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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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you head out today. roberta is tracking the storm on hi-def doppler radar. >> you might have heard the wind before the rain this morning, gusty winds in inches sess of 40 miles per hour. good morning, everybody. it's a fast-moving cold front slicing from the north to the south, pretty much done with the rain in the north bay except for the lingering showers but you can see that main energy slicing now across the sacramento valley. in its wake again, scattered showers from saint helena all the way into petaluma this morning. it's a wet morning commute around novato. meanwhile, san ramon valley into dublin that 580/680 corridor. and we also have 84 connecting up with 680 wet towards the sunol grade. peninsula a bit of a break right now. santa clara valley moderate to heavy rainfall from san jose now some light rain around bird avenue into park avenue around the s.a.p. center into willow glen and
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communications hill boulevard. santa cruz mountains have been getting hammered this morning. now light rain tapering off. mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. visibility not hampered but the roads are wet. a lot of ponding on the roads and standing water. the system rolled through very rapidly leaving in its wake up to half inch of rain in some locations. we are in the 50s and 60s. other side of the story the gusty winds. we were at 48-mile-per-hour wind gusts throughout the tri- valley. now beginning to dial back with the passage of this front. napa wind speeds up to 18. winds sustained today south 10 to 20. we'll keep that flash flood watch in effect for the auxilliary spillway of the oroville dam. so far this morning, all is okay. but there's a lot of rain coming from now all the way through wednesday. see that yellow highlighted area? that is the high surf advisory in effect. surf is up.
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swells 15 feet. 20-foot breakers. three things i want you to remember, it's wet, windy and sloppy for the morning commute. storm 2 is tracking quickly to the bay area affecting the big getaway friday and so far no flood watches in effect. but there will be localized flooding. we have the full forecast with storms 2, 3 and 4 and the holiday forecast. back to you. thank you. it's already quite wet in many parts of the bay area. kpix 5's maria medina joins us live from san leandro. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. you know, we had a bit of a break in the rain but it's starting to come down again. a little bit of a drizzle but just to show you how heavy the rain was here this morning, it has left some ponding here on the roads as roberta mentioned. now, not a lot but that's enough to hydroplane. so be careful. these rains great for our drought but it is going to be
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an inconvenience for many in novato. even after the storms roll out, on highway 37 a three-mile stretch of the four-lane highway between highway 101 and atherton avenue is going to stay closed until we are learning next saturday. so a lot of the traffic being detoured through neighborhoods causing a traffic jam over there. now, what they are doing, that area is prone to flooding when there are heavy rains and king tides. so what they are doing out there crews are making emergency repairs including raising that part of the highway up five feet. so a pretty heavy task for them up ahead here. as far as this storm, again, you know, some pretty heavy rains. enough to leave some ponding on the roads. so be careful when you're out there. but a little bit of a break out here in san leandro. back to you. you have a break in rain but we don't have a break with traffic in the east bay. a new traffic alert here in oakland. it is. just 5 miles per hour on
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northbound 880 at fifth avenue due to a jackknifed big rig blocking one of those right lanes. chp crews are out there trying to get this cleared out but it's been out there since 4:30 so well over an hour now and you have to make sure you give yourself extra time to get into oakland towards the maze towards the bay bridge toll plaza. now, if you are taking 880 beyond that crash, here's a live look at the traffic. so from 238 at this point in san leandro to the maze, that will take you about 40 minutes so heavy conditions out there. moving over now to a new traffic alert issued by chp in richmond on westbound 580 on the approach to the richmond/san rafael bridge at regatta boulevard a multicar crash. there are six to seven vehicles involved and it's blocking all lanes. so how will you get through the traffic? i have an alternate four. continue on eastbound 80 beyond the site of the crash here on to cutting boulevard. exit cutting boulevard, take cutting to westbound 80 and that will get you back on to
