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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 30th, . >> more protests are expected throughout the week as the tahoe gears up to defend its highly criticized travel ban in court. the executive order stops people from 7 majority muslim countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. . >> let them out. let them out. >> sfo should be back to normal today after a weekend full of protests. airport officials say that homeland security has assured them that the 5 people who had been detained there were all released. a man who has lived here for 20 years was held for around 5 hours yesterday before he was reunited with his family. . >> it was being a long time. thank you, thank you guys. >> today senate democrats are expected to introduce legislation that would overturn the executive order.
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some california universities aren't waiting on politicians to act. >> they're working now to protect students and staff he had vulnerable to the ban. >> the colleges and universities in california that are speaking against president trump's executive order on immigration are part of the national conversation that's happening officials at the university of california are urging foreign students and staff who are from one of the 7 countries affected by the ban and who have u.s. visas or are permanent residents to not travel abroad even students come home may have a difficult time. on friday a graduate who is a legal permanent resident of the u.s. was detained for several hours at jfk when she was returning from sudan. many universities say they're troubled by what's happening saying their first concern is their international students who will continue to be affected. so this morning fsfu will hold an emergency execution bediscussion in response to the
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executive order. president trump continues to defend his travel ban and said quote it's not about religion this is about keeping our country safe. president's executive order... the debate continues. california attorney general and his counterparts from 15 other states are blasting the president's executive order. in a joint statement they said quote we condemn president trump's unconstitutional unamerican and unlawful executive order and will work together to ensure the federal government obeys the constitution, respects our history as a nation of immigrants and does not unlawfully target anyone because of their national origin or faith. president trump just announced on twitter that he will announce his nominee for the u.s. supreme court tomorrow morning. the announcement was originally planned for thursday. white house officials say he's already settled on his choice. experts say 3 federal appeals court judges appear to be the leading candidates. let's get a check of your
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morning commute. how are the roads looking? >> yeah, we have an early morning traffic alert. we got rid of that and now we have a traffic alert and let's give you the details northbound 880 at davis street a stalled truck blocking the right lane and off ramp of davis street. the back up is well beyond -- or right beyond 230 i should say and moving at just 15 miles per hour in the area. if this is a part of your commute you'll want to give yourself plenty of extra time. it is a stall big rig. that means it will take a little while to clear out of the roadways. if you're taking southbound 880 to highway 92, here's a live look at that. looking pretty good at just 15 minutes. now, very slow conditions along the pass for your monday morning commute here. 9 miles an hour so moving at just 29 once you hit north land road. it will now take up to 51 minutes.
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and here's a live look at the toll plazas, traffic backed up towards the maze already. pretty early delays starting at the toll plaza. this should be a rough one going into the city. and expect about a 20-minute drive from the plaza into downtown. move over to the morin county commute golden gate bridge looking good into san francisco and then good news for your vallejo to nevada commuters on highway 37 it is now open in both directions if this is a part of your morning commute you know it's been closed for quite some time due to the storms that we had, but nothing to worry about. all the flooding is gone and we're good to go on highway 37. >> i've got a place just for me and you at lunch. temperatures in the 60s outdoor dining, be
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there. 60 today, talking nearly 70, live weather camera from the pyramid we're looking due east. you could see all the lights out there. also under partly cloudy skies in the 30s, 40s, it is 50 degrees very mild in san francisco. it is a winder spare the air day because the matter trapped very close to the surface. people firing up their fireplaces in the overnight hours. it is illegal to burn today through tonight. from time to time we'll see the clouds drift in from overhead. we're talking the beaches, half-moon bay all the way into rock away beach sun set district ocean beach, western addition all in the low 60s today. mid-60s will be coming into east pala alto. 65 in blackhawk. north bay numbers all in the 60w
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indsor at 67. we'll talk about rain moving into the picture. it's going to be there. we'll have that forecast at 18 after the hour. crews plan to start tearing down an apartment complex. the cliff side building has been evacuated for months because of erosion. we're live near the complex this morning with the details. . >> reporter: engineers have been keeping a very close eye on the crumbling cliff that is in this building backyard and the whole building should be down by the end of the day in all goes as planned. 310 has been deemed unlivable. that happened last year because of cliff erosion. the complex was built back in the '60s, and it has been vacant for months. the city has been working to remove hazardous material before president demolition. there is asbestos in there and they don't want that falling into the beach below. unfortunately the city is footing the bill for this right now because the owner
