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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 31, 2017 1:37am-2:10am PST

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the acting u-s attorney general defied president trump's travel ban. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. we had a monday night massacre. >> the acting u.s. attorney general defies president trump's travel ban. tonight the president told her she's fired. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. joe vazquez is standing by in the newsroom right now. there is late word tonight of yet another high profile firing by the president. what do you know? >> democratic senator chuck schumer called it the monday night massacre. the president replaced two acting directors tonight. the white house accused one of them of betrayal, all this following the president's explosive immigration orders. a new interim director heads were rolling in washington. president donald trump installed a new interim
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director of immigration and customs enforcement. thomas homan was the subject of a washington post article last year that said, "thomas homan deports people and he's really good at it." earlier this evening the president fired sally yates, acting attorney general, a holdover from the obama administration, this after she ordered the justice department not to honor the president's travel ban because she believed it was not legal. dana boente will now serve as acting attorney general. the white house doubled down today insisting the ban is legal and will make americans safer. >> we're not going to wait till we get attacked and figure out out how to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it treats all people guilty until proven innocent. >> reporter: cair filed a lawsuit against the obama administration saying the travel ban is unconstitutional and just wrong.
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>> it targets the world's populations who need us most, refugees fleeing war torn lands who don't have homes who want to come live in america for a better life. >> reporter: we also talked to some bay area folks today who agree with the president. >> i haven't felt safe in years and i voted on trump mostly because of his stance on immigration. >> reporter: but this democratic congressman says he wants to put that fear in perspective. >> in fact, the average american is about 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be victimized by a refugee who has been let into this country. we've got some serious vetting that already takes place. >> tonight we received this letter from the mayor's office. the mayor, police chief and sheriff of san francisco sent this letter to the department of homeland security saying the city will defy federal immigration orders. in the newsroom joe vazquez, kpix5. this 17-year-old refugee from kenya arrived at san jose airport a few hours ago without
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getting detained greeted by people from catholic charities of santa clara county. they wanted to protect his privacy. the teen is originally from congo. his family was murdered and he was being persecuted. >> this is just an incredible victory that we believe that we as americans can welcome people who need a safe haven, who need a home that gives them a sense of possibility and hope. donations to the american n have hit a re >> the 17-year-old will be placed with a foster family. donations to american civil liberties union have hit a record high. this weekend alone more than $24 million was donated to the aclu. that's six time the average amount for the entire year. tonight there is word that president trump may be working on yet another new executive order targeting the visa program that many tech companies rely on. kpix5's cate cauguiran shows us how the tech industry is already fighting back.
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>> it's tech versus president trump. president trump is expected to sign an executive thousands of google employees walked out of work today joining the nationwide protest against president trump's executive order that shuts out refugees and people from seven predominantly muslim countries. google ceo and the company's co- founder had this to say. >> we always felt a part of this place and it's a community and i think we need to stand together. >> i wouldn't be where i am today or have any kind of life that i have today if this was not a brave country that really stood out and spoke for liberty. >> russell hancock is the president and ceo of joint venture silicon valley. >> tech is the engine that drives the california economy. california is the engine driving the national economy. >> man congress said 40% of residents in -- hancock said 40% of residents in silicon valley came from other places and the tech industry and its leaders rely on diversity for
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innovation. >> technology has been built on the backs of immigrants and immigration. >> the president's next step could hit the tech industry even harder. bloomberg news is reporting the new administration is currently drafting a new executive order targeting the h1b visa program. >> so many care professionals who are carrying for our elderly are immigrants because we have a shortage of both fantastic engineers who help us innovate. >> bay area companies like apple and google rely on the work visa program to hire tens of thousands of employees every year. in mountain view cate cauguiran, kpix5. tomorrow president trump is expected to sign an executive order to beef up cyber security as well. the washington post reports that it will call for an immediate review of the most critical u.s. cyber vulnerabilities. president trump said he's decided on a nominee to fill the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court and he will make the announcement tomorrow. the frontrunner the leading contenders tonight, according to cbs news the