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the bridge if you need to get interest. bay bridge toll plaza backed up into the maze. so from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take about 24 minutes. expect about a 20-minute drive from the maze to downtown because you have wet roads, high winds and traffic moving in so drive safely out there. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. in oroville crews are scrambling to finish emergency repairs on the lake oroville dam and spillways with rain hitting the area today. but state officials still confident these wet conditions won't worsen the crisis. water levels are currently 26 feet below the spillway. still, barges and cranes are now at work removing debris from the diversion pool at the dam site. and stay with kpix 5 for complete storm watch coverage throughout the day and for a live look at hi-def doppler radar anytime just head to in san francisco, crews are trying to find a permanent way to stabilize a massive concrete
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platform that could have dropped from a high-rise. the construction scare happened yesterday afternoon in the south of market neighborhood. a concrete slab became unstable on the 35th floor of a complex on 33 tehama street. several buildings were evacuated after crews realized the platform was leaning and might fall. one of nine struts supporting the slab failed and made the whole chunk unstable according to officials. repair work took six hours. inspectors say the wall is shored up and now requires a permanent fix. >> they have concluded at this time that we have no imminent danger to the public or the surrounding buildings or to any individual at this time. >> evacuation orders for the neighboring buildings have been lifted. but 33 tehama is off limits for now. president trump's pick for the u.s. envoy to israel is expected to face tough questions at his senate confirmation hearing today. at least five former ambassadors to israel are
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urging lawmakers to reject david friedman for what they view as his extreme views on mideast peace. it comes a day after the president met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. president trump broke with a two decades old u.s. policy on israel backing away from the idea of creating an independent palestinian state. >> i'm looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. [ laughter ] >> i'm very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. >> president trump says he is still committed to a peace deal. he also asked netanyahu to hold back on building new settlements. meanwhile, andrew puzder has withdrawn his nomination for a labor secretary after gop senators reportedly warned the white house that he may not win confirmation. concerns were raised after puzder admitted to employing an undocumented immigrant as a
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housekeeper for five years. puzder is also dealing with a newly unearthed decades old tape where his ex-wife alleges he physically abuse her when they were married. she later recanted the story. time now 6:08. a new push this morning from the nation's grocery stores to clarify what the food expiration and safety labels really mean. >> and why some students at one bay area high school are being encouraged to spend more time on social media. >> storm watch and our first storm is almost already out of here. but i'm already tracking storm number 2. >> and we're tracking two major traffic alerts in the east bay. we'll tell you exactly where they are and how much damage it's causing. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of traffic heading into downtown san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the grocery industry is
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launching a new initiative aimed at time check 6:11. good morning, this is the morning commute in the santa cruz mountains highway 17 and yesterday the california highway patrol opened one lane of 17 in each direction although it remains uncertain when the main road from santa cruz to san jose will completely re-open. with six days of rain in the forecast in the santa cruz mountains we tell you how it will be affected. the forecast in less than four minutes. the grocery industry launched a new initiative and a at reducing confusion -- aimed at reducing confusion over food expression labels. right now stores use 10 different date labels on packages. now the grocery manufacturers association and the food marketing institute want stores to use two, instead. the use by label will be the reserved for highly perishable food that could make you sick when they go bad. the other label, best if used
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by, is for everything else. >> we can help consumers void throwing away food unnecessarily, which means more money in their pocketbook. >> the label changes could take effect by next summer. >> you don't even look at the date, right? if it looks good you just eat it. >> i smell it and look at it. and if it seems okay, i'll try it. >> my husband took a whole handful of parmesan cheese and it had mold. >> i would look carefully at cheese which spoils very quickly. usually in high school students are told to get off social media. but not at this school. presentation high school is this week's "cool school." reporter: we all know teenagers are social media experts and the girls in this graphic design class are no exception. >> if you look at where art is going back in the old days it was paint on canvas or bronze sculpture but now it's interactive constantly moving pixels and it's really great also to put those tools into the girls' hands.