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filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the property. >> we are not counting on that many being reimbursed at this time but still pursuing reimbursement action. . >> reporter: and we don't know exactly how much it's going to cost but a similar building next door was demolished last year and that cost about $240,000. the big demo project set to start at 8 this morning. they say it all started with a fi sterday.. on lani kai drive. officers say one of the men involved in the fight.. shot another man. police are investigating a bazaar shooting in concord and say it started with fight yet. officers say one of the men involved in the fight shot another man. the man who was shot tried to drive himself to the hospital on the way police say he accidentally hit a woman with his car. both of those victims are in the hospital. tonight in dublin residents are holding a candle light walk for a girl who disappeared on her way home from school 28 years ago. they'll follow the route she took after class let out on
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january 30th, 1989. following walk friend and family will gather for a short service. tesla prevented challenges for inventors around the world. they create hyper loops. it started with this tweet about traffic in the la area that drove them nuts. he asked team from around the world to create pods. 1,700 teams entered the competition and 3 are now sharing their final products. muck explains why he finds the result exciting. >> that's key to a lot of technologies, road tunnels, train tunnels. >> no air in front of it. we're going to be a little fast. . >> of all 3 finalists lucas says
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his team made the only pod with a compressor. time now is 6:08, 6 people are dead after gunman stormed a mosque in canada and opened fire on the congregation. >> and a bay area native gets some big recognition. good morning, everybody. sure, temperatures today all the way up to the mid-60s, but it comes at a price. we'll talk about the alerts that you need to know about. and 6:09 metering lights are on at the plaza so give yourself enough time. otherwise we have an update on that traffic alert. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. forecast in just a few minutes. police in canada are trying to good monday morning. it is the last monday of the month of january. boy, where does the time go. looking towards the skyline of san francisco.
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we can see it visibility is unlimited. we have some partly to mostly cloudy skies it will be unseasonably mild today with rain lurking in the forecast. we've got the complete details outlook in less than 4 minutes. police in canada are trying to figure out why gun men stormed a mosque and started shooting killing at least 6 people and injuring 8 others. investigators say 39 people were inside the islamic cultural center for evening prayers yesterday when several people came inside and opened fire. it's unclear exactly why, but they have been plagued in recent years. over the summer someone left a pig's head on the doorstep of the same mosque. some community members are standing behind their muslim neighbors. . >> people are going to be a little bit more on edge but i'm hoping everybody comes together on this and shows again their support for the community. because i mean that's what we need at this point in time is to show them that accept
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them. >> police took 2 people in custody. it has prompted authorities here in the u.s. to take action. new york city is adding extra patrol to say keep an eye on the city's mosques. president trump's executive order on immigration has many rallying behind the aclu. the organization says that it has received more than 350,000 donations since saturday morning for a total of about $24 million. the aclu says it typically gets about $4 million in donations in an entire year. [audio difficulty] a state visit is meeting resistance, an online petition calling for the trip to be cancelled has already topped a million signatures. the visit is expected to happen as scheduled this summer but under british law they'll have to debate the issue since the petition garnered more than 100,000 signatures. the sag awards got political
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last night. most of the winners used their time to speak out against trump's executive orders. >> taking the opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he married and that he was okay, and accept him. and i hope that we do a better job of that. . >> that was ali what he had to say about his character when he accepted his award for best male actor in a supporting role. he's originally from oakland. some other big winners denzel washington took home best actors for his role in fences. emma stone got best actress for her role in la la land and hidden figures won best cast in a motion picture. >> so nice they give it up to the bay area natives. >> he's in everything. i love it. i watched moon light over the weekend it's it's pretty
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incredible. >> i've seen everything except hidden figures. you have to see hidden figures. >> the reason we haven't seen all those movies we haven't gotten our sag after. . >> we have young children. that's the problem. >> take your daughter to see la la land. she would love that. let's get a check of traffic. >> let's take a look at this traffic alert. northbound 880 at davis street it's a stalled big rig blocking the right lane and the off ramp at davis street. this is causing some pretty heavy back up you're moving in that area at 16 miles per hour and the back up goes beyond 328. so give yourself plenty of extra time. if you're taking southbound 880 to highway 92 here's a live look at the commute. now, up to about 20 minutes between 880 and 101.
