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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. it's monday, january 30th. >> let's head outside and take a look at the conditions out there. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. what a beautiful weekend we had here in the bay area. i hope you enjoyed it everyone. >> i did. >> yeah. >> i did, yeah. >> what did you do? >> i had birthday parties. >> fun. >> yeah. >> outdoors? >> no, no, no, we were bowling. >> okay. >> and i think i got better at bowling. >> yeah. >> better than i thought. >> so you knocked down at least 1 out of 10. >> come on. i had a strike, a couple of spares. >> i was in truckee over the weekend. >> where did you go. >> it was awesome. hung out in the cabin. didn't go skiing just stayed inside enjoyed the snow. >> some people were telling me it's the best california snow they've ever seen before just deep powder on top of more powder. more in the forecast by
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thursday and friday but for effect for next weekend as well. good morning everyone. we have the abundance of sunshine here. partly cloudy and dark. temperature wide into the 30s. check out the rim of the bay san francisco at 50. those clouds across the area today we'll call it partly cloudy and yes, look at those numbers 60s beaches i'm talking 68 in coopertino. how about mid-60s in union city east bay numbers topping off low and mid-60s, morning to you in the tri-valley at 65. and the low and mid-60s, even in the far reaches of the north bay 67 degrees and winds are, yep, short-lived. we'll talk about rain and when to expect it. that forecast 18 minutes after the hour. okay. let's take a look at traffic. we've got an early
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morning traffic alert for you in the oakland area eastbound 24 before the exit. so this is for you commuters going from oakland it's a do you understand tree out there and this resulted in an accident involving 2 cars and a motorcycle all passengers are okay, but accidents have been cleared out of the roadway but the trees still remains there and chp and caltrans on their way to try and clear it out for you. but this could take a while. keep in mind if you're headed out that way that this tree is blocking 2 right lanes. you'll have one lane or 2 lanes to get through the area but otherwise not causing delays so far. we've got red conditions at the pass. it will take you about 30 minutes. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you guys. outrage over president trump's most recently executive orders pumps thoughtses of people to flood airports from coast to coast after dozens were detained and kept from entering
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the country. dozens camped out chanting singing and holding signs. universities are taking preventive steps. >> they're making clear that the ban comes with serious consequences. we're here to break it all down and how the colleges are taking the action. >> scary for a lot of students. the colleges and universities in california that are speaking against president trump's executive order on immigration are part of a national conversation that's happening after officials at the university of california are urging foreign students and staff who are from the 7 countries affected by the ban and who have u.s. visas or are permanent residents to not travel abroad. even students come home may have a difficult time. on friday a graduate who was a legal permanent resident of the u.s. was detained for several hours at jfk in new york. many universities say they're troubled by what's happening saying their first concern is for their international students who will
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continue to be affected. so this morning an emergency discussion will be held on academic freedom in response to the executive order. president trump continues to defend his travel ban and says quote it's not about religion this is about terror an keeping our country safe. >> all right. thank you so much. well, the department of homeland security is revising its guidelines for permanent u.s. residents who are from other countries. they'll be allowed to enter the u.s. unless they are flagged as possible security threats. meanwhile the trump administration is reportedly considering more rules for foreign visitors. sources say they would have to disclose all web sites and social media sites they use. they would also have to share all of their phone contacts if they refused they reportedly will not be allowed in the u.s. 2 prominent republicans are speaking out against the executive order.