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>> reporter: one assignment was creating snapchat geo filters and submitting them to the company for official use. >> i asked them to guess what the next project was. it was just a scream. snapchat!! >> i use snapchat a lot so i was really excited to be able to design my own work for snapchat and see what it looks like. >> reporter: three of the filters were selected and now everyone can see them. this one was inspired by a neighborhood truck. >> he would ride around in that truck all the time go christmas carolling in it which was really cool so it's amazing that i got to do something that affected my life. >> reporter: the way it works is if you are standing in a neighborhood like this and you see this red truck, you can take a picture on snapchat and then you will scroll through the geo filters and you will find ellie. >> i never thought of myself as a creative person but coming into this class and being able to work with technology, um, to create art really made me happy because i found out i am creative in this graphic design
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way. >> reporter: the other winning filters were for the san francisco zoo and the city of carmel, which of course includes the cypress tree. >> that's not normal class assignment to make a snapchat filter so we were all kind of like this is something so different and so relevant that we were super excited. >> reporter: these type of assignments get the girls interested in technology and art building a bridge between the two. >> the best part of education is to tell these girls, like, you can do whatever you want. >> what? [ laughter ] >> i was talking to roqui over here. >> these girls are amazing. i know you weren't listening to the story. they are amazing. they are right now -- their current assignment they are making some enamel pins making designs and they will pick the best one and they are all for a social cause whatever the choices. the best one they will produce and sell them and the proceeds go toward that cause.
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>> it's good to know the students aren't just using snapchat to make the dog faces. it's for pay good cause. >> yes. it's for a good cause. >> and for the record, that was the second time i watched this. i was paying attention. all right. hat's coo l about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. let's get a check on our traffic and weather. >> i love that story. >> education. >> you would be amazed even now 2017 not a lot of women are in the field so they want to get more women in. >> will they take a doll? i want to make a geo filter. >> i'm on snapchat. >> i want my own weather app. i look at all these other apps. wrong! wrong! wrong! >> do it. >> yeah, right. >> get in touch with the teacher. she will help you. >> you do have a snapchat by the way. we were having a little fun in
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the studio on snapchat and you can make your own geo filters if you have a birthday party or -- you can -- >> all right. go to the traffic. let's go. let's go, they're telling us let's go. sorry on to less fun things. traffic. it's a chp traffic alert here in richmond. westbound 580 at regatta boulevard. it's a multi-car crash. chp is reporting six to seven cars involved here and it was blocking all lanes so that was going to be very bad but now it's blocking the two left lanes. the right lane is open. crews are on the way to get this cleared up but there are major delays in the area. 6 miles per hour. you can see the red arrows there. this is due to flooding as chp reported so as crews make their way there, just make sure you give yourself extra time to get on the richmond/san rafael bridge. now, if you want to avoid this traffic there is a lane open but it is slow so if you want to avoid this traffic use cutting boulevard to eastbound 80, exit cutting back to 580.
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that takes you to the richmond/san rafael bridge. bay bridge toll plaza high winds across the span. the maze to downtown will take 34 minutes so that's a heavy commute into downtown san francisco. and then another traffic alert in oakland northbound 880 at fifth avenue. this is a jackknifed big rig out there blocking a lane and you're moving at just 5 miles per hour. traffic backed up to fruitvale so give yourself extra time to get through this area, too. roberta, to you. >> boy, as quickly as i line up our live hi-def doppler, things change rapidly because it's a very fast-moving cold front. look at the front draped across the sacramento valley swinging into newman at this time. in its wake, we will find a lingering shower throughout the day. they are popping up numerous now in throughout the northern portion of our bay area. we picked up a half inch of rain already this morning in many locations. it's raining now from saint helena along highway 128 as you make your morning commute into
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the napa area. also around highway 37. east bay we're now picking up some hit-and-miss scattered showers after some heavy downpours in the last 60 minutes. the san ramon valley that 580/680 corridor, that's moderate rain showers. livermore rain on 84 to the sunol grade. peninsula drying out as of right now. delays at sfo on some arriving flights. santa clara valley you see the light rain showers now encompassing the campbell area, also cambria, curtner avenue wet, foxworthy, cherry avenue. and santa cruz mountains it's been raining there all morning long in addition to some very gusty winds more rain showers along the western addition through market street. this is our live weather camera looking out towards sfo. again we have delays on some