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moving over to slow conditions along the pass. you're inching your way at 14-mile per hour. north tracy boulevard to the pass will now take you over 50 minutes. it does free up though and green all the way through the south bay which means smooth traffic along 101, 280 and 87. now, if you want to avoid all the roadways it is a winter spare the air day. we'll tell you more about that. you can consider bart, ace trains are all on time right now. good morning, everybody. it is a spare the air day, a winder spare the air day. the season does go through the end of february and today it happens to be a lot of people firing up the fireplaces in the overnight hours as we've been dipping into the 30s. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the port of oakland. those bright lights you see there. and we don't see the haze but once the sun comes up we'll have filtered shine. temperatures in the 30s except
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when you get near the rim of the bay. 50 in san francisco, 43 in oakland otherwise cool spot 33 degrees in santa rosa. here's what you need to know on this very last monday in the month of january. again, it's a spare the air day. it's illegal to burn during the day or evening hours. more mild weather slated for tuesday and rain does return by wednesday night. see the shield of clouds drifting overhead this is associated with an area of low pressure out of the pacific. as we pull on out you can see this is a pretty vigorous area of low pressure. it's going to break down our ridge of high pressure allowing the rain to spill into the bay area wednesday night. for now high and dry although i'm referring to this as a dirty ridge of high pressure because it's allowing some of the clouds to scoot in and over and into the bay area. future cast eat your lunch outdoors today. unseasonably mild. here come a few clouds on the increase on tuesday through tuesday afternoon into wednesday. then
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look what happens by wednesday overnight into your thursday rain does push in. it will be a rainy thursday morning commute. meanwhile for this monday and throughout the central portion of the state we have a dense fog advisory in place for the central valley visibility down to a quarter of a mile. mid-60s in monteray bay. . 50, we're talking spring like skiing in the high sierra where currently it's 14 degrees in truckee. blue skies both days. 7:15 is the official sunrise by the time it sets tonight temperatures will be well above average. should be mid-50s san francisco and 63 degrees going with low and mid-60s across the bay. 65 in mountain view all the way into the valley including willow glenn. low 60s and moss beach, all the way through sun
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set district into the western addition low 60s. it looks like for the most part near green bay today also in the low 60s repeat performance on tuesday. rain arrives wednesday night for your thursday tapering off on friday setting the stage for a good looking dry weekend again. hey, we've got the super bowl coming up right next sunday. we've got sports. coming up the 49ers make an announcement that stunned the nfl, and it was turn back the clock day yesterday at the australian open plus the warriors and blazer take it down to the final possession to finish coming up. and what's cool about your school you can email your nominations to us. we may come and feature your school on the broadcast.
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in a complete shock the 49ers hired former safety john lynch as their next general manager. he retired in 2008 and been an analyst for fox but has no executive experience in any nfl front office. he was given a 6-year contract. the warriors dodge add bullet turner for the win didn't go. the warriors win out steph who had the flu. australian open roger federer outlasted 5 sets for his 18th career major title his first since 2012 winning the open. justin wilcox would love to land a recruit like raab.
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and brittany mcphee steal and law up was the game winner. 72-68, career number 999 for mandavere who will go for 1,000 on friday. it is super bowl week. the falcons arrived in houston yesterday. the patriots will touch down today. we'll have their reaction tonight at 6:00. all right the play of the day from college basketball defending champs villa nova in tie with time running out. . >> gus johnson was the call.
