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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this is kpix5 news. >> trump administration fights back. after a federal judge blocked the travel ban. good evening. one of the protests was here in the bay area. >> reporter: this is the crowd of about 10,000 people, smaller than the women's march, but still enough to full civic center to the brim. while the trump administration was filing a last-minute appeal to friday's temporary restraining order at the 9th 9th circuit court of appeal, block away, at civic center plaza, a protest over the travel ban was underway. [ chanting ] >> this is our country. >> reporter: two weeks into the new administration, protests have become the new normal in
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san francisco, and much of the u.s. >> i think the american people are rallying around our most valued principles of freedom and quality. you're seeing it in san francisco, and coast to coast. >> reporter: everyone at civic center was armed with their own reason, but the common thread was opposition to president trump and his policies. gary's family was sent it an internment camp in world war ii. >> i represent the japanese american community, reminding everybody, it just takes an executive order to send a race to prison. >> reporter: many signs were focused on the immigration executive order that has become the center of a legal war the past week. >> it's really embarrassing. my sign says i love the constitution, that says it all. if you read the constitution, it's clear. >> reporter: people told kpix5 that they didn't attend their
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first protest until inauguration day, and don't intend to stop any time soon. >> until we respect the constitution, i'm going to be out here screaming with my family as often as i can. >> i'm here for the long haul, and keep protesting until something is done. >> reporter: the no ban, no wall rally was meant to show solidarity with the immigrant and refugee communities. >> to see the fall-out, look no further than the nature's airports -- nation's airports. things at sfo seemed to calm down, but lawyers are prepared for the worst. >> the volunteers behind me are calling the airlines to make sure they know what's going on and getting their position, their statement, are they allowing individual travelers to board planes. >> immigration lawyers say they plan to fight the ban every step of the way.
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some bay area republicans have mess. they say stop. they say president trump isn't getting a fair chance to lead. >> the hillary people are acting like 3-year-olds throw a temper tantrum, and they need to be given a long timeout. >> howard says he supports immigration, but believes it comes down to the issue of safety. he also says president trump could have implemented the travel ban more smoothly. hundred of protestors hit the streets in washington, d.c.. marched front of the white house to let president trump know how they feel about the ban. only problem is, he wasn't there. >> the president is at his estate in florida. protestors are there, too. the president spoke a short time ago, saying he believes he will prevail in the legal battle over the travel ban. >> president trump made that very brief comment while at a red cross gala at his estate. the president had morton say on
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twitter -- because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. also "what is our country coming to when a judge can hold a homeland security travel ban and anyone even with bad intentions can come into the u.s.?" republican congressman encountering an angry crowd in sacramento today. [ chanting ] >> hundreds of people chanted and shouted at the congressman at the town hall. police escorted him away into a car. protestors weren't shy about their concerns. >> it's a problem right now. the affordable care act, and his interest in repealing the affordable care act. the affects on medicare, social security. >> some trump supporters said think like what the president has been doing so far to secure
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the nation's borders. some of president trump supporters gathered in the east bay for a secret meet-up. cate report they're happy he won the white house, but have reasons for staying quiet. >> reporter: some conservatives say they live a secret life, not every able to tell people how they feel politically in fear for their safety. >> do you feel like continuing to be a bay area conservative you have to do it in secret? >> um, yes. for my physical safety. i better keep my mouth shut. >> reporter: robert ward is coming out conservative, but at a place he feels is risky for those that share his belief. >> in berkeley, there's violence, being a conservative in the bay area is like you lead a double life, can never tell your friend, coworkers. >> reporter: he said serve conservatives here have secret -- several conservatives have secret meet ups. they asked not to disclose the
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location off faces of those who attended. >> they seem to pride themselves on being diverse andy versed, and -- and diverted. when people see trump he's not as scary, and good things start to happen, everyone calms down. >> conservative writer whose scheduled speech set up protests said he will be back. milo yiannopoulos made that vow today on facebook and as we show you, most students are open to the idea, even if they don't agree with his views. >> reporter: the hall is covered in plywood, and before the university can put up the replacement windows, milo yiannopoulos posted on his facebook today, he's planning to come back to uc berkeley to give his speech. >> i'm not surprised at all.
