, lax families broke down in tears in the arrivals area after learning their loved ones would not be allowed in even with their green cards. one man was there to pick up his brother who arrived from iran and now he is sent back. >> he has been here for 24 years. my brother did nothing wrong. [crying] -- i am a contractor and
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working hard here. i am working hard here. working bringing power to the american people. i am american, too. >> reporter: the federal judge blocked part of the executive order but a big court fight is likely to play out in the coming days. >> reporter: the judge's ruling says there say strong chance the president's executive order vie lates the due process and exactly -- vie lates the duprocess and executive process. >> this ban is unconstitutionally. preliminarily on what the judge has seen and the judge characterized it as misconduct by the president of the united states. >> reporter: our legal analyst says that the trump administration will have an opportunity to appeal the ruling or defend the executive order at a hearing next month. the injunction is not victory for opponents of the ban but it is likely the beginning of a
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long legal battle. >> the case could wind up with the supreme court. it is going to move quickly. there was less than a 24-hour turnaround before a lawsuit was filed. >> reporter: there appears to be confusion how or if the order will be implemented. the department of homeland security issued a press release stating it will continue to enforce all of president jump's executive orders adding no foreign national has an right to demand entry to the u.s. opponents say they will continue to fight a batel on two fronts n. the court system and court of public opinion. >> historically -- battle on two fronts. in the court system and court of the public opinion. >> historically all of the fights have been in the courtroom and in the streets that is what will happen here. >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. >> trump took to twitter to defend the plan saying our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now.
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look at what is happening all over europe and indeed the world, a horrible mess. >> reporter: a peaceful demonstration where people came out to show their support for the muslim community. organizers said their main goal was to assure their muslim neighbors they are an important part of the community. we will have more on the protest and the travel ban coming up at 6:30. including an adjustment by the white house and criticism from lawmakers. more trouble at u.s. airports tonight but nothing to do with the president's travel ban. delta stopped all domestic flights because of a glitch. planes in the air are not effected. right now it is not clear when things will be back up and running. other news tonight. five years after a teen vanished on her way to school. one of the most anticipated murder trials is finally about to begin. >> from floating trees to refrigerators we ride along
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with the army core of initials as they fight to clear massive storm debris out of bay area shipping lanes. >> a beautiful day in the bay area today. high clouds, sunshine tomorrow. but, there is rain on the way. >> forecast is coming up as well. we will have the details after a break ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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murder of a south bay teen. 15-year-old sierra lamar vanished on he a long awaited trial starts tomorrow in the kidnap of a south bay teen. she vanished on her way to a school bus stop in her neighborhood in morgan hill. her body was never found but prosecutors charged a man with killing her. they say they have strong dna evidence and they are seeking the death penalty. retired judge and kpix legal
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analyst says getting a conviction and a death sentence could be tough given the circumstances. >> her body has never been found. this case will be based on circumstantial evidence and since it is unlikely that the defendant will testify there is no witness to anything that happened with respect to her disappearance. this case is entirely based on scientific evidence. >> lawyers screened more than 1400 people to come up with the jury. opening statements begin tomorrow morning in san jose and it will run through april. a traoeufr had had to be -- a driver had to get pulled out of a twisted metal mess. >> a witness shot this vehicle. you can see the white car mangled. the driver still inside of it. it happened this morning near 7th and the the south of market street. a witness told us the driver was speeding towards the freeway when his car flipped and tumbled several times. it smashed into several parked
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meters before crashing into an elementary school fence. the police had to use the jaws of life to get the driver out. no word on his condition tonight. >> well, if you need to get to richmond over to mi r-rbg an this week you can be slowed down by construction work all week. that is because starting tomorrow night the main street off-ramp will be shutdown nightly from 7:00 until 6:00 a.m. the onramp closed from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. that is over on the marin side. >> part of an effort to convert an eastbound shoulder to a 3rd lane in the evening commute hours. temporary striping and barriers will be enstalled there this week and installed next month crews will relocate a water main in the area as well -- installed there this week and installed next month crews will relocate a water main in the area as well. now, with all of the storms construction slowed down. we read along with the crew responsible for keeping bizarre debris out of the busy shipping
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lanes. >> go ahead. >> reporter: just barely leaving the dock. and reports are rolling in about floating trees. >> it is the job of the army core of engineers to keep the shipping lanes clear of debris. >> large enough to effect the transit of a ferryboat, pilot boat, a tugboat, they can puncture holes, cause problems. >> reporter: first stop of the day, san francisco, a tree is in the way of an approaching cruiseship. the cap pan stepped out for a better look and using a tiny remote control moves the 90 foot boat carefully and close so his crew can get the tree with a crane. 50 feet long and nearly 10 tons itself the tree is on board.