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only 3 points in the game but they were the big ones. 61-59. 6:25 the city of oakland fires back today in the battle over the proposal to run coal trains through town. . >> plus universities and colleges are looking out for their international students and staff members as president trump's executive order on immigration affects their travel and studies. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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opening statements get underway in the a notorious ba . live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. after years of legal wrack angling opening statements get underway in the trial of a man charged in a not i couldn't say murder. >> by the end of the day we'll
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have an ocean view, the demolition of an apartment building. >> near 70 today. i'll talk about the mild weather and just how long it's going to last. . >> you say 70 i'm excited. here's a live look at the bridge slowing down a bit but we had an update on that traffic alert. good morning, it is mobbed january 30th. >> time now is 6:30. nationwide protests over the travel ban has some california universities taking preventive steps. >> acting fast to warn students and staff who could face serious consequences. we have details on how they're protecting people. >> a lot are worried about their own people. universities are strongly encouraging their students to not travel to the one of the 7 banned countries the fear is if they risk leaving the u.s. they won't be allowed to come back. this comes after a student was returning over the weekend and faced hours of questions from customs when they
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touched down at new york's jfk airport. the university of california is trying to prevent scenarios just like this. it issued a system wide travel warning to students and staff from the 7 majority countries noted in the travel ban. as students try to grapple with what's happening the university will be holding an emergency discuss today to talk about academic freedom. more than 4,800 have signed the petition objecting to the order on immigration. >> so what is president trump saying about those detained over the weekend? >> well, he's tweeting about it this morning. he's saying that only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained. and held actually we'll start with this tweet if the ban were announceded with a one week notice the quote bad would rush into our country a lot of bad quote dudes and he's blaming delta saying 109 out of 325,000 were detained and held for
6:32 am
questioning. big problems at airports were caused by the delta computer outage. >> that was just one of of several tweets that the president tweeted out this morning. i think i saw about 5 within the last 2 hours. all right. protesters across the country swarmed airports over the weekend in response to the immigration order. airports all over the country were flooded with protesters demanding that the president reverse his decision to ban visa holders from 7 countries with majority muslim populations. . >> reporter: sfo was the scene of one of biggest protests in the country. demonstrators began rushing to the airport on friday night when word came down that a translator for the u.s. army was being detained. protesters left lasted night after they were told that all 50 people detained due to the order has been released. president trump is feuding with members of his own party over the executive order. senators john mccain and lindsey
6:33 am
graham issued a statement blasting the move saying it may help terrorist recruitment more than u.s. security. the president fired back on twitter calling the senators quote sadly weak on immigration. senate democrats are expected to file 2 bills today one would immediately reverse the executive order, the second would limit the president's future authority to ban groups of immigrants. time now 6:33. let's get another check of weather. . >> we have some of the warmest temperatures so far this year and it will occur today. after a spectacular weekend, right? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> oh, you're welcome. . >> let's do it again. >> . >> i was cleaning the garage. . >> well, thank you. i appreciate that. you know, it's so gorgeous let's do it again today and how about again tomorrow. we have a spare the air day in effect for today which means it is illegal to burn. no fireplaces, oh, oh my stop what you're doing look at that.
6:34 am
it's beginning to brighten up. we will see the sun with the clouds floating in and out from time to time today. otherwise we'll call it partly cloudy. right now air temperatures away from the bay into the 30s, 34 in sierra. otherwise 40 to 50 degrees along the lift of the bay. again, it is a spare the air day today. we'll see a little bit of haze, the matter being close to the surface until we get a good 10 to 20 to usher it out. these are the clouds associated with the low pressure way over the ocean. it's kind of like a shield of cloudiness. unseasonably mild. talking about 60s into half-moon bay, ocean beach, sun set district western addition as well. temperatures into the 60s, [audio difficulty]