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it's a self proclaimed internet troll. >> reporter: his wednesday speech was canceled after violence broke out. >> i think he's here to stir things up. i think we should indulge him in that. he's denied, he is able to play the victim again. >> reporter: many cal students disagree with his point of view, but he should be able to come back. >> we're not a community that want to stop anybody's first amendment. >> reporter: but one student says given the violence caused by wednesday, his return is too risky. >> even though we do have free speech, this is causing violence to occur that is putting people's lifelike at risk. >> reporter: this republican student is glad he plans to come back. he helped organize the initial visit. >> i find it admirable. he is our symbol for free
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speech. >> reporter: he says the campus police have to do a better job. >> i walked with him to the balcony, they were throwing bricks at you will, firecrackers -- at us, firecrackers. >> reporter: they hope the return will have a different outcome. >> don't let this create more divisiveness. >> reporter: he said his return will be in the next few months. >> it's interesting to note, since wednesday's riot, pre- ordered for the new book have shot up to the number one spot on amazon's best seller list. to the more tranquil topic of weather, as we look live to the walnut creek, it's been clear and dry. a few showers, but not much. it's going to change in the next few days as we look atop the west coast, low pressure is abeam. and this mean the showers will be pressing south by tomorrow night. so 24 hours from now, we will
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get wet again. but to find any rain, we don't see it on the hi-def doppler for the last 6 hours. a little is on the north coast, but destined to head south and east. there's winter storm watches for tomorrow night above 6000 feet, for heavy, blowing snow. 6-10 itches at tau -- inches at tahoe. in terms of timing and amounts it, looks good. we are getting the first look at a man accused of murdering his wife in san jose. police arrested the man. they believe his wife's death was not an accident. officer found her body in their home on coin court thursday morning. they viewpoint said how she died -- haven't said how she died, but determined it was a homicide. and two decades after a fire killed several people in an apartment building, police now have the suspects behind bars. the three story building in the west lake district caught fire
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in may of 1993. people tried to escape the flames by jumping off balconies or climbing down bed sheets. the smoke alarms were not working and the fire doors were propped open. at the time, police believe the fire was set by gang members, who had been kicked off the property for dealing drugs. they now say several suspects are in jail, and plan to release more details on monday. a mother in the midwest is being called a hero tonight because of the quick thinking move that authority say saved her newborn daughter's life. even as it cost her her own. shelby carter of illinois died in a house fire this week. firefighters say she strapped her ten day old baby in a car seat and dropped the car seat from a two story window just to get her out of the fire. crews could not reach carter in time though. the baby was taken to a local hospital and is now okay, and with family members. firefighters have raised
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$30,000 to help the family. # five hike -- five hikers lost their footing and went down a ravine. recent landslide damaged road, to make it tough for firefighters to reach the hikers in what is known as an ice chute. one of the four injured is in critical condition. they are part of a hiking club made up of friends and family. look what was happening in the west coast of mexico. cameras rolling as the volcano which is not -- erupted this morning. you can see that massive plume of smoke and ash rising above the crater. the explosion could be seen for miles but thankfully, nobody had to be evacuated. a train derails in virginia, leaving a mess of coal cars. no one was hurt, but some coal that fell out damaged a warehouse as well as a house and a car. a railroad spokesperson says more than 40 cars derailed.
