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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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monday january 30th. >> it's already monday? >> yeah. >> the weekend went -- flew right by. >> sometimes you can actually enjoy them and they take their time but this one -- >> yeah. >> i think all the weekend go by too quickly. >> i think it has to do with the weather. it was a pretty weekend weather wise we've had so far this year. i don't condone people calling in sick because of the weather but if you're going to do it today would be the day. we're talking 65 degrees. 67, 68, so when i say 67 or 68 i'm on other side of 65. so i start thinking 70. that's the way i think, right. clear skies. we have a spare the air day in effect currently. 52 degrees in san francisco. clouds invading the area but under the influence of high pressure. we've got sunny skies, a bit on the hazy side.
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yes, from the beaches to the bay into our outlying areas. we've got your full forecast. okay. let's take a look at this traffic alert early morning traffic alert it is only 4:31 eastbound 24, it's a do you understand tree out there that resulted in an accident but they've cleared the accident and now just focused on that tree. so we'll keep you posted. but it will take a while. traffic alert means 30 minutes or more, but i think this will take more than 30 minutes. road work on southbound 608 on olympic boulevard, 2 left lanes blocked until 5 a.m. and on northbound 680, this is between 580, 2 left lanes blocked until 5 a.m. as well. all right. thank you. now, to politics outrage over pl ban on refugees have sparked protests from coast to coast.
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demonstrators spilling onto the streets late last night. . >> and a large crowd supported a local family waiting to hear when their loved one would be released by the customs. de hours yesterday. . >> let them out. let them out. >> a green card holder of 2 decades was detained for 5 hours yesterday. he was trying to process a visa for his family in yemen to come to the united states. his uncle who has lived in the country for 40 years says that the american government he's used to is changing fast. >> we come to the united states, you know, it's a democratic country, and the process, now, it's kind of chaos. >> i was nervous but happy now i'm out. >> soon after being released he headed back to the airport to thank the hundreds of people who had supported him. and a student returning from sudan also faced hours of
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questions in new york when she touched down this weekend. >> the university of california is trying to prevent areas like this. it issued a system wide travel warning to students and staff. the fear is that if they risk leaving the u.s. they won't be allowed to come back. >> a passenger from san francisco who was on a crews ship was released by the u.s. customs. he was getting off the ship yet when he was detained. he was on a cruise to mexico when the president signed the travel ban. he has a green card from iran. he shared his story on social media and it quickly went viral. the department of homeland security is revising its guidelines for permanent u.s. resident from other countries included in the president's executive order. those travelers will be allowed to enter the u.s. unless they are flagged as possible security threats. but the changes are causing some confusion.
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. >> kahn and his family await the arrival of his parents from pakistan. >> my dad called me about an hour ago saying that he was going through customs so just waiting for them to come out. hopefully they make it out all right. >> hours later they were still waiting. the confusion and chaos here began friday when congresswoman speers office got called for help. >> there was a translator who was being held her and weren't allowing him to pass through >> [audio difficulty] . >> he was [audio difficulty] after hearing customs bass we tabling people. officials say homeland security has assured them that the 5 have all been released and nobody
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else has been detained but not everybody agrees. >> people are still being held. >> nina tells me people are still being questioned for hours at a time. >> holding people for 5 or 6 hours after they arrive and questioning them is detention. >> he was detained for a while and taken to a jail. a lawyer went there this morning to the jail and she was told that he's being sent back to the airport to be deported to iran. he ultimately got released. >> despite everything that's happened this american citizen whose wife and 2 children are stuck over seas insists he's not giving up on this country. >> we move there a disaster. >> do you still have hope? >> we have hope. like we in america, the land of hope. . >> meanwhile president trump's administration is stressing that the ban only affects a small
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fraction of the hundreds of thousands of travelers touching down on u.s. tarmacs. >> perhaps a couple of them will be further detained because it's determined that they're dangerous for this country. so this was a promise that president trump had made. and it's a promise that he's going to keep. and he's not willing to be wrong on this subject. . >> chief of staff for trump insisted that detaining 109 of the 325 foreign travelers arriving in the u.s. this weekend was an effort to protect americans. and in a statement president trump also defended his executive order, mr. trump writing that the country would continue showing quote compassion to those fleeing oppression, and quote america highways always been the land of the free and home of the brave. we'll keep it free and safe but refuses to say. a new york senator schumer has a different take.