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senators mccain and graham released a statement last night saying the order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than increase our security. >> reaction to the travel ban has been flooding social media. the agency wrote quote all races, colors, re legions, genders ages disabled veterans. and those of foreign national origin are welcome on bart end quote. the san francisco mayor also took to twitter writing sf stands against hatred and fear. we're a city of immigrants and stand shoulder to should tore protect them. house and senate democrats plan to push back against the plan. later today they plan to gather on the supreme court steps to demand the president withdraw the order. california senator finestein plans to
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introduce 2 bills on immigration and refugees. >> and it was written the first bill rescinds the order the second limits executive authorities under immigration and nationality act. meantime president trump could announce his pick for the supreme court. . >> we have outstanding candidates and we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. . >> he was original # scheduled to do that on thursday but officials say that the announcement has been pushed forward. he's done interviewing candidates according to an official. if approved trump's nominee will replace justice scalia who died last february. the administration official tells cnn that trump has narrowed his list of 4 candidates 3 men and one woman. hardamem is the top but trump can still change his mind. our coverage of the travel been continues in the next half
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hour. evening prayers, in a mosque. at d in what in canada authorities are trying to figure out why gun men opened fire on people saying evening prayers in a mosque. >> at least 6 people were killed in what canada's prime minister is calling a terrorist attack. 60 to 100 people were inside the cultural center last night when multiple again men started shooting. canadian prime minister called the incident quote cowardly attack. so far 2 suspects have been arrested. >> we have to keep working together striving towards an open, inclusive peaceful society that's the right response to this type of terrible event. >> new york mayor has just assigned extra officers to look after mosques across the city in new york. he tweeted his condolences to the people of canada. tonight in dublin locals are holding a candle light walk for
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a girl who went missing exactly 28 years ago. friends and family will follow the route she took from the middle school on january 30th, 1989. after the 7 p.m. walk loved ones will gather for a short service on shannon boulevard. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting. officers were called to the scene near 3rd and armstrong avenue around noon yesterday. we know the victim is a man but his identity has not been released. later today crews plan to start tearing down an apartment complex. the cliff side building has been evacuated for months because of erosion. we're live near that complex with details. . >> reporter: yeah, city crews have been trying to basically beat mother nature to the punch. the plan is to have this entire apartment building here behind me down by the end of the day before it has the chance to fall into the ocean.
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310 was deemed unlivable last year because of cliff erosion. the complex was built back in t' '60s and been vacant for months. the city has been working to remove hazardous material before the demolition. there is asbestos in there and they don't within a that to fall onto the beach. the owner abandoned the property appeared we don't know how much this is going to cost but a similar building was demolished last year and cost about $240,000. so the big demolition project is going to move quickly. it is expected to start at 8 this morning and we're going to -- hear more from the city about the project coming up at 9 a.m. developer's lawsui kland bulk and oversized termi later today the city of oakland is expected to respond to a coal developers lawsuit. a suit was filed to block the city's ban on storage and
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handling of coal. last summer the city band the use of marine terminal on city owned land for the shipment of up to 10 million tons coal each ear. the developer claims the ban is unconstitutional. bringing green to california, how much of the state's new pot economy is valued at next. >> plus what has caused nearly 4,000 birds to die this past week in northern california. . >> good monday morning from the weather center time check 5:10 gorgeous weather today but it comes at a price. i'll talk about the alerts you need to know about. >> and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic looking good there. but we have an update on your commute, it's good news and of course an update on that do you understand tree. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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starting today in maine - the wait is over, for people who always good morning. time check 5:13. i've personally climbed 977 seats high a top the radio tower. just so you can get this bird's eye view of the golden gate bridge. okay. maybe i didn't. but we have a camera up there. it's looking towards the north bay. we have partly cloudy skies. we'll talk about the mild conditions today and when rain will arrive.
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it's traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. well, starting today in maine the use of recreational marijuana is legal after a tight vote in november residents across the state can now grow, smoke and even gift marijuana. the law does entail a limit of 2.5 ounces and officials are still clearing up the rules for business that is sell weed from retail stores to social clubs. here at home the industry could bring in a lot of money. the la times reporting that the new industry is valid at $7 billion. state and local governments could eventually is collect $1 billion per year in taxes. the new law goes into effect next january. those looking to make green while selling green could face hurdles. the board of supervisors is meeting tomorrow to consider a proposed ban on non-medical marijuana. more bay area headlines now. a legal battle is delaying golden gate ferry service.
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it was set to take over the route from blue and gold today but the privately owned angel island ferry company threatened to sue. the blue and gold fleet will continue to operate until it's all sort out. city leaders are asking for a fair share of the vta bus service. city council members say that they share the same worries of residents to cut back route 88 and 89. measure b was passed in november. officials say it's unclear when the funding would be available so that the agency must make changes in the meantime. all right. 5:15 right now. let's get a check on the roads.h , we've got a few updates. we had an early morning traffic alert and now an update for the morin county commute. highway 37 is now completely open in both directions that's westbound and east bounds 37.
