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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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ramping up -- for thousands of flood victims in san jose. the oming down... reveal . new at noon, relief efforts ramping up for thousands of flood victims in san jose. the warrants coming down and revealing a mess left behind. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we have team coverage as flood evacuees wait to hear when they can return home. first, maria medina is live in one of the hard-hit areas. >> crews behind me are pumping water out of the street right now. they're hoping to get the water out of here to start assessing
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the damage and hopefully get people back in their homes. this is the hardest-hit area. a council member called it the 'center of the flood zone. we saw hundreds of people being rescued by boat here a few days ago. right now, 4,000 people remain under a mandatory evacuation order, down from 14,000 just yesterday. the councilman tam, when he held's news conference this morning, said he is asking landlords to give victims here thremonths ee rent. one of the ideas he's floating around as he promises to help them get on their feet. >> after all of the cleaning and helping the residents, what will weco to help people from there on and what will we do to prevent it from happen something. >> we'll be exploring every avenue is to get assistant -- to get assistance on funding to support the effort. we have staff working with the county and the state. is any so we will be exploring
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every opportunity for relief funding. >> reporter: hundreds still remain at overnight shelters. those are at schools and with class back in session on monday, the city leaders are trying to figure out where to move the shelters. again today, the cleanup is underway. they're pumping the water out of the streets and hopefully officials can come here and assess the damage and hopefully answer the question when can the 4,000 residents return home. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. san jose mayor and the silicon valley community foundation established a relief fund to help the flood victim, more than $100,000 was raised in the first few hours. >> and a look at the current evacuations. the orange areas indicate where people were allowed back home in red. areas still under mandatory evacuation. that includes 350 homes in rock springs, homes surrounding williams street park and homes near old oakland road. and that is where amane makevec
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is live with the -- anne makevec is live now. >> reporter: this is the still technically under evacuation orders. there is no police guard of at the front entrance like in the past. you can see they have a mess here behind me. i visited all three of these mandatory evacuations zones today. they all have the mark of mud and all three are in different stages of recovery. as crews spray down the muddy sidewalks, people who live in this flooded neighborhood can only peer at their homes from afar. >> and i look at my house. >> reporter: she left here home on monday and doesn't know when she will be allowed back in. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: near williams street park, the fire department set up a command
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post thisern horning where they a -- morning where they're making plans to allow people back home. he came back to find the floor muddy and the couch soaked but is leaving things as is until the insurance adjustor can come. >> it's bad. looks like it -- pretty wet. pretty wet. >> reporter: many of his neighbors have put much of their stuff on the curb and it looks like the pile of junk you would see outside of someone's house when you moving. all most people want to do is city. >> and we made it, so. >> reporter: she's one of thousands of people who have tales of escape through water past her knees. >> it was really cold. like ice. >> reporter: she's thankful. >> and i'm okay. >> for others with red xs on their homes, the uncertainty remains. back out here live, you can see there is some water but a king -- significantly less than what
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we have seen. the fire departments as far as damage here, it's mainly to the skirts of the buildings of the mobile homes because they're set higher off of the ground. that is good news. they need to work on getting electricity and gas service in here. progress is being made. anne makevec. and chopper 5 got a look at a rush of water in morgan hill. the reservoir is two-acre feet above the spill way level, which is being blamed for the flooding in san jose. finishes are launching a full investigation to figure out what went wrong. the city of san jose will establish a local assistance center on saturday at the community center. it will serve as a one-stop center for flood victims to get help. and good news for commuters in marin count. highway 37 in novato is back open. the crews made upgrades while it was shut down. it was closed for two weeks after recent storms flooded the roadway. and within the hour,
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senator harris is expected to check out the damage at ovo roville dam. she'll take a tourist repair work being done. and crews say they're ready to tackle a massive concrete island formed in the pool. getting rid of it is their many obstacle. the water level is now 50 feet below the max level of the reservoir. and new at noon, a hand grenade was found at a san leandro about business this morning. it was discovered at alameda county tree iss around 6:30 this morning. it was evacuated but police safely removed it. the explosive unit deemed the grenade non-threatening. officials say they calmly come across world war ii grenades marketed as novelty items. >> protests in anaheim turned violent overnight. hundreds were protesting against a l.a.p.d. officer and a group of teenagers. some protestors blocked traffic