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next, an urgent call from the maritime ago, they captured a monster of a tree. the core is on the way. when we arrive the sheer size of the tree estimated at 40 tons and 70-80 feet long is too big for the crane. almost too big for the john dillard. plan b. >> i would be afraid to try to cut it. >> cutting it up in sections seemed to be a good plan until the skipper and the crane operator decided not to fast. >> the bigger ones we tried we will have to tow it. >> reporter: safer to tow it. then this, they call and ask them to f they would grab a buoy for them and tow it back, too. it has been a long day. it is not just giant trees and logs that they are finding in the bay. there are a lot of unbelievable stuff out there as well. >> you get a lot of
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refrigerators. >> refrigerators and a lot of them have food in them and we had jaquzzi once and cars. >> you look at the junk. washer, cryer, chair, nice sunday afternoon. -- drier, chair, nice sunday afternoon on all of that. now, the weather. now, 56 degrees in san francisco. san jose is in the middle 50s as well. under mostly cloudy skies but really a thin vail of high cloudsa that are going over the
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reupbl. -- clouds that are going over the ridge. we are on the top edge of it. high clouds from time to time. and, that means with the clearish-night, high clouds, numbers from going down. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. 40 degrees to start off with at the coast. we will be from 38-42 degrees as we head back to work. future cast for tomorrow shows a few high clouds drifting over the area. near sunrise. the day goes on, clouds coming in. nice day. the temperatures in the warmer to middle 60s around the bay area. that is warmer than average by 8 degrees. so, it will be a clear and chilly start to tomorrow it will be sunny and mild through tuesday. we will warm up to above average readings. rain so the way. late wednesday and classic wintertime fashion a system will move in from north and south and keep us wet through friday. the total amounts to do not look huge. there is no red flag alerts popping up in our head for flooding. of course, we will keep an eye on it. right now, a couple to 4 inches
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of rain total between wednesday and friday. so, not bad but not horrific. 36 degrees for overnight low tonight. santa rosa, now, 41 at fremont. sun up, 7:15. now, partly cloudy skies, 66. beautiful. partly cloudy skies. monterey, 71 degrees in january not bad. sanfrancisco will be 6 degrees above average and about the same in concord. 67 degrees. oakland, 63. down in the south bay, dry numbers in the middle to upper 60s over in the east bay. now, cooler, middle 60s will do it. high clouds from time to time. now, we will have hazy sunshine and high temperatures in the middle 60s. now, 67 degrees. santa rosa, 64. 61 in tphef ado.
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69 degrees at 65 in clear lake. >> they will be looking for sunshine tomorrow and tuesday, increasing clouds means wednesday night, thursday and friday. we will look for sunshine heading into the weekend cooling down. if you like sun enjoy the next couple of days because the rain is coming down. den - - dennis is on the way back with sports when we come back ,,,,
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. right about now? you'll love what police in sebastopol just did for a couple of 9-year-old girls.. after someone ripped off their le in the mood for happy news right about now? you will love what the police did for a couple 9-year-old girls after someone ripped off their lemonade stand. the girls stepped away from the stand on pleasant hill avenue this morning and when they got back someone swiped all of their lemons, $10 in cash and a four foot tall stuffed giraffe. short time later the police returned with this. a giantal gator donated by giant -- giant gator and creates and $70 in cash.