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now, we've been seeing closures for the past couple weeks because of storm damage and flooding but you are good to go and i see no delays. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a lot of cars stuck in the cash lanes but if you have fast check you're good to go. no delay as you head over the bay bridge unless you're stuck in the cash lanes. here's a traffic alert for eastbound 24. this is a do you understand tree blocking the 2 right lanes out there. caltrans and chp are on scene trying to clear it out for you but it could take a while. this resulted in a crash involving 2 cars and a motorcycle, the passengers are okay but now we're just waiting for the tree to get removed from the roadway. traffic is moving through 2 lanes through that area. so no delays just yet. here's a look at the pass traffic moving at just about 20 miles per hour,
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pretty slow conditions here. and traveling on mass transit it is a winter fare day. bart ace train 1 is on time. >> you know what's happening is that so many people have been closed they've been firing up their fireplaces and lack of a good wind all the matter gets trapped close to the surface. 11% of the matter does come from combustibles like your fireplace. another 5 to 7% comes from motor vehicles. bottom line social security winter spare the air day. live weather camera looking out from the pyramid towards the bright light of oakland, port, we're currently 43 degrees there. now, west of the bay bridge is 50 in san francisco. i have not been able to say that temperature at this very early hour in quite some time. very mild there but cold in santa rosa. davis our weather watcher in napa this morning with his
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buddy riding shotgun says it's a cool 33 degrees outside this monday morning in napa. thanks for checking in dave. meanwhile here's what you need to know again a spare the air day. more mild conditions continue for tuesday and wednesday rain does arrive by nightfall. a shield of clouds streaming out and an air of low pressure out over the ocean we'll call it partly cloudy today but that's a pretty big bad boy out there. we're under the influence of high pressure albeit a dirty ridge of high pressure allowing the clouds to skim over the ridge and work its way into our forecast. here's how i am forecasting your days ahead, tuesday morning some cloudiness to the far reaches of the north bay, tuesday evening we see some clouds, wednesday mostly cloudy conditions and rain returns overnight wednesday and a rainy thursday morning commute through friday. travel weather today 60 central valley, we have a fog advisory in effect for the early morning hours.
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pebble beach, 34 degrees in the high sierra where it's going to jump up to 50 degrees on the south shore today. we're talking spring like skiing time to lather on the sun block if you're heading to the high sierra. official sunrise is at 7:15. by the time it sets we'll realize these numbers today. now, 65 in mountain view but going with 68 degrees. when i say 68 i kind of start thinking about 70 degrees. low 60s around vallejo barking all the way through american canyon. meanwhile far east boy you have numbers in the 60s, almost a repeat performance for your tuesday, rain arrives wednesday night through your thursday and friday then will set the stage for a dry weekend which means people are going to be heading to the mountains. . >> like you did. >> yeah. it was nice. >> yeah. you went to truckee. >> i did. >> do you remember what the morning low was? >> i think it was around 30. >> really because it's 2 this
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morning. >> i bet it was in single digits. i think 30 was the high. >> 30 when i woke up. >> yeah, right. you slept in. >> yeah, i did. it was nice. >> at least someone here can. all right. well a sobering scene where wildlife specialists are picking up the bodies of nearly 4,000 birds. the animals died suddenly last week from a virus. the bacteria doesn't cause problems for people but other birds catch it easily. suppression lists say stress typically sparks the rapid strayed. . >> just like when we get sick when we're close to our friends we spread disease. . >> even more shocking to see something like that happen.
