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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. did you ever question roberta? >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> thank you. thank you so much. boy, it was the wind that woke me up this morning. 1:45 it was cue the wind. wind gusts at 38 miles per hour. i talked to the national weather service. they are not going to issue a wind advisory even though the criteria is there. only reason is they don't want to put it up and take it down quickly because it's moving through fast. you take a look at the precipitation there, light to moderate falling through the northern portion of our bay area. east bay has been getting slammed. look at the pocket of heavy rain outside san leandro into the hayward and union city area. also traversing across to the south bay. palo alto, half moon bay, plenty of precipitation. there you have san jose with a little clearing zone but you, too will get into the action with the wind and the rain. we have heavy rain occurring around the santa cruz mountains. over the next six days you will get slammed with up to 9 inches of rain. we have some rainfall in the
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city of san francisco that pocket of moderate to heavy rainfall around mission to silver avenue ingleside and also the bayview district. flash flood watch is in effect for the auxilliary spillway of the oroville dam. between now and next wednesday, i'm anticipating up to about 7 to 8 inches of rain there. that is not a good thing especially when you have snow melt. locally we have a high surf advisory in place looking athe 12 to 15 feet. breakers to 20 feet. now, currently, there are three things i want you to remember. it is wet, it is windy and sloppy. storm 2 comes in on friday. as of now, we don't have any flood watches in effect. but you will have localized roadway flooding. temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. the winds are the other side of the story. the winds up to 23 in oakland and 24 san francisco. full forecast is still coming up but right now let's send it to roqui. >> thank you, roberta.
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let's start with mass transit. if you are an ace train commuter listen up. we have good news for you. it is back in service but the bad news is, it is reduced service so usually you have four trains in the morning and the afternoon. but today and tomorrow, there will be only one train in the morning and the afternoon. and that's train number 3 and 6. so keep that in mind out the door. san francisco bay ferry the vallejo to san francisco ferry will be serviced by buses for the 6 a.m. and noon ferry. bart and muni are on time. let's head now to the roads. if you are heading across the span of the bay bridge, the rain is coming down so drive slowly and carefully. high winds across the span as well as the san mateo bridge from 880 to 101, that will take you about 15 minutes. developing now. a high-rise in san francisco is evacuated this morning. authorities say that a crane that was leaning from the 35th floor is finally secure. now they are working on a permanent fix. it's on a building on tehama
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street in the soma neighborhood. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: after hours of uncertainty were the stability atop 33 tehama and thousands evacuated from san francisco's soma neighborhood came this announcement from san francisco fire. >> they have concluded at this time that we have no imminent danger to the public or the surrounding buildings or to any individual at this time. >> reporter: one of nine struts supporting a platform between the 35th and 36th floors of the construction project failed causing the flat form to lean to the northeast. you can see it clearly in this photo from a viewer. >> the platform will be shored up in the next few hours. once it's stabilized, not until sometime tomorrow will they come in and remove the piece of equipment that's that sits on top of that platform. >> reporter: the company building 33 tehama, heinz, released this statement: an interior forming system had
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a partial hydraulic failure while being raised to the next level. the company is headquartered in houston and owns and is building several buildings in san francisco including the "salesforce" tower. two companies are flying in a structural engineer from washington state to further assess problems at 33 tehama which has been under construction since 2015. >> once the platform is stabilized, the pump on the platform will have to be cut from the base, the crane that's sitting next to it will attach to that pump and that pump will be lowered to the ground. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. more than a dozen buildings were evacuated when the slab started to move. kpix 5's susie steimle talks to vac weeks who waited all nice to get the "all clear." >> reporter: the already sluggish streets of soma have screeched to a halt as streets
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shut down streets at tehama were shut down. evacuees tried to find out what happened. >> we were just in our building working on our computers in our office and they came up to us and said you have to evacuate the building. >> reporter: michelle malouf worked in one of the 16 offices forced to evacuate. they didn't have time to grab anything. >> i don't have my keys or wallet. everything is inside except for my phone and my computer. >> reporter: throughout the night those same evacuees showed up again and again trying to regain access. >> trying to get back to the office because a lot of stuff is in there. they wouldn't let us back in. >> reporter: only to be redirected yet again. >> have to walk back to where we came from after being on our feet all day at the convention. >> reporter: at 8:15 some hope. >> we'll escort new to get your belongings, if you have identification. >> they are going to get me out. >> today will be business as usual with the exception of 44 tehama. it's only building still evacuated. if you do work there you are encouraged to call 311 for updates. and this is what the