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$20 came from a customer at the toy store and $50 from the police officers. that state your naming lemons into lemonade. >> robbing a lemonade stand? >> we will focus on the good, what the police did, right? >> yes. exactly. >> you are busy with breaking news? >> yes. big breaking news since an hour ago. this is really a shocker. the 49ers have hired former stanford safety john lynch as their next general manager. he was a finalist for the pro football hall ofa fame and analyst for fox but he has no executive experience in any nfl front office and the 49ers gave him a 6-year contract. he played 15 seasons in the nfl. are retired in 2000 eight. the 45-year-old has bay area ties, he played baseball and football at stanford. his coach bill walsh who convinced him it to twitch from quarterback to safety. that was a hall of fame move.
6:23 pm
now, getting ready for the super bowl. patriots will fly in tomorrow. starting a busy weekend for kyle shanahan. it will be a return to the bay area for kyle who was a teenaged who tagged along with his pop, mike, the offensive coordinator. >> i think it is a huge advantage. having an opportunity it to be around football my entire life, growing up as a ball boy for the 49ers and being close to guys like john taylor and jerry rice and steve young and hanging out with them all summer back when training camp was a lot longer. and throughout high school i was trying to be a player. trying to usually be something that i naturally was not. being able to workout with the guys and carry around my little vitamin briefcase to call me little romo and stuff. >> coming to levi stadium. roger fedder has not bun
6:24 pm
since 2012. not expected to make the fine nor his opponent neddal. they would bring out the best in each other. coming to the net for the winner. taking the first set, 6-4. 4th set now. down 2 sets to 1 taking everything federer had to offer and coming up with the incredible win. nedal forces a 5th set. now, federer trailed 3 games to 1 but rebounds to win the final 5 games taking the 5th set 6-3. 18th career grand slam. his first since 2012 and at 36 becomes the oldest player to win a major since the nixon administration. >> i am happy for you. i would have been happy to lose, too, to be honest. the comeback was perfect as it
6:25 pm
was. tennis is a tough sport. no draws. i would of been happy to get a draw and share it. really. >> a class act indeed. tiger pissed the cut at his first pga. quite a big fish for cbs to miss out on. now. rogers looking for the first tour win. time for the lead on 14. the pitch hit the tree. the boat knocked him out of contention. that opened the door for another young gun. coming out of a 1-shot lead on 18. this is a 16 foot putt for aoeg e. having to help read it this. >> so smart -- for eagle having to help read it this
6:26 pm
way. now, hollywood in los angeles. last night in the celebrity game, justin bieber was checked in the glass. too late for chris to say "sorry." [ laughter ] for you fans at home, yes. the b. yes. now, coaching the division. burns, easy backhand. now, he is doing his thing in the net. second goal for the sharks captain and the $1 million. now, curry looked healthy last night the when he scored 43 points and a blow out win. but curry is missing tonight's game in portland with the stomach flu. anthony can only watch as the knicks go for overtime. tied for it. grabbing the rebound. 37 and 19 rebounds in 60 minutes. final seconds, lee, a chance to force a 5th overtime? no. the hawks win 142-139.
6:27 pm
that is the only 11th game ever to go 4 overtimes. women's hoops, now, at 79 despite thirty two points from christine the bears who started the season 13-0 and dropped it. tonight on game day i will be joined by matt brown. the bay area rower who navigated the atlantic ocean with three teammates. they set the record for the fastest ocean crossing in history. and matt brown raised funds on this journey for oak on hill school. a school that teaches children with autism. it is just one of many ways on game day tonight. glen will hop it. the warriors are in portland. we got super bowl report from houston and we will have the latest on the john lynch now in charge of the san francisco 49erss. >> yes. >> a shocker. >> yes. a big surprise for you then. >> absolutely. the 49ers can not keep many things secret. always leaks down there. but apparently this interview
6:28 pm
is going on for a couple of weeks and nobody knew. >> yes. that is how you go up stairs with the the information. >> all right, coming up in the next half-hour we will go back out live to sfo several detainees held under the president's travel ban has been released and why uber apologized for not joining in the protest. >> one of the smallest legal border checkpoints you will find. too boats and a guy who went across. >> different on tightening border security from the small towns that depend on tourism to survive. if these walls could talk. tonight, they are. hear what life is really like inside san quentin through a unique pod cast run by prisoner ins -- prisoners
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our top story tonight: >> let them out. >> when you see the protest what do you think? >> it is scary. scary. >> yes. scary. thousands of people swarmed sfo. we are told five travelers were detained at sfo. all of them released now. let's get to sfo with an update now. kate? >> reporter: as you guys mentioned tonight the crowd is double what we saw yesterday. they are no longer limiting themselves to one floor of the terminal but both. we can show you right now here. they have been marching around, coming up and down.