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yesterday he spoke besides refugees to overturn the ban. and he's not the only one pushing back. . >> and later today house and senate democrats plan to gather on the supreme court steps to demand the president withdraw that order. in a call to action house minority leader nancy february loss see says the order banning refugees be trace everything the statue of liberty an our nation stands for. our coverage continues in this next half hour with look at how local agencies and lawmakers are responding here in the bay area and don't forget you could find latest on our website. all right. let's get a look at weather and traffic weather something not controversial. so nice. >> yes, very nice outside. but it's been getting very cold at night. a lot of people have been firing up their fireplaces and as a direct result we have haze in the atmosphere. we have a spare the air day in effect for today. good morning everybody. get set today's
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temperatures on the other side of 65 degrees in many of our locations. let's call in our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. you can't tell but we have a shield of clouds out there. temperatures have fallen off in the past 15 minutes. it's now 37 degrees in redwood city, mid-30s in the bay numbers above average 60s at rock away beach. check out morgan hills 67 degrees, 68 in campbell which tells me almost 70, upper 50s to low and mid-630s around the eastern portion of our bay area. we've got the forecast featuring rain. we'll pinpoint that but first here's rocky. >> thank you. let's take a look at you're roads. we have an update if you're a commuter from vallejo to nevada it's been closed for weeks because of storm damage
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there as we had flooding in the area. the good news is highway 37 is now open in both directions. westbound 37 smooth sailing and otherwise no delays in the area as of yet. moving over to the golden gate bridge that's a smooth commute as well and a traffic alert eastbound 24 it's a do you understand tree out there. and it's blocking 2 right lanes. so cal tran is trying to get on the scene but it could take longer. make sure you're taking caution we have some road work on southbound 680 in the walnut creek area, the 2 left lanes that should be opening up around 5 a.m. and 680 some road work as well. should be picked up around 5 a.m. as well. i'll send it to you. developing now in canada, police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting at a mosque. at least 6 people were killed in the attack 8
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other injured. the nation's prime minister is calling the incident a terror attack. >> authorities blocked off the area around the city's cultural center sunday night. as emergency crews carried away victims on stretchers. the president of the mosque who is not inside at the time says several people were killed when multiple gun men opened fire on worshippers during evening prayers. he said an estimated 60 to 100 people may have been there at the time. at least 2 suspects have been arrested. >> today the city has been hit by terrorism hard to believe in such a peaceful beautiful city that such a thing could happen but it has happened obviously. >> canadian prime minister immediately called the incident a terrorist attack on muslims and tweeds canadians grieve for those killed in the attack. my thoughts are with victims and their families. yesterday officials in the country announced they would take in
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refugees temporarily blocked from entering the u.s. as part of president trump's travel ban on immigrants. >> we have to keep working together striving towards an open, inclusive peaceful society. that's the right response to this type of terrible event. >> back in the u.s. authorities are taking action. the nypd has added extra officers to patrol mosques city wide. new york city mayor is also urging all new yorkers to remain vigilant. he tweeted his condolences to people of canada. writing we must stand together. islamophobia in recent years. over the summer...someone left a pig's head on the doorstep of the targeted mosque during the th of ramadan. it has been plagued by instances in recent years. over the summer someone left a pig's head on the doorstep of the targeted mosque. a u.s. service member is dead and several others hurt
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after a counterterrorism raid in yemem. president trump says it was carried out by members of the navy seal team who killed bin laden. 14 suspected al-qaeda members were killed. in a statement the president says that brave u.s. forces were instrumental in killing and capturing important intelligence that will assist the u.s. in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around the world. back in the bay area the trial against the man charged with killing morgan hill teenager lamar 5 years ago is set to begin this morning. she disappeared on her way to school in march of 20112. her body has never been found. torres is now charged on circumstantial evidence including dna found on clothing. if he is convicted of murder the jury would decide whether to sentence him to life without parole or the death