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welcome bark. 5:23 let's take a look at our bay area roads starting with a very busy bay bridge toll plaza. the lights aren't on yet but we've got a lot of back up. let's head out to the traffic alert here in the oakland area eastbound 24 before the exit there's a do you understand tree in 2 right lanes and resulted in an accident as well. the accident has been cleared but chp is still trying to clear out the tree for you. for now here's sports. good morning everybody. a complete shock of the 49ers hired john lynch has their next general manager. he played 15 seasons in the nfl and retired in 2008. he's been an analyst for fox but has no executive experience in any nfl office. he was given a 6-year contract. the warriors dodged a bullet turner for the win didn't go. the warriors win out steph
5:25 am
who had the flu. australian open lived up to the hype. federer 18th career major title his first since 2012. justin wilcox would love to land a recruit like rabb. and mcphee the game winner for the women. they beat washington 72-68. it is career number 999 for mandaveer who will go for 1,000 on friday. it is super bowl week. the falcons arrived in houston yesterday. the patriots will touch down today. we'll have their reaction tonight at 6:00. see you tonight. international students being
5:26 am
urged to reconsider their plans to travel or study abroad. we'll hear from the university of california next. . >> and in about 24 hours you can stand where i'm standing and probably have an ocean view. the demolition of a big apartment building set to start this morning. . >> ,,,, this is the food system.
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we'your most extraordinarybut withmoments happenses when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new.
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i make sure i treat rudy too with a milk-bone biscuit. they've got vitamin d and calcium for strong bones. he loves them almost as much as i love him. hey! i was saving that for later. say it with milk-bone. give me some paw. (dog barks) ♪ . live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. protesters packed airports across the country this after dozens of people were detained and kept from entering the country thanks to an order from president trump what leaders now plan to do to fight back against the order. >> plus facing a judge, the delays are over in the lamar
5:30 am
murder trial. from the weather center good morning everyone. temperatures today in some neighborhoods near 70 degrees but it comes at a price, the alert you need to know about. >> and do you see this back up at the toll plaza on the bay bridge? early morning delays so far. we'll keep you posted with an update on that traffic alert. good morning, it is monday january 30th. >> and outrage over president trump's travel ban on refugees is continuing to spark protests all over the country from san francisco to seattle. some demonstrations spilling from the airports into the streets plated last night. hundreds camped out chanting, singing and holding signs. >> and after monitoring protests near and far some california universities are now taking action to protect students and its staff. >> they're breaking down the consequences of the ban for anybody affected. jackie ward is here with the details of their warnings. >> good morning to you both.
5:31 am
universities are strongly encouraging their students to not travel to one of the 7 banned countries. the fear is that if they risk leaving the u.s. they won't be allowed to come back. this warning comes after a student was returning over the week ends and faced hours of questions from customs when she touched bounded in new york at the airport. from the seven muslim-majority countries - noted in the travel university of california is trying to prevent scenarios just like that. it issued a travel warning to students and staff. and as sfsu students try to grapple with what's happening the university will hold an emergency discussion today to talk about academic freedom. more than 4,800 have signed a petition objecting to the order. i was there over the weekend hundreds are upset about this. this will only grow. >> all right. thank you. meanwhile president trump's administration is stressing that there are good reasons to ask some foreign travelers extra
5:32 am
questions. >> what i'm suggesting to you is that customs and border patrol i would suspect if they have a person that's traveling back and forth i would suspect within their discretion they might ask a few more questions at jfk. >> it was stressed that officials were working to protect americans when they detained 109 of the 325,000 foreign travelers touching down in the u.s. this weekend. and in a statement president trump also defended his executive order. trump wrote that the country would continue showing quote compassion to those fleeing oppression and quote america has always been the landth free and home of the brave. we'll keep it free and safe as the media knows but refuses to say. new york senator chuck schumer has a different stance. yesterday he stood alongside refugees from iraq and syria and pushed to overturn the executive order. and he's not the only
5:33 am
one pushing back. >> later today house and senate democrats plan to gather on the supreme court steps to demands the president's -- with draw that order. in a call to action house minority leader said quote president trump's executive order banning refugees be travel visases everything that the statue of liberty and our nation stand for. meantime activists across the area are getting ready to protest president trump's pick for education secretary. devoss is expected to be sworn in tomorrow on the same day teachers students and parents will gather to protest the confirmation. they say she's not qualified for the position and worry she'll strip funding from public schools. the trial against a man charged with killing a teenager is expected to begin this morning. lamar disappeared on her way to school nearly 5 years ago. prosecutors charged
5:34 am
25-year old garcia torres and claim that dna consistent with his was found on her clothing. >> her body has never been found. this case is going to be based entirely on circumstantial evidence. and since it is unlikely the defendant will testify there is no witness to anything that happened with respect to her disappearance. so this case is entirely based on scientific evidence. . >> if torres is convicted of murder he could face the death penalty. right now police are trying to track down a suspected package thief. officers say the man up to a home back in november and grabbed a package off the porch. they're asking anyone with information to call them. later today an apartment complex will be demolished. it's been vacant for months because of the erosion around the building. we're live near the complex with details on the plans to bring it down.