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apartment building will look like once construction is complete. it will have 37 stories and feature more than 400 luxury units. right now, crews are making emergency repairs on the lake oroville dam and spillways with storm sets to hit the area. still with water levels at 26 feet below the spillway state officials feel this round of rain won't cause a crisis but only on "5" joe vazquez shows us some locals are feeling the sting of crime even as the spillway situation improves. >> has major severe head injuries to his right side of his face all tore off and there's a lot of emotions. >> reporter: 33-year-old cameron asbury is in a hospital in clear he could. >> we are getting ready to evacuate because it could go higher. we were just getting things ready. >> reporter: his father says cameron was run over sunday evening on farley street in oroville after a man jumped into tim's pickup and stole it. >> came out and somebody was in it, like hey, get out of my truck. >> reporter: the father says they got in the other car and chased the stolen vehicle to
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this dirt road. cameron got out and confronted the thief. >> and telling him just leave the truck, man, just jump out, leave the truck. we don't care about you. and he geared it up and beelined right at him and ran him over. >> reporter: the sheriff didn't bring up this particular crime today but he says there were incidents of looting over the last couple of days. he says it was not widespread. he says sunday was an especially difficult day, thousands of people leaving town all at once because they were worried the emergency spillway would collapse. >> that was an incredibly chaotic situation and i was aware of it. >> reporter: in oroville, joe vazquez, kpix 5. we are on storm watch. the rain and the wind are here. >> they are. i was on the phone with the national weather service this morning. we are having a little conference call. i always have tunnel vision when i'm here. it's my way or no way. we were discussing the fact that honestly this is going to be one of those winters that we'll talk about for generations as we do the 186
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and 2005 and also el nino 1997 and '98. this season of 2016 and '17 will go down in the record books and we'll be sitting back in our rocking chairs and be telling stories of the great rains and winds of the season of 2016-'17. this is one of those days. we have heavy rain in parts of the bay area right now. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we are picking up a pocket of heavy rain "pushhhhing" into the inverness area near bolinas with heavy rain. east bay san leandro heavy rain. raining through the 580 corridor into the castro valley area. and then we have some pretty nice moderate to heavy rainfall from woodside to sand hill road then portola road moderate to heavy rainfall right there. santa clara valley through park moore rain. park avenue, rain. santa cruz mountains, boy, you're going to get slammed
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over the next several days with several inches of rainfall. into the city of san francisco as you drive along geary boulevard into the richmond district to the western addition, you do have some pretty moderate rainfall. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. mostly cloudy, a few raindrops on our camera lens. the other side of the story are the very gusty winds. temperatures are still mild in the 50s and 60s. but this is a cold front clashing with the warmer air mass. right now winds are at 23 in oakland. across the bay bridge, it's a double white knuckler. very gusty winds, 24 in san francisco. 25 along the seashore. 20 in livermore and also along the coast in half moon bay. pretty breezy in napa. we do have a flash flood watch in effect for those yellow highlighted areas. that's auxilliary spillway of the oroville dam. if you see some of these little blocks of red, that's the
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levees we are watching including clearlake at lakeport. we have a high surf advisory. breakers up to 20 feet. here's what you need to know today. your story timeline. now to 6 a.m. heavy rain is tapering in the north bay. that's from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. happening already. 10 a.m. to lunchtime the rain does dial back to showers. meanwhile, breezy windy conditions, temperatures in the 60s today. this is storm number one. i'm going to talk about storm number 2 and talk about that and its effect on your big getaway friday plans. roqui? >> thank you. it is 4:40. let's take a look at your roads. but first, let's start with mass transit. we already have a lot of updates for you early morning ace train is down to reduced service today after being out of service for the past couple of days due to weather and flood-related issues. now today, only train 6 will be running in the morning and