6:32 pm
a large group of them right here. carrying the signs saying things like we are better than this. all are welcome in san francisco. all are welcome here. we know they have stationed themselves in the arrivals area and as well as the departures area of the terminal. we saw them surround security checkpoints on this level, down below. protesters are crowding the escalators. you can not walk anywhere without seeing signs of ager and anguish or love for those detainees. last we heard from the officials the last detainee was released. our kpix crew caught up with him earlier as he was reunited with his family after five hours. >> when i was nervous and i was worry about what was going on. i was nervous.
6:33 pm
i am happy now. i am out. >> reporter: this detainee was coming in. he told us 50 people inside of the room. no official word if there are more detainees. we heard all of them have been released back out live, get a look at this crowd. only a small fraction of what she is seeing here as san francisco international airport. they are loud but peaceful. dozens of law enforcement officers are stationed throughout all areas of the airport. we know that travelers have been asked to use alternative checkpoints to help move the process along. the protesters i have spoken with say they plan to be here as long as they can until they get official word that all detainees have been released. again, that is what we are hearing from sfo officials.
6:34 pm
now, in new york, uber got in caught in it. the taxi drivers were on strike. uber kept giving rides to the airport and said there will be no surge. uber simply said they were trying to give them an option. lyft stayed out television it but they make $1 million donation to the aclu. similar scenes across the country today as large crowds of protesters stormed airports in response to the travel ban. wendy gillette is in new york where an estimated 10,000 people came out today to rally. >> no fear! >> reporter: tenses of thousands demanding trump reverse his decision. washington they rallied at the white house. >> protest here in new york began in battery park. across the river from the
6:35 pm
statue of liberty. demonstrators marched to customs and border patrol officers. >> it is a symbol of what it means to be an american. >> reporter: after they banned citizens. some were detained after landing. judges issued rulings and some released. neil is from syria. he has a visa to visit his wife and son in l.a. but was turned away. >> i spent two years for this moment. >> reporter: there was a news conference with refue gees. >> implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country and only serve to embold and inspire those around the globe that will do us harm. >> reporter: president trump released a statement saying the order is not a ban against muslims. the white house chief of staff says green card holders would be allowed in the u.s. going forward and defended the order.
6:36 pm
>> immediately steps, pulling the band-aid off, further vetting for people traveling in and out of those countries. >> reporter: top republicans including john mccain said the order was not vetted enough before being issued. back to you. >> reporter: house and senate democrats plan to gather on the steps tomorrow to demand the president withdrawal the order n. a call to action nancy pelosi said trump's unconstitutional executive order banning refugees does the not stand for what we stand on. he came back with this: deep undergroun the trail for migrants tried to enter the u.s. through the mexican border is growing more troubled by the day. >> reporter: going deep under ground to show us the new road to america and how it is
6:37 pm
changing life in the border towns above. now, growing, hundreds of miles of fencing, border patrol agents crisscrossing the terrain and streets. ground centers and high-powered cameras keep constant watch. but now. smugglers go where the cameras and eyes can not see them. >> we are in a tunnel underneath otah mesa, california. that is south of the border of san diego. a tonel that traveled 760 feet from tijana into a warehouse on the other side of the border. we are about 70 feet under ground right now. >> that is one of the deeper tunnels we have found. >> reporter: part of a team of border patrol agents know as the tunnel rats. they work under ground. navigating newly discovered tunnels and seer with systems. >> do you think these tunnels
6:38 pm
started appearing as a response to more fencing went occupy in this area? >> i am sure it did. >> yes. we are still talking. there are a lot of stuff they have on move. >> homeland security officials say in the the last 10 years 30 of the tunnels discovered just in the san diego area alone. fighting this belowground has fundamentally changed life on the border above ground. >> they spend their lives straddling both sides of the border. they own farms in phebgs co in a produce distribution business and one of the unique restaurants in mexico. >> the restaurant is called "the rock". >> yes, it is. >> laroca, "the rock "because your uncle build it in the side of the mountain? >> that is me. >> reporter: she remembers freely crossing the border into mexico. >> this is me, farm, we come down in our bathing suits, buy a popsicle and go back. >> reporter: with controls