5:35 am
. >> reporter: yeah, i remember being here a few months ago when the people who lived here were moving out. they were so disappointed they had this beautiful ocean front apartment and now the whole building is set to come down by the end of the day. the city is going to do some very quick work here. it was deemed unlivable last year because of cliff erosion. the complex built back in the '60s and it has been vacant for self months. the city has been working to removed hazardous material before the demolition and engineers have been keying a close eye on the crumbling cliff in the building's backyard. >> we've seen a progressive deterioration large failures and this is the reason why we need to take action while we still can. >> unfortunately the city is footing the bill for all of this because the owner filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the property. we don't know exactly how much it's going to cost but a similar building next door was demolished last year for the same reason and it costs about
5:36 am
$240,000. the big demolition project set to start at 8 this morning. week. starting tonight, the san quen regulars on the richmond bridge could be in for a longer commute than normal this week. starting tonight the main street off ramp will be shut down nightly between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., the on-ramp will close from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. the project involves turning an eastbound shoulder into a third lane during evening commute hours. last week crews setup temporary striping and barriers and next month they plan to relocate a water main in the area. all right. you're kind of teasing us with temperatures in the 70s possibly? >> no, upper 60s. >> upper 60s. >> sounds good enough, right? >> i just wanted to get your attention. >> i think that's why we have a lot of the construction going on because you've got to get it done. get it done before the rain comes because it will be coming again this week. today we're talking about an outside
5:37 am
number of right around 68 degrees. but when we say 68 that's sounding a lot like 70 degrees to us. this is our live weather camera. the port of oakland where currently it's 43. west of the bay bridge it's 50 in san francisco 40 to the south and redwood city in the mid-30s. it's just about freezing napa. we have a spare the air day in effect. a winder spare the air day that exists until the end of february a little hazy sunshine today temperatures in the 60s from rock away beach all the way to 64 in redwood city. 60s common around the rim of bay today. american canyon low 60s, tri-valley 63 degrees. walnut creek in the 60s. i think you're getting the feel for. this repeat performance
5:38 am
tomorrow. i'll talk about rain and when you should expect it coming up. let's take a look at your roads right now as you're headed out the door. first an update on the do you understand tree on eastbound 24. this was just a traffic alert but it was cancelled just a few minutes ago. the down tree is now cleared out of the roadway as chp crews have been out there for a while. the tree has been out there since 2 a.m. it is now cleared and eastbound 24 commuters can drive smoothly through all lanes there. now, moving over to slow conditions along the pass look at that moving at 16 miles per hour coming out on 205. north tracy boulevard will take you about 50 minutes or so. give yourself plenty of extra time and a live look at the bridge into foster city should take you 15 minutes but not too bad. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a lot of back up before the lysis even
5:39 am
came on. in our they're on. that will be 23 minutes and expa 15-minute drive through the toll plaza. in an update on the morin county commute highway 37 we've been dealing with a lot of closures from the past storms we had flooding in the area now, westbound and eastbound are open for commuters to drive smoothly. i'll send it to you guys. all right. well starbucks has a plan to help refugees get back on their feet. swing. the dow finished above the 20 thousand mark on friday. despite falling 7 points the nasdaq hit a record high, gaining 5. starbucks say it will hi over the next . >> reporter: good morning. earning season is in full seasok . the dow is going to open above the 20,000 mark it did fall 7 points on friday. the nasdaq hit a record high and jumped 5. starbucks is going to hire 10,000 refugees across the globe over the next 5 years. this in response to the immigration orders. in the u.s.