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penalty. police are looking for a man suspected of stealing a package right off a doorstep. they just released this image. officers say that this person approached a home on the 4,800 block of deep creek road back in november and took a package off the porch. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. a driver is recovering after a horrible crash in san francisco. witnesses captured the aftermath. take a listen. . >> you can't really tell if a guy actually stuck in there. >> this happened yesterday morning near 7th and harrison streets. authorities say the driver was speeding towards the highway when his car flipped several times. in crashed into a school fence. no word on the driver's condition. time now is 4:43. still ahead coming down when crews will demolish an apartment complex and how long the work will take. plus the 49ers making a major shake up this
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morning, the surprise pick to lead struggling organization next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and the pick came as a bit of a shock to the football world. the team john lynch." he's never worked in an n-f-l the 49ers have a new general manager and it came as a bit of a shock to the football world. team hired john lynch. he does have a lot of ties to the bay area. his deal will be for 6 years. he was most recently doing tv work for fox. before that he was with the broncos and he played football and baseball. meanwhile the owners of the raiders davis says that his trip to houston for the super bowl this weekend has nothing to do with any relocation plans for his team. he told the media that he's traveling to texas to quote see a football game but some suspect that he plans to sway other nfl owners in his quest to move the raiders from oakland to las vegas. he needs at least 24 out of the 32 owners to vote in his favor at a
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meeting to take place in march or may. drivers relying on the richmond bridge may be in for a longer commute than normal this week. starting tonight the main street off ramp will be shut down nightly between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. the on-ramp will be closed from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. the project involves turning an eastbound shoulder into a third lane during evening commute hours. beginning next month they'll relocate a water main in the area. later today crews will start tearing down an apartment complex. it was deemed unlivable because of erosion there. the city hopes that the demolition will take only one day. it will take a couple of days to remove all the debris. it was built back in the '60s and has been vacant for months. other neighboring apartments were torn down about a year ago because of all that erosion in that area.
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it is 4:47 right now. and the nights might be cold but the days are looking pretty warm. >> because the nights are cold lots of people are using their fireplace and we have a lot of particular matter in the atmosphere. spare the air day in effect for today, a winter spare the air day in effect today. so we'll -- i think i just did that. morning everybody. rise and shine. a look out towards the bay bride this morning. we have a shield of clouds. we'll call it partly cloudy but the temperatures still very cold. 30s away from the bay. bay side we're talking about 43 degrees and oakland otherwise san francisco is at 50 degrees a couple of our weather watchers linda is up bright and early 35. robert is 40 degrees and partly cloudy conditions. thank you so much for playing along with us here. this is our satellite and radar. we have a shield of clouds moving in from the west. we will call it a partly cloudy day today but we have a lot of
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warmer air mass in place. check out our future cast today. eat your lunch outdoors. what a day it will be almost spring like here in the bay area. by tuesday morning we start to see increasing clouds to the north. by wednesday we begin to see the rain move into the area but not until nightfall. we're under the influence of that huge dome of high pressure. so we're high and we are dry with a lot of dry air mass in place for now. that's the area of low pressure that promises to bring us rain by wednesday night. across the state, boy i've had people tell me after this weekend they've never seen california snow so awesome as this past weekend and more in the forecast by thursday into friday. 7:17 your official sunrise by the time it sets these are the numbers we will log into the book or today. 60s from the beaches to the bay. 60s coming from concord, the winds will be up to 10, 20 late