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arriving flights with our temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. sfo picked up a wind gust a couple of hours ago at 38 miles per hour. those winds are now at 18, 17 san francisco. pretty blustery along the immediate seashore this morning and the rim of the bay. 14 in pleasanton. you, too had a wind gust up to 38. 18-mile-per-hour winds now in napa. red areas pretty much the levees in the south-central portion of sacramento except right there. that's clear lake at lakeport with a flash flood warning in effect as we reach flood stage. otherwise flash flood watch in effect for the auxilliary spillway of the oroville dam. so far everything is okay this morning. surf is up. we have breakers up to 20 feet. the first system is moving in. it's moving out. second one is a big one! it's targeting southern california. so if you are going to be making tracks towards the southland for this big getaway friday you're driving directly into the system. here's your thursday afternoon just a hit-and-miss scattered shower at best. here's friday. this thing is moving very rapidly from the south lifting
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to the north heavy rain again for your morning commute tomorrow. and then also, into that big getaway friday evening commute. we will have the gusty winds alongside the rain showers. your sunday will be basically dry with yet another storm moving in. between now and saturday, over an inch of rain in many locations. but it's an inch of rain on top of already saturated soil. lots of people asking about tahoe. rain today, changing to snow tonight. it's going to snow each and every day through sunday. it is an epic winter season in the high sierra. 6:58 is sunrise. temperatures today in the 60s. storm watch today. tomorrow more rain. a lingering shower possible saturday. your sunday will be dry until sunday night. more rain for the monday through wednesday. we'll remain or storm watch. you stay there. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. everybody. a couple of weeks ago in sacramento the warriors lost their poise and the game against the kings. the rematch in oakland last night the final game before the all star break. the kings took a three-point lead at halftime and draymond green couldn't believe they called a foul on this crazy cousins shot. draymond was ejected. but the warriors stopped messing around in the 3rd quarter. klay thompson hits from the coliseum. warriors up 17. klay had 35 points. they outscored the kings 42-15 in the third. curry finds mcgee for the jam. 109-86 the final. the warriors had not lost back- to-back games in 142 straight. something's caught in the eyes of warriors owner lacob. they are dollar signs. forbes published the value of the nba teams yesterday. the warriors ranked third just behind the knicks and the lakers.
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the warriors were third at $2.6 billion. incredible to think they were purchased by lacob and company for $450 million in 2010p. to the ice. 45-year-old jaromir jagr scored in san jose. his 1900th career point in san jose. his panthers lost a two-goal lead twice. tied at 5 in overtime . one past martin jones and florida is a 6-5 winner. and yes, i know the a's are about to report. giants are already there. we'll have the baseball story for you tonight at 6:00. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day of a nationwide protest against president trump... reporter ad libs gots of bay area businesses are close -- dozens of bay area businesses are closing up shot to protest president trump. >> the first of four storms has arrived. how all this rain is affecting one major bay area highway. ,,
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welcome to your health with joan lunden presented by centers for disease control and prevention. >> hi. i'm joan lunden. diabetes is an epidemic sweeping our country. but fortunately the cdc has created the national diabetes prevention program to help. today i am joined by dr. ann albright, director of the cdc's division of diabetes translation and sandra mar inwho has participated and had great success. i can't wait to tell them about it. first, ann, why did you see a need to start a program like this? >> with 86 million americans that have pre-diabetes and 90% don't know it, small lifestyle changes can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. that's great news. national diabetes prevention program provides really vital support that people need so they can increase their success with the program. >> i think support is a key
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word. people get turned off when they hear there is a program to help with your problem. how did this work for you, that support system? >> with me, i began with the diabetic prevention program. they got into details about how to moderate eating habits and exercising and try to make your overall health, manage yourself. >> what has it done? tell everybody. >> what happened was the good news was i was almost 300 pounds and now i am 196. i am starting to cook healthier, eating more healthier. instead of doing a lot of frying foods, i do baking. i broil, put more vegetables on my plate instead of trying to get that chocolate cake, i try to eat a banana or apple. >> they taught you about portion control and what to order when you go to a restaurant.