5:40 am
the focus will be on hiring who helped support u.s. troops. tech companies are also pushing back. google created a $4 million crisis fund. money will go to different organizations. and chevron reported a loss of $500 million. they say they'll continue to look for ways to cut costs but does not expect many additional layoffs. >> barcelona may be too popular these days. >> local residents have complained they're outnumbered by about 30 million visit ears year. the city council passed new regulations including a freeze on building new hotels in certain areas and a cap on private home rentals. . >> once they start missing that tax review they'll welcome us back in no time. >> you know what, i visited over the summer last year and i'm feeling partly responsible.
5:41 am
. >> it was fun. >> i'm sure you'll be able to make it back there some time soon. all right. thanks enjoy your monday. inside a packed mosque. a deadly act of terror the investigation now underway in canada after a gunman opens fire inside a packed mosque. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland traffic is moving along. we'll have a full report when we come back. >> and your box office break down the big winners as new movies played out this weekend in theaters across the country. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
authorities in canada are trying to determine why armed men b the last monday of january 2017. look at the beautiful skyline. san francisco under partly cloudy sky. we have your monday forecast featuring temperatures today into the 60s, it will be short lived we'll talk about rain and when you should expect
5:44 am
it. it's traffic appeared weather in 4 minutes. authorities in canada are trying to determine why armed men burst into a mosque and started shooting during evening prayers. at least 6 people died in what the prime minister calls a terrorist attack. investigators say between 60 and 100 people were inside the islamic cultural center during last night's deadly shooting. the canadian prime minister referred to attackers as wow wardly. 2 suspects have been arrested. authorities say that a u.s. service member died during a raid on al-qaeda. president trump says that the raid was carried out by members of the navy seal team who killed bin laden. one service member died and 3 others hurt. in a statement the president says that brave u.s. forces were instrumental in killing and capturing important intelligence that will assist the u.s. in preventing terrorism against its citizens and people around
5:45 am
the world. it is 5:44 right now. we're going to get a check on weather and traffic. . >> she just rolled through with her scooter. >> yeah. >> she has an injury. i don't know have we talked about this yet? >> we never have you know that. >> it's time. >> it's time to -- >> time to address the scooter in the studio. >> yeah, so she's been rolling along and now it has a bell on it. >> thanks to our producer bob. >> yeah, thanks, bob. >> it's for your protection out there. not so much mine. and i was given a basket so now i can put my breakfast in there and go to the microwave and heat it up so no one has offered to help me out. >> way to throw us under the but. >> i got you. >> you've got me covered. all right. let's get to traffic. we just got rid of one alert, right
5:46 am
but now we've got a new one this is in the oakland area northbound 880 at davis street a stalled big rig blocking the right lanes and causing major back ups. cars are moving about 30 miles per hour. this will take a while to clear out the roadway. so if this is a part of your morning commute definitely give yourself extra time, again northbound 880 at davis street. moving over to the commute from heyward to foster city that will take you about 15 minutes. and then not looking so good here along the pass. you are crawling your way through at just 15 miles per hour. then speeds go up to 27 once you hit north land road. north tracy boulevard to the pass will take up to 50 minutes almost an hour commute and expect a 15-minute drive through the plaza of the bay bridge. a lot of back up. the bridge along the east shore that will take you about 24 minutes. okay moving over to mass transit if you want to
5:47 am
avoid all the roadways this morning bart, h train are all on time and a winter spare the air day, right? >> yes. very much. >> oh you want me to take it from there? >> yes. about 7% cause the matter in the atmosphere, another 7% comes from the cars that you drive. so it is a winter spare the air day. a lot of this happens to be because people queueing up that fireplace at night because it's been so cold in the overnight hours. it's illegal to burn today or later on tonight. we'll see a bit of the haze in the atmosphere. right now partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 30s, also in our inland areas. san jose has jumped up to 40 oakland and san francisco all in the 40s to 50 degrees. morning to our weather watchers, linda, robert and dave all reporting temperatures in the 30s. thanks for checking in and playing along with us right here. here's what you need to know
5:48 am
today. again a spare the air day in effect. the season lasts until the end of february but today alone is a spare the air today. rain returns by wednesday night. right now a shield of clouds all breaking off and an area of low pressure out over the ocean. this is going to break down that ridge of high pressure and bring us the rain showers by mid-week. until then under ridge i'll call it a dirty ridge because it's allowing some of the clouds to filter in. here's your monday. plan on eating your lunch outdos going to be a glorious day today. lots of sunshine temperatures approaching near 70. and here come the clouds filtering in for your tuesday. by wednesday we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy but dry during the day. rain overnight on wednesday and your morning commute we'll have periods of moderate rainfall. today throughout the state 60s, kick starting with a dense fog advisory in place.