6:39 pm
tightening on the u.s. side and the fear of violence, laroca struggled to keep its doors open. >> it was all of a sudden -- someone came in and hit the light switch and there was nobody. nobody in town, nobody on the streets. >> they are difficult problems to solve, throwing up trade barriers, putting up a wall. it is such harsh approaching and you are treating a symptom and not going after the root cause of the problem. it does not impact border security like this place. now, mexico. >> this is crossing in big ben national park. 2 boats and a guy who drove you across. >> now, a small town of 200 people. the lifeline says the tourists
6:40 pm
that venture across the rio grande. >> it is nice to live here. after september 11th they closed the area and the business had to close. reentry point reopened four years ago and the business is back. but they worry about the crack down on immigration and border security. >> if that border crossing goes? >> then the town, again, will be dead again. >> during the first week in office the president signed a series of executive orders to beef up border patrol and sanctuary cities and begin construction of a border wall. still to come, she bought health insurance on-line. tonight she is facing bankruptcy. >> my bill was in excess of
6:41 pm
$30,000. >> it takes your breath away. >> a california woman who was swindled into a phony plan and what you need to look out for on-line. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
what you buy l tuesday is the deadline to sign up for health insurance under cover california. >> a woman found out the hard way the policy she paid for was a fraud. >> reporter: a year and a half ago show lost her job and health insurance. >> the coverage they extended tkhr-fs 900 a was $900 a month. hi to call another. she wanted a ppo plan. she agreed to pay $400 and got her insurance card in the mail. on the front were the letters ppo. >> i was not a topnotch plan
6:44 pm
but i did not think it was no coverage or not real insurance. >> reporter: everything seemed fine because she was gravely ill last month. she called the number on the back of her insurance card and was shocked to learn that an emergency room visit would be covered if she was in an accident. >> what was i paying for if it does not cover you when you get sick? >> reporter: her fever went it to 103 and her blood pressure went down her friends insisted she go to the er any way. >> i could not sit up, i could not walk. >> the 46-year-old was admitted. >> i remember crying, wondering do i leave because i don't know if i can afford there? she stabilized and then the hospital called. >> they wanted to inform me my insurance covered $200 a day and i owed $30,000. >> she was stunned.
6:45 pm
>> that is a huge amount of money. it just takes your breath away. >> reporter: consumer watch dog, national nonprofit group she was sold junk insurance. >> she was taken advantage by a company on the internet for consumers who are looking for cover california. >> they found when you google cover california the first couple of web sites do not sell state-approved. >> insurance plan. >> reporter: they are considering filing a lawsuit against the company called u.s. health group out of fort worth, texas. as for her, her old plan was not real insurance, she will have to pay a penalty when she files her taxes. on top of that $30,000 hospital bill. in the fairfax district. back to you. >> the reporter, christine reached out to the insurance
6:46 pm
company by phone and e-mail and so far no response. coming up, life behind bars like you never heard it before. >> we will listen in for the first of its kind pod cast run by prisoner ins. >> reporter: he can ski well but not see well. how an extra set of eyes is giving this wounded californian veteran back on the slopes. we look at the bridge by wednesday there will be rain approaching from that direction. in the meantime, sunshine. forecast coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:49 pm
way of what he loves. he loves. ng down the tahoe california veteran is not letting the battle wounds get in the way of doing what he loves. flying down the tahoe slopes. you never would guess that sergio can not see well. he has double blurred vision and depth perception. it was a brain injury that he got serving in iraq. he relies on his other senses and an instructor that guides him down the mountain. >> it is happening. it is just the turns, the snow. there are -- it changes everything. a bad day becomes a good day. >> part of a group of disabled veterans who are skiing at lake tahoe this weekend. achieve tahoe provides the camp for free. >> good for them. >> that is great. plenty of snow for them to ski on. there will be more on the way by wednesday night and thursday
6:50 pm