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day. here's your extended forecast very mild conditions for your tuesday repeat performance rain arrives wednesday night through thursday. partly cloudy skies by the weekend. that's your out the door forecast. here's rocky with traffic. >> thank you. more sunshine to take advantage of for the next 2 days. thank you. 4:50 let's take a look at our rs starting with this traffic alert if you're headed from oakland keep in mind there do you understand street at exit 54. 3 vehicles were involved in an accident because of the do you understand tree but the accident has been cleared so now officials on their way to worry about the tree and get that out of the roadway for you. otherwise no delays in the area. looking pretty good so farment we'll let you know when they're doing clearing that out of the roadway. here's a look at the pass traffic. moving at about 40 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard will take up to 30 minutes. it does free up
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though. here's a live look at the bridge from heyward. 238 looking good that's your 16-minute compute and expect about an 8-minute commute along the east shore freeway to the main and no delay at all as you head through the toll plaza otherwise not looking too good if your stuck in the cash lane. time to see what's trending today. it was a big night in hollywood for the annual screen actors guilty awards. the topic was many about politics. >> people are saying right now that actors shouldn't express their opinions when it comes to politics, the truth is actors are activists no matter what. . >> from the outset the 23rd
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awards focused both on acting and activism. >> good evening fellow members and everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america. , but i do not respect this policy." as for t . >> after the speech he posted on twitter saying as an american i respect my president but i do not respect this policy. as for the actual awards here are some of the big winners, denzel washington took him boat role for actor. and stone won for la la land. delays many travelers faced this weekend. pl time now 4:52 flights grounded what it took to get delta systems outage fixed and the delays many faced this weekend. >> plus adding a sales tax how much more it will cost amazon customers to complete a purchase. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. partly sunny skies, 60 beaches, 66 in santa clara today. north bay into the 60s. here's traffic. we have a tt early morning since around the 2 a.m. hour from the oakland on eastbound 24 there's a tree down in the 2 right lanes and 3 vehicles had an accident because of the downed tree. so the accident has been cleared but the tree is still there. caltrans on their way to help clear it out. delta airlines planes are taking off once again after an outage grounded every domestic flight. the company says automation issues sparked the
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ground stop for all domestic planes yesterday. the technical problems affected nearly 150 flights. delta took to twitter to promise customers it was working to get them fixed quickly. some amazon customers will soon have to fork over more money for years the company hasn't collected sales taxes in smaller less populated states but that is changing. amazon is implementing a sales tax in ten states. google maps now wants to help you avoid crowds. in the apps tax collection for some of those states begins on wednesday. google maps now wants to help you avoid crowds in the app's most recent update you'll find a new few sheer called popular times. it will show you how busy a store is by hour on a bar graph. and now in our health watch heart failure is on the rise. the number of adults living with heart failure climbed to 6 and a half million in 2014. the number is expected to continue to go up.
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experts say one reason is more people are surviving heart attacks giving them a higher risk of heart failure afterwards. apple filed for a patent last year for what it calls a substance that is to be vapeized. it outlines plans for a temperature real regulated plate inside a chamber. they are used in health care. time now 4:57 a proposed ban on pot. the bay area county looking to make sales of marijuana go up in smoke still ahead. >> plus colleges and universities are warning their students to not travel abroad fearful that they won't be allowed back in the country once they leave because of president trump's executive order on immigration. ,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi.
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let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. it's monday, january 30th. >> let's head outside and take a look at the conditions out there. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. what a beautiful weekend we had here in the bay area. i hope you enjoyed it everyone. >> i did. >> yeah. >> i did, yeah. >> what did you do? >> i had birthday parties. >> fun. >> yeah. >> outdoors? >> no, no, no, we were bowling. >> okay. >> and i think i got better at bowling. >> yeah. >> better than i thought. >> so you knocked down at least 1 out of 10. >> come on. i had a strike, a couple of spares. >> i was in truckee over the weekend. >> where did you go. >> it was awesome. hung out in the cabin. didn't go skiing just stayed inside enjoyed the snow. >> some people were telling me it's the best california snow they've ever seen before just deep powder on top of more powder. more in the


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