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and others threw rocks outside of his home. he was upset about kid says constantly stepping on his property. carter evans shows us how the confrontation escalated. >> let me go for the last time. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the moment the fight escalates. the man in the sunglasses is an offduty l.a.p.d. officer. he has his lands on a 13 -- hands on a 13-year-old student who could be heard yelling he's a minor. police say the offduty officer who lives long a popular route to three local schools was increasingly frustrated with kids walking across the property. tuesday afternoon, he confronted them. and at one point, the 13-year- old tries to get away and his friends intervene knocking the officer down. that is when he grabs a gun from his waistband and pulls the trigger. no one was hit. 13-year-old christian who asked us not to show his face, said he was speaking up for a
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classmate. >> and he's gone. goes on. and -- like get off my -- >> christian has cuts and bruises from the fight. >> and i thought, i thought he was going to shoot me. i was scared and i thought he was going to die. >> reporter: christian and the 15-year-old were arrested at the scene but released pending further charges. cart aps, cbs news, los angeles. >> christian was initially booked for allegedly threatening to shoot the officer, but he said he told the officer he would sue him not shoot him. and the trump administration is delaying's new travel ban. the white house officials say the order will be next week and not this week. it bans immigrants from seven majority muslim countries from entering a country. a federal court temporarily blocked the ban. and immigration and jobs are the to know two issues for americans right now. craig bosswell reports from
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the white house. >> reporter: trump continue heads jobs thursday morning during a meeting with manufacturers in the white house. >> we'll return significant manufacturing jobs to our country. everything is going to be based on bringing our jobs back. the good jobs. the real jobs. they have left. >> reporter: the latest cbs news poll shows most americans are feeling good about the economy. republicans in particular approve with 61%. that is a 30-point boost since december. >> and people are saying they have not seen much mannen in 31 days of a presidency. they delivered on it a lot. >> reporter: trade is likely to be a key deal as they talk with canada and mexico. the president will have a phone conversation with the canadian prime minister while secretary of state rex tillerson meets with the mexican president. >> the united states lost 1/3 of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. >> reporter: there are tensions with mexico over a new
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immigration memo that authorizes the deportation of anyone living in the u.s. illegally. >> you have to why you were stand we're not going out and doing mass deporting as. >> reporter: 39% of americans in the cbs news poll approve of president trump's handles of immigration. 55% disapprove. a storm of backlash is hitting the white house after the trump administration eliminated federal protection for transgender students. in washington last night, protestors rallied against the decision to reverse the guidelines that allowed transgender students to use public restrooms and --d white house said the policy regarding transgender bathrooms could be decided at a state level. lgbtq advocates say the reverse sal an attack on transgender children who are vulnerable to abuse and killing. and president trump is in cp ac in maryland.
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the gathering brings together thousands of political and religious conservatives and the members of the populous and nationalist movements. steve bannon addressed the crowd a -- crowd a short time ago and that the president is committed to keeping the promises he made to the american people. >> it was the rallies and the speeches. all he is doing now is he's laid out an agent genda with those speeches and the promises he made. our job is to execute on that. it's simply to get a path to get them executed. he's focused on that. >> vice president mike pence will address the conference tonight and president trump will appear tomorrow. still ahead, delivery day at the international space station. spacex makes good on its mission. >> and plus, skiers and snowboards can't get enough of this. the sierra snowpack stagging up after recent storm -- stacking up after recent storms and. >> it's pretty. good afternoon, everybody. this is our live weather camera. we're looking a the the history of oakland past the bay waters and toward the skyline of san
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at the "international space station" captured space x's dragon cargo shipment this mo . mission accomplished. astronauts at the international space station captured spacexs drago -- dragon ship. the success comes a day after the gps problem prevented the capsule from delivering the payload at the scheduled time. the dragon blasted off from florida on sunday. and another shipment is expected to arrive tomorrow. this time from the russians. an update on a kpix 5 investigation into red light
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traffic tickets in freedmont. the cameras in question are at two intersections: mallory and farwa and mallory and blako. the yellow light timing was off. they were supposed to be yellow for 4.7 seconds but were only staying yellow for 4 secs. the public works director initially told's student that interns were responsible for the discentancey and now the city is admittingiate made a mistake. >> for -- the city is admitting it made a mistake. >> for them to say it didn't happen shows it as a rogue operation. anyone can see that if the number of tickets are jumping by a factor of 5 to 10, it should raise an alarm. there is no quality control or supervision. >> the city is promising to refunded tickets to nearly 1,000 drivers. and speaking of traffic, the wall street journal reporting that google is expanding the ways carpooling service to the cities the next few months. the company tested carpooling in san francisco and tel aviv. it matches the riders heading