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they taught her how to put into effect all the healthy eating habits into her daily life. thank you thank you for developing this program. good success to you. >> yes. >> if you want to know more go to we'll see you next time. >> sponsored by naccd with support from the centers time is 6-- we have breaking news in oakland. authorities are on the scene of good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:29. we have breaking news in oakland. authorities are on the scene of a big rig crash on 880. this is near fifth avenue. officials say the semi flipped over and the driver was ejected. no word on the person's condition. we are told the two right lanes in the northbound direction are
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blocked off. and drivers should use 580 as an alternate. that's just one of the problems stemming from today's storm. another, it could cause santa clara county's largest dam to overflow. anderson reservoir is above 99% capacity now. people near the reservoir may have flooding. another rough morning in the santa cruz mountains. this is a live look at highway 17 near vine hill road right now. only one lane open each direction due to a major mudslide more than a week ago. let's go live to kpix 5's maria medina for more on the stormy weather, she is in san leandro. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. it is not raining here right now at the san leandro bart station. but it was raining not too long ago and here's proof. this is video that my photographer greg welch shot just a while ago about an hour ago when it was raining pretty heavily here. and all that rain in just a few hours has left a lot of ponding
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on the roads. i want to mention that even when these storms move out over the next few days it, will be an inconvenience for people especially in novato on highway 37 where they have shut down the lanes there. a three-mile stretch of that four-lane.betweenlane highway between 101 and atherton avenue. that area floods during heavy rain and king tides. so they are going to try to make some emergency repairs and they are going to raise that highway up by 5 feet. and they expect that that part of the freeway will be closed until next saturday february 25. so be aware of that. back here in the san leandro bart station we were getting drenched an hour and a half ago but it has subsided. i got rid of my umbrella, thank god. live in san leandro, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 6:31.
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we are ready for another round. >> we knew this was a fast- moving cold front picking up speed and generating energy between 3 and 5 a.m. so it's pretty much over the sacramento valley but i was on the phone with the national weather service earlier this morning. we were talking about this whole rainy season. and looking back at everything that's occurred, even going back to thanksgiving, this is going to be 2016-2017 where your children will tell their children about it. that's how epic it really is. i mean, we were trying to compare it with the rainy year of 1986. and going back to el nino 1997. and then 2005. and this is a storm definitely of the decade. now, let's go ahead and take a look outside right now. our live hi-def doppler radar, the yellow on the screen, that's what was pounding the bay area between 3 and 5 a.m. this morning and kicked out really quickly into the sacramento valley. but in its wake i have been noticing the development of
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numerous scattered showers from saint helena along highway 29 into yountville, napa. east bay scattered showers from hercules through oakland and berkeley, san ramon you're dry now but you will have moderate rainfall. sfo now delays one hour on some arriving flights. daly city with a pretty moderate cell. santa cruz mountains hammered all morning picking up, up to an inch of rain just this morning. several more inches coming over the next several days. we now have a cell moving over the bay bridge. bottom line is, the heaviest rain is out of here. we will see some scattered showers throughout the day. the winds will be dialing back after peaking at 38 to 43 miles per hour. temperatures now into the 50s and 60s. the winds were the other side of the story. i woke up to wind gusts this morning at 1:45 a.m., the winds now 17, san francisco 18, sfo 13, san ramon 15 in the vallejo
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area. winds pretty much out of the south 10 to 20 today. that yellow is the coastline. surf is up with the high surf advisory in place. these swells 15 feet, breakers 20 feet. sneaker waves and rip currents certainly a possibility today. so with the cloud cover, a lingering shower shower, temperatures into the 60s today. but this is only storm number one. we have a bigger storm. it's storm number 2. it's going to impact your big getaway friday which does include the holiday plans. we'll talk about that next time around but right now here's roqui. >> we have flooding already affecting our roads and the rain just starting here. okay, it's 6:34. let's take a look at your richmond commute here. traffic alert on westbound 580 at regatta boulevard is a multi- car crash involving six to seven vehicles there. and chp says this is blocking the two left lanes. the right lane is open but traffic is moving very slowly through there. just 11 miles per hour. so if you are heading out give
6:35 am
yourself extra time. that backup is already to central avenue and crews are actually on their way to the scene to try to manage the flooding out there but otherwise just make sure you're driving safe on the richmond/san rafael bridge. another traffic alert, this one in oakland, northbound 880 at fifth avenue is a big rig on its side and it's causing major slowdowns at just 5 miles per hour in oakland along 880. so if you are there, plan accordingly. this will slow you down or take 580 instead. that backup is well beyond fruitvale avenue and you're moving at just 3 miles per hour there. moving over now to mass transit, ace train 3 and 6 are running today. it's on reduced service because of weather and flood-related issues and then let's talk about the san francisco bay ferry. oakland to alameda ferry to san francisco will be delayed because they are using slower boats and then harbor bay ferry will be using the smaller boats so get there early to get a spot. otherwise, bart is on time and also muni is on time. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui.