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the cleanup continues tonight. uber's ceo says he's buying plane tickets for people stranded outside the country. they have set up a legal fund to help those with -- more than 2000 people deleted their uber accounts after there was a claim that some tried to benefit from the travel ban. some were upset that he was advising the president, a role he has since stepped down from. the same time, tesla ceo is defending his part patience on -- participation on president trump's advisory council. he tweeted he is doing good-bye advising the president. says during a meeting yesterday, he nudged white house officials to talk about the travel ban and he also raised the i be of climate change -- issue the climate
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change. more women are leading police departments, but still, just five of the large police department have police chiefs. this lead in atlanta, columbus, ohio, phoenix, san diego and seattle. law enforcement expert found female officers tend to use communication to help diffuse potentially volatile situations. that's a technique many police departments are now focusing on. oakland recently hired anne kirkpatrick, she starts in three weeks. kirkpatrick comes from spokane where she was police chief for six years. hours away super super bowl li, and when fans show up tomorrow, they'll have these guys watching out for them. alameda county k9 deputies are part of the national team patrolling nrg stadium. and worked super bowl ccl. fans are enjoying the nfl experience as andy rose report
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tomorrow, they will focus on a david versus goliath battle. the pay the versus the atlanta falcons -- patriots versus the atlanta falcons. >> reporter: when they faceoff tomorrow, it will be an indication of the power house franchise versus the underdogs. the patriots have won rings in four of their eight appearances, and all of those victories were with tom brady and bill belichick. and then there's the falcons who have never won a national championship. in fact this will be their second super bowl appearance in history, and are ready to be back home cities of both teams are preparing for celebrations and large crowds. >> we're asking people and reminding, there's no public drinking, do not climb on structures. >> reporter: while security is a priority, it's sure to be extra tight due to the
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attendance of mike pence, former president george w. bush, and his wife, and will participate in the pregame coin toss. whether you watch the game, commercials, halftime show or puppy bowl there. will be plenty to keep viewers entertained on super bowl sunday. san francisco second largest park just got safer to walk through. part of the street is now a path for pedestrians and bicyclists only. the one mile stretch of manziel street is now officially open to people passing through. no cars allowed. it's been years in the making and today, city, county leaders came into the rain to celebrate residents were forced to climb guardrails prior. if you're working on a health insurance application through covered california, you have less than 45 minutes to submit it. the deadline is midnight. for anybody that; is that righted an application by the
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end of january, more than 20,000 people have signed up. it's happening during a time of uncertainty. president trump has vowed to repeal and replace the affordable care act. which provides subsidies while requiring everybody to buy insurance. but so far, he hasn't given details on a new healthcare plan. only on 5, we've learned the state is about to issue a serious held warning, certain fish in the russian river are not safe to eat. we investigated an abandoned mercury mine, and found toxic dirt has been washing washing into a local creek that feeds into the russian river. but there are no warning signs posted and won't be for months. we asked why the public isn't being told. >> reporter: after a surge of recent storm, the russian river took center stage. the flooding water hitting
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begun valley. crews took us out on the river as it was about to crest. the water has since re, but there is a different danger in the water, and it's been there for some time. just up stream, the mount jackson mine, one of the largest mercury mines in california. it closed in the early 1970s after operating for more than a century. the mine owners are long gone, but large piles of dirt and rock remain. they border a creek which feeds into the russian river. a kpix5 investigation last fall into the mount jackson mine prompted the regional water control board to conduct mercury tests tests in the area for the first time. >> the results were about four times of level. >> reporter: four times the levels, and the quality control board discovered some mercury was going directly into the creek. and now we've learned the
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office of environmental health hazard assessment tested fish in parts of the raining river because of potential fish -- russian river because of potential contamination. we obtained the draft results. they state the fish at all five locations are accumulating mercury within their tissue, and that a fish consumption guideline for the russian river will be developed. the process will lead to a mercury advisory more than likely by the end of the summer. but that advisory comes two years after the fish were sampled. >> we're disseminating the information through our website as we get it. >> reporter: don is with the russian river keeper, and wants to know what is the holdup. >> what we would love to see in the perfect world is the public being alerted right away. >> reporter: but the office