6:35 am
brisbane in the mid-60s. check out campbell 68 degrees, 67 at the rose garden district. you've got to get outdoors today. 60s east of the bay blackhawk, danville all in the low and mid-60 says, vallejo too. wind scan slight picking up late day 10 to 20. otherwise gorgeous day. 66 in cloverdale. mild tomorrow, tomorrow. we'll talk about rain when to et . i'm excited to take advantage of these 2 days. i did not hear you say rain though i'm going to ignore that. that would be her scooter because she hurt her foot if you heard that bell. starting we've got this traffic alert still in effect on northbound 880 at davis street but have some good news the right lane now open but the off
6:36 am
ramp still remains closed and moving on northbound 880 in the area at just 15 miles per hour. that back up goes just beyond 238. so if this is a part of your commute give yourself plenty of time to get through it. okay moving over to the bridge the commute things are starting to slow down a bit. we've got a lot of brake lights. expect a 20-minute drive and very slow conditions along the pass driving at just 11 miles per hour to north land road. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. in just 2 hours the trial against the man charged with killing teenager lamar nearly 5 years ago is set to begin. you may recall that she disappeared on her way to school in march of 2012. her body was never found. prosecutors charged now 25-year old garcia or recess on circumstantial evidence. if torres is convicted the jury would decide
6:37 am
whether to sentence him to life without parole or the death penalty. a cliff side apartment complex is getting demolished today. it's been vacant for months because of the erosion around the building. we're live with details on the plans to bring it down. . >> reporter: i was out here last year when the residents were being kicked out because the building was deemed unlivable, and it was such a bummer for them. they had these gorgeous views of the ocean and today the final chapter. the building is going to be knocked down. it is in danger of falling into the ocean because the cliff side in its backyard is crumbling. the complex was built back in the 1960s, and the city has been working to remove hazardous material. there's asbestos that they don't want falling onto the beach below. options have been
6:38 am
keeping a close eye on the crumbling cliff side behind it. >> we've seen a progressive deterioration large failures and this is the reason why we need to take action while we still can. . >> reporter: unfortunately the city is footing the bill for all of this because the owner filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the property. we don't know exactly how much it's going to cost but a similar building next door was demolished last year and that cost about $240,000. the big department lakes project is injected to move quickly it's going to last all day but this whole thing should be a pile of debris by nightfall tonight. it is set to start at 8 this morning. reverse the decision to block a t the port... today the city of oakland is expected to file its response to a lawsuit seeking to reverse the decision to block a proposed coal terminal at the port. last summer the city council decided not to allow construction of a train terminal that would receive up to 10 million tons of
6:39 am
coal each year. the developer has sued saying that the federal government and not the city has authorities over rail projects. there an a news conference this afternoon. we found mass chaos in the wake of president trump's ban on refugees from certainly countries. we'll be joined to brace on the impacts of the executive order and what's next. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago as we take look at the board. the dow is down 87 reports. coming up we'll get an update. ,,
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below the 20- thousand mark. plus, a big tech company in san francisco.. could be cutting jobs. k-c-b-s radio fina porter jason brooks has those stories and more in your cbs money watch report. all eyes on wall street as the dow drops. >> plus cutting jobs.
6:43 am
jason brooks has those stories and more on your money watch report. >> an eventful monday. we've had a lot of eventful days especially for the stock market. we have some uncertainty this morning. president trump's immigration ban. we're hearing from a lot of leaders who are opposed to that and at the very least unconcern. as a result the stock market is pulling back a little bit on that news this morning. this after the dow crossed 20,000 for the first time last week. key economic news this morning consumer spending december was a little stronger than anticipated. incomes also post ago stronger gain than the prior month up a third of a percent. not such good news coming from fit bit. the band maker just announced it's going to cut 110 jocks that's about 6% of its over all workforce. it has been struggling over the past year weaker demand for its bands.