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thank you. president trump is vowing to punish whoever publicized his campaign staff's alleged communication with russia during the campaign. president trump blasted reports from intelligence sources claiming that former campaign manager paul manafort and general michael flynn were in constant contact with russian officials. flynn resigned from his post as national security adviser on monday night. members of congress from both parties are demanding an investigation into the alleged conversations. you may see a lot of signs like this around the bay area today because chavez supermarkets and stores across the u.s. are taking part in a day without immigrants. immigrants are being encouraged to skip class and work and even cast aside their own shopping trips. the idea is to show president trump how much their labor and their business affects locals through national economies. [sic] some people say at this point, only their absence can prove their value. >> really it's to make the
6:37 am
statement that this country without immigrants wouldn't run. sometimes people don't realize things until it's gone. >> celebrity chef rick bayless is also on board. he tweeted that several of his restaurants will be closed today. and today stanford university's president will meet with a group called stanford sanctuary now. they are pushing for need blind admission for innational and illegal students. limitation to i.c.e. and federal information and legal resources to immigrants at campus. they will have a news conference at 3 p.m. the number of traffic deaths in california is on the rise. the national safety council says that the number in 2016 was 3,680. that's up 14% compared with the previous year. the national death toll rose 6% during the same time. this morning authorities are working on a permanent fix after securing a crane that had been leaning from the 35th floor of a san francisco high- rise unconstruction. it happened on tehama street in
6:38 am
the south of market neighborhood during the evening commute yesterday. thousands had to be evacuated and several streets were shut down at the height of the emergency. >> we were just in our building working on our computers and our office and they came up to us and said you have to evacuate. >> many left offices without keys and wallets. they were eventually allowed back in to get them around 8 p.m. the company which owns the building is flying in a structural engineer from washington state to further assess the problem. time now 6:38. a bay area police department is catching heat for deploying snipers at a protest that included a number of small children. >> and one state senator is giving drinkers in the bay area good reason to raise another glass. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board here. you can see the dow is up about 10 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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on storm watch a fast- moving cold front plowed through the bay area leaving scattered showers in its wake. this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, a few sunny breaks before storm 2 arrives just in time for your friday morning commute. we'll have traffic and weather coming up at 6:48. time to get you caught up on financial news. big time for the stock market something that hasn't happened for 25 years. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason
6:43 am
brooks. >> reporter: good morning. each morning we wonder if this is when the rally ends. but so far, it's not happening. we have seen five straight sessions in which all three major indices have posted record highs. that hasn't happened since 1992. stocks got a boost yesterday after president trump said a massive tax plan will be coming soon. corporate tax cuts, at least the promises of that, along with deregulation and infrastructure spending have really prompted the post- election stock market rally. we continue to get a lot of good economic news, as well. although today, the commerce department says that new home starts in january pulled back a little bit from december. december was a big surge and a lot of the decline came from weaker apartment construction single-family home construction on the rise, and overall home construction still up over 10% compared to a year ago. one thing that could juice the stock market in the coming months is a big ipo.
6:44 am
snapchat's parent snap has set a range of between $19 to $22 billion for its valuation. it would be the biggest listing since alibaba went public in 2014. the stock market cool this morning but that's been the case the past two mornings. and then the numbers take off after that. all three are up. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york city. good morning, norah. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, kenny. ahead we're on the connecticut shore with concerns that a russian spy ship is gathering information about a u.s. submarine base. plus, the confusing best buy, use by and sell by labels on groceries could soon be thrown out. how to find out when food goes
6:45 am
bad. >> and we'll have the nominees for the academy of country music awards. see you right at 7:00. >> yeah. norah, about those use by dates, and those labels? >> yes. >> michelle and the entire crew they are giving me a hard time because i just smell and see before i eat food. i don't care about the labels. >> i think that's a good method. >> i got your back. >> we'll see you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. >> i think she agrees with us deep down. >> no. [ laughter ] californians may be able to drink after the last call. scott weiner says his bill would allow local governments to decide whether bars can extend alcohol service until 4 a.m. the bars would need special authorization from the state department of alcohol beverage control, and current california law requires bars to stop serving at 2 a.m. the bill will go before its
6:46 am
first committee hearing this spring. time now 6:45. let's check traffic with roqui. >> all right. thank you, kenny. it is 6:45. we have heavy traffic in richmond and in oakland because of two major traffic alerts. so let's take a look in richmond first here. westbound 580 at regatta boulevard it's a multi-car crash. chp says it's involving 6 to 7 cars here. and it's blocking the right lane -- excuse me, it's blocking the two left lanes. the backup is already to central avenue. as you approach the richmond/san rafael bridge you're at just 16 miles per hour. so please, give yourself extra time if you are trying to get to the richmond/san rafael bridge. it will take you a while. moving over now to the other traffic alert of the morning, major one in oakland here on northbound 880 at fifth avenue it's a jackknifed big rig and it's causing major delays, look at that, six miles per hour so you're inching through and we have a live look at this area as well northbound 880 again, that jackknifed big rig causing some problems here.