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train 3 will be running in the -- excuse me, train 3 in the morning and only train 6 in the afternoon. so only those two trains today. vallejo to san francisco ferry buses at 6 a.m. and noon. and then let's take a look at the marin county commute here. highway 37 is closed between atherton avenue and 101 still due to crews working out there after major flooding in the area. golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco, you're looking good. let's move to scotts valley now highway 17 still only down to one lane in both directions here between vine hill road and sugarloaf due to the massive mudslide. caltrans now says it will be february 25th before it can re-open a stretch of highway 37 in marin county. the highway has been closed because of flooding problems between highway 101 and atherton avenue with traffic
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being detoured on to atherton. crews are working to install a steel wall, concrete barrier and larger pipes to ease future flooding incidents but a series of storms forecast over the next few days is expected to delay the repairs. in the santa cruz mountains crews are using a special tractor nicknamed the spider to clean up the massive mudslide on highway 17 near scotts valley. the spider moniker comes from its ability to climb the steep mountainside as you can see. a lot of the work now is to make sure things don't get worse during the storms forecast over the next few days. highway 17 of course is a main route between san jose and santa cruz. it's reduced to one lane in each direction now at the slide site near vine hill road. it's been a major problem for regular commuters and so far there's no indication when the lanes will re-open. ♪[ music ] 4:42. still ahead, if there was a way to help your pets live longer would you try it? we'll show you the new drug that could do just that. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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problems for dog-owners is the pets' relatively short life span. but as k-p-i-x five's cate cauguiran reports from san francisco... an experimental
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drug shows promise, of slowing dogs' a one of the most heartbreaking problems for dog owners the short life-span. as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports from san francisco, an experimental drug shows promise of slowing dog's aging. >> reporter: in a city where dogs outnumber kids, lynn miller says her pets might as well be her children. >> your dog is part of your family. life without a dog is not life. >> hello! >> reporter: lynn knows a dog's life-span is limited and takes in every moment she can with her poodles. >> i'm on my fifth standard poodle. and if i could have my poodles live longer, i would totally. >> reporter: american aging association researchers say they may have found something that can do just that with a drug called rapamycin. >> this is something i never thought would happen. >> reporter: it's a immunosuppressant drug approved by the fda for humans. currently it's used as part of a drug combination to help
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organ transplant recipients and also to treat certain types of cancer. a little over 10 years ago, a doctor started working with the drug to see its effects on aging. >> this drug has pretty remarkable effects in terms of increasing life-span and improving health during aging in every laboratory organism where it's been tested. >> reporter: the doctor is a researcher at the university of washington medical center. he felt so strongly about the positive results it showed in mice that he got funding to spearhead the dog aging project. 24 medium to large dogs ages 7 and 8 which is considered middle-aged for dogs were part of the study. the doctor and others focused primarily on cardio function. after the 10-week study they found the dogs given the drug appeared to reverse some measures of age-associated cardiac decline with no negative side effects. and he says based on the research, it's possible the drug could increase a dog's
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life-span by about 25%. or 2.5 years for a dog that would normally live to be 10. the dog aging project is currently enrolling dogs for phase 2 of its study. >> as a scientist and researcher, i'd like to see the hard data to say whether or not i really believe that there's promise for it to work as an anti-aging medication. i think it's just not there yet. and i think that's where the phase 2 of this dog aging project may see. >> reporter: a veterinarian with san francisco-based vet pronto says that at this point the drug is not being prescribed to pets in the bay area. >> this drug does not have fda approval for cats and dogs but it's used off label for the dog aging project. >> reporter: and while dog owners we spoke with are hopeful -- >> it would be tremendous. it would be really great. it would be like a dream come true. >> reporter: -- dr. goldenburg says it will be a long time before this drug hits the dog market. so for now -- >> keeping them a healthy
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weight, going to the vet annually, those are the biggest things i think that i see in my daily practice that could help. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> now, a derivative of the drug is also tested on humans and it showed positive results, as well. researchers believe it could be a preventative medicine for alzheimer's and other age related diseases. >> wow. >> i know. isn't that amazing. >> it is. my dog -- i had it for 17 years when she had cancer and passed and i cried for 45 minutes before the vet said you have to leave my office now. and now i have a dog that's going to be three years old and i want her to stay three years old. definitely my best friend. that dog doesn't care if i miss the forecast or not. [ laughter ] >> all she cares is in if i come home with a treat for her. >> we do! >> when is the last time that happened! [ laughter ] >> never.