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frontrunner is colorado based federal appeals court judge neil gorsuch. the 49-year-old is a former d.c. lawyer who most famously sided with hobby lobby. you might remember that employers shoulden be required to provide contraception for women under the affordable care act. another top contender judge thomas hardiman of pennsylvania, the 51-year-old seen always a solid conservative. he serves on the same court as president trump's sister. cement, tomorrow at 5 p-m. cbs news will bring you live coverage of the president's supreme court announcement tomorrow at 5 p.m. it's been almost five years since a morgan hill teenager sierra lamarre disappeared. her body was never found, but tonight her murder trial is underway. kpix5's degrees in fehely was there -- devin fehely was there for the emotional opening statements. >> reporter: prosecutors addressed the sad reality and central challenge of their case with their opening statement proving that sierra lamarre is not just missing but was
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murdered. nearly five years after the 15- year-old disappeared on her way to the bus stop prosecutors began the much delayed trial of anthony garcia torres in dramatic fashion gesturing to the defendant while telling jurors he was responsible for her death. her family, friends and supporters say stoically in the courtroom as prosecutors laid out the evidence against torres. they are now faced with the prospect of having to spend the next several months sitting in a courtroom listening to the last hour of their daughter's life. with no witness and no body the processing case is largely circumstantial leaning heavily on dna and other -- prosecution's case is largely circumstantial leaning heavily on dna and other evidence but which will likely come under fire by the defense. >> it still leaves little room for the defense because the defense is likely to say well, aren't there other people's dna that could be consistent with what you found? >> reporter: if convicted, garcia torres will face either life in prison or the death penalty in a case that united
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the community even while leaving an enduring emotional scar. in san jose devin fehely, kpix5. tonight the san francisco giants are paying tribute to a navy seal killed in yemen. according to giants catcher buster posey ryan owens was a member of seal team 6 and a huge giants fan. posey paid tribute to owens in this instagram photo. in it he shares fond memories of owens attending spring training and says words don't do justice for his gratitude he feels towards owens who sacrificed his life for freedom. according to posey owens was a son, husband and father. also tonight not much left of this red tagged apartment building in pacifica on the edge of a crumbling cliff. bulldozers were out in force all day long. cbs5's len ramirez walks us through demolition day. >> reporter: this demolition has been going on all day and there's very little left of the
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buildings now. this is one cliff hanger ending that unfortunately for the apartment building was predictable. already threatened by erosion from underneath the apartments at 310 espalanade were finished off by blows that came from above. three high reach excavators tore through the wood ripped apartments like they were nothing, a sort of orchestrated ballet of demolition. it just took minutes to reduce the buildings to rubble. >> kind of sad, but it had to be done because i can't believe this hasn't fallen in the ocean because the rugged winter storms we've had. >> reporter: footage shows how the buildings teetered on the crumbling cliff for years. last year the city demolished two neighboring buildings and red tagged this one forcing residents to move out. the remaining building was slated to be torn down, but recent storms only sped up that process. >> essentially time ran out. we are where we are and both buildings needed to come down. so we're stepping in to protect
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the public safety. >> reporter: the city says the apartments capable some hazardous materials that no one -- contain some hazardous terms that no one wanted falling in the ocean. besides the health hazard, it would add to the cost and difficulty of cleaning it up. the area around the demo site was closely monitored throughout the day. >> taking samples and making sure the dust is kept at a minimal level. >> reporter: there are other cliff hanging buildings in pacifica which seem stable enough for now, but the question is for how long? >> there's no fighting mother nature. >> reporter: once the building is cleared there will be nothing left here. that means better views for the apartments across the street, but residents there are worried that rents will go up in. pacifica len ramirez, kpix5. license plates stripped from dozens of bay area cars. tonight police want to know who is doing it and why. >> and a teacher at this northern california school under arrest tonight after one of her students got poisoned at her house party. >> this bay area bridge is due