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in the same direction. and looking at the financial markets, the dow jones is up 48 points at this hour. and to the sierra now where skiers and snowboarders are loving the fresh powder from the recent storm. the higher peaks have more than 100 inches of snow. and state wide, it was 188% of average for yesterday's date and that was good news, roberta. >> and you can hear everyone here clicking their skis together. they're happy right now. we have the tahoe report coming up. right now, i want to share this with you. this is a cumulonimbus cloud. when you look it up,na is what it looks like. bob kerry caught this in the sky above discovery bay yesterday. look at that tower building to heights. 10,000 fight in elevation and then the wind sheer at the top and ice. when that happens, by the time it's into the liver morarea,
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the ice and form of hail, there is yesterday afternoon and that was caused by a simple little cell off of the coast like that one there and it developed and pushed onshore. we have numerous controls this morning and they wiped away. about 2 to 3,000 feet in elevation. a beautiful sky above san francisco and it's brisk. currently, 50 degrees in san francisco; 54 in oakland. factor in the winds blowing 15 into the heyward area. seven, san francisco and it feels like it's in the 40s in the bay area. robert sullivan, the weather watcher, he said it's 49 and redwood city and lots of puffy clouds and this is what you need to know today. cool temps and breezy conditions. a strong northerly wind, then we introduce scattered showers. are you talking about more rain? yes, not as powerful as the
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presidents' day storm. in fact, we have the clear skies through friday until about friday night. this is saturday morning, the scattered can't miss shower. more showers on saturday than on sunday. mostly cloudy on sunday with the chance of rain by sunday night. a lingerring shower possible on monday. the 50s around the central valley and still snowing in tahoe. it is. 38 degrees there today; 35 tomorrow. snow over the weekend and you will need the chains. fiftys across the board and sunset, 5:57. boy, it cools off rapidly. we're dropping down to 31 degrees and there you have the -- [ indiscernible ] on monday. the high pressure builds back in on tuesday and wednesday. we will enter a dry weather pattern from them until friday. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i got it. >> thank you. >> and stale hed. taking -- still ahead, how a bay area police officer is mentioning -- mentoring youth
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and broadening their views of the world. >> and we want to invite you pet lovers out there. send us questions about health and well being. we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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discover their own self-worth... on an all-expenses paid trip to . it's a life-changing journey dozens of inner city
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youth discover their own self- wording on an all-expenses paid trip to africa. >> sharon introduces us to the san francisco police officer who started it all, this week's jefferson award winner. >> did you some, right? >> reporter: teenagers like 17- year-old janice are ready to go to the first big trip out of the bay view. >> i get to see the world in a different way. i think that is awesome. >> any suggestions? >> reporter: officer johnson has taken more than fourth bay view youths to all-expense trips to ghana the last four years. the 10-day trips funded by grants and donations raised through his non-profit, operation genesis. the students volunteer, experience african culture and return inspired. >> you can achieve anything you that put your mind to. >> and ever since the trip, i have been a different person. >> reporter: the cal-berkeley freshman wears a baselet from last year's trip, a symbol of lessons learned. >> to me, it shows to be generous and hardworking, you
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know, and good people. >> reporter: officer johnson fondly known as jw, leads weekly fitness sessions for kids in juvenile probation. and the summertime youth career academy to help kids better understand the role of law enforcement and inspire them to pursue a career in criminal justice. at the boys and girl's 2j"club willie mays clubhouse, the director said the 8-year police veteran is like family. >> and sometimes you -- and in the suit. he's down and out and so cool. >> yeah. >> he is a roll model to dobbson. >> and i see how he is and that shows me i can do the same. >> reporter: dj jw. >> my whole goal is to be that mentor i didn't have growing up. >> for changing young lives through operation genesis, this week's jefferson award in the bay area geese to officer jason johnson, sharon chen, kpix 5. >> and you can nominate your
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own local hero online at we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're used to hearing about... competitive video game playing ng in the mone . it may not be the type of sport you're used to hearing about. competitive video game playing is taking off and it's raking in the money. we take a look at the bay area gamers who just want a month'slong tournament -- just
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won a monthslong tournament. and finally, a tiger in china may have mistaken a drone for a cat toy. >> look at this. a group of siberian tigers were chasing a drone at the enclosure when one managed to jump up and knock it out of the sky. it's from a second camera that shows the tigers battering around the equipment and tearing it into pieces. park experts use drone chasing to keep the dieingers fit. >> don't mess with them. -- the tigers fit. >> don't mess with the tigers. ,,
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