6:47 am
as you can see, the backup stretches well beyond probably to the coliseum actually so if you are stuck in that, you are going to have to give yourself time and hopefully you got some good music to listen to, as well. as you can see, we are looking at the backup now but the actual -- the actual big rig is being cleared out by two tow trucks. it will take a long time to clear it up. it's been out there since 4:30. wow, look at that. this backup is stretching to the coliseum area. so please, if you are heading out this way, give yourself extra time. or better idea, take 580 as an alternate. avoid northbound 880 at all costs. look at that backup due to a jackknifed big rig. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. that is amazing. good morning, everybody. that's exactly why we are on storm watch. did you see where the traffic was on the sides of the road? we had lots of ponding. that's because we have a very fast-moving cold front racing through the bay area. racing through and dumping a half to a full inch of rain in
6:48 am
a very short amount of time of. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. you see the heaviest precipitation is even now due east of stockton but behind it in its wake, numerous scattered showers this morning along highway 29 into napa. as you make that connection into highway 12, make tracks towards american canyon, we do have that cell just below freezing through the american canyon area. and then we traverse over towards the east bay. orinda, you have rain heading your way from 24 towards 980 and also 580. over there, look at that, right there, santa cruz mountains, around 236 and light to moderate rainfall at this particular time. santa cruz mountains a full inch of rain this morning alone. it is raining just off the embarcadero off 3rd street. sfo, you see that plane on the runway there, we do have drace at sfo at 1 hour and 3 minutes on some arriving flights due to that very low ceiling in the rain that passed through very
6:49 am
quickly. we are in the 50s and 60s. the other side of the story the winds buffeting up to 38 and 43 earlier this morning now dialing back 17 san francisco, 14 oakland, but over the span of the bay bridge, very windy. 18 now sfo and 16. it's been windy around the rim of the bay but these winds are beginning to back off gently. 15 in vallejo. due to the passage of the front. winds will be sustained today out of the south 10 to 20. high surf advisory due to the power associated with this system. now, when you see this yellow highlighted area that's entire coastline. we'll see breakers up to 20 feet sneaker waves possible and rip currents. there you have it right there. blowing through the bay area, very rapidly this morning the bulk of the energy between about 3 and 5 lingering into 6:00 this morning, that's about it. behind it, a little bit of a break according to this right here. storm number one, storm number 2, that's your friday rainfall. now, futurecast illustrates we might even see some filtered
6:50 am
sunshine this afternoon before this happens. this system this time is coming from the south lifting to the north and it's picked up some speed. it's supposed to now impact your friday morning commute. a bit of a break and then impacting your evening commute, as well. tomorrow big getaway day. i have to tell you that secondary system on friday, that is going to take the bulk of the energy and target southern california. so if you are getting away for the holiday to the south, then please be very mindful of that. you're going to be driving directly into the rainfall. here's your sunday. we will see some peaks of sunshine. but between now and saturday, over an inch of rain in many of our locations. that on top of saturated soil. we actually do not need any more rain. and you're seeing the snow this morning, already with the winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra up to 12 inches of snow at lake level, 24 the highest peaks. your tahoe report:
6:51 am
temperatures today in the 60s with the random scattered showers. we're on storm watch today. stamp friday. a break saturday. storm watch friday. a peek of sunshine sunday. another storm sunday night through wednesday. the san jose police department is facing criticism for deploying snipers during a recent protest against president trump. they were positioned on rooftops watching the crowd below last month. the police department says that it is trying to protect the protestors and the officers and the public. the tactic of using snipers has come under fire from protestors who say it's heavy-handed and unnecessary. officially the police department says it doesn't comment on tactics. the final five is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. 's 6--- time for your final five... the commute on highway 17 will be i'm maria medina live in san leandro where the first of four storms has arrived. a little bit after break in the rain -- a little bit of a break in the rain now but it was raining heavily a couple of hours, video that we shot earlier. it was raining heavily that left the roads here slick and some ponding in the roads, as