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says it is not slated to complete the advisory until fiscal year 2017-2018. their reason, they say, because the state is still developing warnings for other waterways in the state. they declined our request for an on-camera interview. environmentalists will be doing their own warnings. >> women who are pregnant, and small children under 18 should not neat baths in the -- bath in the russian river. don't eat them. >> we requested an on camera interview with the state water board to find out why the process takes so long, but they declined our request. >> hard to believe. good report, but hard to believe. a government agency, right? >> it takes time. you have to be to go -- you have to go through the bureaucracy. we've got clear to partly
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cloudy skies. and the numbers have plunged into the 40s at livermore. 51 in san jose, 51 at concorde, oakland 52. here's how it looks, we have the double barreled low out there. we have rain in the pacific northwest, rain and snow in seattle. if you know anybody there, they will be the cold. tomorrow morning, here's sunrise, rest of the day, lots of clouds, watch what happens, about 5:00. wham! we get hit with another one. pretty good rain, but fairly fast-moving. winds will gust up to 30-40 miles an hour, and rainfall amounts about half an inch to an inch and a half. so fast-moving it won't accumulation. so that's good news in the mountains, winter storm watches posted for sunday night through monday night. about 6000 feet, heavy and blowing snow. 6-10 inches at tahoe with travel delays almost a certainty. so we'll be dry a little bit tonight, and then mostly cloudy most of the day until rain
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returns tomorrow evening. over night lows tonight 46, in santa rosa, down into the mid- 40s. 46 in concord, and 48 in oakland. for tomorrow, the numbers will be mid-50s to low 60s, and increasing clouds and then rain developing by about 4:00 up in the north bay and then it will over spread the rest of the bay area after sunset. look for things to turn wet late tomorrow, lingering into monday. tuesday, another system comes in, wednesday a break. thursday, final system before high pressure re asserts itself. that's weather. now for a preview of the super bowl, here's this super guy. super bowl coming up, but a strange night tonight. we have a first though. how about steve kerr's first- ever nba ejection as a head coach? this story coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gonna lose a game.... ....make it your worst performance of the season... steve kerr eje if you're going to lose a game,
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you might as well make it your worst performance of the season. here is steve kerr, and as i said before, look out! first ejection as head coach in his young career. steph curry, what a shot, tied it at 82. he cord parks and -- he scored 35. and warriors had to scramble. this wept to over time -- went to over time. look atticus since step lieu -- curry missed an open layup. heres the long san diego kings won the game 109-106. snap a 13 game looting streak. to the college ranks, the lone san diego highlight. right there, it went downhill.
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st. mary's did, they went to the -- score was 43-9 after three. 71-27. the lowest point total in the program history for san diego. st. mary's on a collision course with gonzaga. this is josh perkins. final seconds of the first half. usf beat loyola marymount. she can enjoy this one. after winning her 1000th game. travis down low, scored a game high 26. stanford won 81-75. they are 4-7 in pac-12 play. how about the ice, sharks,
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they wore the dove logo. back to the regular teal colors. reader was stopped by jones, incredible save. shootout time. up to joe to extend the game. and coyotes mike smith said no. arizona won it. now, you got me going. yeah! i'm coming back with the nfl's defensive player of the year. and the new hall of fame class. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at
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the raiders khalil mack... was named the league the envelope please. it was awards night in houston. the khalil mack was named the league's defensive player of the year, in his third year, he racked up 11 mack-sacks. forced five fumbles, beat up von miller and became the first raider player to win the award since lester hays in 1980. now, this year's hall of fame class did not include former 49ers receive error terrell owens, he's a snub, two straight years now. despite third in touchdowns. 7 more did make up the hall of fame class. highlighted by running backs tomlinson, and terrell davis.
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quarterback kurt warner under, jason taylor, and selected kick at the morton anderson -- kicker morrison anderson, and jerry jones all into the hall of fame class. back in a moment. without a scratch. when you waly maybe the day your baby ome. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love.
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