morning. and, more rain for us. in the meantime, sunshine looking towards the bay bridge and the numbers right now. chilly night in the bay area. some getting into the 30s before sunrise tomorrow. concord at the moment, 56 in santa rosa. 54. napa has 48. livermore, 48, too. then, here is what is happening. high pressure parked over the area. they are launching it right in there. high pressure. we are on the top side. getting high clouds from time to time. high and dry for now. the low will approach. by wednesday night spread rain over the north bay and rain for everyday by sun rise on thursday. future cast, this is how things look tomorrow. now, looking today. the numbers will be warming in the 60s in late january. that is not too bad. clear and chilly start. now, tuesday. the rain returns by late wednesday and thursday looks wet and friday looks wet and by the time all is said and did done 2-4 inches of rain in the
6:51 pm
bay area. not bad. does not look like tell cause flooding concerns. but for the ponding on the roads. that is later in the week. we will keep you updated. meantime, the forecast at sfo looks good. fair skies, temperature high of 62 degrees. washington, cool, it is 37 degrees. partly sunny skies, not bad for this time of the year. chicago, 31, los angeles, look at l.a. a all of the rain they had. -- all of the rain they had. 77, sunshine. getting the green up in the mountains. newyork has clouds and 38 degrees. now, overnight lows tonight, looking at readings in the 40s. santa rosa, 36. san jose, 42. the forecast highs for the bay area tomorrow it. in the 60s. it is just different shades. 65. now, 66 at santa clara. now, over in the east bay. high clouds, 60s. up in the north bay. 60s as well. and fair skaeus. same will be true for tuesday.
6:52 pm
late rain on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next weekend you will make your plans. looking like sunshine. >> we have more ahead first, generate more revenue. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. a new podcast out of san quentin is attracting a lot of attention. and you might be surprised to learn: it's being produced by the prisoners themselves. nats from podcast preview: what's that story? i must hear what they are talking about? you might be surprised to learn being sed ewe used by -- learn who is being seduced. >> reporter: now, tales will be told. ear hustle is the first pod cast produced inside of a
6:55 pm
prison by prisoners. >> reporter: inmates and pod cast producers here hope to do literally. >> we are the only pod cast that is being produced 100% inside of a prison. so, all of the interviewing, the recording, the sound design, editing, final mixing, everything done inside of the media labbed in lab inside the prison. >> everything from living conditions to relationships. >> i feel nervous. kept looking at the clock. i wanted the day to be over. >> this 28-year-old expects folks on the outside listening in will be skeptical. >> we made a lot of wrongs in society. the fears and concerns that they have it is warranted and it is okay. everybody has a truth and our job here is just to take you inside our truth. not to discredit or it to place blame upon anything that we did because at the end of the day we made choices. >> when the the judge hit that
6:56 pm
gavel and said 31-life that really like -- i could not -- i really could not believe it that i received all of that time. but i think that and a few other things really just brought it home for me. i am on the wrong path. >> this lifer says for him the pod cast is a way back to human connection. >> tell me your story. we need a story. >> i have no story to tell. i was like tell me the time you got married or tell me this or that and then you have a story to tell. >> now, everyone will be able to hear the stories, too. ear hustle is going worldwide. radio-to p-rbg ia an on-line pod cast provider just selected it as a winner of the pod quest challenge. beating out over 1500 other entries. >> they love the unique voice. at first they were nervous because they thought well, what could be coming out of a prison. >> reporter: it is a question that williams hopes to answer. >> we just want to open up a
6:57 pm
dialogue. taking the listener ins down this journey -- >> you now are to ... >> reporter: giving them insights. what happened and why, nose are questions never answered. >> it will be available online sometime in the next year. >> was it frightening at all being inside san kweupbt en? >> no. not -- inside san quentin? >> no. it was okay. a lot of security. thank you for watching ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, &
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i'm establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want 'em here. >> whitaker: with that on friday, president trump signed an order that will temporarily prevent foreign nationals from seven muslim nations from entering the united states. what did the vetting process look like before the ban? we went to the middle east last fall to see for ourselves, and tonight you will, too. >> >> kroft: on january 18th, a series of earthquakes in italy triggered an avalanche, demolishing the hotel rigopiano


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