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for a $70 million upgrade, but tonight construction is on hold because of a hummingbird. >> dry in the bay area tonight, rain returning this week, when the rain arrives, when the rain moves out and a ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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increasing patrols around all of the city's mosques.. out of an abundance of caution.. after a deadly rampage at a mosque in canada. gunfire san francisco police are increasing patrols all around the city's mosques after a rampage in canada. gunfire erupted after evening prayers in a quebec mosque. six people were killed, 17 wounded. canada's prime minister described it as a terrorist attack on muslims and all of canada. a 17-year-old man was charged in the shootings and appeared in court tonight and did not enter a plea. be careful where you park your car. a license plate thief is on the loose in the bay area tonight. christin ayers takes us to the neighborhood being targeted. >> it was like midday and i was leaving to get the kids from school. >> reporter: naomi pearl walked out to the driveway of
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her san leandro home and immediately noticed this, the license plate on the family car stripped. the pearls quickly discovered they weren't alone. >> the license plate was gone. >> reporter: their next-door neighbor max said a thief stole the plate on his father's car, too, and it happened to a third neighbor all within a fuel days. you see it all over -- few days. you see it all over the place walking through the broodmoor neighborhood. it's happened at least 25 times. what police don't know is who is doing it and why? >> really the worst case scenario right now is we have a group of thieves out there stealing these license plates with the intent to use them to commit crimes. >> reporter: but the lieutenant said that's not the only possible motive. there's a market for license plates as artwork or novelty items and someone may be after registration tags someone told the pearls. >> perhaps it's the ability or need to have a sticker which is expensive to keep your model up
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to date. >> reporter: police hope someone has captured the thefts on surveillance video and say anyone who has had their plates stolen should call them so they can be on the lookout for the people doing it. >> very well what we could be looking at here is those license plates are being spread out amongst a group of criminals who are all trying to do crimes, who are all trying to get away with it without being caught by law enforcement. >> reporter: in san leandro christin ayers, kpix5. thousands of dollars worth of alcohol stolen from stores across the north bay, tonight two suspects are in custody. police found 70 bottles of high end booze in the suspect's car. police pulled them over after two loss prevention officers in marin county observed the suspects and notified police. the suspects are from sacramento. police believe they hit safeway stores in sonoma, windsor, petaluma and novato. tonight a special ed teacher in stanislaus county is accused of giving alcohol to kids. macy jenkins reports that police say the teacher threw a party at her home and one kid drank so much he had to be
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taken to the hospital. >> send your kids to school and want them to be safe and healthy and not go party with the teacher. >> reporter: a weekend party ends with a 16-year-old boy in the hospital unresponsive after drinking too much alcohol. san joaquin county sheriff's department says the party most was leandra spence, a special education teacher at oakdale high school. >> if there was alcohol and stuff served to minors there, who was responsible for supplying it? >> reporter: deputy pete smith says investigators found out about the party and paid a visit to the house saturday night. >> the allegations at this point is some of the minors that were at the house taking part in this alcohol and party scene were actually students which is quite disturbing. >> reporter: spence now faces three misdemeanor charges for child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of minors. deputy smith says at this point they don't know how many students were at the party. >> certainly one is too many. >> reporter: but we spoke to
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one neighbor off camera who said there were several cars parked outside of the home saturday night and she thought there may have been some kind of bonfire. okaydale joint unified -- oakdale joint unified school district sent us this statement saying the person in question is employed by the district and they will conduct their own investigation. the employee has been placed on administrative leave. once the investigation is finished, the sheriff's department will hand over their information to the san joaquin district attorney's office to determine if additional charges will be filed. tonight a major policy change for the boy scouts of america, it is now selling transgender children. this - from the conservative the new policy goes into effect immediately. >> i really believe that preventing anyone from joining programs designed to build the character of our youth in america is unamerican. so i'm really glad to see this happening. >> the conservative group save california had this to say
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about it. "the boy scouts allowing in fake boys is another weakening of the moral troop experience." in other news construction work on a bay area bridge just hit a major road block or a tiny one depending how you look at it. here's a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge tonight. the goal is to create a bike path there and an extra lane for cars going east bound, but kpix5's phil matier explains a little bird has other plans. >> reporter: the backhoes are waiting. the safety barriers are lined up and ready to go, but thanks to a little winged friend work on a key part of the bridge redo has been put on hold. a protected bird was found and one with a nest and egg waiting to hatch. >> the hummingbird is on the list, so they followed the rules. >> a single hummingbird nest