6:44 am
a lot more have entered into that market. shares in fit bit are down 60% over the past year and down again this morning by double digits on this news. overall not a pretty day for the market. let's go to the big board and see where we're headed as we take a lower turn. the dow dropping 93 points. nasdaq down 49 points. time is 5-- let's get a check of traffic. . >> back to you. time now 6:44. we've got a traffic alert to geo . let's check in with rocky. >> we do. but let's get to some good news first. starting morin county we have an update on the highway 37 commute, you've been dealing with a closure for the past couple weeks due to the storms. we've had flooding damage in the area, we are now open in both directions on highway 37. so despite the 30 miles per hour speeds along the way you are good to go on that commute. and if you're
6:45 am
traveling across the span of the golden gate bridge you're looking good into san francisco. 24-minute drive between the maze and downtown across the span of the bay bridge. the metering lights on. once you head northbound 880 as davis street a stalled big rig out there blocking the off ramp. the right lane was closed but that has now been opened. so this is still an alert it will take a while to open up so still driving at about 17 miles per hour in the area and give yourself plenty of time to get through that. i'll send it to you. good morning. officials sunrise is at 7:15. already getting a look at what's going to pan out to be an unseasonably mild day. talking about temperatures flirting with nearly 70 in many of our south bay cities . this is the scene from our studios, and if you look very carefully in the distance you could see the tiptop of the mountain officially next to the rim of
6:46 am
the bay the numbers are in the 40s, 50 in san francisco that's the first time i've seen that mild temperature this early in the morning this year. just about freezing in santa rosa 37 in redwood city. morning weather watchers darrell 38 degrees. and linda in fairfield thank you so much for playing along with us here. here's what you need to know us a kick start the last monday for the month of january, it is a spare the air day, a lot of the matter being trapped very close to the surface a little bit of a haze out there today until we get a good late day breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. more mild weather for your tuesday and even wednesday before the rain returns by wednesday night. let's get to it. satellite and radar here are the clouds these are our clouds breaking off from that huge stream of cloudiness out over the open waters. this is associated with this vigorous
6:47 am
area of low pressure that's banking up against the ridge of high pressure. i refer to it as a dirty ridge of high pressure because it's allowing some of the clouds to drift in otherwise it will finally break down by mid-week. we're high and dry for now. future cast here's your monday pack a lunch. eat outside. do whatever you co get outside. today. a really good looking day here. here come some of the clouds. by tuesday afternoon. there you have it. we do become mostly cloudy during the day on wednesday then the rain arrives wednesday overnight. it will be a very wet sloppy morning commute for your thursday into friday. mean what do you mean stockton mid 50s. time to start thinking about the sun block. we have more snow by thursday. today we're talking temperatures into the 630s, 68 degrees outside number 60 in half-moon bay. repeat performance tuesday, rain thursday and friday. dry over the weekend. have a great day. all rightu
6:48 am
. the announcement that president trump signed an executive order banning refugees from certain countries led to confusion and protests at the nation at airports. >> talk about the legal rulings and where we go from here. >> such an amazing crazy weekend and we still have so many unanswered questions. but let's start with the executive order itself. now, there are several parts to the order but we're going to focus on 3 here. number one it says that there's no entry for non-citizens from iran, iraq, sudan syria and yemen for 90 days, number 2 suspends the refugee admissions program for 1200 days a separate stay and last more nationals in syria indefinitely band from the united states until the president himself decides to lift that ban. it also includes this broad loophole for the secretary of state or homeland security to grant exceptions and
6:49 am
they've already done that. homeland security has already issued a statement saying that people with green cards permanent u.s. residents are allowed into the u.s. even if they're from one of those 7 nations. that's one exception we've already seen carved out and there may be more that is allowed by the order. >> over weekend we heard a lot about some legal rulings what do those mean for people coming in and for those who are already here? >> so there were 4 federal court rulings over this weekend and slight differences between them but they generally say the same thing. they say people who were approved for visas or refugee status before the executive order cannot be sent back right away. so right now the rules are limited to people who have already been approved and goat here. but there probably won't be many more of these people. the tahoe has already told that you say u.s. consulates around the world are going to stop processing visas for people from
6:50 am
those 7 countries and airlines are on notice not to allow them on planes to the u.s. so the rulings are approved to people who are here. the number of people with both of those is going to shrink. >> some are calling for this a muslim ban. this is not something that the trump administration came up with. >> that is true. the list actually does go back to the obama administration. president obama signed a law in 2015 making it harder for people in iraq and syria to get visas because there were security issues then the department of homeland security under obama added the other 5 nations to the lift. so the list was made before trump took office. now, having said that, trump's own words may be a problem. he repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he wants a muslim ban so in lawsuits his lawyers are going to have to grapple with the things that he said while he was running for president. so stay tuned on that front as
6:51 am
well. >> okay. a lot going on and the president is tweeting this morning about all of this as well. so -- >> of course. >> check twitter. >> and he's defending saying that his ban is similar to the one in 2011 that obama issued on iraq. what are the differences? >> well, the prior ban on iraqi visas was limited to 6 months. it was limited to one country and it's not clear it was as extensive as what is being proposed by this order. so i think other folks might say there are significant differences. it depends on what you think the most important elements are. >> all right. thank you. just in the sheriffs office has made an arrest a prominent member of the south bay's chinese community's body was found at a shallow grave. christopher ellenbroct was taken into custody for foul play and tried to cash a $10,000 check
6:52 am
from the account. deputies say they saw him on video buying a shovel at home depot the morning of the attorney's disappearance. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. of the dead after a mass shooting at a mosque in quebec city, canada. mosque officials say gunmen opened fire on 39 worshipers during evening prayers sunday. 6 people are dead after a mass shooting in canada. mosque officials say a gunman opened fire on 39 worshippers during evening prayers on sunday. the motive is unclear. >> this morning opening statements will start in the trial against the man charged with kill lamar. she disappeared on her way to to school in march of 2012. her body was never found. the prosecutors charge garcia on circumstantial evidence. . >> john lynch has been hired as the new 49ers general manager.