6:56 am
well. so be careful. but even after all these storms roll out here in the next few days, it will leave a negative impact on some people especially in novato on highway 37. three miles of it is closed between highway 101 and atherton avenue. they are not going to open it until saturday, february 25th, and what they are doing is they are trying it prevent that area from flooding because it is prone to flooding during heavy rains. they are going to try to raise the highway up by 5 feet. but again, back out here in san leandro, a break in the rain but again it was raining heavily just a couple of hours ago so be careful heading out. live in san leandro, maria medina, kpix 5. had time now 6:56. it's time for your final five. >> the commute on highway 17 will be slow again today. only one lane of highway 17 near vine hill road is open in each direction. crews still have to clear up a major mudslide from more than a
6:57 am
week ago. workers spent yesterday shoring up the hillside in anticipation of the latest storm. >> the danger of a catastrophic failure at the oroville dam appears to be over despite the latest round of storms arriving in the bay area. crews have been working around the clock to shore up the damaged spillways. the water is now around 26 feet below emergency levels. the concrete slab that was leaning dangerously from the 35th floor of the construction site in san francisco is now secure. nearby office buildings were evacuated during the emergency at 33 tehama yesterday afternoon. one building across the street remains off limits. >> dozens of bay area restaurants an grocery stores will be closed today. it's part of a nationwide protest called a day without immigrants. the idea is to show president trump's administration how much immigrant labor and businesses help the economy. congress begins discussion today on president trump's pick for the u.s. envoy to israel. at least five former u.s. ambassadors to israel are urging lawmakers to reject david friedman.
6:58 am
it comes a day after the president back way from the long-standing u.s. policy of urging a "two-state solution" in the israel palestinian conflict. all right. thank you, kenny and michelle. yes, we have a traffic alert and a live look here at the overturned big rig here on northbound 880 in oakland. as you can see, this is taking two big rig tow trucks to get this cleared out of the roadways and it's blocking the right lane. traffic moving smoothly in the three left lanes but the backup is enormous. you are backed up beyond the coliseum area on northbound 880 and it's pretty much a nightmare scene. so in order to get through this or to avoid it, i should say, go ahead and consider 580 and chp is also allowing big rigs to travel along 580 as well to avoid this major backup. again this is northbound 880 in oakland at 5th street. and it's backed up all the way beyond the coliseum. so very heavy delays in the oakland area. if you are heading out that area i'm glad i caught you,
6:59 am
take 580 instead. roberta, to you. >> we're on storm watch. live hi-def doppler radar very fast-moving cold front already due east of the sacramento valley. in its wake numerous scattered showers across the bay area. this is how quickly it sliced through the bay area roughly between about 3 and 5:00 this morning leaving in its wake a half to a full inch of rain. so obviously, there's a lot of ponding on the roads as you get ready to kick-start your morning commute. mostly cloudy. we are on our way to low tide as ocean beach right now where temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. it is currently very mild in san francisco at 60 but the winds have been gusting up to 30 miles per hour at sfo. highest peak wind earlier today was up to 38 and 43 miles per hour. high surf advisory in place along the immediate seashore. some breakers up to 20 feet. temperatures today into the 60s across the board. 50s beaches. 50s also peninsula. meanwhile, whoops, there you have it again a repeat performance into the 60s. the extended forecast, more rain through wednesday.
7:00 am
>> rain, rain, go away. >> i like that song. >> thanks for watching. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, february 16, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump reverses a long-standing u.s. policy on israel and the palestinianis barking away from a two-state solution to the conflict. the president attacks leaks he says are coming from the intelligence community. a russian spy ship 30 miles off the new england coast raises concerns about cold war style surveillance. how they may be testing the trump administration. only on "cbs this morning," country superstars lady antebellum here to announce the top nominees for this year's academy of


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