5:49 am
boy, good looking day there. 50 degrees you need to start thinking about layering on the sun block in the high sierra with another day of blue skies, layers of deep powder on top of layers and more snow by thursday. official sun up is at 7:15 it will set at 5:31 and smack in between today everybody is talking 60s. the sun set district, ocean beach back in the western addition temperatures into the 60s, pretty common. across the bay 64 freemont. and union city. 60s around the tri-valley and into the north bay. a bit of a breeze up to 20 late day. there's your tuesday forecast. rain by wednesday night, it will be a wash-out thursday, friday but setting the stage for a dry albeit partly cloudy weekend. and that is the last day of mondays in the month of january forecasts.
5:50 am
miss universe is france. miss haiti was the runner-up. . >> there you have it, a new miss universe, miss france was crowned last night and miss hati was the runner up. steve harvey was able to poke fun at himself. right before he announced the winner the former miss universe handed him a pair of glasses. you might remember what happened last year, he accidentally announced the wrong winner. so hopefully the glasses worked this time around. all right. it was a big weekend at the box office, the thriller split was number one for a second week in a row. . >> based on the description of all 23 identities that live in kevin's body . >> yeah the movie brought in $26.3 million. it beat out a dog's purpose. that movie came in second despite people threatening to boycott the film after a leaked video of how one
5:51 am
of dogs was treated during filming. rounding out the top 5 hidden figures and resident evil, la la land expanded its release and came in 5th. time now is 5:51. flights grounded, what it took to get delta's systems outage fixed and the delays many travelers faced this weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 am
♪ temperatures well above average in the 60s at the beaches approaching 68 degrees campbell. east bay numbers stacking up into the mid-60s, 65, 64 in pittsburgh, 60s in the north bay same up to 67 degrees in windsor. if you're heading out the door, listen to they we have a new traffic alert northbound 880 at davis street, a stall big rig blocking the right lane and off
5:55 am
ramp. moving at just 20 miles per hour and the worst of the back up is about 2 miles. if you're traveling heres a live look at the bridge into foster city and expect slow conditions along the pass. back to you guys. delta airlines has solved the technical glitch that grounded everyone of its domestic flights. the company says automation issues left them know choice but to ground all domestic planes yesterday. it affected nearly 150 flights. delta took to twitter to assure customers it was working to get the trouble fixed quickly. new this morning volkswagon is the world's biggest automaker. it beat toyota. it's a positive sign for them ws still trying to bounce back from its emissions cheating scandal. experts predict that even though deat now, in our health watch a new warning this morning about
5:56 am
skin cancer. experts predict that even though deaths rates may drop in the coming decades the actual number of deaths may rise as people age. doctors say those at highest risk were born before 1960 when the dangers of sun exposure were not yet known. for the first time researchers in pittsburgh have pinpointed a type of fat around the heart that may increase the risk of heart disease in women after menopause. previous studies showed dieting can help lower heart fat. .cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger the end is near for an apartment building sitting on the edge of a crumbling cliff. coming up the project and who might foot the bill. . >> tears. a strong to avoid rips and
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny choi. more protests are expected throughout the week as the trump
6:00 am
. good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 30th, . >> more protests are expected throughout the week as the tahoe gears up to defend its highly criticized travel ban in court. the executive order stops people from 7 majority muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. . >> let them out. let them out. >> sfo should be back to normal today after a weekend full of protests. airport officials say that homeland security has assured them that the 5 people who had been detained there were all released. a man who has lived here for 20 years was held for around 5 hours yesterday before he was reunited with his family. . >> it was being a long time. thank you, thank you guys. >> today senate democrats are expected to introduce legislation that would overturn


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