6:56 am
he's never worked in an nfl front office before. his deal will be for 6 years. president trump is planning to announce his nominee for the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. he made the announcement this morning. hout the country... over president trump's partial travel ban on immigrants. many of the demonstrations this weekend took place at that announcement comes as protests continue throughout the country over president trump's partial travel ban on immigrants, many of the demonstrations this weekend took place at airports as more than 100 people were being detained. all 5 people detained at sfo have since been released. colleges and universities in california are speaking against president trump's executive order on immigration after the weekend at many airports. officials at the university of california are urging foreign students and staff who are from the country's affected by the ban and who have u.s. visas to
6:57 am
not travel abroad. even students come home may have a difficult time. on friday a graduate a legal permanent resident of the u.s. was detained for several hours in new york when she was returning. many universities say they're troubled by what's happening saying their first concern is for their students who will continue to be affected by this ban. this morning sfsu will held an emergency discuss on academic freedom in response to the order. president trump continues to defend his travel ban and said quote it's not about religion. let's take a look at traffic. okay this looks good heading into oakland but we've got a problem here still a traffic alert on northbound 880 at davis street. a stalled big rig blocking the off ramp moving at 12 miles per hour the back up beyond 238 and southbound 880
6:58 am
we've got another crash southbound 880 before highway 92, it's a 4 car crash out there blocking the 3 left lanes. so that back up is to 238 as well on both sides. so if you're -- if you want to take mass transit instead of getting on the roads right now all are on time and it is a winder spare the air day, right? thanks for mentioning that. good morning everybody. rise and shine. it's beginning to brighten up across the bay area currently. it's in the 40s to 50 around the bay otherwise away from the bay into the 30s. it is a winter spare the air day in effect. it is illegal to burn your fireplace today or tonight. temperature wise a very mild unseasonably mild low and mid-60s, my outside number today 68 degrees. mid-60s around the valley. wow, rose garden district as well. we like it so much we'll repeat the performance on tuesday.
6:59 am
we'll reintroduce rain back into the forecast by wednesday night through friday. very gusty winds as well. we settle down and clear it out over next weekend. less than a week away from the super bowl and the teams are getting ready. thousand says of fans at a rally for the falcons yesterday. it's been almost 2 decades since the team has been to a super bowl. meanwhile in tokoyo. >> a few women have stepped up to the plate to get swaddled. a non-profit is carrying out the art of wrapping. apparently women who have just given birth feel relieve. they say it feels like a warm embrace. next. you can't see them because they're in their swaddles.
7:00 am
>> i could never do something like that. >> until you saw it covering the face, right? >> i'd rather take a hug. >> yeah, there you go. >> get over here let me hug you. snoetd ♪ nchts good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 30th, 2017. a massacre at a quebec city mosque kills six people. canada's prime minister calls it a terror attack on muslims. two suspects are in custody after the victims were shot during sunday night prayers. >> protest evers across the country denounce president trump's temporary ban on travellers from seven mostly muslim countries. we ask the white house adviser more about the policy. more flights canceled after a nationwide outage grounded delta air lines. we begin with a look at


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