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>> okay, stop. we are under storm watch today through next wednesday we'll be under storm watch with daily rain in the forecast. here's our live hi-def doppler radar right now. it's not one storm that's going to be just really more potent than the next. it's just the accumulation effect that will take place. right now we have a very fast- moving cold front. you see it already exiting the santa rosa area. and you see the heaviest rain showers right there over the east bay. see a line of precipitation just pushing past san rafael across that san rafael-richmond bridge to 580. mill valley you have heard the raindrops this morning as well here's your east bay from oakland through san leandro into castro valley. woodside a moderate cell that's drifting over the san mateo bridge. highway 35 has rain showers. 880 wet. 87 into willow glen equally as wet. 280, boy, it's a mess out there this morning for the morning commute but if there is any good news in all this if you
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have the luxury to stand back and hold out and take a later morning commute, that is advisable. all of this is moving out very rapidly from the north to the south. the richmond district had heavy rainfall that's over into the western addition. it's raining. it's blowing. stiff winds at this early hour. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds 23 in oakland, 25 half moon bay. so if you have an umbrella today, hang on to it. most rain in the morning hours. flash flood watch in effect for the auxilliary spillway of the oroville dam. high surf advisory for that huge highlighted area that encompasses the coastline. heavy rain out of here just a hit-and-miss scattered shower throughout the afternoon, evening, as well. the next system comes in from the south before lunchtime with big time problems in southern
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california for this big getaway friday. it begins to exit our area by 2 a.m. on saturday a lingering shower possible on saturday but most of the day dry. same sunday with even a peek of sunshine before a bigger storm comes in sunday night. we have the heavy rain "pushhhhing" through the bay area right now. scattered showers this afternoon. today's high temperatures into the 60s. the winds will dial back later today. your extended forecast we are on storm watch each -- and every day. yes, it will be raining, roxy, for the holiday on monday. >> did you just call my roxy? >> did i call i my dog's name? oh, my gosh! i'm so sorry. roxy and roqui in the house. >> story of my life. roxy and roqui. >> i love my dog and i love you. >> i love you, too, "ro." it's okay. let's check the roads and we have some early-morning hot spots as well to tell you about. this is the altamont pass traffic right now moving slowly at just 19 miles per hour. if you take a look here, using
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mass transit for the past couple of days, couldn't do that because the ace train wasn't running but now it's back in service but with reduced service actually so trains only 3 and 6 are running today, 3 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. then the san francisco bay ferry vallejo to san francisco will be buses at 6 a.m. bart and muni are on time. if you head into scotts valley, we have early-morning slowdowns already. highway 17 only down to one lane in both directions. we have red arrows already. you're moving at 14 miles per hour so expect delays throughout the day on northbound 17. and if you want to consider an alternate route take branciforte to vine hill road to get beyond the red arrows. now to high wind advisories across the span of the san mateo bridge and a lot of rain coming down across the span of the bay bridge, as well. all right. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. time now 4:52. still ahead, closing time.
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the new four have bars stay open even later than 2 a.m. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some local watering holes are toasting a proposed new law. pk ers go sharks last call could be later in california. as kpix 5's betty yu reports, some local watering holes are toasting a proposed new law. >> reporter: these guys can stay out toasting even later if a newly introduced bill makes it through the california legislature. state senator scott weiner from san francisco said his bill would allow local governments to decide if bars can extend alcohol service until 4 a.m. with special authorization from the state department of alcohol beverage control. >> why not? bars staying open later just brings more money in. >> we have to compete with new
4:56 am
york, am i right, boys? >> whoo! >> come on! >> whoo! >> reporter: senator weiner says it's about giving local governments more control an celebrating the different needs of each city and neighborhood. he facetimed me from the state capital. >> night life is a key part of our culture of our identity. it's what makes us a world class area and when you look at what world class cities do, they have good late nights. >> reporter: current law requires bars to stop serving at 2 a.m. senator weiner says night life is a $6 billion industry in san francisco alone. and it employs 70,000 people. >> i think it creates a lot of worries for parents. >> reporter: to those who say it would encourage alcoholism and bad late night choices. >> if someone is going to guzzle down beers and be drunk when they get in their car they will do it at 2 or 4 a.m.
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these are serious issues we have to address. but it's not relevant. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. verizon reportedly has a new author for sunnyvale yahoo. they want to buy the internet property of yahoo. the "associated press" reports it's a possible price cuss because of hacks on yahoo -- price cuts because of hacks on yahoo. they are cutting $350 million off the original offer of nearly $4 billion. time now 4:57. in the next half-hour an undocumented mother of three is taking refuge in a church. we'll tell you why i.c.e. wants her deported. >> the storms arrive. why it's inconvenients people before the rain even fell today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look outside. another round of storms is on the way! we've got complete coverage this rning. it is thursday, february 16. this is a live look outside. highway 17 in the south bay,
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one lane in each direction right now. another round of storms is on the way. we have complete coverage this morning. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's check in with roberta for the forecast. >> rain until next wednesday. we'll have some occasional breaks. there's not one storm more powerful than the rest, just every, single day of rain will take effect. so if you have flooded before you will probably flood again. santa cruz mountains, there will be no improvement especially along highway 1. i'm really feeling for the folks in the big sur area. no one can get in and out and you can see, this is a very fast-moving front. take a look at the back side of it already exiting portions of the north bay. this is marching along, clipping along rapidly east bay. you have pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall in the east bay. san leandro certainly wet at this hour. look


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