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with an egg in it will cost us a few weeks. >> reporter: how much money will it cost you? >> we don't know yet. at this point we think we can make the time up. >> reporter: while stopping work for a single hummingbird egg may sound extreme, the fact is the bigger the projects, the bigger the odds something like this will happen. >> in all cases of major construction projects you can find a species of something that's protected by someone, either the feds or the state. >> reporter: no kidding. protecting nesting birds and fish has also caused long delays in the takedown of the old bay bridge. >> it's mapped on all the toll bridge -- happened on all the toll bridges as you know. fish have stopped projects that's cost tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: even the new night lights on the san francisco side of the bay bridge had to be declared bird and fish friendly before they went on. >> everything all of the time. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix5. >> it's just a waiting game. waiting for that game, too. >> yes, we are. it will be here about 48 hours
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from now. what a nice day outside today. if your days off are monday or tuesdays, bonus for you because tomorrow will be close to 70 degrees in the south bay, 48 now, san francisco 51, concord 42 and oakland 48 degrees, north bay mid-30s, napa 37. vallejo tomorrow morning 37 degrees, oakland 31, san jose 40, san francisco 55. the south bay starts off chilly. 50s by 10:00, 60s around lunchtime and look at those temperatures climb maybe hitting 7 degrees for the first time this year. it's the warm -- 70 degrees for the first time this year. it's the warm before the storm. we'll be warm on tuesday. where is the storm? it will be here by wednesday evening with rain moving in. it will be about a 36 hour window of rainfall which may lead to 1 or 1 1/2 inches of rain throughout the bay area. more snow for the sierra, windstorm watch issued above
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6,000 feet -- winter storm watch issued above 6,000 feet, get up to the passes 2 to 4 feet of snow by friday morning, gusty winds, poor travel, but we're adding to that very healthy snowpack. now tomorrow we already talked about sunny and warm. wednesday morning clouds, wednesday evening first wave of rainfall moves through. by thursday morning just after midnight is will be pouring in parts of the bay area. we will see a good soaking rainfall throughout the day thursday. tomorrow the warmest day of winter, 3 to 5 degrees warmer than today. rain arrives by wednesday evening, but widespread flooding is the likely. we'll get a good soak rainfall. fremont tomorrow warm 65, napa 60 three, san jose upper 60s, cloudy wednesday, rain wednesday night, soggy thursday lasting until friday. i think the weekend will be mainly dry, but late sunday night here comes another storm. rain is likely on monday. so we're kind of easing our way back into the rainfall.
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this is not your typical coffee server. tonight the bay area's new robot barista. future. are tonight's guests on,
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this robot is serving up your well, some coffee drinkers in san francisco are getting a little taste of the future. is that this robot is serving up your -- >> this robot is serving up your cup of joe. you can order through an app or touch screen at the cafe. the robot can make 120 cups of coffee every hour. >> the goal at cafe g is to give you really good -- cafe x is to give you really good coffee consistently. what we do with the robot is to move cups around. >> wow. right now you cannot choose different types of milk or decaf, but cafe x hopes to include new offerings in the future. prices start at 2.25. what made tom brady get emotional at super bowl media night this evening?
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we have the 49ers new gm's thoughts on their next head coach and did the raiders make an offer that las vegas ,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5.
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>> after super bowl media night soon to be 49ers head coach kyle shanahan gave two thumbs up to the 49ers hiring john lynch as their new general manager. lynch was hired despite having no previous front office experience. he'll be paired with shanahan after the falcon season ends sunday at the super bowl. the 49ers new gm thinks the 49ers scored a touchdown with shanahan. this is long before i was ever thinking in this role. i was just thinking in my job as an analyst. i thought he was the catch of this head coaching cycle. i really did. it's one of the best years identify seen a coordinator have. there's -- i've seen a coordinator have. there's a lot of really good coordinators. there's some that really separate themselves. i just thought kyle really did that. across the bay sheldon adelson, the vegas casino mogul heavily responsible for pushing the stadium deal through backed out, this following a raiders
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proposed lease agreement in which adelson said he was excluded. adelson had committed 650 million to the financing, but earlier this month raiders told the las vegas stadium authority that goldman sachs would finance the stadium if adelson backed out. adelson said in a statement he felt the raiders basically mistreated him, unlv and the group that put the deal ,, colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow late show with steven colbert is next. our ne
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